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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  May 6, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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in center city and radar, lots of green, lighting up it up this morning. sue has been keeping an eye on the forecast. bob staying on top of the road conditions. we will have both for you in the 5:00 o'clock hour. also this morning a vicious dog attack overnight send a woman the to the hospital, what police say they plenty of green on radar do you remember yesterday how had to do to get the dog off we had a lit break? of the woman. mother nature will not be so and a serious case of the kind today. road rage on one of our i hope you still have the rain gear nearby. busiest local highways what of course, you do you needed police say happened and who they want you to be on the it every day since the month look out for this morning. of may. we will tell what you to expect for your friday and of good day, everybody it is may sixth, 2016. course mothers day weekend that forecast coming up, good chris murphy has the day off. i think sue serio he might morning, lauren. >> good morning sue. we have a question for did you have gone home to california penn state coach joe paterno to see his mother for mothers know about jerry sandusky sex abuse claims as far back as day weekend. >> delightful, thrilled to the 70's? hear that and i have been new bomb shell from the saying it every time you say philadelphia judge. the date i remember what i was case of the road wage on one of the busiest local highways, shot fired where doing, 19 years ago on this it wound up a after it pierced date. >> you became a mother. a car door and whom police want you to be on the look out >> ouch. >> it really hurt but it was for. good day it is friday may worth it, yes, i did, my sixth 2016. chris murphy has the morning daughter's birthday toys day. off. it is the friday before
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we will game with more of that later on. three out of ten? mothers day we want to ask everyone to send us pictures well, yeah, it is a lot of of your mother. sue serio i know you have a yuckiness with this rain favorite picture of you and moving in the area. your daughter somewhere, i think over the next couple of hours this will be the the right. >> not only that but today is worst of what we see today my daughter's 19th birthday so heaviest of the rain, anyplace where you see yellow, and dark just before mothers day i became a mother, 19 years ago, green, that is where the rain is falling, very heavily, so yes, you will be enduring where you are photographs of her as well, and, yah, it will be a celebration of mother hood, all day to day, plus, if you love rain, you got a lot the to celebrate today as well you can see that coastal low that we were talking about yesterday, out to the west and we said it would be move towards the coast and move up, well, it is here and we're seeing some areas of heavy rain. there is much more to come and you need to be prepared for more rain then we had yesterday. here in philadelphia it is raining in western suburbs, it hasn't made it quite as far as lancaster county not too much going on there half of chester count a affect, most of the south jersey and delaware, yeah getting ready for a
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rainy, rush and our coastal flood warning is in effect, actually, it is continuing through the day to day, we will talk about when high tidies this morning, because now we're expecting some moderate flooding instead have the minor flooding we had before. 52 degrees right now in philadelphia with the 6-mile an hour wind. we will not see temperatures move much at all today, 5:55 your official sunrise time, walking out the door in mount pocono it is in the mid 40's. fifty-one in trenton. fifty-two lancaster. forty-seven in atlantic city. forty-nine in millville. 50 degrees in dover delaware. here it is, on and off the rest of the day, there will be breaks in the action, but generally, a few heavier downpours, then we have experienced then yesterday, and temperature not getting much higher then 54 degrees, sunset time 8:01, that is your friday. weekend forecast just ahead, bob kelly is here now, happy friday. >> right back at you.
