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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  November 8, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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♪ you decide 2016 down to the wire with results from our local races and the nation's focus on what's happening right here at home. the vote count change brag our eyes right now. >> we've got reporters everywhere. your live election coverage in 302nd. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 10. election night 2016 finally here. it has basketball political season like no other.
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and it is all come down to this much the final moments of you decide 2016. we've still got a ways to go until all the results are in. whatever helps we'll soon witness history. i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. thank you very much for joining us for our it decide 2016 election day special. hillary clinton and donald trump are not the only big names we're talking about tonight. the eyes of the nation are focused on pennsylvania for a hotly contested senate race. >> of course we're on top of it. we have crews in philadelphia and the suburbs. delaware and both presidential nominees election night headquarters in new york city. we begin with biggest race of the night and the question of who will be our next president. >> we have live team coverage tonight. chris o'connell donald trump's campaign in new york city. joyce evans is also in manhattan at hillary clinton pogs campaign headquarters we begin with joyce at the javits center. it actually has glass ceiling. >> reporter: you're absolutely right about that.
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we're in the giant glass building with the glass ceiling along the hudson, and you know the crowd is beginning to come alive just little bit here. but it wasn't always that way. we're in for long night. i hope you guys are. we have this arena covered inside and out. we've got live angles maybe you can see now. the crowd packed inside here all of the waiting to see they hope hillary clinton break this glass ceiling of the javits building. most of time now, they've been biting their fingers so far tonight. little bit concerned they're faces you can see it. surprised that drum is that performing so well so far in these races, but they are waiting and looking to be a little bit more hopeful. where is the candidate right n now? she's just about a mile and a half away from here in the peninsula hotel she's watching the results come in in a sweet there. she's not expected here for quite sometime. we were waiting and hoping that
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we were going to see her, told we were going to see some performances but i think they might be holding off on that for now. but we have a lot of night to go as we stand by here in new york city. live at the javits center joyce evans reporting back to you guys in the studio. iain and lucy. >> joyce, we sure do have lot of night to go. fox news channel just called virginia for hillary clinton. we move up a few blocks from joyce techies o'connell at the trump party. >> chris, what's happening there? >> reporter: well, guys, very anxious and growing enthusiasm here at trump election night headquarters in midtown, manhattan. with every state that reveals itself on the big screen here, you either hear boos or you hear cheers depending on what result but i can tell you pretty much while every tv monitor here in the ballroom on fox news channel tonight. but i can tell you this night started out very quite for this crowd. but over the last hour or so,
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definitely seeing some growing enthusiasm especially as some of these results and polling numbers come in from some of these big swing states. we're in the ballroom of the midtown hilton where supporters and frankly mostly media here waiting to hear from donald trump. we just heard from ivanka trump who just tweeted out a picture of her and her family with her father watching election results come in. a roller coaster of emotions from hundreds of supporters here and really not one of the largest venues in new york city, of course, not one of the buildings that bears trump's name. i did talk with donald trump campaign operative just a few minutes ago and they say despite what all these polling numbers were saying, over the last week or so, they say they're not worth the paper they're printed on. they say as the results come in they are growing enthusiastic by the minute. anxious nerves continue here at trump election night headquarters.
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we'll bring you back here in little bit. guys. >> thank you very much, chris o'connell. we're all over this presidential race has been a fierce battle to the end. but we have a lot of critical election news tonight. we're watching race for pennsylvania senate seat very closely this evening. >> that is the race between incumbent republican pat toomey and democratic challenger katie mcginty. bruce gordon is here to break down more on that, bruce. >> reporter: so far, guys, this thing is looking pretty good for katie mcginty. the numbers the raw numbers we have right now just over 700,000 votes for the democratic challenger. less than 500,000 votes for the republican incumbent. let's take look at where some of that number is coming from and where it's not yet coming from. philadelphia right now about 60% of the precincts in. the massive margin you would expect. this is about a four-one ratio about 80/20 race. three hun drone cities to us its thousand votes in philadelphia. no big surprise. a tiny percentage of vote in bucks county right now. more or less even.
