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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  October 21, 2016 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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♪ live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. everyone knows of course hillary's believe it takes a village which only makes sense after all in places like haiti where she's taken a number of them. >> boo! >> a lot of boos to night at a charity dinner in new york city. good evening, i'm lucy noland. one night after the final presidential debate, the nominee sat uncomfortably close together on stage just one cardinal separated the two. then came the remarks. and to say things got awkward is an understatement. >> we've learned so much from wikileaks. for example, hillary believes that it's vital to deceive the people by having one public
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policy and totally different policy in private. that's okay. i don't know who they're angry at hillary you or i? for example, here she is tonight in public pretending not to hate catholics. boo! >> people look at the statue of liberty and they see a proud symbol of our history as nation of immigrants, a beacon of hope for people around the world. donald looks at the statue of liberty and sees a four. [ laughter ] >> maybe a five if she loses the torch and tablet and changes her hair. >> hillary accidentally bummed into me and she very civilly said, pardon me.
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[ laughter ] >> but rudy actually got his start as a prosecutor going after wealthy new yorkers who avoided paying tacks. but as the saying goes, if you can't beat them, go on fox news and call them a genius. [ laughter ] >> so as i've said -- >> all jokes aside, tonight's event raised $6 million for needy children in the catholic archdiocese. also tonight pennsylvania election officials are firing back at trump's claims that the nation's elections are rigged. as the presidential debate last night and again at the rally today, trump said he might not accept the results of the november 8th balloting in he doesn't win. he has call out pennsylvania as state where voter fraud could up end the real results but today's top state official rejected that claim. >> to imply the front is rampant at any level from the precinct
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to al an entire city or state is without merit and lacks any credence or proof within the modern history of elections in this country including this commonwealth. >> trump has suggested philadelphia is a hot bed of voter fraud. earlier this week republican city elections official called those claims irresponsible by the way trump will be campaigning in newtown, bucks county, tomorrow. meanwhile, more problems arise for the clinton campaign. wikileaks just released another 4,000 private e-mails from the account of campaign chairman john pa did he say at a. hacked e-mails reveal a disagreement about holding a clinton summit in morocco she lined up a $12 million commitment from king muhammed the sixth but ended up not goi going. her top aids worried it would harm the launch of her campaign. developing to night unsettling act during one ugly election season. you can watch it happen right here with your own eyes.
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you see this? vandals are doing everything they can to tear down a trump and pence campaign sign in bucks county. that was not an isolated incident. fox 29's jennifer seven tonight on why some say this about a lot more than vandalism. >> it's very degrading to damage somebody else's property for something they believe in. i mean that's our rights as americans. >> reporter: john pawlowski says he showed the surveillance tape to the northampton police department and found out he wasn't the only victim. courtney of richboro says her family's $150 trump banner was also removed from their property tuesday night. >> i was an grow. it's our property. you know, we spent the money on it. took the time to pitt up. >> reporter: shia picked up a more permanent solution and spray pained her family's political views on their front
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lawn. >> i'm trying to raise kids that are not afraid to speak up for what they believe in and that won't be silented by other people. >> reporter: pawlowski says he too was motivated by the vandals. he plans to not only fix the damaged sign in the coming days but also add a second one. >> all they did was really just pushed the bound degrees and make me want to put my beliefs out there more. >> reporter: i reach out to the northampton police department multiple times to see where these investigations stand and if there are more out there. no one from the police department returned our call. reporting from northampton township, jennifer joyce fox 29 news. >> as election day draws closer stay with fox 29 on air and online at for all the latest developments and the race for the white house. you never know what the next day is going to bring. >> um-um. we do know it will get a lot colder soon. another warm fall day in the books but we're not expecting much more of the same. we've been living on borrowed time. meteorologist kathy orr. >> yes.
