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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  November 17, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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cops say this couple may have stolen the couple's purses at local stores. what you need to look out for. two words that could send the chill down your spine. weekend snow? >> what? >> your news in 30 seconds. >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 10. we going over 800 days
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without a contract. it's not fair. >> they are frustrated, exhausted and they spend all day teaching our kids. they've also done it without a raise an contract as you heard for five years. >> teachers at one delaware county district have had it. enough is enough. those teachers want a contract. they want it now. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. they may get one sooner rather than later. fox 29's chris o'connell is in chester tonight with the story. chris? >> reporter: well, iain, imagine going to work for five years and never getting a raise. not a single penny, and on top of it, you have to bring your own pens, your own paper, your own stapler to work. may sound crazy but that's real life for hundreds every chester upland teachers who say enough is enough. >> over 1800 days without crack. it's not fair. >> reporter: five years without a raise and teachers in one of the most economically challenged districts in the state are still coming to work every day without a contract.
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>> i'm sure you can probably go to another school district and get another job. can't you? >> yes, absolutely. >> reporter: why not do that. >> because i was born and raised in chester and i want to do what's right for my students. >> reporter: teacher's union rallied at the chester school board demanding a new crack. many parents say it's time teachers get what they deserve. >> my dad grew up in a union. you know what they did when they didn't have contract, they stood outside and didn't let nobody in. our teachers come to work. our teachers get told they might not be getting paid. >> reporter: average teacher salary in chester upland $71,000 a year. that is well below neighboring school districts where some teachers have been migrating. >> good people are leaving the school district. this is what really hurts. good teachers are leaving us. >> i have two kids in college. we pay for it on credit card. >> reporter: union rep tells fox 29 both sides are back to the bargaining table. the school board now under state control did announce progress. >> school district absolutely is
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optimistic that we will be able to reach an agreement with the teachers win fairly short period of time. >> reporter: announcement brought applause to the standing room crowd who say chester upland's 13,000 students are the ones caught in the middle. >> these kids need a pass and that's what we try to provide. >> reporter: now i'm told major stumbling blocks are non monetary issues like teacher's schedules and benefits packages. both sides are hoping they get a contract sooner than later. lucy? >> all right, thank you very much, chris. man is in serious condition tonight after a car hit him in wilmington. just before 7:30 tonight on philadelphia pike. delaware state police are investigating. no word if the driver faces any charges n north philadelphia a21-year-old man is in critical condition after a shootin shoott second and ontario. someone shot the victim three times just after 6:00 tonight. the victim is at temple hospital right now. so far no arrests have been ma
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made. developing to night a local man is desperate to find his missing dog. what happened to a yorkie named louie his last known whereabouts on his owner's doorstep when unidentified couple just picked him up and took off. louie's family as i just said is desperate to get him home. >> they sat down with our brad sattin. >> reporter: we are in philadelphia's olney section on the 5200 block of arbor street. we don't know at this point the exact intent of this couple, were they trying to help the dog or indeed were they trying to steel it? what we do know tonight is that the owner is desperately asking for the dog's safe return. bernard sanford is hunting for his best friend last night he cried over it, tonight he's statement link flyers on telephone poles in the dark hoping someone knows where eight-year-old louie is. the last he saw his yorkie was around 10:00 tuesday night thanks to video camera he put up outside a deliveryman came to the door with a pizza bernard's daughter answered and told the man he had the wrong house.
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>> after i found out it wasn't our pizza i just closed the door, and, um -- >> the dog had gotten out. >> the dog had gotten out. >> she didn't know it. win 15 minutes bernard believes the couple driving on nearby street spotted the dog, the woman got out and chased louie back home right up to the front door. moments later, the man drives by, spots the woman and dog, gets out of the car, walks up to them and picks up louie and together they leave. >> it was a lady that was screaming out boo boo the guy had came down the street and then all of a sudden he got out the car and he took the dog. >> reporter: anyone whoever lost a pet knows the heartbreak but for bernard it's more. a few years ago he lost two of his sons bernard, jr., in a car crash and then is a beer who was murdered. >> puppy was like therapy puppy for the family. >> i lost my brother as couple years ago, and that's like a brother to me, too. i just really want my dog. >> come here i'll give you a hug. it's okay. i get that. >> thank you. >> we'll get the word out okay.