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wow, wow, wow. 4:03 on this friday morning. everything is wet. the it will be another one of those yucky morning rush hours but we will begin here with some construction. crews out there with the rain slickers on, on i-95 northbound where the off ramp to the blue route remains blocked until about 5:30 or so. and then, further inner to center city here we have an accident on the vine street expressway. this is westbound vine street expressway ramp to head east over to 30th street and philly international that sharp ramp there. so again, on and off ramps are slippery, we have had a number of accidents overnight so just be careful rolling out of the driveway this morning the. the speeds pretty much in the 50's, on the schuylkill and on i-95, even on the blue route, 476, we have to come on down to some high the water over here on the brooklawn circle that has portions of route 130 blocked. all of the normal spots that
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typically flood out when we get heavy rain and such a short period of time they are out there with the puddles. the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound at willow grove getting word of a vehicle fire. the here's a live look at i295 in south jersey, again, giving wipers a work out again this morning. an accident northbound on the north east extension between mid county, and that lansdale interchange, so watch out for delays, yesterday we had that mess during the morning rush hour that was on the southbound side, so this morning we will begin with an accident on the northbound. if you are watching us down the shore, again, some high the water along some of those normal spots because of high tides and heavy rain all kind of coming in together and then the a at atlantic city brigantine connection, closed through next week even. watch for lane changes on the freeway heading in towards 295 and approaching the walt whitman bridge. lauren, back over to you. remember, stay ahead of the rain by down loading our fox 29 news app, get live
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radar and alerts sent tour phone. search for it in the apple and google play stores. lets get to breaking news in north philadelphia where a woman was rush to the hospital after being attack by a pit bull. this happened just after midnight on the 3200 block of north american street. police tell fox 29 when they arrived woman jumped on their patrol car to get away from that talk. police were forced to shoot the dog so would it release would the man. woman has injuries to her legs and arms. the dog did die a short time later. convicted child maine lester jerry sandusky going to get an appeals hearing. judge granted his request yesterday, the hearing new scheduled for may 20th. sandusky's attorneys trying to prove claims that prosecutors, lied, withheld evidence, and leaked secret grand jury information all in an effort to find more possible assault victims. the former penn state assistant football coach serving as long as 60 years in prison for 45 counts of child sexual abuse. meanwhile now to that bomb shell allegation that the late penn state football coach joe
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paterno knew about claims of sandusky's abuse as early as 1976. a sabina kuriakose has more on the new allegations, hi there, sabina? >> reporter: good morning, lauren. if these allegations are true, it means joe paterno may have known about the accusations against jerry sandusky decade before investigators first throughout. the claims surfaced in court documents related to an ongoing case between penn state and its insurers, according to the story. judge wrote that the insurance claim a child told coach paterno in 1976 that sandusky molested him. judge also said several assistant coaches claimed they witnessed in a prep eighth contact between sandusky and children according to penn live. the judge said that the reports don't seem to have reached higher up then penn state. sandusky is in prison for his sexual abuse of ten boys. before his death the in 2012 paterno maintained he went to
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bosses about the only sex abuse allegations that he said he knew about against sandusky and that was in 2001. paterno family's lawyer has been adamantane they say paterno did not cover up any of these claims and they say did he not cover up for paterno, they say that the -- according to the associated press and penn live that paterno never knew about these allegations until assistant coach came forward to him and reported those allegations. now you a lawyer for penn state has also been saying that they have been aware of the a allegationness these court documents related to the insurer, lauren, back to you. >> sabina, thanks very much for the update. road raid leads to a manhunt for a gunman. steve keeley at the the state trooper barracks in wynfield with more on this story, hi there, steve. >> reporter: despite driving real fast and tinted windows and everything that was going on, the one driver got shot and got a great look at the other driver. despites probably going
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60 miles an hour. when you you get past the disturbing report here from the pennsylvania state police that this 26 year-old man driving his blue mitsubishi sports car here now with a bullet hole you see, right through the passenger door right beneath the mirror with the bullet then lodged in the center console before it could hit the driver, it was the blue route just before 3:00 p.m. when drivers on the highway have of 476 where it runs through west conshohocken routinely going at least 60 miles an hour. somehow despite the dark windows on both cars, police didn't say and i don't know if they were asked if both or one of the drivers windows were down at the time where they may have been yell at each other or making those very famous hand gestures you get on the highway. somehow the driver of this blue car that got shot at, got a good enough looking at the other guys at both him and his gun. the other drivers described to state police sketch artist who is 40 to 50 years old wearing as you will notice a dark brim baseball hat.
