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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  May 27, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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these leave a man in kensington dead. kind hearted victim was doing right before he was hit. a pennsylvania woman recovering from the dreaded super bug found for the first time in u.s. history. why health officials say this is just the beginning, of their worries. thousands of cigarette butts on the beach, we have kid playing with them playing in the sand. >> that is new message this morning keep your butts off the beach in new jersey, why officials say this new rule, goes behind a real health concern. and good day is heading to ocean city think morning, music pier where you you can part which mike and alex from 7:00 to 10:00. they are on their way. and, bob kelly is on the way already to play. may 27th, 2016. send your pictures how you are spending this memorial day weekend. you have nia home. >> she's home for a couple months, baby. >> yes. >> we should take a selfie because we are kicking off
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memorial day weekend at work. >> yes. >> inside the studio. >> use the #fox 29 good day. look at that beautiful sunrise on this friday, sue. >> just gorgeous. >> we did ask for sunshine and boy, did we get it. >> we had a ten out of ten yesterday. today we will give you a nine because it will be more humid. you have to add in stickiness factor today but bus stop buddy for kid going to school today don't forget the sun screen for outdoor recess. temperatures in the 60's and 70's, as we get started, bus stop buddy, tye die t-shirt on today. 70 degrees right now, sunrise happened at 5:37 this morning. temperatures are already pretty mild, 68 degrees in reading. sixty-seven in trenton. sixty in mount pocono. seventy-one in dover. sixty-seven in the airport in atlantic city. it is all no where but up from here with the temperatures and in precipitation to show you anymore in the viewing area lets get to the forecast, it is going to be 90 degrees
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today, just a couple pop up then are storms late her this afternoon but notice that it is more humid, then and it already feels like it. bob kelly basking in the beautiful sunrise this morning. >> oh, it is beautiful. good morning from ocean city, new jersey. this is unofficial start to the um is are season but it does than the get any better then this. on the boardwalk, with the sunrising in the background, we have got ocean breeze, folks getting set up, we will have a fantastic morning here. come on wye we are at music pier on the boardwalk in ocean city, new jersey right between eighth and ninth street you know the spot you cannot miss it the but some of us to have get to work before we can start that holiday weekend. lets check the jam cams, we had an early morning accident, this is on the schuylkill expressway, it is westbound on the schuylkill approachingmont
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monday. they have just cleared it the out of the way but there are some delays down to one lane, still block there, with that accident. one thing i noticed this morning driving down here a lot of extra cars out earlier then we typically see. we had an earlier truck fire on the turnpike at delaware valley. as we go to the maps, coming down here to the farly service plaza they have a big party at noon and then i drop the check off for mike, mike jerrick is paying the tolls from 5:00 to 6:00 o'clock today on the atlantic city expressway, if you're coming down the shore, so we will see you town here, live all morning, on the boardwalk in ocean city, chris and lauren back to you. >> all right, bob thanks very much. now developing in the cities kensington section a person run down in the road, and killed. >> this morning the search is on for the driver. steve keeley has more live from the scene, steve, good morning. >> reporter: for the second time this week another hit and run late at night and a very busy a area.
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here we are, right on front street at diamond, right under the blue elevated train and right on the corner where you see the solder of the lord ministry church, okay. you see the church there. that is the church van. one of the van was those benches in the back because they give rides to the church members here. mike, come on across the street with me now. and what happens was this 57 year-old man driving the church van was dropping people off here, a church van loaded with people getting out safely on the passenger side where the sliding big door is. he safely could not get out of this door. his door is almost ripped off by a vehicle heading north here under the el. you would think with all of the lights here people would not be going fast, certainly wouldn't be hitting all of the parked cars because if you look up here cars are parked on both side of the street. there are legal parking lanes there. he side swipes, drags the guys body up to that second suv and that is why crime scene tape is up to their and takes off.
