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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  June 24, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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asking. this morning. and another life taken too soon, the plans in place now, as friend and family say their final good bye to akyra murray who was killed in it or land owe massacre. welcome to philadelphia ben simmons, hundreds of people celebrating announced our first draft pick. >> that is the reaction, inside of the wells fargo center when he starts draining three's, right. >> wow. >> it is june 24th, 2016. this happens to be a friday. that means one thing, we're hitting the road. >> we will invade quakertown this morning. we are coming to you. best part of all of you this can win a car. you can win a brand new mazda cx9, go to our web site fox, on the contest page, on our home page, we will pick a finalist once a week and our final show will have give away.
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>> here's where we are headed over next few weeks. big finally is friday july between the second, dell music center, come out and see us. win that mazda cx9. >> okay dave warren, if you are heading out to quakertown, what is the weather going to be like today. >> weather looking good there in quakertown. not everyone is seeing good weather here. we will put our number of the day right at seven today. in the great but not all that bad. things are improving, further north you go but it is muggy out there but it is also take your dog to work day 60's and 70's for budd think morning with just a few showers. talking about these showers they are not around the philadelphia area 72 degrees. relative humidity fairly height 87 percent. little muggy especially to the south with the light breeze. here's the rain we're watching even thunderstorm, thinks moving through delaware, south jersey this morning, seeing this. it is moving across delaware bay, moving right toward cape may, seeing some rain there right now but with this heavier area of rain and
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thunderstorms will move through cape may county here within the next hour or two. light rain along ac expressway, through gloucester and camden county and thinks all staying south and east of i-95. we will get up to 48 degrees. more clouds to the south. there is rain we had this morning that is what we are watching right now and a few showers in the western suburbs, later this afternoon. light breeze about five to 10 miles an hour but improving weather. seven day forecast, the weekend we will look at that in a bit. look at the roads now let go over to bob, good morning. >> 5:02. good morning. live look at 202 at 401, kind of quiet, everything damp and wet from all that rain we had yesterday and through the overnight. getting down in quakertown come out and hang out here today, quakertown, licensing broad street between second and fourth street. sue's on her way up there, mike and alex following in the brand new mazda but a lot of folks also going to be heading to the shore. friday, it is a big weekend,
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all of the kid are off from school. keep in mind we will go up and down or go down the shore be up and over that walt whitman bridge no later than 2:00 o'clock unless you sit into some traffic. wait it after after two, grab some dish, hang out and get down after the rush hour no matter what time you choose, the ac expressway the ramp to the garden state parkway that construction zone has been a hot mess the last couple of weeks down to one lane on the ramp there. here's a picture sent to us, popped up on social media, tractor trailer and a vehicle collide here at broad and walnut in center city philadelphia. a down tree in west goshen, route 322 shut down at route 100. market frankford broad street subway all aboard, trains just started rolling for a friday morning rush hour, chris and lauren back over to you. lets get to this tragic story involving a child and a gun. four year-old died after being shot inside her north philadelphia home. >> detectives are trying to figure out how this could have happened, steve keeley now live at police headquarters,
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steve, good morning. >> reporter: i'm sure you are saying what our viewers are saying and let me remind you if you have forgotten, this is the second time since mid-april that a little, four year-old girl, was shot in the face by a gun kept in her house. you will recall that was the case back in april where the father blamed another child for playing with the gun and then eventually came forward and again, both of these right in the middle of the day, 2:30 . 12:30 yesterday during the lunchtime hour. look for weapons charges and negligence charges once the district attorney gets this latest case, once homicide team gets the latest answers like how a three-year old or four year-old can get her little will hand on a large caliber bun. a 40 caliber glock. why was that gun kept somewhere in a home where two little girls would maybe find it. whose was it was it legally owned or bought on the street and if so, for what and if this shock 24 year old mother