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no big surprise there that's what happened in 2012 at the presidential level. also, in chester county, again, tiny percentage in. more or less even numbers here around 2,000 votes for each of the candidates. delaware county, about 18th 12% of the vote in. mcginty over toomey 16,000 to just under 15,000 what may have her folks most excited of all and that is montgomery county. why do i say that? nothing reported in yet for some reason. so that is a county that we know in 2012 the democrats did very well in. and so she would expect to pick up lots of votes a big vote margin in montgomery county and so far not a bit of it has been counted. by the way out here in allegheny county, pittsburgh, you would expect the democrat to do well. about 18th of the vote in and she is winning there 161,000 to 98,000 or so. and so at this point it looks like a very good evening for katie mcginty. again, lots of folks still to be counted but she's doing well where she needs to be and in
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other areas where she would he she would be expected to do well not much of the numbers are in. one quick note on the presidential races, we said earlier in this evening that everything starts out with a baseline. well n2012, the republican par party, that is mitt romney, got 206 electoral votes needs to pick up 64 extras does donald trump. well he may very well pick them up in florida and ohio. but he needs more than that. and that call a couple of minutes ago of virginia going to clinton when mr. trump led for most of the evening is huge for the democrats. that sound you hear that's a sigh of relief coming out virginia fort clinton camp guys. >> all right, bruce, thanks for the enzyme be back to you later in the newscast. from the moment the polls opened voters all over our area saw long lines. those lines did not let up tonight. skyfox was over just a few of the polling locations that experienced high voter turnout including west philadelphia. collegeville and gilbertsville. polls closed at 8:00 if you were in line your votes counts and
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the polling place would not close until you cast it. >> we've got to say it is hard to overstate the importance of what bruce gordon was just talking about. not just for pennsylvanians but for the nation. democratic nominee katie mcginty challenging republican incumbent pat toomey. you heard from bruce. this is a good so far for mcginty. so far 56 to 40%. not all precincts are reporting but so far mcginty looks strong in this race against incumbent pat toomey. local race that all over the country are paying close attention to because it's close and contentious race for the pennsylvania seat in that us senate. >> all about balance of power, right. mcginty is hoping to snatch it from toomey. jeff cole is live in at mcginty's headquarters. all right, jeff, what a race and the candidate you're with has got to be happy so far. >> reporter: yeah, well, here's what i think it's balanced here. they do have a sense that obviously mcginty is doing quite well but they're very frankly worried about hillary clinton at this point across the country.
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now, they figure here that if clinton would do well mcginty would do well that clinton's voters would pull mcginty with them. but i must tell you the democratic state chair was up here a moment ago and when i asked him how he was doing we're doing well in philadelphia it we've been able to get the votes out that they thought they could. he said but they're doing really well in those areas down, say, where they expected to. actually what's happening behind me a state senator leach will talk about results a little bit here b we listen to him and trying to figure out what he has to say let's listen into governor wolf we spoke to just few minutes earlier. we asked about him donald trump. >> he said stuff that would scuttle any candidate or any campaign. i think there's real frustration out there, and i think people are reaching out grasping for straws. >> reporter: so that's wolf talking about trump earlier
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saying, boy, so many things he said would knock any other candidate out but trump is clearly doing well tonight. so far here, cautiously optimistic to you something said a lot mcginty will win this. real concern here at the sheraton in philadelphia for hillary clinton. i'm live. i'm jeff cole, back to you. >> either way you cut it it's a historic night. absolutely. >> pat toomey is watching the race close until lehigh county. that's where he voted tonight a few hours ago. >> fox 29's shawnette wilson live in senator toomey's watch party. shawnette. >> reporter: so far i can tell you tonight it has been a very low key, writ key tee quite watch party here. we're told that pat toomey is in the building. he is somewhere watching these results come in. privately but meanwhile, a lot of his supporters gathered very few of them actually up close watchly the results come in. they're postally talking amongst themselves we have supporters come to the microphone they
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believe this has been unfair campaign for him n a lot of things that were said about toomey were not true. they were very disappointed in some of the attack ads against him. meanwhile we caught up with toomey after he voted earlier this evening. here's what he had to say about the campaign that he's run. >> i am grateful for the unbelievable number of volunteers who worked so hard to help me in this campaign. this is a campaign about changing the direction that we've been in. >> reporter: and again, that was pat toomey talking after he voted earlier today. so again we're here at the watch party just waiting to hear from him at some point tonight. we imagine that will be very late as those results become more deaf. back to you. >> thank you much, shawnette. check back in little bit. coverage of election night 2016 continues all night long, of course. not only are we watching the race for the white house we're watching many other races right now. >> including the race for pennsylvania senate as we talked about with bruce gordon and jeff cole. katie mcginty so far looking
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goolooking inthat race against t pat toomey. as we leave you here's a live look at clinton election headquarters. our coverage continues right after this. //>[a5]
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♪ you decide 2016. the improbable election of improbable elections. any way you cut it it's history in the making. let's listen to schep smith at the fox -- >> up shot since way before the first debate. before the first debate he might have been up a little bit. he's not been up at all and she's been largely leading in the 80s to 90s% we're looking at the possibility of republican house, a republican senate and donald trump in the white house.
