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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  November 11, 2016 3:30am-4:00am EST

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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. president-elect drum is that moving forward taking over the white house but protesters are not ready to move on just yet. another night, another round of protests over the election rocking the hearts and minds of millions of people around this country. here in philadelphia tonight and around the country demonstrators expressing their anger and fear over the election. good evening i'm iain page. the president-elect has his hands on twitter tonight calling the protests unfair and saying the media has insighted them. fox 29's dave kinchen at city hall right now with what unfolded on the streets of philadelphia this evening. dave. >> reporter: night two of protests here in philadelphia and you know we've found group of women protesting donald trump and they say they've never really done anything like this.
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>> another wave of protests in philadelphia with at least a thousand angry about president-elect donald trump. elizabeth marches with her by racial baby girl. >> to be in a mixed race family especially at this time i feel eight different way than i would have otherwise. >> i'm grieving for our country and mourning. i have a little brown granddaughter. my son-in-law is an immigrant not representative of who we are as america and i want the world to know. >> this particular group says it's made up of women of color and sexual assault survivors who did he cry past comments from the president-elect that they call ma so much mystic. >> this isn't our america. we're hated. we don't hate people here. this isn't who we are. >> i think there's healing that needs to happen. i know there's unity that needs to happen but it doesn't have to be abandonment of our ideals. >> we can't tell that you group
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also met up with members of black lives matter who were protesting as well as they marched to 30th street station and back. iain? >> dave, thanks. a day full of historic meetings in washington, d.c. today as president-elect donald trump met with president obama. trump met with house speaker paul ryan and mick mcconnell on capitol hill to discuss the legislative agenda. president obama welcoming the man who will be his successor at the white house as the administration plans for a peaceful transition of power. it was the first time the leaders have met face to face. you may be scowering their body language this could have been awkward but both say they had successful meeting and look forward to continuing the transition. >> had the opportunity to have an excellent conversation with president-elect trump it was wide ranging. we talked about some of the organizational issues in setting up a white house. >> we really, um, we discussed a lot of different situations.
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some wonderful and some difficulties. i very much look forward to dealing with the president in the future including counsel. >> a few doors down from this meeting first lady michelle obama and melania trump were meeting. white house press secretary josh earnest says they discussed raising children in the white house. where is hillary clinton right now. a lot of people wondering what's next for her. one facebook mom managed to bump into her sometimes taking a nice stroll what you need to clear your mine. a mom posted this photo to facebook and it's been shared and liked tens of thousands of times. she said she was upset over the results of the election so she took a walk at a park in chappaqua new york and saw secretary clinton walking her dogs. who took the picture? former president bill clinton. our coverage of the fallout from election day continues on along with preparations for the trump
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administration will post the late information for you on the home paper. >> discriminatory vandalism has been found at one bucks county high school. sky fox over council rock high school in newtown. swastikas found on the boys and girls bathrooms. students also found some anti mexican and anti gay messages the it superintendent message to parents reads in part "i cannot emphasize strongly enough how inn appropriate these actions are and they simply will not be tolerated much these incidents have been reported to the newtown township police department and an investigation is being conducted by both the police department and the school district". on your ray consider tonig tonight, got a shock of cold air fast approach. kathy orr here with your first forecast at 11:00. >> i know it is going to be a shock to the system but guess what, iain? we have one more real nice day before that shock moves its way in. old city philadelphia looking beautiful tonight with a clear sky. a light wind an temperature of
