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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  June 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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for that regardless, it changes their
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>> kenny: the slider retired one away. the patriarch of the family, but statement passed away at the age of 80, college professor, youth baseball coach here in new york. longtime it's been dating back to the days of hodges and add cream pool, he touched the lives of 100 the thousands of athletes. and players are in the new york area. >> harold: that's great you bring that up, quite a tribute, well-deserved. >> kenny: with the mets trailing the braves tonight 4-3 after taking a 3-0 lead behind the steven matz who was a local product as well. here's erick aybar. >> harold: a lot of players out of the northeast were drafted this year. >> kenny: the fact the braves first-base coach is eddie perez,
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speaking of the draft, the son of 36 round pick the braves. >> harold: to braves number one pick is from upstate new york. high school pitcher. >> kenny: mets drafted a pitcher in the second round named anthony k out of the same high school as a steven matz on long island. >> harold: university of uconn, right? >> kenny: steven matz told us yesterday he met anthony of the air, stephen was drafted, anthony was an eighth grader that's when i first met. they kept in touch through the years. >> tom: low and melville high school. which was also the school evan james and mick foley, graduating class. >> kenny: mick foley for wrestler turned author. >> tom: can you imagine if they were the in the same clas? a comedian and probably the baddest dude in school. >> kenny: i see mick fallen at
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a charity event every year at long island. always a big smile on his face, does it so much for the kids, he's written children's books. >> tom: kevin james is a big mets fan. i don't know about foley but we see kevin james out at citi field. >> kenny: low and melville high school. >> harold: aybar just want a fastball, all. he doesn't care about who or where. he got it, it cut in on them. >> tom: familia is the only pitcher i know who moved his back leg first in his delivery. the legates and anchored on the mound, he's got a little hitch in the back knee, and in the front knee comes up. i don't know anybody who's got a delivery quite like his. >> harold: you could run him blind. >> tom: watch the back leg. >> kenny: aybar down on
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source, two away. >> harold: a little kickstart. >> tom: couldn't run on that fastball. a little kickstart to the engine, and away we go. >> harold: it's almost like a move for guys coming over. >> tom: he's not coming over with that, because that would be a balk. >> kenny: here's jason peterson to pinch-hit for the pitcher cervenka. >> harold: when you look at the brazen of the building blocks that they're acquiring players coming on, the sky for me is right in the middle. he's going to be a special player for them, i like the pickup they did getting him and allow him to play. this kid has got some talent. >> kenny: jeurys familia, he tags out peterson to end the inning. we head to the bottom of the ninth.
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flores, loney, rivera, due up against jim johnson ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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whaaaaat? i can pour this champagne on my phone and it still work. whaaaaat? yeah look. [phone ringing] kenny, i'm 'bout to put you in the fish tank. whaaaaat? that's crazy. [electrical cracking] your phone can't do that max. here, i have another one. (all three) whaaaaaat?! the new water-resistant galaxy s7 edge. >> kenny: david ortiz, bryce harper, kris bryant, my job, baseball superstars come together for the primetime event that will light up the summer. the mlb all-star game from san diego, july 12th. only on fox. look at the national league leaders.
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>> harold: if the cubs against aggressively. >> tom: 's tough to argue with those choices. wise dexter fowler and write an harper most the? >> kenny: over in the american league? >> harold: the only problem i have with a all-star voting, i love it, i think every team should be represented, the only problem i have is if you're in center, you compete with the center fielders. if you're in right, you compete with the left field this. if you're in left, you could be with a the left fielders. >> tom: they did that a few years ago for gold gloves, that's good way to go. right now they handed to jim johnson in the hard sinker. >> kenny: johnson who saved 50 games in a season twice for the orioles, 51 back in 2012. 50 the next season, native of upstate new york, grew up in binghamton new york.
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>> tom: he got the sink back, i couple years ago, he really struggled. his fastball completely flattened out and lost that sink. it's back, and good curveball as well. >> harold: he's going to get you a double-play ground ball in the situation you might need it, the seventh or eighth. sixth, seventh, or if. it. >> kenny: with experience. they wanted experience closing games. nine saves for the braves last year. does not have a safe so far this season. >> harold: where is he from? >> kenny: at just outside of binghamton new york. >> harold: another upstate new york, were keeping this theme alive. there it is. flores, on it first. >> harold: to that ball take off?
