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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  November 24, 2016 3:30am-4:01am EST

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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. tonight at 11 hitting the road on one of the busiest travel days of the year. conditions out there lived up to the reputation. travelers didn't just need their patience on the roads the skies were as pretty crowded as well. good evening and thanks for joining us i'm iain page. for millions of americans, today's travel was just a necessary thing to get to a beloved holiday tradition. let's get right out to fox 29 chris o'connell at philadelphia international airport tonight. chris? >> reporter: iain, planes, trains and automobiles,
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thanksgiving travel rush is on whether you're traveling home or expecting someone home for the holidays, no matter how you get there it's expected to be one of the biggest travel weekends ev ever. this familiarly from somerset county, new jersey, are on the road on their way to fairfax virginia for thanksgiving. they were among the 48 million expected to travel this thanksgiving holiday. >> this holiday i like to see people and go through the trouble of getting there like the journey itself. >> makes it all worthwhile. >> exactly. >> 43 million travelers are expected to hit the highways traffic thick i-95 looked like a rush hour parking lot many leaving work early to get a jump start on the holiday. >> the worst thing is the traffic. and just having to spend your days off in the car. but it's really good because you get to see people you haven't seen in awhile. so i'm looking forward to it. >> at 30th street station, much the same on the rails.
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the station packed full of holiday travelers. >> last year my train was canceled and i had to hop on another train. >> reporter: at the airport the homecoming hugs were plenty. as the arrival deck was stuffed with weary travelers. >> pretty exciting. you goat see your family again. eat turkey. >> reporter: baggage claim was chaos not to mention the backup getting there. the airport off ramp was, well, lit up like a christmas tree. christine from dallas was coming home to philly to see her mom. a first time on the airplane a nice bonus for the kids. >> this is my first time to travel during the holidays so i didn't really know what to anticipate. but yeah -- how has it been. >> it's been good. i was so excited to see my mom. i haven't seen her in six months. >> reporter: but this is just the beginning. sunday said to be the real whopper one of the busiest single travel days of the year when all these people go home. security was easy. i'm not looking forward to going
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home, though. >> reporter: aaa says lower gas prices cheaper airfares and improving economy are factors why people will be hitting the roads for the first time in nine years, iain. happy holidays! >> thanks, chris. same to you. be safe out there. on your radar tonight, weather that will have you feeling even more thankful tomorrow. meteorologist kathy orr here with your first forecast at 11:00. >> we have clouds out there right now few spotty sprinkles here and there across the evening but most of the precipitation that we've seen past through the delaware valley is not made it to the ground. there's a larger system a front that's moving through parts of ohio righ writ all the snow, alt white stays to the north and we see just a few spotty showers tomorrow. but look closer you can see through southern parts of new york and north jersey a few snowflakes but elsewhere just talking clouds and cool per temperatures. 31 in the poconos. 41 in trenton. 40 degrees in wildwood. airport delays, no. none of them.
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not long along the east coast where we saw the snow through the great lakes we few delays still in annapolis 45 minute delay that is due to volume. elsewhere across the country, no travel issues. pretty quiet out there for the most part. as we go hour by hour for thanksgiving, we have the clouds over us tonight. and for tomorrow. the best chance of seeing any scattered shower activity will be late in the morning into the afternoon and then just mostly cloudy evening and those mostly cloudy skies will linger into the day on friday. so as we look through the overnight into tomorrow morning, waking up on thanksgiving morning temperatures mainly in the 30s with some 20s especially in the poconos. 28. 34 in allentown. 36 in trenton and waking up to 31 degrees in millville. during the afternoon, 54 degrees. a few scatte scattered showers y winds skies will be mostly cloudy and it will be seasonably cool. on black friday if you're hitting the stores really early say 4:00 a.m., the temperature only 42.
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but then 50s through the lunch hour and into the afternoon. kick off forecast for the birds we have monday night football. 8:30 on monday look at the temperature. 44. skies will be partly cloudy. so really it's not going to be any significant weather in the near future. now that that wind is gone so a few showers for your thursday. mostly cloudy friday looking nice for the temple game saturday. when everyone returns home sunday, more sun, 51. monday 56. tuesday 60. iain by the time next wednesday rolls around few showers over 10 degrees above normal with a high of 65 degrees. you can't beat that in late november. we'll send it back to you and happy thanksgiving. >> all right, same to you, kathy thanks. we apologize those of you looking for the life 11:00 p.m. powerball drawing because of a technical problem we were not able to bring to you that live. we'll bring you those numbers in just a few minutes. physical police are looking for the person who shot two teens in east germantown tonig tonight.
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police say a 17-year-old boy was shot in the thigh and 18-year-old man was shot in the shin. this happened along east chelten of a just after 8:00 tonight. the teens are now in stable condition. developing to night a story you heard first here on fox 29. philadelphia police are trying to find the man behind a violent attack inside a center city parking garage. the violent assault sent a woman in her 20s to the hospital and has got other people who use that garage worried. fox 29's dave schratwieser is live near the scene tonight. dave? >> reporter: iain, drivers who use this under grounder garage beneath love park are on edge tonight after hearing about this incident police tell us the suspect used an unknown object to repeatedly strike the 27-year-old victim in the head and then sexually assaulted her. >> i really don't understand how this could happen. >> reporter: laura stood outside her car in this underground center city parking garage on thanksgiving eve extremely concerned.