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front end damage people getting out of the van don't realize what happened, they look, they see the horror on the other side of the van, all they can see is a dark colored sedan and could not get license plate. they think tire had a flat tire because it sounded that way and look for surveillance way up the street because is there so many cameras to see where he turn off the street or abandoned the car or whatever. so hopefully camera pointing at the street somewhere. if you look at the church itself where the man is standing with the apartments there is a camera over there did that camera pick up anything or did this camera over here on this side of the church pick up the back of that getaway vehicle after the hit and run. we don't know, police will try to get to this video eventually and look down the street too once everybody gets in the work to see if any businesses might have video, right around 10:00 o'clock last night when this happened. unfortunately the man was rushed to temple university hospital at 10:00 o'clock but pronounced dead there at 12:32 this morning. chris and lauren. >> it looks like those cameras
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would get a shot of the vehicle unless he was just pointing to the sidewalk those camera. >> reporter: we will get out of the street and send it back to you guys. >> thank you so much. also developing this morning, they found several guns in the home in the man inn their custody after responding to the shots fired call, just before 3:00 a.m. this happened on the 7,000 block of ogontz avenue. >> when police got split took several attempts to get the man out of the house but they were able to do so without any problems. temple university alerted the community members after a person was shot during a robbery right here near the school's campus. police say this happened on the 1300 block of west more land street around 12:30. $21 and a cell phone were taken from the victim who is expect to be okay. delaware county dispatch concerning a barricade in springfield, over now. suspect is in custody. this was nearly four hours on hill view drive. it started last night at 6:30 that suspect was taken to the hospital for observation after police arrested him no one
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else was injury. for the first time u.s. defense department researchers fine super bug resistant antibiotic. >> this is scary stuff. the strain was found in the 49 year-old woman from pennsylvania. doctors are expressing serious concern over this case. >> we risk being in a post antibiotic world and that wouldn't just be for infections, that you think of as bad infections, pneumonia, urinary track infections, that is bad enough. that could be for 600,000 americans a year who need cancer treatment, for whom we just assume we will be able to treat infections. we may lose that ability. >> doctors say that the woman has recovered. they say the woman had not traveled recently outside of the country. new message this morning keep your butts off the beach. that is in new jersey. why officials say this new rule goes behind a health concern. plus of all of the beautiful weather on tap for the holiday weekend the beach will be the place to be. why some say unofficial start
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of summer has arrive. send us your pictures how are you kicking off your memorial day weekend. >> is what the #? fox 29 good day.
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you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ sky fox, live over a tractor trailer fire in lower bucks. you can see it is happening right there along the pennsylvania turnpike, in bristol, heading in to bensalem. >> crews are on the scene spraying that water on is what
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left of the cab of the semi no word on the condition of the driver or how the fire started. we will keep an eye on that. law makers in new jersey sent measure to governor chris christie's december took ban smoking on public beaches and parks. >> that would allow towns to set aside 15 percent of the beach for smoking. they set new rules to protect beach goers from secondhand smoke but prevent butts and other debris from being littered into the sand. shore is gearing up for on slaught of visitors. >> yes, memorial day, of course, unofficial start of summer. restaurants and shops along the boardwalk and beach towns from wildwood, are ready for big business this year you may find your favorite beach has shrunk a few feet but shore lines are being refurbish after their beach took a punishment from the winter storms. >> everybody is ready, excited. bring on memorial day. >> just so relaxing. we feel like our blood pressure goes down 20 points.
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>> we have been waiting for it all week because they knew we were coming down and counting down how many more sleeps until the shore. >> nearly half of the states $42 billion a year into your wrist many comes from the shore towns. we will help with that today this ocean city. >> i contributed to a relaxed weekend with atlantic city which my mother as a tourist. >> did you like that. >> you you didn't see on camera, what we did. >> but you didn't spend necessarily a lot on the tables, playing jack black or anything else but eating and other stuff fun to do down the shore. >> hundreds honor young teen hit and killed this is local street, message from the 17 year-old after his death. that is straight ahead.
