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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  November 15, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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dave schratwieser life on the scene next. >> and pennsylvania's first pot doctor is now accepting patien patients. right he's so ready to start writing prescriptions. your news starts in just 30 seconds. >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 10. we begin tonight with breaking news in philadelphia's brewery town neighborhood. skyfox over a grim scene on the
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1400 block of north hollywood street. crews put out fire here earlier tonight inside they found an elderly woman dead. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. there's some big questions yet to be answered. fox 29's dave schratwieser is near the scene tonight. dave? >> reporter: lucy, this was a quick-moving fire and quick response by the fire department as you can see they are still here on the scene near the 1400 block of hollywood street. this fire broke out around 7:20 tonight. there was a single occupant in the home, an 80-year-old woman, who unfortunately some sad news to report did not escape from that fire. we just spoke with fire commissioner adam thiel several minutes ago and he broke down the fire for us and toll us exactly what happened. >> philadelphia fire department dispatched at 7:22 this evening after very quick three minute response our companies arrived to find heavy fire showing from one of the row houses you see behind me. 12 minute fire fight they found one objection pan on the first
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floor deceased, again arc quick aggressive interior fire fight as our firefighters always do really a great job getting in the and getting the fire out and unfortunately in this case it appears that it was -- we weren't able to rescue this particular occupant. >> she was just. >> pillar of the neighborhood. >> pillar of neighbor. the mother of the neighborhood. she was always walking around, laughing and talking. she joked all the time. she always had something smart to say. you said something to her, she just got around. she's a good lady. >> reporter: now, that description from neighbors who tell us they did hear smoke alarm going off when this fire first started. the neighbors next door tried to break in a couple of windows to try and get the woman out who we're told -- who we're told was unable to walk. she was 80 years old. several teenagers on the block came down the block in attempt to break out the windows and rescues her. the fire was too hot and too
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smokey for them to get inside. tonight the commissioner tells us that the fire marshal's office is here on the scene. no cause to this fire. at this hour he cannot confirm whether smoke detectors did in fact go off. again, this fire still under investigation. one fatality to report 80-year-old woman died inside that home. reporting live from brewery town, ooh em dave schratwieser fox 29 news. a rip roaring pursuit on the philadelphia street and this video puts you into the thick of it. someone posted the clip on you tune criticizing how police officer responded. see they want it to be viral. >> you may look at it and say what they're doing isn't right either riding dirt bikes on the industry streets against the l law. dirt bike rider was critically injured when he collided with a police vehicle. >> shawnette wilson is live at philadelphia police headquarters. this video is raising a lot of questions. >> reporter: the philadelphia
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police department lucy and iain, they have a policy that prohibits police pursuits during traffic violations. so this video that was posted on youtube as you mentioned is raising concerns because of a police department vehicle that was involved in an accident that critically injured a teen who was riding a dirt bike. >> this video is posted on youtube with message make it go viral. it was recorded by someone on a bike wearing a camera and shows other dirt bike riders breaking traffic laws while flying along torresdale avenue in wissonomi wissonoming. but the person who posted it also points out what they say is also dangerous. a police suv apparently pursuing the bikers just before one of them collided with the cop car. skyfox flew over the scene at torresdale and how well street where it happened yesterday afternoon. justin mcmonagle came outside just after the crash. >> be ready for the consequences no matter what they are if you're going to break them.