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mother nature will play a cruel joke over the week and this entire week has been beautiful. do you remember monday? seems so long ago it was 82 degrees. then tuesday was 84. then yesterday we had reporter of 86. and today record of 81 in philadelphia. the average high is 65 degrees. that will be our low temperature tonight, and tomorrow will be transition day. not going to be cool. still a decent day with few more clouds around. you can see right now the poconos 61. allentown 70. reading lancaster 71. philadelphia still 69. so very comfortable out there for mid almost late october. to the northeast, temperatures in the 50s. even southeastern canada and ottawa and quebec 50 degrees is on the mild side. so changes are coming. we do have cold front that eventually is going to move through tomorrow night during the day tomorrow, a few spotty showers. especially along the coastal plain and that's late morning into early afternoon. but most of the activity holds off until friday night. so if you're heading down to the
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linc for the temple game tomorrow night you should be dry going in but showers may be trickling in late tour the end of the game. we may be able to have an entire dry evening and then the rain moves through late friday night overnight into early saturday morning. the front will change everything. we are watching a trough build in the east. this was out west last week now it's coming east and that means chilly air. temperatures that are below average and we're talking wind chills again. take lock at the winds over the weekend we had have a high wind warning because these winds will be gusting saturday to about 40 to 45 miles an hour out of the northwest. by saturday afternoon, 34 miles an hour gusts in philadelphia. and by saturday night, down through south jersey and delaware gusting over 40 miles an hour. so it's going to be a cool day saturday. a windy day saturday. and it will little bit of a shock to the system we talked about a major wardrobe change underway. so for tonight in the city 63 the suburbs 56.
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partly cloudy, some patchy fog. tomorrow's high temperature going for 79. some spots maybing it to 80. so that will be a whole week of 80-degree temperatures. a if you showers but i do think most is going to hold off possibly until the nighttime hours. take look at your seven day. saturday we have the light the night walk. it will be blustery. we just have to bundle up. 59 will be the high. the morning low 53. for the birds better weather. 62 in and less win. monday 65 it cools down again tuesday, wednesday and thursday of next week highs only in the 50s. 80s one week. 50s the next week. >> undecided vote. >> there you go. >> how do you like that. >> i'd like to write in my weather forecast. that's correct. >> happening right now, police are on scene in camden investigating what led to a shooting outside of a bar. officers found a man lying on the ground and they're trig to peace together what exactly happened. fox 29's shawnette wilson is live at the scene. shawnette. >> reporter: lucy, this just
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happened. police wrapped up the scene moments ago. you can see behind me the road is back open. but what we can tell you right now is that the call came to police around 8:30 tonight. they responded to eighth and chestnut streets in camden. they tell us to find a man who had been shot in the chest. they say that he was laying on the corner in front of crystal lounge which right at the corner of eighth and chestnut. at this hour a lot of unanswerad questions. we're waiting to hear what led to the shooting. we don't police have any motive or suspects in custody a man was shot in the chest. we were we believe he was taken to cooper hospital. no word on his condition tonight. lucy. >> thank you very much, shawnette. delaware is a considering a controversial step to stop violence in schools it is considering banning phones. report by state leaders recommending that ban not only apply to students but parents and teachers as well. the state commissioned the study after the death of amy joyner francis. she died after a fight in the bathroom at a howard high school
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of technology last april. a stunt recorded what happened on a phone and the study claims phones aggravate school violence, reaction to the recommendations 96 mixed. >> there's an emergency, whether it's a family emergency or an emergency within school, those children need to have mechanism to reach out to their parents. >> the way the children use the cell phones right now, social media, snap chat, facebook and everything, it might be an idea. i can see it happening. >> the study's author recommend pilot program in at least one school district with the possibility of adding more. a judge has charged four -- cleared four of 22 counts against convicted former congressman chaka fattah. lawyers for if a today argued a supreme court ruling narrowed the definition of bribery. the a jury convicted in june of conspiracy to commit racketeering, male fraud, wire fraud and brain brie. a judge quid agreed to acquit him on four counts.