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>> to the couple who snatched louie bernard says -- >> we'll forgive you. bring the dog back it's a healing to our family and now we hurt all over again. >> reporter: again, that's all they're looking for is the safe return of their dog. as far as the couple a witness believes the couple may have have been asian, they may have been left in a white or pearl colored nissan path finder. police report has been filed so if you have any information at all, give police a call. iain. >> brad, let's hope they find him, thank you. on your radar tonight a warmup but then do i say it, the s word? can we really be talking about snow, kathy? it better be north and west. >> yeah, right. it usual system iain. we'll take peek at that. take look right now on ultimate doppler there's a very big storm brewing in the west. very heavy snow in denver through the planes and heading toward minnesota where they are expecting about a foot of snow. it is the first storm of the season, and that area of low pressure that storm system is going to be moving our way. right now it's 40 degrees in the
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poconos. 51 in philadelphia. 44 in wilmington and 46 degrees in atlantic city. now overnight tonight, temperatures will be falling into the 30s through most of the region. especially to the north and we west. philadelphia bottoming out at 42. wrightstown 38. and millville blow arthritic degrees. now coming up, we'll be talking about a major surge in warmth over the next couple of days. so a mild end to the week. the first flakes of the season for some of us and then a sunday shocker. it will feel much different more like winter by then. i'll be back with the seven day forecast later in the broadcast. see you then. >> all right, kathy, thanks torments night police are on the hunt for this couple. accused of taking a purse from an elderly woman at a giant supermarket in northeast philadelphia. the 84-year-old says the man distracted her while the woman stole her purse right out of the cart. it happened last friday night at the store on the 2500 block of grant avenue. tredyffrin police say it hey it may be the same couple who
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did the same thing tapeh oley acme. they left in a light colored vehicle. if you recognize them, call police. president-elect trump says his transition is going very well. tonight he's taking credit for keeping a ford plant open in kentucky. he said the plant is not moving to mexico. and that he owed it to kentucky for the state's confidence in him. kentucky eight electoral votes all went to trump. ford's ceo told reuters yesterday the company is shift something production to mexico to make room for on the products at michigan plants and apparently in addition to the plant that trump is working with, apparently, ford has planned to launch a new plant in kentucky as well. president-elect possible cabinet still shaping. retired lieutenant michael flynn has been offed a job at national security adviser. his critics have questions about his use of the phrase radical islamist terrorism. and comments about the islamic
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faith. former republican presidential nominee mitt romney expected to meet with trump this weekend. romney was an outspoken critic of trump during the election season. trump referred to romney as a loser. meanwhile new jersey governor chris christie made his first public appearance since being demoted as the president-elect's transition chairman. governor christie spoke at the legal of municipalities in atlantic city and he thanked members of the municipal governments for the work they do for their communities and he also talked about any role he may play in the future president's administration. >> i have every intention of serving out my full term as governor. i've said that from the beginning. and i have no reason to believe as we stand here today that i will do anything other than serve out my full term as governor and turn the keys of the office over to whoever you select in november of 2017 to
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replace me. >> legal of municipalities serves municipal governments throughout the state of new jersey. controversy tonight involving a popular diner in east mt. airy. customers says an employee harassed her more than once because she supports trump. >> meanwhile the owner of the diner has a different version of what happened. fox 29' is that so bean in a kuriakose has the story. >> i was wearing a make america great men again hat. >> reporter: twenty eight morning after donald trump's presidential victory this trolley car diner customer in east mt. airy was celebrating with breakfast but soon the divisive nature of the national election being hashed out over coffee and toast. she asked us to protect her identity for fear of retaliati retaliation. customer says a waitress took one look at her trump clothing and said this. >> i was disgusting. um, it's a good thing i'm not waiting on you. you're so ignorant. >> unfortunately, one of our servers said to her, after seeing her trump attire, said, good thing you're not in my
