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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  November 2, 2016 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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>> it could become a little bit frustrating. >> yep, here we go again. day two of the septa workers strike leaving hundreds of thousands of people scrambling to figure out how to get around the city. the alternate route you need to know before walking out the door. >> plus the eagles may also be thinking about a contingency plan, as well, after one of their wide receivers arrested in new jersey, why josh huff was pulled over by police, what they say they found inside his car. >> bill cosby back in court, the crucial ruling that could change the course of the comedian's case. that story and all of the latest details straight ahead. >> good day everybody, we are halfway through this week he can this is tumultuous one, it is wednesday, it is november 2nd. thank you for waking up early with us.
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gang's all here. >> look at us. >> good morning, bob, good morning, sue. >> good morning. >> yes, yesterday was tough one, wasn't it? >> not only was it tough for the morning, it was tough for the afternoon. >> and were you pulling double duty so asking people if they have any questions for you, were you great answering all of the questions. >> because i am tired of answering my cell phone, people are calling me non-stop. let's have a segment and have everything live on tv. tweet us please, use our hashtag fox 29. use being septa. >> fox 29 septa. >> and bob will be answering your questions. >> good questions, not, you know, what time are we serving breakfast or what time are we getting our refunds or anything like that. we'll help you through it all today. >> and a lot to answer. also, talking about the weather forecast, weaver some good news. >> another good one today, yes. but bob is first. >> all right, we'll have that in just a momentment it is day two of the septa workers strike as we mentioned, this was the scene last night as ticket ers bundled upholding out for new contract, buses,
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subways, trolleys, all remain part, forcing thousands of people to continue to search for alternate rides to work, school and appointment, and whole lot more. >> let's get right over to bob with a check whatever the latest is on the septa strike, what we're dealing with right now. bob? >> gang, good morning, 4:02, here we go, rounds two. what's not running? the city buses and trolleys are still parked. no market frankford line. and no broad street subway same deal as yesterday, what's running, all of the regional rails, yesterday we average about 60 minute delays throughout the entire day. norristown high-speed line is operating, suburban lines, trolley routes, outside the city are operating, they have separate contract not impacted at all by the work stoppage, paratransit, lucy loop running as well. be ready for today, checklist, the crowded platforms, we saw yesterday. saw it last night. be ready for that this morning. get your ticket in advance. septa will be collecting tickets before you board the
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train. no carbon the trains, no getting on, you won't be able to get on the train unless you have that ticket in advance. and try for the flex hours, even septa said yesterday, they thought that that would probably be your best bet, if you can push your start time until after say 9:30 or so, i think you'll be in good shape. you got the flat rate in the parking garages, $10 for ten hours. down here in center city. and outside we go to early morning closure of the schuylkill expressway, all westbound lanes are blocked, from university into center city, because after overnight construction project. they should be out of here by about 5:00 a.m. and what's it look i can like for another wednesday morning septa commute, sue? >> looks like the weather is not going to give you any problems, so at least there is that. take a look at the number of the day, once again a ten. yes, this will be even warmer than we were yesterday. so, we head, there you go, to ultimate doppler radar, and
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once again, skies are clear. so off to cool start again this morning. but milder than yesterday. 52 degrees to get you started, 86 percent relative humidity, more humid today, and in the 40's in mount pocono. you remember we were well below freezing at this time yesterday. 46 degrees allentown, 52 as we said in philadelphia, 49 degrees in wildwood. so these are the temperatures as you are walking out the door. won't be windy waiting for your ride this morning or maybe riding your bike. plan on high temperature every 73 degrees, sunset time some 5:57. so as we said, thomas, karen, the weather at least is not going to give you any problems. >> certainly one bright spot. sue, thank youment time now 4:04, contract talks between union leaders and septa expected to pick back up later this morning. >> both sides say working very hard at this one. out to lauren johnson, joining us from where they are negotiate to go see if we've had nip movement, any offers. what's the latest? >> reporter: good morning, septa and local 234 union
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which reps the employees met here at the sheridan until about 1:00 this morning when they decided to call it quit. also expected to resume again later this morning, so, did they make any frog rest yesterday? it depends on who you ask. two sides apparently didn't even sit face-to-face until late yesterday evening. representative bob brady showed up here at the sheridan. brady brought leaders from the city, septa, the union together to sit down, brady played big role in the 2009 septa strike, six day stoppage, said he's begin ready to help between the union and see what septa is offering. >> back and forth. all in the hotel. which is a good thing, not going to get nothing done unless they are talking, and they are talking, different pro poe's as. i'm not sure where the ball is right now but they're going back and forth with their proposals. good thing. you never settle anything if you're not talking. but they are talking.