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was here for hours last night even knows any of these answers. >> they were telling me that something happened out here. they said, everybody had conflicting stories. i didn't see anything else until i went home. i than stan one thing, i necessity i will miss her a lot. every child will feel the same thing especially if they saw the same exact example. they need to see that, come on mommy, i love you daddy. mommy and daddy say you love them now because you never know what will happen tomorrow. >> reporter: bet are yet you can control what happens tomorrow. tenth leave a gun where a toddler can find it and fire it. don't leave it unlock. don't leave the safety switch off. don't leave your car in the hot car with your windows up. things we, police and so many other people constantly say and have to repeat and sadly here we go again, chris and lauren repeating. >> so sad, all right steve keeley, thanks very much. breaking news now, british
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prime minister david cameron says he will resign by october, he said next prime minister would decide when to invoke article 50 which triggers a departure from the european union. britain voted to leave the european union after a bitterly divisive referendum campaign, sending global markets plunge to go day. decision launches year long process to renegotiate trade, business and political links between united kingdom in what will be a 27 block nation and unprecedented divorce that could take decade to complete. david cameron for the this for months and campaigned against it. vote came down to a 52 percent vote in favor of succeeding from the european union. david cameron says for his part he just won't steer the country in this direction now. he said that he will resign at some point between now and october. this is a live picture of what is going on in britain and big fear here is with the futures looking so bad with the
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economy that the dow jones could slip hundreds of points. markets do in the like uncertainty and with this vote there will be global uncertainty. we will look at is what going on in great britain throughout the morning. developing news out of north west philadelphia police investigating a shooting in the 6300 block of magnolia street. this happened just before 1:00 . a man was sitting in his car when another man approached and started shooting at him. he was hit four times and taken to einstein and he is currently in stable condition. sixers making business news. >> they got the first pick in the draft and they chose the player that they wanted from day one. >> the philadelphia 76ers select ben simmons from melbourne, australia. >> the fans really hoping he and a few other key players can turn this team around. the lets go to dave kinchen. all right. so if you listening to howard eskin the sixers have been just tank to go get these topics. so, we've got ben simmons,
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weijia league legal okafor and we have joel embiid. so these three guys, will they be worth all of the tanking. >> reporter: let's hope, that is what the fans are saying, at least when we talk to him last night. here's wawa in south philadelphia. a lot of people in a rush, following the news but they will get a little bit more familiar with ben simmons later today after he talks at a 3:00 p.m. press conference. we can take you back to that moment last night where he was formally announced by the sixers organization as the first round pick. of course, surprise wasn't really quite as prevalent just because the word had leak out from the organization that brian colangelo had spoken to ben simmons and said you are the guy. simmons averaged 19 points, 12 rebound and five assists and two steals in his lone season down south. the australia had an immediate connection with innings isers coach brett brown because he
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coached his dad. here's sound from our new forward, last night. >> it feels amazing, honestly. you know, i think my legs were shaking when i was on stage. you know, anything you want to do, you can do, honestly. i have been want to go do that since i was five, six, seven and i finally come to that. >> reporter: to doubt about that. he is now the third player in franchise history to be chosen in a first round overall, of course, joining some elite greats, doug collins in 96, mr. ai himself. back to you lauren. >> that is what i was about to say, dave, number one overall pick allen iverson was drafted, to the nba finals, of course. iverson had some advice for the teams new member. >> better get ready, and give everything you got, play every game like it is your last and they will love to you death. that is all they want.