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section. >> reporter: trolley car owner ken weinstein disputes the wordinwording but does admit his waitress stepped out of line. he says she was reprimanded but insists with the customer claims happened a week later is not true. >> she's standing in a corridor and knocks into me and then checks me with her shoulder. the trump supporter alleges she was targeted and physically assaulted by the same waitress. that's when a friend with the group citizens for trump tweeted out the story. soon it was viral with outraged supporters posting messages including the diner's phone and contact info. >> there was no purposeful assault that happened, and we have other customers that substantiated that. >> reporter: he thinks he's being set up something the customer strongly denies. she says she just wants to be able to express her views without threat of march rashes many of the meanwhile ken says, trolley car is getting hundreds
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of hateful calls and e-mails including death threats. the diner has shut down its facebook page. >> i don't want anybody to lose their job but i also don't want people to be discriminated against. >> reporter: no police report was ever filed in either incident the diner says the waitress will keep her job. in mt. airy, sabina kuriakose, fox 29 news. thieves put a damper on local youth football team's championship plans but a special fox 29 viewer came up with a hail mary to save the game. >> one prime example of, um, good people stepping up to the plate. >> the surprise from for the kids today they will never forget. and war raging right now over our heads in one corner commercial airlines. in the other passengers at the center of it all baggage fees. airlines are trying to boost bagging process so we took to the skies to find some creative ways customers are fighting ba back. >> a night out at a bar definitely proves to be wild but
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not in a good way. a bar brawl turns into a street fight and a car gets involved. how this nasty fight finally e ended.
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♪ not even game time but dozens of youngsters on pair of south philadelphia youth football teams already feel like big winners. they learned today that good people trump bad people. time and again. >> in this case the thief or thieves who stole some field equipment needed to stage this saturday championship games. bruce gordon brought you the story on monday and joins us with the happy ending. >> i don't know if this actually happens in the wilds of nature but in philadelphia it turns out eagles can save sharks.
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football field at the vare rec center is more dirt than grass. just one of the hard ships part and parcel of youth sports in much of philadelphia. but that will change come saturday. when the new sigma sharks 10 and under team and the sharks eight and unders play their championship games at -- >> novacare center. >> reporter: you heard coach anthony meadows right. the novacare center. >> this is one prime example of good people come -- stepping up to the plate we literally walk to make sure there's no dog mess or anything on the field. >> reporter: i met meadows monday at their normal game field just down the block. after thieves broke into their storage trailer -- >> we kind of store all of our equipment. >> reporter: made off with yard markers, pylons, field painting gear, the stuff these kids need to stage their games. enter the philadelphia eagles. >> saw the story team president don schmolenski called me after our story ran. the birds would partner with the
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special service district to replace all that stolen field equipment the markers, the pylons, the painting gizmo. >> these kids, they couldn't imagine this. >> the eagles went one better inviting the sharks to may their saturday titled games on the man cured fields of a real pro team. >> i talked to jeffrey, doug and howie about opening up the novacare center since we're heading out on friday. >> it's a big deal for the kids. >> i think it will be neat experience. >> reporter: you might say that. >> this is -- i mean it's a chance of a lifetime. >> reporter: back at vare the sharks are looking forward to a dust free title game. >> not my favorite team but i'm happy to be there. >> eagles are not your favorite team. >> no. >> you don't mind using their practice philadelphia. >> no. >> who's your favorite team. >> the cowboys. oh, no! >> reporter: too late schmolenski. you already agreed. and taught these kids a lesson about winning and losing that a
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good deed can overcome bad acts. >> one, two, three sharks! >> reporter: you'll remember coach meadows has to walk their usual field before each came to pick up dog waste. i don't think that will be a problem saturday morning at the novacare center. lucy, good luck to the sharks. >> good bet there. >> all right. thank you, bruce. to a story now you first saw on fox. high octane smash and grab robberies run out of fuel for four men. prosecutors charged them with stealing a luxury suv. louis mathis, hassan knight, jermaine ricky johnson and marquise taylor face charges of theft and receiving stolen property. police say three of those men used that stolen infinity in a smash and grab at macy's in moorestown on sunday as well as attempted robbery at the macy's in center city. right now, robbery charges in new jersey are pending. it takes great leap of faith to grab your bike, grab your dog and hit the road with not a care where you're going or where one you'll be back. one man is doing just that.