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>> the president of the union said his fight is for the workers who deserve secure retirement and quality workplace. the major issues as we continue to hear are pensions and work rules relate to go safety, in the next half hour we'll look at what both sides are saying about the sticking points to get city services rolling again once they meet back here at the sheridan, thomas, karen? >> checking back with you all morning long, lauren johnson, thank you. don't forget to send in your questions, hashtag fox 29 septa, could be answering questions all morning long. let's continue our team coverage of the septa strike. >> right out to steve keeley at the fernrock station with a look at how the commute is going to go on this morning, good morning, steve. >> reporter: well, before we hit these closer record high temperatures in the afternoon the next couple of days, it is very, very cold. the overnight hours, they still have the fire burning on the picket lines, both in the barrels and in the bellies of the striking workers, determined to stay out until they get what they think they
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deserve so. we're outside the fernrock station, think this time of day usually quiet, maybe stragglier on the normally running subway, but no subways running, and then greg will come back out to where we are, look down the street, and you can see on both sides of the street we still have available parking, and the parking lot just couple of cars in it right now. the question is, how packed is this going to be, for the regional rails, than is one of the last stops before you get into sent city. usually when the trains comes in here, already packed, tough to find a seat on normal day. and you got to wonder are the trains going to bypass here, are they going to get canceled because of some strike situation, that the strikers have planned, or are they going to just be too full to stop and pick up anybody else, and have a bunch of commuters left waiting and late again today. look at the video from yesterday. here's what bob kelly was talking about in the afternoon rush hour, the reginald rail was the story of the afternoon, where the car traffic was the story of both the morning and the afternoon. but the regional rail, this is
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what used to be called market eels, sold the name naming rights, jefferson station, the money from the naming rights didn't get too far since we are at another strike, even though they got another way of getting some income stream for septa, and the people here completely frustrated last night, a lot of them gave up waiting. then they would go to try to hail a cab, the cab company told us over an hour wait for the cab to go home if that's your alternate means. talked to some of the come caught ers wondering how they'll survive this. >> hope septa does their part, make sure all of the trains are running the best as possible, we all get on. >> i doubt will happen, i can see by the lines, but we'll see. today is the first day. deal with it. can't get upset. >> how is this affecting your commute? what do you have to do today? >> usually would have probably been almost home. but we'll just drive tomorrow. that will be easier. >> today i'm calm. but, i mean, this continues to
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happen, you know, it could be become a little bit frustrating. >> well, there is the regional rail board, a lot of lathes, a lot of concellations on there, especially, for the earlier trains, for the early trains they were canceled because strikers kept the staff that run the reginald rail trains away from the rail yards because they had picked lines set up. then septa went to court and got an injunction against that. well you heard that woman there, karen, thomas, say we're in the going to do this tomorrow. we're going to drive. that's why police think as bad as yesterday was yesterday morning where we had gridlock, driving back from your location, karen, usually two comes at main end sections, but traffic even worse today. all of the people that got frustrated with the regional rail line will hop in their cars, and add to cars on the roads this morning, to make it even worse than yesterday. soap, bob, that's going to be the story, broad street, a all of the main streets, main
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intersections, gridlocked, and the cons will try to keep them from getting gridlocked. almost hard to do when people just refuse to let people in front of them it, let them turn in, let them join the crowd, and where are you going to park all of the parking lots, all of the parking garages filling up as women. so earlier commute for the people smart enough to know, leave early and maybe grab a spot in one of the few garages and lots where they are going to be spots available, guys? >> steve, thank you, i think you're right on all of those count. the time 4:10. very sad news to report this morning. harold hairston, our first after can american to serve as fire commissioner, he died. according to he died yesterday at his home in west mt. airy, the former commissioner, former fire commissioner was appointed the head of the fire department in 1992 by mayor ed rendell, served for 12 years, until he retired in 2004. they've not released the circumstances surrounding his death. he was 76 years old. here is a statement from our mayor jim kenney. he said i'm deeply saddened by
