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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  September 23, 2016 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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we begin with breaking news this morning out of the burlington county, new jersey with a car crash. dave kinchen is on the scene with a live report coming up. also this morning, protests continue overnight, in charlotte north carolina. a curfew is imposed at midnight. we will tell if you protests remained peaceful. and, an officer is charged. yesterday, we will tell you how family is responding to those charges, of a police involved shooting out of tulsa, oklahoma. and back here at home a man recording police talking to three boys on bikes is setting off a fire storm on social media. why the man ended up inside a wilmington police station.
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good day it is friday september 23rd, 2016. chris murphy has morning off. we will tell you this it is quiet right now, but that is home because it is early at 4:00 a.m. we're throwing a big party, those streets will be pack, we're celebrating, our servicemen and women. the police join us as we solute the troops for our annual military day. come down to fourth and market there 7:00 to 10:00 a.m. we will shut down entire street and have a big party to honor those men and women who serve our country. so we will see you at 7:00 a.m. if you cannot make it to center city you can participate the in the fun on line, send us your pictures using #fox 29 solutes. okay, sue serio, what is our weather looking like for this friday. >> you know, if i had anything to do with it, i would be so proud of myself, but, forgiving us such a perfect weather day for solute the military day because that certainly helps everybody involved. the in the poconos mountains it is 49 degrees.
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we are chilly up there. we have temperatures in the the 50's to the north of us, trenton, pottstown, reading, allentown. in philadelphia 65. the atlantic city 66. sixty-seven in dover. dew points are down, it is a comfortable morning. calm wind, wind are not causing any problems and wind coming out of the northwest which means dryer air out there. it is, you know, a morning with hardly a cloud in the sky. if you look upright now because it is still dark outside at the moon it looks cool. it is a half moon hanging there in the sky. right now at the airport we have 65 degrees. 6:50 is your sunrise time and we will get to a high of about 88 degrees today this will be a warm one, but it is warmest we'll in a hyle. we will talk about the cool change coming over the weekend, when we bring you, that seven day forecast, coming up, in just a few minutes, and, of course, we will give you the forecast for military day as well, it is today. >> it is today, sue, good morning, everybody.
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4:02. we will begin today with a closure of the blue route. this is a live look at 476, north bound lanes, remain closed, all because of a nasty accident that happened at about 11:30 last night. the call went out for an accident involving a tractor trailer, about four different vehicles, there is video from our news van when we pulled up to the scene last night there was about three cars that were actually wedged underneath one of the tractor trailers, a lot of emergency vehicles on the scene, and a lot of rescue operations underway. now again, blue route closed since last night at about 11:30. there is the backup, so, folks were late getting home last night, that is the reason why. lets come back to my maps computer because right now if you are getting ready to step outside the front door north bound lanes remains closed this accident happened between saint david/villanova and schuylkill expressway. so everybody is push off right
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now, on to route 30, into that villanova, at villanova interchange and then pushed up, back towards the schuylkill. an accident in florence new jersey we will have more in a moment from dave and mass transit looking good. lauren, back to you. breaking news, police in burlington county, new jersey are on the scene of the pretty bad accident there. lets get out to dave kinchen live at the scene with more details, hi there, dave. >> reporter: lauren, we got to the scene here police are keeping us a little bit back. we should say at least they are not letting vehicles drive down this way on front street just past woodlawn. we can tell you that this accident involves at least one vehicle we're told from first responders, that there are two people, unconscious, one was ejected from the vehicle, another person trapped inside the vehicle. we're told at one point emergency chopper was going to fly in but had to turnaround due to fog, that is again what
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the first responders are telling us here. they are working this scene. we don't know exactly how this all happened. this does seem to be a road that i wouldn't call it the a rural road but it is not a main highway, however, this is a very industrialized area as well, and, again, front just past woodlawn we can tell you an accident involving at least one vehicle, two people were told to be unconscious, one person's joked from the vehicle, the the other trapped, inside the vehicle still, trying to find out exactly how all of this came together we will hope to get more information and we will bring it as we get it. back to you. >> dave, we will check back with you, thanks very much. in the south mounting 30 pressure for police to release video of the fatal shooting of the black man in charlotte but city leaders say they will not release it for public to school. protesters marching in the street for third straight night, last night was relatively peaceful compared to the night before. crowd, faced a midnight curfew and national guard troops.