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and one big reason is propelling him. he's rescuing dogs. our hank flynn is with a man dog team that just don't quit. >> reporter:. >> hop up, good girl. >> reporter: bixby gets a around. i mean around the country. seven-year-old rescue dog has been riding shotgun around the usa with her buddy mike for a couple of years now. mike does the driving and pedaling bixby does the riding not a bad way to role. >> i set out may 15th of 2013 and decided that, you know, i needed to change my life and after meeting a couple other guys on cross country bicycle ride, it inspired me to sell my truck, quit smoking, grab a bicycle and hit the road and little did i realize at the time that what an amazing adventure it was going to turn into. >> reporter: 8,000 miles is what it's turned into so far. with mike and bixby hitting countless stops along the way like wyoming, wisconsin, washington, d.c., all the while depending on the kindness of strangers and fighting for a
10:19 pm
cause animal shelters. dogs in particular. >> they need blankets. they need sheets. they need towels. things like that that you might consider throwing away because, you know, whatever. donate those things to your local shelters. you know, volunteer. foster. so many ways you can support your local shelter. >> reporter: here's another thing i like about mike. i asked him to do couple of things. every answer is no worries. he doesn't really have to be anywhere in particular in an hour or so. the man is so good to go. >> indeed when you're on an endless two wheel journey around america you keep your own schedule. you have countless adventures along the way mike says biker gangs have towed him mountains but it was south dakota that made him nervous. >> all of a sudden i'm there in the middle of the road and surrounded by buffalo. i mean you're not buffalo. i'm like what do you do? i really slowly creep up and literally nice buffalo, nice
10:20 pm
buffalo. >> according to twitter mike and bixby are in richmond tonight staying with new friends as they do in every town. you want to catch go to where is reach out he'll hit you back, hey, he might even be sleeping on your couch in a week. true story. hank flynn, fox 29 news. returning home from more to battle homelessness. there's a long list of reasons people may have trouble landing jobs. a local man has skills to make that easier. >> first though phone camera roles as arizona cop tries to arrest woman. what he does next has his department looking much closer at him. now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. get ready for work again tomorrow on the 95 ramps both princeton avenue and cottman avenue. that of course in addition to the construction between the
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betsy ross bridge and girard avenue. septa begins a project tomorrow at 20th and oregon so if you use the septa -- route 7 bus, be ready for a detour. also work tomorrow in media, delaware county, 252 at rose tree park and tonight through tomorrow around 5:00 o'clock a shut down of that vine expressway between the schuylkill and broad street. will it still be there when we wake up in the morning? i'll check the jam cams. sue has the forecast. see you tomorrow starting at 4:00. what do we want our kids to learn? how to game a test... or test themselves in a game? how to master an exam... or examine a master? how to be robots...
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or build robots? the njea believes students deserve a well-rounded education- including arts, music, technology, and so much more. that's why we're working with parents and communities to reduce the emphasis on high stakes testing. because when you limit the tests, they can test the limits... of their potential.
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. in central illinois, a massive and deadly gas explosion has investigators on the hunt for what set it off. the blast ripped through three buildings in canton, about 150 miles southwest of chicago. utility workers are trying to fix a gas leak when the explosion rocked the neighborhood. it demolished a historic opera house killed one utility worker, injured three others and also injured a dozen residents. >> the utility business is a close brotherhood, and our family is hurting right now. we express our deep sadness and our profound sympathies to the family of our fallen worker. >> the national transportation safety board is open its own investigation as the clean up continues.
10:25 pm
video out of arizona shows a cop punching a woman. >> want to warn you first you may find this video tough to watch. the flag staff police department says officer jeff boner was trying to arrest marissa morris on unspecified warrant yesterday afternoon, when she asked the officer to see it, that's when tensions escalated. the policeman ends up punching her in the face. police say they have launch an internal investigation into the incident and the officer is being placed on administrative leave. >> war raging right over our heads right now in one corner. commercial airlines in the other. passengers at the center of it all. baggage fees, airlines are trying to boost the fees. we can find creative ways customers are fighting back. >> kathy is track your forecast. >> yes. we are fighting mother nature at this point. it's a struggle between fall and winter. the next couple of days gorgeous but then winter makes a come back in a huge way. we're preparing for a sunday shocker in the seven day.
