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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  April 13, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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shot were fired. >> plus, it may be little harder to have your tech issues fixed this morning. why thousands of verizon workers are threatening to strike. >> they're always saying: be nicer. >> what, they're coming at me from all of these different angles, how can i be nice? >> donald trump admitting even his family has taken issue with some of his crazy comment, why the businessman said he can't behave presidential. >> all right, let's stay with politics for just a minute, of course they are fighting this year to become the 45th president of the united states, we love our history here in philadelphia, this is the birth place of the nation, right? >> true. >> so on this day, in 1743, thomas jefferson was born. right? became the third president. he helped write the declaration every independence just block from here. >> true. >> the interesting thing i just noticed here, second president, his predecessor, john adams, they both died, on the same day. what day would they die on? how appropriate that it was july 4th, independence day. isn't that amazing? >> yes. >> do you care about history
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like that, like i do? >> you need to see the hbo series john adams. because they portray that at the very end every john adams' life, and of course jefferson, and how close they've become just through correspondance at the very end of their lives. >> they were fierce enemies until the ends. >> they bickered lot during the birth of our nation. >> yes. >> yes. so check it out. all right, so, paul is john adams, so good. anyway, here is a look at ultimate doppler. clear skies, not even a cloud in the sky. and that's why temperatures were able to plunge overnight, so we have a cold cold morning. we have frost advisory, in lancaster county, freeze warning to the north of us, and that includes the lehigh valley, berks county, we have a temperature of 42 degrees, which is a whole lot colder than yesterday, when we were at 60. but we did have rain at this time, as well. so things are dry. but they are colder, feels like 37 out there. sunrise time is now 6:26. these days keep getting
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longer. we have only 30 degrees in mount pocono, 33 in pottstown, we're right at freezing in lancaster, 42 in philadelphia, and 34 in atlantic city with temperatures as much as 25 degrees colder than yesterday. so, we're going to start off the day with plenty of sunshine, put the umbrella away, bring out the shades, we will be in the four's throughout the morning, then in the up ear's, throughout your evening commute. so that will get you here and there, we will talk about the seven day forecast coming upment bob kelly? >> do you have a sun advise or on that dashboard there? >> totally. >> thrip it down, all of the junk that you keep up there falls into your lap, scares the heck out of you? 5:02, hello to ft. washington, live look at route 309 in the turnpike, no problems or delays at least here, coming through ft. washington, 95, we are good to go, they pick up the cones, and all of the construction gone, and we're ready for a morning rush hour for the gang from the northeast, how much, one left over crew on the turnpike between philly bensalem, heading into the philadelphia
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interchange, and then again over toward ft. washington, it is that stretch where they're widening the turnpike, and eventually, going to put in some ramps to get you right onto i-95. right now, no problems on the schuylkill expressway, kind of quiet, no problems on the blue route for the gang from villanova, heading down to the airport, they're picking up the cones, and they've been repaving the stretch of county line road here, out along the second street pike. all of the bridges look fine, and mass transit running with no delays. chris, lauren, back over to you. >> mr. kill, thank you. 5:03 the time. off duty police officer involved in a altercation overnight just happened after 1:30 at the wawa located bustleton and gifford street. officer not hurt but being interviewed by detective. police will not comment and when led to this incident. >> the neshaminy school board has vote today close two elementary schools, at the end of the school year. >> yes, school board voted unanimously to close lower southampton elementary in feasterville. five to four vote to close
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oliver heckman elementary. part of the district's consolidation plan. >> let's talk about what's happening right now, verizon workers in the city across the east coast are un happy about their contract and their pay. >> whole lot of people are unhappy, in fact, as many as 40,000 verizon workers could go on strike this morning, dave kinchen now in chinatown with more on. >> this dave, good morning. >> reporter: that's right. all eyes watching the clock, we are less than an hour away from a strike beginning the cwa picketing and rallying here at the verizon offices at ninth and race in chinatown, c wa locals 131-3500 say they'll be protesting a move by verizon to freeze their pensions, make layoffs easier, and rely more on contract workers, close to 40,000 verizon land line phone and cable workers from maine to virginia, and elsewhere on the east coast, will walk offer the job this morning at 6:00 a.m. if they do not get a new contract. the ibew also in on the strike. the union say verizon made more than $39 billion in
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profits in the last three years, in refused hundreds of millions of dollars in healthcare savings offered up by rang and file workers, verizon's president says its ready for a strike and promises little if any disruption to customer services, contract talks started last june, the current contract expired august 1st, by the way, the last time there was a strike, it lasted for two weeks, so a lot of people are really worrying about that, and hoping that doesn't happen again, 6:00 is the magic time to watch to see if, in fact, the strike happens f so, a rally will take place at 8:00 here at ninth and race. book do you. >> dave kinchen is there, so we'll see. >> father carjacked and shot in north philly all while he is waiting outside for his teenage son. police say 35 year old metro pulled up to relative's home to pick up his 13 year olson, west kensington. that's when two men carjack him, taking his 2016 dodge ram 1500.