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the news of commissioner hairston's passing, he was a dedicated firefighter and outstanding commissioner. he left a lasting impact on the department and our city. my thoughts and prayers are with his family. >> leaving quite the legacy. time 4:11, following developing story this morning, fresh off their lost against dallas, another blow to the birds. josh huff has been arrested. police say they caught him speeding in a walt whitman bridge with marijuana and gun around 11:00 tuesday morning, now charged with possessing unloaded handgun without a permit and small amount of marijuana. also found in the car, hollow point bullet, hoff was row least from the jail, after posting bond. the eagles organization has not said much about the incident, they released this statement that reads: we are aware of the incident today involving josh huff, at this point we are gathering moring in, by the way huff expected to arrive at practice this morning. >> happening today, comedian bill cosby back in court for day two of his pretrial
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hearing. his lawyers will get another chance to argue that his sexual assault case should be thrown out, also to challenge the accusations of 13 women who will be testifying again him. they would like the comedian's damaging deposition in a decade old lawsuit thrown out. this trial, that's what his lawyers want. cosby accused of drugging and assaulting temple employ employee, and meanwhile, prosecutors say they'll show pattern of cosby drugging and assaulting women. >> he knew that they were not able to consent to any kind of sexual act, that they would be incapacitated, unable to consent. >> cosby says he was told that deposition would never be used against him in a criminal proceeding. if convicted co-face ten years behind bars. all right, the time right now, 4:12. take a look at this. in candy, what's happening now? a sewing needle inside some halloween candy? where this happened and what authorities are asking everyone to do.
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welcome back. time now 4:15. yesterday morning, was a mess. the evening commute, even worse. it is day two of the septa strike, and are you still confused about how it is going to affect you today? >> bob has done great job of answering a loft your questions. and you have great question, higher bus number, 90, the suburban, whatever you have, whatever you want to know, use your hashtag fox 29 septa.
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and speaking of him, bob? >> good morning, one of the questions yesterday, right out of the gate, was if you purchased an e-zpass, or you had a transpass, one of those key passes, when are they going to re fun your money they'll address all of the refunds and credit after the strike is over. so, that answers the first question, was on the top of my head when we got started this morning. live look at early morning closure, westbound schuylkill expressway, closed, from university into 30th street with some overnight construction, and steve keeley was right on the money, today is going to be worse than yesterday. because everyone that gave mass transit a try, or used their option number one yesterday, and it didn't work or they were frustrated there is err ' going to go for option number two, which is driving. so expect more traffic out on the roadways for the morning rush hour, north on the new jersey turnpike, a car, tractor-trailer fire, just north of exit number four, only one lane open there.
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we got water main break in the northeast, at frankford ann margaret. that's right underneath the margaret orthodox l stop. now for your checklist for today, you'll have the crowded platforms, be ready for that, get an early start. plus the catholic schools are back in session today. they were off yesterday. so we have all of the schools back. so that's going to throw few extra people into the mix here. get your tickets in advance. they'll not allow anyone to board the train without a ticket. and if you can trip for those flex hours, that's the best bet. give the boss a call talk. nice and sweet, maybe send some flowers, and then ask if you can come in after 9:30 a.m. so, i tried that t did not work. >> and you're such a sweet talker, i can't believe it didn't. all right, here's what's happening with our weather. not a problem really. we have high pressure in control, it has been pretty nice start to the month of november. all two days of it so far. we hardly are into the second day but here's what's coming
4:18 am
for thursday afternoon. it is a cold front. that's going to change us back to the autumnal feel. but before, that we have the possibility of near record warmth tomorrow. the record high for thursday is 80 degrees, and we're going to get close to that tomorrow. but for our future cast, we see lot of sunshine for today. when does that cold front come through tomorrow? it looks like it is not until the afternoon, maybe few showers, around, 1:00. but 3:00, 4:00 when we see the rain come in from that cold front, possibility of a thunderstorm, as well, so that's future cast. now as you walk out the door, right now, temperatures are not as cold as they were yesterday. 52 degrees in philadelphia. 45 degrees mount pocono. 49 degrees in wildwood. we expect to get to a high today of, yes, 73 degrees, 77, for tomorrow. but then, 57 degrees after the cold front comes through. that's your friday temperature. saturday, and sunday, we will be right around 60 both days, very seasonable, very nice, lots of sunshine, shouldn't rain over the weekends, stays that way through the early
4:19 am