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>> of course, fans are all ready to see what the 6-foot ten simmons will bring to the court. >> he is number one. twenty years after allen iverson. perfect guy. >> i'm glad that he is come to the legendary city, legendary city and legendary people to do legendary things. >> now, this is the most excitement that the sixers have seen in quite sometime. >> yes, we need wins. family and friend will say a final good bye to the youngest victim to lose a life in the orlando nightclub shooting. viewing for akyra murray begins at 8:00 this morning followed by a funeral at ten. the 18 year-old was on vacation with her family two weeks ago after graduating from west catholic prep. akyra was shot inside pulse nightclub along with her cousin tiara parker and her friend patients carter. both patients and tiara survived. he was known as a fierce warrior in the fight begins cruelty to day family and friend and people from the animal rights community will
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say their final good bye toss george bengal, the pennsylvania spca long time director of humane law enforcement died after a battle of cancer after the age of 69. george's determination to save suffering animals has been chronicled on animal planet and national geographic. leaves behind his wife carroll of 35 years. george will be laid to rest with full military honors, at 11:00 o'clock this morning. united states representative chaka fattah has resigned from congress effective immediately. it came two days after a jury quick him on all counts in the racketeering case. fattah has previously said wow leave office once the judge sentence him later this year in october. he wrote a letter to speaker of the house paul ryan telling the speaker he is resigning immediately. fattah said he made the move out of respect for his collogues. 5:11. still ahead a local man wind up victim of the brutal attack. what he was trying to do when he was taunted and beaten. plus another not guilty verdict for an officer connected to the death of freddie gray, what the judge in the case said, the the
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prosecutors failed to prove.
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sue's on her way to quakertown. she texted me she's almost there good news. we have a lot going on this morning there. in the meantime we are in the 60's and 50's to the north but warms up to the 07's around philadelphia stays above 07 to the south dew points dropping in allentown this is dry air moving south but still very uncomfortable. once that number is near 70,
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it is muggy. you can feel that this morning. so, northern suburbs, less humidity over next few hours. we will see he sunshine. to temperatures in the 60's and 07's. we will talk about the rain right now. that storm has just moved off the coast of delaware, moving right towards cape may county. the it is right over delaware bay right now. if you are heading out in the next hour or so, in cape may county here, from the courthouse, south, all the way to cape may. this area right here, we will see some heavy rain, even a thunderstorm, as this area of rain moves through i few light showers along ac expressway right now. high pressure will control our weather this weekend as it moves south. we will have a few showers today but then dry wet they are weekend, gradually lower humidity and temperatures are in the 80's. we're good there. we will have a little heat returning here by sunday and monday, and we are humid again, monday and tuesday, showers and thunderstorms, put the word hot in there on tuesday, with a thunderstorm
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and a temperature of 90 degrees. eighty's on wednesday and thursday, and that rain clears out, by thursday, and if you are heading to the shore these temperatures look pretty good, this weekend, that light breeze out of the north east will keep it nice, comfortable there if you are right along the coast, bob kelly. >> got the shore traffic later this afternoon as well, 5:16. good morning. tgif. heading in to new jersey, shore or not, sure, they will have a delay on the admiral wilson boulevard still down to one lane at that airport circle as part of the pse and g project along 38, 70 and route 130. we have a down tree in chester county west goshen 322 blocked at route 100, trying to work your way over to 202, and may want to use route three, paoli make there for the first half of our morning. police academy graduation ceremonies today along the campus of temple university there on broad street, so congratulations to all of our future officers. they will take the oath there
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at 11:30 this morning. big concert tomorrow night kenney chessany coming back to philadelphia packing lincoln financial field a lieutenant of volume, tailgating there the whole day. official start is at 5:00 o'clock. get you're ribbon let's go penns landing, noon to 7:00 on sunday the irish festival. you may remember it was rained out a month ago when we had that really pad storm. they rescheduled for this sunday. we will see you down there with the irish dancers and bands right there on penns landing. we are getting down to quakertown. do you want to join sue, mike, alex, all heading their way, north on the extension, jump off to quakertown head to broad street between second and fourth. we will see you there. chris and lauren, back to you. in delaware county police are trying to figure out how a man was shot in the chest. sky fox was over naamans creek road in concord township wednesday night when state police found a six two-year old man the shot. doctors are at crozer-chester medical center working on him. police are not sure if the gunshot was self inflict
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because they never found a weapon at the scene. investigators are still trying to piece this all together. in the meantime police are looking for the person who shot a man at philadelphia's west oak lane neighborhood this happened late yesterday afternoon at seventh fifth and briar roads. someone shot a 23 year-old man at least twice. he is in the hospital in critical condition. no suspects. search underway for a couple of teens behind a vicious attack of the homeless man in south philadelphia. the assault caught on video. home less man at the bottom of the screen was trying to get out of the rine by standing in the bank vestibule. he was ruthlessly repeatedly pelted by rocks, two boys threw at him. the home less man is in the corner as the mean kid come back again, and they try to torment and taunt him. >> you know, such young people have such disregard for another human being. >> this assault happened memorial take weekend. police are just releasing the video hoping someone will come forward with information.