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he was beaten and shot in the neck. all of this happening before his son came out the house, officers say the father of three was just lying there in the street when they got there, he was taken to the hospital in stable condition. police found the victim's truck a few blocks away from the house, so far, no arrests. >> pennsylvania prosecutors and police trying to get guidance about the best methods to use when working with witnesses to help identify people in criminal cases. the state's district attorneys association has released set of identification integrity guidelines. it says showing witnesses a set of photos at ones is better than revealing line up of photos one after the other. association plans to work with law enforcement to train state and local officers in those recommended methods. >> medical marijuana one step closer to being legal in pennsylvania. a bill is passed on to the state senate it, now heads back to the house for final approval before landing on the governor's desk, so supporters hope this will be signed later this week. the bill would let patients who suffer from a list of ailments get medical marijuana
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for therapeutic purposes. governor tom wolf sports making pennsylvania the 24th state in the union to enact a comprehensive public medical marijuana program. >> speaking of the governor, he has taken big step toward making controversial heroin antidote narcan available to high schools free of charge. wolf's administration working with the adapt fharma company, the process for 642 high schools to get free two dose carton of narcan t can reverse deadly effect of heroin overdose, governor wolf praising the roll out as another crucial development in the effort to combat the opioid crisis. >> happening now, local mother literally floored by nasty note someone left at her home about her little kid. >> yes, she says people need to be more understanding when it comes to children with special needs. our very own steve keeley live in northeast philadelphia, to explain what the letter said. hi, steve. >> reporter: it is come on to hear that neighbors are complaining about another
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neighbor's noisy dog barking loudly or night, or the neighbors down the street blaring their music. but not so come on to get a neighbor complaining about your three year old son. and doing the complaining with mean, in a i put-downs, not even putting down your name at the bottom of a nasty letter, left in the mailbox. bonnie moran got the nasty anonymous note about her son, ryan. who is awe tis i can. >> to the parent after small child at this house, the weather is getting nicer and like normal people i open my windows for fresh air. not to hear some brat screaming his head off as he flaps his hand like a bird. i don't care if it is the way you have raised him or if he is retarded. but the screaming and caring on needs to stop. no one want to hear him acting like a wild animal. it is utterly nerve wracking not to mention it is scaring my normal children.
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>> always good when an upsetting angry neighbor story becomes a night neighbor story like this one did. so, this story, the letter put on both facebook, on philly mag. com where victor first reported this yesterday morning, then the compassionate nice neighbors flooded the family with offers of help, and so much support. even offering to have some other kids play dates with ryan. so, bonnie moran learned one thing, she might have one mean neighbor, but she has learned she has got hundreds of real nice neighbors. >> yes, she got a neighbor who is not very neighborly. can you believe she used the r word there? that's horrible. >> all right, 5:09. donald trump opening up about his seemingly outrageous tone and behavior when exchanging blows with fellow candidate on the campaign trail. whether asked whether he could change to be more presidential during a town hall last night, here's what trump said is standing in his way. >> i'm very capable every doing it, it is easy to do it,
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easier to do it than the way i behave right now. >> so why not? >> because i have two more people i have to take out, and when i take them out, i'll be so presidential you won't believe it, then of course start on hillary then be little less presidential. but assuming i win, i will be very, very -- the country will be very proud of me, and we will make america great again. you know, my whole thing, make america great again. >> all the candidates are now setting their sites on the empire state. the primary in new york will be held on april 19th. less than week away. house speaker paul ryan says he will not except the nomination for president by the way. ryan's name has been floated out there as a possible contender, if trump, cruz, and kasich don't have enough delegates at the convention. the magic number, 1,237. so ryan is making it very clear, he does not want the nomination. >> count me out. i simply believe that if you want to be the nominee for our
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party, to be the president, you should actually run for it. i chose not to do this. therefore, i should not be considered, period, end of story. >> ryan just says, look, as new house speaker he's just too darn bus toy run for president or to be president for that matter. >> oh, man. okay, for those people who are still pulling away at their taxes sort every like me rest little easier because you have a few extra days for your really have to start sweating. that is because after few well placed holidays, tax day isn't april 15th this year, it is actually april 18th. for the lucky phones in maine and massachusetts it is actually april 19th. so yes, that's what i did yesterday. i spent the afternoon working hard on my taxes. >> hey. >> hey what's up? >> okay, let's talk about this. >> okay. >> at 5:11 this morning. >> yes? >> do you want a successful child? >> oh, of course. >> you have two. well, you don't have to rush to have them. you already have two though.