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>> 18-year-old speeding on a dirt bike collided with the police cruiser as police were making a turn on to how well from torresdale. the teen is in the hospital in critical condition. the video is raising concerns about whether police should have been pursuing the bikers. >> laws are in place for a reason. if you're going to break that em and you get hit there's not their fault. i mean then again cops shouldn't be chasing them in a car. call a bike unit. there's a problem either way on both halves of the on the people' half and on the law enforcement's half. >> police spokesperson tells us the accident is still being investigated. they're waiting on report from aid its accident investigation division. joe myers lives across the street from where it happened. >> there's 10, sometimes 15 of them. they're doing wheel lease. they're going in and around the cars. you know i just can't see the police stopping them. unless you have 15 cops on the street. there's no way. >> as for the teen now in the hospital, myers says he feared
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something like this would one day happen. >> it's just a shame that it happened. i feel sorry for the boy, but, you know, it keeps on going on. every night. >> reporter: and tonight it is still unclear whether that police vehicle scene in the video pursuing the dirt bike is the same one that was involved in the accident. iain? >> shawnette, thank you. president-elect donald trump got the president's daily brief today that is the same top-secret level of intelligence that president obama gets. it comes as we are starting to get a clearer idea of who trump may choose to surround himself with in the white house. former mayor of new york city rudy guiliani says today he would consider the role of secretary every state. but at least one republican senator rand paul of kentucky says he wouldn't vote forge guiliani nor would he vote for former ambassador to the un john bolton another name said to be in the running one supporter former trump arrival ben carson doesn't want a cabinet roll but laura ingraham would consider the job of press secretary.
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one thing is clear, the trump transition is rewarding his supporters. >> he values loyalty. right a lot of those names we look are people who were with him if not from the very beginning pretty early on in the process and those people are being rewarded. >> trump's son-in-law in deeply involved in the transition as a close adviser to the campaign. now, there are reports that trump team wants to have him as a top level security clearance so he can attend that top-secret presidential briefing. one other note among the visitors trump tower today, texas senator ted cruz. some lawmakers suspect it could have been a possible pick for the supreme court. haddonfield, new jersey, damaged gas line forced half dozen families out of their homes tonight. pse and g says it happened at 5:30 on core ratch house lane. more than a dozen customers still without gas it's expected to be restored later tonight.
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no word oh what caused all the damage. >> on your radar right now temperatures are going up. won't last long because it's getting close to december. >> what's wrong with that lucy. >> not at all. repeat performance of last year. last november was mild as well. right now, temperatures are pretty cool but nothing like we are going to see by the end of the weekend. between now and then, we are talking about a significant warmup. 38 degrees in the poconos. not so warm right now. 42 in pottstown. 48 in philadelphia. 40 in millville. so it will be a chilly overnight with clear skies and light winds. we expect 42 in the city. 36 in the suburbs. but mainly clear moonlit skies. it's not a super moon but it's still pretty out there coming up we'll talk about temperatures rising back to the 70s, yes, in mid november. then the first flakes of the season possibly for some of us it would be to the north and west of the city and thanksgiving preview it looks like once the tide turns, it could stay pretty chilly around
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here. we'll take look at those numbers comincoming up with the seven dy forecast. for now we'll zen it back to you guys. >> kathy, thanks. police say the man who shot and killed a southwest airlines employee at oklahoma city airport today took his own life. after a manhunt at the will rogers world airport that shut down the airport for hours. police found the killer dead in pick up police have identified the victim as 52-year-old michael winchester. he's the father of james winchester, a football player for the kansas city chiefs. police believe the shooting was pre med dated. >> developing in burlington county, family members say a mt. holly woman has died after her ex-boyfriend stabbed her repeatedly last night. relatives say the killer broke into the home of 37-year-old shanay marshall an tacked her. police say they know who they're looking for. but have not yet said if marshall's ex-boyfriend the motive is not clear but relatives say the former couple has had problems before. >> all we heard was big bang.
