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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  December 1, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> gun battle, police pursuit, ends in one woman dead. this scene in west philadelphia, many questions, how police were able to track down the men responsible. >> well, major break through in getting justice for jayanna. the arrest in connection with the hit-and-run death with eight year old jayanna powell. >> everyone grab a mop. a wet floor forces the seven 6ers to postpone their game at the wells fargo center. oh, look at. that will figure that out. how the team is now trying to make things right with all of the disappointed fans. >> little too much floor shine. >> really. they had to cancel the game. i wonder what it is? you can't get one of those swiffer mops for that, can you? >> a loft questions this morning. what did you news why so slippery? >> and how did this happen? good morning to you. i hope you're doing well this thursday morning. >> i'm doing well, as well. well, i guess you can't see it right now, show you in a little bit. holiday decorations up so the studio looks little different. i'm liking the feel, sue, it is december 1st.
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>> feeling like the holidays. >> that's right. time to get festive! on this first day of december, we talk about our number of the day of course, first off, and today's number is a six. it is better than yesterday's four. but we're going to transition now to new weather pattern. bus stop buddy does not have the umbrella he's got the hoodie on, not too colds, temperatures in the four's, 50's, eventually we will see some sunshine for the first time in a couple of days. you see, all of the rain exiting, stage right, so no more rain. but it is still damp. you can see the streets still wet here in philadelphia. as the winds pick up, that will take care of. that will we've got 13-mile per hour winds gusting to 23 miles an hour, at philadelphia international airport. with 56 degrees, 42 in mount pocono, 57 degrees atlantic city, 53 degrees in wilmington, and, again, those winds are sustained as much as 15 miles an hour up in the mountains, 13 miles an hour in wilmington, sunshine, for the
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short -- bless me -- we've got temperatures in the 50's, throughout the rest of the day. that surprised me, bob kelly. >> that's the new control room to rap it. >> telling me i'm done? >> they have abut on in the control room that makes us sneeze. 63:02. good morning, everybody, here's a live look at the accident, i've been telling but, right in front of the collingswood diner. right at the circle here. where route 30, and route 130, all come together. a loft police activity, and you can see the roads are wet. so, that's something that certainly will cause delays this morning. the roads are wet. we're dealing with the leaves that had been matted down from the storm last night. so watch for detours through collingswood. accident north on 95, right at naman's road, as you come north out of wilmington, headed up into delco. here is a live look at the schuylkill westbound, starting to see some volume pop here this morning. again, give yourselves some extra time, we don't have the heavy downpour, like we had this time yesterday. but the leftovers can be just as bad as the storm that we had yesterday.
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a live look at the benny looking good. coming into downtown for the gang in palmyra, cinnaminson avenue at second street batch for crash. also, up here in trenton, new jersey, route 29 at 129. so don't let mother nature's lack of rain this morning gave you a false sense of security, may not be raining at the moment, but everything is still wet and slippery, from yesterday, i should say, the mess from the last two days, mass transit looking good at least for the moment. alex, thomas, back to you. >> thank you, bob. 03:00. woman is dead after police chase comes to an end. it started with gunshots. and that escalated into a pursuit. >> police say the victim simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. steve keeley, police headquarters, another wild one, steve? >> when you're firing what is essentially mini machine gun on the street of philadelphia, don't think for a moment that once you get hine the wheel after car you suddenly start caring about human life. that's the kate here. so going to video number one. and you're going to look at what's left after black nissan maxima. and that's where two guys were driving inside, after police
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had heard these guys, in a gun battle with guys in a white car. they go to the scene of gun battle, 48th and westminster. these guys in the mix and maxima speed off. go about seven to ten blocks, through the street of west philadelphia, ignoring every traffic sign and signal and light, until they finally get to the light at 52nd and locust. that's where the poor 56 year old woman driving a kia sole that you see in video number two, just sitting there at the light waiting for it to change. little does she know, she ends up being a sitting duck who plow into the car with such force, you can see it blown completely off the street, and across the sidewalk, she never had a chance. she was dead within an hour. >> we see depicted in the video this car, the nissan, another vehicle, involved in some altercation, and gunshots were fired from the black nissan, and white vehicle, so there was a shoot that did
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occur, the officer did follow that vehicle, but their lights and sirens on, their car does not stop. they pursue that vehicle, for several blocks, to the intersection of 52nd and locust, which is directly behind me, being pursued by two police vehicles, strikes a vehicle that is going eastbound on locust street, strike that vehicle, unfortunately, the driver of that vehicle was pronounced at presbyterian hospital around 8:10. >> well, police never found that white car that also sped off in the original shooting, so the obvious question was this police pursuit justified? official investigation, but police will tell you that when you have got lives already in jeopardy before anybody even starts driving these cars, with their firing these guns, you can't just let people with the guns get back in the cars and speed off and not go after them.
