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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  November 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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live from from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11:00. election night 2016 it's a stressful election season. and if anyone could have imagined tonight has probably been even more anxiety inducing. >> voters stood in line for hours today and tonight for their chance to cast their ballots and people across the country are watch our area for pivotal battleground votes and hotly contested senate race. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> thanks for joining us our you died 2016 election day special i'm iain page. let's get to to you new york and list stone shepard smith they just called florida. fox news has for donald trump. >> broward county that enormous hispanic population as high as 20% of the vote so much of which had never voted before. so much of that they believe would all go to hillary clinton. and that would be enough to wipe
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out the rural vote to wipe out the trump message that was resonating across the panhandle in dade county in walton county all the way over to appalachia cola and down along the western coast of florida. from charlotte county and collier county and lee county those heavily republican areas that they would not be able to overcome it. they didn't realize that miami dade county the african american vote would be lower than they anticipated. much lower than had been with barack obama. they didn't realize that so much of the hispanic vote came in early voting something that hasn't happened before. republicans most often vote on election day. and across florida, from coast to coast to coast, they have. the panhandle and the southwest coast of florida and some of the i4 corridor in the rural areas of the state of florida they have ruled the day in florida and florida goes to donald tru trump. what did we say at the beginning of the night? if you're donald
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trump before you ever get started, you must within flori florida. checkmark. you must win north carolina. checkmark. you must within ohio. checkmark. and then you have to go pick up states on the west coast or around the country somewhere. we'll get to that in just a moment. this election is not over. fox news now projects hillary clinton has just won the state of california. the golden state in its 55 electoral votes now go to the democrat hillary clinton. fox news also projects hillary clinton will win the state of hawaii. hawaii and its four electoral votes go to hillary clinton. in the state of idaho, idaho now solidly red less than 1% of all the votes are in. but idaho's four electoral votes go to donald trump. there is still no call for the state of oregon. >> you've been listen to shep smith in new york they have just called florida kind of surprisingly tight race there for hillary clinton so we still have a ways to go this election is tightening up by the minute.
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polls up and down the west coast including the electoral california is, california goes to hillary clinton. and this race could be called at any moment maybe it will be a long night. we are live at clinton and trump's election night headquarters in manhattan. what a crazy night it's been. too close to call. who will be the next leader of the united states of america. >> let's get to joyce evans with team clinton in new york city. california going to clinton. no surprise, joyce. >> reporter: i tell you, i can hardly hear you lucy because it's getting a little loud in here. you have flurries of activity folks are very excited when california and hawaii projected for clinton and it dies back down like it is now. those folks back there, behind me, in the stands, they have been sitting there all night and it looks locate they'll be sitting there awhile longer but they are on the edges of their seats even more dedicated the folks who are at the front of this stage here right there on the floor. standing all night long. they are waiting around the
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stage that has lights outlined like the united states. hillary clinton will appear here but what will she say tonight? will she declare a victory and become the first female president of the united states or will it be a concession speech? you know folks here have little bit of worry on their face. so it's not going quite the way i think folks were thinking it would go as they piled in here earlier tonight. we will be here and we will see what happens. i'm joyce evans. live at the javits center with the glass ceiling in manhattan. back to you. >> all right, thanks much, joyce. and we have another call right now. in district eight in pennsylvania, we have bryan fitzpatrick beating stuyvesant sarrow. >> all right. >> many eyes across the nation watching pennsylvania senate race of course as well. and let's take look right now at some of those numbers if we can. and there you have it. oh, it's tightening a little bit here. so we have katie mcginty with forty one%. and pat toomey with 47%.
