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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  November 10, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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♪and best wishes from the lottery♪
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>> thousands of protesters across the us and around the world, the protesting president elect donald trump's historic win. (protests). >> big meeting at the white house today, donald trump will meet with president obama. the two have had great disagreement in the past. what the president is saying about their highly anticipated meeting today. plus: what donald trump plans to do during his first 100 days in office. >> and brad pitt cleared of charges. investigators say, brad will not be charged in the child abuse investigation involving his own son. how it could impact his split from ankle leaning a jolie. >> and a former big time philly star is back in the city. giving back in a big way. we are live with cole hamels and his wife, heidi, as they
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make a big donation to a local school. we will be there live when they do that at the school. good day, it is thursday, november, you know my favorite number is is one? and it has been most of my life. >> really? >> birthday on the 11th. >> what? >> february. >> why are we talking about the 11 because it is the tenth? >> friday, my favorite number, 11/11. >> oh, ya. >> make a wish. you make a wish, 11/11. >> no, i do, at 11:11 tomorrow morning let's all meet in the news room under the big digital clock and all of the numbers will go 11:11:11. >> oh, okay. >> okay. >> it is quite often, throughout my life, during the day i'll look at a clock, for some reason i see 11/11. i met a woman in atlantic city years ago, maybe she's still alive, a reporter for the newspaper there. she had the same thing. >> eleven thing? >> yes, ways covering miss
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america pageant. this is really slowing down the show, i apologize. >> then do you have finish now. >> once you get started. >> and so she had the same thing. she would always notice 11 on clocks. like i did. >> i noticed my birthday, two/11 a lot. >> do you. >> ya. >> so this woman, and i stayed in contact for like 11 years after that. >> (laughing). >> all right. i wish i had a 11 for your weather, but i think it is over, the action out there now? >> his pant are back on, we can move on. >> number of the day 18. i think it will be pretty chilly. he didn't have pant. bus stop buddy wearing pant, and nice warm jacket with temperatures in the 30's, four's, yes, the rain is gone, but little chillier to start the day. there you see, on ultimate doppler radar, don't have any clouds around, we have 33 degrees mount pocono, 39 in reading and lancaster, 40 in wilmington, and 43 in wildwood. just had our sunrise sunset
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hang 4:49 tonight. brr. 58 degrees, sunshine, seasonable today, that is nice one. we will talk about the weekends, coming up in your weather authority forecast, what are we doing? seven days, yes, we will do seven days. >> whatever you want to do. there you go. 7:04. good morning, everybody, on a thursday, live look route 38 over here in moorestown, new jersey, kevin, our assignment editor, passed a accident right near point pleasant valley actually 38 in pleasant valley, over in moorestown, new jersey. accident right underneath the overpass here. this is the vine expressway, westbound, just below broad street, 15th street there, so watch it. >> that's causing delays for folks coming off of 95. eastbound 422 accident at 29. why don't you come around the curve and bamm hit you with the sun glare in your forehead. we have an accident west on the schuylkill expressway, right now, right near university. that's causing a delay. so again we have got the sun glare, wet roads, damp all
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from all of the rain yesterday. and we're dealing with the wet leaves out there. not only on the roads, but on the rails. delays already on the lansdale, doylestown, paoli thorndale line. expect delays across the road on the real unless for that reason, not equipment, mainly because of the wet leaves, cause that havoc, the slippery rales, and of course, the platforms could be little slippery, as well. happy birthday to the u.s. marines, we will go live at 8:00 their big event down there at oregon avenue at tenth street. and we say thank you for 241 years of service. mike and alex back to you. >> and happy birthday indeed. >> hey check out the front page of the pain here at clock 05 this thursday morning, the daily news has a division problem. sounds like the eagles, right, nfc east. no, no, no this is about politics. trump has a lot of bridges to un burn. so what was the final tally on the popular vote? it was 50-50 wasn't it in hillary clinton had more popular vote. but the college went to donald
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trump. >> electoral, so half the country, un happy about this, so protests being held in the streets of many cities around the world, matter of facts, including protests in philadelphia. but, some of these got out of hands in los angeles. and also, up in oakland, california, as well. is that right? >> well, yes. because in oakland, at least 6,000 protesters, visit dollars the streets last night, two instances of fires in the street. >> wow. >> and we even saw protests here if phil, mike. >> we didn't act up like that, no fires or anything like, that ours was pretty peaceful. steve keeley, what happened, there will be another one this afternoon, near city hall. hey, steve? >> reporter: mike, before he won the electoral college he went to college at penn. and look at the scene, where donald trump graduated in 1968. his fellow alum to be, were not so happy last night, this was one of two protests in philly, after it got dark out. and what are they chanting? we will not be silent, not my
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president. >> we will not be silent. not my president. we will not be silent. not my president. >> i think we don't want to combat hate with hate. and protesting in this way, i think, is a little bit send more after colorful message. >> i think a lot of people are here, morning, i know i definitely had a rough disappointing day. but i am area here because my friends are here, and we're all here together. >> i believe the united state has made a terrible mistake. i think that americans have been very naive. >> so, as we hear from those protesters from across the count rip, notice the weather, a lot nicer, where they were being interviewed, but not like a soggy scene here in philadelphia, at city hall, and on north broad street, where philly police were kept busy yet again for the umteenht time this year, letting them say their
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marching rights, all the way to temple, and we're talking about from dinnertime, until long past most people's bed time, at 11:00 they were still roaming the streets, a thousand strong, 500 at least at penn according to the great chief inspector joe sullivan. don't be surprised if we see even bigger protests up broad today. group calling itself philly women in formation, who have some very interesting signs about donald trump's talking about how he, let's say, grabbed women in the past, when he was bragging to billy bush. and we won't show you their pictures, not allowed to show you those words on tv, but don't be surprised. >> we know what you are saying. >> that group gets a loft supporters. yes, probably have bigger protest simply because the weather is a lot nicer today. that will bring people out. >> spitting rainout last night. did you see the breakdown of the percentages, kind of interesting, according to race, for the white house,
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look, 63% of white men voted for trump, and over half of white women voted for trump, as women, not the women. then black men, 80% voted for hillary clinton, and look at the percent, 94% of all black women in america that voted voted for hillary clinton. stanting? >> when it comes to latino men and women, 62% of men voted for clinton, latino women, 68%, voted for hillary clinton >> stew, maybe we should have him in tomorrow. an editorial. definitely editorial, his opinion, pushed back from america's straight white angry men. stu what are you talking about? common on into the show tomorrow let's talk about it. >> jones. >> used to work in the obama administration. >> he got a lot of pete. he called it a white lash. >> instead of backlash. white lash. >> well, are you a white man? what are you angry about? what's going on here? there is a live look at the
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white house, that is a live look, looking good today. >> that's soon to be donald trump's new home. and donald trump's going to be going there later this morning, since he'll meet with president obama. >> they'll meet thereto discuss the transition of power. they will meet in the oval office. >> okay? >> while first lady michelle obama and melania trump will meet in the private residence. and posse election speech yesterday, president obama pledged a smooth transition of administration, by key experience back in 2008. >> it is no secret that the president-elect and i have some pretty significant differences. but remember, eight years allege, president bush and i had some pretty significant differences. president bush's team could not have been more professional, or more gracious, in making sure we had a smooth transition, so that we could hit the grounds running. >> president obama, who has publicly called trump unfit for the oval office, before the election happens, add that
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he was heart ends, though, now, by message every unity inclusion when he spoke with donald trump over the phone. >> you know, are we moving on to the next thing? >> i think so, so if you want to say being about it? >> did you see the moment when the vice president was, talking about how hurtful it is to lose an election. what did the president say? >> the president was saying, you know, i have lost elections, he goes biden has never lost one. biden like -- he said i would if i weren't going up against you, and they laugh. >> what election did president obama lose? back when he was younger? >> when he first ran i think he lost his first election. did you see them walking off, all arm in arm, parting each other on the back? >> well, it is basically over. >> it is over, ya. >> ya. some people thought oh, you have this such a bromance. >> i think they really genuinely like each other, ya. now that the campaigning is all over, it is, well, we have to look ahead now right? to what the administration will look like. >> a the love people are focused on the first 100 days