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sadly, criminals, guns, aren't the only thing we now know that can kill so easily. >> no regard for human live. we've seen it, steve keeley, thank you. time 6:06. >> developing new, police made airiness hit-and-run in the death of jayanna powell. >> just eight years old, jenny joyce live with i guess how they found this guy, jenny? >> police received a tip. have not yet released dollars the identity except to say he is 24 year old man from the overbrook section of the city where it fatal hit-and-run happened two weeks ago. so yesterday our fox 29 cameras were there, as the suspect's nissan altima was impounded, apparently the man brought to the police department accident investigation division. at this point police have not yet announced charges, we believe charges are pending say they received tip that the suspect's car was at auto body shop if frazier chester county, roughly 30 miles from the city, police went there to take a look at the car, and
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ultimately have, it towed to their impounds lot. police believe this was the car involved in the fatal hit-and-run of eight year old jayanna powell, the little girl killed, two weeks ago, when she and her brother were walking home from school. they attempted to cross lansdowne avenue at 63rd street when the child was struck. this week we reported that a reward had reached 45 grand, the victim's family held press conference earlier this week, they also appeared on good day philadelphia, yesterday morning, asking the person responsible to please come forward, you can only imagine, they are feeling sense of justice this morning. we're hoping ton in touch with them, as the morning goes on. we are also expecting to hear more from police, about the suspect, and these pending charges. back to you guys. >> jenny, just to talk with them yesterday, and hear their pain, i'm sure this has to be some sort of, i wouldn't even say relief, but help them with closure, thank you will, jenny. >> coming up 6:08. developing in washington state, a police officer has
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died after being shot several times, while responding to a domestic violence call in tacoma overnight. the officer has not been identified at this hour police have the suspect's home surrounded and the neighborhood on lock-down. they aren't sure if the suspect is barricading in the home or if he fled while the officer was taken to the hospital. washington governor jay inchesly said he's sending prayers to the officer's family. >> over in south jersey police investigating the fatal shooting at a man at condominium complex in mays landing, found the body just before 7:00 last night, happened at woodland's condominiums near the hamilton mall. last friday a man was shot and killed and his brother wounded in the mall's parking lot. now investigators have not identified any suspect. and the sixers last night. did you see the game? well, you couldn't, because they had to postpone it, they had positive postpone last night because the court was just too slick. it was about an hour before the game when the kings players came out on to the court and said it was slippery and wet. they brought out mops, towels,
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to try to just dry it up. even some of the players chipped in to help grabbing mops. nothing seemed to work. the game, well, eventually had to be postponed. see the players there trying to do something about it? they had to postpone it over concern of players safety. >> frustration, you know, i think we have the most incredible, loyal fan base in the world, to have them come down on rainy night, put their trust and fate in this organization, to come here on team, like no fans here on a team. then to send them home it is disappointing. >> had to bement look how packed it was there, too, a lot of people at the game. it is the responsibility of the crews at the wells fargo center to maintain the floor. it is not the sixers, you know, because they don't own the building. >> i wonder how many people had to slip and fall before they say wait, something is not right. >> yes, too much. they'll be given complimentary tickets, no word on when the sixers kings game will be replayed just yet. >> imagine they came all the way out here/i guess we're not playing. >> maybe they get to take a
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tour every filly? >> always a positive there. have few extra cheese steaks. >> they're not playing? time 6:09. tensions rise in charlotte after authorities decide not to charge an officer in the shooting death after black man. the newly-released evidence that helped clear that officer. plus: president-elect donald trump kicks off his thank you tour, with a major announcement. later today. what we can expect to learn about his deal to carrier to keep jobs in the u.s.
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>> decide not to charge the officer who was shot and killed. protesters took to the streets last night for peaceful demonstration against decision, prosecutors say, officer brently vincent was justified in shooting scott in september. investigators say, surveillance video shows scott had a gun on him, when officers fired at him outside of apartment complex, see the pictures there, showing in jeans there. officer thereto serve someone else with a warrant, stumble upon scott in a car with a gun, and marijuana. >> time 6:12. the fate of former police officer, michael slager, now in the hand every south carolina jury. slager on trial for the shooting death of walter scott back in 2015. he pled not guilty, but witness' cell phone video shows scott running away from him. jurors deliberated for about an hour last night, before going home. they'll continue hearing deliberations later today.
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>> thank you tour begins today for president-elect donald trump. what he is is expected to reveal about a deal to keep nearly 1,000 jobs from moving to mexico.