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so we will continue to watch this as precincts come in. >> right now according to that graphic 77% of the precincts are reporting. shawnette wilson at pat toomey' election night headquarters with start with jeff cole at the center city sheraton with team mcginty. jeff? >> reporter: i'm sorry, folks here here were the sheraton. sort of looking back and trying to watch as they project states as you are back at the station as well. once again here i think they are -- they're feeling good about mcginty as you just said it's tightening a little bit. there are parts of the state apparently that have not come in that be likely to be mortar favorable to the republicans and trump here. there is some growing concern about mcginty once again i can't sort of stress this enough. they are certainly concerned about the national ticket and about hillary clinton. so this is sort of the democrats here all gathered these are the statewide democrats. the big guns are here wolf and casey and kenney from
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philadelphia. interesting, senator casey just got up and normally you'd think the senator from pennsylvania a democrat here at a democratic gathering would psych the crowd up and say we're going to win this thing let's to gore it. he didn't do that. he thanked everybody for their efforts and stepped aside i think it's indicative of what their worry is here. here at the democrats at the sheraton they're hoping for mcginty. worried i think what these numbers are that are still to come but they do seem to be very concerned about hillary clinton even though she's moved ahead in electoral college at this point. clearly lots of folks have said it will be a long night in the great state of pennsylvania. jeff cole live, folks, back to you. >> let's get out to shawnette wilson who's live in senator pat toomey's watch party in lehigh county. shawnette. >> reporter: well still no site of him and of course no word from him this early in the evening but of course he is here
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watching in a private room with his familily as the numbers come in. looking around the room and talking to people here in the room they don't seem to be too concerned as of yet even with the news that katie mcginty is doing very well. we spoke with hat pat toomey's communications directors moments ago he said they are feeling about the fact that they are doing well in places they knew they would do well. so right now, they are still just in a watch and wait and see mode and as soon as they call it we'll bring it to you. >> back to you. >> much appreciate it shawnette. we're watching the race for pennsylvania senate seat closely. >> that is the race between the incumbent pat toomey republican and democratic challenger katie mcginty. bruce gordon is here to break down that race for you. >> another nail biter going on right about this this lead mcginty on pat toomey is beginning to shrink a little b bit. we are now within 100,000 votes here about 95,000 votes if i'm not mistaken with roughly three
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quarters to 80% of the total vote in. so the question then is, what is out standing? what still left to be counseled? well here's what we know. we know that the vast majority of the city of philadelphia, 93%, already been counseled. that's not necessarily good news for mcginty because that means that lead in philadelphia can only grow a little bit more. she's done about as well as we would have expected around 95 -- around 400,000 votes or so 395,000 vote margin out of the philadelphia. the count in philadelphia almost complete so that is about all she's going to get out of that in terms of margin. let's go over to allegheny county, pittsburgh, 91% in. again, that's a higher percentage in allegheny already counseled in the state as whole. margin there, again, large probably 80,000 or thereabouts margin for mcginty. again those two big areas allegheny count tee and philadelphia counties are areas where mcginty has done very well where the vast majority vote has been counter. take a quick look around her
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area. buck county just a quarter of the vote in. very much dead even toomey up over mcginty by an ever so slight margin. montgomery county the vast majority in. mcginty over toomey by around 40,000 votes or thereabouts. chester county, more or less a wash of wash which what we expected n delaware county 86% of the vote in mcginty leading there by roughly 28 to 30,000 votes. so again this race is tightening. this is key to the democrat's hopes to make little bit of gain in the us senate. they're hopes of taking the senate appear to be glowing slimmer and slimmer. were told if you hillary clinton won the presidency, democrat boss need just 50 seats to get majority because very the vice-president becomes tie breaking vote. that whole presidential scenario very new jersey doubt right now. democrats might need 51 seats. this might be one of them but it does look like at the moments democrats will take the senate.
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republicans will keep the senate. we already know they cep the house, guys. >> all right, bruce, thanks we're getting word fox news called utah for donald trump. so this gets more interestin ins by the minute. you like to tune in to watch the big pennsylvania lottery drawings here on fox 29 here are your morning mega millions numbers from the lottery drawing if you play good luck. >> let's take live look at trump election headquarters a he were, look at this let me impart a little bet about what's going on on wall street right now. basicallbasically the bulls areg in the cave and the bears are rampaging. dow futures down 653 points. the nasdaq features down by 195. yeah it's not just americans on pins and needles right now so are a whole lot of investors. back in a moment.