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here's pennsylvania state troopers talking to reporters last night in perfect police speak referring to the shooter as an actor. >> victim was in the left lane and the actor was behind the victim, also in the left lane. the actor then entered the middle lane, drew a silver automatic pistol and fired within round at the victim's vehicle and that round pierced the victim's passenger side door and went state through the door. the defendant and victim we believe they do in the know each other. we think it was a road rage incident. maybe victim wasn't going fast enough, i don't know. who knows. in any case this is no reason to shoot at another motorist no matter what the issue is. >> shooter's car not pictured here looks like a car service limo, lincoln town car, logo on read back ground, and he got a good look at the front grill to point out that the lincoln emblem on the front
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and state police say this is distinctive is red. it has a read back ground and state troop their talk to reporters says that is not the way it is on all lincoln town cars, lauren. >> steve keeley, thanks very much. state police on guard in south jersey, pulled for a third day after convicted killer, escapes prison and remains on the loose. the authorities believe 38 year-old arthur buckle left barnegat area but remain cautious in case. law enforcement the continues to keep watch at district schools and other public buildings. buckel has been on the run since tuesday when he slipped out of the bay side state prison in hammington township. helicopters, the swat teams and search dogs looking every where including the garden state parkway and pinelands. people living in the area are still being encouraged to stay a leather and keep their doors locked. >> there was a certain amount of tension, i to in fact go and survey my own home when i came home. i came home earlier from work to get the a nature of what was going on. >> it is nerve racking for the whole neighborhood and the
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town. >> buckle was spotted tuesday morning than surveillance video shopping at a local cvs pharmacy and he had been serving time for aggravated assault and served a 14 year sentence for killing a baby. buckle was going to be considered for parole later this month. police in new jersey arrested a man they say hid a camera inside a women's rest room. employees in the dialysis center in mount laureller called the police. police say device was perfectly position todd record anybody using that rest room. on tuesday police arrested 57 year-old david leftridge a long time employee of that center. he is charged with invasion of the privacy and tampering with evidence. >> we do know that was an employee rest room and that was not accessible by public or customers in the dialysis center. so that should limit the number of victims that we have mount laurel police are still trying to figure out how long the camera was there and how
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many victims were there. 4:11. police say this man stole nearly a million-dollar from a local farm, and then hit the road in style, what he purchased, with the stolen money. bob kelly. >> good morning. 4:12. we have an accident on the vine street expressway, ramp from the vine to the schuylkill. road are wet. we have other problems going on. sue will update the forecast, stay there we will be right back.
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we have had rain every day
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in the month of may. it started last sunday, first day of the month and since this atlantic city has had about two and a third inches of rape, close to 2 inches in mount pocono, inch and a quarter in trenton and philadelphia and close to a inch in wilmington, delaware. we will definitely add to those totals to take probably an extra inch in some places before all is said and done. are you feeling soak? you will be by the end of the the day-to-day because that low pressure system is moving on shore and bringing heavier downpours, certainly then we saw yesterday. we hardly saw any rain but we did have measurable rain but just wasn't very much. we will zoom into philadelphia and we have seen steady rain in the city. north in abington and montgomery county and you can see heavier rain there they are really getting it in the delaware beaches around bethenny a and it will move in the jersey shore where it will rain harder and we see heavy rain around allentown as well. be careful. that will slow you down for a little while when you drive
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through those heavy downpours. there is the low pressure system moving on shore, so then by 1:00 this afternoon we are still seeing a lot of heavy rain around. it does ease up, towards evening, and it does linger into tomorrow morning, this rain. the it won't ab lot but it does look like we will have a few left over showers as we try to get rid of the system, and new as far as, sunday is concern, it is looking a little better for mothers day as far as having showers in the morning, which we have been talking about all week. so stay tuned for more on that. 52 degrees in philadelphia we have 51 in wilmington. fifty-three in reading, 52 lancaster, lower 50's where we are milder but not much then yesterday. still that chilly rain out there. 6-mile an hour wind out of the north east and here's your seven day forecast. 54 degrees today, rainy and chilly. tomorrow showers will be around, we might get a few showers on mothers day, and a change of that little picture
