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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  November 15, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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(joe) happy holidays! ♪and best wishes from the lottery♪ ♪ >> now, what's happening here with my taylor swift? i'm one of her what do you call it squad. >> squad member. >> squad goal. >> well here's the thing has she given up on country altogether and this is like a upon thing and then there's rumors she may goat hip hop.
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>> she may change music again. >> when i think hip hop i think taylor swift. >> don't put her in a box people can evolve and grow and change and develop tonight tell her who she can be. >> good morning karen. >> receiptty today as always. >> "good day". >> i'll be nice to people for this one hour. >> yeah. >> it's megan will by you can punch your plaid shirt up again she's never been in mad at me. >> why, what did you do this time? >> she said i'm picking at her today. >> that's not every day. >> megan are you really mad? oh, that's not good. >> you have a whole hour to fix. it let's get it better. >> i get the silent treatment all the time. >> it's tuesday. >> november 15. 2016. >> in fact i might talk like this for the whole hour. >> bun or the other. . >> kind of a sweet tone.
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>> whatever you want alex. >> good to see you. >> i like that affable, likable today. >> hey, mom and dad. do you play with your children. aof course you do. average parent says they're too busy to have fun several time a week. one thing that is getting in their way of having time to play with kids you know we're busy people. >> move over george clooney dwayne johnson. >> or for the love of my jared. >> that's a little different. >> what's that look. >> what look is that. >> is that emoji where the eyes were looking off to the side you were doing that emoji face. >> i'm emogi. >> okay sexiest mana live about an hour ago. dwayne "the rock" johnson. >> here's the thing. >> what. >> say his name. >> dwayne. >> when you say da-wayne.
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>> some say dwayne and other people say d-wayne. >> okay. >> like there's a basketball player da-juan howard. >> duan some people say. >> how do you say biggest city in michigan. >> detroit. >> tom loudoun says dee-troit. >> i think it's detroit. >> detou sfwl this is the face you were making. >> pretty good. >> you can send that to megan. she probably didn't know how to put it on tv. >> that's why she's making that face. that's the face you've been giving her that's why she's so mad at you. >> that's the ultimate side. >> that is me. >> mom and dad what do you think about that they're thinking of changing start times of school year.
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so, what do you think. >> when i was a kid and growing up and back when i was alive, school started the day after labor day and were out just before memorial day. you had the whole stinkin' summer. it was great. well kids in philly public schools may start class before labor day way before if proposed changes are approved by the src. that's school reform commissio commission. if it passes students will start school september 5 next year and finish on june 14. but the following year listen up, school will start august 27 and end on june 4. >> some schools already start early in the area. >> so as kid i think there's nothing worse than going to school before labor day. i think that sounds terrible. as i apparent now there's a lot of different holidays coming in
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often times the kids start in december and off for jewish holidays and columbus day and there's so many times you get into routine and a week in we're off again. maybe it makes sense to start earlier. >> and get done earlier. >> and in texas we started around the 27 or 25. >> of august. >> of august yes. >> and what i liked about it you start school and you're depressed i'm back in school and then you get a break. >> labor day break. >> that's great. >> and then you have to buckle down. >> you just try to get routine we're getting back to school and now -- >> it's habit isn't it? we always did it this way so that's the way we should do it. >> the looingt two weeks of august i like that and like to go to shore and maybe while get them back in june. maybe kids get done end of of june. it would be nice to enjoy that month. >> when did it start? somebody with school history? >> pardon me? >> we need to you farm and do
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things we have a lot of work for you to do farm, make vegetables and fod for the country. >> you think that's what it was. >> yes the warm season we grow everything. we have bread and wheat and corn and i think they stuck around is. >> crops coming in in themer summer and take the summer to help out. >> we should ask sue. >> are you looking it up it's probably farming thing. >> it's all that and then you go back to harvest in the fall. >> how about this? >> we don't have to do that an anymore okay? >> yeah. >> we could do like other countries and go year round. why don't we go year round and just take breaks two weeks off every how and then. >> that's nice i think you get the extra vacation through the year we get to decompress. as a parent that works it's a huge struggle for the summer when they're off. and you have to throw them in camp and it costs more i don't mind maybe having them go to