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a shout on it. this is what i saw during bp. the ball really shoots, an advantage to the home team. this ball shot amendment took off. before he got his glove down, it's already on him. you want to catch that ball out in front. that ball took off on them. i watched it in batting practice, he struggled, i'm telling you, this feels quicker than most people anticipated. it takes a to plan, they got one more game and they're out of here for tomorrow. it can eat you up. >> kenny: fifth error committed by aybar this season. so flores on it first, james loney at the plate. to its tonight, a double, and a triple, also walked. >> harold: what you doing here? >> tom: goes back to the same thing, like a speed on the steam, the lack of ability to do anything in terms of manufacturing runs.
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flores has no lien on first base, sinker pitcher on the mound. you'd love to send a runner, i don't see it happening here. >> harold: again, you've got basically the whole left side of the infield. the third baseman is out of the play where he's at. if you hit it sharp, he's not getting it. they put the shift on because loney is probably not going to hit the ball over there. with the sinker ball, he's going to be so hard to put a dent. this isn't an inner pitcher, he's got 51 saves. he has an idea what he's going to do with the sinker, i don't see it making a mistake up inside, he can put it in the seats. he's looking for that ground ball to maybe get out of this jam. >> tom: it's so strange to see, we see a lot, loney does not have big power but you can defend the whole field against him. it doesn't make any sense for
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hitter. >> kenny: left-center off the bat of loney, it will roll to the wall! here comes flores, around third, throw to the plate and flores is out! >> harold: oh, my, what a relay. watch how quick they got it in. watch eric idle's footwork. as soon as this ball comes in, he's already rocking to turn on throw. he does it all in one motion. he gets a little something on it, no hesitation. he was dead. if you can watch aybar going out, he sees flores, he sees now the third base coach, he's already going. they're going to send me? i'm going straight home with it. perfect one hop throw, beautiful execution by the braves. >> tom: two things i want to point out. ender inciarte made a classic play, clean pickup of the baseball, you want to throw the ball shoulder high, glove side,
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you're cut off. that was a bull's-eye on the throw. you hate to have the first automated the plate, watch this relay throw. wasting no time picking up the ball, i'm telling you it you can't put it in a better spot, exactly with the middle infielder want this. you don't want to make the first out of the plate. >> harold: you can't send them. >> tom: it's flores man, he much have had some quicksand around third. he was dying. >> kenny: so aybar who committed the air makes the throw home after the great play by inciarte the go-ahead run for the raise. pinch-hitter seth's want to deep center field, the catch is made by inciarte for out number two as loney heads back to second base. >> harold: i hate when people say "sequence mark there's your sac fly.
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"the second and third in the game on the line, you've got a guy that's going to throw strikes and you're going to make contact on, i can't take that gamble. not with knowing it's with coming up. you get three left-handed hitters coming up in a row. kelly, the pinch-hitter here, then you go to granderson. it's hard to send senator get m out. >> tom: you don't like it first at the plate, floor is not quick enough to make it all the way. >> kenny: the mets down to their final out. only the runner on second, two away. the 0-1, it gets wi-fi catcher,
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flowers. so loney moves to third. >> harold: look at that sink. these bikes a singular. you're asking a guy to block a 95-mile per hour straight in the dirt pitch and think you know where it's going. no chance. >> kenny: the 1-1 from johnson. blocked by flowers ball to. to everyone. >> kenny: writes to the breaking ball the dirt. saw the while bits, one more week in a tight game. pitcher tries to catch of the block it, catcher had fortitude to college. >> harold: you've got to make your perfect pitch is right here. you can't get in.
