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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  April 15, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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this was the best part of the game last night. yes, rough start. flyers fall. the rough start for playoffs for orange and the black. how they can bounce back. i say they can bounce back against the caps. and then there is this... >> clearly defined trail markers, and commercial systems. >> good news schuylkill river trail is get something big help, new eyes and ears for one of the best known urban trails in the country. plus, it is an effort to reach, the cool kid. are you one of the cool kids? why local movie theaters are looking to allow, the biggest annoyance to occur during films. is this going to hurt them or help them? we're talking about texting? there will be allowed in movie theaters. hi everybody. >> good morning. >> april 15th, normally april 15th, doom, gloom. >> not this time. >> nope. >> so you don't have that until monday.
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>> now we can see it as friday or hurry up and get it done friday. >> hurry up, get it done friday. >> won't need pepto until monday. lets get to the number of the day. you are liking maybe a nine out of ten, am i excited about the nine. nine. if it wasn't so cold right new we were go with the ten but we still don't have, bus stop buddy, nice warm fleece, and still has that frost advisory in effect until 8:00 o'clock this morning for most of our area, because temperatures are just a little bit too cold, for this time of the year. forty-two in the the city. sunrise time 6:23, coming up, very soon. we're looking at allentown only 35 degrees. thirty-five in trenton. lancaster. below freezing in millville, 33 at atlantic city able only 36 degrees in wilmington but expect plenty of sunshine, the upside of those clear skies and that radiational cooling overnight, we will have a high of about 65 degrees, today, good morning, bob kelly. >> good morning, everybody.
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we're working barry white voice this morning because of the allergies that have been taking me over there good morning everybody. live look at 422, starting to see volume pop here as we head into king of prussia a no problems at all downtown coming into or out of the city on the vine street expressway, southbound lanes of i-95, overnight crews are gone so we are ready for morning rush hour. we are seeing volume pop, heading in the betsy and girard avenue. or wise we are looking good coming out of the villanova heading down to the airport, in problems, in or out of the city, philly international by the way looking good. i think we will be in good shape flying in or out of town today and mass transit, off to a good start as well, mike and alex, back to you. 6:02. >> runners, walkers and cyclist will have extra eyes on the schuylkill river trail. >> it is all about keeping you safe. dave kinchen on this story, dave. >> reporter: every so often there are reports of the criminal activity out here and it alarms a lot of people
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especially when they are using the schuylkill river trail at night. in recent months there have been numerous reports of runners being held up, and sexually assaulted, or harassed on the trail and it has prompted runners to organize and create the schuylkill trail watch. it is just like a town watch in your neighborhood or a block watch you might be familiar with. head of the group run 215 say though begin training volunteers and they will, the volunteers will be runners, bikers, to report suspicious activity and help calm fears many tell us that they have. >> there is not that much lights so it is canned of like bad, not at the part where trail is but where we run. so, they need light. >> we want people to be engaged and to be a set of eyes, ears on the trail. we want people who use the trail, we want everybody from skateboarders to cyclist, to walkers, to runners, and we will train them with town watch services. >> run 215 is held meetings
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with city council members, streets department, philadelphia police and other agencies, and if the weather gets warmer they are trying to train up to 150 volunteers. their first meeting will be on april 27th, and if you want to get in on that action you can go to our web site at fox we have information about the groups that are involved, and how you can get involved as well, back to you, mike and alex. >> good news there. 6:04. happening today a new effort to save lives by preventing heroin overdose. >> prescription is in longer needed to get that opioid they call it, the anecdote called narcan. this is in the state of pennsylvania. >> so starting to day pharmacies including walgreens will begin selling the drug, in the event of an overdose, narcan reverses effects of heroin and opioid painkillers. it is available by injection ornatal spray. >> so the accuser in bill cosby's criminal sexual assault case, here in philadelphia, wants a judge to void the secrecy clause
