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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  September 4, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm EDT

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live from to center city in philadelphia. this is fox 29 news at 10:00. >> the ocean waters remain rough but many breathing a sigh of relief after a change in hermine's path. conditions never got as bad as expected, but still risk for moderate flooding at the shore. i'm iain page, lucy is off. we will check in with our sabina kuriakose in wildwood. first we want to check in with meteorologist dave warren for the latest on hermine. still moving to the east, northeast. looks like it's trying to work
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its way to the north. not expecting major impacts other than rough surf and that risk for rip currents. 8:00, the next advisory coming in before 11:00. this one at east-northeast five miles an hour, the wind speed at 70 miles an hour expected to maintain its intensity. we have an upper level low. trying to kick this back to the north and northwest. it's having a tough time doing that. however, the track from the national hurricane center still predicts the storm to turn to the north, and barely jog west before turn, to the northeast and moving out to the atlantic. intensity 70. now this tropical storm force wind which is the area in yellow. gets can closer to the coast. not expecting a bad day, maybe not quite as nice as today. still a bit breezy, there's the wind looking how it increases a bit. 20 to 30 miles an hour, the wind
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direction changing out of the northwest. there can be that risk of minor to moderate coastal flooding but as the wind direction changes. 60's and 70's. temperatures dropping down into the 60's again. just a light breeze at 3 miles an hour. once hermine exits the heat enters. temperatures climb back into the 90's in the the seven-day forecast coming up in a little bit. meantime down the shore, rough waves and whipping winds are not keeping people from enjoying a labor day weekend. the boardwalk packed. fox 29 sabina kuriakose live from ocean city. sabina? >> reporter: these crowds are nothing like what we're used to. usually of past, still a good crowd out here, georging this very pleasant night and of course, nothing like what we're used to. >> wow, it's pretty, the waves are pretty ridiculous. >> the family getting in some shore time in ocean city sunday
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evening. rough water and huge waves rendering the ocean off limits but it had a calming effect. >> we knew it wasn't going to be that busy. we figured we'd come down and go on rides and get food. >> everybody cancelled reservations >> the restaurants like hot spot on the wildwood boardwalk, hermine put a damper on the big business weekend. it meant mass exited ous saturday. >> the line of traffic took people five hours to get home. >> reporter: brian decided to risk it >> we fished all day, went to the beach >> boardwalk a lively but far from full. the crashing waves meant empty beach, police patrolling to make sure swimmers were heeding lifeguard to stay out of the
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surf. huge breakers presenting a dangerous combination >> the hurricane is still kind of out there and kept talking about how dangerous it was. >> reporter: a different story, hot spot will be welcoming anyone who wants to get in that last drop of summer. >> long day, labor day. >> reporter: back out here, live, again, you can still see the signs are out. beach was closed today and it looks like it's going to be closed again tomorrow. we have a lot of coastal flooding concerns in place. we're going to see exactly what happens tomorrow as we keep our eyes to the sky. chris christie is standing behind his decision to declare a state of emergency in some new jersey counties despite frustration from jersey shore business owners. he wants atlantic and cape may counties where he declared a
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state of emergency to be careful >> even though the weather is nice at the moment and nice at many parts of the jersey shore, i urge people to be careful. listen to your lifeguards and officials about being in the ocean because rip currents are going to get fairly aggressive before you see any other type of outward manifestations of the storm >> he's not ordering any evacuations. meantime, jack markell lifted the state of emergency in sussex county. it's anything but smooth sailing. amateur video shot from a cruise ship. gives us a look of the effects of the storm. this was shot from the deck of the royal caribbean cruise ship. >> early morning, that's when the ship started swaying a bit here. >> the anthem of the seas left
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bayonne new jersey friday for a trip to bermuda. you can always stay ahead of any form with our fox 29 ap, get live radar and breaking news alerts sent to your phone. >> police in king of prussia are looking for a man who robbed two female escort it's a the gunpoint. they set up a meeting with two in the hotel after 2:00 saturday. when he got there, he identified himself as a police officer and flashed what appeared to be a badge. he interrogated the women before eventually stealing their money. if you recognize him please call police. the fbi is teaming up with the plymouth township police department in hope of catching two bank robbers. police say they hit a td bank, yesterday, one of them had a handgun and got away with cash. if you recognize them, police want to hear from you. police are looking for the person who shot and killed a man early this morning under the el. they found him on the than alone
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block of kensington around 1:00 a.m. at the allegheny station. medics took the 35-year-old have my to temple university hospital where he was pronounced dead less than a half hour later. so far, though, they don't no suspects. a man is recovering at hahnemann university hospital tonight after an early morning stabbing in center city. police say it happened at 13th and locust around 3:30. the victim, a 27-year-old, is in stable condition. although no weapon was recovered, police say they did make an arrest and there's no word on if that person was arrested or if they're facing charges. it is a party on the parkway. social media is blowing up. they're just one big name in this annual festival. brings tens of thousands. brad sattin live on the parkway. >> reporter: they've only been on the stage 30 minutes.