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it is a possibility right this minute. >> that's obviously the best case scenario for him. >> for republicans. >> yeah. >> some of them. >> interesting going back i think for the last couple of days we've been saying that the comey letter didn't really have too much effect on clinton's numbers but it actually took all the wind out of the sales of the democrats trying to take the house and senate back. now we see tonight it actually probably had an effect on her as well. >> nevada will be big for us in little while there's no question about it. donald trump had filed a suit out in clark county in nevada where harry read's machine was able to bring lot of mainly hispanic voters to the polls. the polls closed at 7:30 but if you're line in time you get to keep going. they went three hours passed the time donald trump entered an order of sorts to keep up with these votes. so that we can look at this later. the judge ruled we already keep up with this we don't have to do that. no scene improprieties so far nevada will be that close and our jonathan hunt is live in las vegas the polls have closed.
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john nan, what's the mood there. >> reporter: well, certainly the energy in this room where republican party headquarters victory party as they call it, schep, has picked up in terms of energy. since the polls closed just a few minutes ago. it is as our decision desk you've been saying still too close to call. both on -- >> you've license listening to fox broadcast center many back here the control of congress definitely something we are discussing tonight. of course of house seat is up also a third of the senate. let's check in with bruce gordon again. bruce? >> guys, it could be rather late in the evening before we know the situation in the house of representatives, but we have a little better sense of what's going on in the u.s. senate. we know that 34 of 100 seats are up for grabs. we know that 24 of those 34 seats are held by republicans, meaning the ones playing defense. they start the evening with 54-46 margin of control in the us senate. let's take look at the big race we've been focusing on all night. katie mcginty the democratic challenger, pat toomey the
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republican income ban as we stand right now mcginty with well over 200,000 vote margin. so obviously that's good news for her. let's see where these numbers are coming from. well, we know that philadelphia is about 80% four out of every five votes counted so far. the margin is what you could expect. 400,000 to 100,004 to one ratio that is huge and that is what is moving and that's the engine behind what's going on right n now. so pennsylvania looks like it could be a pick up for the democrats. they picked up a seat in illinois, have the democrats but the republican have held elsewhere in places like indiana, ohio and florida. so the democrats idea of taking control of the senate in peril at this timely republicans may well hang on to the senate, gu guys. >> bruce, thank you very much for that analysis and insight. let's get check of the u.s. house district. donald norcross not really a price there it wins over paterson 59 to 37% in us house
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district in new jersey. and meantime, tom mccarthy winning 66% right now over frederick laverne in house district three in new jersey. >> even though we're still waiting on the final results some people are already breathing a sigh of relieve. >> a lot of people voted this morning and spent the day thankful that this is almost over. it's been 595 days. >> yes. >> hank flynn spent the day with some of them. >> today it's hang and it's election day all the bad blood, all the dopey politicking and the stupid squabbles that you've been having on social media with your friends, that's over, right? no. johnny, the not over. it's never over! >> it's not over. >> no, it's not over. >> it's never really over. [ laughter ] >> i ran into don rows at the whiskey tango bar in somerton he voted for trump because he doesn't like the forecast. >> i think we're going to get
10:18 pm
worse. much worse. [ laughter ] >> i already heard medical will go up. so with obama care, i'm paying out the butt. >> i hoped election day would bring trump and clinton voters together after a long ugly year. at the beer spot they told me fat chance. if trump loses it kicks off a whole new chapter of nasty. >> they are going to blame everybody it's a conspiracy it was rigged. a lot of issues. >> did you vote? >> you did vote today. >> i hated to leave but it was becoming clear it would take more than election day to ease the pain of an ugly cap pain. >> the last place i hit was the german tavern on mark street the bartender neal actually political science major he says it may be over but it's going to take a really strong president. >> i would say like to say tomorrow morning whoever is elected will look at the landscape of the country and
10:19 pm