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donald trump is get that together. made a lot of promises on the campaign trail. what will come to fruition? what will be the first up? >> this happens every time somebody takes over, they talk about the first hundred days, thomas drayton. >> yes, they have big list, don't they? >> yep. >> specially make a lot of promises, ever since the presidency of franklin d roosevelt, president vest been measured by what they can accomplish in their first threw months in offers? why? suppose to have the greatest influence. if you have been following trump's campaign you know the president-elect plans to undo a lot of president obama's policies, in his first 100 days in offers. things likes healthcare, trade, foreign policy, some changes he can make with the stroke of his pen, other will require congressional approval, which, you know, let's face it, could be a lot easier, working with republican majority in both the house and senate. let's beginning with healthcare pledged to repeal and replace obamacare in his first day in offers it, won't than simple as republicans
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don't have the 06 vote super majority to block a filibuster. so while full scale repeal may not happen congress can and likely will vote to eliminate some of the more unpopular part of the affordable care ability, tax subsidies, tax rims that everyone have health insurance or face a penalty. >> up next, phrase he started using toward the end of his presidential campaign. draining the swamp. trump wants to get rid of corruption in washington. part of that includes imposing term limit on all members of congress, but, house majority leader mitch mcconnell says that's not on the table saying the country already has term limits called elections. >> and trump has vowed to radically shift the country's foreign policy to always put america first. he says he will renegotiate the iran nuclear deal. he wants to renegotiate nafta, which he called the words trade deal ever signed. trump also promised to invest more in our nation's military. and finally, right around the same time trump is inch august
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ratted americans will be receiving their w2 forms, starting to file their taxes, trump has promised to reduce tax brackets, and has called for business tax rates to be reduced dramatically. of course, we have to mention, the the nomination of the supreme court justice which could mean a more conservative court. and on his website he says there are more changes to come. so stay tuned. >> all right, thank you very much. >> thank you, thomas. >> your welcome. >> seventy-two days. >> yep. at 7:14, weaver to tell but this, not good. >> horrifying ordeal for some temple student. mask gunmen force their way into their home in the middle of the night. >> scared the heck out of them. those students terrorized they say. we spoke to one of them who described what happened. >> jenny is on it. >> reporter: good morning, mike, alex. very shaken, bonds year they were the chosen victims in this case. only two of the four temple university students home at the time of the home invasion robbery. it happened just after 1:00 a.m. on the 1400 block of wilmington street. police say two mask men forced
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their way into this off-campus home and used at least one gun to threaten the victims. investigators say the robbers swiped several electronic devices, one of the victims described the experience for us. he says the entire time he was in shock. >> it was really weird. i was just laying in bed watching tvment then like i thought i was one of my roommates, because the door opened very slowly, we didn't hear them come in or anything. and i thought it was one of my roommates just saying like they were home. until i saw, you know, a dude with a gun, coming at me, putting in my face, telling me you know shut the beep up. where is the mine. i was lick duddy don't have any money. i'm in l only. i have $40 in my wallet and that's a lot for me. >> these victims tell me they're very surprised, they've lived in this neighborhood for a few years now. they have never had any issues. they are certainly shake tone say the least. mike and alex. >> and that's certainly understandable, thank you, jenny.
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7:16. sue giving us a update on the weather. saw some rain yesterday. hopefully today different storey? >> it is a different story. actually needed rain. didn't get nearly enough. but it is gone for now. mostly sunny, breezy sunday. when atlanta comes to town, we play at 1:00, it should be about 55 degrees, pretty nice football day. nice and chilly. bright and sunny. and that's the way it is right now, bright and sunny. we have 42 degrees in philadelphia. thirty-nine in lancaster, and reading. thirty-three mount pocono. forty-one in dover. forty-three in wildwood. now, we had some winds overnight. calm downed a l but these are chilly breezes out of the northwest. 5 miles an hour here in the city. doesn't make it feel that much colder than it actually is. fifty-nine is our average high. fifty-six is where we were yesterday with the damp and dreary day. today 58. sunshine we just talk about. tomorrow, veterans day, it will be 62 degrees, nice one. by saturday, it is much chillier, we start off with windchills in the 20's, on saturday morning for the walk
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toned altzheimer's, so we will be out there anyway with our shades, all bundled up. it will be good, because we'll help a loft people. now cold start sunday for tailgating for the eagles game, bob kelly, but we recover to the 50's later on in the day. so looking pretty good. >> i'll have my famous hot chocolate ready for tailgate interesting sunday morning, 7:17. good morning, hello maple shade. live look route 73, between the turnpike and 295. some beautiful sunshine, but you will notice half the leaves are off the trees from that storm yesterday. and they're on the ground in the neighborhoods, matted down, everything is slippery from all of the heavy rain we had yesterday. so just be careful there. live look, 422 eastbound, right at route 29. right as you come up and over the crest there, bamm, coming around the curve go the sun glare in a accident right at the 29 ramp. jammo on the benny coming into downtown from mid-span into center city, at eighth and vine. so rush hour underway, then later on today, they'll be work to go repair a big old van of concrete here along 95
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northbound. it is going to take them all week to do this. northbound, between washington avenue, in south philly there, up through center city, some concrete repairs, just at times, will go down to two lanes instead of the normal four on 95. we are looking at disable on the schuylkill, it is westbound, coming out every south philly, right in toward university ave. and those wet leaves causing for some slippery rales, and delays, on septa's lansdale-paoli line, and some minor delays across the board, on all of the regional rails because of the weather, the slippery rales, and the wet leaves. mike and alex back over to you. >> okay, well when the the eagles take the field this sunday, versus the falcons, they'll line up against one of the best quarterback wide receiver combinations in the game. matt ryan is having his best year yet in the nfl. >> of course, matt's from the philadelphia area. way to go, matt. just don't have good game sunday. >> julius jones also putting up their numbers. >> he is a number 11, too, my favorite number. >> defense will have to step it up. coach peterson says the offense can help slow down atlanta, as well.
7:19 am
>> i think your run game becomes more important in games like this, i think you're right, atlanta's offense is, you know, one of the top offenses in the nash in a football league obviously, playing extremely well. so any time you can sort of play keep away in time of possession, things like that, can help you. >> mood mat -- matt ryan leading the nfl in passing yards, jones leading the nfl in receiving yards. so our wide receivers will have interesting match up. >> remember the guy who used to host this show? >> yes. >> john sanderson? he's face timing me right now. >> john? >> does he know you're doing a show? >> hello, john. >> trying to connect. >> trying to connect. >> maybe your wifi. >> well, he is connecting, really seriously, john anderson who used to host this show. >> it failed. >> you didn't call him? >> no, weigh calling me. >> okay, he does the morning show in cleveland now. >> oh? >> can i just -- >> you don't think he's working?
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>> i don't know why he is calling me, maybe he'll yell at me about something? so let me get back to twitter. i've struck a nerve here. i said my favorite number is 11, tomorrow is 11/11. all sort of people say they see 11:11 on the clock every day. >> well it, does happen every day. >> well, i know that. says: i've been told that seeing numbers 11/11 signifies angels are near. >> oh,. >> oh, oh,. >> i just thought it was you make a wish. >> hold on a second. angel near. is that a good thing or am i about to die? >> i don't think it is a bad thing if angels are around you. >> good thing, right? bob says see ya. it is a symbolic thing. >> well, andrea takes it a step further. she says. i do that with a clock but more than just 11:11. 2:22, 3:33, 4:44. >> i have sat i am thing, 11:11. >> a lot of people do 11:11. dow 11:11. in the morning or at night? >> me too, i do it all the
7:21 am
time. weird. okay. angels are near. okay, we got to go. we got to move on. >> what's that bright light? >> stop it. >> okay, former phillies legend, cole hamels, back with his wife, they'll give a big bag of money to a local school. we will be there live when they do it. >> owe very excited for. >> this good, giving back to fill. >> i yes, even though he lives in dallas now.