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jennifer joyce joins us from the news room with the breaking development, hi there jenny. >> reporter: we know the family saw the video of his shooting, and they and protesters are calling for it to be released publicly. chief of police say he is not going to do that right now, it will compromise the invest igation. >> release the tape. >> release the tape. >> reporter: for a third straight night protesters took to the streets of charlotte and they were peaceful. a large group attempted to march on to a state highway but were block by police and riot gear backing up local police with members of the the national guard, armed with rifles. also, new last night a midnight curfew enacted by mayor of charlotte police agreed not to arrest anyone for break ago this curfew as long as they remained peaceful. despite several calls from the crowd to release the tape, police chief kerr putany said that won't happen unless there
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is compelling reason to do so. scott's family argues that the man was carrying a book, not the a gun after watching the video, police say it is hard to know for sure. >> you cannot really see what is in his hand, as i said before, you cannot see him making a gesture like pointing the gun which would be much more definitive, that is why the officers received based on everything that we said before, ready to comply with commands and drop weapon and him turning to face officers is a imminent threat and that is why caused everything else to transpire. >> reporter: investigation in the the four three-year old's death is continuing to develop. his family and many supporters in charlotte are continuing to push for answers, as of wednesday, 44 protesters, were arrested for unrulely behavior, one protester was shot and then later died at the hospital. city officials say their police department did not pull the trigger, homicide
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investigation is now underway. lauren. >> jenny, thanks very much. family members of the man killed by police in tulsa, oklahoma say that they are grateful an officer has been charged. betty shelby the officer who fired the fatal shot now faces first degree manslaughter charges. the prosecutors say shelby quote reacted unreasonablely during last from it's encounter. "fox news"'s patricia starks has more from new york. >> reporter: officer is charged in the shooting death of an unarmed black man in tulsa, oklahoma after outrage from the community, following the release of the police videotape. shown 40 year-old terence croucher had his hand in the air. >> in the matter of the the death of terence croucher i determined that the filing of the felony crime of manslaughter in the first
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degree gives tulsa police officer betty shelby is warranted. >> reporter: protesters had been peaceful in the wake of death. while croucher's family is satisfied by the district attorney's announcement they are saddened by his loss. >> while we are please todd learn that the officer who senselessly killed my beloved twin brother will face criminal charges for her reckless act we understand that nothing will bring him back. >> reporter: officer bet the eye shelby was on her way to the domestic violence call last week when she saw croucher's car in the middle of the road. police had originally said she fired her gun after he tried to reach into his car. >> we knew if they did their job and presented the evidence fairly and transparently to the d.a.'s office, that officer shelby had to be charged. >> reporter: croucher's twin sister wants to break chains of police brutality. >> our goal now as a family is to ensure that this never happens to another innocent citizen. >> reporter: tells police department is working with officer shelby to turn herself into authorities f convicted
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she faces between four years and life in prison n new york, patricia starks, "fox news". president obama speaking out about recent police shoot initial north carolina and oklahoma when asked about the the relationship between police and the african hearn community. >> i mean it is important to separate out the pervasive sense of frustration among a lot of african americans about shootings of people, and justice is not always, you know color blind. the way we change the system requires us to be able to reach out and engage the broader american community. that requires being peaceful. that requires being thoughtful about whatever specific reforms you're looking for. over hemming majority of the
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people hoff been concerned about police community relations doing it the right way every once in a while. >> i think young people... >> president obama believes majority of the people hoff been concerned about police community relations are doing it the right way. he said every once in a while you see people doing it the wrong way. in montgomery county police are investigating a tragic accident that shut down route 422 in upper providence. two people were rush to the hospital after being hit the by a car last night. sky fox over the scene between township line road and route 29, last night. crews shutting down the area for several hours while they cleared the scene. the investigation ongoing. no further information has been released including the condition of these victims. the search is on for killer in delaware county. police say a man brutally murdered his estranged girl friend three two-year old natasha gibson right in front of her friend's home just yards from the yeadon police station. sadly this happened on bain
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road on 3:00 a.m. thursday morning. a man by the name of michael epps is called as a person of interest. >> we have recovered what we believe the murder weapon is. we have recovered the victim's property and at the this point here we are aggressively looking for this individual to question him. >> the victim's throat was slashed. police say the suspect was also cut in the struggle so bad in fact that investigators followed a trail of blood from the murder scene for nearly a mile, through three jurisdictions and it ended near 58th and cobbs creek parkway. natasha gibson's purse found on the roof of the nearby building. next, with distrust between some police department and the communities they serve grabbing headlines this week officers in camden are working to build bridges. we will tell what you they are doing. investigators have questions after a car explosion and fire in north philadelphia, what the man inside that car, says happened.