realize that the only way forward is to come back together whether or not that will happen we'll have to wait and see. >> reporter: stories in bars. i may be on to something there. any way, if you have the solution to politically divided america, well, maybe you should be president. but hit us on twitter first at hank fox 29 or the house at fox 29 philly. ♪ >> i know a whole lot of people doing what hank is doing right there. all right. let's take a look. attorney general race in pennsylvania and josh shapiro 60% of the vote there. again john rafferty with 40% of the vote. let's go on over to district two of course you'll know this. chaka fattah old seat and dwight evans no surprise here. the democrat 93% beating jones with 7%. here's live look at trump election headquarters tonight. we are continuing with our coverage. more right after this.
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>> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. get ready for turnpike work throughout the day tomorrow weather permitting right near the willow grove interchange. also, crews working on that freeway as you head in toward bellmawr and as you get ready to head out the door tomorrow morning, get ready for a wiper wednesday. it looks like we'll have som i packing our morning rush hour. when it's going to get here and when it will hit you we'll have the answer and check the jam cams starting tomorrow morning at 4:00. he gets a lot of compliments.
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ new york city live look at clinton's election headquarters this evening. you have about 300 million people in this united states of ours sitting on the edge of their seats as this historic night continues to play out. could be a long night. >> um-hmm. in delaware voters went to the polls to also elect a new governor. >> tonight congressman john carney came out the winner in his second run for the state's top position. our brad sattin live at democratic election party in wilmington. brad? >> reporter: lucy, a big win tonight for democrats pretty much across the board local elections, state elections as well as a result of the big party they just had balloon drop folks are starting to clear out of course all eyes still on what's happens happening at the national level with the president. billing wins here in delaware
10:24 pm
for democrats as you mentioned and the governor' office and u.s. house of representatives john carney now the governor elect. he served three terms in the u.s. house. he's a former lieutenant governor you may remember he lost in the primaries in 2008 to jack markell, but this time winning that seat telling the crowd he really did not want to take anything for granted. let's take a listen to what he had to say to this crowd just a short time ago. >> can't take anything for granted. i was a coach for a long time and i remember those games that you lost were the ones you took for granted. but guess what? at the end of the day you all didn't take this for granted. you were out there. you made the calls. you knocked on the doors. you got out the votes. you made those contributions and at the end of the day, i'm smiling and we're all happy! [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: lots of cheers. bethenny hall along the lieutenant governor elect and lisa blunt rochester the congresswoman elect. she is the first woman also the
10:25 pm
first african-american to take that seat from delaware. she says her inspiration is her husband who passed away in 2014. he was 52 years old as a result of a blood clot. but she says, he is still with her. [ cheers and applause ] >> to my family and as you can see they're very extended. voters of the state of delaware. [ applause ] >> i also want to thank my campaign staff who are up here and our advisers and all of wonderful volunteers. >> reporter: lots of thanking going on again they're starting to clear out little bit but certainly huge energy across the board. we heard a lot of these candidates speaking a lot of wipness here tonight all eyes now on what happens, of course, with hillary clinton these
10:26 pm
democrats here certainly still very hopeful. guys, back to you. >> all right, brad. thank you very much. speaking of hillary clinton, fox news just called new mexico and colorado for her as we take a look at trump election eve headquarters. more from that in just a moment as we continue here with our fox 292016 coverage. >> our kathy orr is tracking our forecast. great day to get out and vote. tell was. >> absolutely great night as well. we have clear sky giving way to clouds, rain for tomorrow. we'll have the forecast coming up later in this broadcast. >> all right. kathy orr we just got some breaking news in. apparently fox news channel calling ohio for trump and a decided victory for him by 10 points there. let's go on over to the broadcast center in new york city and shepard smith. >> -- colorado goes to the democrats to night. hillary clinton is now projected will win that. i was running from restroom when it became time to pull that. trace gallagher's turn.
