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tv   Chasing News  FOX  November 22, 2016 12:30am-1:01am EST

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♪ ♪ ♪ >> what you got? what are you doing? this is a great spot for self a. >> i don't agree with you on that. >> you guys are completely insane, i love it.
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>> i am standing here in the public terrorists on trump tower in manhattan where the transition team is hard at work. we have team chaser coverage. diana is here with me. ron is. roll-on is at the statehouse chasing governor christie. i want to start and walk you through my sitdown with kellyanne conway who helped lead the trump team to victory she took us for a tour of the old war room where donald trump stood as he watched the return of the president-elect. >> obviously there so much speculation, and everybody was wired and out of control with the 11:00 o'clock meeting that was on the schedule for months with lieutenant government, they're speculating what happened in the 30 minute. >> they had a great meeting and their friends. governor christie was helpful.
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we'll see what tomorrow brings for governor christie. in the meantime he's our governor new jersey and we appreciate that. >> your mom, wife, you have a family and here you are this incredible success, how do you balance? >> you balance it by having your priorities straight. that's not always easy. it's putting the kids first and then the big job as campaign manager is to helping him. >> i want to catch up with diana who is inside trump tower. she is watching the vips come in and out, visiting with the president-elect. >> that's right. i'm i'm back at trump tower. for the third week of transition efforts. as of governor oklahoma who is being considered for secretary of the interior. [inaudible]
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were very excited about the ministration. >> we also saw former texas governor rick perry. he is under consideration for to post, the secretary of defense and the secretary of energy. he was in there for a little more than an hour and when he came out he did not say word to the press. >> very interesting. >> and that is twice as long as governor christie spent on sunday. >> that's true. i also spoke to former senator massachusetts, scott brown. here's what he he said about what he would do with addressing problems. >> we have to work with the dod so when the veteran, soon to be better and leaves the dod we know it his or her needs are. there's a breakdown so working with the new secretary of defense would be critical in transitioning the soon to be veteran into the virginia system. in that looking at the budgetary issues and prioritizing what the needs are and seeing the waste.
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i could go on for hours. >> and then we saw a parade of media come in from cnn and cbs cocaine, no word on what was discussed. we are still waiting for them to come down the elevator. when we know we will update you. >> we are standing in front of the iconic escalator at trump tower with the president-elect made his announcement. let's go to roll-on. what happened at the statehouse. >> governor christie had under his public schedule i cabinet meaning it with lieutenant governor, it was closed to the press. he doesn't put meeting such as that on his schedule. so we went to the office but he was not there. we went on a search for him. i found his security detail outside the trenton war memorial. i went inside and was confirmed that he was upstairs having the meeting with the lieutenant governor in the cabinet. the press was near the stairs and there's one exit coming out.
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>> he will be walking out this hallway. >> he proved to be elusive and five minutes later someone said he left the building. and so had the lieutenant governor. >> they snuck out of the building. >> we all got played. if he was was offered a role in the trump administration would not be him to put out that information himself. it would have to come from donald trump's people. we'll see of something hot happens today or in the near future we will update you. >> keep watching chasing news all week will continue to bring you updates as the new administration continues to build. >> a kindergartner and another young student in florida came home with swastikas drawn on their bodies. according to deputies it was done by an older student. the older student did not understand what the symbol meant so it is not a crime.
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the school says they have launched an investigation. they sent a letter home to parents in this incident is not consistent with our expectations of respect, tolerance, and civility toward all students. we take this seriously. meet kia, the first bowl police dog for the state of new york. someone hit her in the head with a hammer but she survived. they decided to train her. two years later she is working with officers justin as a narcotics and missing persons detective dog proving the stigma of pimples is not always correct. >> i'm at manhattan criminal court were to suspects in the brutal murder of 26-year-old joseph were to appear on charges today. james and lawrence are each being held in lieu of $3 million bail or $300,000 cash bond are
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charges that also include concealment of a human corpse, and tampering with evidence. exacerbating they announce complete innocence from behind bars. the jailhouse interview with the daily news on sunday the front cover you can see said a killer, who? me, the 25-year-old james said he had nothing to do with murder. quote, this is complete bowl. i've never seen the kid i don't know who he is. the ex-con claims he never left his apartment on november 13. he said he stayed in to watch the u.s. in the larry went to a west village club, i'm hearing the gilded lily. he brought a group back to the apartment and they claimed they all left and he went to sleep. during the same interview he said i cannot explain what happened, i didn't do anything. today his lawyer waived his clients appearance and outside he chastised the daily news reporter for gaining access to his client.