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we are getting ready for our big celebration right outside the fox 29 studios, already setting up, streets already block off. we're throwing a big party celebrating our servicemen and women. please join us as we solute troops for our annual military day. come on down to fourth and market, be here at 7:00 but we will be here until ten. we will shut down the entire street and have a big party. don't forget if you cannot make it down send us your pictures using the #fox 29
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solute. okay sue i have on my blue, white, red lips and you have your red lips and red dress. >> that is right, i got the red, you got the blue, white. we are all covered. i thought we would do the forecast pain just got up brushing your teeth and getting ready to join us between 7:00 and 10:00. yeah, we have 68 degrees in the first hour, and then we inch into the 70's and then sun gets brighter. 75 degrees between 9:00 and 10:00. it looks like a pleasant morning. nice out there right now. it will warm up but not until later on. but that will be it for a while. we will have a dramatic drop in temperature as we head in the first week end of autumn from the upper 80's today in the 70's and then by sunday lower 70's, and then getting maybe a little bit better. more seasonal after that. look at sunday morning up in the pocono mountains some temperatures will be in the 30's, 40's in our northern and western suburbs. we will be around 50ish early in the morning on sunday, perhaps if you start to
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tailgate really early down at the link's then 40's in the south jersey suburbs and central delaware, 50's sunday morning, at the shore, so, i thought we would prepare you now you what is happening there. no rain to show you on ultimate doppler radar. lets get to you that seven day forecast. upper 80's and that is it for warm temperatures. we will give you a ten for tomorrow because it is seasonal with some cloud and sunshine, 76 degrees, and then it is chilly, on sunday morning as we just told you 70 . slight chance of showers, tuesday into wednesday, but we will stay in the 70's, as we head into early next week. so, bob kelly, we have a lot of problems already this morning. >> yeah, big major accident, actually happened last night, starting us off with a closure. here's a live look at the blue route, all northbound lanes of 476, closed at saint david, this is what it looks like right now but lets role video from the news room when we arrived to the scene last night.
4:18 am
two tractor trailers, about four to five vehicles, all collided on the blue route just north of saint david, right before the schuylkill expressway. so since last night, at 11:30, no traffic has been permitted northbound, we are backed up for miles right after the crash happened folks needed to be rescued cars struck under the tractor trailer. that is what it looked like last night. lets come back to the maps because as we head out to the front door all northbound traffic, forced off, at the saint david villanova interchange, and from there, you can take king of prussia road to matsonford road and that will get you back to the conshohocken interchange where blue route and schuylkill all come together. so be ready for detours. there is no eta when they will open up the northbound lanes. we're still shut down here in center city. vine expressway between schuylkill and broad looks like they have started to trickle with some cars coming through. hopefully that is good news as
4:19 am
we start our friday. as lauren mentioned in the last break there that nasty accident last night on 422, that caused havoc during the evening rush hour, all lanes are opened, this morning, on the eastbound side and westbound side on 422, out there near collegeville and get ready for that within lane pattern the on the lincoln drive southbound between green and wayne, lauren, back over to you. philadelphia police are looking for this man they say he assaulted a woman as she boarded a septa bus. thirty he lease say man walked up to the 46 year-old woman from behind as she stepped on to the bus at broad and south street. when she turns around, the man ran away. police are calling the incident a indecent assault and they are not sharing any other tea tails. a hit and run in bucks county yesterday leaves a 31 year-old man dead, police say driver hit buckingham township resident on the 5700 block of route 202, around 4:00 o'clock. the authorities found the 59 two-year old driver nearby in new hope boro. police took her to doylestown
4:20 am
hospital for further investigation no word if she will face charges at this time. bomb squad spent hours in north philadelphia, after a car exploded, early thursday morning with a man inside. cell phone video shows the fireball near the corner of dauphin and cleveland streets after 5:00 a.m. the man was able to get out of that car without any serious injuries, he told police that someone threw something inside of his ford focus which caused the explosion. police are still trying to get to the bottom of what happened but they do not the think a bomb was involved. >> when we came outside the car was on fire and it started exploding, exploding, and then he said i got burnt, i got burnt. we called the ambulance. >> the victim was taken to temple university hospital and released last night. happening right now in camden, officers trying to build bridge was their neighbors and camden county police department is using smart phone technology to connect with their community. our bruce gordon explains how
4:21 am