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>> yes. >> why being a great parent may be as simple as waiting. this might be for me. >> okay? >> why police are describing what happened at this cemetery as the lowest of lowe's. >> terrible.
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in the last eight years,
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the fracking industry has spent over $40 million dollars on lobbying in pennsylvania. so it's no surprise that even though they've had over 4,000 violations, all they've ever gotten is just a slap on the wrist it's time for that change. i'm josh shapiro, and i'll hold the oil and gas companies criminally liable for poisoning our air and our drinking water. i'll be an attorney general who always works for you. democrat josh shapiro. he'll stand up for us.
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>> launching wawa volunteer program. when you spends this much money you can put your monday any it, right? very trump-esk of them. donated five philadelphia to chop. that will mondayly go in part for opening brand new wawa volunteer center in the hospital. >> sue, could have been like wawa, wawa want to help us? >> because i think the wawa volunteers foundation sounds so official, right? >> i always think of barbara walters sadly. >> when you hear wawa? >> should have been like wawa with a why don't you come help? >> if you grew up around here, everybody knows a wawa. i bet those volunteers will get free, coffee, too. you think? today we have another game with the padres. at citizens bank park. and it looks like it will be a lovely evening. game starts at 7:05. it will be about 53 degrees, at game time for the first pitch. it is sweater weather for
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sure. and then chilly when going home around about 10:00 or shortly thereafter in the upper 40's, now, we have a frost advisory in effect for lancaster county, freeze warning in effect north of there. and east of there, so this is a chilly morning. but that chilly air about to be displaced. the jet stream moving north, warm air moving in. that's our new weather pattern. no rain to show you on ultimate doppler radar. temperatures cold this morning, but about 59 degrees at the end of the day. and look at the warming trend. all of the way through the weekends, into monday, by monday, we're into the upper 70s, and we start the 70s show on sunday. so in sharp contrast, to last weekend, when it was cold, and it snowed on saturday, completely different this weekend. in a good way. bob kelly? >> i have to bring in my summer outfits. >> oh, oh? >> shorts, shopping this weekend, with some coupons, ya, my little cut-off's. >> good morning, call it 5:17.
