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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  November 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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his own teenaged son. it's a case that dates back to labor day dispute inside the officer's home in northeast philly. at the time the policeman told authorities his gun went off during a scuffle. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. after a lengthy investigation the district attorney now says this was no accident. our bruce gordon joins us in studio. bruce? >> reporter: lucy, with no history of domestic violence dorian young's home that labor day shooting sure seemed like it could well have been just a terrible accident. but ballistics evidence from two gunshots helped investigators piece together a very different story. neighbors on dorian young's taunton street block describe him as a good guy. no hint of violence and say the labor day shooting never came up in conversation. >> never offered any information and we never asked. because we figured it's none much our business. >> reporter: surprise you he's been arrested and charge idea. >> yes. i am totally surprised because a lot of the neighbors i think were backing him up. >> reporter: at the time of the incident, about all that was
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known young was an off duty 15th district officer had fired his personal handgun during a dispute inside his home. and that a family member had been hit. the district attorney's office now says young was in his son divine's bedroom arguing with the 19-year-old over use of the family car. >> young started waving his pistol in the air yelling, "you my son and you aren't going to keep diss inspecting me" officer young broke the door down and began to fight physically with his son. as his son began walking away, and walking down the stairs, young fired two shots. >> reporter: investigators say young was site seated on the floor at the time his legs extended forward. one shot went through his own shoe. the other hit his son. >> there was a suggestion that there was a tussle over the weapon and the weapon discharg discharged. based upon the scientific and the physical evidence that was an impossible much the son was shot in the back. >> reporter: young's attorney insists that tussle story is
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legitimate film we're obviously aware of the district attorney's viewpoint on this investigation. unfortunately we have not had a chance to conduct our own investigation obviously. we will do that and we're confident when we do that, that, um, the investigation will show this was an accidentable shooting. >> reporter: dorian young was still in custody at last check. police commissioner richard ross had planned to suspend young with the intention of firing h him. but the 25 year police veteran retired from the force just ahead today's charges much as for divine young, well he's still recovering from the gunshot wound that cost him his spleen and part of his colon. iain? >> bruce, thank you. we've got new video now that bull on the loose this afternoon in philadelphia. a witness spotted the bull trying to scale a hill along the highway. the bull reportedly he caped from the slaughter house in ken sink ton this afternoon. the bull made it safely along parts of i-95 and 676 and then into center city. but the pennsylvania gaming commissioner says it made the decision to put the bull down
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because of safety concerns. family in frankford homeless tonight after fire ripped through their northeast philadelphia house. this was the scene around 1:30 this morning on the 4800 block of mulberry street. the first firefighter there ended up calling in back up. familiar until nearby homes had to get out before firefighters tamed the flames. nobody is injured. fire investigators are trying to zero in on what started it. happening now, looking for the person behind a dangerous explosion in center city philadelphia. a man opening a package in his written house square area apartment was hurt when that package blew up. this happened at 19th and pine early this morning. >> several law enforcement agencies are involved looking for answers right now. fox 29's dave kinchen following it all. dave? >> reporter: lucy, there are a lot of questions these federal investigators have in this case. partly because for one they say they have never seen or even dealt with a device exactly like this one before. federal agents and philadelphia
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police officers on the 1800 block of pine street in rittenhouse early this morning conducting an hour's long investigation after a man opens up a package that immediately explodes. >> it was an envelope, a padded envelope, and upon it being opened by the victim, it detonated it explode. >> reporter: 60-year-old victim suffering from severe burns and related injuries to his face, hands and upper body. he underwent surgery at jefferson university hospital where he is in stable condition. detectives say the victim believed the package contained asthma medication. >> clearly he opened it, believing it was something that he needed, and that's when the explosion went off. >> reporter: the blast largely isolated to the kitchen area of the apartment the victim's roommate also in the home at the time was not injured. >> this package was sent to this individual. addressed to him. this is why we had said this morning we did believe it was target specific. >> reporter: some neighbors had to be evacuated for a short time while the philly bomb squad
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checked other packages before giving the all clear. >> it's maybe three buildings down from mine so a little sho shocking u.s. postal service is investigating but cannot say how the envelope was delivered or exactly when it got there. we do know the victim opened it after returning from a trip but it is unclear if it was sent from inside or outside philadelphia. >> even if it was one of the private companies it's still scary like you can just target someone like that. >> reporter: the atf says they sent the device to a lab for further analysis and federal officials stress that this incident does not appear to be connected to terrorism. iain? >> all right, dave, thank you. a delaware county man is dead after police say he was hit by a hit-and-run driver. it happened in west lamb if he tether lancaster county. 24-year-old vince nalons of media was an employee of eagle disposal. he was working along willow street pike yesterday morning when investigators say a ford or mercury suv hit him.