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there, and also taking a look at a warming trend by the time we will get into the 80's and it looks like that could be on wednesday, we will also talk about some pop up thunderstorms, but definitely warmer then it has been. i think we forgot it is spring bob kelly, it has been so chilly. >> it is one of those yucky starts to our morning rush hour, and just be careful, we have heavy steady rain, wipers are on and already an accident here this is eastbound, schuylkill, eastbound vine street expressway on the ramps to the the schuylkill, you can see it here right on the ramp that sharp curve there and so police out there blocking that ramp. here is another angle will from center city looking towards the schuylkill expressway, again, leaving town. again, a couple accidents this morning, roads are wet eastbound on the pennsylvania turnpike a vehicle fire at willow grove interchange, watch for a delay there. hot bed of construction again
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today in delaware county. northbound i-95 the off ramp to the blue route remains blocked and then that new traffic pattern they are putting in there the on the blue route itself between 95, and macdade boulevard. they have got high water, sound like water is receding here. we will be okay for morning rush hour but watch for some cones along brooklawn circle route 130 and all of the normal spots that seem to flood out when we get heavy rain and high tide all coming in at the same time. even spots down the shore are having some difficultity along some of the shore towns. kelly drive, that repaving project, continues throughout today, and throughout the weekend we will find that uneven pavement but otherwise majors like northeast extension we had an earlier accident that has cleared. 422, 202 looking good both market frankford and broad street subway running with shuttle buses until 5:00. back to you. >> it has been two weeks since 15 year-old amy joyner francis
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died inside a wilmington delaware high school bathroom. delaware department of justice confirmed they have received most of the outstanding evidence from the howard high investigation. prosecutors say now they will decide what charges, if any to file begins students involved in the fight that led to her death. prosecutors in montgomery county present evidence in court yesterday, showing the woman accused of kidnapping a seven week old baby from the king of prussia mall. the lawyers for the state say security footage shows cherri a more leaves the more with a sir simmons. prosecutors say she abduct the infant from the mall's food court and then brought him to an apartment in tredyffrin township. amoore cried during hearing and she left without saying anything. she previously told detectives that she suffered a mississippi carriage and was distraught over her loss. >> it is open and closed as to what happened, what is not closed is why it happened. >> amoore is under going
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counseling. the baby's mother was also in court but left when mall surveillance footage was played. amore more will be back in court june between the second. philadelphia police looking for person who pickpocketed a person in the laundromat, the the incident happened last in but police just released these images. surveillance cameras shows her standing at the cashier's booth at laundromat on the 1300 block of north 52nd street in the cities park side section. they say a man reached right in the women's pocket the and stole $300 and then took off. buying luxury cars and taking trips to the the bohamas that is what authorities in chester county accused a a man of doing. police say clifton wilson work at a farm in willis town, township. the farm's owner noticed fraudulent checks totaling more than $900,000 written between may of 2014 and february of this year. police say wilson bought two maseratis, a porsche and a land rover. he is currently in jail. tonight a public viewing will be held for former
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philadelphia police commissioner willie williams. viewing is from 5:00 until 9:00 at baker funeral home on the 2,000 block of broad street. funeral services set to begin at 11:00 at sigh seven baptist church in the 3600 block of north broad street. he will be laid to rest at the chelten hills cemetery late their afternoon. man who championed our four leg friend giving a voice to the voice less is saying good bye to the storied career in humane enforcement. yesterday the pennsylvania spca, threw a party for its long time humane law enforcement director george bengal. doctors diagnosed him with terminal cancer from bitter cold to the sweltering heat he and his team have saved thousands of animals and brought countless of criminals. well wishers have been flooding him from tweets and e-mails from all around the world. >> for me it is a thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the support, you know, people have been giving
4:22 am
me. i mean it is amazing. i would have never thought, i mean when i see e-mails and letters and tweets and everything coming in from all over the you had, and actually overseas, because we did the two shows, we had that ge o wild show, and we had animal cops we were on the air for three years. you know if you would have toll me this, i mean, i just, hard for me to believe. >> the p spca has just establish the george bengal fund to end animal cruelty to carry on his mission of protecting animals and preventing cruelty throughout pennsylvania. 422 this morning. terrell owens offering his 2 cents on the the drama surrounding sam bradford what the former eagles player is saying about the current quarterback. here are your winning lottery numbers. don't for got watch tomorrow night's big jackpot drawing worth 415 million-dollar right here on fox 29 at
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11:00 o'clock.