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surrounding their 2006 settlement. today's federal court hearing is set to weigh that issue, and the lawsuit cosby filed against accuser andrea constand. her mother, and her attorney, cosby's attorney says that the constand camp has violated the secrecy pack by cooperating with the officials who reopened her police complaint last year. well, 6:05. lets get to the election. presidential candidates vying for last minute votes ahead of the new york's primary on tuesday. >> they have a she down in brooklyn last night. >> sure did. >> "fox news" poll shows hillary clinton's national lead has shrunk now to just two-point over bernie sand's monk democratic primary voters. both candidates taking their gloves off, during last night's debate, in brooklyn. this was their first face off, face-to-face, that is a big match up, since sanders and clinton, both said, neither
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one was qualified to be president. >> secretary client oz have the experience and the intelligence to be a president? of course, she does. but what i do question, i do question her judgment. i question a judgment which voted for the war in iraq good well, the people of new york voted for me twice to be their senator from new york, and president obama trusted my judgment enough to name me secretary of the state. >> polls in new york have clinton leading by ten points and again, the primary is tuesday. >> next tuesday. >> a call for... oh, geese. >> so a lot of people during the debate, they were paying attention, you want to see their hand movement. >> i sure did. >> right away at 9:00, boom, the national anthem. >> the dress of the women singing the national anthem, beautiful. >> gorgeous. >> i could not take my hands off of bernie sanders hand,
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they are gigantic, look at them, it is the size of the louisiana purchase. look at the size of that man's hand. >> i was looking at her dress. >> when they came to philly there was a new dress, and you just never know. >> man has giant hands. >> donald trump isn't bothered by that. >> bernie sanders has man hand. >> that was megyn kelly singing. another terrific game for the phillies. meet the super star striking out 16 batters yesterday, and, you know, the phillies made some history yesterday at that 1:05 game. seven year-old walks out of school and on to a busy local street. the reason he says he thought he was allowed to leave.
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how her child walked out of the camden charter school without notice. >> ann martinez got a call an hour after she dropped her seven year-old son jerry, off at the camden community charter school. monday morning, so she says, that they were a few minutes, late, that day. she also said that her son went to the office to get a
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late pass, like he is supposed to do but that is where the story gets weird, confusing. school officials told anna perfect son left someone noticed him and then called police, after he left. he was found 2 miles away on a busy, admiral wilson boulevard, and police officers, took him then back to the school. >> he told lady at the school he left some books home and she told him to go ahead and go get them. >> to me it was a miscommunication where she may have been talking to someone else but he was still a able to leave the school. >> he ended up at a gas station. >> gaza tend ant, noticed jerry, a approached and then decided to call police. martinez is upset because school didn't know he was gone until police contacted the school. school officials, declined to talk but told us over the phone that they are reviewing their procedures, and they declined to say how second grader was able to simply walk out unnoticed. >> and walk 2 miles down to the speed way.
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>> would you think there would be a front desk but maybe they could not, i don't know. >> seven years old. >> we have you covered here ladies and gentlemen, one of the biggest days for football fans, take a look at nfl schedule just released? who do the eagles play, this fall. already planning my football party, and figure out what weekend you will have, you know. >> yeah. >> lets see if mike's e eat pass tag works, ready. come on. it works. we're good to go. the as we head up and overturn pike connection bridge heading toward philadelphia, lets go outside, take a live look at philly international. good morning everybody.
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hi there, mount holly police are recognizing a young man, from new jersey, by making him an honorary police officer. they is, seven years old darren. he had two emergency surgeries last summer to remove a life threatening brain tumor. so he is a big fan of super heroes and considers his local, you know, fire fighters and police officers the biggest super heroes of all time in his life. so the officers made him an honorary police officer and a super hero himself.