part of next week. thomas, karen? >> sue, thank you. >> looking at the top stories, also making news right now, new jersey state police are trying to figure out who was behind that, that's tootsy roll with a sewing needle inside. investigators say someone found it in their halloween candy after trick-or-treating in commercial township, cumberland county. police are encouraging all parents to check your children's canned. >> i another warning, barnegat ocean county, facebook post, someone found small pin in a candy bar in the timbers development. they say they had no other reports of tainted cans. >> i following this developing story out of juniata park this morning. skyfox over the 1400 block of lycoming street yesterday. right after deadly shooting. police say someone shot a man several times, un for the lip, he died right there on the street. so far, no arrests have been made. >> in buena, new jersey, police are trying to piece together brutal hit-and-run. police say someone driving a blue ford explorer hit a man at the buena regional middle
4:20 am
school around 7:30 last night. law enforcement sources tell fox 29 that's victim's former girlfriends is in police custody, but they are still looking for a man who was driving that explorer. investigators say the victim is at cooper university hospital in critical condition. bensalem police this morning say worker at tyler state park found a body believed to be 21 year old lindsey pick own, her family reported her missing in early september, and at that time officers found her karat tyler state park. it is not clear yet how she died. happening right now, in baltimore, investigators there are trying to figure out what caused a deadly crash involving a school bus. >> well, police say there were six people who ended up flying this, ten others injured, all the sudden the driver of the school bus rearend add car, and then went right into oncoming traffic and hit a commute err bus. the school bus was just blocks away from making its first stop to pick up children when this accident happened. so no children were on board. police say it is possible the 67 year old driver who died in
4:21 am
the crash had some sort of medical emergency. one witness described the scene. >> thousands of commute ers impacted by the septa strike, they are airing out some of their frustrations on social media. >> folks everywhere are using the hashtag septa strike on twitter. here's what a couple every you had to say. jay said: breaking philadelphia resident already exploring alternate modes of transportation this week, hashtag septa, septa strike. and also, batman had to find an alternate route to work this morning. hashtag septa strike. and take a look at this one, one every these, gift, gifts, whatever you call it, oh, no. this is from someone on the scene from the movie creed. septa strike got the working class in philly all like running on like rocky. to say everyone will be running to work and school, maybe even use hikes. >> we could all use a soup superman this morning to get to work and school. updating you throughout the morning, stay here on fox 29.
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>> good morning, i'm sean bell. the trade deadline came and went in the nfl. and the eagles decided not to make any moves.
4:25 am
but they might want to rethink that, and go get a wide receiver. josh huff was arrested on the jersey side of the walt whitman bridge for possession after unloaded gun and marijuana while eat, the eagles issued statement saying basically aware of the situation, and gathering more information. all right, to the sixers, and tide late. ball pits in the air, somehow found by tj mcconnell works make both free throws, and the sixers would lose 103-101, the sixers still looking for their first win. and in the world series, the cubs force game seven behind the bat of addison russell. that's 435-foot grand-slam. russell went two for five, with six rbi's, the cubs win nine to three. game seven. that's sports in a minute, i'm sean bell. >> happening today, jurors in the george washington bridge
4:26 am
lane case also known as the bridgegate trial are expected to begin their second full day of deliberations. >> so the jersey weighing the fate of two former allies of new jersey state christie, yesterday jurors asked the judge whether they could convict him of deliberately causing traffic jams if they acquitted them of conspiring to do so. >> coming up at 43 day two of the septa workers strike leaves hundreds of thousands of people scrambling to figure out how to get around the city. the alternate route you need to know before walking out that door. >> what are the roads like right now bob? >> actually pretty good shape except for the schuylkill expressway. good morning, everybody, looking live overnight closure with construction, the westbound schuylkill closed between university and center city. we will check in with mass transit, the jam channels and your wednesday forecast when we come right back. you out.
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no warning, no hearing. it's a lending practice so outrageous, most states banned it. but at the bank founded by pat toomey it was business as usual. forcing small business owners out of their homes.
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toomey even used his power in the senate to help himself, voting to gut rules that protect us and crack down on big banks. pat toomey. out for himself, not us. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. all right, we are in the second day of this long commute. lots of headaches, so what you need to know, if there is anyway to make this easier. we're going to try to help. >> we'll see that scene again today. also, bill cosby back in a montgomery county courthouse for the second day of the sexual assault trial. the crucial judge ruling, that could change the course of the comedian's case. >> plus: women priests? the pope just talked about this one.
