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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  April 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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they have been there for awhile now. they're out to support unions getting more money through a minimum wage hike to $15. police are on the scene just keeping tabs making sure everybody is stays safe. but they do warn you will face delays if you're driving through the area. now earlier sky fox over north philly as these same protesters gather the to march towards center city. we'll keep following this protest and others today and bring you more as the news warrants. tonight at 6:00 arrest in deadly hit-and-run. 35-year-old thomas dunbar's live ended ooh ally last night when car hit him in port richmond. the drive kept going. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. it's been a long day for investigators on this case. fox 29's karen hepp has the road to an arrest that ended just a short time ago. >> reporter: 35-year-old tommy dunbar, jr. a project manager at a major construction company. his family says last night he finish up a personal job with his dad and hopped on his scooter to get something to eat. they never saw him alive again. just blocks away he was struck
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on lehigh and aramingo avenues and dragged to his death by a hit-and-run driver. >> after striking someone on a motorcycle and dragging that body 200 feet, we're certain that the driver of the striking vehicle realized what he did and the fact you didn't render any aid and that you drove from the scene after causing this fatal auto accident now you're looking at serious charges roar report didn't take long for police to fine the car. a pontiac at second with new york tags a few blocks away on cedar street. police searched a home directly across from the car and took away bags of beer and other evidence. all the while, tommy's devastated family watched it turns out they live only two blocks away. when the possible suspect was taken into custody, and placed in the back of a police car, they quietly sobbed. the lawyer of the man now under arrest says he didn't do it. >> is that his vehicle that was involved in the incident last night? >> no. was he involved with that incident last night?
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>> no. >> reporter: -- >> he's innocent. >> reporter: the terrible tragedy shane his close knit community many of whom knew both people involved. >> when we check with the police department just recently about the person they took into custody they said that he was arrested but they didn't release his name because he had not been charged. from port richmond karen hepp fox 29 news. to a story you'll see only on fox 29. a local mother of a son with autism zen us these pictures. she says they show what happened to her teenaged son at school and that a school worker took him into a closet and beat him. she wants answers. >> now, police are looking into just what happened. let's get out to our jennifer joyce much she's life in atco tonight. jennifer. >> reporter: iain, good evening. police are looking into it so are state investigators trying to figure out exactly what happened inside of a classroom here at arch way school that left a 15-year-old student with a broken nose and a mother furious. >> it was assault on a vulnerable child with dissables. >> reporter: torres is
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speaking about her 15-year-old son jordan with cuts on his shoulder, bruises across his chest and a swollen likely broken nose. >> he was up all night trying like he had nightmares. >> reporter: torres says her son has autism. he attends adversary way lower school in atco, new jersey. jordan told his mom he was assaulted by a classroom aid yesterday. torres says school administrator confirm this to her. >> she actually observed what was going on, and she said protocol was to just remove the student to make sure that he was safe and call the state. i asked if police was called. she said. no. >> reporter: torres immediately made that call much she's pressing charges against the aid who allegedly assaulted her son. the waterford township police department says their investigation is on going. the school would not comment on what happened to jordan but issue add statement saying "the safety of our students is and always will be our top priority. we immediately reported the incident to the new jersey
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institutional abuse investigation unit and are cooperating fully with their investigation as well as that of waterford township police. we are fully committed to providing a safe and secure environment for those in our care ". >> he will tell you he's not safe at the school. he expressed that to the state. he said i don't feel safe there. torres says the school never called her to report her son's injuries. his in home care takers alerted his mother after picking the child up from school. torres says she's having a hard time getting answers from the school. >> why he was in the closet by himself, i want to know why is there markings on his face. i want to know why was he, an aide at the time which is not his aid. >> torres won't stop pushing until she finds out why her son walked out of the classroom with a broken nose. >> it's disheartening thinking that the system failed me and failed my son and the safety. >> reporter: and torres says her son requires a one-on-one aid. she wants to know where that person was at the time of the
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incident. at this point, no charges have been filed. iain. >> jennifer, thank you. right now police are investigate a shooting in east germantown. investigators tell us an 83 year old woman was shot twice in the chest inside her home on cosgrove street. she was taken to the hospital where she died. we do police recovered a gun inside the home. investigators are still on the scene. we are staying on top of this one. we'll keep you posted as soon as we learn any new information. the warming 10 has begun in your fox 29 weather authority. let's take live look at camelback mountain. we got up into the 60 today's and tomorrow it will be even better. let's get straight to chief meteorologist scott williams. >> that's certainly right, lucy. beautiful weather today across the area. wall to wall sunshine. the high made it up to 63 degrees. right now we're checking in at 62. you can see here in old city, beautiful conditions. the sun will set this evening at about 7:39. but as we take look at the satellite/radar, you can see not a cloud in the sky.