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they are on this kind of cool can comfortable night, cold play going to wrap up this two-day event. this is the fifth year of made in america, more than 60 performers over the course of couple days. and a few guest appearances as wel well. >> chants the wrapper getting this crowd moving on day two of the made in america festival. >> missing out on so much. you stay here right now. >> reporter: a weekend of music more than 60 artists from five stages. they took their teenage daughter to the accident the show >> i used to go to concerts and festivals, and knew every band >> who's having more fun? you or your daughters >> i think we are. >> reporter: we'll tell you who they met. and there were plenty of famous faces in the crowd. there's beyonce. it's or birthday and jz who
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started this in 2012: >> i just like the availability of jumping from one stage to go see somebody who's a big name person like that and jumping from another stage to see somebody like cold play or rihanna or another big name. >> reporter: these women came from brooklyn >> the crowd is fun, the music is fun, the music is great. >> reporter: earlier that the day there was plenty to drink and enough to eat to make you want to relax which is what these women were doing until a famous face walked by >> we got to have our picture taken with bill clinton. which was exciting for us. i don't think they knew who he was. it was very exciting. >> reporter: not exactly sure why the former president was here, but yes, he did make a short appearance, no reports of any real major problems. we hear there are eight arrests. there were eight arrests for ticket scalping. other than that, as you can see hear, iain, they're still playing. back to you.
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>> glad to hear it. thanks. here's another live look from the parkway. crews will be out. starting the clean-up process from the festival. roads should be back open by tuesday. you can stay ahead traffic problems with the fox 29 traffic authority, bob kelly got you covered starting at 4:00 a.m. there's new reaction to donald trump's immigration policy. some are questioning whether he's shifting his plan to deport more than 11 million illegal immigrants. comes as more polls are showing americans don't trust hillary clinton >> with two months to go, the trump campaign is still trying to clarify the candidate's position on immigration. republican vice presidential mike pence says undocumented immigrants will would be treated humanely and how he would deal with currently living and working in this country >> we're going to enforce the
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country of this country. we're going to do all of the things that politicians in both political parties have been talking about more than a generation. >> reporter: one of trump's top supporters insisted the candidate is backing away from mass deportation >> it's difficult to throw out a family that's been here 15 years and they have three children, two of whom are citizens. >> reporter: tim kaine is trying to move past hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server during her time as secretary of state. most polls show clinton with huge unfavorable ability number >> she did made a mistake and by using one device rather than multiple devices. >> reporter: when pressed why clinton has not held a formal press conference, he was referring to an event where the
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number of events was limited and only few preselected reporters was allowed to ask questions. in washington, molly fox news. medical marijuana users in delaware are suing the state, what they say they have to do to get the medicine they need to manage their pain. mother teresa is officially a saint. what pope francis did today for the people that she spent a lifetime serving. and states across the country are cracking down on texting. are there fewer crashes because of it?