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after she learned that a 27-year-old woman had been sexually assaulted and beaten here. >> it does make thee me nervous a little bit. the fact it was on my car make me extremely nervous. extremely scared. >> violent assault took place just before noon on parking level three in this garage right across from city hall, municipal services building and family court. >> it's underneath the courthouse. you figure it would be safe for people to come park here. >> reporter: area was park with holiday revelers enjoying the day before thanksgiving. garage is located blow love park and used primarily by city workers. >> it concerns me now. >> reporter: we caught up with kia as she left the garage just after 6:00. she was startled by the news of the attack. >> when i do go down there i see lot of men, um, homeless men, um, they kind of stare at you. >> reporter: victim was taken to jefferson hospital. back at the scene, police photographed the secluded corner where the assault took place as they collected evidence, customers worried about their
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safety. >> i walk as fast as possible. i do have other people that, um, i work with that sometimes walk with me. >> reporter: that's good idea. the garage there are surveillance cameras near the exits. but not in the actual garage area where cars park. police tonight tell us victim may have entered the garage with the suspect when things turned violent and he attacked her. iain? >> dave, thanks. turning now to president-elect trump's transition calling for unity in thanksgiving address released tonight video appears to have been taped at the same time as video released earlier this week. meantime the president-elect nominated the first two women for his cabinet. first michigan billionaire and education advocate betsy de voss chosen for education second. she supports charter schools and vouchers programs. some have criticized her claiming she reports common core education standards. she tweet dad she does not. >> i'm fine with people coming
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in that disagree with donald trump on issues, but school choice is a big one. vouchers a big one creating competition for the government monopoly on education. meanwhile south carolina governor nikki haley tapped for un ambassador. she was an outspoken trump critic during the campaign but even been held up as an example of diversity for the gop. still critics say she has limited international experien experience. a six-year-old philadelphia boy who touched our hearts when he was shot over the summer received a well deserved honor tonight. he was a guest at the sixers game the team honored him with the strongest kid of the game award. they took him on to the court during the pre-game and presented him with a hat. personalized jersey among some other team goodies he posed for pictures with franklin the team mascot and held a basketball. his mom says since he was shot 10 times he's often scared to leave the house but thanks to the sixers tonight, he was excited. >> they let me hold the
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basketball. they let me hold one of the basketballs. >> how fun was that. >> was it fun. >> i tuck a picture with the basketball. >> reporter: he and his family stayed to watch the game. he is the tenth kid to receive the award since the sixers started it last season. honors kids who have overcome obstacles and shown determination. it may not be something you talk about often with your teens but maybe you should start. experts say more and more young people are dealing with stalking and that's setting them up for even darker problems. plus -- all right. we made the turducken. how big a sacrifice was it. how long did we have to stay up last night and was it worth it? all of that coming up isn't stay
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♪ >> in overbrook tonight police joining neighbors and friends of eight-year-old jay anna powell they marched for justice. someone hit powell with their car along lansdowne avenue last friday. the driver didn't stop. powell died. her heart broken mother is hoping someone will speak up. >> somebody going to say something. it's march.
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um, somebody going to say something. they got heart. they care. it's a child. >> today investigators released this picture of the car they say hit the little girl. they say it's a silver nissan maxima or altima. so if i don't have got any information, please call police. you see it, you shoot it. our fresco users are helping us show you what's happening in your maybe. dawn, what's happening tonight? >> iain, all night we've been showing you traffic jams thanks to the holiday rush well fresco user was at the airport and shared this video with us. take look. bright lights for as far as the eye can see at phl. i mean bright brake lights. this is one of the busiest travel days of the year. and this just proves it. whomever he was vicing up i'm sure had to wait a little longer thanks to this jam. the somerton youth organization unveiled new state of the art scoreboard in northeast philadelphia. the new tool comes courtesy of the andy wallace foundation. wallace grew up in the community and participated in the league
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until he died in an accident back in 2001. his family created the charity to help support youth causes. when you see news happening be sure to take out your phone and shoot it and make sure to use the fresco app to send it to our newsroom. iain? >> thanks, dawn. well, what's thanksgiving without kitchen heroic and the phenomenal dishes that take extra time. did you ever try to cook something over the holidays with no idea how would it come out or if you can even pull it off? our hank flynn an good friend tried it with the legendary turducken and the feathers flew. >> ♪ >> working title of this story so far is going to be a thanksgiving tragedy. >> so when chasing news invited mow to cook turducken i was all in. realizing he didn't know any more about it than i that was a blast of cold reality.