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she came up the steps. me cousin tried to fight him off with bat. he immediately started swinging a knife at her. when she fell from the first h hit. >> it was like he was craze the right then and there. leak he was focused on just her. like he didn't say nothing. >> neighbors say the ex-boyfriend was kick out of the house but has been back around few times since labor day. they tell us police have shown up many times. students at all philadelphia public schools might just see a big change to their schedules soon. district wants the school year to start earlier and end earlier as fox 29's dawn timmeney reports, this as you can imagine is drawing a mixed reaction. >> i think it's a bad idea. report roar third grader callie williams does not like a philadelphia school district proposal at all to start school a week before the labor day holiday and get out a week earlier in june. >> people want to spend they summer having fun and having good activities and not spending
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time in school. >> reporter: her grandma who takes her to school every picks her up every day has to agree. >> it will really mess the summer up. it's a terrible idea i think. and i think that they should like not do that. [ laughter ] >> and give us -- keep our vacations the way it is. >> reporter: the school district says attendance drops off considerably in june. it believes the cal length shift would keep students in class and improve academics. >> it's very important that you have as many uninterrupted instructional days earlier in the school year. we certainly have found that, um, as you get further into june, there's -- there are issues there with vacations. >> reporter: a number of parents we talked to are all for the change. students not so much. >> i wouldn't have problem with my kids starting early and kind of ending, you know, ending early. >> i don't think the kids would like it but it sounds like a good idea.
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>> i'd probably be mad because it's cutting into our summerti summertime. >> reporter: there is a 10-day comment period for parents and community members. the school district wants input so it can put together the best possible school calendar. a vote is planned for dose. dawn timmeney, fox 29 news. it could help sex up an outfit or maybe make you look a little older. a certain procedure can help make part of your chest look better and for some this is a lot more than about beauty. >> you're a survivor. >> i'm a survivor. >> why you may want to start paying little more the a tension to your deck la taj. >> and pot in pennsylvania. it is now a reality. i'm chris o'connell. coming up, you're going to meet the state's very first medical marijuana doctor and, yes, he is taking new patients.
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♪ tonight neighbors are on edge in the city's fairmount second aft string of violent robberies much police say all the incidents happened last night with a half hour of each other. >> fox fosses dave schratwieser reports. police now have some teens in custody. i wouldn't be out here just by myself. >> reporter: on the streets of fairmount in the shadow of center city, neighbors like melissa page are on edge after a string of strong armed robberies monday night raised concerns. >> so this is very alarming, both for the community but also for all of the families in the neighbor. >> reporter: it start the on 19t19th street near fairmount around 6:66:30 when 27-year-old man was approached from behind by four teenagers and punched in
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the face. he started to run but dropped his phone. the teens picketer it up and followed him into the market demanding his password as he asked someone to call 911. >> just makes you more cautious about, you know, protecting yourself especially because it gets darker earlier now. you got to be extra careful. >> reporter: 10 minutes later, a block away on 19th, a 35-year-old man was approached by teens. they asked to use his phone i'll while simulating one head had a weapon in his pock. pressed something against the man's ribs. stole his iphone five and demanded his password. page is glad to have her dog rosy along with her when she's out walking. >> that does tend to help no matter what size i think having a dog with you can help. >> more cops around. >> 36-year-old man was again approached by teens on nearby 22nd street. they threatened to shoot him if he didn't turn over his phone and wallet. ninth district officer spotted the robbery in progress and
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chased down a 14 and 15 year o old. their charged with robbery and assault. >> school kids, yeah. i heard about downtown, too, what they done. it need to stop, though, it real dollar. >> two teenagers arrested overnight being charged as juveniles. police are now trying to determine if they could be connected to any other robberies in the area. at central detectives, dave schratwieser, fox 29 news. status quo reigns supreme in pennsylvania. the most comprehensive animal protection bill in state history has died in the state house. the house leadership refused to bring it up for a vote today. house bill 869 blazed no trails. it would have just brought pennsylvania in line with most other states such as making it a first offense fell knee for torturing an animal. it had wide by part tan support golf nor wolf told us he was ready to sign night law. it plans to take up this bill early in the next session.