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they are heading down the shore and she's jammed in the back seat and car seat all strapped in. >> that is what happens when you are tiny, alex holley they stuff you in the back seat, girl. where are you guys. >> you know, she's tearily small. we just passed the farly rest stop, maybe about 5 miles ago. let me, so i'm also on facebook, right now doing facebook live. so i'm doing this in my right hand, talking to you with my left-hand here. so what is alex doing. >> right here. >> what are you doing. >> i'm hanging out, texting producers, making sure we are
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ready. >> you weren't sleeping were you. >> no. >> so mike is our driver. hold on. there is mike. 6:00 a.m. show on facebook. let me show you where we are. >> i'm in the back, typical good beautiful day. >> hold on, my microphone was in mize crouch, that can be dangerous. so we're getting close but it will be a beautiful day. it will be darn hot. so we have water. we will be by the water in ocean city. we will be on the at straight up at 7:00 o'clock at music pier. we will see you down there in a little bit. we are almost there. >> take your shoes off, feet in the sand and have some fun. >> it is a gorgeous morning as you can see as they drive down the ac expressway, expressway to your heart. that is a look at where they are going, music pier and our forecast right now is 64 degrees in ocean city, new
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jersey. it will be around that by 8:00 y 10:00 o'clock but not the as warm at the shore as it is here inland and that is a good thing since we are in the 90's in many places. seventy-nine the high today. average high for most of your shore towns, 77 on friday, probably inching in the 80's by sunday, just more of a nice sea breeze there we could get showers and then are storms on monday, we will keep a eye on that situation and ocean water temperature very chilly in the 50's in most place these morning. as we head to the seven day forecast for the rest of us, 90 degrees today and tomorrow. yesterday was 90. this will make an official heat wave if we get three days in a row and we could possibly get four with sunday. we have talk about possibility of storms and cooling off on monday back in the 80's by tuesday, wednesday, thursday of next week. that is your seven day forecast, more proof of how beautiful it is at the shore, checking in with bob kelly this morning, you were right it doesn't get any better then
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where you are right now. >> if the boss said hey bobby we'd like to you start every morning from down on the boardwalk, i'm in. gorgeous start to a great holiday weekend down here in ocean city. my buddy jeff, jeff you have been down here for the last couple of seasons with us on the boardwalk. were you here with me last year. only bad thing you are a father judge guy because i'm a north guy. you are from northeast philadelphia. >> mayfair section. >> do you live down here. >> i gotti place down here so back and forth. >> how many bedrooms, in that house. >> two. >> we need a place to stay. >> yes, we have a bathroom too. >> we have i place for the weekend too. we're in the coming home. if you are getting ready to head out and come down the shore today, keep in mind this is a major jammo the the atlantic city expressway the ramp to exit 7s which is the parkway is down to only one lane. typically there is two lanes from the expressway to the parkway.