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we're popping up on a wednesday morning, live look, northeast philadelphia, woodhaven road, roads are dry, and i think we will be, sue mentioned, good stretch of dry sunshine days, so get the shades out, maybe take the convertible to work today. no problems on the vine expressway. as you're coming into or out of the city. good shape, also, coming down 95, out of the northeast, again, you got that construction zone at cottman, at the betsy, then again at girard, with the traffic pattern shift, and then over in cherry hill, new jersey, what are we doing here? this is little different. what button did i hit? route 70, at cherry hill, new jersey, just off of i-295, pretty cool. i got to figure out -- that was like the parachute jump, like the navy guys. >> you just went sky knifing. >> i'll reverse that, do that the next time around. chris, lauren, back to you. >> let's talk about this story. so sad. someone stole the doors off a
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mausoleum inside a laurel hill cemetery on ridge avenue in north philadelphia. police say the doors are made of brass. they weighing about 800 pounds, they look similar to some doors we will show you pictured here, valued at about $25,000. police say it likely took two people to make off with those doors. >> all boarded up now. hey, things turn violent, store employee tried to stop two suspected shoplifters. so police want to find two women. these two women you see here, they say they walked out of the five below in center city friday without paying, police say one of the clerks followed them outside to get the stuff back. that's when these two women reportedly whipped out steak knives and then stabbed that employee in the neck and back, the two women then ran off and the poor lady, the victim, washings treated at the hospital. >> lawyers for bill cosby urge ago court to re seal the actor's deposition testimony about extra-marital affairs, quaaludes, payments to women. cosby does not want the decade old tell used in the legal battles he's fighting with
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women who accuse him of sexual assault or defemation. federal appeals court in philadelphia hearing those arguments, a little later today. so before you head to the supermarket with that shopping list, you know, that honey do list you get. >> oh, i've got them. >> we have a cookie recall you need to know about. back to nature foods recalling its classic cream cookies, the company says they make milk not listed on the ingredient labelment obviously could be a problem if you have an allergy to milk. giant and martin's food market both have them. if you don't have an allergy to milk then the cookies are fine to eat. planning futuristic trip far far away. >> teaming up in $100 million hunt for alien life. the search will rely on fleet of postage stamp size spacecraft to explore the universe. mark zuckerberg will join on the board of break through star shot, astronomers believe in earth like planet could exist possibly in a star
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system 25 trillion miles from earth. >> to the moon, alice. >> tell them we said hey. >> you don't know that reference, snow. >> snow. >> the honeymooners, jacky gleason. >> commune. >> sorry, there are lots of reference that is i could make that you don't know. not time to judge. >> give me one. come on. >> no. >> nothing from like empire? >> no. >> never see it, it is on too late for me. 5:20, in this morning's health watch. so, what successful -- want successful kids? have them later in life. babies born to older mothers are healthier, tall i am, even more educated than those born to younger moms. >> good news for girl like me who hasn't had a baby yet. research from the london school of economics found the kids and mothers who postpone having them for ten years even past the age 40 had better social skills and better environment than their siblings born decade earlier. >> that's interesting. and then parent bit older, maybe have carreers on track little bit, kind of done all
5:21 am
of the crazy bucket list stuff? >> i'll start brag to go all my girlfriends, what are you waiting on? i'm going to say these eggs are getting smarter. >> getting hard boiled. >> they're getting smarter. >> do you want to have kids? some day? >> like some days i'm absolutely, then the next day no way. and the next day maybe. i'm just torn. >> listen, you got to be ready for it, it is a lot of work, rewarding but a loft work. 5:21. >> british minister admitted to dating a woman in the sex industry, why he says this shouldn't affect his job. >> by the way having kids, it is expensive, too. >> can i hit the lottery? >> well, if you do, it is a whole lot easier, just have six, seven nannies to help out. >> i like that idea.
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>> liza minelli's ex-husband has died in london, police saw autopsy has been scheduled of course, but his death does not appear to be suspicious, but just 62 years old. >> former soccer player, pleading guilty to dui charge originally played not guilty. she will change her plea in court, made the decision after learning if she enrolls in a diversion program her charge could later be dismissed
5:25 am
within a year. >> hope she get help. >> texas 19 year old who used afluenza defense in fatal drunken driving wreck will appear in adult court for the first time today. >> couch could be given jail time as part of the terms every his adult probation, when couch was a teen, he had been given ten years probation, in juvenile court, for 2013 crash that killed four people. then last year, he fled to mexico, with his mom, after video surfaced showing couch at a party where alcohol is being served. mad otherwise known as mother against drunk driving, the group will be at court, and then they will be at the house, as well. keeping an eye on this case, very, very closely. all right, while this cannot be good for european. get. >> this the british minister every culture is admitting to previously dating a woman who was working in the sex industry. >> so the more unfortunate part of the story, tabloid newspapers new about the woman's true occupation before he did. john, conservative member of parm lament, calling his
5:26 am
former relationship an old story which was a bit embarrassing at the time. he's denying it had affected his role as a government official, though. >> two things, you have to work on your british accent. >> yes? >> and then if you were to name an american minister of culture, who might that be? >> hum. >> we don't have anything like that here. >> we don't. >> i know the french do. >> lady gaga? >> that would be interesting. she covers every genre, doesn't me? >> she does. do you think this guy should step down though? do you think it kind of muddies the water? you know how some people say what do you at home in private does not affect your public role and how you lead the country? >> i just don't care any more. i think bill clinton did pretty darn good job as president, just lock at the economy alone. >> right? >> and i just don't think people care much any more. they've been doing that casino of thing in europe forker. >> right? >> i don't know. >> you just get caught? >> just a dude. >> 5:27, train riders may not
5:27 am
like it, but being watched. and more importantly, you're being listened to. why new jersey transit is sticking by its new surveillance systems. >> and has donald trump lost the support of his own children? why two of his kids are saying they're not voting for dad. >> what?