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so it starts all over again. anger and confusion tonight from more than a thousand students at a local career training school. >> the school has shut its doors for good. star career academy which has several campuses in the northeast including one here in philly and another in egg harbor has permanently shut down. for profit college informed its students and 225 full-time staff today that financial issues are the reason. students got text messages and edge males telling them not to go to class and for people who are paying to get a degree today's announcement is bad ne news. >> i'm very mad because i have four children to take care of and i thought this was a start to my career, and i have nothing to show for the last nine months. >> if you were a star academy student you got questions about what to do next or the status of your lone head to our website at we've got information to help you figure out where your next step. happening now new kind of
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dr. come to town. pennsylvania's first medical marijuana practitioners set up shot in old city. marijuana was legalized for medical use here in april. >> it's not quite as easy as walking into the new clinic and walking out with marijuana. let's get over to chris o'connell live in old city. chris? >> reporter: iain, lucy arc couple months after medical marijuana became legal in the state of pennsylvania, look what just opened its doors, the state's first cannabis clinic opened here in old city a couple week ago, and with it it also opened up a whole new world of medicine. old city is a neighborhood filled with firsts. the nation's first capitol. the first post office and now the state's first medical marijuana clinic. >> come on in. let me show you around. >> reporter: dr. matthew roman originally from chestnut hill
10:19 pm
known as pennsylvania's first pot doc. >> i guess we're standing in pennsylvania's first medical marijuana practice. >> this is it, chris. >> reporter: dr. roman has been prescribing medical marijuana in delaware for the past year. since then, he's become a believer in its qualities. >> every patient of mine in delaware that has been on narcotics except one patient has gone down on their opiate use. >> reporter: although it will be year before doctors will be able to write prescriptions in pennsylvania, roman has already started seeing patients. inside his small old city office to build a baseline medical history. his fee, 250 bucks for an initial visit. >> i'm seeing people for family care and i'm consulting them about the use of marijuana. >> reporter: who can clarify for medical marijuana card. patient who's have ailments including cancer, aids, glaucoma, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and ptsd. smokeable floured marijuana
10:20 pm
won't be allowed. instead only edible pot products and vapor arrived concentrat co. in case you're wondering insurance does not cover medical cannabis. roman's mission is not only to help patients but also teach other doctors treatments, dosage and how to prescribe safely. >> i just real woman like to teach physicians about it, because they don't know where to begin and it makes it very awkward for them when they want to discuss it with a patient. >> reporter: and dr. roman says this is a brand new world. so if you have any questions about medical marijuana, he says the best place to start don't be embarrassed, don't be afraid, ask your family doctor, iain. >> good advice, chris. thank you. it began as a hunting trip like any on the. but by the time it ended it was anything but. what one man discovered and how it led him to saving a young girl's life. >> a familiarly from pennsylvania heard something strange in their backyard.
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>> the big surprise the homeowner found when he went to take a look. now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. shut down again on the overnight on the vine expressway. those work crews are back all this week closing the vine expressway between the schuylkill and broad street until 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. so keep that in mind if you'll be out late tonight or first one in tomorrow morning and then all of this week they'll be working along i-95 at the princeton avenue and cottman avenue on and off-ramps an water main break from earlier this morning probably going to cause delays tomorrow as they make repairs along route 29 and lancaster avenue right there in the heart of malvern. we'll check the jam cams, sue has the hump day forecast when we see you tomorrow starting at 4:00.
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now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ minnesota the search for missing 12 year old girl has e ended in relief. >> it's all thanks to a hunter who happened to be at the right place at the right time. when nathan was out hunting for dear something in the water caught his eye. at first ethatab boy but as he call 911 he saw a girl move her right arm. after realizing the girl was alive, he through a line to her in the water but the young girl who's got autism and doesn't speak didn't seem to understand what it was for. >> she never really made eye contact with me, and i was like
10:25 pm
help is on the way, i mean i can see her shivering and she slowly turned her said and look at me and that's it sent chills down my spine. >> rescue boat then made its way to the water and was able to bring her to safety. >> thank goodness. during his last presidential foreign visit president obama could not escape questions about the us election. and the president admitted he was surprised by donald trump's win and pointed to fears of globalization and economic uncertainty to explain the victory but he stood by the democratic party saying he believes majority of america agrees with his world view. tomorrow the president heads off to germany. the harshest critics of the trump transition's most controversial appointments so far still surprised with albright leader steve bannon bic to be the adviser and strategi strategist. >> first reaction to this appointment? fir reaction, we were saddened. >> tonight where does america go from here?