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50 degrees which is really mild for this time of evening at this late date in the fall season. the high today 58. winds out of the west southwest at 11 miles an hour. that's a warm wind for us and it's helping to keep the temperatures up. mainly in the 40s and the 50s. but no 30s to speak of. mount pocono still holding on to 45 degrees. 46 degrees in allentown. and look at atlantic city at the airport it is 50 degrees. 53 degrees in wildwood. so we will be seeing fare weather high pressure building on into the region. and then moving off the coast. ahead of this front milder air will be squeezing up the coast and that means a pleasant day for your veterans day on friday. but behind that front, turning blustery, by saturday morning. i can't familiar size enough how cold it's going to feel saturday morning. how cold? the coldest day so far of the season in philadelphia was the morning of objection 26th. it was 38 degrees. we're forecasting 34 degrees in philadelphia saturday morning. it's not just the temperature
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also the wind. add winds out of the northwest at about 15 to 20 miles an hour with higher gusts and it will feel like 28 degrees at 7am saturday morning in philadelphia. it will feel like 18 in the poconos and it will feel like 25 degrees in pottstown. now this snap is not going to last all that long. temperatures will be rebounding by sunday. for the eagles game. overnight, 43 in the city. 39 in the suburbs. it will be seasonably chilly. during the day tomorrow for veterans day just gorgeous. wall to wall sunshine. temperatures in the upper 50s, lower 60s. that's where they should be for this time of year. the high 48 in the poconos. 58 in reading and pottstown. allentown. 61 in wilmington. 59 in trenton. 63 degrees the high tomorrow in dover. as we look ahead on your fox cast for the kick off on sunday for the birds, looking good. kick off temperature 57. tailgate temperatures in the 50s and by the afternoon the fourth quarter near 60 degrees. you can't beat that in mid november. seven day forecast looking good
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from your weather authority. sunday's high near 60. monday the same. tuesday 60. the next chance of rain moves in wednesday. thursday partly sunny, 58 degrees. iain by that time we are halfway through the month of november. >> hard to believe. >> doesn't get much better than this. >> i would agree with you kathy. >> have great weekend. >> thanks to you. skyfox over an active fire scene tonight in burlington county. flames tour through this building on the rowan mansion property right before 10:00 that's in westampton it's not clear how the fire started. there are no reports of any injuries. developing and tragic story out of western pennsylvania tonight. police say a man with a history of domestic abuse shot two officers ambush this morningly one of them died it happened early this morning in canonsbu canonsburg. about 20 miles from pittsburgh. police say as officers were responding to a domestic disturbance call, 47-year-old michael smo lynn ski opened fire on them. officer scott bashioum was killed this is a picture of him posted to twitter by the
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national law enforcement officers memorial fund. police say smo lynn ski killed his girlfriend before turning the gun on himself. family, friends, and neighbors gathering tonight to remember a teen gunned down in salem city, new jersey. it's been two weeks sin the murder and police still aren't sure who pulled the trigger. fox 29's shawnette wilson live outside salem police headquarters to with the story. shawnette. >> reporter: the family of 19 year sharif aaron he would a vigil tonight looking for answers about who killed him and why. >> elizabeth bill lip and others lit canal dells during a vigil tonight in memory of her son sharif aaron. someone shot him once in the neck early halloween morning. >> it happened at broad and olive street in salem. >> i rushed to the scene, and i seen them put my son on the stretcher. that was the most devastating
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part of my life. >> reporter: she says sharif had just returned from paulsboro high school homecoming over the weekend. he walked to the store to get cigarettes when someone shot him just a few blocks away from ho home. she says police told her they don't have suspect or motive. >> the point is the public is scared to come out and speak and that's one of the problem. >> reporter: i did contact police this afternoon. we are waiting to hear back from them about where they are in the investigation now. iain? >> all right, shawnette, thank you. torments night police are looking for two armed men who busted into the home of a couple of temple students. the masked men woke the students up early this morning. they were terrified. police say the bold robbers broke into the home several blocks from the university's campus on the 1400 block of willing ton street one of the victims who did not want to be identified said the pair roamed around for 10 minutes went through each of the four dead bedrooms. he says they stole some electronics. >> it was really weird.