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the driver never stopped. he died at a local hospital and police are still looking for the driver. fox 29 weather authority on this tuesday night. live look at the ben franklin parkway. always glittering and pretty. chilly out there if you're going out. bundle up. you know what they say fox 29 meteorologist kathy orr is here. i know it's a little nippy here in the studio. >> nippy april side, nippy outside, lucy, the scarf, the fleece you'll need it to night. have i my down jacket. temperatures are falling fast. clear skies and the winds lightening up northwest at nine. high today 48. right now it is 44 degrees. temperatures across the region some 40s, some 30s some 20s the poconos only 28 degrees of course we have the snow cover so temperatures didn't rise all that much today. reading at 38. 35 in millville, and 39 degrees in millville. and wrightstown. temperatures following through the 30s during the evening hours. a chilly degrees still at 9:00 p.m. by 11:00 temperatures falling even lower into the lower to mid 30s. we are going down in the suburbs
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into the 20s as those winds go a little light. ultimate doppler clear for most of the eastern half of the nation but look at this. this is our next storm you can see that comma shape an indication of a strong storm snow goes to the great lakes but rain in our future for thanksgiving. so coming up in the seven day forecast, we'll talk about when the busiest travel days of the year tomorrow. the thanksgiving rain. we'll time that out and of course the all important weekend weather for your holiday. i'll be back little bit later in the broadcast. for now we'll send it back to you. >> kathy thanks. today pennsylvania's attorney general says court and judicial employees who allegedly swapped offensive e-mails for years did not undermine justice. those e-mails according to a new review by a private law firm were sent by senior government officials and judges. ag bruce beamer says he's redacted the names of those involved and beamer does not deny lots of people did swap those e-mails and they were full of sexually explicit and racist material but he says he found no
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inn appropriate communication between judges and the offices employees about the cases or the justice system. he says identifying the people named in this report which was commissioned by former ag kathleen kane may unfairly damage their reputations. >> there was no attempt made to determine the context of the e-mails, the content, the relationship between the parties sending the e-mails, that created a real prob problem. >> e-mails scandal discovered back in 2013 prompted two state supreme court justices to resi resign. pennsylvania state police are helping scientific advancements will them solve a-year-old mysterious death. >> take look at this facial reconstruction. police hope it will help figure out who this woman was. in january hikers found remains in ridley creek state park in media. police say it was a woman fully clothed between the ages of 25 and 40. they think she died sometime in 2014. so if you have any information
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please call police. turning now to the latest on president-elect trump's transition into the white house. a day after revealing his plans for his first 100 days in office, the president-elect is hinting at more cabinet nomine nominees. tweeting that he seriously considering dr. ben carson as the head of housing and urban development. and former new york city mayor rudy guiliani reportedly still in consideration for secretary of state. >> investigation continues into a deadly schoolbus crash in tennessee. schoolbus driver is now in jail. police say jonathan walk consider was speeding along a narrow road when he crashed in chattanooga yesterday afternoon. five students died. these were all little kids. prosecutors have charged walker with vehicular homicide. developing to night, the state department s has issued a travel alert for americans in europe. ahead of the holiday season it's warning increased risk of terror attacks. state department says there's some credible information that isis and al-qaida are planning terror attacks throughout the
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continent. so they're warning u.s. citizens of high at the time tendon risk of attack over the holiday season. the alert also asks americans to stay vigilant when visiting places of worship, tourist sites and if they're on public transporation. straight ahead, that's got to be really. some people chose to walk in ice cold water on a brisk day. why? why freeze your toot cease? there's supporting a really good cause. police say this guy brought a cell phone to a local store to get cash for it but investigators say, that's not his phone. how police say he got his hands on it. sean? >> iain, this lane johnson thing just won't go away. johnson still fighting after being suspended who he's blaming for failing the drug test and being suspended coming up later in sports.