10:26 pm
our kathy orr is track your forecast. >> that's right. we're looking at clearing skies and cool temperatures overnight but a major warm up will get underway a lot of clear skies to the west and that's where our weather will be cupping from. we'll talk about when temperatures make it to 70 in the seven day when we come back. >> coming up at hedge, it is city block that has struggled to recover from one of the most notorious days in philadelphia history. the lifeline that may have just received from city hall.
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♪ we're following breaking news in levittown, bucks county. skyfox is over the scene of an armed robbery on the 900 block of veterans highway. early reports from dispatchers are telling us a suspect was shot and killed trying to rob a pizza shop. a second suspect was wounded. there may be a third suspect out there. the injured was rushed to saint mary's. no word on anyone else hurt or whether it was a pizza shop employee or customer who fired those shots. a man and a woman from philadelphia are suspects in double homicide in california. arrest warrants issued for
10:30 pm
robert randall dollar and maria lebron the pair shot three people during a drug buy at a bay area home last month. two of the victims died. a third victim is still in the hospital. randolph and lebron may be in philadelphia or new jersey. >> new information about racist message that targeted black freshmen at the university of penn. university officials found a smoking gun. how they rhee believe students in oklahoma accessed the names of targeted penn students. now appears one of the university of oklahoma students accused in the incident also had a ticket to penn but chose not to tend. that student was part of the incoming freshmen face bock group and had access to names of other students added to the offensive group meme message thread. police and the fbi are investigating three university of oklahoma students. the university has now expelled at least one and another is no longer enrolled and yet another student at tulsa community college is under investigation. those posts on a group me thread threatened black freshmen with
10:31 pm
racial slurs and references to lynching. well, we have a happy ending for a four-year-old girl abducted in virginia. >> the girl's father and grandmother both facing charges to night and that little girl is safe. police in gloucester county are telling us that a family member watching fox 29 news at 4:00 this morning saw the report on 24-year-old dylan richardson and his four-year-old daughter annie bell. that person urged richardson to turn himself in. so richardson did that at the monroe township police headquarters soon after with his little girl. >> she's fine. i saw her myself a few minutes ago. so she's a happy little girl. >> what's her status? do you have to wait for human services. >> she'll be turned over to familiar members in new jersey, and waiting a decision from protective services whether she stays here or goes back to virginia. >> police also arrested richardson's mother jacqueline mckenna for taking par in the abduction. they're both facing extradition to virginia.
10:32 pm
dylan richardson does not have legal custody of hess daughter and left virginia with her last week. development to go night a lot of speculation over who will hold rolls in trump's white house. trump has already made a couple of big decisions on sunday. he named reince priebus chief of staff and bright bart news executive steve bannon as a senior adviser. bannon is a controversial figure. some call him racist and antisemitic. local and national jewish organizations are weighing in on what the appointment signals about donald trump administration. bruce gordon has that story. >> reporter: house speaker paul ryan wanted to talk about unity among washington republicans tuesday. instead he spent his time fending off questions about steve bannon. >> look, i would just simply say that the president is going to be judged on his results. this is a person who helped him within an incredible victory and incredible campaign. >> reporter: bannon the controversial heard of the albright news site bright bart was a key adviser to candidate trump now he will have the president's ear and that has
10:33 pm
rivaled the nation's jewish community. some of whom believe bannon is an anti semite. >> the first reaction and my gut reaction was truly sadness. >> reporter: nancy baron bear is regional director of the anti defamation league. >> when president-elect trump spoke to us after the election he said we want unity, we want to bring everybody together. and his first appointment right within the first week was someone who is one of the more divisive figures on the political landscape. >> reporter: on tuesday, the bright bart site was filled with articles pushing back against claims of anti semitism. with headlines calling the allegations absolutely outrageous and absurd. a featured post was titled, steven k. bannon friend of the jewish people defender of isra israel. morton line national president of the zion nest organization of america has questioned some of what appears in bright bart but insists bannon is no anti semite. >> there's no evidence. believe me if there was serious
10:34 pm
evidence i'd be a tack wig all my heart and soul. i'm a serious jew. had cares deeply about israel, and i wouldn't tolerate this. >> reporter: bannon's official role is chief white house strategist and senior counselor. but one influential jew dish leader notes it is mr. trump who will make final discussion come january until then steve rosenberg of the jewish federation with hold judgment. >> it's like when you get on the plane, and if you don't like what the pilot looks like, you don't route for the plane to go down. right? you're on the plane. you want the plane to succeed. >> reporter: ban in that's critics note his appointment has been applauded by david duke former head of the kkk and by on the white national lift groups. of course trump did he nouned support from those groups and again, it's trump the president himself who will be making the final decisions come january. i'm bruce gordon, fox 29 news. president-elect donald trump is coming up against challenges while putting together his administration. his daughter ivanka is having trouble adjusting as well.
