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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  September 21, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> there is one song, that is determined to be the happiest song on earth. by science. we'll tell you what song it is, having people guests and great suggestions. >> it is a weird survey that we found out of the university of miss your. >> i is that why you are calling it weirds? >> yes. >> you're from kansas. >> this is what they do, hi, karen? at her alma matter they waste time on surveys, the happiest songs, in 2016. >> happiness is overrated. >> i remember, that was a song that was the winning for miss ocean city, angela palermo song that song, the past winner, one of the big family jokes. >> oh, there is a bizarre
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reference. >> yes. >> i hope you're having a happy day. it is wednesday, september the 21st, 2016. the last day of summer. all right, devastating divorces. let's get into. >> this angie and brad, then there was jen and brad. we know about that one, but coming up, we'll go through the top five hollywood divorces of all time. i want you to way in on twitter on that one. is there a bigger divorce than brad and angelina? start thinking through the list of celebrities that have gotten divorces where you won't whoa really? >> well, the ladies of the real are back. how they are shaking things up this season. with the cast game that you have to see. it is called the claw. >> okay. >> well, when it comes to empire, you know the music. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> what if i told to you get ready for premiere season three tonight, empire, the music as we know it, is going to change, because the people working behind it has changed. we're going to tell you who the new people are. >> is it all country music? >> no. >> it is not? >> in fact, we don't know what direction it will go. >> no. >> say that one? >> the lion family is known for rap and all of that, and hip hop. >> starting tonight on empire, brad pacely. >> kenny chesney. >> okay, so brad and angie. here we go. angelina jolie files for divorce from brad pitt, been together 12 years, married for the last two. a source saying he, brad, thinks the stories about his alleged anger when he's drinking have put the family in a precarious situation. but jolie filed divorce documents yesterday siting the old standard two words that are very hard to say together, irreconciliable differences, god let's get rid that far term. twelve years together. also asking for physical
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custody of the six kids. >> but no money. >> no money. she has present. >> i yes. >> he has plenty. weirdly, we have an attorney who thinks there was no prenup. whoa. >> they don't need it. bo have so much money. they can both walk away, that's why they never wanted to get married. >> i was looking it up, $117.5 million since they've been married together. >> holy lord. >> yes. i don't know, even if i have a loft money i still want a good part. >> little extra? >> yes. >> so, brad he is speaking out. he got real mad about that releasing a statement to people magazine, i'm very sad ends by this, what matters most now is the well-being of our children, so, sleeve us alone basically. then angie weighed in, through her attorney. >> what a lot of people found interesting, her wording here. this decision was made for the health of the family. >> oh, oh,. >> she will not be commenting at this time. asking the family be given privacy. notice that the health of the family, because she is saying, you know, substance a buy problem, also anger issues.
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>> here is the thing. hell hat no fury like a woman scorned. sources are telling the new new york post there was another woman. >> what? >> french woman he had actually been involved with on a movie professionally certainly, working on project. her name marian, he's co-starring with her in allied, source says that angie actually hired a private investigator to hunt this down, had a hunch he was fooling around, she is obviously this other woman in a relationship with another person who is french actor and director over there, as well. >> okay. >> here is the thing too with that. "tmz" has said that this is not true. tm sz saying no, they think it is all about the kids and the substance abuse issues. >> not to be -- we new about that from back in the jen and brad days, i mean, when he was dating jen, he said that jen add stone he would sit around and just smoke pot all the time. nothing new. like he didn't change. sometimes it is like they talk about you change, well that didn't seem like that behavior
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changed. >> you leap to that because brad and angie got together on the set of mr. and mrs. smith, right? so while he was married to jen. >> what comes around goes glanders what do you expect will come around? >> how you got him, how you lose him. >> right? >> common thing. you never heard that. >> also if you start dating someone who is married, you know what you are getting in that person, someone who is willing to cheat, that's not good. >> karma. >> karma is a bit -- >> watch your mouth. >> watch your mouth. let me set up this. every day about 10:15, we have the morning meeting in a conference room here on the third floor. so we're discussing the important issues of the day, then all the sudden ten comes there is a tweet comes out angelina is divorcing brad. the room errupted. >> because you think it is true love, they're going to do it. >> we literally had to stop the meeting and everybody had to collect themselves before we could move forward and discuss the things of the day. >> it brought back the whole