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school. >> alex what have you found. >> sorry apparently pbs on web site they say it's a common myth that has to deal with apartmenting and there's colonel of truth to the story but mostly long. >> corn colonel sgle yes. >> so agricultural areas help most needed in spring and most crops were in fall. many attended summer when there was comparatively less need for them on farm. it's almost like reverse. >> yeah. >> this is dull, let's move o on. okay, balancing job and children can be tough. >> yes. >> no question about that. >> apparently there's one thing keeping you away from your children more than anything else. >> okay. >> it's not your work or going to have owe play golf, it's traffic. get in the way of playing with children. >> according to new survey from nintendo parent tell kids
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they're too busy to play with them on average eight times a week and half of parents say they spend more time commuting to work than playing with their kids. >> i feel lucky that for somehow in my life my whole life i've never had a job i had to commute and put up with traffic. isn't that weird. i lived in loss ankle less ten years and lucky enough to live along the coast and i took this one little road down, no, no, no, i took this one little road down to studio that happened to be on the coast. it was not inland. >> that's a good point. >> when you have the luxury of living close. i learned early on i lived far out chester county i was late every day to school and doing humid work driving in and almost having accidents. >> that's safe. >> it was not i was late every day of my leafy learned when i went to klbling i want to live
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in mile radius. >> because it was not worth all that down time. when you have to look further out and have better life and home for your kids it's terrible you get more for your money. >> you can punch up a traffic thing. i bet the schuylkill is jammed up right now. how about the bep franklin bridge. jammed up. so only thing few times i got stuck in traffic the only good things is llistening to music. megan i'm not looking for a row that has flowing traffic. traffic jam. any? >> 76 always oh, my gosh. schuylkill. >> no vine straight sgloo vine street. >> every time. >> transitioned to schuylkill. >> yes. >> my gosh. >> that curve. >> them car always say it will clear up got to get through the curve. it will clear up. >> even on sundays. >> surely no traffic on sunday. yeah. >> did you ever drive so far
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that when drive is over you wish drive would be longer because you're having a good time listening to music and you want it to go on longer. >> listening to music in the car is great. >> ever of pull into the drive way and sit in the driveway to listen to the song. >> especially if if on the radio. >> maybe we could have gamble and huff on. >> they're getting a wards tonight. >> do you ever listen to books on tape? >> what? >> look at that. >> get in the car. you're hundred the wheel. >> we have to go to manhattan and 6th. >> i was there yesterday afternoon. >> what were you doing there i saw picture on instagram. >> i had a meeting. >> what kind of meeting. >> let's get back to alex. >> woowoo. >> what kind of meeting in new york. >> that was imtation with the money. >> i would never please -- >> do it again was funny.
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>> my white girl dance. >> no that because of that. >> i will do the cabbage patch. >> what did lauren johnson do lauren johnson simonetti do. >> do you have this music video. do you have it. mc donald and patti labelle. i used to fantasize this was me. ♪ >> that you were on your own once again♪ no patti labelle was pine ago way for me♪ >> one is on west coast and mike mcdonald is living in los angeles and she's living -- >> she's rocking that coat, isn't she? >> she is stuck in her highrise apartment and he's out on the beach. michael mcdonald before he had white hair♪ this makes me cry. >> was this the song that that guy was singing.
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>> it deposit have to. >> i used it live right there by roosevelt island on the hudson river. >> once again another thank you you mc jerk. >> it was roosevelt island for god sake. >> anything in new york is expensive. >> we used to -- >> you're really tiering up. >> i can bring up tears like that. >> you can. >> i always wonder how actors do that tier thing. >> i read app article depending how the tier falls wherein the eye let's you know whether it's fake or not. >> i never do that. >> falls if center it is one thing corner is another. >> i have a tendency when i cry it pops out here 1st and runs out here. >> that means you're sincere. what do you visualize to cry. that girl that left me i'm so hurt or puppies dying. >> your face. >> well there you go. >> you walked into that one. >> oh, >> i think working with karen.