10:27 pm
neither of these a huge surprise. we thought ohio would go republican. we thought colorado would go democrat.
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♪ >> election night 2016. history will be made at any moment. the fate of our nation is in this one election it's really real important. >> across our area, lines of voters waited hours to exercise their rights. >> i'm hoping i can make a difference. that's why i'm here. ♪ >> tonight we watch with the nation and the world as you decide our country's future. ♪ our coverage continues results continue to come in. fox news has just called the state of missouri for donald trump. >> the whole world is watching to night's hitter 86 presidential election. we're wait to go fine out if american voter voters elected dd trump or hillary clinton as the next commander in chief. >> too close to call right now. joyce evans live at hillary clinton election night headquarters in new york city. joyce, what's the atmosphere
10:31 pm
there right now? >> reporter: well, i tell you, it's been too close, to call for too long, too many states. for this crowd here tonight this is a packed crowd in this building with the glass ceiling, but it breathe news live into the crowd when they projected virginia hillary clinton win. but these folks here, they'll have to hold their breath lucy and iain for a lot longer tonight. before they get to see whether hillary clinton really does break the glass ceiling of the jacob javits center as well as the glass ceiling of becoming the first female president of the united states. we're going to have to see that and we'll have to wait lot longer for that, guys. >> joyce evans live there with hillary clinton and our chris o'connell just up the road in new york city at donald trump's headquarters. all right, chris, what you got right now? >> reporter: well lucy, all eyes are on pennsylvania
10:32 pm
tonight. all eyes are on north carolina. there was a roar that came over the crowd here trump head quarters were it was announced trump took the state of ohio. you probably hear some of the enthusiasm behind me. growing enthusiasm tonight that real sense here donald j. trump reality television star, real estate tycoon, washington outsider has a real shot at winning the presidency and the enthusiasm here is growing. as more of those states are called. as we speak now, 168 to 131 electoral votes in drum pops favor as we look at the fox news big board in the ballroom tonight, we can tell you that donald trump is now hunkered down in his room with -- room with his family and closest campaign supporters and vice-presidential candidate michael pence in room up here. ivanka trump suite tweeted out a picture saying they are waiting.
10:33 pm
it's just very very intense night here as literally as every state is called either boos or a big cheer comes out. but a lot of red hats. the enthusiasm now as it's just all eyes are on the big -- >> sorry to caught you off there chris o'connell. we have breaking news out philadelphia olney neighborhood on this very busy election nig night. two police officers are injured after a crash just about a half hour ago at 21st and olney. it's all breaking right now as i told you. you know how this goes. details still come in. both officers are at einstein. we don't know what district they're from but we're hearing both officers are right now stable. all right. let's get check on some more results now. the pennsylvania house district seven it looks like patrick meehan should win that, cooks% over his challenger 62 to 38% for pat fee meehan. let's head back to new york ci city. take live look at the javits
10:34 pm
sent much this is hillary rodham clinton's campaign headquarters. we could be in for a long haul. a lot of people are on pins and needles. you decide 2016 fox 29 coverage needles. you decide 2016 fox 29 coverage back in a moment, says it won't let up for a while. the cadillac xt5... what should we do? ...tailored to you. wait it out. equipped with apple carplay compatibility. ♪ now during season's best, get this low mileage lease on this cadillac xt5 from around $429 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing.