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>> because i have been through a lot. >> reporter: what did you beat? >> i beat the a brain tumor. >> we enjoyed his presence here. he brings life to us. we laugh when we're around him. we have so much fun. >> darren tells us that officers are super heroes because they can help out people. >> so cute. >> yes. >> well, by the way, i painted the door, god, that looks good, doesn't it. what a job i did paint ago this door. >> yes, mike, wonderful job. >> over 20 years we have done this show. we have had a number of people doing traffic for us. one of those people is back today, sue serio. >> yes. >> who could it be, sue serio. >> wow. >> wait until you you see who it is. >> you you do have to wait, sorry but not too much longer. anyway, no relief in sight for allergies, you just to have deal with it, because all of the dry weather we have, in store for the weekend means
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allergy, the pollen counties high, yes, mapel, juniper, just tree pollen out there folks. we have jet stream to the north. chilly air that we have this morning will continue to move further north where we will get better each day in the morning. high pressure in control every day, means we add a couple degrees to the high temperature every day and we keep any precipitation like we see here to the south of us, away. so it is dry here in philadelphia, we are expected to stay that way all weekend, what a difference from the snow, we were forecasting one week ago. 42 degrees in philadelphia 36 wilmington. thirty-five lancaster. thirty-five allentown. 38 degrees, in dover. and average high is 64. we have 63 yesterday. we have that warming trend all the way through monday when we reach 80 degrees. it cools off after that but still very pleasant with mid to upper 60's, on tuesday and wednesday, by thursday, we are back into the mid 70's, and
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sorry about that pollen count, bob kelly? >> it is crazy. >> all this pollen and, of course, just impacting my voice. we have all taken our allergy medicine but that first hit of the season here that kind of noxious back. i a will guys for the voice here this morning, eastbound on the schuylkill expressway, right at belmont avenue, little fender-bender here at off ramp but we are starting to pick up volume all the way around the board, this morning, jammo on i-95 southbound from cottman avenue in through girard avenue, starting to see the morning rush hour, popping up here, septa looking good, patco, new jersey transit, all of the trains are off to a good start. now this weekend, septa will be doing some track work on the west trenton regional rail line using shuttle buses between west trenton and woodbourne station, both saturday, and sunday. we are looking good on the blue route and in problems, coming up and over any of the area bridges. mike and alex, back over to you. delaware senate the has passed legislation overhaul, the way state services, sees
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as you advertise many spectrum disorder. >> one of the two bill passes revisees delaware autism program to make better use of local programs and to expand, parental interest put. it also, new training specialists, to help teachers, and other school staff working with autistic students. the bill requires at least one training specialist, for every 100 students, classified on the autism spectrum. well, president barack obama will deliver rutgers university commencement speech next month. >> that is right. >> president will speak at will school's 250 anniversary commencement may 15th. high point solutions stadium. the school expects more than 50,000 people to be there, and this will be the first time, that a sitting president has spoken at the school commencement. president obama will also speak at howard university's graduation. >> yes, our good friend torey is very excited about that. she went to howard.
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she wants a ticket to that. >> did she get one. >> she's asking me like i can get a ticket to howard university. >> you can get ticket anywhere, you run this place. >> i'm trying to help her. that is at the piscataway campus, not rutgers campus here in camden. hey, listen up, fellows, before you head to the beach or the pool you may want to think about, putting on a lot of sun screen. >> recent study result out of denmark suggest certain sun screen ingredients though, they reduce your sperm, weaken your sperm. >> they may weaken the sperm by rubbing this stuff on your skin. >> where are you rubbing it. >> alex, seriously. >> seriously. >> anywhere on your epidermis. >> okay. >> yes. >> twenty-nine to 31 ultraviolet filth's loud in sun screens in the u.s. and european union tested them on healthy sperm cells and results reveal some filters have potential to effect how
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sperm moves. >> really. >> sperm cells, interesting. >> we cannot top that as the weird story of the day so we will stop now. >> will you stop using sun screen. >> good night, we're done. >> no, i'm still going to use sun screen. i got nothing. no use for that anymore. another terrific game from the phillies, what are we five-one since going zero and four. this guy struck out 16 batters yesterday afternoon. we will talk about it in sports. we will talk about the flyers, eagles. >> and lottery numbers.
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in the last eight years, the fracking industry has spent over $40 million dollars on lobbying in pennsylvania. so it's no surprise that even though they've had over 4,000 violations, all they've ever gotten is just a slap on the wrist it's time for that change. i'm josh shapiro, and i'll hold the oil and gas companies criminally liable for poisoning our air and our drinking water. i'll be an attorney general who always works for you. democrat josh shapiro. he'll stand up for us.