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>> coming up at 11:00 reaching the age of 100 is a milestone in itself but to be 100 and still be working, that's a whole other accomplishment. how something that happened during the great depression led to this local librarian to where she is today. ♪
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♪ in the spotlight at the university of pennsylvania racial discrimination. two black student organizations staged this walk-out today one week after freshmen at the campus received racist threats mentioning lynchings and slurs. investigators say a now ex oklahoma university student used the app group me to said the offensive messages. investigators also are looking into several other students in oklahoma. you might want to call it an air war of sorts. a battle brewing between commercial airlines and their passengers over baggage fees. airlines added charge to boost sagging profits. >> bruce gordon recently took to the skies to see how the traveling public is overcoming obstacles to fight back. >> reporter: all the noise and confusion and general hub-bub at
10:30 pm
philadelphia international airport, the living embodiment of this battle between airlines and their customers. >> kate stevens lives in chicago but flies week toll philadelphia. during her most recent trip she had done some shopping there there she was hunched her her suitcase trying to cram more clothing into it. >> i don't want to check my bag. >> three bags worth of stuff and put it in two. >> and break my back trying to carry them on. so i don't have to check them. >> this dilemma is the new normal for flyers. back in 2008 american became the sir major carrier to charge for checked bags. last year airline industry has a whole raked in $3.8 billion in luggage fees. 25 bucks at a time. passengers ain't loving it. >> i tend to fly southwest yes i don't have it. >> thus began the cat and mouse
10:31 pm
game. the ladder making a concerted effort to bring more stuff on to the plane with them. we've all seen it the guy carrying the steamer trunk aboard as a carry on. the airlines quickly got wise and enforced. current dimensions for the big carriers 9-inches deep by 14-inches wide by 22-inches tall. your bag is supposed to fit inside these little frame set up all over the airport. then came the confusion. luggage makers began to see a jump in the sale of bags designed to be carried aboard but as we found in a trip to local department store, lots of luggage you might assume to be a carry on doesn't technically fit the description. >> 10-inches. two deep. >> if you think those frames are just for show, passengers told us think again. >> ever had your bag rejected because of the size of it? >> yes. yes. it was too big because i'm -- i'm a girl i travel with lot of stuff.
10:32 pm
>> these are considered carry ons by the manufactures are. >> jane in a tidwell of aaa reminds carry on include those wheels on the bottom. both these bags seem small enough only the pink one on the right is a legal carry on. >> it's really up to the traveler to understand the dimensions of their bag and does it meet air lane requirements. that's the bottom line. am i loud to wheel this on the plane with me? >> reporter: feign your bag is legit, if you're among the last to board your flight, you've got almost no chance of fitting it into the already crammed capacity overhead bins. there's never enough rooms. when brings us to the passenger last victory over the airline. >> press your car button we'll be happy to check your bag to your final deaf nation this morning. >> once you got your bag to the gate the airline will check your bag valet and you'll pay nothing. always bring your carry on to the gate even if you're certain the bins will be full.
10:33 pm
you're beating the system with regard to the checked bag. >> yup. they're not going to get the 25 bucks out of you? >> not if i can help it. >> reporter: as for our friend chase, she managed to divide three bags into two and was on her way back to chicago with no checked bags and no time wasted at baggage claim. >> you'll safe yourself $25. >> yes, 25 bucks and an hour and a half on the other end even if it kills me here. exactly. >> reporter: victory in the air. bruce gordon fox 29 news. got to beat those fees. it's all about building bridges and philadelphia police commissioner richard ross just announced new initiative. >> department wants to improve the way they interact with the community. so it's called the police youth alliance the partnership between the police department, the irish pub children's foundation and independence mission schools hopes to get kids in disadvantaged neighborhoods to develop good relationships with the officers who patrol the ar area.