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>> hold on, aren't you supposed to be nice. >> oh, yeah. >>:14. >> how many minute was that. >> are you imimitateing. >> that's why we had the side eye. >> he's over being nice. >> by the way megan say what you just said in my ear. >> next job nice chat. >> are you ready. >> nice job next chat. >> moving on people. >> next sglat taylor swift. >> she's changing music you want to tell her she can't grow and evolve. >> i want to keep her in the box. she started as country singer when i first met cher we as a kid right. >> not like she's from tennessee she's from our area. >> well but she moved to tennessee. >> she's like number one pop star in the hold world. >> you know what karen you know what you have in common with with the state of tennessee? >> are you going to be cute to
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me. >> yeah. you're the only ten i see. >> that was to make up. he's trying to fix the mean thing he said. >> back to being nice. >> good. >> 9:15. >> let's play taylor swift in case you don't know what the she sound like♪ because it's late and your mama don't know, our song is the way you left♪ the first date met her deposit kiss her and should have♪ >> now that's how i first heatmer. >> ah. >> you met everyone, seriousl seriously. >> i was doing my show in new york and one day this woman, young lady came on with parents and it was taylor swift i never heard of her she blew me away and sang for us it was a country song and then flipped over to pop right? >> and here's example of pop♪ now we got bad blood♪
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>> well, guess who she has met now? >> who? >> drake. >> your fave rot. >> my favorite. >> and may come one a hip hop cd. >> well. >> let's have an on mind. >> if she can go from country to pop maybe she can try -- >> got us thinking what other artists started out in one genre and transitiond miley sigh russ has hip hop song jays on my feet get up on me or something like that♪ and that was one song. i don't know if she got backlash who did she do that with two chains it has a nice beat to it though♪ >> i'm trying do conjure drake and taylor swift. >> they may be each other inspirations. >> what's the name of the son song, megan. >> drake is with everybody.
9:17 am
>> something jays on my feet what she says in the song so get like me. >> get like me. >> really? >> really. >> okay. >> so gwen stefany came to my mind♪ i know what you're thinking♪ i don't need a reason♪ don't tell me cause it hurts♪ >> this is pop vering hohler back girl♪ >> few times go around♪ >> he don't what be a holler back girl♪ listen you can't be calling me and i'll come over. >> but the old one when with no doubt keep on dancing i loved keep on dancing♪ keep on dancing♪ megan would play it if she -- >> she's looking up jays on my feet♪ >> there's so much going on. >> let's see if they can bring up that song keep on dancing
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and play lil wayne at the same time is she capable of doing that. >> lil wayne♪ ♪ ♪ that example was also lil wayne mack attack♪ prom queen and music sglok does he talk to bird mannymore are? >> i don't think they're cool i think somebody owes money or something they used to be very close. close like [ kissing sound ] close. >> that's a bad thing. >> can we do the next one. >> darious rucker was a blow fish with hooty and the blow fish darious was a blow fish and then went to country artis
9:19 am
artist. yeah. ♪ i only want to be with you♪ you can call me a until it, i only want to be with you♪ . ♪ like the wagonwheel♪ >> i think he's great. his voice is so great. no matter what he is saying. people with anything, to be continuous life long learners and continue to grow that's good music there. >> he looks like one of those sing rz i want to hug. you know he's so friendly his face and smile like awe. >> so he was hooty. >> yes. >> and he had blow fish with him. >> had blow fish standing behind him. >> and megan credit she was right about miley sigh russ
9:20 am
song it is not called jays on my feet she just says it all over and the one we wanted to hear had bad words in it♪ >> there we go. >> i used to rock out to this♪ i'm going to keep on dancing♪ i can imagine you around your apartment alone dance around like that. >> listen, the only child life. you have to find a way to amuse ourself. we're easily entertained and it's beautiful. >> what do you have your hair is different today. >> it's really curly so it's shorter. >> it's still long but super curly. >> do that thing again♪ >> you want me to shake it ou out. >> shake it off. >> that brings it all the way around♪ >> ashley graham continues to
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push for diversity why here latest project may add something to your children's christmas list. this is glamour right, glamour? christmas list. this is glamour right, glamour?