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so that does mean another cold overnight and in fact frost advisories posted for much of the area temperatures will dip into the low to mid 30s and those outlying sub suburb. rye now you can see it's 55 in wilmington. 55 degrees in millville. we have 50 in wildwood. coming up we'll talk about when to expect high temperatures around 80 degrees for part of the area. back to you. all right. thank you very much scott. they call themselves the stadium stompers and they don't want a new stadium for temple football. they were out in force today, upset with the university's moving forward with plans for a new stadium despite the opposition of students and community members. they say the stadium will raise property taxes and tuition all to cover the costs just recently temple announced it has hired an architect to oversee stadium construction. protesters say temple officials have refused to meet with them. well the protest at temple part of a new across the city today. police arrested three protesters right outside of the fox 29 studios in old city this
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morning. the three say they were protes protesting quote the brutal relationship between philadelphia police and the black population. the same group recently interrupted campaign event for hillary clinton in mt. airy. there they accused former president bill clinton of being racist because of the crime bill he signed into law. and the protesters go on with a march on police headquarters planned for later this evening. organizers are calling it a day of rage. philadelphia district attorney seth williams says 15 members of one of the city's most violent gangs are facing charges tonight. investigation by the city's gun violence task force results in the arrest of members of the tnt that stand for tenth and thompson. members identified with these gangs through social media, certain clothes and these tattoos. according to authorities, the gang members were involved in gun battles on the streets of north philadelphia from february to june of 2015. the da says they are all facing charges in connection with a homicide.
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>> homicide that we're charging them with an individual that was an innocent bystander on june the 22nd of 2014 a man that just unfortunately looked like a member of tnt's rival gang was shot on our streets. >> the da tells us the gang members were involved in 13 criminal incidents, nine of them were shootings. happening right now without putting pressure on congress. the obama administration wants lawmakers to help stop the spread of zika virus. congress approved a bill to provide financial incentives to companies developing treatment for zika. president obama has sign it into law but says the measure is not enough. the administration and centers for disease control and prevention originally asked for almost $2 billion to combat zi zika. i think the ball is in congress' core. the administration has put together a carefully thought out
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proposal. we've consulted the four most pub look health experts not just in the country but in the world to consider the kinds of steps that we need. >> republicans say they want to know exactly how the money the government will -- how the money will be spent by the government before approving additional funding. new jersey assembly commit fee approved a measure to give cash strapped atlantic city some help with its finances. the plan backed by assembly speaker would give the city two years before full state takeov takeover. they would set bench marks for the city government to reach. governor kris tee says the door is always open for ideas but he's been vocal before in supporting a total state takeover of the city so it did get back on its feet. president barack obama will different rutgers commencement speech next month. the university announced today the president will speak at the schools 250th anniversary commencement on may 15th at high point solutions stadium in piscataway. the school expects more than 50,000 people and this will be
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the first time sitting president has spoken at the school's commencement. local boy loves super hero heroes. he just proved he's got special powers of his own. scary opponent he just defeated and what police did today he'll never forget. a couple locked in a lover's embrace at a bar. what they did when armed robbers storm the place got people talking tonight. howard? >> the flyers getting ready for the playoffs tonight and the phillies got a game from their pitcher that hasn't happened for a phillies pitcher in five years. that will be coming up in sports. ♪ the world a president has to grapple with.