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♪ in california the polls closed at 11:00 o'clock our time that is when the presidential race could be called although it could not be. it couldn't a long night. some states are closer than we thought. here's video from voters casting their ballots in southern california. tragedy near two los angeles polling locations a gunman shot and killed a man and injured two women that gunman is also dead. we've got breaking news coming in from fox news right now. they are calling the house of representatives for the gop remaining firmly in the hands of gop. that's not a real big surprise. but bruce, you're watching some things on that electoral map and explain to us because there's a lot -- my phone is blowing up with text messages from people going wagon what is going on. >> a lot of mashing of teeth and hang ringing here's what we need to do to put things in the context. 31 states called so far this evening. and each and everyone of those states played out exactly the
10:38 pm
way it did in 2012. now you remember in 2012, the democrats produced through barack obama and his re-election bid 332 electoral votes. the republicans 206. you need 270 to win. so what does that say to you? well the republicans that is donald trump need to find 64 additional electoral votes. that is to say they've got to win everything they won in 2012 plus they need 64 extra electoral votes. where might those come from one of the things we know already is that the state of ohio has been called for donald trump. that is 18 electoral votes that they did not get back in 2012. so that is a pick up of 18 electoral votes. florida still too close to call. that would be 29 electoral votes were he to get that. that's why we said the big victory for democrats in the state of virginia which fox news has now called for hillary
10:39 pm
clinton was big. virginia was a state that went for the democrats in 2012. had the republicans been able to flip it it would have been huge, would have gotten donald trump that much closer to the extra 64 electoral votes he needed. without that, it becomes a much more narrow road to hoe. just so you know, a lot of discussion tonight about donald trump winning north carolina. will he, won't gentlemen if he were to win that it would obviously be great news for the trump campaign but would it not reflect an actual gain because the republicans took north carolina back in 2012. so, again, trump needs to do everything romney did four years ago plus he's got to pick up some extra states to the point route now only ohio has been an actual pick up for donald trump. we'll see how this mays out but, again, that's the context from what we have seen so far, guys. >> nice insight there, bruce, thanks. pennsylvanians are not just voting on candidates tonight also on the ballot whether to allow more than 1,000 appelate county and district judges to remain in their jobs until the
10:40 pm
age of 75. the current retirement age is 70. so right now this is a, it's 51 to 49%, yes, on that particular question. >> in new jersey, another big referendum whether casino gambling can expand i don't know atlantic city for the first ti time. ballot next number one asked whether to authorize two new casinos in separate counties in new jersey. you can see right there it says no by 79%. and it look like it won out over the yes votes of 21%. all right. let's take live look at hillary clinton's election headquarters tonight where our our joyce evans is and we'll continue to cover this interesting and divisive presidential election throughout the evening right here on fox 29. >> our kathy orr is tracking your forecast receipt now. kathy. >> that's right. we're talking about mild temperatures out that right now, but rain is coming with a front and that means cooler air especially as we head into the weekend. i'll have the forecast coming up later in this broadcast.
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♪ you decide 2016. taking another look at the balance of power in the senate with a third of the senate up for grabs. the balance of power hangs in the balance, right. actually we're lookin looking ae u.s. president. you can see how it's shaping you
10:44 pm
on that electoral map hopefully we'll show you the senate side of things because that's important that's coming up hopefully soon. >> let's check on the key race in pennsylvania which is going to affect the balance of power in the us senate. right now katie mcginty has lead over pat toomey this has been incredibly tough race very close and right now mcginty up 50 to 46% with 60% of the precincts reporting. mcginty hanging on to 4% lead right now. >> the national spotlight is on that very pennsylvania senate race. democratic katie mcginty challenging pat toomey you saw where it's at right now. shawnette wilson is the toomey headquarters we begin with jeff cole live tonight with katie mcginty in center city. >> reporter: lucy, look, i must tell you i think a little bit of mcginty race here. where i am by the way this is the home of the pennsylvania democrats statewide democrats have all come here the big guns have been bob casey, tom wolf
10:45 pm