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thing. and most of the women around the conference room table were happy for jennifer aniston because of. >> this hey, megan, do you have the cover of the new york post? so all of these memes start popping up. we're happy for jen. jen's happy. oh, that two timing angie. she got what she deserved. look at this. >> here is memes from other people. >> so, it says and that my friends is what they call closure. it is suggesting that one not moving. >> such sad news of brad and angelina. hope you make it work. >> ashes to ashes, dust to dust. >> beyonce close from lemonade. >> the new york post from this morning. yay. >> look at. that will metro diagnose can something, might be over there? >> oh, look. the thing is we just love, i mean, i don't know. aniston, like her so much, so
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likable. >> it says brad and angelina are splitting. and then jen laughing. >> look at that. >> heat me try to under stands this as a man. >> you got your jennifer aniston who seems like the girl next-door, right? and then she, her husband; stolen away by the more -- >> the vicks on. >> glamorous. >> the man-ether. >> man eating big lipped big hair glamorous beautiful angelina jolie. who is willing to swap blood with billy bob thorton. dangerous. sexy. out there. >> and humanitarian. >> yes, she did. >> just saying. >> so it always takes me back because i'm old to the days of how guys are attracted to two different types of women. gilligan's island. are you a mary ann kind of guy? girl next-door. or the vava vroome ginger on
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the right. >> i thought this marriage was doom between brad and angie from the very beginning. you want to know why? >> why? >> he's married to the girl next-door, the mild, the calm jennifer aniston. and then along comes the movie set, angelina jolie. she is walking -- >> dumb dumb dumb. >> walks in the room, the glamour, the beautiful, the glamorous, the sexy vickson. i'm drawn to her, but then i got jen at home. the girl next-door. >> what do you do? >> he succombed. he chose ginger over mary ann. >> you're going to pay for it, have to work hard every day to keep her satisfied, is it worth it? yes. >> because the sexist.
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>> you know, you can have good relationship, when you have of these kids, have them become good citizens, good people. you know, you don't have time for the husband any more. >> avenue point in that regard. he didn't want all these kids, dragging him around the world. >> picking up adopted children here, which is great. >> yes. >> he really doesn't want any part of it, guys don't want any part of this. >> because he'll put up with anything because the sex is so good. >> glamorous. >> when the sex goes away, because you got all of the kids, all of the needs, the project, like -- >> you want to scream and run back to the girl next-door. >> who was always there for you, and you don't have to work so hard. you can just row lacks and be with mary ann and jen.
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>> the sweet little betty, blonde hair, wears ponytails all the time, will go fishing with you. >> that's jen aniston. >> who is angie? >> who is angelina. >> then comes, you remember, you're known as the high school sweetheart. >> yen, then comes very on a her daddy big millionaire, buying up all of the profit in river dale. she comes through with all her money and swimming her hair, you saw her dress, little sweetheart dress, shoulders off, and oh, who is this? i can't pay attention to betty the girl next-door i went fishing with, veronica, going to movie premiers, opening brand new apartment buildings and i got some monday any my pocket. >> good example. so he goes back and forth. >> but then under up with
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betty, no, veronica. >> one day literally i need me some betty, then oh, very on, a the flashing lights, the glitz. >> it is the back and forth we go through. will me stir the pot here little bit. >> oh, here we go. >> kind of controversial and both hate me for this. >> the girl next-door, alex holley. let's get shot of alex holley. girl next-door. she is there for you. she will always be there for you. you don't have to work too hard, because she is just an all american, and lovely. then, you got the vickson. look at her hair, the blonde, the glamorous, karen hepp. oh, she is dangerous. (laughing). >> she's dangerous. >> dangerous? >> man, it is something. it is something when you're alone. >> will you stop it?
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you're creeping me out. >> who do you choose, alex holley or karen hepp? >> only would you do this. only you. this is not in the thing. >> now people will be voting and stuff. >> okay, let's start voting. >> , no let's not. >> you know, they say nice guys finish last, but for once the nice girls are finishing. coming up on top. >> no, she is married now. would never take him back. >> you have the satisfaction, let's be done with it. >> guys you know what i am talking about? let's vote on all three. >> no. >> jennifer aniston, angelina jolie, you got your, what was the other one? ginger, mary ann, veronica versus betty, karen versus alex. >> can we bring in an attorney on this one, can we get some help on this one. i want to take a look.