10:34 pm
>> all these programs just do wonderful things for our young people but more importantly we just think an opportunity as was stated before to show our officers as human beings because that's what they are. >> the police youth alliance was officially launched last year in response to those growing tensions between police communities around the nation. >> the fight against multiple sclerosis wages on and tonight i had the honor of emceeing the ms society's access to care event hundreds of guests living with the disease and their caregivers attend the dinner in cherry hi hill. learned about ground breaking research that that change your lives and best ways to get the health care they need also important we also honored volunteers faux cuff on the fight against ms. this is something i doubt you've ever seen before. ferocious polar bear meets a dog a tour guide caught it on cam r imagine being on that tour group. what the travelers did when they saw it happen. >> from returning home from war to battling homelessness, people have a long list of reasons as
10:35 pm
to why they have trouble planning jobs but a local man is using his own skills to make that goal more attainable. >> if you don't have skills you're not going to make a wage above minimum wage. >> these guys aren't just learning how to make furniture. who the fruits of their labor will be helping.
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breaking news in holmesburg right now. fox 29 on the scene where a man was found dead at rhawn and frankford. philadelphia police aren't sure what happened or how he got there. they need the medical examiner to get to work on this much the man is described as white in his 40s or 50's right now no identification. homicide detectives as you can see are out there right now. this i didn't do yo from the animal kingdom going viral tonight a guide in manitoba canada captured this touching moment between polar bear an dog. it was a scene that could have quickly turned ugly but the big
10:39 pm
old giant carnivore the bear just gave the little carnivore the dog a huge gentle pets. the dog is like yeah, it's all good. the guide said some of the people on the tour were so moved by this. here's my thought. they must have known each other when they were little. that's got to be what happened here. some of those people were so moved they actually started crying. i mean those two they got to go back a ways. that's my guess. >> in your morning selfie craze is far from over. >> cocoa cola is now buying into the trend the company has a selfie bot toll designed by coca-cola israel. the bottle has built in camera that takes a photo in the middle of a sip. >> company is hoping customers will share pictures on social media. just what we need. maybe it helps sells bottles because soda sales are down. >> wait. if it's in the bottom of the bottle and you're taking a drink, it's going to take a picture of your mouth? >> i don't know. >> the roof of your mouth? >> i'm not sure. >> trying to understand. >> yeah. just what we need. people in one texas town may
10:40 pm
actually be thankful to get pulled over for speeding. >> because this is not enough. >> exactly. >> police officers in fort worth have been spreading holiday cheer lately during routine traffic stops. a few fortunate drivers committed violations this week did not get tickets. they got turkeys instead. >> we going to give you a turkey instead of a ticket. is that okay? >> turkey instead of a ticket? >> on behalf the police department we'd like to present you were i was turkey. >> not really certain what my wife has planned but i mean we may fry it. may give it away. it's good. that's very cool thing that they doing. >> yeah, way better than a ticket. local charity donated those turkeys, and we don't need to tell you speeding is still very bad idea. well, a night out at a bar proved to be wild but not in a good way. a bar brawl turned into a street fight then a car gets involved. the guy hit head on by the car walks away. see what happened next.
10:41 pm
>> kathy orr is tracking that forecast of yours. >> lucy we are going to go from warm to winter very quickly starting off in the warm category but a huge surge of cold moves in. there's a storm out west bringing snow. we'll take look at our chances as welcoming up after this. ♪
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♪ (laughs..) here it is. ♪ ♪ hey dad! ♪ wishes do come true. the lincoln wish list sales event is on. get exceptional offers on the lincoln family of luxury vehicles. sign and drive off in a new 2017 lincoln mkc with zero down and a complimentary first month's payment.
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police think alcohol was a factor in this fight that got way out of hand in the tampa area a group of guys got into it when the bar closes a car tries to get away hops the curb cras crashing into the crowd noon the bar called the bad monkey. remember that guy that went flying. he picked himself and walked away refusal treatment at a hospital. two people have since been arrested but police want to find that driver. tonight a cool plan to help others for goodness sake. it's bill anderson's report tonight. you daven to look far to find good people who overcome odds every day to help others just have to open your eyes, right? take one philadelphia man who has been hearing stories about the struggles of the homeless and ex offender and veterans decided to his own part to help. >> our bill anderson spent the day with a guy who's volunteering his time and skills to help people help themselves. >> reporter: every year at this time, we show honor and respect for our veterans.