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he can be put heard in the video by saint don't you ever do that again. >> he was a bit shaken and he spoke to me on james's behalf. >> he is also entitled to the presumption of innocence in the court of law. i hope that the listeners and your viewers will presume him innocent. it's apparent that the district attorney's office is struggling to come to some conclusion as to what happened that led to the grisly discovery of the body. these are the kinds of cases where the pressure to resolve the crime can lead to a hasty conclusion. >> i asked about mental and physical state. >> do think he's okay mentally and physically? >> this is very tough.
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he is holding up remarkably well. >> the judge set a date of december 13 in the event there is not an indictment for james. anna february 6 date in the event that he is indicted. for the latest on the developing case follow me at chasing tara j or on the show at chasing news. >> a six alarm fire destroyed nine homes in trenton on early monday morning. three cars were torch, couple people injured. but. but the wind gusting to 40 miles per hour made the fire worse. it took firefighters longer to address the fire and contain it. the weather was very different from what we experience on
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saturday, it was 60 degrees and pitiful. the next day, cold, windy, snow in some parts of the state. to make sense the state. to make sense we have accuweather meteorologist bernie with us to talk about how it happened and what we can expect for the rest of the week leading into thanksgiving. how's it going going? >> it's going well. you knew this was not going to last. all good things in life come to an end. we have been living the good life through the month of november. that is now over. you are talking about the winds that hop fan the flames. winds were 40 or 50 miles miles per hour yesterday but the wind will diminish as we head into tuesday. it will warm up a little but it was a cold slap slap in the face. november is here. it was a cold slap in the face and i am not going to lie, when i went to buy groceries around 8:00 p.m. last night i saw snowflakes coming down. it has. >> it has been anything but fault like this month. but this was a rude rude reminder that winter is not too far away.
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>> saturday was gorgeous. is that going to be a thanksgiving or are we going to have a crummy thanksgiving like sunday? >> if you want the weather is nice as it was on saturday you are in the wrong month. i hope you enjoyed it. that is now gone. the weather is going to get a little better as we go over the next couple of days. on thanksgiving there will be a little rain, not snow, just rain. i would not say it is a crummy as nice as it was. >> we will leave the crumbs on the table on thanksgiving. much appreciated. >> a video that has gone viral has the guy in a bunny suit in jail and a police officer job in jeopardy. just as you have the right to have a video recording of an incident does not mean you have the right to provoke cops.1
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>> don't sign off i think of the picture. >> the four-year-old girl who who touch the hearts of many passed away after a long battle of cancer. jessica who lived in
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england was brought into the limelight after father posted the photo of her with a caption, the true faith of childhood cancer. her father posted a message to facebook saying she was at peace and no longer suffering. she had stage for neuroblastoma. >> what color are the slip-ups? i see gold and white. a lot of people are seeing black and blue. this is just like what happened two years ago with address. what you see? >> and blue and black. anybody says otherwise is a psychopath. >> check out this video. >> your loser. you not even from here. your loser. [inaudible]
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[inaudible] >> i met with chris cody, the man who wanted to make sure that video was put on blast. he put it on facebook and it went viral. i chased it to the apartment of chris on east 46th street 46th street in new york. he said thursday last week he ordered uber and realized the driver was mohammed and arab. he was happy about that is started practicing his arabic with the driver. >> i spent the past ten years studying arabic so i look for some it is practice my language skills with. the driver said i'm happy about our interaction but this is in sharp contrast what happened in queens. the driver gave him his phone and showed him the video he shot of a driver yelling at him in a profanity link to tirade. somehow things justify that because trump is the president-elect, therefore hate is okay. >> so i asked chris, how did
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mohammed feel while this interaction was going on. >> he felt very intimidated but also very hurt. he told me he had been in new york for about six or seven years which i have lived for five and a half years so i said you are more of a new yorker than i have. he said why don't you show to the police or give it to the media. obama did not feel comfortable doing that but he gave it to chris and said do what you want with it. chris wanted to make sure everybody saw the video. it went viral and he is the most interaction than any facebook post. i'm not trying to become a hero, we have to examine ourselves and look deeper within to make sure we are upholding the ideals and equality for all. >> he was relieved by the reactions. he was happy to see that all americans also recognize it as being wrong. >> has anyone come out and identify the driver, the guy who did this? >> that's what he posted the video because they don't know who the driver is.