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>> exactly. >> will talk about some of the legal issues they have in this couple. here is the thing, all is fine when you're grown up the, squabble, but when you have kids involved, that's when it gets messy involving real people. put on the planet? jen, have you heard this, not so much about cheating with somebody else, it is about custody. >> it is, it is going to be all about the kids. because, they have six kids together, he adopted kids that she already has, so they're his kids, too. and she is saying no physical custody for brad. which is sort of outrageous. because, almost every parent gets to have some type of physical custody of their children. so, we don't know yet exactly why she is claiming this. but, there has been some allegations of substance abuse, anger issues, and maybe it is his unavailability. i mean, she said he is into hollywood, making movies, getting away, and she is her humanitarian effort, taking the kids with her everywhere. maybe it is a question of is he really around for the kids?
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is he going to be there? you know, but his is not like normal couple. they have nannies raising these children probably, and who knows where they even go to school. probably home schooled. so thee kids are used to travel back and forth. we'll have to see what really happens. but if he's interested, it seems to me that he's going to get time with those kids and she won't be able to prevent him from getting physical custody. >> i know you said it was outrageous that she is trying to get sulcus today did i, but is she saying hey i'm concerned about the health of my kids, he has substance abuse problems, anger issues, wouldn't that be enough then to say okay maybe she should have sulcus today did i? >> it has to be pretty extreme though. even people with issues, even people, as long as he hasn't been doing anything to the kids, or endangering them, it is all about the kids best interest. and the courts today are really all about both parents being involved, as much as possible, with their kids. let's face it, here we have always probably third parties involved. they're probably nannies with these kids a lot of the time
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who can help supervise any time that the parent have the kids. >> it sound like she doesn't want him to be alone with them? >> no, it sounds -- so we have to find out what is behind all of this. there must be some pretty extreme allegations that she's making in order to claim this. we'll fee it holds up. >> i feel every marriage that faults apart, so angry you want to do everything you can to hurt the other person, i'm going to take the kids. you're not worth having custody, they bat it will out. the talk with being involved in hollywood. what did you think? the biggest star in hollywood. >> and she's pretty big. >> allegations he's not around for the children. what do you expect in you're marrying this person, they won't be different. that's who it is. >> see, they had a difference in parenting styles from what i understand. she is wanted to step back from the spotlight. and say spend more time with the kids, spends more time doing other things other than making movies. let's face it, when he is making a movie, he was in england making this movie, he's gone for a long period of
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time. it is that type of life really best for the kids to have them dragged to movie set in a different country for period of time? is she offering more stability? i mean, these are the things that are going to be discussed. >> no prenup? >> and what custody is ultimately about. >> prenuptial agreement? what have you heard? >> i heard different things. i would be very surprise today find out there is not some type of financial agreement. when you have people that make this type of money, to go into a marriage without any type of understanding of how things would be divided in the event after divorce would be a big mistake. but we have seen it before. stars don't always have prenups, don't always do the smart thing. so i feel like the financial issues will be sort of in the background here, because as i said they both make so much money. but i heard you talk about support before. even though she is not asking for spousal support, if she does have primary custody of the kids, child support will be a big issue. he makes a loft money. so you can expect that he is going to be paying out a lot
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for those kids, to support those kids. >> megan in the control room where are you getting this? officially no prenup between those two. >> officially no prenup. we'll see what happens. it doesn't mean they didn't work out something or not able to work out some kind of financial agreement even if there was not a prenup when they got married. >> our attorney jen -- >> mary ann originner? >> i'm a mary ann? >> we always want to be both. we want to be like girl next-door. but you want to think you're something, right? >> mike, mike, what do you think? mike? >> oh, you're ginning nerve my mind. >> thank you, jen. >> guys, you want a little bit of both. >> we get it. >> you do? >> no, i mean, because you said this already. >> old expression, you want one thing in the daytime, one thing in the nighttime. >> in the streets and in the -- ya. >> sheets and streets?