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good morning i'm howard eskin, phillies had good starting pitching and bull pen surprisingly has ton a good job but their offense is third worst in scoring runs in baseball. phillies had that problem yesterday. lets go to st. louis, first age begins jared eickoff, my gosh, that is brandon moss,
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462 feet, it is one to nothing st. louis. the with the score still one to nothing peter borges has a man on first and third and this is worse thing that can happen. a double play. still one to nothing. with the score four to nothing in the ninth inning, steven biscotti is the right fielder, two runners on for phillies. not that it makes a difference. st. louis wins four to nothing over phillies. johnny manziel made it the to a place he will see lots of, over next few years, that is the courtroom. manziel was asked by a judge to appear in the dallas county courtroom. judge released manziel with no bail but told him no contact with his girlfriend which includes no calls, texting or social media. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. and, the drama surrounding eagles quarterback, sam bradford he is still not showing up for voluntary work outs and now former eagles player terrell owens has jumped in to this mess with his opinion. >> not a great move for sam to
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want to request a trade, being that they were getting the number one pick, yeah. for me, that is, you know, it is a sign of a coward to be honest but again, if you are not secure in your abilities maybe it shouldn't matter who they are drafting or who is coming in. >> a coward, he called him. all right. more drama town fold on that. 4:27 this morning. all eyes are on the radar as our area gets dumped with another ruined of rain, are you sick of it yet? sue is tracking your forecast, been has a look at the roads, stay with us on fox 29.
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got a little break from rain yesterday and we got a little bit of rain but things are changing and you will really need the umbrella today. lots of rain on the way, we will tell you how long it will last and if it will spoil your mothers day, forecast just ahead, good morning, lauren. >> good morning, sue. did penn state coach joe paterno necessity about jerry sandusky's sex abuse claims as far back as 70's? new bomb shell from the philadelphia judge. case of road rage on the busy local highways end in gunfires who police want to you be on the look out for this morning. it is friday, may sixth, 2016. a lot of you may still be in
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bed recovering from cinco de mayo celebrations sue serio. if you stayed in bed it is so yucky outside. >> you know, 19 years ago i almost had a cinco de mayo baby but she decided to wait and today is my daughter's birthday. many of you have seen her grow up on this program. that is how long i have been here. don't forget, send in pictures of your mother, for mothers day, we have #fox 29 good day, we will be sharing them with you all morning long and you know, it is a licensing show. so, anyway, we have got low pressure system that is moving on shore, plenty of rain where you see yellow is where rain is heaviest and we have that in southern delaware. we have a few areas in the lehigh valley, berks county, and there is some rain that is pretty heavy, also across the river from pennsylvania, in new jersey, salem, and gloucester counties. we will see how steady, nasty, just another one of those nasty days, 52 degrees. just keep the covers over your
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head you are lucky, ducky today because it is weather for ducks outside. 5:55 is our sunrise time, play that number. we have lots of five's in the current temperature map. fifty in trenton. fifty-three in reading. we have 49 in millville and 47 in atlantic city. plan on rain on and off for the rest of the day. we might the throw in a then are storm for good measure later on. a few areas of isolated storm. the rainy and cool all day. 54 degrees. we will talk about warmer temperatures yah in the seven day forecast. >> mother nature is really mad at us, crazy week, and another crazy morning here. we have got steady rain, work crews, rain in the bothering them they have been out all night long northbound i-95 slow go approaching the blue route where cones are still down and off ramp, to 476, remains blocked, and then once you make it on to 467 they have been putting in that new pattern between i-95 and
4:33 am
macdade boulevard pennsylvania turnpike eastbound vehicle fire that is closer to the philadelphia a bensalem interchange. so traveling from willow grove over to philadelphia, be ready to hit brakes, watch for possible weather delays this morning the at philadelphia interest hot national and enduring the evening hours as well, if we get thunder boomers later on kelly drive repaving project that continues, with that crew out there until 5:00 o'clock and then uneven surface later on during the midday and coming from south jersey again, slower than normal speed and watch for lane changes heading in to 295. lauren, back over to you. new allegations about joe paterno and sexual abuse case at penn state. there are revelations that the late football coach knew you about the claims as early as 1976. fox 29's sabina kuriakose has more on the story, hi there, sabina. >> reporter: good morning, lauren. single line in the single court documents but adds a whole other layer to the whole debate over what joe paterno knew and when did he know it. penn live reports that court
4:34 am
documents site a judge in the dispute between penn state, and its insurance company, the insurer says in 1976, a child told paterno he was sexually molested by sandusky. court referenced claims that assistant coaches witnessed inappropriate contact between sandusky, and children in the late 80's. now if this is true these new allegations would mean that paterno knew of the accusation as begins the assistant coach decade before he claimed. now sandusky is in prison since 2012 for me less continuing ten boys before he died, paterno maintains he reported only accusation that he knew about back in 2001. paterno family lawyer tells penn live that paterno never covered up for sandusky and they questioned veracity of these northerners claims. now three former administrators at penn state still await trial on criminal charges in their handling of the the sandusky case, lauren. >> sabina, thanks so much for the update.