4:30 am
what he thinks about it, and the chances of it happening. >> all of those stories in just a moment. great to have you with us, everyone, it is wednesday, november 2nd. thomas drayton along with karen hepp, sue serio and bob kelly. we have a lot to talk about this morning. sue has some great news she'll get to in just a movement nice little warm up, not to give it away. >> first bob kelly you're the man of the hour. >> you know, it was a crazy day yesterday n for day number two. i covered the strikes in 05, 09 here in ill if i, and traditionally day two is always crazier than day one. and that's what steve had mentioned, as well. so if you have any questions, about the septa strike, we're taking them here on the air. just post it on facebook, twitter, use the hashtag fox 29 septa, and we will answer your questions right here live on the air all day long. >> let's dot traffic. let's go outside. checking 95, the schuylkill, schuylkill expressway westbound westbound, closed from university in toward 30th street station. all because of some overnight construction. only got one lane open here.
4:31 am
again, they should have it open up by about 5:00. so, we'll keep an eye on that one. live look at the ben franklin bridge yesterday. folks, you know, coming in from new jersey thinking oh, septa strike's in philly, i live in new jersey, it won't impact me. wrong. what happened was the jams occurred on the philly side. and then that domino effect rolled traffic up and over the benny during the morning rush hour, around 7:00, is when we started to see the gridlock occur on the ben franklin. just giving you some time lines, so you can plan your day out today. here's what's not running. the city buses, trolleys, market frankford, broad street subway, what is running, your regional rail lines. we had upward of 06 minute delays, all day yesterday, on the lines, the norristown high-speed line is running, the suburban buses, trolleys, are running, outside of the city limit, paratransit, lucy loop is running, couple of tips for today, be ready for the crowded platforms, get your tickets, in advance. septa will not allow boarding without a ticket, and try for
4:32 am
those flex hours, that's going to be the key. after 9:30, definately little lighter than yesterday's morning rush hour. then on the new jersey turnpike northbound, a truck fire at exit number four, up there in mt. laurel, and water main break in the northeast at frankford ann margaret. did i hear warm up, sue? >> yes, it is. in fact, we will be in the 70s by the end of the day today. so, at least the weather's cooperating with all of the other confusion and turmoil going on. ten out of ten, your weather by the numbers, right now, we don't have anything to show you on radar. we don't expect any rain until late in the day tomorrow. 52 degrees, right now, calm winds, everything tranquil, ahh, 45 degrees, in mount pocono. a lot milder than yesterday, reading has 46, 50 in trenton, and 48 in millville. if you are walking out the door in wilmington, delaware, 49 degrees. winds are not an issue either. everybody calm, serenity now, we tackle this day, we have
4:33 am
lots of sunshine in store, already in the mid six 60s, by lunchtime, which should be our high temperature for the day. seventy-three when all is said and done, and sunset at 5:57. so that's your wednesday. we will talk about that rain coming tomorrow. when we bring you the seven day forecast. thomas? >> say it again, 70 what? seventy-three, love to hear t soup, thank you. >> thanks, sue. so we know this going on right now, trying to get together and hopefully come up with a deal if they they negotiate. >> still talking, two sides set to meet back up this morning to hopefully resolve the issue. what are the issues? lauren johnson joining us from the center city sheridan watch are some of the sticking points? >> well, thomas two, big issues here, pensions, workplace safety, that's what the union and septa have to come to terms with. the union representing the workers have their demand, septa has its offers, and now the two sides need to meet somewhere in the middle. soap the sit can i get back to normal. when it comes to safety, the
4:34 am
union wants a mandatory 14-hour period between shift. instead of the current nine-hour requirement. and the union said the five minute breaks promise in the their contracts are not always honored. they want that break extended to ten minute. then there are pensions, which almost caused a strike in 2014, but the union held off, hoping for more equity. that hasn't happened yesterday. union members upset with pension cap for workers, but saying the same rules don't apply to managers. >> right now, it is all about pensions, you know, right now it is all about pensions. here is a box. and gout to try to figure out if the b count, try to stay within the box and that's what they're trying to do. >> well, it sounds like both sides in addition to city leaders, sat down late last night, called it quits around 1:00 this morning, everyone is expected back here at the sheridan, this morning, to resume talks. and the next hour, we are going to talk about how this could affect election day, and which candidate could be impacted the most. karen, thomas? >> a loft people looking ahead
4:35 am