5:19 am
montgomery county home inspector faces a list of charges. prosecutors say he ripped off more than 100 people by taking their money for home safety tests he never d prosecutors say that joseph michaelsky business, cher will be holmes inspection services defrauded at least 138 home buyers throughout the philadelphia area they say the homeowners paid the man for water, radon and termites test that he never performed or wasn't certified to conduct. police say that they caught a man, who spoke to a woman in delaware count a cord to go netter providence police. he pulled up to a woman and asked for directions. would the man said the man had his pant down and engaged in a lewd act. you can imagine what that was. he got away but woman was able to give a police description of his car and part of his registration. that helped police identified barfield who was arrested two weeks ago when police pulled him over. another not guilty verdict
5:20 am
to an officer tried in the connection of the death of freddie fray j acquitted baltimore officer sees an goodson junior of all charges n april, 2015, freddie gray suffered spinal cord injuries while in custody. he died a week later. prosecutors argued goodson gave gray a rough ride in the police van and did not put a seat belt on him but the judge said prosecutors failed to prove goodson knew gray was hurt, or drove recklessly. an attorney for gray's family say they are frustrated for themselves and that community. >> we still have an unaddressed police brutality problem not just in this city where very little has changed but in this nation. >> two other officers were tried, and they ended in i a hung jury and acquittal. the results of these first three cases may prove the evidence against all six officers is just too weak. it is a picture in one wants to be in, family and friend gather for a photo on the stairs of the philadelphia art museum because gun
5:21 am
violence has hit each one of them. they are known as faces of the fill gun violence. the group says just this year, 500 people in philadelphia have been shot and 100 more have died. they hope that this photo the owe will spread awareness about gun violence in our city. 5:21. still ahead officials are here and other areas working to prevent zika virus from spreading. how a lab in camden county is monitoring the mosquitoes. another athlete decides to sit out summer olympics, why lebron says he will in the make the trip to rio di janeiro. >> speaking of winners, you can be one if you have these numbers.
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good morning, i'm howard eskin. sixers got first pick in the draft and they got the player this they wanted from day one. no doubt in their mine. ben simmons, now he knew he would be sixers pick, but is there always that anticipation. brett brown says he knows, him because he coached his fat inner australia and talked to many people in australia i asked brett brown what position he will play for the
5:25 am
sixers. >> i think he will start in that small man and will play him in that capacity. i just know he is that versatile that it will be a good problem to figure out. i think from the get go, to start with, we will treat him as the nba four man and we will grow from there. >> they already have a four guy they have to trade nerlens knoll. phillies broke a nine game losing streak, pretty galvis three run home run in the eighth. he had five rbi's. filles beat a terrible team. they won seven-three. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. i don't know about this olympics. >> i know, with the zika virus. >> rory mcilroy, the irish golfer just stepped out. i don't want risk of zika. now lebron james will in the play in the 2016 games. >> that is true. >> his agent confirms he has informed u.s. basketball he will in the go to riao.