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>> what have you done. >> carnegie hall sgri think it was glamour. hillary clinton was nominee -- no, it was not -- that was a great story. >> can we watch what happened last night. >> it was phyllis diller. >> it happened again last nigh night. glamour magazine woman of the year award. >> they are honoring ashley graham. >> she had three models on swimsuit edition and she was one of them. >> she was there for woman of the year award yesterday she got a really cool, special
9:25 am
treasure. she got her very own. >> is there any footage of this. >> barbre doll. >> what? >> isn't that cool. >> there's a new line barbre came out with called sheros. >> girl heroes. >> not typical barbre most women are not typical barbre features special bondy breaking women. she's a front woman obviously in the whole conversation about your body and what it means to be a beautiful woman. there's a lot of other dolls in this collection. >> did you see this one they have another doll from zendiah. >> i want to thank someone in the control room froze that on the fly. joe danker. you are the man. your mama. she's so pretty isn't she? >> she is. >> i think it's great. >> talking about the doll. >> the doll is her basically.
9:26 am
>> gorgeous. >> gorgeous woman. >> here's other videos, zendia was there. >> and who is the woman that got in trouble. >> look at sleeves wow. >> the day is known for -- she doesn't care when it comes to fashion but what other people think she has her own style goes out there and does her thing. people love her because of what she says and what she does. >> i think it's amazing. those arms. >> can you punch it up again. there's fathers on her arms. >> flowers. >> flowers. >> what would it be, gloves? or are they attached to the dress? >> i'm not sure that's magic of it. >> i like it. >> she's so pretty. >> all right. now, let's get -- >> i'm hungry. >> i like this segment we're doing. five days of the week. it's tuesday. what we did yesterday, if you
9:27 am
went to greek family's thank giving what would the sides be? so we'll go to a different tratdition and different nationality and ethnic group this week. we'll do that segment after the break. i see, is that mac and cheese. >> it smells amazing. >> collared greens. >> collared greens. >> is that potato salad. >> toe tate owe salad, your favorite. >> toe tate owe salad, your favorite. >> come on back, holler back.
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>> get being you ready. >> david is in the house. >> what's the name? >> eat recall boys catering, premiere catering service in philadelphia. >> all right, all right. >> where we provide all of this wonderful food. not only for you but the list goes out there for the audience, we can come to your home. we can deliver. or we can eat -- pick it up, pick it up, deliver it, sell it, where we can have, come in, we can have this fast, service your guests, start to fin english so glad you delivered all of this wonderful food here. >> after that we don't have time for this segment. >> and voila. >> so explain this particular segment that we're doing this week. >> we are deciding you know go to the thanksgiving, same thing on the table? do something different and spice it up. so picking different cultures every day, highlighting some of the sides you might see at certain tables. so add this to your table maybe. >> if we got invited to your table, what would the sides be? >> so today we know what we
9:32 am
call dressing goes in the turkey. >> with homemade bread, we've got baked macaroni and cheese. >> hole on seconds. >> you need your plate. >> should you get up sticks or not? >> over head? >> not the "today show". >> so when i was growing up, we called that dressing. made with bread. >> right? it is made with bread. >> but if i put it into the bird itself, into the cavity, i would call it stuffing. >> correct. you're stuffing the bird. >> how is yours different? >> how is mine different? we have a little bit of giblets, little bit of gizzards? there. >> gizzards? >> yes. >> i like gizzards actually. >> we have to get that homemade gravy to go right on top. >> put that gravy on there. >> my mom makes giblet grave. >> i oh, yes. >> sometimes after thanksgiving dinner, i'll take all of the extra gravy, pour
9:33 am
it into a bathtub and just sit in it. >> or we can bring it to your house on christmas. >> one way to do it. >> mac and cheese would you search? >> mac and cheese, our mac and cheese, we have smoke guda in it. >> oh! >> that sounds good a. and what we also did today, two variation of collard greens, so you have the non-pork eaters, we have turk. >> i hole on, hold on. >> oh? >> it changes the flavor drastically. i love it. it gives it almost like a smokey taste. >> like smokey flavor, yes. >> i might have to lie down. oh, that is almost heavenly. >> too good? >> so do we have pork eaters or non-pork eaters among us? >> we have both. what can you do for us with the greens? >> so what we have here is collard greens. southern dish, that's the american dish, these are made with smoke turkey.