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good morning i'm howard eskin. flyers open up playoffs against the best team in hockey, the washington caps are request but you have to score to win and flyers didn't do. that lets get to washington. second period, scoreless game, caps on a power play, john carlton bunses off a couple flyers and it goes in one to nothing. flyers lose to the caps two to nothing. next game on saturday. another terrific game by phillies starter vincent velasquez who has not been scored on this season in his second game. he strikes out 16 batters, allowing only three hits, didn't walk a batter, and the phillies won three to nothing. last pitch tore strike out, 16 was cliff lee in 2011. vincent velasquez never expect this. >> i am still kind of relieved a little bit, but, you know,
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my face does president show it but it was fun. i'm totally excited. it is still hitting me. >> nfl schedule is out, eagles open up against cleveland here in philadelphia a. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. howard just mention there had one of the biggest days for the fancies when the nfl schedule comes out and it came out last night. >> that is when you make your plans. okay, this is where i want to be. mike was mentioning we will open up at home against cleveland september 11th. following week they are a way at chicago for moonlet football and then steelers here at home, followed by a bye week. we have an early bye week. >> that is early. >> i don't know if i like. that game five at detroit and game six, washington. >> october 23rd we will play minnesota here at home. the then, dallas, on october 30th. we're just seeing a sunday night game. then we have, our eagles at new york giants. but the toughest trip of the
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season seems to come november 20th, when the eagles have to play seattle, at seattle. we all necessity how that happened. i think we beat the giants last year. when didn't need to. stupid. thanks, chip. >> finishing off schedule eagles play cincinnati september 4th and back for three of the last four games. and then to finish off the season they play new years day. >> new years day. >> yes, okay. >> no thanksgiving day game this year that was a problem last year. >> was it dallas. >> yes. >> that is right. >> i just remember a game on thanksgiving. maybe it it was detroit. either way. >> i'm always scratching my eye and i cannot think. >> we continue to celebrate good day's 20th birthday this morning and behind that hideous yellow door that ivory painted and manny did a good job, a familiar face, this
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human did traffic for us, for years. fellas do yourself a favor and hang around for this.
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ifbut find it harder and hardert to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all and not just the powerful few.
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flyers lose game one of the stanley cup playoffs, we will look ahead to tomorrow night. we can bounce back. did we ever get into, oh, this
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was something. come on, wayne. we need you on the the ice, wayne. i don't know if this is a very good idea. plus. >> schuylkill river trail is getting safety help, new eyes and ears for one of the best known urban trails in the country. >> i say we found a way, to get paid $7 for a movie, what are you doing. >> what are you texting during a movie? an effort to reach the cool kids now though. >> so, amc entertainment is looking to allow the biggest a announce while watching a film, soon it will be allowed. to me it is encouraging news. >> texting is what we're talking about. that is a big annoyance. isn't it people talking. >> talking. if it is silent texting maybe we can live with it but screen light, is distracting, in the movies there. >> anyway, sunnies up, temperatures are only in the 30's and 40's, buddy excited about the phillies win
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yesterday. they face nationals tonight at the ballpark. may not be frosty but it will be on the cool side but we still have a frost advisory in east affect until 8:00 this morning. the here's our current temperature in philadelphia 42 . gorgeous sunrise. thirty-four is all we got in pottstown. thirty-five in allentown and lancaster. thirty-six in wilmington. we're cold this morning but what a recovery. 65 degrees, that is worthy of fantastic friday, by tonight though it is chilly once again with lows in the 40's. now, with bob kelly emerging right now we are about to give you a hint of our surprise guest coming up. >> this is a hint. >> visual hint. >> of our surprise guest. >> we are subtle. >> a hint hoist coming up behind the door, okay, live look at the blue route, 476, no problems at all coming over mid county, heading down towards the schuylkill expressway. >> that is a blonde bomb shell. >> you got it, baby.