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♪ you decide 2016. our coverage continues tonight of this incredible presidential election. here's live look at trump election headquarters fox news just projecting -- just calling the state of utah for donald trump. our chris o'connell is following all of these election results from the trump watch party tonight in manhattan for us. chris? >> reporter: iain, as everyone of those states is called for donald trump a roar comes over this crowd and usa chant breaks
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out. it is a big night right here the mow moan tum is building. the excitement is building and donald trump's election night headquarters here in midtown manhattan. as states commit donald trump won big ones recently ohio, north carolina, florida and now we said it from the beginning all eyes are now on pennsylvania. the thought now whoever wins pennsylvania can win the white house. so it is right now too close to call. the room here filled with supporters. this race is far from being over. as we get another fox news alert fox news being broadcast throughout this ballroom. made of about half supporters, half media. this is not the biggest room in new york city. but as you hear, the supporters yelling trump, trump, trump. very interesting voter tracker coming out by the new york tim times. no friend of donald trump by the
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way. earlier today, its real time vote tracker had donald trump a 34% chance of winning. right now, that changed to none% so you can see at least the way this race is going at least momentum clinton's people hoping that those polls were right but it turn out those polls might not be worth the paper they're printed on according to a donald trump operative. so that's the story from here. no word when we'll hear from donald trump presumably after the results are given but right now, enthusiasm building here in midtown manhattan. >> all right, thank you much chris o'connell. in the race for pennsylvania's eighth district congressional seat the republican brian fitzpatrick was breaking just a couple minutes ago has defeated so many at a time steve santa sayre row. 10 mel i don't know dollars spent on this race.
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fitzpatrick brother mike is retiring up come bapst. >> we're following a pros race in the house. get over to bruce gordon. bruce. >> again, let's put the cop text to some of the numbers we've seen. this is has been absolutely spectacular exciting evening and by any measure trump has out performed the pundants, the pre election polls, and just about anybody else making predictions outside of his own camp. but here's what you need to know. to date right now, we have seen 37 states called this evening. for either donald trump or hillary clinton and in all but two cases, those states were called in exactly the same way they wept in 2012. that is not necessarily good news for republicans as you recall. they lost in 2012. came up with just 206 electoral votes. 270 needed they were 64 electoral votes short. so far donald trump has come up with two big take aways tonight. one florida. 29 electoral votes. one ohio, 18 electoral votes a
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total of 47 electoral votes gained by donald trump if you will above what writ mom knee has he still needs to find somewhere in this map obviously we've got pennsylvania right here and we'll show you and talk about that in just second, somewhere in the map of the united states, donald trump nodes to find 17 electoral votes that wept democrat in 2012, he needs to nip those to the republican side in 2016. can he do it? we will see. here in pennsylvania, right now about 73% of the precincts reporting in. hillary clinton lead leading donald trump by 100,000 votes here in pennsylvania. now, remember we said a minute ago trump has 47 of the 64 votes he needs to pick up electoral votes. pennsylvania has got 20 lack tore roll votes. if donald trump can come up and pull ahead hillary clinton if he takes pennsylvania, that would give him the electoral votes he needs to become the 45th
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president of the united states, guys, so this becomes even more important with each passing moment as these votes are counted, guys. >> bruce, thanks very much. interesinteresting night upd much let get a check on some results in new jersey. donald norcross in the first district in the house of representatives wins that see he's 59 to 37% in that race much let's check on the third district now tom macarthur 62 to 36%. >> the race for attorney general and we have josh shapiro taking on of course john lafferty. 54 to 46% at this point in the race with skype% of the precincts reporting. and we get a check on the presidential race is which is nighttime to 47% as we take live act the clinton election headquarters. our coverage continues in just a few moments.