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>> seeing seven/11 a lot means the angel are trying to gave you a sign in a positive direction. >> notice said trying. >> i did notice that. >> the angel are trying. named after an arc angel, michael. >> yes, you just need to listen. >> i should. >> my wings sticking out? >> feathers on the floor there.
7:25 am
all things trump sales. you know, trump has written couple of books, donald trump, now they're going through the roof. selling like, whatever. >> probably because president-elect, people want to learn more about him. >> you got that right. so the art of the deal, very popular book from the 1980s, that has surged on amazon's movers and shakers list to number 24, like way down. so when it went all the way to number 24. and another one every his books, great again is doing spectacular, as well. >> there is support, curiosity about the president-elect. >> after tuesday night's result. my grandmother will be 91 on 11/11, by the way. ya. >> well, happy birthday. that's great. >> all right. lauren, listen to this. >> yes? >> so, trump tower, where donald trump lives with his wife, 57th and fifth avenue.
7:26 am
>> that's in chicago? >> nothing to bo what i'm talking about, living in a place at 57th and fifth. >> three level apartment, gorgeous. look at that. >> dow think woe rather live there than in the while house? kind of old. >> no, no, i'm thinking he'll want the white house now. curious to see how they decorate t but you have this no fly zone over the white house, now tough through inch ago ration day, january 20th, over his apartment in new york city two it 2 miles? you can't get near the trump tower? >> faa says can not fly within 2 miles of trump tower. >> that would be both rivers basically right? where most -- >> that's why pilots are annoyed, yes. >> like -- >> does it mean flights will be longer then or take little
7:27 am
while? >> you have to go further around to get to leg guard y can't go -- >> exactly. leg farred guard ya, 5 miles away. >> like sully couldn't have lands landed in the hudson river if this was now right? >> i guess not. >> i bet. >> what about -- >> i don't know, could he have? >> he is the vice president. >> indianna, local big area of indianna, this is island, manhattan island. >> a low of protests outside trump tower. so there are concerns about the safety. >> i understand why it is happening, just logistically weird. >> we will look it up. >> call temporary flight restrictions, basically started right around 9/11. it is interesting, have one through most of january. >> i'm telling you, somebody google this? how far is 57th and fifth from
7:28 am
the hudson river? can't more n than about 2 miles. >> all right. >> so could sully have landed? nobody's going with me on this >> see you tomorrow. table a break. he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, "thank you for serving our country" and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community. i'm very proud of him. male vo: welcome to new beginnings. comcast.
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>> i like it, limousine pull up to the white house, and the
7:31 am
president elect would get out, and the president, sometimes first lady, will come out, too. >> should, because she'll meet with melania trump a little later too, all will happen couple of hours from now, will be around 11:00 will be the first face-to-face encounter, since trump's victory. >> stunning victory. doug luzader still at the white house, ectacolia where the limousine will pull up. >> did almost reach out and touch it. >> casino of the way to the oval office here. yes, i mean, this is, to be a fly on the wall in this meeting there is will be president-elect trump, meeting with president obama, and today at the white house, obviously there may be some awkwardness there. but this is part of the long standing tradition to do this kind of thing as washington and the rest of the country prepare for big transition. >> this is where it will all take place today. the confines of the office offers r where donald trump and will discuss the finer
7:32 am
point. while just outside, construction is already underway for the inauguration. it is something the president spoke about, in his first public remarks, since trump won the white house on tuesday night. >> i have instructed my team to follow the example president bush set and work as hard as we can to make sure this is a successful transition for the president-elect. >> beyond the transition details, it is hard to ignore the real tension that must exist between these two men. think about everything that was said out on the campaign trail. >> it somebody can't handle a twitter account they can't handle the nuclear -- >> this guy gives, you know what i said to president obama, give me a break. >> may be less tension in the other meeting today, michelle obama sitting down with the next first lady melania trump, small talk may be the order of the day, but transitions are serious business, and trump's team being led by new jersey governor chris christie.
7:33 am
>> still lingering protest, governing will be real challenge in the months ahead as trump moves into the white house, tries to unite a divided country. >> after this meeting at the white house between trump and and owe bamm, a president-elect trump will move over to capitol hill when he will he will meet with republican house speaker paul ryan, of course, been some tension in that relationship, mike and alex as well. >> talking about you have to reach across the aisle. he has to reach across his own aisle. >> doug, looks like the moving has already started, behind you there, they are moving chairs. what's going on? >> they must want out. >> that's right. back in the moving truck, let's get going. yes, i assume these are public profit, but you never know. >> maybe it is a yard sale, get rid of the stuff early.
7:34 am
move it. >> does the white house have a garage, did you have a garage sale? >> actually huge garage in the facility where they keep the limousine, and all of that, so, yes, yes. the white house itself, is a small part of the whole camp this year. >> thank you, doug. >> i'm sure they have a whole facility all of that, a lot of grounds to cover. >> well, beautiful south lawn. >> well, during the course of this election, and, well, now, especially afterward, i was reading couple of arms where they were comparing donald trump in a way to another world leader, do you agree with this? many are, well, not many, some are comparing donald trump to former italian prime minister sill ville owe, both enter
7:35 am
politics as wealthy businessmen, much like trump, he was not taken seriously at first, in italy, so but then he was elected and with the current/rest third longest serving prime minister over there in italy. he did get into some trouble, late in his political career, he was convicted and later found not guilty for paying off a prostitute, but he did change how politicians and elections were certainly conducted in the country of italy. >> i don't see it so much. little bit maybe. businessmen. >> i think people are just wondered what will it be like? we have to wait and see. >> like we said yesterday, donald trump, this is his first political office, and it is the top job in the world, sue. >> yes, time will tell a lot of things, but meantime, back to today, it is vanilla cupcake day. no matter what's going on, have a vanilla cupcake it,
7:36 am
will make you sallyann. temperatures, make sure you're bundle up like bus stop buddy. clear out all of the clouds, all of the rain, 34 degrees mount pocono. thirty-nine in lancaster, reading, we have 34 degrees down in millville. so it is chillier this morning. high of 58 degrees, sunny, seasonable, sunset time, still getting used to it, 4:49 p.m. so yes, do that yard work early bob kelly. >> yard work? go in there with like his tape measure, measure the closet space? suits, go in there, check the kitchen cabinets? >> wet leaves, slippery rales, delays, because of disable freight train, all of the other lines running with some minor delays, again, hit and miss, ten, 15 minutes, to thorndale, paoli thorndale line that stretch that's all nice and tree lined there, along the main line. all of the leaves, ooh% of them, got knock down with the storm yesterday. so watch for slip have i platforms this morning. as we come in from south
7:37 am
jersey delays on 42, pack your shades for 295, as you head southbound, some wick sun glare popping us right here in the forehead, head down into the al-joe curve. hell old bridesburg, bridge street. >> frankford arsenal, setting off construction with only one lane squeezing on through. and a back up on the benny, everybody's coming into work this morning, already, stack up from the cabinet side up and over into downtown. mike and alex back over to you. >> hey, that while thing? we have an update. really bad out of western part of the state of pennsylvania, update to breaking news near pittsburgh, south of pittsburgh. >> one of the police officers we told you shot overnight has now died. >> two police officers shot, than happened at around 4:00 a.m., cannons berg, 20 miles south of pittsburgh. police searching for the suspect who we can now say killed that officer, and injured another. and officials have not released details about what led to the shootings. but we have now learned that
7:38 am
one of those officers has died. >> more on that, take a break.
