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tv   Chasing News  FOX  November 18, 2016 12:30am-1:01am EST

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>> i just noticed it's not him. i know he didn't just walk away from us. how did he just disappear? don't nobody just disappear. >> wow. >> is he registered to vote. >> that was racial. >> absurd. >> i'm trying to find the silver lining here. >> that was really rude. >> all of my daughter's pictures were in that floor. >> thank you for your service.
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>> i can't sleep at night. i don't have the right answers for my children that's asking for their dad. >> tracy's husband andrew berry is missing, fourth child was born on monday but andrew was not there. no one has seen or heard from him, he walked out the doors of philadelphia home 11 days ago. andrew told tracy that he was going out and he would be right back. when tracy returned home, she noticed that andrew wasn't there and called him multiple times, no answer, went straight to voicemail. next morning andrew still wasn't home so she filed a missing person's report. >> it's not him, i know he didn't walk away from his kids or his mom. nobody has seen or talked to him. nobody. this is his not his normal. if it was his normal i wouldn't
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be so worried. it has never happened. >> andrew was diagnosed with bipolar schizophrenia but the family do not believe it had anything to do with the mental state. mom received multiple phone calls stating that they might actually have seen andrew. >> he has a lot of friends. how would you disappear? if he is somewhere alive, that would be great, but if he's not, give us what we need to do to move on. >> i went to 4700 block where andrew was last seen, i went inside businesses and no one has seen andrew. to my surprise, most of the suppliers that were put on in the week were torn down even in the businesses. >> you know what would have gotten more media attention if he were a young blond she. >> it's a racial thing? >> come on.
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here is the thing. we know what missing persons cases are big news, natalie holloway was a big news for years until they found the body. >> there are a lot more predator that is can do something to me than a fully grown man. >> it absolutely isn't. >> absecurity. >> ten days ago the family reached out to multiple media outlets, guess what, nobody ran the story. >> if he's watching us, if you're out there, whatever the case maybe, you know, just call us because you have everybody looking for you. >> this is something that does not happen in this neighborhood nor should happen in any neighborhood. >> over the weekend, 26-year-old body discovered in shallow grave
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wednesday in new jersey. reports indicate that he was stabbed and body burned and discarded in the wooded area, what led us to demise, is still unclear. this is what we know at this time, 28-year-old lauren and james have both been charged with second-degree murder concealment of a human corpse and the apartment where all of this went down is behind me, at for apartment belongs to jeweler to stars to jeffrey, occupies the apartment and now occupies a cell at the precinct. two are not father and son but james changed name and introduces himself as such. james was pulled over tuesday in the city and booked for driving without a suspected license. he's now being held for person
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of interest. his clinton collude jennifer lopez, oprah winfrey and had a hand at president elect donald trump asking for melania's hand in marriage. he designed her engagement ring. standing in front of the building right now where apartments go for millions, one thing is certain, joseph, lost his life and many other lives have been foreverred altered. i spoke with his best friend and he had this to say. joe was more than a friend, he was a father and loved by everyone who crossed his path. for more on the story, follow me at chasing news. >> what do we know?
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i readies tushing facts coming out about this case, about the bloody towels or sheets and what they -- they think were the guy's -- the victim's pants and then the call to the front desk that happened on sunday evening. have the police identified where those suitcases were? >> no, actually they haven't. they haven't, bill. one thing they have confirm today me is they did find bloody pants discarded in a garbage. >> a small quiet town and not a lot happens there. right behind the police station, behind a flourist and when i was chatting with some of the kids in the neighborhood, they play. >> they found the dead body, that's why i'm checking it out.