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i just laying in bed watching tv and then like i thought it was, you know, one every my roommates because the door opened very slowly we didn't hear them come in or until i saw dude with a gun coming at me. um, put it in my face telling me shut the bleep up. where is the money? >> thankfully no one was injured. the victims say they have lived in that area for a few years and never been victimized like this. they may be already a guilty pleasure but there's another reason to lay off the soda. what a daily dose of the sure garey drippings could set you up for later in life. plus -- i'm at the mount observatory in delaware asking the astronomers here how significant tuesday's presidential results were in the grand scheme of thing. take a wild guess. all the detail coming up. and more set backs for go pro. the company is recalling first drone aft a few of them lost power while in flight. go pro isn't saying what the
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problem but will issue refunds to the 2500 drones sold since its launch two weeks ago.
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♪ protesters continue to roam the streets as anger over the election about president -- president trump lingers in the air but how much of it really matters in the grand scheme of things? fox 29's hank flynn look to the sky to find out. >> ♪ >> reporter: will anyone in the universe or even here on the planet a million years from now know or even begin to care? >> no. >> no. we're not even the first generation of stars. there have been generations of stars before our sun. >> reporter: so you still work up about that presidential election people marching in the street. california going to succeed from the union.
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good luck with that. mount cuba observatory in delaware you'll be surprised to find out how little any of it really means in the grand scheme of things. ♪ >> reporter: what does a presidential election here in the united states matter. >> to the universe, nothing. >> at all. >> probably doesn't even matter too much to the people in south africa. [ laughter ] >> serious about it. ♪ >> reporter: thank goodness for judy and greg of the mount cuban observatory after week of electoral politics and a post election fallout still underway i needed a reality check. they're just the people to give it. >> we're just a little spec of dust. >> normal dust. >> around a dwarf star. a dwarf star insignificant little dwarf star. >> one of 400 billion in the milky way. >> there are 100 billion in the gallon lack see. >> make you foal small? that's the point. we all are and the universe
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doesn't get half a blink about our dopey election doesn't know, doesn't care. it's not just spacial inn significance it's also the april significance of the tiny amount of time the human race has been around. >> 10,000 years. >> about. maybe as much as 100,000. the earth is 4 billion years old. >> right. >> howl is the universe. >> 13.7 billion years. >> that's the latest estimate. >> plus or minus a few hundred thousands. >> somehow i find this refres refreshing. [ laughter ] >> allow inn significance to be your ticket to happiness this week. give eight try. judy, greg and i were in complete agreement the world were they have is the one that we live in and we owe it to ourselves to make it the best place that we can but we've had elections before and i don't know about you but my candidate doesn't always win. maybe we could all use a little perspective, i don't know, you tell me on twitter at hank fox 29 or the house at fox 29 phil
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philly. ♪ if you're not a big fan of change hold ton your phone or at least your phone number. pennsylvania's public i was physical will the commission this week approved new area code for new phones in the 215 and 267 part of the greater philly area. the reason is simple we're running out of numbers to go with the existing area codes. in fact we'll exhaust all possible combinations by mid 218 some folks are not too keen on the idea of changing their telephone identity. >> i have had two phones over 15 years so -- >> reporter: 215. >> yes, all 215. >> reporter: you are 215. >> that's correct. >> reporter: anything else you're not you. >> not me new york. >> actually most people we talk to seem to be taking the news in stride. no word yet on what the new area code number will be just it will be headed our way in 218. you see it, you shoot it. our fresco users are helping us
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show you what's happening in your neighbor. dawn, what's going on tonight? >> iain the marine corps is celebrating its 241 accident birthday and fresco user was right there to big celebration in south philadelphia. check it out. did you know that the united states marine corps was actually founded right here in philadelphia? it was at the tunn tavern this was the big crowd of marines raising a glass or a few to toast the few, the proud, the marines. elsewhere in the city marines raised an american nag at independence hall and then marched to washington square to lay a wreath at the of unknown soldiers. well it's that time of year again believe it or not. christmas village is starting to take shape outside philadelphia see he was. ice ring is now in place and crews started putting up decorations today. it will be open for pre vow on the 19th and 20t 20th and officially opens on thanksgiving day. job seekers in our area have nice new outfits to wear to interviews thanks to hundreds of