that same technology can also be used to fight crime. >> reporter: camden county police join members of the cities troubled park side neighborhood, to drum up support for a new smart phone app designed to overcome residents fears of timing off cops to criminal activity. says block capped towand a jones. >> if you have to live here you will be fearful of retaliation. >> reporter: next door allows police to send targeted crime alerts to specific neighborhoods and allows residents to tip off cops without everyone and their brother knowing bit. >> more eyes we have looking, more people we have, talking to each other, the more that we can connect the neighborhood and better off we will be. >> reporter: so police spent this night passing out leaflets urging residents to sign up for next door, to open up a dialogue away from prying eyes and ears between cops and the community that they serve. >> would this make you more likely to reach out to the police if you knew not everybody in the block would know bit. >> yes, um-hmm, that way i don't have to worry about me
4:22 am
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good morning i'm sean bell. eagles dealt with sub par over rated quarterbacks this year but on sunday they are dealing with one that is the best ever to do it. ben roethlisberger and future hall of fame shore gets better with age. in the first two games he has thrown for nearly 600-yard and six touchdowns, big, mobile, accurate and there is nothing that he has not seen so far. defense knows this guy will be hard to stop. >> they have got an answer for everything that they do with the ball coming out quick and then he is physically just a big person. so you have to get a hold of him, really. you will not he will slide you off if you getty harm on to him or hit him you have to get all of him. could phillies and mets in the 11th inning bottom of the 11th, odubel herrera just slams that ball, out of the right field. they were up eight to six. before that the mets win
4:26 am
nine-six. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. a third night of protests in charlotte after a curfew is imposed, the crowd is pushing for police, to release video of tuesday's fatal shooting why the police chief says that is not going to happen. but first dave kinchen, good morning to you. good morning to you. we are in florence township, new jersey, a very bad accident, here overnight, we will tell you what we know about the accident and the victims after the break.
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police are investigating a crash so bad one person is hospitalized after being thrown from the car, latest details coming up in a live report. mayor of the north carolina's largest city is imposing a curfew after three nights of protest over a black man killed by police this is as officialness charlotte are refusing to relief video of the deadly shooting. a man's recording a police talking to three boys on bikes is setting off a fire storm on local media, why the man ended up inside a wilmington police station. good day it is friday, september 23rd, 2016, chris murphy has morning off but that doesn't stop the party because we will have one anyway right outside our studios here at fourth and market, today, we are celebrating our servicemen and women. join us as we solute the troops for annual military day. come on down as early as 7:00 until 10:00 o'clock to honor those men and women.
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if you cannot make it down to the party participate in our fun on line and social media send us military pictures using #fox 29 solutes. okay sue serio what is the military day forecast. >> it looks good, this morning, first of all, no rain, and that is always first word when we plan a day like this but not only that it is not too humid out there. we have 49 degrees in the the mountains. fifty's to the north of us. we are in the mid 60's here in the city and it will stay that way throughout the morning inching in the 70's as day goes along. 67 degrees down in wildwood, that rain that we're seeing down to the south is further south thankfully and in the city at airport we have 65 degrees with the 5-mile an hour breeze out of the north/northwest, humidity 81 percent but not uncomfortable at all. ten of 7:00 is your sunrise time now, and we have our autumn warmth yesterday with the high of 86 degrees, and today will be right up there
4:31 am
again. here's the great down of the day. first hour of the military day party upper 60's. about 73 degrees. warming up in the mid 70's by nine to 10:00 o'clock hour. hopefully you are planning to join us at fourth and market street. we will get to a high eventually of 88 degrees. and then our big chill, coming over the weekend, we will talk about that coming up in the seven day forecast, bob kelly, i have got some socks on sale, the other day, look at you. >> yes,. >> very exciting. >> the pile of coupons you have over there on your desk. >> 4:31. tgif. not a good start for folks using blue route. 476 is closed right here near saint david, lets role video when we arrived on the scene last night this multi vehicle accident. police say five to six vehicles involved plus a tractor trailer. look at how cars are mangled, one car underneath the tractor trailer. this happened at 11:30 last night on the blue route
4:32 am
northbound just north of the saint david/villanova interchange. look at the traffic jam that was created last night right after the accident occurred. now lets go to the happens, if you are getting ready to step outside the front door this morning blue route still closed northbound, they are pushing all traffic off at saint david, light volume at the moment but that is quickly going to change. use king of russia road to matsonford road and that will get you back to the conshohocken interchange. is there an nasty extent in florence, new jersey. dave will give us more. we are soluting the troops out here outside our studios market street closed between third and fourth and, of course, septa buses will be detoured throughout the morning as well. lauren, back over to you. breaking news overnight police in burlington county new jersey on the scene of the really bad accident. dave kinchen is also on that scene and he brings us much more, hi there, dave. >> hi there lauren. i got off the phone with dispatchers trying to get an update here on front street just past woodlawn.