4:35 am
new survey reveals pennsylvania had a backlog have of more than 1800 untested rape kits. study indicates that the rape kits have the not been tested for more than a year now. largest backlog right here in philadelphia where forensic services office had nearly 1300 kids awaiting testing. state health officials say they are looking to bring more transparency and awareness to the problem of sexual a all the. philadelphia police are looking for the guy they say attack a 7-eleven employee in port richmond. this happened wednesday night around 11:00 in the 3300 block of aramingo. watch here in the surveillance video. as soon as he walks in and starts attacking the clerk hitting him with the the screwdriver. when the clerk went for a baseball bat to deeven if himself he took from it him and started hitting him with the bat. in the end he got away with just two packs of cigarettes. if you recognize him you are asked to call police. police are searching for this man robbed a acme on new falls road in levittown. he walk in the store, pulled out a gun and demanded cash. man then took off on a
4:36 am
blue/black, by the dirt bike, his helmet had bright multi colored feathers or flames on each side of it. if you know who he is, you are asked to call police. let's turn to steve keeley with a case of road rage. >> reporter: pennsylvania state police at belmont barracks are putting on it a warning and be on the look out for road rage shooter on the blue route giving him a fingers angers him enough to put his finger on the trigger. now to the guy who never gets raised in matter how bad traffic is, good morning. >> temperatures flaring here folks getting stuck in the construction delay on the 95, approaching the blue route, in delaware county. sueby has got the friday forecast and we will check rest of the jam cams when we come right back.
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today, lori grabs delicious jimmy dean sausage from the fridge, fully cooked and ready in seconds. it makes breakfast complete, which makes bill feel like completing the gazebo, prompting a celebration in lori's backyard. with jimmy dean, good mornings lead to great days. there is a chance of flooding, even though we had rain every day in the month of may so far, we have coast at flood advisory a and coastal flood warnings along the oceanfront, high tides, this morning, and this evening, but building up a lot of water, so, for this evening, that is when we're expecting moderate flooding. we will have more detail in your forecast coming up. >> sue you serio, thanks very much. new developing a search for an angry gunman after a case of road rage on the blue
4:40 am
route, fox 29's steve keeley live in wynfield with more on that story this morning, hi, steve. >> road rage made that highway a gun range just before 3:00 in the afternoon. the shooter referred to by state police here as the actor, had good aim, despite driving a car 60 miles an hour, the bullet hole you see hit right at front seat, but on the passenger side through the door and in the center console of this blue mitsubishi lancer yesterday afternoon and in the only did the shooter get off an accurate the shot the driver, he was, shooting at somehow, got a real good look at an a accurate enough description of the guy in the gun, to describe both well enough for sketch artist to come up with this menacing looking mug shot of the shooter wearing a dark baseball hat. >> the anchor rolled his window down, drew a semiautomatic weapon with his right-hand and shot a at the
4:41 am
victim. so he should not have any piercings to his window. he shot from the vehicle and just kept going and fled the scene. fortunately for the victim the way his vehicle is configured the center console stopped that round from striking him. i mean if the vehicle wasn't configured in such a way where center console would prevent that round from going through, then the victim would have been struck and could have possibly been killed. so we're dealing with someone who needs to be taken off of the streets. >> reporter: shooter's car looked like this one here it looks like a car service limos, it is a dark blue lincoln town car with dark tinted windows as well and here's more of the description victim must have have been in the front getting tailgated because he got a good look at the front grill and state police say notice the lincoln town car emblem and the read back ground which is in the on all lincoln town cars. it is a specialty emblem and that makes this vehicle stand out besides the guy behind the wheel, firing a gun, and you
4:42 am
heard them call him an actor the state police here in bell machines would like to nominate him for best lead role in the road rage case and put him behind bars. lauren. >> steve keeley, thank you so much. 4:42 this morning. the it was once off limits at penn state football games will cheers to some changes. we will tell you what is happening coming up. but first, bruce. >> reporter: these events will melt your heart like a father/daughter dance but when some of the fathers involved are strangers who opened up their hearts to fill a void in the young girl's life, now you have something special. i'm bruce gordon with the story straight ahead. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase.