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we have two breaking news stories. western one person taken to einstein hospital after an accident on west rockland street in olney. it happened around 8:30. the accident is being described as a car versus a tree. no wonder the condition of the person taken to the hospital. just in from east falls, medics taken a child to chop after an suv flipped over and hit a guardrail. it happened on roosevelt boulevard around 9:15. the condition is unknown tonight, stay with fox 29 for the latest on this breaking story. septa announce, changes to the regional rail schedule starting this week as more of their silver liner car comes back into service. news schedule goes into effect tuesday. and impacts eight of the septa regional rail lines, more than a third of septa silver line fleet taken out of service because of cracks in steel plates on the cars. the cars are fixed. they're being put back into
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service. you can find the new schedule on our website just head to patients use medical marijuana in the state of delaware say they're struggling to get access to the drug coastally and they pay high prices when they do. many people say they have to drive hours to buy the drug from a legal dispensary. delaware's only dispensary is in wilmington. there has been a lawsuit filed to open more dispensaries. tonight minnesotaians are reacting. authorities say they have found the remains of 11-year-old jacob wetterling, this mother then later authorities confirmed the discovery. police have yet to officially charge anyone with jacob's death but several sources say the lead suspect led police to the teen's body. he was reported's abducted at
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gunpoint by a masked man back in 1989. residents in the small town say his disappearance had a provided impact. >> it gives us closure. it was just a good whole come small town and all of the innocence was ripped out in ten minutes. >> every day things we took for granted, allowing them to ride their bikes to the park goes to a park reserve. i think it touched america in way that there is no such places of safe haven anymore. he became a person of interest in jacob's case after his arrest last years on federal child pornography charges. it's not clear if the us attorney's office plans to bring charges against him in connection with the wetterling's disappearance hundreds gathered in nebraska to celebrate the life of lane graves when an alligator
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dragged him into a lagoon. family and friends released 5,000 balloons on what would have been his third birthday. they were happy to have their toddler back home. hundreds of volunteers banded together to find baby logan. he wondered away from his home in the middle of the night. three men who found him say they could hear his cries. a little boy walked out of his family's mobile home while his dad was asleep. >> he is awesome little trooper told his daddy, i got lost in the woods. i said, yeah, you did. >> the good lord, number one, just outpouring of love that we got here. but for him. watching over that child during the night. >> little logan is going to be ok. he was taken to the hospital to be treated for some scratches. mother teresa, a catholic nun who devoted her life to the poor has been officially
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declared a saint. pope francis delivered a canonization mass in front of thousands. fox has more from rome >> the catholic church was doing one of its highest honors on mother teresa. declaring mother teresa a saint. >> her smile and our hearts and give that smile to those we miss along our journey >> tens of thousands of pilgrims attended. some 1500 homeless people across italy were bust into the vatican and given seats of honor at the mass and served a pizza lunch by nuns. >> mother teresa helped me a lot. from the concept of love. >> reporter: known as the saint of gutter, mother teresa was rereveered for her work of the poor. >> poor people.
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>> reporter: mother teresa died in 1997 at the age of 87 and was bee yacht fied in 2003. pope francis cleared the way when he recognized a second miracle tributed to her. the pontiff admitted he may find it hard to call her saint teresa. >> we might have difficulty in calling her saint teresa. i think we'll continue to call her mother teresa >> monday will be the 19th anniversary of her death making the canonization extremely quick. only pope john paul the 2nd was made a saint faster in the modern era. fox news. people in oklahoma were rocked out of bed by one of the largest earthquakes in the state's history, what many
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people say is to blame. this guy is tired of people stealing his donald trump signs of our his yard. the shocking measures he's taken to stop it from happening again.
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iso let me tell you what i knowe about senator pat toomey.. my mom was the principal at sandy hook school in newtown. she died that day protecting the young children in her care. when it came time to vote on background checks, pat toomey crossed party lines to do the right thing. that's who he is, and i'm grateful. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. ♪ . take a look at this. surveillance video shows the
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force earthquake that jolted awake how tos in oklahoma yesterday. t the one man was hurt while he tried to protect his child. a number of buildings had minor damage. >> we've had a lot of quakes over the last couple years. usually they're a single tremor. that's what i was expecting then it lasted and continued. and seconds turns into half a minute. started to be very alarming >> it's considered one of the strongest. many people are blaming fracking for the recent spike. seems the problem is only getting worse. the national highway traffic safety administration estimates nearly 3500 people were killed in crashes involving distracted drivers in 2015. that's up from nearly 3200 in
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2014 and the number of deaths from crashes involving cell phones also increased by nearly 70 people. the class si move last night by the nebraska football team. they honored sam faulter who lost their life >> our deem team mate will never to be forgotten >> when the team face add fourth down, they put on ten players, leaving the punter position empty. they wanted to honor him in what would have been the first game. they declined the pelt and the nebraska home crowd of more than 90,000 cheered in appreciation. two men accused of the car jacking an suv while an elderly woman sitting in the front seat. they didn't get far. police were able to quickly track them down. this guy says he's tired of people stealing his donald trump
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signs out of his yard. >> it takes time. the shocking measure he's taken to keep it from happening. beautiful sky out there tonight. caught by ray. clear skies, sunny sky. that may change tomorrow. we're keeping an eye on hermine. it could start to turn to the north and bring a few clouds back into the area. a look at that with a complete forecast coming up next in the seven-day.