4:33 am
we will show you everything that is going on here, authorities are keeping us a little bit of the distance away. we know there is at least one vehicle involved in this crash, we're told two victims are unconscious, one was ejected from the vehicle, the other trapped, we are told crew is still trying to deal with the situation and get in. at one point they were going to fly a emergency chopper in but we were told by dispatch that they had to pull back because of fog. i'm not the sure if that has change weather-wise in this immediate area, again one vehicle involve in the crash on front just past woodlawn in florence township, two victims unconscious, one's joke from the vehicle the other trapped, we are told, so, efforts underway to deal with that situation, of course, you do see the tarp on that vehicle as well. we are trying to get update on the condition there. we will send it back to you. dave, thanks for the update. in the south mounting pressure for police to release video of the fatal shooting of the the black man in charlotte
4:34 am
but city leaders say they do not plan to release it for public to see. protesters marching in the streets for third straight night last night was relatively peaceful compared to the night before. crowds faced a midnight curfew and national guard troops. similar scene in dallas just one of the many rallies being held across the nation in the wake of the deadly police shootings in charlotte and tells a they are calling for justice. fox 29's jennifer joyce joins us from the news room with the breaking developments. >> reporter: good morning, lauren. community is crediting midnight curfew and support from the national guard to keep protest peaceful overnight. for a third straight night protesters took to the streets of char lot. >> release the tape. >> reporter: peaceful but with purpose, protesters are calling on police to release the video of tuesday's fatal shooting of four three-year old keith lemont scott, the black man was shot by a black police officer. police say they thought he was carrying a gun. the his family says he was
4:35 am
holding a book. police chief kerr putany said the video will not be released unless he thinks is there compelling reason to do so. chief says it is not most definitive piece of evidence. it is hard to make our what scott was holding on to. some protesters who marched in the early morning hours said they were glad that things remained peaceful. they think violence escalated yesterday after a protester was shot during the chaos, on wednesday. and ultimately killed. >> the biggest thing that happened yesterday i think was the killing, the shooting that happened and i think that really spark off different things and emotions in people yesterday. >> we have to stand up for what we believe in. if we don't stand here our kids will have to stand here just like our grandfather and ancestors stood here. people have to do it in the right way. >> while the investigation into the four three-year old's death is continuing to develop, police say so too is the investigation into a protester's death, 44 protesters were arrested for
4:36 am
unrulely behavior, one protester was shot and later died at the hospital. that is 26 year-old justin car, he was pronounced dead last night after suffering a gun shot wound during the riots. city officials say the shooting was not at the hand of one of their police officers. at this point it is unclear who fired that fatal bullet. national guard members are providing the charlotte police department with added support as they deal with several breaking developments in this case, lauren. >> jenny joyce, thanks very much. in tulsa, oklahoma prosecutors have now charged the police officer who the shot and killed an unarmed black man during a traffic stop. investigators say officer betty shelby opened fire on terence croucher on friday. authorities wrote an affidavit that shelby quote reacted unreasonablely during that stop. she faces first degree manslaughter charges. video shows croucher walking away from officers with his arms in the air.
4:37 am
donald trump taking philadelphia's favorite cheese stake he chose geno's over pat's. trump took a break for a cheese stake at a popular philadelphia spot and he is surrounded by his people there, including his son, eric, standing there in the back. after treating himself republican nominee continued his fight to win battle ground state of pennsylvania. he helped todd chester township for a public rally. former ncaa basketball coach bobby knight introduced trump as he came out to the rocky theme music on stage at sun center studios. trump started his speech talking about recent police involved shootings. he said victims in the the violent demonstrations are law abiding african americans who simply want to raise their children in peace. hillary clinton stayed off campaign trail to prepare for monday's debate. she joke about what trump may wear at that debate, in an
4:38 am
interview she taped with comedian zach. the clinton's running mate tim kaine made a campaign stop in nevada says relations between law enforcement and communities must improve. first lady michelle obama is scheduled to campaign right here in philadelphia next wednesday. 4:38. hundreds of the veterans all over the country are coming together on america's most decorated battleship. boring the why can't it smell like this all the time the learning the virtue of sharing why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun. it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury.