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okay. kidding me. >> you know, alex, give me your unhappy with me look. you have a tendency now to do this. that's it. that's it. put the computer down so i can see it better. you got it widen out. >> it has to do with the elbow -- >> oh, is that what it is? >> the elbow on your hand. >> that's it. >> rid there. >> at least it is better than the washington officials one. >> that's not what it was, it is more like, come on, mike. >> what? >> and he goes -- that's not what i do. >> do you have an eye roll nerve your life? >> what do you mean? >> avenue eye roll nerve my life. >> who is that? >> who does that? >> people i know. >> oh,. >> who is your specific person? >> no. >> no? oh, no? >> hey, let me tell but there is i found this quite interesting. >> yes, love it.
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>> one author said she is receiving hate mail because of her new book. >> this book is not even out yet. the book's core message is that all women should work so a lot of stay at home mom's are really upset about this. what's her name? >> her name samantha ettis. a guilt free recipe for success and satisfaction, and it says she's never met a woman who was completely fulfilled without keeping her career. she mentions that if a woman is not pursuing her own life goals, her children could become anxious, might have marriage out of balance. she thinks a woman should also keep work to go keep their earning power. >> let me put up the cover of the book again. i always wondered what happened to caitlin ross. >> she is doing great, in washington, found love, very successful. >> does look like caitlin ross. >> stop the sentence with a never met a woman completely happy with everything -- i think that's the truth. never completely happen which whatever our lot is in life. and it is like if you are
9:20 am
working you wish you had more time home with the kids or doing different activities. >> isn't life essentially the pursuit of happiness? isn't that what we try to do, finds that state of happiness? >> true. what i am looking for here in the city of brotherly love is life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. >> and sisterly affection. >> i got an eye roll. >> ya, ya. >> give me a side eye. >> perfect. >> animated face. >> do you. >> the other big marriage the one that devastated me, again because the girl next-door, was jen and ben. when you had ben afleck, and jen garner. i love ben garner. yes. >> talk more about the big break ups and devastating divorce that is have happened. >> the key is never marry a jennifer. >> is that what it is? >> by definition is the girl next-door. >> i want to know this. does this divorce top liz taylor and richard burton? what's the bigger divorce?
9:21 am
>> hum. >> and we are still talking about the happiest song in the world. someone suggested this one. you can't go wrong with franky beverly and me, right? >> no. >> what do you think of this one? this was suggested by malcolm young. good suggestion, malcolm. i like this one. >> it does make me happen. >> i every time i hear this do you have get on the dance floor. yes, do you have two step. >> you know what makes me happy? giving away money. you can get some cash. giving away 500 bucks every night this week. so easy to do. all do you have do is listen for the special word. tonight it will be during lethal weapon runs tonight at 8:00. code word. take that go to you can win 500 bucks. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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he's a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot. donald trump is a phony, a fraud. he's not a serious adult. i can't vote for donald trump given the things that he said. trump should not be supported. i believe he's disqualified himself to be president. i just cannot support donald trump. >> that created fire storm on twitter, strong choose between -- all right. let's stir it up little bit more. so we had to choose between jennifer aniston and angelina jolie, or ginger and mary ann,
9:25 am
or veronica and betty oral ex and karen. girl next-door. glamor queen. karen? >> i'm painting with a broad brush. >> i mean, it is also, you snow. >> what are you talking about? >> you know, what, ages makes no difference. >> age nothing but a number karen? you're both beautiful. >> thank you, mike. >> on twitter: hey mike, i saw them watch you. thank you. >> wise man already. >> but this morning, you're on point. i will choose alex, blonde or not, karen seems to be one of those controllers. >> this does not even exist. >> does he exist? >> anyway, keep the voting going. >> you are not doing this. >> too late now.