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donations. fresco user arlene lee with a look at a professional clothing give away in north philadelphia tonight. mercy neighborhood ministries collected suits, ties, dresses, shoes you name it and the goal is to give them to people who need them so they will motivated, prepared, well dressed and confident for those ever important job interviews. when you see news happening be sure to pull out your phone and shoot it and mack sure to use the fresco app to zen it to our newsroom. iain? >> dawn, thanks. turning to your health now and one more reason to watch what you drink. drinking a can of sugary soda every day may actually dramaly increase a person's risk of developing pre diabetes. that's a warning sign that precedes full blown type two diabetes. in a new study researchers found people who drank at least six, 12-ounce servings of a week. they're still working op this the findings appear in the journal of new trig. meantime vitamin d levels may
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affect breast cancer patients chances of survival. researchers analyzed data from nearly 1700 breast cancer patients in california. finding higher vitamin d levels at the time of diagnosis were associated with better overall survival rates. the link was strongest in pre menopausal women. researchers don't know exactly why this happens. the finings appear in the journal jama oncology. all right. sean bell is here to talk about sports. >> iain brett brown is going to be down the lose see yesterday coach in sixers history. that's problem. the organize has done him a disservice and i'm going to tell
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♪ sean bell takes on brett brown's three plus seasons of futility in philadelphia. his commentary in 15 seconds.
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♪ boat brown is now the all all-time losing coach in 76ers history much it's not his fall. it's not fair to him. he's now lost 20 sick games and only has 18% winning percentage in just three seasons and some change brown has been given nothing to work with and this franchise has really let him down. the team has tanked thee consecutive at no point given had the tools to actually win. michael carter williams wins the rookie of the year you train him. cannon starts to show progress you let him go. guys continue to get hurt before they play game. they haven't won a game in the month of november in three
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years. they are on 44 game losing streak in the month of october and november. this is the first season brown's time here that they looked like they're actually trying to win some games. coach brett brown doesn't deserve the title the losing evident coach in franchise history and i think the organization finally gives him the tools to win because after they put him all that -- through all of that they owe him that much. iain? >> sean, thanks. former batman michael keaton suit up for the big screen but not as the dark night but as avellane. president of marvel studios confirm a list actor will play vulture in the spiderman reboot homecoming. amy shimmer is sticking around in the states after all. comedian who threatened to move out of the country if donald trump won the white house is now saying she made the comments in jest but she says her heart is broken into a million pieces and she encouraged americans to examine why the election turned out the way it did. >> hmm. >> there you go. all right. >> we all got to come together
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and be united. >> at some point. i heard a lot of people say th that. >> exactly. we'll see what people actual dollar. >> saturday we'll be at that walk for alzheimer's walk. it will be little chilly. >> we'll be at citizens bank park and worry going to clinic together. >> that's right. >> and get through it. >> layer up. >> cuddle iain and i. sad morning it will be by the afternoon temperatures will moderate it looks great for the eagles on sunday. monday, tuesday, even wednesday despite the rain and thursday looking great as we head into mid november. >> it is a pretty good mid november forecast. more entertainment news on fox 29. tmz and dish nation then stay tuned for chasing news followed by the simpsons and we of course are back here at 4am for your fox 29 morning news and "good day philadelphia". sue sr. yo and bob kell vol your weather and traffic covered all morning test test 1234r
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♪ live from philadelphia, this is fox 29 morning news. happening right now on fox 29 morning, a new wave of protests in philadelphia over president elect donald trump. the new faces of mothers and grands mothers why they say they had to act. there are changes coming to offer involve shootings. . impeach governor chris christie? the lawmaker calling for the governor to be fired. developing overnight an historic mansion goes up in flames. who this home used to belong to and how much damage was done it's great to have you with us on friday, happy veterans day to all the men and women.


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