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♪ in north philadelphia, cops say this guy on surveillance video trying to sell a phone but investigators say it's not his. police say he stole it from a woman along 2100 block of west jefferson street last month. police say he pulled a gun on the woman and to go her phone and wallet. she wasn't physically hurt but if you recognize this guy you know what to do, call police. center city philadelphia first responders giving back while they're off the clock. today the philadelphia firefighters and paramedics union launched the operation warm coats for kids drive. you know what all the money they raised in this drive will buy brand new coats for needy children in philly. those coats give the children a sense of dignity that comes along with owning a brand new coat. of course, it keeps them good and warm. the city of brotherly love is really showing up this holiday season. today philly radio personality john dubella hosted annual turkey drop.
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our thomas drayton and mayor jim kenney helped as thousands of turkeys arrived at the kimmel center. the collection is about giving back to those in need and making sure families don't have to choose between paying their bills and having a meal. >> people deserve to have some solace, some fun, some holiday, thanksgiving to christmas to new year's i mean this period of time we get into now that, you know, people, um, want to enjoy themselves but some folks don't have the compass at the to do it and i think we should bring a little joy into people's lives. >> absolutely. to fine out where you can go and drop off a turkey head to click on scene on tv. this chilly weather doesn't seem to bother these guys. polar bears at the philadelphia zoo were watching some daring people today getting their feet wet in cold water. today was the special olympics pre plunge it's all to build up excitement for a polar plunge on december 2nd. more than 300 people will take a dip in above ground pool pool to raise money for the pennsylvania special olympics.
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>> we're hosting four different plunges we're hosting a cool pool plunge for high schoolers, a business plunge for business executives and government officials. general plunge for general plunge and university plunge. those individuals will be jumping into 4-foot pool and coming out as their freezing for a reason. >> for those little too chicken to jump in that chilly water organizers say they've got to take part in the chicken dance. >> fox 29 weather authority now. live look at reading. definitely a chill in the air but at least we saw some sunshine. beautiful day actually. hopefully it's going to stick around for the holiday. fox 29 meteorologist kathy orr is here with our forecast. hello, kathy. >> hey, lucy it's looking good. >> it is. yeah. i love it. >> the skies are clear. the winds are dying down. getting more comfortable out there. if you're going ou tonight it wl be cold but at least you won't be feeling that wind taking that warmer air away from your skin. it's not going to be as chilly because that wind will be weakening. take look at ultimate doppler a
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clear sky. still some wind but not as intense as we saw over the past 24 to 48 hours. you can see at the airport, looking pretty good. everything on time at philly international. why not 80 weather is calming down the skies are clear and temperatures are on the cool side but not to bad. 44 in the city. you can see in williamsport 38. upstate new york the snow machine is ending up there in syracuse. in buffalo where it's freezing ottawa their degrees. at least no 20s works barry mc in the the 30s. >> high pressure over the 24 hours. the high slowly sags to the south. but we're watching this area of low pressure and anyone traveling to chicago or perhaps detroit, even into places like wisconsin into green bay, you could have some delays here tomorrow flying in just because of this front moving through and this area of low pressure which we'll be create something wind but east of this no weather woes at all. and this is the same system that will be bringing us rain on thanksgiving day. it's not a lot of rain. it's about tenth of an inch or so but pesky showers.
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let's time it out. tonight no problem. tomorrow no problem the clouds move late tomorrow afternoon into the evening just cloudy. and early thursday morning it's just cloudy as well. it's not until after the 10:00 o'clock hour that we begin to see the showers moving n they'll be spotty. by 11am, 12 cot in the afternoon and during the afternoon they'll be sweeping out from the west to the east and skies will slowly be clearing as we head toward friday. black friday. airport delays right now in newark and jfk due to the winds still a good deal of wind there. no delays in philadelphia. i don't expect any weather related delays for the next five days or so. you can see one delay in minneapolis due to the snow there. and the storm. overnight in the city, 30 degrees. this is our coldest night yet this season. you can see the temperature in the suburbs down to 24 northwesterly winds at about 10 to 15 and diminishing during the day tomorrow, 50 degrees mostly sunny and without the wind much more comfortable. i think you'll enjoy that day a great travel day.