9:26 am
>> two faces out of the tube. so, i started thinking about this. angelina jolie, the reaction from everybody in the news room yesterday was huge. but is it the biggest hollywood divorce of all time? i still say there is one above it. let's go through some of them. i think this trump's nicole kidman and tom cruise, don't you? bigger than them. >> oh, i remember when they broke out. oh, that was kind of big. and. >> yes, yes. >> and that was so weird, then him jump on the couch with the other girl, katie holmes, the other one total girl next-door, katie home, because you're like the girl next-door. >> yes, girl next-door. nicole kidman, tom cruise, remember. >> what about when bobby brown and whitney houston divorced. that was big. but i don't think they trump as big as they were, does it trump brad and ankley? >> and then a shocker. when tiger woods got divorced it wasn't so much the divorce, almost had to do that, it was all of the allegations with
9:27 am
all of the different women. >> coming up all the time. >> and another 14, and another one, and it was like -- >> there was a woman for every hole in the golf course, remember that, there were 18 women? oh, my goodness. this is way back in the day. sonny and cher, look like they would be together forever. >> i was devastated by this one. i got you babe. i used to watch that show, family variety all the time. >> yes. >> oh, captain and ten eel. >> they're divorced in. >> they got separated. >> i forgot about that. >> that didn't trump brad and angie. i still say number one but i'm older, elizabeth taylor and richard burton. they always were fighting. and yet the passion was there. they married, they divorced. they married again, they divorced again. >> were they the ones that on the set of cleopatra, they were like they're not acting because they were like -- >> oh, mad. cat on hot tin roof. that will was marilyn monroe,
9:28 am
never minds. >> but marilyn brando, wasn't with him. >> oh,. >> hold on, hold on. >> i think that's right. >> with a was the name of the movie? >> cleopatra. what happened was, i thought it was just maybe -- i may be wrong, correct me people, but she was having an affair with somebody, and like the director was like they're not acting. like all over each other. like that passion is the real passion of what was going on. >> the apps were flying all over. okay, so the ladies of the real, i know just beating this angie and brad thing to death. give me one more segment, okay? because i want to hear the very talkative, brilliant, women of the real. they join us live. anal next. >> it was elizabeth taylor and paul newman. >> oh,. >> cat on a hot tin roof. >> the real is next. ♪
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the tweets are still coming in here. okay karen you are vaulting to the lead. come behind nick says i have within a fan of karen, sorry, alex, but you do have a cute quality. okay. >> brian schmidt, not that alex holley isn't beautiful, but i have been in love with karen since the beginning of the show. >> well, go karen, go, girl. >> karen. >> thank you, women over 40, appreciate you. >> well, the realize back on third season. love the show. watch it every day. we wanted to weigh in. by the way, they have a new game where they call the claw, let's look at it there. >> giant version of the classic arcade style claw game where you are the claw. >> applause. >> oh, high gosh. >> okay. by the way, guys, this bin you
9:33 am
see we have filled it with $50,000. >> okay. so hold on a second i love this game. how do i get dipped, lonnie, why don't you start. >> well, when you see it, you have to say the claw. the hand movement and everything. >> we all want to get dipped actually. >> yeah, maybe by the even of the season. >> how do you get dipped is this you have to be in our live studio audience. >> and then what happens. >> you have to grab as much money as you can in a certain amount of time. >> the first girl got $1,500. >> she had a really good method. >> she did. >> she locked into it like i hand and didn't let go. >> i will pay to see you in it. >> yes. >> come to the studio. >> i would stuff it down my pants. >> is that allowed. >> that is allowed.
9:34 am
>> it would be a lot to stuff. >> a lot of room there. >> okay. >> mike and i go back a long way. >> a long way. >> a long way. >> so that she knows something. >> very long, so to speak. >> here's the thing, while we have you here, we need to talk about it today, brad and angie, lonnie, because we go back so far, are you a jen fan or angie fan which team are you on. >> first of all, i was surprised at that announce. i was not expecting that at all. i just did a hoff i with jennifer aniston, mothers day, i got to know her. i'm sure she's popping bottles somewhere, sure. >> but then again she's reharried, and moved on. >> she has moved on. >> they are probably so far separated from the whole situation. anybody as a would hand you feel for other women in any situation. it is a is in place to be when
9:35 am
you get to that maturity where you're like i'm so passed that. >> you can move on and still have that feeling of yeah, i told you so. >> yes. >> there is that. >> i probably think that she doesn't even want her name to be involved in. >> exactly. >> but it is bringing it back. >> it will be involve. they have 23,000 kids. that is the sad part. we want to make sure that the kids are taken care of. so, they have got plenty of money between the two of them brad and angelina. everybody will be okay. the especially the black one, okay. >> vietnamese one. >> yes. >> what team are you on. >> i'm on team women. i think that they probably can have conversations together and say i know girl, right. i don't know, i think that angelina has come up, and i could have warned you, i don't know. >> i'm a man but i love
9:36 am
watching your show. >> it is so good. >> thank you. >> we love our real men. >> we do. >> we love philadelphia, you guys have always been there since day one, we're going to have a great season three, mike. we are doing so many things for our fans, we have a wonderful give away, it is call the fantastic give away. >> fantastic. >> fantastic. >> fantastic cash give away. >> we're giving away $10,000 every week to a deserving women in need in the month of september. >> month of president is. >> incredible. >> first one, make or break. >> yes. >> we're always crying. >> yes. >> we will have $500 daily, that we're giving away to fans if they watch this show. they look for the real word of the day. they can win five, you can get it, mike. you say you watch it every day. >> you better tell them, lonnie. >> pay attention to that word of the day, the winner could be you, mike. >> you.
