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tv   Chasing News  FOX  November 25, 2016 12:30am-1:00am EST

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>> what you got? >> what are you doing? this is a great spot for selfie. >> i don't agree with the of. >> you guys are completely insane, i love it. >> ready for turkey? let's go. >> the sign says no trespassing, keep out. okay. i'm kidding i have permission. welcome to the poultry farm.
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the place where you come to get your turkey. >> hello. i am diana. so altogether there are about 3500 turkeys on this farm. you all look great. big, fluffy, juicy. you can see them over there. you can even see them peeping through their coffee shop. do you want to coffee, do you you want turkey? here they are. my new friends. it is really funny. every time i move move it they chase after me. it's like a game. this is the third generation to on the farm. it is in long island which may seem far to some but people come from all over the tri-state area to get a taste. and let me tell you, these guys
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are very good. my mom makes one every thanksgiving. >> you go to the supermarket and they are injected with saline or preservatives so they last in the supermarket for a bunch bunch of days. we don't add anything because it is killed there any picket freshen cook it. we get all the seed from local farmers. it's all natural. are they hard to deal with? >> no. they are an easy animal. chicken and turkey's are and turkeys are easy. ducks and geese are hard. >> organic, clean eating is popular but there is only one other farm in newark like this. very few in the northeast. that does not mean realtors are not trying to grab the land and buy it for as much money as they can. mark says you can try but he won't sell. >> i don't need to make a lot of money. this is my home. i don't know anything else. it would be moot we are to move away. >> tweet me your thoughts a chasing news. happy thanksgiving, i hope you had some turkey.
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>> don't look at me like that. >> ashley, you are chasing a story about one of my favorite things. hunting and venison. >> it is time to get decked out for my first ever deer hunt. >> we have to try to fool their senses. it is very difficult. i can't promise you anything. >> in full camo i turned my chase into a hunt at a pitiful a pitiful farm in chesterfield, new jersey. it was my first time ever hunting with our good friend. >> hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage every single year to these farmers. i do my part. we have to try to thin the herd down. every don't will turn into three deer next year. it is going to multiply. >> the first take away that i learned from kevin was a deer don't particularly like perfume
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or deodorant, or anything that smells good. it's the only time in life that you can probably be funky. >> the field spray is formulated to destroy human sent so the deer do not smell us. it feels good on your face when it's 90 degrees. >> close your eyes. it smells good doesn't it? >> it actually smells like nothing. it feels good. can you show us the thing called deer sent. >> it is, it smells like a deer herd. which i am accustomed to. i want them to take a quick with, it's lovely. >> all that's disgusting. >> deer sent, a deer herd sent i like to rub it all over me.
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it covers my sent. >> rule number two is that you need to act like you are a statue. movement kills kills you. we have to be very still. squint your eyes so they don't think there's something looking at them. right when you close one so doesn't look like a predator that way. he'll toe, he'll to tell it's much quieter. >> it's easy to follow sleep out there. finally it is not about catching a deer, it is about the experience. >> it is about sitting out there and absorbing nature. am i right about that? it is about absorbing nature, like listening to the natural surroundings. i'm not sweating anymore. i have my salvatori glance.
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>> that in 2015 more than 40,000 deer were harvested in the state. >> so 26,000 times per year cars collide with deer. it's an anonymous with deer. it's an enormous problem. people die every years because of these animals. they are delicious. >> does the deer meat taste better than the scent of the deer? because that is awful. >> i wish you had not brought that up. but thank you for bringing it. >> thank you kevin. >> on the show i have covered food trends in new york city like the rainbow bagels, the milkshakes, and, for the most part they are affordable. not the 1i am about to bring you. the 100-dollar golden doughnut.
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>> to find out why this is so expensive i headed to the social club in brooklyn. there i met up with the creator and executive chef. like all door notes he begins the process by making the dough. he. he pops them in the fryer. what makes his donuts different from the get-go's he uses black. >> it's in an tensely purple swede to em. >> that has a similar texture. what is it that brings it so far up? you may think maybe 24 karat at a bowl gold, that is expensive but not the most expensive part. >> there's edible gold? >> by far as the crystal. there's a lot of champagne used in the donor. the gold is expensive and then it's not very common in the u.s.