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>> kenny: high and tight ball three with granderson waiting on deck. >> kenny: showed him the force him or her >> harold: braves or sell a plane for one out, right? doesn't matter what the situation is. >> kenny: 3-1 from johnson. got him. so had sent to first, mets have runners on the corners for granderson. >> harold: i think you're right, he was not kind to get beat on a pitch in the strikes on threat that sequence. >> kenny: now i visit from the former met, the braves pitching coach roger mcdowell. >> harold: situation like this, braves are going through
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roger mcdowell and the rest of the coaches on the staff baseball becomes fun again. you get to teach, your young players coming up. now you're back being able to teach a lot more than with a veteran team. >> kenny: of theirs james loney. alejandro de aza, mets baserunners. curtis granderson is zero 0 fo4 tonight. braves looking to win their fourth straight for the first time under snitker. >> kenny: granderson takes strike one. >> harold: to look at the shift again. >> kenny: 0-1 from johnson, 1-1. >> harold: if your new got to
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go, they're giving you the base, you win the game. they're not even worried about you, >> tom: edition b, you're defending range, you're defending the batter better, the runner on first. just fell. >> tom: aybar is back on address. >> harold: understood, but you're also saying we throw a ball, the stills abate, basic, game game over. that quick. he should've ran two go. >> tom: exactly, the braves want the infielders to hold their position. don't compromise range, defendant de aza, invest in range to get the out on granderson. >> kenny: the 1-2 from johnson, fell back to the screen. >> harold: i don't get it. it's wide open, they're
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basically giving you the base. >> tom: that made no sense, because he ran less pitch, so they weren't defending the still, he doesn't run an expense. >> harold: johnson lifted his leg up, he doesn't care. >> kenny: they're not going to throw. >> harold: they're not. >> kenny: called strike three! the ball game is over. loney stranded at third, first save of the season for jim johnson. the braves have won four straight for the first time since mid-april. they come back from a 3-0 deficit. >> harold: backdoor curveball. what a great game for the braves. it really was. >> tom: you know what, harold, they didn't just outscore the mets, the out executed the mets in this game. spoon the braves went by a score of 4-3, back to citi field after
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>> kenny: atlanta braves win their fourth straight for their second sake of its good night, they defeat the new york mets, the final score the braves four, the mets three after the mets took a 3-0 lead. braves with runs in four consecutive innings. mets dropped to 36-31.
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coverage of the 116th u.s. open championship from historic oakmont country club continues tomorrow as they finish their drawn play at 7:00 a.m. eastern on fs1. final-round action on fox. you can watch it on fox sports go. for tom brady g, harold reynolds, jay p pelosi and our entire crew, our producer carol langley, director bill webb. this is kenny albert saying so long from citi field in flushing new york. final score once again, the atlanta braves four, the new york mets three.
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♪ happening right now, new details in a disturbing case in bucks county. today investigators poured over the home looking for clues where they say 12 young girls were
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being kept. good evening, thanks for staying up with us. i'm chris o'connell. police confirming for fox 29 tonight they had been called to that very house before but had never gone inside. fox 29's brad sattin tonight with the new details. >> reporter: lower southampton police the bucks county da and county detectives spent another day here scowering every room in this home collecting evidence against 51-year-old leonardo dicaprio plan. investigators say kaplan had been living with 12 girls ages six months to 18 years old fathering the youngest two girls with the 18-year-old who was just 14 when she gave birth. police allege that 14-year-old was given as gift to kaplan by her amish lancaster county parents daniel and civil ya for helping them financially. they, too, are now facing charges. whether the other nine girls are related is still unclear. >> we really don't know. we went and we tried to look for birth certificates we really didn't find any. we want to address were they
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abused or not. those kind of issues. we are learning more bout conditions in which they all lived. >> in the basement, there's an elaborate train set up by elaborate i mean tens of thousands of dollars worth of trains on platforms, kids were living down in the basement on air mattresses. but i guess they were home schooling the kids because there was homework found down there. >> reporter: outside raising chickens and growing a full vegetable garden unbeknownst to neighbors who say kaplan was strange man. >> i saw him cutting his grass a couple of weeks, months ago, and his hair is even longer and he looked even more strange. you don't hear any noise coming from there. >> reporter: but strange enough for some neighbor toss called police over the years. they came but not thinking child abuse, they never stepped insi inside. >> you could call and say, you know, i'm concerned. something is wrong with my neighbor. i go to your neighbor's house unless i have substantial


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