10:45 pm
>> 82nd airborne in the house. >> reporter: every year at this time, we're reminded that we don't support them the way that we should. so this year, at this time, furnishing a future decided they were going to help veterans and ex offenders while also serving the homeless. >> what the program does it teaches people who are forma fom formerly homeless who are veterans or returning citizens a skill, a craft, that will enable them to make more than minimum wage by substantial amount. >> reporter: this table is prototype called furnishing the future and founder steven greenberg teaches the art of paying furniture no to shows who need a marketable skill. >> this is what will be going in people's houses. >> reporter: they learn to make furniture it's then donated to homeless people trying to transition into housing but often with no furniture. >> they say a lot of people bring their garbage bags with clothes filled in the garbage bags that become their dresser on the floor. it doesn't feel like a home.
10:46 pm
so a dresser dining room table make it feel like a home. people think it's more like a home they probably longer will stay there. >> these pieces here -- >> they train veterans returning citizens and homeless that seems like a lot but it's actually pretty simple. they found a need and they fill it. >> i have a daughter to works in new york for a number of years working with returning citizens re-entry programs back in society. and what she told me the biggest problem they have they just don't have skills. >> if you don't have skills you're not going to make a wage above minimum wage. and she got to me. >> reporter: program also breaking stereotypes for some that believe that struggling is just about being laci or wanting an easy way out. >> very first day of the septa strike, i got an e-mail from a sponsoring agent for this program with these two guys saying don't expect them to come probably going to be walking over 5 miles. they were here before me.
10:47 pm
they've been here every day. >> reporter: jeremiah is one of the people in the program who says it's changing his life. >> this program right here means pretty much everything to me. it's actually a way for me to get an apartment and eat more than noodles every night. you definitely need something that you can make more than minimum wage with. >> reporter: although isn't identify hill self as a veteran the program was clearly important to him. >> make a sacrifice for them because of course everybody should know they made a sacrifice for this country and everything you do even if you don't like it or you do, you're alloweed to it because veteran went out there and put it in place for you. >> reporter: honestly with the training these men are receiving, pretty quickly they could probably leave the program go get a job and potentially make more money but that's not what furnishing a future is about. they recognize that this program is helping them so they first have responsibility to help others in need. for goodness sake.
10:48 pm
♪ good story there. kathy it was a good evening out there tonight. took a walk. >> did you. it was very comfortable. wasn't it? >> beautiful. >> old city philadelphia looking really good tonight with temperatures that are still in the 50s. it's 51 after a high of 61. winds out of the north northwest and they will continue from the that direction tomorrow. fair weather high pressure building in over the next couple of days. so 60s tomorrow. some spots making it to 70. saturday the same and then watching this front there's a storm brewing out west with heavy snow in denver in the northern plains and up to foot of snow in minnesota with this area of low pressure. we can see a few flakes but very cold temperatures behind that system. on the fox future cast you can see friday, saturday look dry but after 7:00 o'clock on saturday, this front will be moving threw with some rain and especially to the north and west some flurries maybe even light snow in the poconos first flakes more likely in lehigh valley and heading into the poconos.