to election day, lauren, see you then. let's continue our team coverage now with the septa strike. lots to talk about. >> steve keeley out at the fernrock station with how commuters are dealing with it, i know it is cold, steve. >> reporter: well, our everyday viewers are waking up saying what how i mandel said on the stupid game show. deal or no deal. well the headline is no deal still as you just heard lauren say, so we've got people on strike still. and a very cool day. that's why they've got the fire going. but look, they've got couple of set of guardian angels, management there in a safety vest keeping ion things. to the left two, plane clothes civil dis owe bode wraps, so everyone feels secure here on the picket line. the reason i picked this fern rogue station to show up is this is where on normal day you have people coming here for the broad street subway or the broad street sub as us locals call it, and the regional rails. so, what happens during a
4:36 am
strike, when only the regional rails are running, all of the subway users also want to use the regional rail line to get into the city. than is one of the last stops from all of those suburban station going in the city. so the trains already packed, by the time they get here, then they'll have two sets of riders trying to find available space on the trains. and we're already starting to see the first commuters show up even though the first trains don't show up to about 5:45. and karen, thomas, what i've learn from septa, that they'll do today, have a person down there on the platform, selling tickets, and so nobody can buy them at the station, and then a police officer keeping guards of that person, and so they're going have people buy the tickets instead of the conductor found them on the train, because the train is so crazy, and buy the tickets on the platform, and hopefully, finds a seat on that train. so we will join you from the platform when we see you next in a half hour as things start to pick up for day two, and we'll see what the headline every day two is. the headline on the metro, i think this says it all. septa stress, use that for
4:37 am
some of the firewood, too, i see. >> oh, yes. thank you, steve. >> 4:37. happening today, comedian bill cosby back in court for day two of his pretrial hearing. his lawyers will get another chance to argue that it is sexual assault case should be thrown out and challenge accusations of 13 women who will testify against cost bee. they want to keep the comedians damaging deposition in a decade old lawsuit out of his trial. cost bee accused every drugging and sexually assaulting temple university employee andrea constand back in 2004. meanwhile, prosecutors say they'll show pattern of how cosby drugged and assaulted women. in this morning you decide 2016. >> we have donald trump in our area yesterday. he is going to be in miami today. in orlando, pens coal, a vying to get more support down in florida. >> yesterday made a stop in our area along with special guest. the billionaire and vice presidential runningmate, mike penned, stopped in king of prussia, using l time to denounce the affordable care
4:38 am
act. trump renewed his promise to repeal and replace the program. the republican candidate says he would get rid of individual mandates, in penalties, currently upheld by the supreme court. >> and his daughter tiffany will be campaigning in our area today for him. meanwhile, hillary clinton scheduled to be in arson and nef add a her camp still insisting on track, reportedly after can american voters are failing to vote at the same rate they did four years ago, and several pivotal states that could help decide the election, the reason, lower voter entheusiasm, more obstructions at the polls, in casing votes. i think ann hathaway will be in town for her camp. as this election is just six days away, hillary clinton and donald trump are neck and neck. this is the new national tracking pole according to abc news and the washington post. clinton and trump continue to remain so close right now, with trump at 46, clinton, trailing, at 45. we i would -- wow. >> 4:38. gathering honoring a philadelphia police offers here left incredible impact on
4:39 am
his community, in life and in death. how people are remembering officer chuck cassidy more than a decade after he was gunned down. manolo!
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>> gas explosion earlier this week, only two people surround survived that explosion.
4:42 am
in china, says, will punish who ever is to blame for the explosion, china has one of the world's most deadliest mining operations. >> powerful tremors continue to rattle northern italy after the damaging 6.6 magnitude earthquake on sunday. more than a thousand after-shocks have been frightening residents, including 4.8 magnitude shock on tuesday. no one died in the quake over the weekends, but 20 people were injured, more than 30,000 people are now homeless, because of the damage. i wasn't like this before. ways not afraid of earthquakes. but now, even the smallest of tremors, make me scared. >> italy's prime minister calling it a miracle, a mid the destruction, crews are now inspecting builds notice several towns, which have been evacuated. women in the priesthood. it is an idea that some catholics would like to see happen. >> many are already like minister, but pope francis now closed the door on that possibility. he says the church's ban on women becoming prices is forever, and will never be
4:43 am
changed. he says that this issue was put to rest back in 1994 when then pope john paul the second issued document about women in the priesthood, while francis says he's not changing course, supporters of women priests hope a future pope may over turn that doctrine. >> i just saw lauren johnson tweet being she may be riding indigo today, because everyone is get owning the little blue bikes, coming up, how they can make your commute easier. where the bike will be, and more information to help us all get around during this septa strike. >> see a lot more bike racks this morning, hopefully it will help you out. stay with us. for all you friendsgiving hosts, invite who you want, not who you must.