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>> ninety-five northbound, a little bit of sun glare out there, and early morning accident knocked down some telephone wires in upper dublin, blair mill roadblock at welsh road, dresher road is best alternate. septa using shuttle buses on the west trenton line between west trenton and woodbourne, stations. >> you kind of look like the guy from def leopard. >> yes. >> the lead singer. >> yes. >> high school with my drum settle. >> yes. >> okay. there is your hint for the surprise guest, for 20th birthday. philadelphia police are looking for the person, responsible for stabbing a man in the chest, overnight. it happened in southwest philadelphia, on the 6500 block of dicks avenue. just after 2:00 o'clock this morning. the victim was taken to penn presbyterian hospital, expected to survive. there is no description on the
6:33 am
suspect, at this time. one person is rush to the hospital after he fired in three homes in the the cities logan neighborhood. it happened just after 11:00 on the 4500 block of north marvine street. >> a heavy flames, and smoke were seen pouring from the home. officials tell us, that at one point fire jumped the neighboring homes, the person taken to to the hospital, lived a few you doors down and then had minor smoke inhalation. in word, of course, on what caused this thing, that is what they are investigating right now obviously. 6:33. philadelphia police made an arrest need deadly hit and run. thirty-five year-old tommy dunbar junior was killed wednesday night and hit and dragged more than 200 feet, in the city's port richmond section. >> police found the suv involved just blocks away, yesterday, afternoon. the driver was arrested, his name has not been released at this time, we get it, we will give it to you.
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>> hi, lauren. >> fifteen members of the city's most violent gangs now facing a list of charges. philadelphia district attorney seth williams announced those arrests as members of the tnt gang that stand for tenth and thompson. williams says they got those tattoos to show allegiance to the gang. prosecutors say these guys were involved in the north fill gun battles from february to june of 2014. one of of those shootings, killed a man, d.a. tells us that the gang members were involved in 13 separate crimes. a new jersey a semmably committee has approved a measure to give cash strapped atlantic city help with its finances. the plan set bench marks and goals for sit government over a two year period. if the city fails a take over would happen. governor christie says door is always opened for other ideas but has been vocal in supporting a a total state take over of the city so it can get back on its feet. new jersey added more than 17,000 jobs in march but was not enough to keep unemployment rate ticking up to 4.4 percent. new data shows number of new
6:35 am
jersey residents with jobs, also climbed in march. the state labor and work force development it says rate climbs from 4.3 percent because more people, entered the labor force. that is a look at your top stories, mike and alex, back to you. 6:35. >> some extra eyes will be watching you when you are talking and running and biking along the schuylkill river trail. >> i think that is welcomed thing. a recent surge in crime has caused this. hi, dave, what is going on. >> reporter: people get together to run together so now these runners will get together to look out for each other in the schuylkill river trail especially with dangers at night, and recent nights, there have been numerous reports of runners, being held up and robbed, also, sexually assaulted, and groped on the trail here and it is prompting run tours launch the schuylkill will trail watch. it is like your neighborhood town watch or block watch if you think of it that way. head of the group run 215 said they will begin training volunteers made up of fellow runners and bikers to keep alert, eyes and ears of the
6:36 am
trail, report suspicious activity and help calm fears many tell us about. >> we just said earlier when we were walking in the dark we sent this to each other, like it is so scary that it is dark, we just started speed walking. >> we assessed the problem and said we need to have lighting on the trail, so there could be clearly defined trail markers, emergency systems and prioritized the improvements that need to be done to create a more safer environment. >> reporter: run 215 has held meetings with city council members in the past and gathered with the the streets department, philadelphia police and other agencies and they say if the weather gets warmer, the group wants to train about 150 trail watch volunteers by summer, their first meeting on april 27th, if you want to be part of that or learn more we have information on our web site the at fox back to you mike and alex. >> lets stay safe here. >> lets get into this debate, steve keeley. are we not doing -- we are not
6:37 am
doing the movie theater thing. >> using your phone in movie theaters, steve, does it annoy you people take out their phone and start textingy don't care, if they are texting i just don't want them talking, steve. >> what about the the question does it annoy you when your two day a anchors are on their phone the whole day good i get that a lot. >> here's the thing fish face, we're asked to continue to, you know, communicate through social media, the whole darn day, 24 hours a day, i wake up in the middle of the night just to tweet people. >> if we don't respond they get upset. >> yes. >> so what am i supposed to do. >> that is right. since you are doing it 24 hours a day maybe you can start doing it if you go here to one of the amc theaters and that is what we're doing. i only brought that up because viewers ask me they are ordered to do that and respond constantly. >> we want to respond to people.