9:34 am
>> smoke. >> we have pork. we have that for you, as well. >> i can do either/or? >> what are the bones in there? >> the bones are ham hocks. >> yes? >> smoke less bones. >> oh. so they bring the flavor to the collard greens. >> what's the secret to having good scholar groans? >> the secret to good scholar greens, believe it or not, what is it is that you pour on, so those greens have fried chicken grease. and it just bridges the flavor out. just bulbs up. >> all good. >> you know collard greens, in their raw form, are gigantic. >> yes, absolutely. they're really big. >> for this last one, this is really special to me, because you're amazing, and you guys ask well what do you have at your table? every year my dad makes this amazing sweet potato sue lay, i love it so much, you know i live in texas, can't always go home for thanksgiving. so you created my dad's dish with a little twist. >> with a little twist. so this is a grand march a
9:35 am
sweet potato whip. >> yes, hon. >> i toasted pecans, with toasted carmel. so which one would you like? >> oh,. >> roasted peck and. here we go. >> i'm going non-pecans. >> okay. >> not for the nuts? >> little bit. >> let's get your plate over here. which one is your plate? >> you know what? you're mike jerrick. go right in. >> here we go. just go right in. >> oh, daddy. >> are you calling me daddy? >> he just -- she just called you daddy. >> trying to get her to do that for years. >> oh, it melts in your mouth though. >> it does. >> real quickly here, what makes your potato salad special? >> we cut up the potatoes really really small. >> yes? >> there is celery, celery seed, relish, red pep ertz, green peppers, young peppers, red onions, brown mustard. try it. try it. >> here we go. >> yes, i want to tell people at home before you get on twitter and attack me.
9:36 am
>> what? >> we have about 50 forks back here, so i'm not using the same fork. >> not at all. >> using different ones. >> that was my goal so nobody else could have any more potato salad. see this fork? >> oh, wait. hold it. >> no, no, no. >> i have used this. >> i have the best thing at the end for all of you all. this is our only eat recall delights catering, cinnamin spice hish allies dollars tea. it goes down, it is to adds nicety to your -- >> see, that's something special for thanksgiving. >> here's to you, david. thank you so much. i'm ready for it right now. >> identifiable delights catering, www eat recall delights catering 215236-3900, come to our sixth annual tree lighting ceremony 2600 belong of ridge avenue on december the first, 2016 from five to 7:00 p.m. >> i love you. >> i knew would you get another plate here, everybody come down here, so good, thank you so much. >> hey, it is tuesday, that means bob for bob kelly's classroom.
9:37 am
>> let's go see bob now. >> you got it, gang, you got it, i went from grade school, high school now. you heard of thon. how about mini thon? archbishop wood are you ready to dance? (cheers). >> all right, when we come right back.
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>> good morning, kelly's classroom. you've heard of thon. how about mini thon? it is put on by the gang here at archbishop wood high school, gary you are the president of the school, voted best of bucks up here in 2016. >> bucks county courier times. >> how many students in.
9:41 am
>> 975 students? wow. >> we're very wonderful place here at archbishop wood high school. >> tell me little bit about the mini thon, and how it works? >> meantime, dance that the student run, they come together, raise money awareness, for kids with pediatric cancer, and the money benefits the four diamond fund which gives financial relief to families who have endured the hardships of cancer. >> just stay on your feet, perfect. >> when is thon or mini thon, i should say? >> february 24th there is year, 2017. >> of course with mini thon, with me, sam and jillian. tell us little bit about how the money is raise in the. >> so, we do fundraisers all year around, and then also tonight we have a fundraiser in horsham. it is all day. so when you go, you stay at mini thon, mini thon from archbishop wood, 15% of the proceeds go to the mini thon. >> huge, looking for something to do tonight with the kids, there go, go out for dinner,
9:42 am
15% of the tab goes back, and is it exciting? >> yes, very exciting and most times we get a lot of the school community to come out and support it at our fun raiser. >> are you the cancer? >> yes. >> this is like practicing for prom, i guess? are you guys ready to dance? come on, hit the music. let's do some dancing. archbishop wood mini thon. this is how we dance in high school. out here in archbishop wood, mini thon, all of the details from our website at like me to come to your school, hit me up, on facebook, and twitter, and jen thanksgiving just around the corner, we got some do it yourself tips coming your way. right? >> absolutely. this is stuff that the kids can help with. dip si departs, we'll bring it to you. look at this, just got pretty fancy, come on, we're in collegeville this morning, very pretty.