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when it comes to ordering he has things like cindy crawford get them for her birth day and also people who are not the one percent. the majority of the clients are always celebrating something and always giving it to someone else. time is a big factor when it comes to the price. he has to individually take each gold flake off. each gold flake off the sheet and individually place them on the donut. it is time time-consuming. >> it is gold and you can eat it. >> says it did take so long i'd i had one of the traditional donuts but it made a mess. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> my grandma's gonna see that this is how i ate. sorry grandma. >> i'm chasing retro new york. the time square of the 80s. i caught up with jan, a well-known photographer who has been published in the new york times, new york magazine, harpers magazine and others. i caught up in the west village studio and he took me back to his younger days when he was a photographer but just in his twenties. his expertise and passion was taking photos of the new york city urban landscape. when he would go to work at the new york times he would often pass by two things that struck his attention. one was a fortune teller machine and the other was a shoe repair shop. i want to talk about the shoe repair shop. what what did you like about it? >> it was a very dingy shoe repair place. the guy behind the smeared window was intriguing to me.
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i wanted to photograph that. >> i asked about the fortuneteller machine. i never seen seen one of these in time square. >> the fortune-telling machine was near the top of the stairs at the 42nd street subway station near the eighth avenue side. >> while he was taking pictures of the machine to young men who are very intimidating approached him. >> these two characters demanded that i take their picture. and it was a bit threatening for me, kid kid from long island. i was just in my 20s. they demand out took their pitchers they're going to do it my way and i had a tripod so i just backed it up a little bit. and i said to the fellow on the left, i want to show your colors can you take off your jacket. so he took off his jacket and i said put it on your shoulder here and spread it out so you could see the local. >> at the time, time time square
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was known for not being the area that polite company would want to hang out in. >> what i found is these are the people would just hurry by because of a generalized fear that people have of the urban neighbors who may not be dressing in a certain way or behaving in a certain way. time square was considered to be a den of inequity. the people who went there were looking for each other and for the attractions that were there. >> i found it all. >> i do not see any prostitution. >> how did you feel about it today though? it's so different now. we can go and talk about how
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rudy as mayor changed the whole thing and you are arresting jaywalkers in the whole climate changed and it became a family-friendly place and time square. >> he love new york and still lives there. he loved love time square back then but back in the 70s he was able to bring out the beauty. >> there are special civil court officers, the guys who deliver levies to banks and garnishes to employers any picture notices. >> right there -- that was $6.z1
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>> around the office we like candy a lot. take a look at this video of what the people of that had just in time for thanksgiving. a2020-pound candy gummy turkey. >> that is like 50000 calories. >> how did you hear about the court officer job. most people don't know that it exists.
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>> that's the point of the story. we got onto a story about a woman who called us because her bank account have been garnished. she did not know what it was about. >> the long arm of the logston through civil court officers. the guys who deliver levies to banks, garnishments to employers and eviction notices to renters. part bounty hunter and part small businessmen because their independent independent contractors. they are employed by every county superior court and sworn in for a lifetime appointment. i cut up with two of the officers to see what a day in the life was like for them. >> we are the bears a bad news for the most part. >> if you see us year getting evicted or have a garnishment, it's not a good time. >> it's frank, a special officer in atlanta county. when i spent the day with them he was doing a wage garnishment and eviction. >> this is a final eviction notice. >> for my purposes i served it to the residence.
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>> good luck. the court officer have no salary, no flat rate they get paid. they get paper job. get paper job. the funds are partially taken from filing fees that landlords pay when they file a tenant case. garnishments and bank levies pay the court officer 10% in the judgment of that case. >> so right there with the doorknob, touched it money did you make? that was $6. >> in union county there's a civil court officer since 1975. >> i take a lot of pride in my job. i've done it for 40 some years. i love it. >> but not for the reasons you expect. he views his role as helping people. helping everyone helping everyone. >> you're helping the landlords because they need to have the
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rent paid to keep their house. you help the tenants because they need to move on. you help the people collect the money because they are entitled to it. >> we spent part of the day delivering bank levies to different institutions. garnishments like the one mary had on her account. >> i'm just enforcing the rules of the court. the judge makes a decision. >> rich has a job to do but one of his most important beliefs is a judgment from the court doesn't have to be the end. >> we will do anything to help them. they can make small payments, they can contact us and will work with anybody to get the judgments cleared. >> it's all part of his job. the self-described emotional man said he really feels for people. >> i think of the people a lot. like i said, every one is a human being and everybody has problems, everybody can get into a situation by mistake. >> there were lots of irish pubs in every city in america. >> i came over here -- >> welcome to vinyl. a full-fledged record store.