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>> does it have a bone. >> bone the chicken. >> first up, obvious we needed ingredients. >> we're at the grocery store. we haven't bought a thing yet and i'm convinced this is a terrible idea. >> three must have searches for the legendary turducken. it's a cornish hen stuffed no a duck stuffed into a turkey dish myth think cal for media indulgence. we weren't prepared we started late. technically we got everything we need. both of us are shell shocked at eye guess we know now to be the task ahead. >> back at rohan's we defrosted frozen pole tree. >> they're frozen. >> technology is great today. six, seven minutes defrost tiny little bird. >> rohan's mom came in and she had a laugh on us. >> i don't know what you guys are doing. >> right. neither did we.
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but we were doing it any way. deboning process turned chicken and duck in a meaty mush it look like a murder scene. >> we're acknowledging we're probably doing this somewhat wrong. >> oh, yeah. i like that. that's better than -- >> little butter, little salt and pepper little adobe a few other things. that ginger garlic on it that's a hellacious spice much that will be so good. >> goodbye, turducken. six hour in the oven 350 with were little time on the end without the foil to brown her up. out she came. we duck in. >> happy thanksgiving. [ laughter ] >> indicative of our experience. >> how is it? >> the great. >> i'm a big duck fan. >> this is pretty good. we did all right. >> we were exhausted by the time we ate. take aways, just do the turkey it's a third the cost an quarter
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of the effort but if you want to attempt mount turducken the way we did have your butcher do the dee boning. speaking for ourselves they will do better job. are you a iteming the impossible this thanksgiving tweet us at hank fox 29 at chasing rohan in the house at fox 29 philly. happy thanksgiving! ♪ turning to your health now, a warning for parents about one out of seven sith to ninth graders has been a victim stalking much this could boost their risk for substance abuse and dating sight lense. >> 14% of girls and 13% of boys had been victims of stalking young people stalk more likely to show science of post traumatic stress and mood disorders and they were also more likely to report binge drinking and dating violence. findings appear in the american journal of preventive medicine. you may not remember what you did a few minutes ago but your dog probably does.
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researchers have studied 17 dogs and they discovered they could remember and imitate their owner's actions up to an hour after the fact. researchers haven't been able to figure out exactly why yet they think the dogs have the easiest time remembering things you do on regular basis. those finings appear in the journal current biology. sean? iain, everyone is getting ready for thanksgiving and what goes hand in hand with thanksgiving? football. but tomorrow is the only thursday football that i ever want to see and i'll tell you
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♪ sean bell says the nfl has gotten greedy his commentary in 15 seconds.
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♪ only time there should be thursday football is on thanksgiving. everyone loves watching football while having turkey and it's just great. it's a tradition but nfl on any other thursday is awful. nfl has gotten flat out greedy and it's costing them. i'm tired of seeing nfl game almost every night of the week and thursdays are the absolute worst. it's always an awful game that no one cares about. they're often blow outs one team never even shows up. it also shows that the nfl doesn't care 2 cents about the players health. this game is tough enough as it is were you now the guys are expected to play on three day's rest giving their body almost no time to recover. nfl wondering why viewer ship is going down and this is one of the reasons. they're picking quantity over
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quality and the product is sta starting to stink because of it. these thursday night games needing to nfl wants to claim that they care about the product and the players. iain? >> sean, thanks. madonna is supporting her son rocco after reports of service that the 16-year-old was arrested for possession of marijuana in london. madonna released a statement saying "love my son very much and i'll do whatever i can to give him the support he needs and i ask you respect our privacy at this time". rocco was the subject of a month losing long custody between madonna and guy ritchie. they agreed back in september to allow rocco to continue living with his father in london. amazon has suppressed a number of negative reviews fox news anchor megyn kelly's new book la times reports more than 100 negative reviews of kelly settle for more app pedestrian on the online retail giant site within hours of its release the newspaper reports many of the comments came from a link from a pro trump read it forum. seattle based amazon removed
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some of those reviews from users it couldn't verify had even bought the book. hmm. >> that's not a surprise. >> exactly, right? got to be careful what's on the internet. >> oh, yeah. isn't exactly. maybe you got to be traveling thanksgiving but not because of the weather. >> pretty nice stretch over the holiday weekend. we have a few scattered showers out there tomorrow. but more of a nuisance than anything else. temperatures right around seasonal levels. little bit milder black friday, saturday and sun day look g nice travel days and then next week temperatures climb not 60s aga again. >> i love that. >> all right. bring on november or december. >> yeah, right. >> more entertainment news straight ahead. tmz and dish nation and chasing news followed by the simpsons. we are back at 4am for fox 29 morning news and "good day philadelphia". got your weather and traffic covered all morning long. happy thanksgiving.
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happening right now fox 29 morning news, it is thanksgiving. many of you are waking up to cook those birds, while others are planning to hit the parade later this morning. what you can expect along the route before you head out the door. >> plus if you are traveling today, we have a lock at the roads and the airways. look at the airport this morning. plus breaking overnight, it was a violent night in philadelphia. eight people are shot in four separate shootings. >> and talk about star treatment here, the big honor for a little boy who has proved he is a survivor. >> it really is great to have you with us on this thanksgivings, i'm thomas drayton, everybody has the day off. but guess what? our scott williams is joining us, good morning to you, happy thanksgiving happy thanksgiving to you, thomas. a lot of folks probably cooking up early this morning. getting some of those


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