4:44 am
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i'm katie mcginty, and i approve this message.
4:46 am
>> september us yours questions using hashtag 29 septa. of course we'll answer them here on the bear. bob will answer them for youment some very good questions coming in as well, bob. >> this is like a test in grade school. you snow first thing out of the gate, sister laverne will start handing out pop quiz. no problems yet on the majors. we that construction on the schuylkill at university. that's cleared. so everything is open for business. don't get used to the speedometer. if they're if the going to stay that way later today. we'll see the gridlock, day two traditionally worse than day one, whenever we had to deal with the strike. no problems here, 95, down toward the airport. looking liver downtown philly. a breeze crossing town here, at least for the moment.
4:47 am
let's bring in heather redfern from septa headquarters, heather, good morning. >> good morning, bob. >> first of all, heather, when did the talks break off? when are they scheduled to get back up and running. >> talks conclude about 1:00 this morning, and at some point this morning, they'll be back at the bargaining table. >> so, let's talk to the folks, what is not running? basically, the same scenario as yesterday here, right? >> right. anything in the sit. so, bus routes, anything from route one to 89 bus route not running. trolley routes ten, 11, 13, 15, 34, and 36, not running. market frankford line, broad street line, not running. >> so what is running? what are the options folks have this morning? >> norristown high-speed line, all of the suburban bus routes from 90 up to 151. however, if any of those bus routes come to the city, they'll not enter the city limit. so there are new stops for those buses, and that's all on our website trolley routes
4:48 am
101, 102, cct, horsham breeze is running, and of course regional rail. >> talk about regional rail. so yesterday it was a rough go. i know we had that snafu there in the evening. do you feel confident all of the engineers, conductors, will get to work this morning, get aboard those trains? >> we received the injunction yesterday afternoon about 5:00. so, we do have that in place. so crews should be able to enter their workplaces today. >> great. now looking at some video from yesterday, when folks are all lined up. what are tips you can offer to folks at home that want to try the regional rails as an option this morning? >> if you can either come in early before the traditional rush hour, before say 6:00 if you can get on a train early, that would help. if not, if you can wait possibly, until after, you know, 9:00 to go into center city, that would help. and then, especially for coming home, you need to have your ticket before you get in line. they are checking tickets and passes before you get --
4:49 am
before they let you down on a train. so you could wait in line and then get up there. if you don't have ticket or pass you won't be able to get on the train. >> so not doing this carbon the train deal today. you have to have your ticket in advance and you can get those ticket at your typical ticket window. can you purchase them on line? >> the center city ticket window, so at 30th street, at jefferson, at suburban, you can buy a ticket there. >> got you. okay, great. and any situations that we had to kind of overcome yesterday, i know we had the parking scenario. how is the parking been at all of the regional rail stations? >> parking at regional rail is always an issue because we're running pretty much at capacity on regular basis. if anybody can get dropped off at regional rail station, if they can walk there, because a lot of times there is no parking at the stations on regular basis anyway. >> heather redfern, thank you for joining us this early
4:50 am
wednesday morning, we'll check in with you again little later on this morning, i think we're leaking for good looking forecast for folks standing outside on the trains and platforms, sue? >> right. one saving grace out of the big mess. we opportunity gave you a early warning about what will happen this weekend, this is the time change weekends, so we fall back, it is the day saturday night or early sunday morning, depending on when you're up, when 2:00 becomes 1:00 kind of get extra hour of sleep. all next week notice it gets dark real early. there you go. high pressure in control today, and half of tomorrow. before this cold front comes through. and changes back to chilly autumn weather. but plenty of sunshine in store for today. few clouds here and there, like we saw yesterday. then tomorrow we start off with sunshine, and then the clouds roll in, then the rain rolls in, maybe few showers around 1:00 in the afternoon, i should say, 1:00 in the afternoon, and then some pop up showers through the evening rush. so, tomorrow evening rush
4:51 am
could be complicated by little bit of weather maybe even in the form every thunderstorms. but then back to sunshine, just very chilly, on friday, and even saturday and sunday, it is a lot keep. 52 degrees in philadelphia right now. forty-five up in mount pocono, down in wildwood, it is 49. and it is the same in wilmington, delaware, 48 in millville, new jersey, winds not an issue today. let's get right to the high temperature. yesterday we got to 60. it was okay, but look at today, 73. seventy-eight for tomorrow. the records is 80. we get close to. that will but then we go down 20 degrees on friday, with 58, and it will be windy, on friday, but looks like nice weekends, about you it is back to autumn temperatures, thomas, karen? >> seventy-three will help today a lot of people walking, a loft people biking. in fact, during the strike end go the bike sharing service says they're providing more bikes at select stations during morning and evening commutes. today between 8:00 and 10:00 a.m., unlimited parking between jfk and the municipal services 36th and sansom.