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whatever. what a miserable morning, lots and lots of rain, moving off the ocean, this is the coastal storm we told but yesterday, that would be coming our way today. you enjoyed hopefully a break from the rain. we didn't get any sunshine but it didn't rain very much yesterday just a few sprinkles here and there now we see heavy rain moving in southern delaware and where you see dark green the rain is steady that is how it is in our neighborhood right new just raining, it is just icky out there. we will look at sussex county and kent county in delaware they are getting very heavy rain and so is will allentown, up in the lehigh valley. as we tried to explain earlier, maryland rate flooding will happen this evening, we think we have got ocean high tides between 7:00 and 9:00 and 7:30 to 9:30 this evening, lighter in the back bay and we have coastal
4:46 am
flood warnings because we are expecting heavier rain today. coastal flood advisory continues for new castle and salem county in new jersey. fox future cast has plenty more rain throughout the rest of the morning rush hour, it is nasty, a how yourself a lot of extra time, it will slow everybody down and we dent want been to be talking about any accidents because of the rain. all right. so that is through about 9:00 o'clock this morning. we will ease up but still raining through lunchtime, heavier rain moves to our north and east and you would think you would be rid of it maybe by five or 6:00 o'clock, probably not, it is still rain just lighter then it is, this morning. the rain being a little bit lighter. then we have to deal with the wrap around moisture as the storm exits and that happens tomorrow morning, we will see lighter showers on saturday but there is still will a round. we have seen some sunshine, so it is a little bitter and warmer tomorrow, as far as mothers day is concern we have a chance of the passing shower very early in the morning but it looks like, according to
4:47 am
this computer model we can get it out by 7:00, you can take mom to brunch and have a lovely day with plenty of unshine. that is what we're counting on sunday, cross your fingers. friday soaker, for sure, with about an inch of rain today, in addition to what we have already gotten, are every day this week. the right now we are at 52 degrees in philadelphia 50's for every where else. a few upper 40's, another chilly morning, with winds, moving out of the northeast keeping us cloudy and damp. 54 degrees day but now we will see some milder temperatures. remember it is spring. it is may. it will start to feel like it on saturday, we will probably reach around 70 degrees, on sunday, and monday we should finally dry out. we still have a little will will bit of rain in the forecast for a few days in the middle of the week but it the is warming up by tuesday and wednesday we should be close to 80 degrees, bob kelly, and that sound really nice. >> it does sound nice.