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it is all part of the reconstruction. i don't know if they are moving barrels but it didn't look like it when i came back there this morning. give yourself extra time there. traveling out of town for the holiday weekend keep in mind tsa suggest that everyone arrives at least two hours, before their departure time to allow for the baggage check. outside we will go we're looking good on the the blue route 476 rolling in and around that conshohocken curve, chris and lauren, today will be an unusual traffic pattern kind of days, folks will be moving out early, to get down to the shore. others will just take the whole daze off and come down here. i had no problems, moving on down from malvern all the way into ocean city this morning. we are live on the boardwalk, getting things set up, come by and say hi right here in front of the music pier. >> should be fun, enjoy. speaking of traffic police have shared surveillance video
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of what they say showed car that hit and critically injured a septa transit officer. darker color a saturn is one that later hit 13 year septa police veteran, gary miller, jogging. it happened sunday near rowland in mayfair. police say the driver suspect to be a man in his 20's or 30's took off east on oakmont street. south jersey community comes together to remember a popular teenager killed by an alleged drunk driver. dozens of mourners gathered in burlington city last night just up the road from where 17 year-old antoine timbers died. high school senior was killed walk ago long route 130 near federal street sunday night. his grieving father sharing heart wrenching dream he had of his son just a few days after his death. >> i'm good dad, great where i am at. it is blissful, i'm at peace. did you suffer at all? no, dad, i never seen it coming. so don't worry, difficult not suffer at all. >> wow, police arrested a 42 year-old man from willingboro
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for dui and reckless driving in connection with timbers death. memorial day weekend is here. it looks like you have one more thing to celebrate and that is low gas prices. >> typically we have gone in the summer it means gas prices go up, right. >> yes. >> but here's the deal, gas is at an 11 year low. cost of traveling by car this weekend are lowest it has been since 2005, current national average $2.30 a gallon, that is 34 cents less than last year. >> if you plan to travel over memorial day weekend you are not alone. triple a estimates 34 million americans will drive over the memorial day weekend. 4 million more will fly or take a train for the holiday. that is 700,000 more than last year and most since before the recession. this is, of course, because of what chris just said low gas prices. if you are planning to fly get to the airport early because of those long tsa lines. if you are running really, really late you talk to tsa agents to let you go in the express lane. the let me go through. >> prechecks. >> yes, i did that. >> you have to pay for
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convenience sometimes. right now president obama is in japan for a historic visit, the event more than 07 years in the making. >> but first a look at your winning lottery numbers.
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back to that tractor trail their we showed you, we are live, happening right along the pennsylvania turnpike in bristol, heading in to bensalem. >> crews on the scene there spraying water on is what left of the cab and semi just moments ago. no word on the condition of that driver or how this fire started. >> you you can see traffic moving very slowly now to the side there as everyone looks on. >> absolutely. >> all eyes in chicago and your fightin phillies take on one of the best teams in baseball cubs for three game series starting to day. here's lauer when sports in one minute. >> here's fox 29 sports in one minute. >> i'm howard eskin. phillies were off yesterday they play this afternoon in chicago and don't expect ryan howard to play. it is left-handed pitcher. i'm in the sure he will play more than one game this series anyway. how many more times this season, he is only hitting .16
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seer other. lets go to washington. washington st. louis. washington down one to nothing in the sixth. that is bryce harper. that is crush. that is a home run. his first since may 13th. washington beats st. louis, score there two-one. game seven stanley cup playoffs, pittsburgh and tampa. one to one. tampa just scored. 302nd later, that is brian rust. pittsburgh win two-is. they go on to the stanley cup finals. nfl comes down hard on rule breakers. baltimore ravens head coach john harbaugh had rookies practice in shoulder pads for five minutes in mini camp n today's game you are not permitted to do. that for that the head coach find 137,000 and the team 343,000. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. all right. we don't have any precipitation but we will have a big warm up in temperatures. we might be heading to our
6:27 am
first heat wave of the season. a little bit early. your forecast is coming up. dave? >> reporter: and health officials are recommending more of this on another scorcher after this a dozen students in bucks county were treated for heat related sickness. other tips that doctors are passing along after the break. you scratch my back, i'll scratch yours. you know what it means. so does pat toomey. toomey got rich working on wall street. then he got elected and kept working, for wall street. voting to let banks continue their risky practices.