9:43 am
what do we want our kids to learn? how to game a test... or test themselves in a game? how to master an exam... or examine a master? how to be robots... or build robots? the njea believes students deserve a well-rounded education- including arts, music, technology, and so much more.
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that's why we're working with parents and communities to reduce the emphasis on high stakes testing. because when you limit the tests, they can test the limits... of their potential.
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>> i'm going to the marion anderson awards tonight, i need to know what the weather will be like because i need to dawn the appropriate attire. tell me about what the weather will be like in 15 seconds. >> since you asked me, i will tell you, in that tone of voice. >> hold on. could you do it in 15 seconds from now? >> well, i can do that. >> thank you. >> pleasure.
9:46 am
>> if you're headed out in your formal attire tonight, you don't have to wore bit rain. it is moving north. there is lancaster, one little downpour there. that's about it. so, we look at the temperatures, which are rising only little bit. 53 degrees, where we in philadelphia, 40's to the north, 50 to the south. 606 is our high today. the rain will be out of here, soon, definitely right around lunchtime. 62 degrees tomorrow. stay dry until sunday. we'll worry about that a little closer to the time, okay? >> thank you. >> karen, interesting comment on twitter today. people are saying that the show has gone completely off the rales. >> it has. >> normally does. >> yes. but they like it.
9:47 am
people are saying i should not be on sudafed because it makes you hyper, and then drowsy. i'm feeling both. >> and you just had a full plate. >> i'm bloated, and i need a couch, then talking about the sexiest man alive is the rock, duane johnson. steven says: >> says mike the sexiest man, oh, i'm not reading this. >> he goes mike is either the sexiest manor serial killer. that's horrible. >> what? >> oh, ya. >> side after building, put it up. >> that's right. that's right. >> love those eyes. >> we're enjoying our thanksgiving food, already in the mood, everyone hitting the supermarket. we have lots of things to do for our kids, they're off, what's going to happen? >> off four days most of them, right? keep them busy, right, jen? >> busy and these ladies are the ones keeping busy. good morning. >> good morning, jen, how are you? >> i'm thankful for you. >> oh, you're thankful?
9:48 am
>> thankful for this treat. tell me what this is? >> this is thankful tree, a tree that you can find in your backyard, you can spray paint them gold. you can adorn those with little jewels here, actually just index cards, just cut in half. we had the kids help us with these, little feathers here, put your name of your guest, and little stone here. so when your guests walk in, they fine their name here on the tray. >> yes? >> they do what they're thankful for? >> write what they're fanning full for with a little pen, then hang it on a tree, later on during the evening, when all sitting around talking, talk about what you're thankful for. >> delightful. people might be do that for the prayer, gives you more to talk about. >> that's right. >> these kids, they just stay bus. >> i that's right. >> so, here's what i love about this. start with this. your daughters in college. she made this when she was eight. so this thing holds up? >> it does, it holds up very well. she made it whether she was eight years old, very simple
9:49 am
to do. you just get some supplies from your local store, need construction paper, need little paint. so we have our little paint here. we just dab it. >> yes? >> decorate it, be creative, there is no right here, no wrong. anybody's creativity will be gorgeous, you just spark tell. >> i love sparkle. >> you need the spark. >> i just like that, put that down, and then go to your leaf. you can go on nature walk, get a lot of leaves, buy this again from your local party goods store, once again, you paint it. >> i love it. >> the kids have fun with this. any age can help you with this. so you don't have to be like a eight year old, but you can do it. >> you have some sparkly awesome stuff over there, as well, some feathers, another way to have the name situation? >> exactly watch we did here, we made someplace cards with pine cones. again, you can go on nature walk, get some pine cones or buy them at your local craft store watch we did here, we took the pine cone. >> yes?