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>> brad pitt now cleared of any wrong-doing in a child abuse investigation. this happened, fast. >> it did. so, karen, more on the news room. karen? >> coming from his people from "tmz", right now, saying that the los angeles department of children and family services had been looking into allegations that he was abusive towards his 15 year old son on a flight that happened back in mid september. hasn't con philadelphia anything, but his people certainly putting this out there. his wife, angelina jolie filed for divorce days after the whole incident, so a source is now telling that the investigation close within the past few days, in the meantime, brad back on the red carpet, attended allied last night in los angeles, smiling for pictures, chat withing fans, even talking a little, saying he's grateful for all of the support. that film co-stars marie ann, you may remember, some rumors that maybe that the two of them had an affair before he split. those rumors were shot down by her who is very, very pregnant
7:42 am
at the time. so guys, that's the latest on all of that. >> wow. >> interesting, yes, just had their custody agreement. >> just had the custody agreement. >> according to, you know, one side and the other, exactly, we'll see. >> karen you look great today. like that blue. >> 7:42. >> let's check in with jenn fred. let's go. >> this guy, you're going to fall in love w he's one of the guys who helped make this all happen. and he has an amazing showroom, right here in philadelphia. so come on back. we will let you talk then, okay? don't be crazy. >> i do have a chance to get a few words in, right? no, no. //>[a5df]
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7:44 am
7:45 am
>> good morning, 7:45, looking g at accident here on the blue route. this is live look at the southbound lanes of 476, right near the baltimore pike. southbound side, along the concrete barrier, just saw rescue squad pull off to the side. also dealing with wicked sun glare right around the dashboard level here end a thursday morning, jammo on the benny, heavy, pretty much the camden side up and over into center city, 59 being look out today they start project. they have to repair a guy gant being slab of concrete between
7:46 am
washington straight away there, becomes speed, speed racer stretch there, you know what i am ' talking about, but going down to sometimes two lanes over the next couple of days, looking at wet leaves, slippery rales on all of the regional rail lines across the bore, then disable freight train, at g few extra minute to the gang on the manayunk norristown regional rail loin. rain is gone. sun is return. for how long? sue has the answer in 15 seconds. >> it is almost here, what are we talking about? the weekend. here is your preview, get ready to bundle up saturday morning specially, if you're joining us for the walk to ends alzheimer's, and we hope you are. it will be pretty chilly in the morning, we get to about
7:47 am
50 during the day, sunday looks good for the eagles game, lot of sunshine, 58, but there will be very chilly temperatures in the morning, and we know lot of folks get started early, in fact, saturday morning, have windchills about 8:00 that are in the 20's it, will feel like it is in the 20's, now back to today, lot of sunshine, no more rain, and temperatures range from 42 in the city to 35 in mount pocono, to 43 in wildwood over in lancaster 39 degrees, up ear's today, 62 veterans day tomorrow. weekends does improve after a chilly, chilly saturday. and we stay in the up ear's monday. little milder by tuesday and wednesday of next week. >> thank you so much, sue. women, you know, we have the best viewers. >> high, everybody. >> the best. hello, i just want to say that sometimes we have some really young ones, looking little wesley. john johnson, said wesley enjoying rare day home with mommy and daddy and his favorite show good day philly.
7:48 am
>> this young man has been watching our show for days. typical viewer though, back to the tv. suck his thumb. >> what? >> stop. learning from us, can you imagine, wesley learning how to behave from mike? >> shut off the tv right now. save yourself. save your child. >> remember a year ago, late september, the pope, the pope came to philadelphia, of course, wow, what a great week that was i got to go over and visit with chaput before the people came, you know, talk about preps, stuff like that. i don't know what was thinking but at one point, back in the 70s, pope john paul ii came here, made chair, giving the mass on the ben franklin parkway. big red velvet rope around it. can i go sit in that chair that the pope sat in i thought he would say no. he moved the rope, let me sat in it. this happened.
7:49 am
>> pope john paul ii sat in this chair. >> yes. >> when he was in philadelphia? >> he was. >> you're not worthy. >> i know it. >> go ahead, sit down. >> wow. >> give you sense of authority? >> yes. >> our viewers i'm sure just going -- what's he doing in the pope's chair? it feels good. >> holy man, saint, you know? >> yes, i can't take it home. oh, okay. that's probably enough. >> you looked nervous. >> i was. i think he had second thoughts after i sat down. >> you said not worthy. >> i know, right off the top. you're not worthy. he knows me. so wouldn't it be cool to have a chair that a pope sat in, jen with a special chair, special man by the name of tom moser right now. >> he's not only special because he is a great furniture maker, you're kind of hilarious. >> well, that's my second --
7:50 am
life be lived sewerly. you know what i mean by that? do one thing for awhile, then every ten years, do something else. >> arson your son but also the ceo of the company. morning. we will try to keep him under wraps. >> aaron, yes. >> so, talk to me about the chair. first of all the chair is not here. but we have pictures of the chair that you made for his holiness. >> okay. some year ago, age to make a chair for pope benedict, sat in the rose garden with george bush bush. >> yes. >> because that far relationship, one thing led to another, and tammy meers, who is our local, our rep here, in philadelphia, she is also a catholic, knows the archdioces, and one thing led to another, and my name is francis in the middle, thomas francis moster. >> you think that's what got your gig? >> that didn't hurt. didn't hurt. anyway, that's how it came to pass that we made several chairs for pope francis last
7:51 am
year. >> let's talk serious, making the chair, factory, you put the a team on it, i'm sure. >> a, we don't call it are factory. but i understand where coming from. >> but like like were you ever nervous the chair wouldn't be perfect enough for his holiness? >> no. he is not perfect. >> okay. >> okay? and he doesn't hold himself to be perfect. >> but the chair? >> the chair should be good? >> is as perfect assessment put it that way. >> he scuff your chair i understand? >> well, here, who is the other one -- >> the archbishop. it was the pope who actually -- we saw, we saw him do it with his heal. yes. >> and because we have white ash spindles, the streak sticks right youth. >> that's the one you still v because one of the chairs was auctioned off? >> that's right. we auctioned off the airport chair to local businessman taking it around the archdioces to different churches. >> but that was for.
7:52 am
>> what group was that. >> komen. >> mike jerrick got to sit in the other chair. will you bring the chair from maine so that i can sit in the chair? >> the chair and the lincoln lecturn, and the steel brace we made to hold the pope, while giving the speech at independence mall, will all be here, i promise. >> really? >> within weeks. >> can i touch it? >> you can do -- well, yes, you can touch it. >> it may and little high for you. >> oh, i thought we were friends. >> the chair -- no, you're welcome to have it. >> i am coming here to interview a very prestigious furniture maker and all we've done is have fun. >> okay, right. well, it is early in the morning, so imagine what we would do if it were at night. >> thank you so much. people can meet this weekend here? >> yes, saturday. yes, saturday. >> you better stick around. how do you think aaron did on
7:53 am
the interview? >> how did i do? >> you haven't said much. >> well, go say something. >> i don't need to. come on down saturday, we will be open all day. tom is leer to sign books. >> i love it. >> mike jerrick, can you imagine if you work with your daughters thousand would look? i think it would look like this. >> i love this guy tom. by the way, the lecturn that we talk about. >> are we still on? >> yes. >> the lecturn -- >> wait. >> this is our fourth showroom. the fourth showroom. >> he's got more to say. >> and we would love to have you come and see it. okay? >> these two. they need to go on the road. >> oh, my god. all right. the lecturn they were talking about is the little stand back during the gettysburg address, lincoln stood at that. by the way you can always see it is over at the union league down on the bottom floor of the union league. >> can anybody go in? >> well, do you have set up an appointment. but there it is right there.
7:54 am
get he is berg address give off that electric turn stands. got to get to a break. coal hal else and his wife will be on the show.