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his hearing not yet schedule. you may have seen a cloud of smoke near the art museum earlier today. that's where a large group of people have been smoking pot. why many of them say this is about a lot more than getting high. colin kaepernick you know he set off controversy international debate by refusing to stand for the national anth anthem. well, now one jersey lawmaker has plan to make sure other pro well, now one jersey lawmaker has plan to make sure other pro athletes think t why do protein drinks taste chalky? well, now one jersey lawmaker has plan to make sure other pro athletesthen get worse? introducing protein shots from 5-hour energy. protein shots from 5-hour energy are smooth and tasty, and still deliver 21 grams of protein with 100 calories.
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♪ crews have removed small plane that crashed into a backyard in lindenwold, new jersey. plane crashed yesterday afternoon along linden avenue. first responders rescued two men from the wreckage. they're in the hospital. but expected to be okay. the federal aviation administration is investigating. we love our first in the storied city of philadelphia. today, we witnessed yet another. quite a head turner the citi' first pop-up weed garden unfolded in front of the art museum want a scene it was. fox 29's chris o'connell is live at the art museum with more on why active visits held this event. chris? >> reporter: yeah, you can call it philly's biggest pot party. it is now in the books.
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hundreds showing up eakins oval right across the street from the art museum to celebrate the two-year anniversary of the decriminalization of marijuana here in the city of philadelph philadelphia. and you could smell this event for blocks away. more than 250 gathered here for the first ever pop-up weed garden. right now, if you were caught with a small amount of pot it's a civil fine of just 25 bucks. smoking in public will get you a hundred dollars fine. while since decriminalization marijuana arrests have been down nearly 80%. police didn't even bother giving out citations tonight. organizers say this policy is saving millions of dollars for the city and keeping thousands from going to jail. >> very lucky. quite honestly cannabis reform movement is one that has significant victories. seven thus sand fewer arrests is significant victory here in philadelphia. it's one that should be celebrate. >> before 10% of all of our misdemeanor trials were small
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amounts of marijuana that took us away from preparing the gun point robbery cases, the non-fatal shooting cases that we really need to spend more time focusing on. >> reporter: now, philadelphia is among growing list of pennsylvania cities who have decriminalized marijuana. governor tom wolf has already expressed his interest in doing the same thing statewide. lucy. >> we'll see where it goes. thank you very much chris torment perm candidate for mayor of philadelphia just got a ticket for bringing marijuana to the philadelphia international airport. philly police tell fox 29 sam katz had a small amount of pot in his suitcase tsa found it reportedly officers took the marijuana and gave katz a $25 ticket. one new jersey lawmaker introduced a resolution condemning athletes who don't want to stand during our national anthem. state senator mike dougherty slammed 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick and any other athlete who followed his lead. dougherty a former navy officer
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called the protest hypocritical and worthy of condemnation. kaepernick is not standing because of america's treatment of black people and people of color. you see it you shoot it our fresco users are helping us show what is going on in your neighborhood. iain, what's going on tonight? >> press so user snapped a couple of pictures of house fire in king says king neighborhood of the city. the fire broke out this morning along the 5200 block of kingsessing avenue. we don't have any reports of any injuries, but the red cross is helping five people who were forced out of their homes. in north philadelphia elect officials hosting annual golden live senior affair dozens of people took part this afternoon inside the liacouras sent on the campus of temple university. health care providers were on hand at the free event to answer any questions seniors may have had. next time you head to the wells fargo center you'll have another option to grab a bite. fresco user takes us to the ribbon cutting of the new shake shack concession stand the first ever nba and nhl arena to add the burger chain. fans had went to the flyers home