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>> makes no sense. >> actually a good reason to go there. not that i'm trying to kill anybody any time soon but that seems like a great place to put a body. >> there was a party that went down. a lot of speculation in the neighborhood that the results of a fight that erupted at the party. >> the engineers behind the control of the crash in september reportedly suffered from undiagnosed sleep apnea, he had no memory of rush-hour crash. killed 34-year-old woman who was a corporate lawyer. >> thought he was sending details to thanksgiving plans when actually sending plans to 147-year-old boy, they started
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texts back and forth and they exchanged selfies to prove it was not her grandson, but either way she told them all to come to thanksgiving. grandma doesn't text at all and plan on attending thanksgiving together. happy thanksgiving, people. >> you play the song on jimmy fallon with children's instruments? that's what happened to me. [music] >> metallica joined jimmy fallon and sounded horrible.
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[music] >> everyone loved it. no one who doesn't like metal thinks and i mean embarrassed for you. >> this is where you want to be, trump tower, of course, eagerly awaiting who is yet to walk-through that door. mike flynn on the way to meet trump, new york daily report says he could become national security adviser, nothing is confirmed, of course, that's what makes it so exciting and the president elect trump assembles his administration. now, aren't just staring at the door but we are staring at the gold elevator too. >> i'm headed up there now. >> great meeting.
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>> i had a wonderful conversation with her. >> referring to the south carolina governor, but do you know who is not here governor christie. he is in atlantic city for the league municipality's conference. first time in five years he has actually attended the conference and nobody knew he was going until wednesday and up until that point, lieutenant governor was going to give her speech. so what's going on here? why isn't christy at trump tower and why is he in atlantic city? what do you think? >> one of the ideas that was floated and i think that makes a lot of sense is the governor trying to say, okay, i'm getting bumped out of a potential opportunity and let me show that i'm connected to jersey.
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they don't want to be the governor there. >> must sucks to be christie. >> no. [music] >> is there any word about christie? the minute we think he's out he crawls his way back in. >> nobody is talking about him standing behind the red velvet rope with all the other press. they all know who they are expecting and every time somebody comes in you never hear christie mentioned. >> we are going to be stuck with this guy for another year, aren't we? thanks, diana. >> slowly but surely. >> you have to stay away people that are infected. >> you want to share that cake with me, come on let's share? same fork.
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>> okay. all right. >> everyone who knows bill knows he's either talking about politics or food. thursday morning on the radio at 101.5 i was there and we were
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talking about fries, mac and cheese balls and they balled them up, scooped them, dumped in the fryer. >> and we have some? >> and i brought some for you guys. >> thank you. >> what time is it? what day is it? thursday? i think you've been wondering where i've been for the past five days. well, i will tell you where i've been. i've been right here in this bed with the flu.
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>> i'm going to investigate the flu today, slowly but surely. at least i'm up right. let's get the day started. oh, man. now i know why i haven't looked in the mirror for a few days. i think breakfast is in order. my chefs, my doctor. [music] ♪
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>> next step here is to getting over the flu. ♪ ♪ >> been waiting a whole week. >> you guys have a better idea on how the flu affected me? talk to ashley johnson, she's home-sick but took a second to talk to us about how bad the flu is. >> i have not been feeling well all week. i know i'm not the only one suffering out there. i feel the chills, the extreme chills, hot and cold which you know you have a fever. it's hard to bring yourself to a doctor because it's kind of gross thinking about being in an office where everyone might be bringing who knows what type of
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germs. >> i'm sure you guys all know by now i am no physician so we came to visit charles simone. >> 200 flu virus. >> 200 different ones and the flu vaccine presented to us is only 10% of all the flu viruses, right? , so at best we can vaccinate with 10%. at best. you have to take away from people infected, the hands, all that jazz, full of viruses. can antibiotics like a z-pack help? antibiotics for bacteria and not flu. i have gloves. we are all good. >> go get a piece of cake. you want to share some of that cake with me or what? >> no we don't.