7:55 am
7:56 am
7:57 am
>> i am was just reading through the paper here today, pa, as red as the united state, look at that. now, that's the state that put donald trump into the white house basically. so, interesting article here. but then -- >> wasn't the first time since 88. >> daily news here. talking about the division, the protest, stuff like, that trump has a lot of bridges to un burn. so then i went down to the metro, little paper, my gosh, reading arm after article. well the cover, what now, what do we do now, then the
7:58 am
democrats nerve saw it coming, dismayed philly politicians react to trump's victory. >> say a prayer, try to get over it. next page, president trump will lead nation in emotional distress pictures every people crying. fourth page, many readers. >> you miss it, this might be the worst things since the 9/11. >> another pole, many readers stunned by election, consider leaving the country, trump policies, next page, trump due court before oval office, geez. mandate, next page. mandate, not so fast. >> is this final page? my gosh. >> no, another one, lady gaga protest trump election.
7:59 am
so looking for positive reaction, half the country happy about it, half of pennsylvania. you know, it said also here -- >> a the love pennsylvania is happy about it. >> yes, says here, trump lost philadelphia big time. but won 56 of the 67 counties in the state of pennsylvania. >> that's majority of pennsylvania. they're happy. talking to them yesterday. found a positive article, happy disbelief. >> christie alley's tweet. >> yes. >> hey we got to get to a birthday celebration, let's go, it is november the tenth, 2016. >> margent the president-elect, donald trump protesters, flood the streets across the country, actually around the world. >> hearing from young people.
8:00 am
my sister came out crying saying donald trump is president. got to make america great again. sparks controversy at home. what par rent saying to their children about the 45th president of the united state. >> as different as night and day, if you struggle to wake up this morning, it may be your own fault. why science says night owls, hello, may never feel refreshed again. >> stems prince harry's new girlfriends is making moves, why asking for time off from her tv show. >> hey look at this, coal ham em, good took here, the flag raising, happy birthday to you. a live shot, from independence hall, in honor of the 241st birthday of the marines. >> hooray. >> see group of past and present marines on hand there. >> next plan to march to washington square to the tomb
8:01 am
of the unknown soldier lay a wreath. then they'll head to first -- >> right over here. >> the flag will be lowered at 4:00 this afternoon, if you want to go by for that. and children, people from out of town, always a lot of visitors right to this location. so come on out. and they'll fold up the flag, it is always an interesting ceremony, they take the flag down, fold it into the triangle. an is her ears of triangles. >> don't mess that up. >> happy birthday, 240 years. >> 241. >> i come in this morning, like little kid on christmas. >> yes? >> because the hess truck was on my deskment check out the hess truck, all right? in tradition since 1964, so this year the truck and the dragster, okay?
8:02 am
>> oh! >> look at that engine! >> what happened? >> i don't know. >> the race car. >> ready? >> took it backward. >> well, back, here we go,. >> oh, i love it. >> jacky, are you ready? >> boom. there you go. you got it. >> you know, hess station also no longer around. so you can only get the front line, and my dad collected them for years. i probably have about 25 of them. >> is that right? >> but 52 altogether.
8:03 am
>> t bone. >> it is a better number than yesterday, eight out of ten, but chillier out there, kind of shock, because yesterday wasn't too bad. temperature wise, the rain is gone, there is bus stop buddy, what happened to his sun glasses in i have to fix those. temperatures 30's, 40's, no clouds in the sky, beautiful day. chilly, 8-mile per hour wind out of the north northwest, going to get to high of 58 later on today, sunny, seasonable, 58 is kind of right where we are supposed to be on never the tenth. tonight, 42 degrees, another chilly night, talk about the weekend. when we come back with our seven day forecast. are you finished playing with your truck, bob kelly? >> no, i'm not finished. but i'll put my truck down as we do some traffic here. live look at the blue route. wick sun glare popping out at 8:03, live look at 476 right near the broomall interchange, accident which would be off to what would be the left side there. head southbound, back up on the benny, steady fly from the tolls, into downtown, not a
8:04 am
lot of accident right now, just a loft volume. had wick sun glare, and everything wet from all of the rain we had yesterday. those wet leaves clause g tore slippery rales on the manayunk, paoli, lansdale line, give yourself maybe extra 20 minute or so, watch for delays throughout the morning, also watch for the slippery platforms, judges talked about the. s marine corps celebration, right after the flag ceremony, big party all day long along oregon avenue closed between tenth and 11th streets until 10:00 tonight. so satisfy say thank you and salute to the marines, be there there, throughout the day on i95 watch for construction, crews out there washington up to the vine street expressway starting around 9:00. mike and alex back to you. >> shock the world. from chicago, to the west coast down to los angeles, protesters hit the streets and
8:05 am
highways voicing their opposition to the election result, even saw protests right here in philadelphia. people packed the street of center city, chanting and caring signs so steve keeley joining us live in center city because more protest cents are expected to happen later today. steve? >> i wish/live trucks worked as good as the hess truck at a side door fall off our truck the other day, so maybe to the hess toy truck for use from now on. alex here are the stats from chief inspector joe sullivan on the city hall protest. a thousand marchers zero incident, zero arrests, that was his second protest of the night that started at 7:00 here, here's video of the first stop for joe sullivan, this is how he ends his day by starting seconds shift. dinnertime at penn, 500, told one person, we don't know if they were officially arrested or charged, but at least put in handicuffs, somebody pro
8:06 am
trump not happy with the chant against trump here on the penn campus, going to incidentally donald trump walk these very sidewalks, and the late six's before graduating penn's wharton school 1968 which he always reese mind people about. so, peaceful night, people marching in the rain, and here's what they were saying. we will not be silent, not my president. >> i think we don't want to combat hate with hate. and protesting in this way i think is a little bit -- sheds more of powerful message. >> i think a lot of people are here mourning, i know that i definitely had a rough day. but i'm hear because my friends are here, and all here together. >> i believe the united states has made a terrible mistake. i think that americans have
8:07 am
been very naive. >> for you evening rush hour drivers, expecting bigger protest tonight, start at city hall, scheduled at five. philly women in formation are hyping this one up. and you can bet while the big crowd better weather and we don't know which direction it will go. if they go back up north broad street, philly police will be ready do what he they call rolling closures on the side roads, they go couple of blocks ahead of the marchers and start shutting the roads down so drivers again be patient, be kinds. if you want you can even honk in agreement or disagreement with the protest. so it seems not everybody, following the advice of the president villanueva -- hillary clinton, want to wipe off the fresh bands aid called election. >> and in twitter, in full force. >> a lot of conversations on social media since election, really during the whole election, now that we have the
8:08 am
resultment a lot of people are voicing their, well -- >> yes, because basically 50-50. not everybody can be happy. but i'm telling you, on twitter, we used to be a lot in civil to up about three, four months ago. man. f bombs here and there on twitter. >> some people blaming the way the election went, tense, comment said at the debate. >> true, the foul language i've never heard so much that far during a campaign in my life. so are we all going to start talking like that? yikes. take a look what was spray painted on city hall. right near steve. graffiti says, not my president. i've seen that sprayed on number of buildings around town also south filet loft things pro trump, some racial slurs, spray painted on different areas, so seeing a lot of reactions and different things being done. >> for sure. so today, president obama, and
8:09 am
president-elect donald trump, donald trump will get out of the limousine, right there at the white house, about 11:00, then the president will walk out, say common in, let me show you around, kind of like a realtor. let me show you around this house. first laidly meet up with the first new lady melania trump. >> you noel buy. he is going in the house. >> i'm sure he doesn't even have to buy it, does he? >> no. >> and donald trump has been to the white house. >> different when you know this is about to be your house, you know what i am snake. >> true. >> promised it will be a smooth transition, like we all experienced back in 2008. he said when the hand off from george bush went well. we've done it before. we can do it again. >> it will be cordial at 11:00e hopefully we can show it to you. >> i know the first lady and melania trump that will be private meeting. blew about donald trump and president barack obama? will that be something that there will be cameras the
8:10 am
whole time? >> i know when the limousine comes up, we'll have a shot that far. >> love to hear the conversation. >> into the oval office? i would think that would be private, maybe cameras? there? >> have them shaking hand, a hug. >> and then that's enough. >> let's go get down to business. >> one of trump's most surprising wins of course was in pennsylvania, i showed you on the front page of the paper battleground state usually votes democrat. >> it seems trump's victory re lined the voting patterns, so this was brouse gordon, did he this story, real good storiment went out to the rural part of the state, asked people why they preferred trump over clinton. >> all i heard her talk was black vote. spanish vote. i never heard her say the white working people, what about them?