5:26 am
>> he doesn't need it, right. he has played in the past three- limb picks binge gold in the past two. his decision to sit out follows american players steph curry, russell westbrook, chris paul and james harden. other athletes and other sports deciding not to go there. >> makes you wonder. >> historically it will be pretty lame. 5:26. final farewell for a local woman killed in it or land owe nightclub shooting. how friend and family will say good bye to akyra murray. >> steve, good morning. >> here we are in the second time in two months believe it or not at philadelphia police headquarters reporting that this homicide team is dealing with the second, four year-old shot in the face, and killed, inside of her home with a gun.
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good morning. a tragedy in north philadelphia, a four year-old dies after being shot in her own home, the questions officials are asking right
5:30 am
now. new sixer in town, ben simmons, do you want to turn your franchise around this everyone is hoping for that. good day it is friday, may 24th, 2016. every friday this summer what do we dough. >> we hit the road. >> today we are going to quakertown. get ready because here we come. the best part about all of this though, we have mike, alex, sue hang out in good weather that dave has ordered up, but you can also win a car, brand new mazda cx9. >> here's what you do. go to our web site at fox, click on the contest page and home page, we will pick a final list once a week and then on the final she we will have a big give away. >> we have a big finally, friday july between the second at dell music center in fairmount park. come out and see us, sign up to win the car. >> hey what better day then to just head outside and have some fun, dave warren, right. >> perfect day for that unless you are right over the delaware bay. that is within place getting rain. other than that not too bad,
5:31 am
muggy. that will be improving here throughout the rest of the weekend. we will put in a seven today. in the grade. not all that bad. little improvement. bring your dog to work day. so excited to go to work. the buddy out with his umbrella because we have a few showers out there. sixty's and 70's. right now that humidity high at 87 percent. temperature 73 degrees. that wind is calm. here's that area have rain ending with lightening strikes picked up moving right over delaware bay and cape may county. it will be just south of cape may courthouse and north of cape may. rain spreading east right over the garden state parkway right now. it will get heavier and heavier and again cannot rule out a lightening strike. one or two showers along the ac expressway. not a thunderstorm. the just a light rain. now, showers are possible, later today, temperatures up to 84 degrees. we have cloud to the south, bit more there, little sunshine to the north, and that will drop humidity.
5:32 am
farther north you go as we are heading to quakertown this morning the less humid it will be. that is story of the weekend. finally we will see nice weather moving in the seven day forecast. we will have that coming up. right now bob kelly. >> that is your story we're sticking to it. live look at the roosevelt boulevard right here near fox street. quite it this morning. friday mornings are a little quieter then the other four days of the workweek and this friday, we will be totally different. all of the kid are out of school so new traffic patterns, starting to develop, work crews are the at it still through the weekend, admiral wilson boulevard down to one lane at airport circle will west goshen chester county route 322 blocked at 100. big old down tree from the storm yesterday. so use route three paoli pike to gain access to 202. getting down, in quake are town, we are heading up there broad street will be set upright there in the middle of the town between second and fourth street. a lot of folks going the other way as well, heading down the
5:33 am
shore on a friday afternoon. you want to be up an over that walt whitman bridge no later than 2:00 o'clock unless you want to expect to sit in traffic heading down there. no matter what you go, be ready for this construction project here. ac expressway down to one lane on the ramp to the garden state parkway. that has caused big delays over the past couple of weekends. congrats to the grads, police academy graduation today, on the campus of the temple university. set to get underway at 11:30. that will bring extra volume there on north broad street otherwise looking good on i-95, schuylkill and mass transit has no delays. the chris and lauren, back to you. now back to the developing story in north philadelphia, four year-old died inside her own home. we have so many questions. >> this little girl playing inside of her home and then she's shot in the head. steve keeley at police headquarters with what detectives are trying to figure out, steve. >> reporter: those are same headlines you read then april 18th when a father first
5:34 am