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opener tonight got to enjoy the burgers and fries. when you see news happening be sure to take ought your phone and shoot it and make sure to use the fresco app to send it to our newsroom. >> thank you very much, iain to your health now, healthy lifestyle may lower the odds of colon cancer even for men whose dna puts them at high risk for the disease. british researchers noted certain people face a higher risk of colon cancer because of their genes but through a complex study, they found that if those people lived healthiest possible lifestyle, exercisin exercising,ing right, getting enough sleep, even, they can cut their cancer risks. findings are in the journal genetic of medicine. did you catch per happen the rocky horror picture show earlier this evening on fox 29? perhaps you joined in when the cast danced the time warp. this morning the good day crew just couldn't resist the temptation. take look. ♪
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step to the right, put your hands on your hips, put your knees in tight ♪ >> i just realized jerrick is in hosiery. >> what do you think? did they out dance the professionals the live remake? i think not. sean, please never wear that. >> that was awful. >> that was awful. please never show that again. [ laughter ] >> mike, alex, stop it. please. let's get on to something else. nfl is dealing with another domestic violence issue with one of their players and the league and the team once again dropping the ball. i'm going to tell you what the nfl should be doing in cases like these in my sports commentary. >> an event in center city philadelphia, sean. it a whole lot of money for developmental services for children. so important and guess what? our very enjoys evans attended tonight's giving our children a voice event at the ritz carlton. the non hi-profit ready for
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peace hosted the affair. it raised $150,000. good job.
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♪ sean bell takes on the nfl and whether it's strict enough. his commentary is 15 seconds. ♪ it's clear that the nfl does not know how to deal with domestic violence issues.
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see greg hardy, see ray rice see any domestic violence issue they ever dealt with. now there's messing it up once again. details of giants kicker josh brown domestic violence case come out and now he won't play on sunday. yeah, well guess what? this happened in may 2015 he shouldn't have been playing this whole time any way. only now that the details are out and things look bad, the team finally takes action and does something. josh brown has admitted to doing all these things and seeking counseling much he's currently in therapy but why hasn't the nfl after a million cases developed some type of protocol for these things? players found guilty of these issues should immediately be pulled from plaguing and put into programs before they can ever play again. they should be suspended. then go through classes, therapy, and show genuine remorse before they're allowed to play again. the nfl needs not to only discipline their players but
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properly attempt to make them better men at the same time. what are they doing? lucy? >> hmm. i can answer that question. all right, sean bell. thank you much. rome has no shortage of historic sites art incredible italian food. why are we showing golden arches you ask? the vatican city may just have the golden arches. could it happen. mcdonald's plans to build a new location underneath an apartment complex. home home to seven cardinals inside of saint peter's square. one cardinal is so bad he wrote pope francis saying could do you something. if it goes forward the golden arches could add money to the covers the tune of $30,000. >> bringing down the music business. the pop star took time out of hissy at tell concert to blame the streaming sights for crushing plans for a sequel to 2011's watch the thrown. that was west's hit album with
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j. jay seem. hundreds gathered to in it at the camden aquarium to benefit youth in the city and our very own -- kathy orr was the event -- look at through. this was great. >> tell me about it in it was 12th din are in honoring the city's mayor dana redd who's fantastic. just a great commitment to helping the children of cam. >> i love that. >> five kids got scholarships. $1,000 scholarships towards college them do great work and train them for unbelievable jobs and the kids are learning code. they're high schoolers. it's amaze wagon they're doing. >> i love it. it's really great. >> i'm an under achiever clearly. >> stop. >> we're back at 4:00 a.m. for your fox 29 morning news. sue serio and bob kelly will
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people look at the statue of liberty and they see a proud symbol, donald looks at the stat the you of liberty and sees a four. >> this is first time ever, ever, that hillary is sitting down and seeking, to major corporate leaders, and not getting paid for it. >> nearly 24 hours after the debate hillary clinton and donald trump are at it again, this time at catholic charity event, mood lighter but they still went toe to toe we have most memorable lines there both candidates. back here at home. >> you have a mechanism to reach out to their parents. >> new school recollect hen days could leave students in delaware disconnect why officials want to ban cell phones and what parent think of that


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