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we're having people coming from as cross the country every four years we have it here on the ship. >> they will come aboard especially fitting that new with so many world war two veterans pass ago way. >> we will read list of the folks hoff passed away last year, jack her hand, world war two. >> commissioned in 1943, may 23rd, 1943, third class gunner mate. brings back a lot of memories. it is like a family then. i didn't realize then but do i now. mostly the guy thaw served with, and how well they have done, to remember old times. >> does it bring back memories come back here. >> yes, it does. >> most decorated battleship in the history of the united states navy. it was in world war two, korea, vietnam, and the persian conflict in the 80's.
4:42 am
>> thank you for coming out, family and friend. >> it is wonderful to bring my family and share the big day. >> we can get right up to broadway, follow me. >> the first time i came as a young 20 year-old aboard the ship it didn't register at the time to see the importance of this wonderful battleship. >> be very careful going down the ladders. >> he served during vietnam. >> we are down by the powder flat. >> all those manual dials what do you want to file, one rifle, do you want to fire all nine. >> check the stacks. >> anybody to help out the military, and returning active members it is not just a job
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we are we's preparing for a celebration celebrating our servicemen and women. joyous as we solute our troops, come on down to fourth and market from 7:00 to 10:00 a.m. we will shut down the entire street and throw a block party to honor those who serve our country. so get here at 7:00 a.m. if you can. we're having people send in their tweets, facebook pictures of their loved ones. this one coming from robert #fox 29 solutes, thanks for send ago this in. this one coming from kathy, my dad on the right, u.s. navy world war two, p.c. 1196. don't forget send us your pictures using the #fox 29 solutes. okay, last year i remember it was beautiful weather day. we are hoping for repeat performance. >> we have achieved there, miss lauren with one more take of summer and amount even though today is the first full day of autumn, high pressure still in control bringing us a clear sky right the now, plenty of sunshine during the day. our low pressure system has
4:47 am
fallen further south but we are getting ready to they're cold front to come through tonight into tomorrow. now, when that happens it will only be cloud. we will not get rain but we will get a big difference in how it feels outside, over the weekend, compared to today. right now we don't have any clouds just yet but you can see them up to the north, in northern pennsylvania, and eventually as we look at the future cast we have a few clouds still lingering the at the shore and in southern delaware from that off shore system, but later on is when we will start to see the clouds fall further south and that will happen tonight into tomorrow morning. quick check of the tropics we have tropical storm karl bearing down on bermuda tonight and tomorrow coming very close. is there the a land of bermuda and project path of that storm. not too much fun for folks there but tropical storm lisa is just where we like our storms, our hurricanes and tropical storms in the middle of the ocean in threat to land at all. kick off forecast for eagles on sunday it will be cool to start right around 70 degrees
4:48 am
and then temperatures falling through the 60's. it will be dark by the time you you are leaving there so bring a fleece to the ballpark, this sunday if you are watching. actually the same kind of goes for temple. it is a noon time game and in the mid 70's. going to the temple game at the link you may be okay, without the a sweater, but it is, of course, we are hoping for victories in both cases and it will stay in the 70's all through middle of next week, bob kelly so enjoy 80's while they rehain. >> sound good, sue, good morning. 4:48. as we get started with a closure of the the blue route 476, all north bound lanes remain closed, between saint david and the schuykill expressway. it all started with an accident last night at 11:30 involving five to six vehicles, a tractor trailer, right now traffic is still forced off on to route 30 which is saint david villanova interchange. now they have not given us a time when they will open this up.