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two michigan men facing a list of charges after police say they carjacked a vehicle. the pair stole this car at a gas station with 85-year-old inside of the suspects were caught after a citizen alerted her followers about the crime on facebook live. the grandmother was able to get out before the men took off. thankfully was not hurt. >> give me the mother -- get the out of here, get -- out here. i wasn't getting -- i can't get
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up fast. >> the suspects are also facing charges for another carjacking in the detroit area. a washington man is going to great lengths to keep donald trump signs on his property. every night. he sticks trump signs inside his bush outside his home. he says thieves have stolen five trump signs, he's even installed surveillance cameras which caught the thieves. you can't tell from the outside. but these trump signs are charged electrically. >> i have a light for the power. i went and got the electric. i figured it was good enough to keep horses in it would be good enough to keep teenagers out >> a friendly reminder not to steal. hawaii is no longer near the eye of hurricane lester but high waves are a great concern. quite a sight drawing a steady crowd of spectator to the sand
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just to watch the storm surge. some surfers did brave the conditions to catch what they say was a massive ride. >> the waves have been really big. hurricanes passing by quickly and the current is really out of control. i would say on the bigger set it's six to eight feet. and only a few people going out and it's pretty fun out there. >> lester was downgraded from a hurricane to a tropical storm last night. in the atlantic ocean, of course, we're still tracking hermine. meteorologist dave warren with the latest on that. >> the latest is information comes in, just before 11:00. the storm is still going east-northeast, but expected to trytown to the north. so far off the coast, expecting minimal impacts. if it does turn far northwest we could still see the rough surf and the storm will maintain its intensity. area of low pressure will dig down and try to kick this north,
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maybe turn it to the northwest briefly picked up by the national hurricane center. continues to track to the east-northeast. there's that little bit of a turn. that wind still 70 miles an hour, still a massive storm despite it not being a tropical system. still seeing wind of 70 miles an hour, and that maintains its intensity but once it gets to this line here, 40 degrees north that is pretty much parallel to philadelphia. turning to the northeast. then it will be moving away slowly this is not until wednesday. tomorrow, tuesday and early wednesday still rough surf likely the high risk of rip currents and maybe coastal flooding. we see that right now. minor flooding. but look at the wind feel. this is the tropical storm force wind at least 38 miles an hour. the wind nitpick up a bit.
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. it will then turn to the northeast and be moving out of here by wednesday and thursday. wind speeds very light right now but look at how the color starts to creep in tomorrow. northwest direction by noon. it's going to start to push a lot of the weather out. we're not expecting major or record flooding. minor coastal flooding. we saw that this morning with the high tied. maybe seeing that again tomorrow morning. just between minor to moderate flooding throughout the day tomorrow. things will start to improve by tuesday and wednesday. radar is clear. there could be a passing shower tomorrow. we'll see a few more clouds between about 7:00, 8:00 in the morning, maybe a passion shower monday afternoon, there's a few bands trying to hold together but stay off the coast just a few light showers with clouds pretty much southeast of 95 throughout the day on monday. the seven-day forecast. 84 with a breezy day monday, tuesday, again, still breezy, we
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have a nice day there, wind dies down, by thursday, friday, saturday and sunday, increasing heat and humidity is back. temperatures climbing above 90, not the three days, just two. warm at the shore with the northwest wind. heat is back once hermine gets out of here. clouds and breezy there on monday and tuesday. then looking pretty good on wednesday. showers and thunderstorms likely both friday and saturday. not until the end of the week and next weekend and that's followed by cooler breeze next sunday, sunday happening to be the eagles are in town. so we're starting football season with a breezy day, a warm temperature. >> let's hope it's an eagles win. before we leave, check out the pictures of juniper. they show turbulent storms. nasa says the pictures were taken by the juno when it flew
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within 2500 miles. they sent back unique views of the southern lights. considered most powerful in the solar system. that will do it. don't go anywhere. sports sunday up next. ♪ lots of break down this sports sunday. the eagles throwing up the white flag on the 2016 season. sam bradford out. carson wentz maybe starting in week one against the cleveland browns. we'll break that down plus the phillies can't get it done. five-game losing streak. they got work against. second worst team in baseball. the phillies struggling, coming up next in sports sunday.
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