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good morning, 5:30, it may and little harder to have your tech issues fixed this morning, why thousands of verizon workers are threatening to strike. this story is developing, we can get news in the next half hour about this. >> okay, the debate is finally over. what a new jersey judge has to say about republican ted cruz's run for the white house. >> good day everybody, it is wednesday, april 13th, 2016. i was just scanning twitter. and precious was laughing at me dance to go al green, the song you chose, because i didn't know we were on camera. >> al green. >> ♪ >> seven years old today. >> ya. >> sue, is it going to be 07 degrees outside? i need some sunshine. >> well, eventually. but not today. i think we will get close to 60 it will be a beautiful day. bus stop buddy all flyered up. temperatures in the 30's, four's, really the thing you need to know. might be tough to get the kids to wear a coat today. but it is cold out there. that's because skies cleared
5:31 am
out overnight. we don't have anything to show you on radar. and we won't for the next couple of days. this morning, temperatures a concern, because we have the freeze warning in effect, for the northern parts of chester, montgomery and bucks counties and up there in the lehigh valley and becomes, then frost advisory in lancaster county because it is a lot colder today than it was yesterday. that was cold front that brought us the breeze yesterday. it makes it feel like 37 out there. so it is maybe okay if you dash from the car to the building without a heavy coat on, but if you are outside waiting for a ride or for the bus, you will need a coat. it is 6:26 your sunrise time. here's some more temperatures, below freezing in mount pocono. near it in pottstown at freezing in lancaster, 37 trenton, 34 in atlantic city. so ya, pretty cold morning, as much as 25 degrees colder that yesterday, pretty nice afternoon, not too windy, just
5:32 am
right, bob kelly at 59 degrees. have. >> just right. good morning, 5:32 exactly on a wednesday morning, hello to the schuylkill expressway. headlight coming at you here, eastbound, starting to pick up some volume both directions a we look live near montgomery drive. no problems on the ben franklin bridge. heading into philadelphia, good shape. now, pay a at this shown, chris, you didn't catch this, leap frogs could not jump and deliver the first ball the other day at the game. >> yes? >> but i got something better. ready? hit the button one, two, three, go, watch. >> oh,. >> pull that parachute cordment i'm coming down. >> whoa! >> route 70. >> is this new? >> i just figured it out. it looks pretty cool. i'm going to be playing around with the mass program later today. construction along route 70
5:33 am
right near i-295. still out there with some lane restrictions, and they are still working on the pennsylvania turnpike as you head westbound into the philly-bensalem interchange. chris, lauren, back to you. >> thanks so much. >> 40,000 verizon workers could go on strike in about what 25 minutes, unless the company decides to make a deal. >> workers un happy about their contract. dave kinchen live in chinatown, this decision could happen what 6:00 this morning? >> yes, looks like the unions an already made that decision to strike. they have named the time at 6:00 a.m. so just under 30 minutes from that here at second and race in chinatown. cwa local 1300, and also the ibew, saying that they're protesting a plan to freeze wages and plans to make it easier for verizon to conduct layoffs. they've been working without a contract since august 1st, and they say essentially talks have broken down. they are among about 40,000
5:34 am
workers that are going to be hitting the picket line really officially striking ought 6:00 without a deal. and then at 8:00 demonstrating around the country, here, at ninth and race, demonstrating at the verizon offices, now, verizon's president says they're ready for a strike, and not only are they ready, they are anticipating little if any disruption to services for customers. the last time there was a strike it, lasted about two, three weeks. so many people are hoping that doesn't happen here. we're seeing workers lining up right now, in some red outfit, look like those could be union shirts right there. they are getting ready to demonstrate. so we will see exactly what happens here, and of course bring it to you as we get it. back to you. >> we will check back in with you, dave kinchen, thanks so much. pennsylvania lawmakers closer, more time to sue, and prosecutors more time to bring charges against the perpetrators. the stat house voted to approve a bill that changes the age limit for people