blamed one of his other kid for shooting another little four year-old in the face and killing her inside until he finally came forward. homicide detective here we're told are still very shocked distraught 25 year-old mother in this case yesterday, who they had here at headquarters for hours, lived with her three and four year-old daughters and her boyfriend. police were tracing the pistol and asking not just who owned the gun and how it was obtain but where it was kept. little girl was shot in the face above her eye in the second floor bedroom in the north 20th street rehome. police arrived soon after 12:30 lunchtime shoot to go find crying mother hysterically holding her four year-old out front. three-year old little girl not hurt nearby. >> just crazy, but it is a shame. she's a little angel, you know, and to see her like that, it is unjustified. >> reporter: describe what was going on the at the mom at the
5:35 am
time. >> she was crying, saying save my baby. all i could do, i was scared to touch her. the nurse came. they took her pulse, heart rate and then somebody got oxygen, she was gasping for air. it was just crazy. >> reporter: so second, four year-old girl killed in the shooting in her home in the past two months here in philadelphia. when will people learn? it happened before in april. thats was than the even long enough ago to get it out of these reporters mind that cover this stuff every day. so, one of the veteran homicide detectives say that the questions about weapons charges and negligence charges will be answered by the district attorney's office. the as far as other answers he said this in a rather disgusting mood, all we know is for sure we have another four year-old girl shot and killed in her face that we shouldn't have been.
5:36 am
chris and lauren? >> horrible. 5:35. today family and friend will say final gi bye to the youngest victim to lose a life in it or land owe nightclub shooting. >> viewing for akyra murray begins at 8:00 a.m. followed by funeral at ten. she was on vacation with her family in orlando two weeks ago after graduating from west catholic prep. she was shot inside pulse nightclub with her cousin tiara parker and patients carter. both of the other girls survived. he was known as a fierce warrior in the fight against animal cruelty. today family friend and people from the animal rights community will say final if bye toss george bengal. pennsylvania spca long time director of humane law enforcement died after a battle with a rare form of mesothelioma at the age of 69. george's determination to save suffering animals has been chronicled on animal planet, national geographic. he leaves behind his wife carroll of 35 years. he will be laid to rest with full military honors at 11:00 o'clock this morning. well this year the sixers
5:37 am
got the first pick in the nba draft and they got the player that they wanted from the beginning. >> the philadelphia 76ers select ben simmons, from melbourne, australia and louisiana state university. throughout the process who to take between ben simmons and brandon ingram. sixers never waiver. he played forehead coach brett brown in australia. >> how oldies his dad. >> ingram went to the lakers. volkswagen spent billions to settle it emissions cheating scandal, how it could put cash in your pockets if you own a volkswagen. >> cash.
5:38 am
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in your health this morning camden county health officials are monitoring the mosquitoes for zika virus. camden county mosquito commission unveiled months ski identification lab. they know of in locally transmitted case is of zika but think want pop to be pro active and informed out of the virus. out of the 700 cases of sick, only three of shown up in camden county and officials say they are all travel-related. >> it is a good thing that means that zika is in the really present here, right now. but, we do want to make sure that the public ace wear so when this do travel, they will make sure that they know what is out there because it is not just zika. there are other diseases. a lot of diseases that can
5:41 am
come back. it could potentially spread within our community. >> camden county officials say they are focused on sampling mosquitoes to track various viruses and keep mosquito population under control. in your money, volkswagen has reportedly agreed to spend $10.2 billion to settle its cheating scandal here in the u.s. the most of the money will go to compensate the 482,000 owners of cars with diesel engines that were illegally rigged to pass smog tests. investigators found they emitted 40 times legal limit on nitrogen oxide. as part of the proposed settlement volkswagen will buy back or fix them for free. it will hurt the car's mileage and acceleration. the deal still needs approval. up next, future of the sixers are looking bright, so we brought in big daddy graham to break it all down for us. >> was tanking worth it? we will put big daddy graham
5:42 am
to the test.
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5:44 am
wilmington, time to wake up. >> i like rock and roll. >> we know, chris murphy.