10:49 pm
this moves through and on the back side of it, we're talking about much colder air with whipping wind chills it will be a very chilly sunday we're calling it the sunday shocker so how cold will it be and what's happening saturday night if you're going out on the town? well, scott is in with that and scott it's looking like the coldest air of the. >> absolutely kathy. a lot of folks making plans for the upcoming weekend. dinner out on the town also we have the philadelphia marathon on sunday. a lot of weather to talk about. look at the storm system taking shape. moving through the rockies into the planes. denver was 80 degrees yesterday. they've been dealing with accumulating know fall today. so the pocono mountains saturday night here's the timeline as we watch that storm system move in our direction. the rainfall moves in at seven dollar rain change toss wet snow around 10:00 o'clock in the poconos. saturday overnight wet snow. maybe a coating perhaps an inch of snow in the pocono mountains. what about the lehigh valley? the allentown area? saturday
10:50 pm
night by 7:00 o'clock a few showers to the west. by 10:00 o'clock that rain mixing in with some wet snow as the colder air moves in those temperatures drop. saturday overnight wet snow, a possible coating there. and what about the philadelphia area? we're looking at clouds thickening as we move toward 7:00 p.m. on saturday by 10:00 o'clock showers off to the west and then overnight showers maybe even some wet snow mixing in toward the philadelphia area. kathy? it's that time of year. >> it certainly is, scott. we do know in the allentown area that we are definitely going to be seeing some cold temperatures and bitterly cold wind chills so let's talk about the forecast for tomorrow. 67 degrees beautiful day. another gorgeous day for your saturday. it's after that saturday night into sunday that we're concerned with blustery sunday with morning wind chills in the 20s monday, tuesday, cold. wednesday your travel day looking good. thursday thanksgiving some showers an little bit of a chi chill. not that bad. we'll sent it over to you, sean.
10:51 pm
kathy, brian dawkins get emotional when talking about philadelphia and the fans. something you definitely want to hear. plus, ton of action tonight the hardwood and on the ice. the flyers jump out to lead but could they hold on at home? that and much more coming up next in sports.
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
>> the flyers not off to the start they wanted. they'll been real inconsistent
10:54 pm
some of the young guys have not taken the young step. especially shaken benched before the game. healthy scratch the coat coach said he needs to sit out and watch of the the flyers at home against winnipeg. they jump out early. first period sean with the goal. the flyers get two on one break right there. great pass. the flyers get the win five-two. to the sixers looking for first winning streak of the season. they sat joel embiid against the wizards last night and probably should have sat him against the timberwolves too because they had no shot. getting the board right there and finishes big man movers over towns had 25 and 10 then right before the half andrew wiggins gets the rock, gets where he wants to be and nails the three. he had 35 points and the sixers got absolutely destroyed in this one, 110-86. college hoopsville notify in action earlier today taking on
10:55 pm
western michigan in the charleston classic. jay wright said eric pasquale will be one of the break out players of the year for nova. there he is with the three. he led villanova with 17 points. nova wins 76-65. and temple taking on u mass. two-point lead wonted minute to go. umass right here nails the clutch three pointer to give the minute men the lead and that gave them the game. the owls lose 70-67 and in major lease baseball vineland okay mike trout does it again wins second almvp. trout batting average .315 with 29 homeruns. one rbi's. angels weren't close to make the playoffs but trout was that good once again. to the eagles, brian dawkins was semi finals -- on the semi finals list for the pro football hall of fame and today he said he wanted to share this with the fans and he got real emotional when talking about all the support that he gets. >> for me to have the
10:56 pm
opportunity to be in front of these fans to give everything that i had that meant the world to me. the reason why i'm emotional right now is because of the amount of, um, letters i've gotten where people are being buried -- buried in my uniform. >> the people loved him and he loved the people. same passion he has when he played he coaches with and the way he lives his life. he deserves it. esche get in. >> i know. philly loves him too because he's passionate. works hard and he's tough. >> yeah. >> that's all we want. tough. >> that's right. >> all right. >> luce so what's coming up at 11. >> guys, something changing in american children. medicine you're giving them may be at the root of it. the concerning results of a new study and your wake up weather
10:57 pm
and seven day forecast, man, it's a doozy of a forecast, kathy orr. that's comin coming up in the ft five minutes. i need short sleeves and i need thermals. i got it. all right. ♪ my hero zero. ♪
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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. happening right now, at 11:00-a call for action. >> good people are leaving the school district. this is what really hurts. good teachers are leaving us. >> imagine working really hard for five years without a that's been the struggle for teachers in chester tonight they packed school board meeting to demand a contract. good evening, i'm lucy noland. those teachers say they are fed up but tonight we're seeing glimmers of hope. fox 29's chris o'connell went to chester to get both sides. chris? >> reporter: lucy, got a question for you. how long would you go to work without getting a raise? well, teachers here in chester upland school district say it's been five years and counting, and they say that's long enough. >> they worked without a raise


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