10:35 pm
why she's apologizing for bracelet. >> familiarly from pennsylvania her something strange in their backyard. the big surprise the homeowner found when he went to take look. he gets a lot of compliments.
10:36 pm
he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, "thank you for serving our country" and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast.
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crazy video. imagine if all of a sudden your backyard was just gone. >> like this. that scary situation actually what happened to one family in schuylkill county pennsylvania tracy quick and her husband were home saturday night ma honey township one hadn't dread miles northwest of philly they heard strange noise coming from the backyard. minutes later, they saw this massive sink hole open up and just swallow their backyard. >> it started cracking like the whole house just sounded like it was -- it was horrible. >> it's devastating. it's absolutely devastating. it breaks my heart actually. >> the family is staying with relatives while the department of environmental protection and emergency management determine if's the house can be saved. photo night in your money ivanka trauma's brand making alteration how it marks its proceed. >> she's getting criticism after company promoted a bracelet she wore in a 60 minutes inter vow with her dad.
10:39 pm
the ad mentioned the interview. in statement ivanka trump's brand president says they're adjust tolling her new role and discussing new policies and procedures for the company and it's partners if you want aware of those back to the future self lacing sneakers you can have pair if you've got the money. nike hyper adaptable 1.0 shoes going on sale december 1st but it will cost you 720 bucks a pair film what? >> yeah. so if i had to buy over $2,100. >> for your triplets. >> exactly. they come with magnetic adapter will charge the sneakers takes three house to fully recharge. the batteries last up to two weeks. the kicks also come with button on the tongue to tighten or loosen those laces. >> i have question. if you go into water can they short out think about that. what if it rains on you, what if it rains on your parade when you have your $720 showers on. >> kathy bring up the flood issue. this is true. help sex up an outfit or make you look even older.
10:40 pm
a procedure can help make a part of your chest look better and for some this is a lot more than just about beauty. there's hope to come out on the other side. >> you're a survivor. >> i'm a survivor. >> yeah. >> why you may want to start paying a little more attention to your deck la taj. >> kathy orr tracking your forecast. >> in weather we're talking about another warmup. do you believe it? mid november and temperatures will soar again but this time it's probably not going to stick. i'll have the seven day coming up.