here, jim kenney from philadelphia is here. and i think they came rolling in here early thinking this was going to be pretty good night, and they were feeling good about mcginty, too. but because hillary clinton is struggling across the country, i think the mcginty race has some ways taken back seat and quite worried and quite glum about hillary clinton at this point. but to turn to mcginty for minute f she can pull this thing off it will be tremendous victory here certainly for democrats in pennsylvania to knock out toomey particularly since this race was so expensive and mcginty took so many negative ads against her. she gave as good as she got clearly but she took some big hits but it lock like she's doing well so far. but i must tell you. in the hotel that is housing the democrats here in philly tonig tonight, the sheraton, they are certainly worried and concerned about hillary clinton and hoping for the best for katie mcginty. jeff cole, live at the sheraton. folks, back to you. >> thank you very much, jeff cole. so fox news channel has just
10:46 pm
called north carolina for donald trump. >> all right. let's listen in to shep smith at the fox broadcast center in new york. >> the rural has won the night and north carolina and it's 15 electoral votes go to trump. now what do we wait for? now we wait move importantly for the state of florida. remember, he's won ohio, he's won north carolina, he has to win florida. no doubt about it. you have to win florida before you go to try to pick off a blue state in the west. remember, it's not as if he's trying to hold something he's supposed to get out west. he's got to flip something he's not supposed to have or none of this matters. but you have to get to florida to get there. let's bring in kevin, founder of public relations digital and tieing firm based in florida. he lives in tallahassee with his family. worked with president obama's campaign in 2008. charlie christine down in
10:47 pm
florida. it was the belief of hillary clinton's polster that she had two-point lead going into this. the rural areas have surprised them. what happened? >> i mean it's you have to say, other than the fact that donald trump is speaking to floridians in rural counties, and in areas right outside of cities, and i mean, i'm shocked i'm sitting here shocked. all the smart people were wrong. all of the smart people were wrong. on both sides. >> do you have a sense for what it's going to take for the networks and ap to call florida. >> i honestly don't know why and you have very smart people working on this behind the scenes. i don't know why it hasn't been called already. called for donald trump. >> you believe as democratic strategist that florida is going to donald trump? >> i do and that comes from lot of data looking at what precincts,/what's left. >> very little bit of broward and then scattered -- >> ft. lauderdale area. >> scattered around the state you saw tony tow breeze yo you mentioned it on rick scott donald trump pollster said take
10:48 pm
it to the bank and he's cashed a lot of wins in florida i trust him when he says that donald trump is going to go to florida. >> donald trump has won north carolina. he's won ohio. if he wins florida, he then has to pick off something in the west. heys to pick off nevada or he has to pick off michigan or something like that. how do you see this landscape now. >> michigan is everything right now. you've got to look at wade county. look at the -- to see african-americans tone out and vote for secretary clinton that will be in detroit area, and if donald trump can take michigan and i'm saying this as a democrat, then he -- >> if he takes michigan and florida he's president. >> you leave me speechless. >> well, the numbers have a way of diagnose that. these are the michigan numbers as they're in right now. 45% of all precincts reporting i have to look up over the camera to see it donald trump is leading by one -- >> listen to shepard smith and democratic strategist at the fox broadcast center. one of things they missed is pennsylvania. because we are also a key battleground state.
10:49 pm
why hillary clinton had her second to the last rally in philadelphia. and why donald trump had his second to the last big rally in scranton. so he also needs pennsylvania. she needs pennsylvania. >> she does if she's going to win. let's get back to that senate race in pennsylvania on the republican side. senator pat toomey in lehigh county waiting for those results to come in. that's where he vote add few hours ago. >> let's get right to fox 29's shawnette wilson live at senator tam pee's watch party. shawnette. >> reporter: yeah, a lot of cheers in the room when we're hearing the networks call trump as the winner in different states. the big news today procedure to us coming here to the watch party is that pat toomey finally spoke out about the fact that he did vote for donald trump. something that he had been reluctant he said to discuss prior to today. so that was some other big news. men while we're hearing he is in the building privately watching the results come in with his family. he we spoke with communications
10:50 pm
director just a moment ago about what pat toomey is thinking right now especially hearing so much talk that katie mcginty is doing so well. let's take listen. >> when you see the returns come in from different parts of the state the numbers fluctuates specially with this area with low percentage of votes coming back. what we do certainly around the counties in philadelphia prosper worry exceeding the goals we set and doing very welch that's something that's very encouraging to us. >> a lot at state here. >> absolutely. most hard fought senate race in american history. not hyperbole the numbers spell it out. that's at stake here tonight in pennsylvania. >> reporter: and still very quiet watch party right now. no sign again of pat toomey all he is here. many people just watching the results come in. music playing, people are talking about what is happening tonight and so that's the very latest from where we are. iain and lucy, back to you. >> thank you very much, shawnette. this race has been lose one