5:35 am
bringing civil lawsuit from 30 to 50. the proposal also eliminate the time limits for bringing criminal charges in future cases. >> new jersey transit, defending the use of audio surveillance systems on some of its trains, this as some question the monitoring legal annette call motives. new jersey transit says audio and video recordings currently in use on the agency's river line, between trenton and camden, it will be in use on similar light rain trails in newark and in hudson county. >> new jersey judge has ruled that texas senator, ted cruz, meet the constitutional requirements to be president, this means, cruz may appear on the state's presidential primary ballot. the judge ruled that a child of a citizens father or citizens mother is indeed a natural born citizen under the constitution, presidential hopeful born in canada, to a cuban father, and an american mother. >> and this week, the course has run wild, neither eric trump nor i have advantage a trump would be eligible or able to vote for their father
5:36 am
in the new york primary. last night during a town hall to the gof frontrunner family shared why they won't be voting for dad. >> well, i'm an independent, and i've always voted based on the candidate as opposed to based on the party. and it was actually very interesting experience, we're not a family of politicians where we haven't been in politics very long, new york has one of the most own russ rules in terms of registration. and it required us to register a long time ago, almost close to a year ago. and we didn't do that. we found out about it sort of after the fact. >> they're so rich they just don't even -- it is not on their radar i guess. >> one thing for sure, she makes some pretty nice shoes. >> ya. >> by the way, their dad's primary coming up next week. >> the 19th in new york and the 26th, week later here in pennsylvania. >> and in delaware, yes. >> all right. it is starting to get down to the wire. >> and huge state, big
5:37 am
delegate count, between the empire state here and the keystone tate for sure. >> okay, it is the end of era era. it will cost big to witness t how much money you'll have to pay to see kobe bryant going away. >> listen to you, baebae get by. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all and not just the powerful few.
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5:39 am
>> this is fox 29 sports in one minute. good morning, i'm howards eskin, phillies try it again last night for the first win at home last season, no hit until the fifth inning. not lots of offense basilica
5:40 am
of saints peter and paul either team. going to citizens bank park, scoreless in the sixth inning against san day eggo, herrera triples down the right score line, they scored two more in the eighth. when san diego made their second error. phillies beat san diego three-nothing, those sixers, don't worry, season almost over. brett brown, almost over. to toronto, one more game tonight in chicago. toronto out scores the sixers 32-13. in the third quarter, lowry with the three. they beat the sixers, 122-98. now the flyers are back at practice for start of the playoffs. they begin thursday night, in washington. the flyers players have another reason, and motivation, for this series, it is ed snider. >> casino of action, motivation, you know, now angel looking on us, you know, we got to play -- >> that's sport in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> i mean, they'll make a move bye it, won't they? >> they should.
5:41 am
>> flyers win the whole thing, the founder of the team, right before the playoffs start? >> dedicating playoffs to him. it was big night or it will be a big night as a legend will say good-bye while a team tries very hard to break a record. >> all right, so the goal end state barriers have a chance to win their 73rd game of the season tonight. that would be the most ever wins in a single season, the nba. warriors now tied with the 1995-96 chicago bulls, remember that team, with pippin and jordan? so the bulls with 73 wins, chicago with 72 wins in the year, i should say, the warriors, look, break that record home against the memphis grissly's, and overtake the legends of chicago. the bulls. >> good, though. >> right? well, they've beaten good team, beat the spurs, too. same time nba all time great have his final game. kobe bryant going to suit up for the last time. >> tell me or.