5:45 am
>> dave matthews is playing tomorrow. there is an artist. breaking news and we have to get to this in just a minute but first, kenney chessanywhere will he be playing. >> the link. >> he is one of the big artists, one of the big guys. >> yes. >> that outdoor show tomorrow, dave warren. >> i heard, he has quite the following, outdoor show tomorrow, looking pretty good because the weather right now is a little iffy to the south. we're in the 70's right now, if you step outside you'll feel that to the the south. it its improving, up north in pottstown, allentown. the mount pocono in the 50's. look at the dew points 40's and 50's. here nice and comfortable, pretty muggy here still from the city to the south and is there a 07 dew point in dover. eventually that dry air will win out over this weekend. we will see it nice and comfortable tomorrow, as that dryer air begins to push south. lower humidity up north in
5:46 am
quakertown. say hello to everyone. sixty's and 07's right now. watch for this shower and storm, moving across delaware bay, very heavy rain, and some lightening pick up there. so rumble of thunder lightly it is just about to move into northern cape may, pushing across the parkway. maybe as far north as the courthouse, but it is very heavy rain, staying south, there of cumberland county. light showers across atlantic county and moving east, there right along the ac expressway. high pressure will control our weather this weekend, it is trying to move south initially, today, but could be a few showers. but look tomorrow and then gannon sunday big area of clear skies and lower humidity and that moves all the way south there to the carolinas and get that nice cool, breeze, setting up, with nice and comfortable weather here both saturday and then by sunday we will start to heat up a bit but it is dry at least. little more sunshine there sunday with a few cloud.
5:47 am
heat and humidity come back monday, tuesday, wednesday we're in the 80's ape hit 90 there on tuesday with a thunderstorm. showers and storms gannon wednesday but not a bad day there on thursday, and then shore temperatures, that northeast breeze, nice and comfortable, friday, saturday, and sunday, heading down the shore, yeah, you picked awe good weekend with clear skies and maybe just a few clouds but nice, comfortable, weather, bob kelly. >> you got it. 5:47. good morning. lets get the concerts straight here, murphy. dave matthews tonight at 8:00 o'clock. dave matthews kind of guy. >> i love dave matthews. >> yes. >> now tomorrow, kenney chessany 5:00 o'clock, no shoes, no shirt, in problems. i could do that. i have been to his concerts. insane. a lot of fun. >> big crowd. >> lincoln financial field. he tweeted out yesterday he was under the weather last year when he was here and he didn't feel that he gave his
5:48 am
all to the crowd so he is coming back tomorrow 110 percent for have been down there in south philadelphia. manayunk arts festival on saturday, main street was shut down from 11:00 to 7:00. that is a big event tomorrow. grab you're establish outfit sunday rescheduled irish festival taking over penns landing at noon time, on sunday. so i don't want to hear any of the kid saying i'm bored, what can we do, right, chris and lauren, back over to you. >> we have to get to breaking news, british prime minister david cameron will resign by objecting. he said next prime minister will decide when to invoke article 50. that i go therers a departure from the eu the britain voted to leave the european union after bitterly divisive referendum campaign sending global markets plunging. the decision launches a year long process to renegotiate trade, businesses and political links between the united kingdom and what will be a 27 nation block. this is unprecedented divorce
5:49 am
that could take decade to complete. we will keep an eye on wall street once market opened. sixth are if the their pick. we have number one pick in the draft this year. >> that is who they wanted from day one, big daddy graham joins us from the studio with more on what this could mean for the future of the franchise. >> we have ben simmons. >> from the moment he walk down on jimmy fallon and they played one, two, three, four, five, it was just the right mix of cockiness and modest stay and then last night up in brooklyn i thought everyone was terrific. i say this because there was a little thing going around like the kid had a bad attitude. i don't see anything like this. i love his dad. >> his dad was also coached by brett brown. >> i think this is a great, great move for the sixers. some disappointment so some people thought they would make another move to get that third pick with the celtics controlled, that did not
5:50 am
happen. i would have been happen if i they made that happen. ben simmons is here. great move for sixers. they have become a very european we drafted a player last night, i have to get to the paper, luwawu, but he is from france and he went with the 24th pick and another player from turkey, went fur for can, i know him well, he is coming to town. he is on the same team as dario saric. couple other neat things to bring up, ryan arcidiacono of villanova got drafted by the spurs last night. but they signed him yesterday. part of the contract is guarantee with the school and dean tray bembry, great player from st. joes is heading down to atlanta. he is remaining a hawk.