4:48 am
we will have a party when we finally see the sun, out there again. here's what we're seeing right now live mid span the on the platt bridge, look at the rain, just ponding, on the road surface here an example of what is ahead of us here rolling out of the driveway, we've got a steady, heavy rain wipers working and just take some extra time. not only to get there but also a little extra time and room between you and that bumper in front of you. here's a live look at 42 freeway that steady heavy rain in all of the area we see the flooding, you know normal spots when we get heavy rain and high tides match up at the same time. again if the road is blocked it is blocked for a reason. maybe high water may still in the be there but once that water reseats there is always that debris, that could certainly get new trouble or maybe even cause a flood tire. here's a live look at the shore, 47 at 347 where it all comes together with heavier -- just ayuky start to our friday
4:49 am
morning and weekend. vehicle fire east on the pennsylvania turnpike approaching the philly bensalem interchange taking out two lanes. philly international, light volume right now, at this her but airport says watch for possible delays. it will be best to check in with the airline as far as the timing. coming up from delco north on i-95 ramps remain block with construction and crews are setting up a new pattern between i-95 and macdade and market frankford and subway using buses until five. back over to you. dancing the night away at fourth annual police athletic league father/daughter dance. dads ander male role models treated the girls to a memorable night. the as our bruce gordon reports there was more than just dancing. >> reporter: making sure napkins are in police before that first bite of dinner wind up on the pretty new dress is within of the million things a dad does for his little girl. pal officer jackie, meant so
4:50 am
much more to a young girl's needs. >> she needs a father figure to come home and talk to about boys, sex. >> reporter: she says father figure. nearly a third of the men here are strangers opened up their hearts, to girls whose biological dads are gone. >> my dad died when i was three years old. >> reporter: she's 12 years old. she's here with a pal dad officer joseph. >> a real dad and he is like a real dad and i like officer joe a. >> reporter: report her daddies also out of her life. on this night she's a princess. >> it is all good. we all get together. >> reporter: do you like getting dressed up for a fancy evening. >> yes. >> reporter: what does it mean to these girls to have you in their life. >> it means a lot because they see new how i interact and
4:51 am
show them how a man is supposed to treat a woman. >> reporter: pal officer marcus allen is here with two daughter dates, all three having a time of their lives. >> it the makes you feel good to watch out, help them grow and help them in anyway they can. >> it helps, he really cares about me report report do you like having someone like that in your life. >> if i would get hit in the head with the ball he would give me a ice pack for me calm myself down. >> reporter: he is there for almost every need you have. >> yes. >> reporter: but maybe highlight of the evening, was a dad's message to all of these young ladies, message more parents should hear and repeat. >> it is our responsibility as fathers, as leaders to nurture, train and develop and provide imagery for our kids. >> reporter: it has been said before but probably bears repeating almost any adult male can make a baby, but helping to raise that child that is a man's job.
4:52 am
in south philadelphia, i'm bruce gordon, fox 29 news. >> amen to that bruce gordon. 4:52. he was facing dozens of counts of indecent exposure for a risque pose but new this high school senior is off the hook, we will tell but his lucky break.
4:53 am
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having a drink at university of of pennsylvania, may be a thing of the future.
4:55 am
today board members are expect to vote on allowing beer sales at sporting events. yesterday a committee of trustees recommended some fans aloud to buy alcoholic beverages at weaver stadium the bryce jordan center and other athletic facilities on campus but not everyone will be allowed to buy alcohol? sales would occur only in private and controlled areas, but before this all happens, the university would also need to get a liquor license. many people think that will happen, just in time, for football season to kick off. final word is now in, no charges for an arizona high school student who exposed himself in the the football team picture. that picture ended up in the school's year book. the district attorney's office in mesa decided police needed to do more investigation in the the case begins 19 year-old hunter osborne. police are saying in one involved wants to press charges so the case will just go away. officers arrested osborne after someone tipped them off to the teen photo the owe. he says he did it on a dare and he is apologizing.
4:56 am
get rid to zip on more lemonade this fall bee april say added more dates to her current tour. >> ♪ >> she will get in the form nation for an additional eight showers after her european leg of the tourist over. one of those atitional shows right here in our area, she will make another stop at lincoln financial field, on september 29th. she's the raining fifa women's players of the world and today she's coming to our studio, we're talking about world cup champion, new jersey native carli lloyd. she will join us on good day at 8:30. we will talk world cup, her injury and preparing for the olympics in rio. all eyes are on the radar as our area gets dumped with another round have of rain, sue is tracking your forecast, been has a look at the roads all coming up at 5:00 o'clock.
4:57 am
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