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and supporting huge tax breaks for millionaires, but higher taxes on working families. no wonder he's gotten millions from wall street. pat toomey. right for wall street. wrong for pennsylvania. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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leaves yet another person in
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the city dead, what the kind hearted victim was doing just moments before he was hit. this is scary stuff, pennsylvania woman recovering from the dreaded super bug, found for first time here in the u.s. why health officials say this is just beginning of their worries. more than a dozen school kids raced to the hospital what happened that got so many people sick. >> guess what? we're heading to ocean city, music pier is where you can part which mike, alex, and bob jammo kelly from 7:00 to 10:00. they are pulling up any second now. >> good day, it is friday, may 27th, 016. don't forget send us your pictures how you are spending your start to memorial day weekend. use the #fox 29 good day. >> is what murphy family doing. >> we don't have any plans. >> that is good. you see where the wind blows you. >> yes. >> there is lots going on in the city even if you don't go to the shore. >> speaking of the wind sue, do we have any. >> no. >> not much of a breeze but when we get it, it will be
6:31 am
coming from the south and that means humidity. >> lauren came from the south and she brought that humidity from atlanta. >> it is very humid down there, you are right. we are off to a nice start. bus stop buddy has his sun screen but we will give him water about the toll make sure he stays hydrate today. temperatures in the 60's and 70's. seventy in the city, with a southerly breeze at only 5 miles an hour. relative humidity not bad yet with 76 percent, we have 70 in the city. sixty-nine in pottstown and millville, and 68 degrees in wilmington. upper 60es adjust about every where. nice start but there is air quality alert that continues for third day in a row for those pollutants out there. it will be a mix of sun and clouds but we still think we have enough sunshine to get to us 90 degrees. every once in a while late this afternoon you might have a pop up thunderstorm but they will be few and far between, nothing to mar the beginning of your holiday weekend. bob kelly, this is best part of the holiday weekend when we
6:32 am
have a whole weekend ahead of you, looking ahead and beautiful start to the day, right. >> beautiful start. we are having some fun. folks are coming by, this gang from toms river, new jersey. >> yeah. >> hello, good morning. >> do you have a place down here or just came down. >> just came down from toms river to see you and mike and alex. >> well, mike and alex are on their way. they are having trouble with the e-z pass the atlantic city expressway. >> i expect that was the case. >> we are right here in front of the music pier. lets check jam cams and get you ready for friday morning rush hour. we had an earlier truck fire on the pennsylvania turnpike at the delaware valley interchange. left lane is still block. we will check cameras, 42 freeway at creek road, in delays right now but that is where all of the jams will be today. i will tell you at 12:00 noon is when we will start to see that traffic start to pop up
6:33 am
and over that walt whitman bridge. beautiful weekend head of us. i guarantee you want be up and over had walt whitman by 12:00 . holiday weekend. sunnies shining. we are live on the boardwalk in front of the music pier. come by and say hi and we will be here all morning long. the chris and lauren back to you in the studio. >> she's sweet on you, bob. >> thanks very much. now developing in the cities kensington section a person is run down in the road and killed. >> this morning the search is on for that driver, steve keeley life from the scene, steve, good morning. >> reporter: search also on for damage car likely a lot of front end, side swipe type damage and flat or ruined front right passenger wheel kind of like what we saw the other day but you not as damage. here we are at front and diamond streets. we are right under the elevated train you will be hearing it roar during the morning rush hour and right here is solder of the lord ministry. that is not a church but a drug and alcohol
6:34 am
rehabilitation program that is affiliated with that church a few blocks away. that van was church van. the 57 year-old volunteer or member of the church was driving some of the rehand -- rehab members where they sleep and eat here. they don't have a great description of this vehicle. he said good bye, good night, he went to get back in his van and through can see the door which is basically almost ripped off. what happened was the reason you have crime scene tape that goes up to two vehicles is because his body was dragged all the way up past that pickup truck to the suv. the driver of that dark car which we don't have a description, plate or anything just yet just kept going northbound here under the el past 10:00 o'clock last night. fifty-seven year-old man driving this van getting in and was hit tied two and a half hours later at temple hospital at 12:31 last night. people here i talk to in the
6:35 am
rehab program loved this guy. they are inside praying right now. their pastor should be coming by here sometime soon. they provided us with a picture and name but we will withhold that until we know for sure this young man's family has been notified. police are on this case. we are looking down the street here. there is a a surveillance camera here on the rehab building itself and is there a second one up there as well. police will get that video and they will get all the way down front street where is there a bunch of businesses on both side and try to get some kind of a surveillance from after 10:00 o'clock from the time this accident happened and maybe have caught this vehicle as it continues to get away from here and who knows where that abe the driver is right now, chris and lauren. >> all right, thanks steve. >> so sad. also developing this morning police found several guns in the home of the man in the custody after responding to a shots fired call just before 3:00 a.m. this happened on the 7,000 block of ogontz avenue. >> it is several attempts to get the man out of the house but police say they were able to do so without any problems.