6:38 am
>> i don't like talking. >> this will be a hot topic during the show to day i'm warning you, get ready to burn your batteries down on this story because it came from an interview in the hollywood movie industry magazine variety with the new head of amc lows movie theater chain, adam aron who you will love this live shot. i have got two seinfeld references. aron is -- >> let's go good i don't know if you know this name but he is complete opposite of the mike jerrick. because aaron was born and raised in philadelphia and now lives in kansas. >> that is weird. >> complete opposite of you. >> weird. >> former ce of the of the philadelphia 76ers, 2011 through 2013. we know him from the the sports side. also ran norwegian cruz line, veil resorts. he has a harvard m.b.a. he knows about travel, tourism, entertainment companies. now figuring out the how to turn up the number of young people at his theaters and he thinks maybe is the set aside a section or entire theater to
6:39 am
let people text or use their cell phones during movies. now as you know if you go to the movies in the previews of the coming attractions they also have previews to tell to you shut off your phones. >> now it is time to shut off your phone. >> listen up you animals time to turn off your cell phones that means no talking. >> i try not to do it myself because it is a inconvenience. >> annoying. >> very much so. >> ever make a phone call or text during a movie. >> phone call, no. that is not excusable but text, when emergency come calling, yes. >> i it this it is a worthwhile idea to try to lure the millennials into theaters that are exclusively for them with their phones in their hands. i don't think it will work personally. >> that of course, sharon a long time head of the
6:40 am
philadelphia film commission who paves way for movies to be made in philadelphia a, and she lures a lot of move is in to philadelphia. and new if you are going to allow phones in theaters the first thought i had and i'm sure you will agree on the set, someone will face time an entire movie to their friend, you buy one ticket ape other ten kid back in the neighborhood can watch for free. modern high tech way to do it. crammer, jerry and george did on that a awesome seinfeld episode, you will a's remember crammer's friend brody where george is like i'm a bootlegger. mike, mr. seinfeld, can i throw a seinfeld trivia, because producer gave us extra time for this segment. what was the movie that they were ordered by brody to record an episode, the fake seinfeld movie. mike, i will give you a hint, they will say it again because elaine danced over the end of the movie so jerry was giving it back to brody, he said, it is a sad movie, it makes you cry and when you see ending it makes you cry again, it was
6:41 am
cry, cry, again. >> brody had a bat and he would break jerry's legs if he didn't video tape this. >> yes. >> what is the name of the movie. >> what was it, i can't come up with. >> it was cry, cry again. >> cry, cry again. >> yes, but the movie that they would talk about was roshell, roshell. >> yes, of course. >> okay. >> she sang the theme to it. >> owe say. >> see you. >> and they almost killed bette milder at a softball game, another episode. >> really. >> roshell, roshell. >> you got to have a wawa. >> of course. >> now it will be easier. >> yes. >> wawa is using a big push into center city. >> wait until you see who comes through that yellow door, manny did a good job painting that. >> we're talking wawa was right now. >> pennsylvania based convenient store in casey didn't necessity what wawa was is opening up a new store at
6:42 am
19th and market. >> wow. >> that is by kitkat kline's house. >> it will have a sit in area for customers. now we can sit down in there. the company says it is aiming to have an opening by the end of this year. on the charitable side the wawa foundation just donated $500,000 to no more fire deaths. >> that is a pilot campaign getting residents about fire escape plans and giving away smoke alarms. i read an article where someone is assaying is wawa trying to push back to be a dine in restaurant at some point. hey, did you wanting to on a date? lets go down and go to wawa, dinners. >> i'm telling you you, i'm smelling you, would i like to sit down and eat a sandwich in there. >> yeah, i love their hoagies. >> by the way, wawa is a a pennsylvania based convenient store. donald trump wants to make america great again, that is what he constantly says, he even has hats that say that
6:43 am
but at what cost? the down side about bringing jobs back to the united states. we're on the trump trail. hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. ♪ think about it ♪ there must be higher love ♪ down in the heart what do you think? ♪ and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers. ♪ bring me a higher love
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♪ i could rise above ♪ ♪ bring me a higher love ♪ ♪ don't you just love it ♪ ♪