10:51 pm
battle till the epp. we're staying on top of of it until it's over. let's take another look right now at the presidential results. can we pull up that electoral map and see where we stand, because we know that north carolina fox news has just called it for donald trump. we also heard probably really the quote of the night so far all the smart people were wrong and that's why democratic strategist talking to shepard smith at the fox broadcast center of you're watching you decide 2016. fox new 29 news coverage continues. //>[a5d]
10:52 pm
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♪ you decide 2016. there is how it stands right n now. donald trump, 49%, hillary clinton 47%. we've got a long night ahead though. >> yes, we do. could be a very long night a couple of big states we still yet to call and of course the west coast our coverage continues here. let's get a check on your fox 29 weather. kathy orr here with what's on our radar tonight. kathy. >> take a short break away from the election and talk about the weather over the delaware vall valley. temperatures are going to be cooling down overnight tonight. highs in the 60s. right now in the 50s it's going to get cooler during the early morning hours as rain moves into the region. we do expect showers to lower those temperatures tomorrow. right now in the 50s and some 40s. during the day high pressure moves off the coast, rain moves in. periods of rain expected during the day tomorrow with this cold front and behind it more seasonal temperatures with a
10:55 pm
bigger cool down on tap by the time the weekend rolls around for your morning rush rain into suburbs boy 7am. periods of rain throughout the day and then behind this front the skies clear and the temperatures fall. overnight expect a low in the city of freight. the suburbs 43. increasing clouds. the showers move in tomorrow. 58 degrees will do it near seasonal high, and on your seven day forecast staying seasonal for thursday, mild for friday, getting colder saturday but then temperatures rebound back to above average by the beginning of next week. that's your election night seven day forecast. we'll send it back to you. >> all right, kathy, thank you very much. it was pretty good day to get out there and vote. we saw a lot of lines out there. people are still wait to go in line to vote. if you were in line your vote counts. >> an interesting evening. >> to say the least. isn't because not a lot of people experts polls and all of that thought the conventional wisdom thought this was going to be a close race. as we take a look writ stands right now.
10:56 pm
49 to 46%. ohio, for instance, early on key battleground state and bell weather for what the nation does. >> truly. >> right in the middle of the country. >> all things go ohio. what was interesting is that donald trump some pundants were saying had ohio but not the dominance that he actually did end up with it tonight. we've got florida in play. i'm thinking that will be called really soon you heard what shepard smith democratic stat gist said. north carolina called for trump. romney flipped that back in 2012 it still is trauma's path to the white house. >> got to have florida and michigan and ohio and one other state. >> it's like a chess game if you think about it that is a live look right now at hillary clinton's campaign headquarters on this election night. a whole lot of people there just like the rest of america waiting to see how you decide 2016 plays out. >> interesting move there tonight and as we take a look
10:57 pm
this is at trump's election eve headquarters we're coming back. stay with us. we're coming right back at 11:00. just a minute or two. that's when results from the west coast will start strea strg giving us the best idea about oughlies of this. what a crazy year, how all this will end and our hour 2017n theo what a crazy year, how all this will end and our hour 2017n theo shapes up. gary watson to beat the local sled jump record, fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just 79.99 per month online for the first year. cable can't offer that. only fios can. what?
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live from from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11:00. election night 2016 it's a stressful election season. and if anyone could have imagined tonight has probably been even more anxiety inducing. >> voters stood in line for hours today and tonight for their chance to cast their ballots and people across the country are watch our area for pivotal battleground votes and hotly contested senate race. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> thanks for joining us our you died 2016 election day special i'm iain page. let's get to to you new york and list stone shepard smith they just called florida. fox news has for donald trump. >> broward county that enormous hispanic population as high as 20% of the vote so much of which had never voted before. so much of that they believe would all go to hillary clinton. and that would be enough to wipe


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