5:51 am
leaving st. joes hawks to go to atlanta hawks. >> i believe sixers would have pick him had he been there but he went a couple slot before the inningsers. >> let's get back we had joel embiid, then jahlil okafor and now ben simmons was all that tanking and losses, nearly 100 losses in three seasons worth it. >> if simmons end up being, he will not be lebron, lebron is within of the three generation player but if he end up being a perennial all-star and a true great, lets say durant, all right, durant, you would say is a couple steps below lebron james. >> if he end up being that then yes, the tanking will be worth it, if he end up being that. i cannot believe i'm saying that since i was completely against that. i still don't like the way it played out. i don't like the way nba
5:52 am
reward teams that lose on purpose. that is what they do. they reward teams that lose on purpose. that they have to fix but hey, we have ben simmons and i think he will be a special player. i do. i love him. >> a team player at that. >> yes. >> thanks, sir. >> you got it. >> i'll send you a check. >> you love led zeppelin. >> i do. >> we have led zeppelin news. >> the lawsuit. >> in the clear. ruling handed down yesterday that said they did not copy one of their most popular songs
5:53 am
alright guys, we've brought you to this construction trailer to talk about trucks today. which truck brand offers engines with best in class v8 towing or fuel economy? are we moving? where we going? it's the answer to the question baby! silverado. oooh that's cool. it's truck month. qualified buyers get 0% financing for 60 months. plus, find your tag and get $8,250 total value on this silverado all star. find new roads at your local chevy dealer pastime is preserved for all time.
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♪ i love this song by spirit, what a great song writer. i'm kidding, it is led zeppelin, in the clear, after a federal jury decides band did not cop think song, stairway to heaven. they were accused of copy right infringement on the guitar instrumental track, taurus by the band spirit. here's that version.
5:56 am
>> that is spirit. >> now here's led zeppelin from 1971 stairway to heaven. >> ♪ robert plant and jimmy page were in the courtroom when verdict was handed down. they smiled and hugged. their lawyers, after the court adjourn. interesting, right. >> next up, there is a new sixer in town, will ben simmons be the one to turn this around and tragedy in north philadelphia, four year-old died after being shot in her own home, the question officials are asking now.
5:57 am
5:58 am
♪ ♪ the best way to get together, is with the treat you make together. ♪ ♪
5:59 am
♪ the sixers select ben simmons, melbourne, as you veil use, louisiana state university. >> ben simmons going from down under to the top of the nba draft. closer look at the new sixers star. leaders, basketball star, today we will say good bye to the youngest victim to lose
6:00 am
her life in it or land owe nightclub shooting. details on the funeral arrangements for 18 year-old akyra murray. >> this should never have to do that. >> i came out of my door she was right there on that step. >> horror, heart break in north philadelphia, a four year old shot dead, whom police are interviewing right now. historic vote, british choose to leave european union and now prime minister david cameron says he will resign, how that change overseas effects us here at home. all eyes on the futures market and they are expect to be down today on this friday, june 24th, 2016. >> bob kelly, good morning. >> tgif, everybody. >> and every friday we hit the roads, right, and this morning, mike, alex, jen, sue they are in quakertown. >> where is quincy. >> he might be, i'm in the sure. he could work on that new show he has coming out september 12th. from 7:00 to 10:00 we will than on broad street between second and frt


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