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sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message.
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>> breaking news center city we go. skyfox live over protesters at city hall. seems to be thinning out little bit here. they are rallying in support of unions and minimum wage. they want a hike to $15. police are there to make sure everyone is safe. and they say that you still may face some delays if you drive through the area. we'll keep you posted as more things develop.
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montana couple has proven nothing can come between a good kiss. not even a robbery. >> you can watch it happen. check this video out. police are looking for the three people you see in this surveillance video. authorities say they robbed a bar and casino you see everybody else putting their hand up when two men an woman stormed in, but the lip locking couple who appear to be oblivious probably had a few drinks as well. >> you think? they kept hugging and kissing through the whole thing. luckily no one was hurt. >> it's national donate live month and thomas jefferson university hospital along with a gift of life program are partn partnering to raise awareness. today a transplant recipient and donor family shared their very personal stories and even organizers unveiled what you're looking a there. it was that threads of love quilt. it's going to be a permanent reminder of the importance of organ and tissue donation. >> going to say it was scary and anxious just a lot of mixed emotions. but if you keep your head -- you
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really have to cep your head together so i just tried to keep things as normal as i can. >> right now more than 700 people are waiting for a transplant at the jefferson transplant institute alone. little boy from burlington county, new jersey, has a big boy title tonight. >> mt. holly police recognizing his bravery by making him an honorary office. seven-year-old darien had two emergency surgeries last summer to remove a life threatening brain tumor. he considers his local police officers the biggest super heroes of them all even made them special key chains in turn the officers made him an honorary officer and soup perro he already notice he's a super hero. just ask him. >> because i've been through a lot. >> want did you beat? >> i beat a brain tumor. >> we enjoy his presence here. he brings light to us. we laugh when we're around him. we have so much fun.
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>> of course every super hero needs a cake. he tells us that officers are super heroes because they keep mt. holly safe. >> that is fantastic. the best of the best honored at the 17th annual dispatch cher of the year awards in spring garden. the police communications bureau today honored three dispatchers who they say demonstrated exceptional service in the past year. honorees families as well as local politicians and community leaders were all there to congratulate them. food truck galore in center city today. dozens of food trucks taking par in the fourth annual food truck pop up. a third of all sales today directing towards funning education, prevention and support of those living with hiv and aids in the delaware valley. fox 29 weather authority right now. i'm just going let you take it iain. this is your type of weather we're having. >> well, exactly. can't get here soon enough. it will get little frosty again tonight. i understand. scott. >> i'm tired of this. >> we will see this warm up.
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i think your tee times will be okay and the weather is going to be great for golfing over the next several days. take look at the low this morning in philadelphia. 40. the afternoon high temperature 63 degrees. that's spot on really for where we believe be for this time of year. look at the record for today's date. yeah, it got up to 91 degrees back in 1941. picture perfect conditions right now. look at the custom house. we are looking at beautiful weather. a nice sunset on tap. 62 degrees right now the sun will set this evening at about 7:39. as we take a look at the temperatures across the area right now we have 61 degrees in reading. 62 in allentown. mid 50s in wilmington. down to millville but look at the chilly conditions down the shore. low 50 toss upper 40s even in wildwood with those water temperatures right now around 50 degrees. so really no cold air across the area. we still just have that high pressure that will bring us the clear skies and frosty conditions overnight especially once you move into the rural areas north and west along with
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parts of south jersey but that high will be in control for your friday. high temperatures right around average. 63 degrees. and you can see the cooler conditions with the ocean temperatures right now right around 50 degrees so just keep that in mind although we'll warm it inland over the neck sever days if you're headed down the shore this upcoming weekend it will still be chilly with those water temperatures around 50 degrees. but take a look at the temperature trend over the next several days. they will be going up. but also the pollen levels will go up for tomorrow in the high category likewise saturday and sunday. look at monday. closing in on 12 and 12 is the top of the scale for the pollen. temperatures tonight, we're looking at 30s across the area once again that frost advisory early on your friday morning. but 63 degrees for the high temperature tomorrow once again that is average. down the shore, look at the chilly conditions only in the mid 50s for saturday, 60 degrees on sunday. but that seven day forecast will
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show sketch degrees in philadelphia for your saturday. look at sunday. 72. and what about 80 degrees, yes, 80 on monday of the upper 60s on tuesday. and really beautiful weather over the next seven days. also looks like a dry forecast. so a dry and sunny stretch of weather. >> i'll take it. looks wonderful. >> time more vacation. >> especially the 80. >> especially looking wonderful what do you think about my jacket. >> i like orange. >> this is from the '74-'75 stanley cup one that the flyers executives and broadcasters wo wore. >> is that right. >> michael schwartz our senior promo producer it's from his uncle isn't i think it's a little over the top. >> i love it. i love it. i think it's fantastic. >> i like orange but not like that. the flyers are getting ready for the start of the playoffs. the sixers head coach talks about a team that has the second worst season in nba history one of the new phillies pitchers did
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something that hasn't happened for a phillies pitcher since 2011. that will be all coming up in sports.