9:37 am
>> just saying. >> listen to this we will be watching at 11:00 o'clock this morning right here from philadelphia. >> see you you then. >> we can't wait. >> love you alex. >> thank you, lonnie. >> love you guys. >> bye guys. >> you know who i kind of like on there is jeanie. >> you said that. >> they are all great. >> yes. >> i love the show. >> that adrian she used to date rob kardashian, who is she dating now. >> she's engaged. >> she's engaged. >> engaged in paris, fabulous. >> tameras married to one of our collogues, adam. lonnie, is she involve. >> i don't think so. >> is jeanie engage. >> jeanie is married. >> okay we will move on from there. we set up this happy song. survey from the university of missouri that says it is happiest song right now in 2016. >> um-hmm. so we will figure out what that is because this was determined by science and it is not this one.
9:38 am
they are saying this one but not this one. >> that is a happy song. >> we will tell you next.
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for senate, katie mcginty will stand up to the big oil polluters. she'll work to protect our air and water and make us a leader in clean energy jobs. and millionaire pat toomey? he's for the big oil polluters.
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toomey voted to protect twenty-four billion dollars in tax breaks for oil companies. and they've given toomey seven hundred thousand dollars in campaign contributions. pat toomey: he's not for us. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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9:45 one. >> does this song brighten your mood no matter what you are going through or going through. group of researchers at one of the best universities out there, university of missouri, my own school, he went to a rival school, they say that this happy song. we have been asking you guys, giving us all suggestions but this one is it, are you ready? it is don't stop me now by
9:42 am
queen. >> ♪ >> you have to admit, queen, a unique group, when they had freddie. >> phenomenal. >> just looking at this video, the talent, the voice, excitement, good looking, just off the charts. he had so many good songs. >> the university of missouri came up with a happiness formula. this is how they are wasting your money and time at the university of missouri. >> it is not a waste. if you find something that will make me happy, i want to hear it and know hate is. it is headaching the world better, mike. >> really. >> yes. >> two thirds of the people they have in that survey, 23rd voted for that song.
9:43 am
>> dj espy who watches the show if it is not queen can't stop me now i forever quit music. >> you cannot stop music, can't quit it. >> is what happiness formula, what was the quotion. >> at the university of missouri, probably one of the main aspects of the survey was alcohol. >> what is that supposed to mean. >> at least we are doing studies what are you doing chilling on the cornfields. >> it is wheat in kansas, wheat fields. >> whatever. >> and in fact when they score a touchdown at university of kansas students get up and they wave their hand like this. >> like amber waves of grain. >> megan, see if you can find scoring a touchdown at university of kansas football, you will be impressed. >> it sound so impressive. >> touchdown jesus, notre dame. you are fascinated by university of kansas lets talk about big event tonight, it is empire on fox.
9:44 am
>> that is a big event. jen is so excited. season three premiere, it has finally come. >> yes, be quiet they are saying it is about time. they say we have a super hot i guy before. the question is what do they want to do after all of this? where is he helpedded? what is he doing? we will talk about it when we come right back. >> you better be here today after tomorrow we do this every year since 9/11. we love doing it. seven to 10:00 a.m. fourth and market we are shutting down market street. bring a picture of somebody serving in the military from your family,. lets go to the university of kansas now, wheat fields, blowing in the win after they score a touchdown. >> it is like a white out at penn state. >> dramatic and artistic. >> sure. >> look at that, it is a wave that they don't know had they are doing.
9:45 am
>> please leave me alone. >> i'm not advised, texas a and m you know what they do have after a touchdown. >> i don't know. >> they kiss. >> they just scored.