5:42 am
>> okay, i will. host the utah jazz at the utah season, announced this would be his last year, of course, so he's number three in the all time list tore scoring, and the first player ever to spend 20 years on 1nba team. he won 5nba championships with the lakers. >> that's a ring for every finger on one hand. >> exactly. >> bryant played high school at lower merion senior high school. >> right here in our area, right? >> yes. >> so ticket for both of the games, average price on stub hub for ticket to the lakers game tonight, nine # hundred bucks. >> those are the crumby seats though. those are nose bleed. what if you want to sit right down in front? you told me earlier $29,000? >> unbelievable! >> who has that just in the bank? >> that's major, major bling. >> seriously. oh, and then $450 to see the warriors and the grissly play? set can youy? >> i would rather pay to see that. >> all time record? >> yes. >> i want you to read this
5:43 am
next tease. >> see, i called you out earlier on the honeymooners, to the moon, alice. >> so ready set go. >> ain't your mama drama. >> and she's not sorry. the drama surrounding j-lo's, jennifer lopez, aren't i cool? >> you'll get it together. >> some day. >> ♪ the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard...
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in the last eight years, the fracking industry has spent over $40 million dollars on lobbying in pennsylvania. so it's no surprise that even though they've had over 4,000 violations, all they've ever gotten is just a slap on the wrist it's time for that change. i'm josh shapiro, and i'll hold the oil and gas companies criminally liable for poisoning our air and our drinking water. i'll be an attorney general who always works for you. democrat josh shapiro. he'll stand up for us.
5:46 am
frost advisory in lancaster county, here, temperatures didn't get quite as cold as they thought they would, but still, a big difference from yesterday. 42 degrees, in philadelphia, remember, we were at 60 at this time yesterday. thirty-two in lancaster, 30 in mount pocono. thirty-seven in dover. so, yes, it feels little colder than that in some places, as well. so think 30's, dress for the 30's, and don't forget your shades, you'll need them later on. it was rain to sun yesterday. we ended up with temperature right where we were supposed to be for yesterday's date. now, for today, we will probably be at about 59. maybe little cooler than
5:47 am
average. but still, lovely day. sixty-three tomorrow. sixty-four on friday. oh, how long can this go on? how about all the way through the weekend? all of those outdoor plans you wanted to make for last weekend, when it was too cold, and snowy, all system go for saturday and sunday, by sunday up to 72. upper 70s, on monday. so, that's looking pretty good. bob kelly? >> can't beat that. yes, you should, you know what? doing very good. take the rest of the day off. >> oh, i can get out of time out finally? >> get out of time out there, your homework, were you given a a, maybe little star on your collar. good morning, everybody, 5:47. nice pretty shot of the sunrise over philadelphia. this is live look at the roosevelt boulevard. right near ninth streetment look at how many cars come down the boulevard. you know, i drove the boulevard the other day, actually more lanes on the roosevelt boulevard than on i-95 or the schuylkill expressway. think about that? there is six lanes in both directions here. six lanes coming southbound. there is no other rodeway inn
5:48 am
philadelphia that has six lanes of traffic. wouldn't it be great if the schuylkill had six lanes? we would have no jammos there. chris was looking for a jammo there. is one for up, nothing going on yet on the benny coming into downtown. as we take a live look, the headlight coming into philadelphia. 422, 202, as you work your way in from king of prussia. certainly going to be different drive in today than it was this time yesterday. wipers get a break for the next couple of days. no problems on the new jersey turnpike, the freeway, if you are working your way in toward philly just watch it, there is some new traffic pattern changes here, through the construction zone, in bellmawr. and then later on today, right after the rush hour, penndot is coming back. they're working southbound 95 from the philly state line, pretty much right here at the airport, through ridley, all the way down through the commodore barry bridge. so watch for the roving crews, maybe down to two lanes instead of the normal four, as you work your way south 476.
5:49 am
that certainly will add some time to your trip. looking good, if you are headed to the airport at the moment. no problems on mass transit. chris, lauren, back over to you. >> all right, how great is this? joint police and fire operation helped save a couple of lucky ducks. >> so someone driving saw several ducklings fall in a storm drain on route 38 near larchmont boulevard. the mt. laurel police and fire department's arrive on scene, and were able to pluck the ducks from the drain. don't say that ten times fast. they were then transported to a local wildlife rescue to begin their new life away in the busy mouth laurel highway. >> so atlantic city they are getting prepared for the summer season of concerts. and so far it is going to get a little country on the beach. >> so few concert announced so far toby keith, florida georgia line. i guess they are right there on the state line? >> probably. >> keith hits the stage july 23rd and florida georgia line's show is september 3rd. the show's part of larger
5:50 am
announcement yet to come from the upcoming atlantic city beach summer concert series, most noble headliner last year maroon five when they just packed the ac beach. >> i loved it. >> khloe kardashian is on the cover of the may issue of shape magazine sporting her new fit look. what? but she is not really happy. so take a look at the cover. >> okay? >> she dropped 35 pounds, after changing her exercise routine, and she says she's happy to be on the cover, but she isn't thrilled with how she looks in the gray body suit. she thinks the magazine could have chose answer better picture, and instead of the simple gray look. >> she looks stunning, what is she complaining about? do you know how many women would kill for that body? >> and so many time we hear these stories, i hate to hear there is on the cover of the magazine, you don't like the way the magazine made you look, you don't like your make up. like you kind of know you're at the discretion of all every these editors, right? so maybe you shouldn't do it if you think you might not like it?