8:11 am
>> i was very much against mrs. clinton because of all of the nasty things she's done. >> when it became official what was your ring? >> loop owe, very, very happy. >> a lot of people are hey, then after he went to lancaster county, then went to the city and asked people who they voted for what they felt about the result. real did i both sides. like you said, even though most of the counties did go to donald trump, still some people felt strongly. >> sixty-seven counties in the state of pennsylvania, 56 of them went red. >> a lot of people showing their opinions, great story about bruce gordon. >> i heard the state of pennsylvania call this, i don't particularly agree it, pennsylvaniatucky. >> what? >> philadelphia, pittsburgh, the state of kentucky in the middle. >> i have to say lancaster county went out for the first time, amazing, everything like worth a picture. >> soy amazing, so cool. >> postcard around every
8:12 am
consider you have. >> one thing i miss, apparently shoe into pie. i suppose add picture, and people told me did you have a shoe fly pie? i didn't have, i had no idea about it. >> you yo why they call it that? so sweet. >> so that's on my list, i have to go back or i have to try it. >> listen, you little weeny. >> we can walk down to 11 street after the show. seven blocks? >> reading terminal market, they have shoe fly pie? >> they do. oh, there are some fans there, yes. >> i would love to try t they say awesome, one thing did i in the do. >> i beg of you. if an intern comes down here right now, i'll give you money to go buy shoe into pie at the reading market right now. okay, had some bad news overnight, middle of the night. north philadelphia. police are looking for the mask men who forced their way into a home of couple of temple student. in the middle of the night.
8:13 am
>> they ransack the place, stole electronics there is teen being off. so there is the scene there, 1400 block of wilmington street around 1:30 this morning. four student live at the home. only two home at the time. no one was physically hurt. but they were pretty shaken, understandably so. so be sure to tune into "fox 29 news" tonight at 5:00. for more on this story. >> can only imagine what they were thinking, middle of the night, holding them like that. >> hearing from young people, sparks a conversation at home. what parent are saying to their children about the 45th president. >> well, some paren, we didn't talk to everybody in the world. >> you mean the kids? >> talking kids, talking parent? the kids probably listen to their parents. >> well, yes. some do. mine don't.
8:14 am
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8:16 am
>> we certainly noah presidential election grabs the attention of everyone. not just those who are old enough to vote. both the campaign psych they will lasts well over a year, and constant coverage of the candidates, well, children cannot help but see the tough battle for the white house, plus they listen to their parent, when home discussing it, trying to de vyed who they'll vote for.
8:17 am
now that reelection day is shined us, how are young people taking this all in? karen, we went around and started asking the little ones. >> gosh everyone talking about it, including our kids yesterday. it was at the schools, even had letter that went home, had some counselors at some of the schools because the parents were talking at the dinner table, the kids were listening asking a lot of questions, and it is pretty clear from the kids that we spoke to, they new a lot about the candidates and the issues. >> it was rather fit that young people were visiting the birth place of our country, independence national historical park, right after the historic presidential election. many were really eager to share their thoughts on the outcome. >> my sister came outcrying saying that donald trump's president, and i didn't really like, i didn't minds if donald trump was president or hillary clinton, because neither of them were like a prize to be won. >> others felt strongly about their candidates. high school senior brooke and her family went door-to-door campaigning for trump. >> kids, criminal, she is being like that, so i'm a very happy 18 year old voter and i'm honored to be able to vote for trump. >> do you think he will be a
8:18 am
good president? >> maybe if he does what he says. >> this dad says he felt the nastiness of the election sent the wrong message to our children. >> before she went to bed last night i just told her regardless of who ever gets voted into office, it is going to be okay. >> so many young women, the idea that hillary clinton could be the first woman president at the united states was inspiring. >> you know, if she can do it, then maybe the rest every us could, maybe a chance that we can do it, too. >> i think it would be cool if i was living when the first girl president of america was president. >> seven year old call i and her family talked a lot about the election, the second grader said she was disappointed that trump won. and concerned for her future. >> it is kind of upsetting because i'm turning ten in the in a few years, and he'll be president when i'm turning ten. >> this 11 year old trump supporter disagrees. >> he will make america great again. >> so many different opinions
8:19 am
there. all of the kids that we spoke with say they hope donald trump is a great president for our country. and i know so many kids stayed up late watching the election into the we hours, so were tired yesterday, and it was the big conversation that the school. enough, guys, that my school, principal, sent home letter staying is what the kids were talking about, some of the teachers talk about it, some didn't, even had counselors if they wanted to discuss the issues. so, you know, the kids new lot about it. my kids were asking me every day up to the election who are you voting for, mom. >> would that be -- most of the kids that i know kind of just mimic their parent. >> completely. >> that's what they know, that's what they hear. >> i love the little girl who said i had a different opinion when i was nine and when i was eight. >> talking about this, talking conversations at school, people are talking about it, so the parent why wouldn't they talk about it, too. >> thanks, karen. >> this will be the picture of the morning. >> what? >> an ear, doctors have made a
8:20 am
human ear out after arm. i know it sounds crazy. so we're going to show this to you, why staff at chinese hospital, they're regrowing -- >> oh, i see it. >> a human ear on a guy's wrist. >> that's not real, is this real? >> i hear you. i've got to explain this to you after the break, okay? but first? >> it seems new girlfriend making moves. why megan markell, asking for time off from her tv show. more time in london with the prince? >> well, yes, blow off the tv show, i'll be a princess. >> let's go to this. >> don't forget this weekend is final walk for altzheimer's, all he be there, sue will be there, karen will be there, kathy orr, bus stop buddy, present of other people from fox 29. why don't you come out. we want you to be there. because we go there.
8:21 am
8:22 am
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8:23 am
>> so in the commercial break alex made breakfast for herself watch is this
8:24 am
concoction? >> bananas with peanut butter on top. trying to do better with me eating. starving all the time. >> good, fruit, protein, all of that, really nice, elvis presley called. he wants his breakfast back. >> okay, could this be why she does -- >> what? >> what? i want to know. >> no, so, anyway, prince harry is datinger. >> why what? >> no. you are really struggling. >> prince harry came into the room, he might be impressed by your breakfast ability. >> that's not what you are laughing about. i know it. >> but he already r has a girlfriend. heist defended his american girlfriends against aggressive paparazzi, this week, now, the girlfriend on the left there, she's good looking, megan markell, is taking a break from her acting, megan, reportedly told her bosses that she needs time off from the tv show, she does a tv show called suits, because she
8:25 am
has something more important to do with her life. so on tuesday, prince harry released an unprecedented public statement blasting the media for harassing his new girlfriend. >> what if she enjoys acting and and enjoys acting, and is bashed? >> she might be forced, probably can't concentrate, can't go to work, can't go home. >> yes. >> or maybe just want to whisk away and be with the prince and live live. >> here is the situation, if prince charity had come to philadelphia, was impressed by your breakfast ability, and said alex, i want you to be my girlfriend, i think you're special, would you be in my life? would you quit good day philadelphia and go live in london? i mean, how could he walk away interest that? >> i mean it, sound nice, but i think eventually i would get bored, i enjoy this, this is
8:26 am
like my passion, sitting here with you, and tossing it up. >> so what's you're telling me is you would choose me over a prince and becoming a princess yourself? marrying him? >> oh, i don't know, you got that from what i said. i think we would have to work ought agreement maybe where i would do a show maybe in london or something? >> i'm emotional about this. >> stop it. >> you chose me over a prince? >> that's not what i said. did i say that? >> isn't that what she said basically? >> i don't think that's what i said. >> i love you. >> okay. >> but dow love you. >> you know what i like about alex? many things. one of them is that you show me around town all the time. you are telling me what the young folks are doing, and maybe i might want to take a peak at some of the things that are happening around town. >> so normally when you see well. >> what? >> yes, new place that's going to be the new hot spot. i'll tell but it. >> i saw that, i walk by this
8:27 am
is the other day. sinner. that didn't go how you want it.