9:50 am
>> be creative, dab glue here. >> yes? >> put this in here. there you go. then we get some eyeballs. >> you know what i like about this? creative but not exploding discusting all over my house on the day where i am making food for 22 people, right? >> no, no, no, it is simple, it is easy and it is sheik. >> sheik. let's move on in to the main event. here we go. okay? and so, this is what would you do with these things, and the kids do like to help set the table, right? >> yes, the kids like to help set the table. and therefore, they feel include that they were part of decorating for thanksgiving. and it doesn't have to look pre-school i shall. it looks very sheik. >> it does. >> so you can combine our crafts, with the local things that you buy from the store, like we got these pumpkins here, from home goods. and you just remove the pumpkin, then you place your food, pie, on top. >> what she do? looks like she spray paint add pumpkin? >> this is a pumpkin we had from halloween, here, recreate
9:51 am
these, we did purchase these. you can spray paint the pumpkin gold, you can put glitter, put sparkles, anything. anything. >> now, i know your girls know about our slogan. >> dow. >> okay, look into the camera, tell them: >> just like fox 29. we go there. >> we go there. >> you call us, because, right, we go there. >> okay? >> they go there. they go there. you got a party need in they go there. >> you did great. did you great. >> adorable. >> they went there. >> oh, they did. >> you know where we're going next? disney. now, disney -- >> you okay? >> the movie company, just dropped its first trailer for the live action version of beauty and the beast. now, you see talking like a kid there? they dropped it. >> yes. >> that's a good thing, right? >> see the new trailer coming up.
9:52 am
>> okay, how it stacks up to the original, coming up. >> ♪
9:53 am
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for just 79.99 per month online for the first year. cable can't offer that. only fios can.
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♪ ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> i like people bryson whether he since that. anyway, a tail as old as time. disney's beauty and the beast, there is a new live action adaptation, coming to theatres, this morning, we are getting the sneak peak of this thing. in the new version, emma watson place bellle, dan stevens is the beast. and here it is. >> ♪ ♪ (movie clip) ♪ ♪ ♪
9:56 am
>> please today meet you. >> the mouse is not as terrible as he appears. >> ♪ >> so, here's the down side of this. looks pretty good. if this works, you know they're going to make this live kind of version of all of the successful disney movies. >> like ariel, little mermaid,. >> and i'll have to drag my bony saggy butt into that movie theater with my grandchildren. >> what? >> and you can cry for real, and share that moment, and hold their little grub i hands and be all sticky. >> it is good.
9:57 am
>> but mike will try it, little animated, still. >> can't have talking cup. >> , no, no. >> and think if they tried to do like the lion king as live action. some are impossible to do. >> listen, disney likes to make monday. >> i oh, they did -- remember homeward bound? >> yes. >> that had animals talking. >> true. >> air buds, all of those movies. >> oh, gosh. listen, i'm still trying to put off taking my grand daughter to disney world. >> oh, do you have. >> then people are saying take her on a disney cruise. >> oh, she will love that. >> you're doing that! >> make special memories. >> thirty? okay, i never understood why that is the sign for 30. it looks like you're putting up a c. >> or put up another one, it look like a three. >> what's the sign for 20 seconds? >> okay, gq magazine just put out their man of the year. and ryan mills, my prediction. >> hussein bolt. >> anwar end bathe i. you know wary bathe i is
9:58 am
almost 08 years old. dang does he look good. >> there is hope. >> have a good day!
9:59 am
10:00 am
. live from new york city, it's the "wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin'. hello. we won't judge. but we're judging. ♪ >> now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ ooh ooh ♪ ooh ooh ♪ ♪ ooh ooh >> wendy: thanks for watching us.


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