6:36 am
let's turn this now at 6:36, temple university alerted community members all around campus after a person was shot during a robbery right here near the campus. thirty he lease say this happened on the 1300 block of west more land street around 12:30, 21 bucks and a cell phone were all taken from the victim, by the way, that victim is expect to be okay. delaware county dispatch confirming a barricade in springfield is over now. the suspect is in custody after a four hour standoff on hill view drive. it started last night at 6:30. the suspect was taken to the hospital for observation after police arrested him. no one else was injured. for the first time, u.s. defense department researchers found a super bug resistant to antibiotics. antibiotic resistant strain was found in the 49 year-old pennsylvania woman. >> would the man has since recovered but officials fear that if the resistance spread to other bacteria that the country may soon see germs unaffect to all antibiotics. think about that. bacteria resistant has been found in other countries but
6:37 am
not in people here in the u.s. officials say the woman has not traveled recently outside of the country. unofficial heat wave, unseasonal heat wave, means unofficial start to summer, right. you have to stay hydrated. >> it gets hard and higher temperatures proving to be too much for sixth graders. their field trip turned into a trip to the hospital. dave kinchen live in lower makefield bucks county with more on this story, hi there dave. >> reporter: another scorcher coming in today and more than 12 students at the school here william penn pen school here in lower makefield had to be hospitalized after the heat was just simply too much for them. it was around 1:00 p.m. sky fox over the william penn middle school as several ambulance as arrived, sixth graders coming back from a year end field trip to a trenton thunder baseball game. showing signs of the heat related sickness. nurses looked at the students but it was determined that they needed to go to the hospital for more in depth
6:38 am
look and treatment. we spoke with one student on that trip and did not get sick but says that the students felt ill despite teachers telling them to stay hydrated. >> we did hear teachers saying drink a lot of water and stay hydrated. >> when we got back to school the nurse just wanted everybody to drink a lot of water and we got all cups and she told us to drink at least three cups of water. >> reporter: pennsbury school district officials posted on its web site a remind are for parents to make sure that their children are adequately hydrated when it is really hot and temperatures started to spike. we talked to a doctor who had tips for adults as well, no the just kids here, make sure you have an overall plan to stay cool and carry water bottles, even keep a water bottle at your desk if you have a desk job this is one we don't think about, perhaps, be cautious of using blankets to shield ones self from the sun because that turns out to be a inadequate way of protecting yourself as well. back to you, chris and lauren. >> dave, thank you.
6:39 am
more security will be in place at trite an high school after the school received several threats. those threats came after one of the former students was charged in connection with the murder in camden. the school's principal says measures are pro active and school leaders do not see a immediate threat ordaining tore students. 6:39. lets turn to this. cash strapped atlantic city afloat will head to the desk of governor chris christie. bills passed by new jersey law make tours give cities five months on get plane together to balance its budget and get rid of the stay take over threat at least for now no word when governor christie might take action. donald trump has reached all important number of delegates needed to secure the republican nomination. >> yes, billion air has 1,238 delegates and was 303 delegates the stake in five state primaries next week, trump will easily, easily pass his total have of avoiding a contested convention in cleveland. trump and sanders have agreed to a debate ahead of
6:40 am
california's primary. this is fascinating. sanders currently trails hillary clinton, by just two points in the california poll but if you look at delegate counties looks like hillary and he will debate trump, hillary's opponent. president president obama has become the first sitting president to visit hiroshima japan, 140,000 people died when u.s. forces dropped an atomic bomb seven decades ago. hiroshima's peace memorial park has been cleared in preparation for obama's visit. 6:40 is the time. we are having fun this friday, right. >> yes. >> mike and alex are on their way right now making their second trip, this time to ocean city. >> that is right. mike and alex are live from 7:00 to 10:00. >> they have finally made it. >> yes. >> wawa, wawa, wawa is going on. >> well, we are at wawa. >> we decided to dot song work, work, work, work.