4:52 am
>> so this evening also get unlimited parking between 5:00 p.m., 7:00 p.m., at 23rd and south, 23rd and fairmount, fourth and christian streets. they say that riders can download the end go app, and get the latest updates of where you can pick up, drop off your bikes. >> it will be so pop glare a god sends. >> best way to get around. >> get a lot of university student, and a lot more bike racks so you can lock up your bikes. >> people do it all the time, they want to go out and get something. >> quick a easy specially with the traffic we saw yesterday, only worse here on day two. >> maybe i'll be using one today. >> you'll see me out there. all right, when we come back, we will talk about something a special remembering really, gathering to honor a police officer who left an incredible impact on our whole community, in life and in death. >> how people are remembering and honoring officer chuck cassidy almost a decade after he died.
4:53 am
4:54 am
this is an individual who mocked a disabled reporter... i don't know what i said, ahh... who attributed a reporter's questions to her menstrual cycle. trump: blood coming out of her...wherever. he is not a person who is equipped in temperament, judgment or character to lead our troops. donald trump has created a toxic atmosphere pitting one group against another. he's a mexican. claiming a person can't do the job because of their race is sort of like the textbook definition of a racist comment. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
4:55 am
>> welcome back, let's take a look at other stop stories we're following at this hour. >> nine years since someone gunned down officer chuck cassidy in a dunkin' donuts, but the pain is still so fresh. >> last night more than 100 philadelphia police officers gathered in west oaklane to remember officers cassidy. >> i don't know, if it gets any easier actually. >> the wife of officer chuck cassidy addressing the crowd of officers who met in the dunkin' donuts parking lot where he was gunned down after
4:56 am
walking in on a robbery on halloween back in 2007. many of the officers in attendance, same ones who responds today a the shoeing. the 25 year veteran would have become a grandfather this year. >> we have a new addition. this is charlie. and she was born the day after chuck's birthday. >> lewis jordan was committed in cassidy's murder back in 2009, currently in prison on death row. >> coming up at 5:00 a.m., still dealing with a strike, we're in the thick of it, so many problems yesterday. more today. but we certainly know somebody will have some tricks to get around. what the roads are looking like coming up. hey, good morning, everyone, looking good right now as we look live at i-295, south jersey roadways, were impacted yesterday. we will check the rest of the jam cams. check in with septa. do you have a question about how to get around today? we'll have the answer for you, when we come right back.
4:57 am
4:58 am
when people ask me where i get my glow, now i tell them this. new bright reveal peel pads from l'oreal. with glycolic acid-exfoliates, revealing brighter skin in one week. all this power in one little pad. new bright reveal peel pads from l'oreal skin expert, paris.
4:59 am
continues to happen, you know, it could become a little bit frustrating. >> yes, it is frustrating. day two of the strike, and right now, we are scrambling, trying to figure out how to get in and out of our city. so we will breakdown all of the routes that you need to know. and in i secrets, tips, we share with you. >> plus, the eagles may also be thinking about contingency plan after wide receiver was arrested in new jersey, why josh huff was pulled over by
5:00 am
police, and what was found inside his car. >> and, also, day two for bill cosby back in a montgomery county courthouse, on his sexual assault trial, the crucial judge rooming that could change the course of his case. also, philadelphia's first african-american fire commissioner has died at the age of 76. how city leaders are remembering harold b hairston. >> good morning to all of you, thank you so much for waking up early and joining us, sue just said, oh, such a great job. we loved him. >> real liked him a lot. yes. >> well, good morning, we will get through this on this day. >> yes, if we have some questions, you're answering them. a lot of people are frustrated bob kelly, saying use the hashtag fox 29 septa to find out what they need to know. >> put your hand up robert. >> like a pop quiz, all do you have do post your question on facebook, twitter, instagram, just use the hashtag fox 29 septa


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