8:28 am
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8:30 am
>> we do have fun on this show. >> cole hamels is back in philly. and he's on good did i. how the star pitch is her giving back to a local school. he gives money to schools, he and his wife. >> even though they do even though they left town. >> i guess they live most of the time in california, but for the season lives in dallas. anyway, liver to the school as they give them the money. >> look how inches ten it got on empire.
8:31 am
why are the lion as at each other's throat in we break it down, a moment after this, i laughed poor probably for five minute straight. did you laugh too? >> empire made you flaw. >> yes, it was hilarious, yes, i'm sure you guys know the moment if you saw it last night. >> i'm more a gas, a lot of the time, oh, that just happened? >> they do shock you, that's why i was shock actually like really laughing. >> i'll play that clip for you, it is national what? >> vanilla cupcake day. >> which is my favorite. >> you know, cool way to eat the cupcake. >> what? >> take the bottom off, make a sandwich. whip cream in the mid. >> oh, good idea. >> yes. >> you got a little something. >> thank you, bob kelly, for that, by the way, bought them. >> tight shot of this one here. >> that was just to make our director mad. >> okay? >> high. >> you know who else has the vanilla cupcake?
8:32 am
>> who? >> bus stop buddy. >> i never see him eat. >> he just carries food around. because, you know, every day is a food holiday of some sort. so that's what today is. of course little cold. but the vanilla cupcake, still in the 30's, four's you out there this morning, don't have any more rain. that went away. look how bright it is at the airport, 44 degrees the current temperature, 8-mile per hour winds out of the north-north wells. today's high temperature, 58 degrees. make sure you have warm enough coat. it will be seasonable. it is tenth of november. mostly clear skies and very chilly night. to finish that cupcake yet? mike jerrick? >> what are you talking about? >> here go. >> hey, sue? i don't know if you heard this rumor going around, there is a special kind of bar that is coming to philadelphia? it is just opened. and they serve cider. but it is hard cider. >> oh,. >> which i like very much. and i like to visit.
8:33 am
so i always look to alex holley. >> excuse me, excuse me. >> i'm looking for a place, rumor in fill, a bar opened up, special on ciders. i love ciders. >> and welcome to cinder just opened here at 1500 locust. >> i'm here, i found it, so how many different cider's do you guys have? >> pouring six on draft at all times rotating different flavors, styles, about 20, to 30, in bottles. >> let me go ahead and have a seat shear. because i want to have a little taste thing, is that all right with you? >> your name? >> aling. >> how about that? alex analling. >> here this is hogs head, very nice one from boyerstown, made in an old kind of tradition style, brown sugar, raisins. >> i like that. >> leer is awesome one from single, crab apples which gives a nice rosey hue, and touch of sweetness but little more sharp and tart. >> nice. >> and then here are a couple
8:34 am
of very special, more traditional style there is one coming from a state grown in pie, normandy. hundred% pair. make it the same way for about 100 years, and remind me a lot of champagne. >> it does, can you see the bubble? >> and then here is another very cool one, we've got. coming from vermont. this one is made with the apples, also, places little bit of the flavor that they produce, little shore sweetness. >> and these are just, what, four of the flavors that snuff. >> a lot. >> have to come back. >> look at this place, looks really nice. you have food here too right? >> we do. >> let's eat. okay, alex, sending me over here now, because it is time to eat. >> i heard you are looking for some pizza? >> i am. you must be chef jonathan. >> i am. >> what type of pizzas do you have? >> right here cheeseburger pizza made with dried beef, cheddar cheese, and then there is some pickles, romain lettuce, and yellow mustard.
8:35 am
>> pizza, like a hamburger, i love it. okay? >> and then is the fennel pizza, soprasada, chiles, some sweet onions, and then this is on top. >> oh, it looks good. how many different times every pizza do you have why i try and grab a piece? >> right now 12. >> yum, that's good. that's really good. and i won't need to eat cheeseburgers any more. >> and lighter too. so cinder1500 locust opening up today. i'm telling you, this will be big folks for alex around town this week a lot of people will be here. uh-huh. i'm predicting it, yep. >> think about it, when go to places in your life oh, i want some hard cider, only one, two choices there is place, 25. >> uh-huh. do you know i'm in this area all the time. >> are you going to go? >> i've been walking by the place as it is being built. it is locust street inbetween
8:36 am
15th and 16th. >> yes. >> i'm going there today because i've never had a pizza that tastes like a cheeseburger. >> it really does, i fit like i was eating a cheeseburger, it was so good. i finish the entire pizza once we stopped festival of families mink. >> do you see the teleprompter? it keeps indicating this place is opening tomorrow. are you sure it is open today? >> mikey i get all of the exclusives, when i was there, the own, alex, i was talking to him, he toll me they were opening up today. >> today. >> so maybe sometimes restaurant do like a soft opening. uncle come in and eat but then big celebration grant opening. that's probably friday. >> tomorrow. >> yep. >> that's what we're discussing here, ya. >> i don't think megan was listening to our conversation. she is busy. hi, megan. >> let he is a that shot of megan again, look at the stuff she has, why are you snacking? is that why you're so hyper? and are you wearing your aunt's coat? what is that? >> huge. >> big sweatshirt. >> it might be herman's
8:37 am
sweatshirt. >> oh, does she have a man? >> oh, it is not. >> she does have a man. >> what's his name? what's your boyfriend's name? >> dave, and they live together, they have abut full home. >> they live together? her parent don't know that. >> oh. they're beautiful. i'm so sorry, megan, really. oh, she says they know. >> they know. they're okay with this? >> he sleeps downstairs. we talk about this. >> now he is out of prison right? >> yes, just recent though. >> recently. >> two stop it. >> do you wear his jeans, boy friend jeans? >> no. >> i don't think the boy friend jeans are actually jeans from your boyfriend, just made to look. they fit around your waist somehow. how does that work? >> big and bag. >> i but have to fit on your waist to stay up on you. so i haven't worn boyfriend jeans. >> women don't wear my jeans. because of my delicate hips, my delicate small-ish hip. >> we've seen sure nips that pant suit so -- >> oh, my problem. as different as and day, if you struggle to wake up this
8:38 am
morning, it is your stinking fault. why science says night owls may never feel refreshed ever again. now, i consider myself a night owl. and i'm always
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
(are you having trouble waking up, alarm goes off, and you're my gosh, i just can't do this? it may all be biology, sleep scientists out, there they examine people's personal body clocks, know how much much sleep people get, night owls are always more tired than early birdsment all has to do with how people are genetically wiser, as it turns out, some predispose today sleep at certain times, while other sleep at other times. >> so, maybe like you're just wiser to want to stay up late? >> that's weird. because i am wired to stay up late. >> yes, but somehow you -- >> some, i don't know how. i don't know how i would make it here every day.
8:42 am
>> stop. >> that's how i felt like before, before i came. >> when you came smear. >> you know, we work at nbc station in mazoo, always did the night shift, oh, mornings, never doing. coy never wake up that early. >> but here you are. >> i know you enjoy, but you have to be here. isn't that funny? >> do you feel fos dollars? >> i make it here every day right on time. to go on the air, shut up. sometimes i stand, have to sit -- no, but then i'm late to other things. you know what that means? i don't want to be at these places where i'm late. >> late? i thought would you always get on me. >> i'm late. but nobody's as late as you are. >> what? don't say that. >> oh,. >> not that they don't want to be anywhere, just process of getting myself together. >> but the thing is, you know you have to be here, at 6:00 every morning, and you make it every single time, you never have been late.