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good morning, everybody. 6:46. waking up to a pretty shot there of the poconos, a pretty shot here at king of prussia here's a live look at the 422, the casino right there, valley forge casino and no problems in or out of the city. we will is he sun glare throughout the morning. bam, right here got it for you northbound lanes of i-95. no volume just yet but that is an example of what mother nature is serving up for breakfast. overnight we had an accident blair mill roadblocked a at welsh road. utility crews are making repairs. we will to have use dresher road. kelly drive repaving project continues throughout the weekend. will we will see crews out there, we will have a borgata on the river, and they close martin lieutenant are king
6:47 am
drive through the weekend. all that extra volume was push on the the schuylkill and yes. >> you know, you are extra sexy with that voice. >> you like that. >> this is my barry white voice. >> you know, some people. >> love to love you baby. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> too much of a good thing. >> okay, enough on have that. >> the buses will be running on the west trenton line. my allergies are just driving me crazy and, of course, i did take my allergy medicine. >> riddle me this, riddle me that, yes, you are the first, you are lath, you you are my everything. >> you know who is our everything down here? sue serio. she will tell us how long the sunrise will come up in about 15 seconds.
6:48 am
play ball once again, we have new opponent in town. we took care of the padres yesterday and now washington nationals are here, and it is a 7:05 game tonight at citizens bank park and it will be about 58 degrees when we begin. sunset follows, pretty soon thereafter so jacket the or sweater will be a real good idea but great night at the ballpark. we're manager to go keep away all this rain that you see down to our south, because high pressure is in control, so is there a look at our area. no rain on radar, don't expect to sees any over weekend either, it is cold, once again though, we still have a frost advisory in east affect a and 42 degrees in philadelphia, 35 in allentown. thirty-six in wilmington and 34 degrees in wildwood. not much wind at least so we are not talking wind chill so as we look back over past seven days, peak of the week so far is at 69 degrees, on monday and then we have a little bit cooler. we are closer back to the average high of 64 degrees.
6:49 am
sixty-five today. sixty-eight tomorrow. seventy's show starts on sunday and we're going for it for monday. 80 degrees, mike and alex. >> what? >> yeah. >> i can't wait. >> i have already made plans fun monday, i hope it lasts through the weekend. well, yeah. >> you know, thursday down in the 60's. >> it will be 80 on monday. >> i'm talking about next week even. >> oh, bam. >> you are greedy. >> lets get to mcdonald's, what do you say. >> mcdonald's is racking up the wraps. >> putting a wrap on it. they say their signature product was supposed to attract younger, healthier either but millennial where is in the biting. >> nope. >> some market are still selling chicken ranch version of the snack wrap. >> i never ordered a wrap i have had one of that are wraps. they are good. i'm not a wrap fan in general. i like rap music. >> but it is a wrap on that. >> that yellow door looks good. >> what is up with you and
6:50 am
that door. >> i did such a great job. >> wait until you see. >> i feel bad you have to zoom in every time you zoom in on the door. >> no, that is an extra bonus. >> is it. >> never. >> okay, i was talking to our former traffic reporter, a little while ago, fellas. >> do yourself a favor and hang around. bringing jobs back to the you had is a big issue during the election, campaign, but what will it cost us. >> and would a parent be willing to pay that price. >> financial experts say it is possible but bringing back jobs comes with a big down size. consumer would face higher cost. low income americans with face biggest hit the because they spend income on clothe, shoes, toys things that rely mostly on cheap labor to make. the there is no guarantee that tax on chinese or mexican products with make companies bring jobs back. the experts do say companies will just move those jobs to the next country with the lowest, labor costs like maybe vietnam. making workers, more
6:51 am
productive, and, equipment, job training program and, paying for those investments, is super costly, and that could mean higher taxes for americans, economist and they are saying lower and middle will class would face higher cost a associated with trade restrictions. either way, it seems like there is in cheap way and in quick fix. >> never a good fix. >> never. >> 6:51 now. in the the next hour of this program, forget sipping your beer, a new study says, there is a another easy way to get a buzz. just being near alcohol. >> um-hmm you will absorb it. in the last eight years, the fracking industry has spent over $40 million dollars
6:52 am
on lobbying in pennsylvania. so it's no surprise that even though they've had over 4,000 violations, all they've ever gotten is just a slap on the wrist it's time for that change. i'm josh shapiro, and i'll hold the oil and gas companies criminally liable for poisoning our air and our drinking water. i'll be an attorney general who always works for you. democrat josh shapiro. he'll stand up for us. ♪ ♪ most weekends only last a couple of days. some last a lifetime. hampton. we go together. book at to get a guaranteed discount.