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you like the flyers jacket or where the logo was. >> one team in town that is in the playoffs this year for the first time time in two years the flyers are in the playoffs. it was aegirine at the end of the season. but tonight will be the first game against the washington capitals. the flyers are preparing for the
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best team in hockey which will be a big challenge. can't have a slow start. >> sometimes we go out there a little bitten tiff. we get hit in the mouth we wake up. we got to make sure we're ready from the start. we got to be the team that initiates not retaliates. >> phillies took three out of four from the worse team in baseball. ryan how war in the second inning first homerun off a left hander since last july. phillies go up one to nothing but the story today was the pitcher. vincent velasquez got them in the ken giles trade with houston and 16 strike outs. no walks. allowed only three hits. he's the first pitcher for the phillies since cliff lee struck out 16 in 2011. he's new pitcher but already has made an impact. >> i'm still kind of relieved a little bit, um, but i mean my face doesn't show it but it was fun. i mean i'm excited and, man, actually it's still hitting me.
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>> come on vincent it's not that cold. los angeles rams i said made tougher today for the eagles to trade up and get a quarterback. the rams traded with tennessee into the first spot in the draft giving up two, number ones, two number twos one was the eagles they traded last year. main part of the deal. now moving up if the eagles want a quarterback became a lot harder. the sixers season mercifully over with 10 wins, 72 losses. the second worst season nba history sixers hold the first. brett brown spoke about the season acknowledged more of a shared basketball discussion with brian colangelo had in a season loaded with problems. >> this season was one of many distractions, many speed bumps. but i'm so proud to say that -- that our team, you know, stayed together. they truly stayed together and i believe that when you talk to them yesterday or throughout the course of the year, you would see what i felt every day.
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>> they stayed together last night when chicago out scored them 29-two in one stretch. sixers were up by 24 in the first half. so hey listen, i love brett brown. i don't know if he'll be here next year. it will be interesting to see what happens when the new general manager comes inform i think he's a good coach but with the gypsies he has on that team i don't know how good he can be. >> we'll see. i like the guy. >> but he's taken a lot of bullets. >> yes, he has. >> join us tonight for the fox 29 news at 10. depth peace saw this guy run red light and then swerve all over the road before they pulled him over. what they found inside his truck they were not expecting. that's tonight at 10. >> that does it for us here at 6:00. >> we'll see you right back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next.
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evertz test cc1 >> 911 outrage. >> my husband has been shot by somebody. >> just released. the former cnn anchor's desperate call to save her husband. >> did the motel clerk really shrug off the shooting. >> let me put you on hold. >> what megyn kelly is revealing about her secret summit with donald trump. >> the doorman appeared stunned when i walked in. >> and revolt of the apprentices. they're all attacking trump. >> the former contestants on the apprentice revolting against trump's campaign. then the baltimore riots one year later. the hero mom who dragged her son off the street. where we found them today. >> nice to see you.


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