6:41 am
>> we are in ocean city. >> yes, we are. >> who are you women. >> how are you good this is actually somers point. >> we're in somers point once you get over the bridge is ocean citiy we are almost to the bridge. >> yes. >> take me to the bridge. >> we are heading for music pier ninth street, eighth street. >> between eighth and ninth. >> i hear you sister. >> is what your name. >> ana. >> i'm coming to see you. >> yeah good okay, will we see you over there. >> yes good before she goes, before ana goes to work, work, work, work at wawa, wawa, wawa good we better getting or we will not make our 7:00 o'clock. >> long pants and heavy jeans in this hot weather, are you showing the legs. >> i got shorts on. >> yeah, baby. >> he is all latherd up. >> you can't do that.
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>> company car. >> he has the purple shorts and top and the purple shoes. we will make it work. >> yes. >> all right. >> take the camera away please. >> in the next hour, you cannot escape those work e-mails coming through all day every day? welshing officials in france come up with a solution how they plan to prevent work e-mails.
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good day, it is live in ocean city think morning, music pier where we can meet mike anal frequents 7:00 to 10:00. if you can't make it live watch all of the fun on our screen. >> lets toss things out to bob kelly, who is also in ocean
6:46 am
city, new jersey, hi bob. >> hi gang, good morning, it is memorial day and memorial day, it is more than coming down to the beach, riding the rides, it is american those half priced mattress sales, it business honoring those who gave their lives for our country. that is what memorial day is about. veterans day is when we honor those who served in the war but with me to talk about memorial day down here at the shore are the guys from the american legion, post 524, the commander introduce yourself, sir. >> jim sambucci, and i was in the u.s. navy. >> u.s. navy down the lied. >> tom mcmenorah u.s. armored. >> wayne mosul air force. >> brad army. >> jag, navy. >> how about a hand for our servicemen here, it the is what memorial day is all about. i know we have a lot of families coming down here. i was telling my kids the other day, memorial day is more than just about the sales, it business remembering and honoring those who gave
6:47 am
their lives. what do you have plans for the weekend down here in ocean city. >> on monday morning at 11:00 at fifth and wesley we have a memorial service. we do that every year. starting on the saturday, this saturday, at 9:20. we're having fun this weekend, because of these gentlemen right here, and others, who have gone before them who have gave their lives so we have freedom to be down here in ocean city on this memorial day. lets check jam cams as we get ready to head out to work before we begin that week even. schuylkill, volume building at belmont avenue, we have westbound delays, we are coming down the shore on the the atlantic city expressway that exit, exit 7s to the
6:48 am
parkway, jammo, only one lane opened through that construction. that is going to be a hot mess for everyone this afternoon through the day and weekend trying to get to the shore. then later today the farly service plaza that halfway pit stop i stopped there this morning, start agent 12:00 noon they are having a big old party and from 5:00 to 6:00 o'clock, free tolls on the atlantic city expressway. i gave them mike jerrick's american express card number so i don't know how many folks will get through but you're on your own, okay. free tolls from 5:00 to 6:00 o'clock on the atlantic city expressway. a gorgeous weekend head of us, how long will that sun stay out, sue you's got the answer coming up in 15 seconds.
6:49 am
bobbies enjoying temperatures in the 60's. sixty-four in ocean city at the moment and staying in the mid 60's through around 8:00. and then by ten we are in the 70's. but we won't get out of the 07's today, we will take a look at the forecast for rest of the holiday weekend. really nice, sea breeze kicking in at the shore. seventy-seven or so tomorrow. maybe inching in the 80's on sunday. monday still that wild card day with a possibility of some showers and then are storms. that could be the go to the movies day, anyway, water temperatures, 57 degrees. 60 degrees. it is chilly in the ocean this morning. the rest of the weekend as well. allergies, this is not fun we are in the medium to high levels the entire weekend, the worst allergy day will be on sunday so make your plans accordingly.