8:43 am
but you're late when you come to meet me up in about in philadelphia. that means you're voiding meeting me. >> do you pay me? >> when is the last time you paid for anything? >> what? now, wow you did not just say that. >> kidding, kidding, kidding. >> no. no. >> i do pay. >> i know you pay. she pays. >> i pay for the meals, man, i pay for uber rides, it is not 50-50, i pay the whole thing. see? >> stop right there. no, i was kidding. >> don't make me call people out. because you aren't pretty much the only one who offers to pay. >> list this is going down a bad road. >> just saying, i want my credit. >> don't talk politics, religion or money, well, we wouldn't have a show. here's jen. jen? >> hey guys, you know we have this campaign, it is called we go there. but we know on good day that there is a lot of viewers. yes, you guys, you go there. so, come on back after the break. we will talk about how we can
8:44 am
recognize some of the people like you, who go there. what do we want our kids to learn? how to game a test... or test themselves in a game? how to master an exam... or examine a master? how to be robots... or build robots? the njea believes students deserve a well-rounded education- including arts, music, technology, and so much more. that's why we're working with parents and communities to reduce the emphasis on high stakes testing. because when you limit the tests, they can test the limits... of their potential. you brush your teeth diligently... o times a day right? t 80% of bacteria aren'even teeth.diligently... eughty purschunt?! colgate total's different. it fights bacteria on teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums. protecting 100% of your mouth' rfaces. colgate total for whole mouth health.
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8:47 am
>> chilis our word for today. in the i can with a of the cold front that came through yesterday, we had win overnight, not too windy right now, these are your temperatures walking out the door right now. plenty of sunshine, but most of us are only in the lower 40's. 44 degrees in philadelphia right now, the winds are not as high as they were overnight. but it is still about 13 miles an hour down in dover, delaware. yesterday, we got to 56 degrees, the average high is 59. it was damp, it was dreary, and hears today, brighter day, 58 degrees, 62 for veterans day, which is tomorrow. saturday, chilly start, with windchills in the 20's, high only around 50. but then it get little better for sunday, and into the middle of next week. miss al next. >> thank you, sue. >> you know on fox 29, we like to think that we go there.
8:48 am
you have seen this. we're if the going to tell you how great we are. >> not telling you what to do. >> not telling how to trust. >> that's just for you. >> we are fox 29. going places, no one else will. >> tough questions, and honest response. >> up forgetable moment. we go there. >> we go there. >> we go there. >> that's how we go there. so, that's our motto right, jen? we go there, we know our good day viewers, we know that they go there too. >> yes, and we want to recognize people that are going there, in their communities, in their schools, churches, just every day life. check this out. just last friday, we brought some balloons to three great volunteers at the academy, really cool. kensington section of philadelphia, we want to do this every single friday. but we need your help. we need you people, tell me, who deserves it recognition? who deserves to be told you go there? now, couple of people, have sent me message on my facebook page, that's where we want
8:49 am
people to do that. and i want to see, show you exams recalls we've gotten already. heard about this one amazing women, runs our community life here, also ran the special olympics gets all of the volunteers for thanksgiving, student tutoring in the sit which andrew jackson schools. she truly runs around, rallying people here. she is someone that we might recognize. we also heard about this other woman, she traveled to nicaragua on mission of her own to dedicate school built through food for the poor, in memory of her daughter, sarah, maria and her family. maria and her family and friend raise money for the school which is providing a safe and clean place for children, in nicaragua to learn. amazing person, right? so also heard about this man. you ready for this? he donates all of his time to vets that are serving our country, traveling all over, picking up donation boxes, food, to send to our troops over sees, he also collects turkeys, to feed our needy vets to make sure our heroes
8:50 am
have a hot thanksgiving meal. these are the types of things we're talking about, it is like the little person in the community that is making a big impact. you know who you are. you know who they are. so we want to be able to tell people you go there. help us out. send me a message on my facebook page. >> like. >> this woe should be recognizing people doing great things. thank you, jen. >> sometimes tv shows nothing but negative news. be positive, i like that. >> a lot of positive things going on in the delaware val. >> i you know about me, just like my blood type. be positive. >> yes, you are. >> yes. >> your hair. >> something happened. >> what were you doing out there? >> i stepped out of the patio for a second. >> oh. >> hold on. let me hear you. >> what are you trying to do? >> trying to hear you talk. see, you need one of those. >> an ear on an arm? >> yes. >> staff at chinese hospital, they're regrowing an ear,
8:51 am
well, i guess you think where it doesn't belong, but does the ear have a new place in your body? >> i hear ya.
8:52 am
have you done anything out of the ordinary recently? we bought a new washer and dryer from the home improvement store. i'm afraid you're suffering from fobo. fobo? fobo. fobo... fear of better options. cure fobo with black friday savings now at hhgregg. get up to 40% off storewide. plus 24-months special financing.
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and free delivery. all with our low price guarantee. appliances. electronics. furniture. hhgregg
8:54 am
>> rupp ready? >> i'm ready. listen to there is scientists shoving off the marvels of modern medicine. see they grew ear on man's arm so they could later attach it to head. plastic surgeons did it for a man who lost an ear in a car accident last year. and we won't get into the he can act science of how they it, but it required taking some cartilage from the patient's chest, and shaping it on his arm. >> they were waiting for it to grow into a little more so they cut it off, and they'll attach it to his head. >> way to vangogh. >> interesting. >> you know, vangogh, he cut his ear off?
8:55 am
>> oh, true. >> van could could have his his ear reattached to his arm. >> true. >> what if you happen to do any body in the happened to be cut off, or you're missing any body, well, don't you think, like iron nose, whatever? >> yes, like your nose. >> lips? >> i should stop right now? >> you should stop. >> i'm waiting. >> mr. bobbitt, remember mr. bobbitt? >> i think it is fascinating what people can do with medicine now. >> be disconcerting it you're in a restaurant, you run into him, hey, how are you? >> i knew you couldn't resist. mike, how about we stick with the ears right now, how about that? >> all right. >> i don't think -- i can see your body working, you're not done. >> suck says may be because of
8:56 am
your mother, why your relationship with your mother may be at the center of who you really are. if you're success, it could be because of your mother. >> ♪ >> so is the converse of that true? if you have a horrible mom are you going to be knock successful? let's discuss. >> katy perry admits it. before she is a hillary clinton supporter, very clear over the elections, made clear here in philly. she said her parent voted for donald trump though. but she is not concerned about family dinners. well, the way this election has gone, and also the the way people have been something conversations after the election, are you concerned about meeting one some of your friends, family dinners what about thanksgiving? everybody around the table. what are you going to talk about? do you think it will come up? >> are you doing the whole segment now or just the tees? >> no, i'm asking people to get them, do they nope, so we can talk about it. >> okay, we have to take a break. look at this. >> ♪
8:57 am
♪ what? is he gone?? finally, i thought he'd never leave... tv character: why are you texting my man at 2 a.m.? no... if you want someone to leave you alone, you pretend ke you're sleeping. if you want someone 's what you do.alone,
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>> our views good time on twitter today. high five. >> hey, karen? how are you doing? >> something wrong with my eye. >> okay? >> the folks over at reading terminal market, bylers, right, the bakery over there, they brought you the shoe fly pie. >> oh, i'm so excited. i don't know how we get on. >> this talking about this earlier. >> yes, because they strongly voted for donald trump, the president-elect. so we are talking about, bruce gordon went out there, talk to some of the voters outside, for our new president, then i was like well i've been out to lancaster county, it is beautiful. i mention i went out to visit the amish, did a little tower. >> never did that.


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