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♪ >> turning to your health now, some say your cleavage neck line can sex up an outfit or make you look older than you really are. and now that area is the target of one of the if a test growing cosmetic procedures. may be hard to believe that fixing that most exposed area of your chest could mean so much. >> tonight our joyce evans introduces us to one woman who says it's about more than just beauty. ♪ >> you're so sick that, upping, you don't even -- you can't even think about the other side. can't even think about day when you'll, upping, ever be healthy again. >> reporter: struggle of a three-time survivor of three
10:44 pm
different near fatal cancers and today cindy sits in yet another exam room. >> it's been an 11 year journey. roar report but this doctor's visit is different. >> i don't want to look tired. >> reporter: especially since she's been cancer free for two years now. and this time cindy says she won't be sitting around dreading what the future may bring. >> now that i'm feeling, um, better than ever, i want to look as good as i feel. ♪ >> reporter: for that, she sought out cosmetic and plastic surgeon steven davis. yes, she knows what you my be thinking. >> why is she here. >> taking some freckling and sun spots. >> in comparison to us her chest will look more leak this win the next week or so. >> she's getting those brown spots zapped with laser light procedure one method to improve the appearance of her chest or deck late'. that's an area that people
10:45 pm
really neglect. >> they're paying much more attention to it now. over the course of time they made start to see creases and wrinkles there the combination sun damage and just heaviness there creates this age appearance to the chest and just like the hands, it tends to give away the age. >> he says rejuvenations to the face, neck, breast and other body parts are making the problem stand out even more for many women including those who have drastic shifts in weight. >> that's really why we're seeing what we're seeing. >> but some are starring to use other familiar techniques to plump unwrinkle the diminishing decolletage faster. >> combination of using sculpture and botox in that area makes it whole decolletage look phenomenal. >> it's not fda approved for this purpose. there are topicals that doctors say do work but -- >> since it's going to take
10:46 pm
months for them to really see the results that they're coming in here and asking for. >> i don't think you'll feel much. >> reporter: now cindy's decolletage in isn't that bad she's attacking britt the crinkle and wrinkle can get much worse. >> want a more polished version. >> she's unapologetic for what may seem frivolous to many. >> i'm getting it into the area that we want it to be to. >> she knows tomorrow is promised to no one she's doing things that lift her spirit today. >> there's hope to come out on on the other side. >> you're a survivor. >> i'm a survivor. the cost varies from person to person. cindy's treatment of a filler, a laser and botox costs her a thousand dollars. dr. davis says that combo should last her anywhere from six months to a year and a half. now checking back with cindy just two weeks ago, no
10:47 pm
complaints and she says she's showing more skin. joyce evans fox 29 news. good for her. all right, kathy, i'm just waiting for that 70 on friday. you know what that, right. >> i know. [ laughter ] >> we're on the same page, iain. >> good. >> right on the same page. planning outdoor activities for friday because iain piqued and he saw the forecast earlier. ultimate doppler showing a clear sky, our storm system well to the north and that means it will be cool tonight but well makuta for it over the next couple of days. thought degrees in the poconos. 44 in allentown. pottstown 42. millville 40. that cooler air throughout new england and new york is moving its way toward the delaware valley with a northerly wind it will be a cool start at the day as the storm pulls away, fair weather high pressure will be building in from the west and progressively our week will be getting milder and the peak of the heat will be on friday. now, take look at the
10:48 pm
temperatures. the average high for that is time of year is 56. so during the day tomorrow we go above average. thursday again friday we peak around 70 and then saturday we are on our way down. now, this time when temperatures cool, it's looking more likely that the cool weather could be sticking around for while. maybe for winter monica cryan has been looking at the numbers, monica when we look at the computer models it's looking more and more likely some folks could see the first flakes of the season. >> it's quite possible we could actually see them as we head through today and even into the rest of your work week. we have chance to see some flurries. now it does look like some of the models are in decision disagreement. we consider lot of models when we come up with our forecasts. this model the european model actually pushes some flower less some flake chances into the suburbs of philadelphia to the north and west. we can see actually some accumulations really up toward some of those higher elevations. back towards the state college
10:49 pm
area and into erie. the gfs model the american model also saying that we could see some snow in western pennsylvania but as it continues to push east it really doesn't give all that good of a chance most of that just staying as rain as it continues to move east and we'll be tracking this system as we head into our saturday and sunday because once again what we're going to see this system push on through and it's going to be cooling things down and it does look like that cool air will stick around even as we head into your holiday. here's a look at a reinforcing shot of cold air as we head into our thursday. next week. that's next week thursday and you know what that is. thanksgiving. so here's a preview of your thanksgiving day forecast. temperatures into the low 50s. rain is possible. kathy? >> we are looking at conditions that are going to continue to change and we'll keep an eye on that because we certainly will be cooling down. when we look at the seven day forecast, here you go. for your wednesday a few clouds. 62 degrees for tomorrow. thursday less sap 64.