6:50 am
tracking tropics we have a 80 percent chance of this developing, this disturbance here in the caribbean in, to something tropical or subtropical and then affecting east coast of the you had, perhaps by the end of the holiday weekend. we will keep an eye on that situation. temperatures in the upper 60's to around 70. we are at 07 in philadelphia right now as we get started and air quality alert continues today, code orange for high concentration of air pollutants that could trouble with you breathing issues. so yesterday was 90, today is supposed to be nine on tomorrow is 90 that gives us an official heat wave if it happens and we could even get a four day heat wave into sunday as we look at monday, memorial day, thunderstorms are possible and will be cooler with cloud cover, and a high of 78 degrees but looking warmer as we head into the middle of next week. chris and lauren, that is your seven day forecast. a pennsylvania woman recovering from the dreaded super bug found for the first time here in the u.s. why health officials say this
6:51 am
is just the beginning of their worries. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
6:52 am
6:53 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. good day at the music pier in ocean city, in just moments but this is the scripps national spelling bee wrapping up last night and what a finish this was. they go head to head, the last words for both contestants, lets go with the first contestant, this is the contest tenth up first.
6:54 am
>> that is correct. >> final word, which is trademark that refers to the body parts. now the next kid, here he is, and here's what he has to spell to become the co champ. >> that is correct. >> you know what it is, refers to the type of social relationship. >> how about that. >> here's the thing, these kids are now co champions. they are 11 and 13. the 11 year-old from texas, three-year old from new york state. >> come on, all of the brains in one family.
6:55 am
>> how as om is that. >> 6:55. philadelphia's historic district pushing limits and getting a new name to boot. >> this is all part of the two million-dollar campaign to push visitors beyond independent hall, it will be marketed simply as historic philadelphia, the new boundary span from the delaware river waterfront to the east side of seventh street on the west, and vine to lombard street running north to sit. city says it represent more regional fill grid and its history. >> cool. >> get the out and see our city, just don't stay in the tourist area. >> confession to make. >> lived here almost three years, still haven't been inside independent hall. have you been inside. >> no. >> see. >> i will go this summer. >> all right. >> 6:55. a devastating hit and run in kensington leaves yet another person dead, what the victim was doing just moments before he was hit. more than a dozen school kids raced to the hospital, what happened on the field trip that got them so sick.
6:56 am
>> good morning we're here. >> you made it. >> ocean city. >> yes. >> yes. >> wow. >> i heard you had trouble with the e-z pass coming through atlantic city expressway. >> we made it through. >> i have trouble getting my life organized, you understand, i don't have a driver's license right now, i didn't have have my e-z pass. i don't think i have a beach tag. >> that is not good. >> they were seldom. >> as long as beach tagger guy. >> i will fix my ear piece so maybe i can hear it
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
it last already taken its toll what happened on a school field trip that sent more than a dozen kid to the hospital. and it has happened again search for another driver in the deadly hit and run what happened in the span moments before the driver, tried to get back in to it.
7:00 am
a super bug immune to the antibiotic, it is happening right here in pennsylvania. what doctors are saying about the case, and the possible treatment for this woman. and let's get this party started, "good day philadelphia", taking over the shore. we're live in ocean city, right now, who wants to win a car? >> you better believe we are live in ocean city just like i said. >> yes, ocean city, we are here. >> you said you were going to wear white pant. >> i got white pants on. >> yes. >> my pants are whiter then yours. >> mike brought out all lavender, three different shade of purple. >> wait a second, there is a dude from my alma matter, kansas basketball. come on, you will love this. >> yes. >> i went to mis


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