6:53 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
6:54 am
what a beautiful shot on a friday morning. 6:54. >> and then we go to this. >> and then there is my paint can from yesterday. i need to do some touch ups but here's the problem, i need to move that can because we have somebody coming through that door in a matter of minutes. >> you don't want to income over paint, because you will not clean it up. >> no, a lot of drip age and drops there. do you remember bethenny frankel. >> she had a talk she for a while too. >> sure. >> short lived. >> she's been talking and now it is getting her in trouble. she suggested black with men should hire white men to represent their business. >> the comments came when bethenny spoke at an event for women entrepreneurs. there she is. while there she reportedly said black women, should hire
6:55 am
white men to represent their businesses, as a way to increase the likelihood of success. she is a dope. >> a number of women there took to twitter to express their outrage. she came under fire for saying women should have sex to get ahead. she, of course, denies the claim. >> okay. >> there is no tape of this, um. >> no tape. >> how convenient that there is no tape. >> lets talk about this schuylkill river trail. i loved the extension that they have made, down toward south street, you know, the little boardwalky looking thing. >> um-hmm. >> it is getting some safety help. there are eyes and ears to keep it safe because some people say it is just too dark, you know, if you want to run after dusk. >> maybe before the sun comes up. >> exactly. >> yes. >> lets get rid of that paint can because it is time to see our surprise guest. this person did traffic at "good day philadelphia" a for
6:56 am
years. blank
6:57 am
hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. ♪ think about it ♪ there must be higher love ♪ down in the heart what do you think? ♪ and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers. ♪ bring me a higher love ♪ i could rise above
6:58 am
flyers fall, a rough start to the playoffs for orange and black. how they can bounce back against the caps. it is supposed to be a place for everyone to enjoy but lately we have had to watch your back on a popular city trail. new help on the way to keep
6:59 am
you safe. don't silence your phone, plan to let you text while at the movie. the gloves come off between the democratic presidential hopefuls. >> do we really feel confident about a candidate saying that she's going to bring change in america. >> make no mistake about it, this is in the just an attack on me but an attack on president obama. >> the a tax last night as a road to the white house heat up. >> just too long. >> they are interesting, some people are saying debate stage probably still sizzling because that is how it heatedy watched every single second of that last night from brooklyn. >> hi, hello. >> hey. >> hey. >> yes. >> i know, we will get to the door in just a second. >> yes. >> you could use another coat. >> i know. >> bob kelly is matching it. >> problem is mike painted it shut. we had our little handy man
7:00 am
here. >> diy. >> okay, lets get to the number of the day, it is a good one. we're going up to number nine. number nine. it is almost a ten. if it was president so cold out, we would make it a ten. we are starting out with temperatures in the 30's and 40's this this morning and budd stop buddy is wearing his shades. we are seeing plenty of sunshine but not helping yet. we have a frost advisory until 8:00 this morning for most of the area but sure is a beautiful sunrise were 43 degrees, right now, in allentown. it is only 34. in millville, new jersey it is only 32. it is 37 degrees in wilmington. keep that in mine waiting for the about us this morning and for kid as well but by lunchtime we are in the upper 50's. we should top off at 65 degrees on this fantastic, friday. so, bob kelly, you you are feeling fantastic but your voice, no. >> it is allergies getting me, beginning of the allergy season here, so i got my deep voicing on, for


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