4:49 am
so right the now heading north up into conshohocken up towards the turnpike interchange we have to jump off at route 30, take king of prussia road to math the son ford road and that will put you back at gulph mills conshohocken interchange and you will be able to access roads you need but give yourself extra time, detour here takes you through neighborhood where there is in overhead street lamps and until we get sunlight it will be confusing. hello, dover delaware right outside of dover downs no problems at all as sunnies getting ready to rise over dover and guess where i'm going this weekend. north wildwood, hello to you, irish festival, we had folks heading down the shore yesterday, even though summer is officially over, ensue said it is a big weekend down there in north wildwood and in doylestown this weekend you'll see closure of 313 and swamp road right there at 202, closking that both today and tomorrow for construction project. we're ready to go military
4:50 am
day, one of our favorite days at the fox nine as we shoot the troops. market street shut down between third and fourth. septa will detour buses and come on by and join us on your way to work, maybe take half day, personal day, come out front and join us all morning long, right here in front of our studios on market street between third and fourth. lauren back over to you. bob, thanks very much. come on, let them go, man. come on. no need to do that. >> this video has more than 4 million views on facebook a live stream of the situation he saw on the street corner in delaware. he raised strong objections as police were talking to a group of kid. shawnette wilson has more on why. >> come on man. let them go, man. >> reporter: this video posted by a wilmington man has gotten more than 4 million views on facebook. >> look at this bleep, man.
4:51 am
this is outrageous. >> reporter: he reported it monday when he stepped in after seeing police question a group of young kid on bikes. he can be heard in the video coming to their defense as police question them. >> y'all they didn't do nothing. you don't to have say nothing until your mom comes. >> reporter: today he posted that the wilmington police department was seeking felony charges against him and said authorities came to his house when he was at work n his facebook post he said he would peacefully turn himself in but rally his followers to show up that nothing went wrong. >> we don't want no ferguson, we want to set an example for the nation. >> reporter: this is crowd that turned out in support of flowers who emerged from the police department to cheers. the city leaders and police chief announcing the news they hoped for. >> we will in the go forward with charges on damien flowers as it relates to this incident. there air lot of incidents around our nation that impact our community relations with
4:52 am
the police. we don't need to add fuel to that fire. >> reporter: flowers says he posted the fear because he confronted the officers questioning the children. >> i was in fear of retaliation, i'm a change man and i have come to for report report pastor derek johnson coordinated with police to have flowers turn himself in. >> i feel like he has demonstrated and we have demonstrate that had when we stand together and work together peacefully we can resolve this injustice on for people. >> reporter: asked why flowers stepped in for the children. >> if they were three skateboard instead have the bikes they would have never been approached. they were scared. they were scared. they were afraid. i just wanted to be their voice as an adult. >> reporter: shawnette wilson fox 29 news
4:54 am
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it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. fresco users were out in force at donald trump's event yesterday. trump was this aston for a event with hundreds of people coming out to show their support. the crowd roared as republican presidential candidate came out to the rocky theme. this is all at sun center studios. there was even a rocky statue up there, on the stage. philadelphia native meek buck stopping in bell a vista last night. artist released eighth installment of his series. he hosted book back give away with the help of the sneaker
4:56 am
villa. macy's in center city turns into a runway yesterday evening, attendees got a preview of the spring 2017 collection from his four designers in philadelphia they are part of the year long program at macy's call designers and resident, the collections included women's hand bags, mens contemporary and woman's street wear. when you see news happening, pull out your phone, shoot video and use fresco app, send it to our news room for a chance to be being paid. 4:56. lets toss things over to bob kelly. >> we're still shut down on the blue route all northbound lanes of 476, remain closed, between saint david villanova and the schuylkill expressway. thinks all from an earlier accident that happened last night. we will have tea tours coming up next. jenny, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, bob. this tired news night of protestness charlotte. crowd pushing for release of the video of the tuesday fatal shooting. why the police chief says that is not happening next.
4:57 am
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breaking news an accident shuts down the blue route what you need to necessity right now before you head outside the door. >> the mayor of north carolina's largest city is imposing a curfew after one nights of protest after a black man killed by police as
5:00 am
officialness charlotte are refusing to release video of the deadly shooting. oklahoma officer accused of shooting an unarmed black man in tulsa is facing charges. the what the victim's family is saying in light of the developments. good day it is friday, september 23rd, 2016, chris murphy has morning off, it is military day, check out the side our fox 29 studios, here at fourth and market. the streets are already shut down as we are's preparing for our big party, join us as we solute troops for our annual military day celebration, come down to fourth and market from 7:00 to 10:00 a.m. we will have a big block party to honor these men and women who served and protect our country. we will see you at 7:00 a.m. if you cannot make it, don't feel left out, you can still participate send us your military pictures using the #fox 29 solutes. we have to get over to bob kelly for breaking news this morning, hi there, bob. >> good morning. 5:00 o'clock on a friday and nasty accident that


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