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may i be excused? get the new xfinity tv app and for the first time ever stream live tv, watch on demand, and download your dvr shows anywhere. ♪ our coverage of you decide 2016 continues live look at trump election headquarters chris o'connell has been telling you a lot of roar there is tonight from fox news channel every time the trump campaign wins another state. meantime delaware voters election add new governor tonight. >> and second time is the charm for congress nan john carney he won the governor seat eight years after his first run. our brad sattin reports from delaware. >> reporter: the party is winding down a bit here in wilmington, but not before democrats won big in two key races. the first john carney now governor election after serving three terms in the us house former lieutenant governor lost in the primaries in 2008 but
11:23 pm
this time winning that seat. we had chance to talk to him a few minutes ago. >> when beau biden passed a way things changed for you. can you talk about the ride from there to here. >> well, it feels like the bar is a little bit higher in terms of what you have to put into this given that's correct you know, and i'll never forget that as the back drop for the start of this and, um, it just make me realize that i got to work harder. >> reporter: and congresswoman elect lisa blunt rochester the first african-american from delaware. she says her inspiration comes from her husband who passed away of a blood clot she says he's still with her. she remembers a story of a family that was at the grocery store getting some grapes and couldn't pay for them. she says that helped to inn spear her. >> that totally changed me. and i listened to the negativity that i was hearing across the country, and at the federal
11:24 pm
level, and instead of sitting back i just said i want to step up. >> reporter: so some history is made here in delaware. big win tonight for democrats. in wilmington, brad sattin fox 29 news. on your radar tonight meteorologist kathy orr is here now with your first forecast at 11:00. kathy. >> there's so much going on and the weather is going to be changing so you have to know what's going on when you wake up and head out the door tomorrow morning right now we're looking at dry conditions just some clouds rolling in and temperatures falling into the 50s. high today in the 60s. but by tomorrow, we'll be seeing rain moving in from the west. you can see the showers already making it into central pa by the morning rush our northern and western suburbs will have the rain and take over the region right now big cool down the poconos in the 40s the same in allentown pottstown reading and lancaster. 50s along the i-95 corridor falling to 45 at this point in millville going down into the upper 30s. high pressure slides off the coast. this front moves through. not a lot of cold air behind it but becoming more seasonal with
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occasional rain showers as we time it out the ran moves in after 7:00 a.m. in the philadelphia area but to the north and west for your morning rush by were you seven, eight, 9:00 o'clock you'll see the rain moving in and then periods of rain through the afternoon. not a lot of ran maybe quarter of an inch but enough to keep it wet, keep it damp and keep it cool. overnight tonight the low in the city 48. the suburbs 43 with increasing clouds. tomorrow occasional showers the high 58. a big change from today. 11 degrees cooler than it was this afternoon. on your seven day forecast where the weather authority thursday 58 for veterans day 62. the big chill comes saturday and sunday. our walk to end alzheimer's is in the morning saturday bundle up for that. sunday 55 and then look at next week. we're in the mid peer of the month and temperatures will actually be on the rise. that is a look at your seven day forecast on this election night. >> quite a night it is, isn't it kathy orr. so what do the political pundants say that donald trump to be able to ascend to 1600
11:26 pm
pennsylvania avenue. he had to win in order. check. >> yup. >> had to win north carolina. right. had to win ohio. >> okay. >> all three of those. >> he got all three of them he has to pick up something like michigan which is in play. >> right. >> pennsylvania in play. >> yeah. >> so we'll see what happens. it is close as you're looking on the screen root now 49 to 47% right now. that presidential race as we take live look at the head quarters from joyce evans has been all night. little bit of maybe some concern there. >> well, you know it's a long night. she did pick up the treasure trophy of electoral votes from california and got a bunch of other ones as well. we'll be back in just a little bit. absolutely. but we'll be back live here on fox 29 tonight as we watch that hotly couldn't testified pennsylvania senate race between katie mcginty and pat toomey you can check all the details online at fox
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he gets a lot of compliments.
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and shepard smith. >> breaking news, donald trump has won the state of wisconsin. wisconsin was a blue state. wisconsin was reliablely democratic. wisconsin had milwaukee and madison. wisconsin is reliablely blue. this is the flip that donald trump was seeking. this is the end of the inside straight. you must win florida. he won it. you must win ohio, you probably will but it will be close. no, he won it big. he won florida, north carolina, ohio. now he's just flipped the blue state that we knew he would have to flip out west. wisconsin goes to donald trump. fox news projects hillary clinton will win the


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