9:46 am
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season three, yas, checking out, talking about empire season three. we are hearing about the first three minutes, jen. >> they are must see. all kind of new music. we will get to that in a minute. there are many, many rumors about empire, about this season, my favorite rumor is that lee daniels, director from radnor high school has already been writing a spin off. >> spin off. >> yes. >> are you in? >> i would hope so but i don't know. >> okay. you are doing modeling. >> yes. >> what is the next like you are doing music, you are doing modeling. >> true collision russell westbrook. >> huge. >> love it. >> you are doing new addition. >> yes. >> bell, b iv, davo, working on my movie syringer where i play a track runner. >> what is next thing you want to do. >> movies, movies, movies. >> and not just movies, he wants the blockbuster.
9:49 am
he is from philly. will smith is from philly. will has become not only his hero but mentor. will invited yas to the set when they were filming his hoff i. >> i went to the set and seen him making that. >> you did. >> yes. >> him just shooting the lasers, came out from doing that and went to talk to me about new addition. he said see, guys, you could be doing stuff like this one day, and i'm looking at him, oh, my god. i'm like, this is real. he said yes, this is how it goes down on big production movies. i was just like, that is something i want to do for life. >> for people that don't know philadelphia flash card will smith history, charlie is with will and you are with charlie. >> yes. >> i mean that is huge. >> yes. >> so this is who we're talking about his name is
9:50 am
charlie mack. he is flat feet, 8 feet tall as you can see right there. he is guy behind the annual charlie mack party for peace celebrity weekend, they have it every year, will smith has come in. there you see, me at party as well. charlie mack is the man, one of the reasons elton brand came here and now, yas, he is working with charlie. charlie is his manager. it is an amazing opportunity for him. he is ready to be the next will smith ladies and gentlemen. >> why not. >> thanks, jen. speaking of music and empire that is why we love the show. it has great music. you find yourself listening the next day. what if i told you music will never be the same as we get ready, we will tell you what is going on here but there is new people coming in, they are working stuff and you might recognize their work. all is not lost. >> no. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
9:51 am
9:52 am
i know more about isis then the generals do. john mccain, a war hero. he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country? i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, built great structures. i've had tremendous success, i think... those are sacrifices?
9:53 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
9:54 am
one. quote of the day on twitter. >> what doesn't kill you gives awe rot of unhealthy coping mechanism and a really dark sense of humor. >> there is my life right here. i will turn that around, in fact, i ebb joy sitting by myself tonight watching empire. >> are you by yourself. >> probably. >> i will be too. it doesn't matter. i'm a big fan. one of the great things of empire is hughes i can. you though popular songs from empire. hit it. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
9:55 am
>> ♪ >> remember, he was saying boom, boom, boom, boom after that song came out. >> if you didn't know, you should know timber land is the hand behind those, hit songs, a lot of great songs. he is responsible for holy grail featuring justin timberlake and jay-z or madonna save the world. but we can go on and on and on but it is all about to change. he is out. he is out at empire. >> done. >> um-hmm. >> so now, such a big mega producer what will happen. music is a very important part of the show, foulke. so there is two new producers and they are going to try to fill his shoes. question is, can they? why don't we see. producer song writer rodney has signed on to be a producer
9:56 am
of empire and helping him will be esther dean, singer song writer. if you don't recollect knees thighs people and their faces you will definitely recognize their songs like this one, rodney, one of your favorites. >> ♪ >> i love this song. >> i love this song. >> if you don't love this song, michael jackson like you rock my world, i love this song. destiny child say my name, that is a big one. let's get to esther dean. she wrote this one for rihanna. you know this one. >> ♪ >> okay. she wrote for chris brown, nicki menaj and kate i perry's fire works.
9:57 am
>> baby you are a fire work. >> she wrote that. >> it is not like we know what they are doing but if you are still not convinced how about a sneak peak from this episode number one of season number three called free frita and performed by jesse small let. let's listen to it. >> ♪ >> this is slow and mellow. interesting the other ones were so right at you. >> that is from the beginning. >> we will just to have see it in, make sure you watch empire at 9:00. tweet me at alex holley fox 29 and we will do our empire rap tomorrow and discuss all of the big moments. >> nicely done. >> nice. >> tonight is the tonight. >> yes. >> it is last official day of summer too so enjoy today.
9:58 am
>> i should go where. >> where. >> rittenhouse square. >> have a good day. that's why we wanna make sure you won't have to wait on hold. and you won't have to guess when we'll turn up. because after all... we should fit into your life. [ laughing ] not the other way around. [ clock ticking ]
9:59 am
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