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>> it's very important that we have a good environment. >> meet frankie, also known as frankie legs. >> go ahead. it doesn't feel good, really. you're making me feel great. >> have a story we should know about? help us chase it down. log onto
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>> sons-in-law. >> mothers and sons-in-law. >> mothers and sons-in-law's.
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>> there is a word that apparently you're not supposed
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to say in canadian parliament. it is four letters long and starts with an asset. you want to guess? why did a tree this like a fart in the room. >> michelle is a member of the canadian parliament was making an impassioned speech about how workers incur are not getting jobs. she she used the word why does this government treat alberta like a fart in the room that nobody wants to talk about. apparently that kind of language is not looked kindly upon. one of her colleagues said they would like for her to take back what she said. that was not a parliamentary word. and she replied no. >> there were lots of irish pubs
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in every city in america. especially in in nyc where there's almost as, as a starbucks. when when i heard about an on, place dissuaded guinness that was just finished aiming to honor my irish lineage i was in. welcome to vinyl, a for floor non- irish pub, bar, with a full-fledged record store at its core. with 7000 square feet feet there is so much more. >> if you look at the age it's not the stereotypical irish folks today. i'm that younger audience. i came over here to open a place which is irish inspired but not an irish pub. >> you heard that right. tableside -- can be found on the
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level called the mezzanine. no other place that i have seen at nyc. one. one level up there's a black rose lounge set up for tv and sound. it is there that you will find one of the many odes to ireland. there are some famous names on their very own wall of fame. one that is off-the-wall here at vn why al is a record collection. others are among the 700 people but james says this place is not just for the elites. >> it's a very important that we create a fun environment. when people hear the word celebrities they often think it's pretentious. it's really important to me, to me pretentious and fun don't work in the same room. that humble policy is the cherry on top. the champagne room at the top floor with walls built of cedar and a jungle theme. you can grab a glass of a
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bubbly, hop in a hammock and swing through the only bar in manhattan that is doubled as us on a. for those of you stick to the cocktail classic, the basement has its own fermentation station where the milks are brewed for five days until you can have a taste. check it out, vnyl is now open to all of nyc. i would promise you will love what you see. >> in the beautiful land not so far away i heard they're making some in type pasta in jersey today. i job out to mann olive to meet simona and see how they make them it's for my favorite panini. when i arrived at at the factory there so much to see, salami galore. but where's the prosciutto, i need to see more. the prosciutto need salted and resting insulting somewhere. i didn't believe him until he opened the door.
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>> the prosciutto asked. i can't believe you said that, i looked back and gassed. look at this outfit i had to put on. even the hat, come on. >> the facility is new but beretta is old, for 200 years they have made flavors this bowl. in 1920 the brothers opened a shop with me. but look, now it's transformed into this modern feast. that makes salami, mozzarella, and prosciutto of course. you and prosciutto of course. you can get them packaged together, perhaps the main course. i went to the factory to see what it took, they're made with just three things, pork, salt, and salt, and love is all it took. the packed up and slice because of the big day, you're ready prosciutto so come out and play. >> ready for prosciutto, i have it right here. he smelled
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delicious and i know my friends are dying to taste. don't taste. don't worry simoni we won't let any go to waste. i buy these magical treats to taste and enjoy. >> it's really good. so salty. thank you. >> see news happening near you, uploaded to the fresco app today and become a citizen chaser. down the fresco in the app store and google play.
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♪ the simpsons today's safety film don't wear jewelry during sports has been cancelled. instead we'll watch a movie that made me fall in love with showing movies i've watched to other people. (kids booing) (exclaiming) that's right, the 1967 classic doctor dolittle, which answers the question: what if an elderly unmarried doctor decided to focus his practice on animals? the running time is 152 minutes! the running time is now! (grunts) (horse neighing) (neighing) (neighing continues) (groans) he's been giving that horse an eye exam forever.


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