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>> let's share. same plate, same fork. >> get out of here, sick guy. >> i'm right outside the world trade center where the port authorities held the board meetings. plans came to screeching halt. senator came to address officials and express frustrations. >> what kind of conflict of interest does he have on our new bus terminal in manhattan? he's not developing it and he's not getting a percentage of the fairs. it's just crazy. >> she says that she have been working with new york and new jersey officials making progress on the new bus terminal when this letter surfaced from new york's officials. he is the letter. it's really a bombshell, in it it states, quote, it has become clear that chairman has skewed process putting personal priorities above the public
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interest and good governance. i spoke to chairman about it, i asked him point-blank, do you stand to gain financially from a new bus terminal in new york. >> absolutely not. [laughter] >> let me just make a point. i've been passionate about the bus terminal since the day i arrived at the authority. i road the bus into the terminal. my first meeting as senator pointed out, the board allocated $90 million for cleaning of the facility while we looked at solution. >> i spoke to senator on where things stand with the bus terminal and if it was governor cuomo was behind the letter in an effort to support progress on the new bus. >> i said a few moments ago, he did say that they got that information from the governors
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to office. >> in spite of this letter he's staying put and that progress will continue on the bus terminal. >> jackson has difficulty walking and struggle to get on his bus seat. >> one of the children reached out and said, come on, jackson, you can do it. >> i look at them as heros because it's like how do they know to be so compassionate and open and loving and it definitely is coming from the
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>> and try that again. sorry. that was awkward. [laughter] >> having her baby. this is absolutely --
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>> you guys knew that. >> it's the first piece of delivery that was made by a drone. this was like dominoes. they delivered the first pizza by a drone and lands right this the backyard of this happy couple and what kind of pizza do
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they order, chicken and cranberry pizza. >> he stripped down and removed cash from the registers and decided to keep a towel in his head while doing it. anybody with information of the burglar is asked to call. >> you're chasing an inspiring story about kids doing right to other kids. >> cindy has been a bus driver and never seen kindness like this before. in september she wrote the letters of analis and jorge, she witnessed them going out of their way and being kind to another bus rider jackson blue, a fellow student who has a disability that makes it hard for him to walk sometimes. bullying is so prevalent and we had so many stories about sad
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things happening and this story is refreshing because it's all about kindness. i spoke to jackson's mom who found out about the letter just yesterday and i wanted to know what she felt about it. >> i look at them at angels because it's like how do they know to be so compassionate and so kind, you know, it's so pure and genuine and i'm also very grateful for the parents because clearly they have doing something right for their kids to be open and loving, that's definitely coming from the home. >> jackson has difficulty walking and struggles to get to bus and in cindy's letter she references one day in particular where it was taking more time to get him into his seat and analis and jorge decided to help out. >> i noticed one of the children kind of reached out from behind the seat with her little face and said, come on, jackson, you can do it. you can do it. her brother who sat with her actually took it upon himself to
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stop by jack and he said, i've got your backpack jackson, don't worry, i've got your backpack. >> are you kidding me, how cute is that? ana lisa and jorge are special kids and their parents are special people so i had to talk to them and see how proud they are. >> my wife and i are proud and excited to see the letter because, you know, often times you don't really know what goes on daily per se, and we expect kids to act accordingly. >> it's got thousands of hits. did she put it on facebook? >> the mother put it out on -- >> the note she got from the bus driver. >> she submitted to a website and went viral. >> often times you hear stories about kids being bullied online or in person, a huge epidemic.
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even melania trump first role as first lady and parents instill proper values in how to teach kids to respect their fellow students and makes feel good. >> i'm so happy that these kids are showing kindness to everyone and the one mother said that she just encouragings everyone to be kind and pray for one another because that's really what we need. >> just another day chasing news, thanks for watching. we are going to keep our eye on the trump tower lobby. this is the cross roads of the world. who is going to be there next? we will keep you posted. see you tomorrow night. >> i can't sleep at night. i don't have answers for my children asking for their dad. >> how do you just disappear, don't nobody just disappear? i know he didn't just walk away from us. i know he didn't just walk away from us. we just need you h
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