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seven day forecast from the weather authority, some light rain, spotty showers whatever you want to call it on thursday, 54. friday mostly cloudy 57. saturday looking good for the temple game. sunday looks good as well. monday monday night football for the birds partly sunny during the afternoon, 56. and that much next tuesday talking about sun and we'll be talking about temperatures around 60 degrees. which is a little bit above average for this time of year. so that chill that we talked about didn't last that long. about 48 hours or so. and now we're getting back to more seasonal temperatures. so i hope you end join it and happy thanksgiving. >> all right, kathy. thank you. lane johnson he won't chill. >> okay. >> he won't fall back and leave things let them be. johnson making a whole lot of noise blaming people for his suspension and what he's really trying to do is get some of his money back. notre dame has been awful the last 10 years witness exceptions of two seasons just average ball club i'm sorry notre dame fans. why the fighting irish will be hit with heavy penalties next in
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my gravy had an accident. follow me. i'm usually the gravy master. my guest list just tripled. i want to go really big with my appetizers.
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we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! my family deserves a new tradition... happier and healthier. everything for thanksgiving. that's my giant.
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♪ let this thing die. he's in the middle of a serving 10 games for suspension that has administrative claim against the nfl and nfl players association. he's basically blaming everyone else and trying to get some of that money back. fat chance. let's go to temple matt ruhle
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and the owls are having gas of a season as they did last year. they're eight and three and they won five straight games. really they're really good and if they beat east carolina clinch the division an spot in the conference championship game. but right now they can't look ahead. >> we've got to focus on ecu. you can't allow that everything outside perspective allow yourself not to play well. so we just got to go and handle business and let the rest take care of itself. >> there's some things we can gain nothing to lose. i'm not going to pay tight. if something happens we'll go out to try to win on senior day and trying to compete against east carl. >> notre dame i'm sorry guys all you notre dame fans they're the most overrated team in college. they're -- they've been average the last 20 years and now the one great year they had is no longer there. notre dame being forced to vacate their wins from 2012 and 2013 because of academic violations. 2012 was the one year they went to the national championship
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game and got smacked by alabama. to the nba greg popovich my favorite coach of all time. nobody tells it like it is like pop. yesterday the spurs beat the mavericks 96-none but pop still not happy with the squad so this is what he had to say. >> pathetic performance on the part of the spurs. you know, they had some guys o out. we had some guys out but they had a lot more out than we d i think we showed a lot of hugh mill brett will the. a lack of respect for the opponent. very pathetic performance both ends of the court. >> they won. >> they won the game and that's how pop reaction. >> that's classic. >> wow. >> i love him. that's how he is. they just walk out. >> angry. that's how -- >> grrr. >> i'm in the angry over the forecast. >> no. tomorrow we get really nice day. and then thanksgiving not a super weather day but, you know what, we'll play football in the rain. right? turkey bowl. we don't mind that.
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get muddy and wet. >> absolutely. >> mostly cloudy a few scattered showers not wash out by any stretch. 54 degrees. which is seasonal for this time of year. enjoy. >> all right. good. >> enjoy. join us tonight at 10:00 we are going to tackle the question what is pink key? you can try to google it you won't find a deadly affects of this new way people are getting high and how people get their hands on a drug not only illegal it's not even meant for human use. tonight at 10:00 for more on that. joyce evans with that story. >> all righty. that does it for us here at 6:00. >> we'll see you right back here at 10. have a great night. inside edition is up next. ♪
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kanye west, mental collapse. >> what is your emergency? >> was he handcuffed to a gurney. >> gigi hadid apologies for her melania trump imitation. ivanka trump's photo shoot. >> the guy that didn't know trump won until today. >> 3, 2, 1. >> then, the new line of defense. >> how garbage trucks are being used to protect americans from acts of terror. >> and, blinded by the light. >> we appear to have an issue with laser pointers from someone in the stands. >> a quarterback laser attack on


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