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>> not that obama could become a terrorist at some point but if you want to radicalize someone in the u.s., make them feel unwelcome. >> videos like this break my heart. did a forget that their parents are great-grandparents didn't come from somewhere else. there immigrants as well. just because he's not first-generation doesn't make him entitled that this is his place. [inaudible] >> take a look at the video that has gone viral out of new jersey. >> the guy you see in a bunny suit in jail and a police officer's job is now in jeopardy. i. i spoke with jason over the phone who was streaming the
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video. he said this was a prank gone wrong. you see his his older brother kevin walking into the police department last week, now jason said kevin was surrendering to police for an outstanding warrant for motor vehicle incident. he said his brothers had an accident and didn't have insurance. >> and then after getting into trouble he went across the country in the bunny suit and then thought he would turn himself into place with the bunny suit on. >> apparently the commotion struck the wrong court with police. >> where you doing that? >> the video shows the cop slap kevin kevin in the face. and then another cop actually
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goes over to jason and slapped the phone out of his hand. the bunny suit prankster is in jail and is said to get out after thanksgiving, sometime over the weekend according to his brother. the brother behind the camera was charged with obstruction because he was filming and he is speaking with attorneys and is plalanning to sue. the cop cop o swung at the bunny suit brother has been placed on administrative duty. that's pending investigation by the county prosecutor's office. they have not named the copper the brother says he wants both of the cops, the one who slept the phone out of his hand and the one who punched his brother in the face to lose their job. >> just because you have the right to shoot a cop and you have a video recording of an incident does not mean you have the right to provoke cops. that's ridiculous. i'm nothing the police officer was right to slap him but you get what you
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get. >> the brother letting him know that he's filming is an harassment. >> they are in a public location. it's open and someone can walk off the street. the charged of harassment for filming, if i'm a good lawyer i'm getting him off for that charge. he's free to film their. >> eating alone is not necessarily in private you're going to be eating in silent. the reason i go out to a restaurant is to socialize. i'm not going to lie did reached her my phone because i was nervous. this is not a.
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>> can you hear me? well i can't hear you in my ear. >> can you hear me at a
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>> new yorkers have been
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captivated with a humpback whale traveling up and down the hudson river, they both took to the boat and traveled up and down the hudson river getting great photos and videos of the whale. if you want to go for a ride on his boat check out his website. >> this kid deserves a brother of the year war award. check out the video where a mother of five had her back turned away from the baby who is 11 months old on the table and then the baby slowly rolled and was about to fall to the ground when his nine-year-old brother ran to the rescue and saved the baby boy. >> when i go out to dinner i'm surrounded by tons of family and friends. we talk a lot, we eat a lot, and of course we fight over who gets to order what so we can try everything on the menu. when i heard there is a restaurant in williamsburg known for two things, one item menu
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and their solo dining i had to go and see for myself. >> would you like to be seated. [inaudible] >> i have never and i deftly don't see japanese so i'm hoping for solid instruction because i'm not sure what to do. that is when hans appeared at the bottom of the winter near my feet and i think it's time to order. >> welcome. while there's technically only one thing on the menu, that's rom and there's many different ways to make it and it's overwhelming when you're trying to make a selection. put that together with the task that i cannot read most of it because i wasn't sure what it said it was troublesome. >> i'm going to be honest i got a little help. >> i have all of my favorites
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marked, i think it's going to be delicious. at this point all we do is slide it this way. let's see how it goes. >> not even five minutes later the hands are back but this time they have brought me a bowl of romney. oh my gosh it's delicious. >> pedestal good. eating alone especially in this place does not necessarily imply that you're going to be eating in silent. from the slurping to the chatter in the other booth, going here is not the quietest experience but it's definitely a delicious one. would you go? >> have ago. i like concepts like this. i went to a restaurant in canada where you sat and ate and all black. the chefs were blind so you are
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in their shoes, i think everyone needs to try something unique when it comes to eating. >> i have to disagree because the whole reason i go out to a restaurant is to socialize and have great food, to try everything, to chat, to drink. this is everything i love about going out. >> the fact that the restaurant is crowded and they want to eat alone is a sad state of affairs worrying. our our social life is on this phone. i'm not going to lie i did reached for my phone because i was nervous. but the food was so good that you are in a trance. >> just another day chasing news from trump tower, the transition continues with the president-elect. we'll keep continues with the president-elect. we'll keep tracin
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