10:50 pm
the peak of the warmth will be friday. morning lows in the 30s but quickly warming up to 70. saturday late rain and that's that front that will bust the warmth and bring the chance of maybe a little bit of a wintry mix through the lehigh valley maybe a few flurries in the poconos. and then sunday blustery and cold. whipping winds monday stays cool and by next tuesday when folks will begin to travel for the holiday, the temperature around 50 degrees. so it's looking more and more like the holidays. sean, we'll sent it over to you. >> sounds like if the ball weather right there. >> oh, yeah. >> after a saturday full of upsets in college football the path was laid for penn state to move up the play off rankings. we have the brand new college football rankings for you and the eagles travel to seattle this sunday to take on the 12th man. hear from eagles safe chris marigos on what makes playing at seattle so tough coming up in sports.
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♪ so far this season both flyers goalies michael their spring and city mason struggle the flyers are 29th in the league in goals against but there will be no more splitting time due to his injury. he injured his knee last saturday in a win over minnesota wild. city mason show and it starts tonight. flyers hosted ottawa senators first of three straight home games this week. third period flyers up one. kyle with the wrap around mason
10:54 pm
not much movement at all. no communication at all. game tied at two. this one went to ot. no dice in over time. shoot out it is and eric carlson fires it by mason for the score. senators within three-two in a shoot out flyers have now lost four of their last five games. a saturday loaded with upsets has led whole lot of movement in college football play off rankings or we thought for the first time since 1985 the number two, three and four teams all went down in the same day which led to us believe that penn state would have a chance to creep their way up to the top six. that did not happen. penn state did improve two spots from last week standing at number eight with two games to go been top four went through shuffle. alabama state at one. ohio state at two, michigan at three, clemson at four. eagles have been jugger thoughts at home this season improving to perfect four-zero wip with sundays win over the falcons. now if we can bring some of that
10:55 pm
magic on the road as they head to seattle this sunday. no easy task to win at seattle. 12 many man responsible for the most fault starts by opposing teams since 2005. eagles safety chris marigos who played for seattle prior to joining the eagles two years ago gives his take why it's so difficult for opposing teams. >> they got great fans. similar like we have here. everybody loves football. you know, they talk about it all week. and they're just loud. they have a lot of team pride. just like our fans and that's the cool they know about it they're really invested with the team and the team likewise just as invested and you know just great energy. >> going to be a tough one for sure. nfc east news cowboys quarterback tony romo addressed reporter today's for the first time since injuring his back in preseason. romo acknowledged his pig as the backup quarterback moving forward dallas starter dak prescott has the league's longest winning streak and even romo understands dak has earn the spot as starter.
10:56 pm
>> he's guided our team to an eight-one record and that's hard to do. if you think for a second that i don't want to be out there, then you probably never felt the pure ecstacy of competing and winni winning. i'm not going to allow this situation to negatively effect dak or this football team by becoming a constant distract. i think dak knows that i have his back and i think i know that he has mine. >> emotional romo there for su sure. i'm emotional men's usa soccer 218 qualifier versus costa rica team you have sa looking for a bounce back win after last week's top bounce loss to mexico it's not happening. they are getting smoked down in costa row today losing four to nothing. they have never won in costa rica world cup qualifiers. that continues tonight. >> what's coming up at hedge. >> would you know what to do if someone you loved collapsed and stopped breathing? researchers say you need one particular
10:57 pm
skill you probable dollar not have. what your risking and how you can change all of that and your wake up weather and seven day forecasts in the first five minutes and remember hopefully you got your ticket here. mega millions lottery drawing is coming up next. good luck to you.
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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at


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