5:51 am
>> listen, khloe, that is not just a first problem, that's 1 percent problem, are you kid moog tow have that as your top list of complaints? was that photo shopped at all do you think? >> i think she looks amazing though. so i don't know why she is mad. >> you know who else looks fan that is snuck j-lo, getting major backlash on twitter after she perform her new hit, i ain't your mama. on last week's american idol finale. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> so people aren't mad at how she sang, but i ain't your mama, was co-produced by doctor luke, the man currently in a legal battle with concern an over sexual abuse allegation. >> that records contract deal? >> yep, so megan train here co-wrote lopez's song, saying lopez didn't know doctor luke worked on the song, saying the song was recorded years ago
5:52 am
before concern's sexual assault allegation. >> so the artist un officially boycotting him at this point? allegations? yes, interesting. how do you say it now? >> i ain't your mama. >> how does she say it though? >> i ain't your mama. >> i just botched t how about ice cuban common have found new respect for one another, while filming barber shop the next cut. >> dispute started back in 1994, released track about hip hop that dissed gangster rap. it was considered an insult by some west coast rappers n, west house slaughterhouse, retaliated yet with another song. pair says while filming together they realize it was just a big miss standing, able to put their differences aside once and for all, now all is well. all is well in rap and hip hop. >> let's hope so. and let's hope the by coastal feud is over. >> i don't know. >> it has been years now. >> east-west coast. tupac, true. >> 5:52.
5:53 am
south jersey woman taking a vow to protect children as they walk to and from school. why the 81 year old says she's now out of work. >> she is so cute. >> so are you. at giant, shoppers are discovering
5:54 am
low prices by the thousands, plus a thousand more that just dropped. all these low prices! what are you trying to do, get me to feed the whole neighborhood? no. just trying to save you a whole lot of "bread." [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags, thousands of low prices. my giant.
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5:56 am
>> community in millville, seeking donation action for beloved crossing guard out of work due to accident on the job. mattie walks with a cane, has had two bruised knees, one of them in a brace. she was hit by a car last month, intersection of harrison and sharp street while doing the job she has loved for the past 17 and a half years. police report states she was hit by a woman, who is now being cited for careless driving, and failing to comply with a crossing guard sign. mattie says she won't be able to return to work and she really misses all of those kids. >> i love it. those kids help me as well as i help keep them safe. they make me want to live. >> awe, sweet lady. parent started donation drive format i, incredible bulk store, drop off site, go to
5:57 am for more information on how you might want to help out. hey, we're following breaking news right now for you. barricade situation in west philadelphia. we have much more coming up on good day philadelphia. after the break.
5:58 am
5:59 am
apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. >> we are following breaking news right now, barricade situation in west philadelphia, what happened and what police found inside that home. it is not good.
6:00 am
plus: >> i love him like my son. >> a local father fighting for his life after being carjacked and shot. what he was doing when the violent attack began. >> and 40,000 verizon workers are set to strike right now. what the company is doing to try to minimize the strike's impact on you. >> also, a local family receives anonymous note targetting a child with autism. the message they're sending after going public with this nasty letter. >> so nasty it is ridiculous. good day everybody, it is april the 13th, it will be a lucky day, though. april 13th, 2016. >> can i just say something? >> no. all right, let's move on. no, what? >> look at all of the space i have here. can we just show this, right here on the desk look at all of this space. >> oh, it is because alex? >> because alex bridges everything from her desk comes down in the morning. >> thanks, bob. >> but plenty of space here today.


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