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>> for fuse and wednesday, combined, we got an inch and three quarter every rain in philadelphia, almost two and 3-quart nerves allentown, and two and a quart nerve trenton, almost inch and a half over the two days in wilmington, not so much in atlantic city, but it helps, still at deficit for the year, though. so far in 2016, at five and a third innings below where we should be with rainfall. we could use a little more, but for the next couple of daisy think most every us will be happy to dry out, especially as we head into the weekends. so there goes all of the precipitation, off to the west, and the northeast, and we see 56 degrees, in philadelphia, right now, still on the mild side. but there is chillier temperatures, chicago, and detroit, are in the 30's right now, that's the cold air that's headed our way. so 42 up in mount pocono, 45 in lancaster, as we said, 56 here in the city and 55 in willed wood. the colder air has really settled in yet. winds starting to pick up. are coming in out of the
6:17 am
northwest, 15 miles an hour in mount pocono, 13 miles an hour here winds gust 23 miles per hour at the airport, the warmest day of the next seven, really with temperatures falling through the 50's, we've already seen the highest temperatures of the day. by the weekend, talking highs in the 40's. ya, that feels december-ish. doesn't it, bob kelly? at least it will be dry. >> there you go. 6:17. trying to dry out this morning, good morning, everybody, live look at 422 eastbound, delays, heading in toward king of prussia. don't let mother nature fool you. may not be raining when you step out the front door, but everything is soaking wet, and those leaves, are all matted down. live look at the boulevard. delays south on 95, already at 20 minutes, they just cleared that accident. reopened the collingswood circle. so that's good news. crash through north on 95, at naman's road, for the gang watching us up in trenton, new jersey, route 29 and 129, an accident. also, a disable north on the blue route, just off of i-95, so anybody leaving delco,
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heading north this morning, expect delays on the regional rails, again, today. remember, it is december 1st, so when you buy your e-zpass, make sure to get your november strike credit, and as we go for a ride, check out this home decorated nicely, the quinn family, in south philly. got mickey mouse christmas. we are all decorated and ready to go, and i'm ready to go, i'll head out tonight. going to go to west chest they are, pennsylvania, and broadcast live from the corato family front lawn. they sent us picture tonight between 5:00 and of. i have special outfit prepared for this outfit. >> no way. >> oh, no. >> yes, oh, yes. >> does the outfit light up? that's what i want to know. >> oops, that's all i'm saying. >> okay, all right, we'll try to get more out of him then. >> time 6:18. donald trump heading out on his long anticipated victory tour. some call it thank you tour. he calls it vick fry tour. stopping first in indianna. where he's taking credit for helping to save a thousand jobs. >> doug luzader joining us from washington with the latest on this, because some people are saying it may not
6:19 am
be what all it seems. >> well, you know, this is involving carrier air-conditioning, it became kind of viral sensation, when this was announced to boost from the staff. now they've decided to change their mind here. to president-elect trump, on twitter they made the comment. trump quickly taking credit for. >> this going to be in indianna today to tour the plant. as they make this commitment to keep maybe not a thousand but something around that number of jobs in the united state. so part of the story, it is kind of, you know, still some blanks to fill in here why carrier really made this decision. >> is that because giving them money or tax breaks?
6:20 am
>> also, the fact, that mike pence, governor every indianna there is plant is in indianna, so state inducement, as well, this aspect isn't all that clear. the other thing, this is a company owned bouey knighted technology, which does a lot of defense work, for instance, and they don't want to do anything to jeopardize that. >> during campaign sees, talk to number every these companies to avoid them from moving out. so we'll see. doug luzader, see you next hour, got to talk about sarah palin, too, can be offered a cabinet position. >> right? veterans aer? >> so new kicks forecaster on. see the special cleets the eagles quarterback will be wearing on sunday, and all for good cause. coming right back.
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>> sixers were supposed to play sacramento, game postponed because the floor was slippery, and wet. about an hour before tip-off. the kings noticed problem with the floor, during warm up. they tried to mop it, clean it up, the floor, but nothing working, so they called the game. last thing the sixers need is a slipper -- sixer slipping and getting injured.
6:24 am
>> there seemed to be like a film on the court. neither of the teams players could get very comfortable. both of the coaches were on the same page, on board. >> bick disappoint, being driving down here in traffic and everything, be zero but we will stay loyal, be back next week. >> we came here looking for good game, ultimately player safety. that's what's most important. >> to college hoops, temple, st. joe's, in a tight game. but, in the last second, big three right here would put temple ahead, for good. seventy-eight-72, that's sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. call it football. awards just keep coming for penn state. james franklin won the big ten "coach of the year" earlier this week. and, yesterday was announced that the running back, barkley, won the big player of the year. he had 1,219 rushing yards and 15 touchdowns. first from pen tate to win this award since michael robinson. >> of course the big ten
6:25 am
championship game will be right here on fox saturday at 8:00. penn state battles wisconsin, ranked number six. winners most likely finds themselves in the college football playoffs. well, packers linebacker clay matthews is not happy with the eagles lineman, allen barbre, after a big block in monday night game. you know the block. >> matthews told espn that he's not a fan of the block that sent him flying monday night. he called it cheap shot. >> that's not it. >> you're about to see that thing. didn't flow a flag on the play because well he is not a quarterback. there you go. matthews hurt his shoulder on the play, went back into the game. but his status for sunday's game is not yet known. >> like he didn't even see it coming. a lot of people saying it remind them when reggie bush came to play the eagles and he got knocked out. >> should have been a flag. should have been a call on that play. >> new details about what caused plane to crash in columbia. why investigators are now focusing on running out of fuel as a possible cause. >> but first, good morning,
6:26 am
jenny. >> reporter: good morning, thomas. well, police make an arrest in the fatal hit-and-run of eight year old jayanna powell watch led them to the suspect. we'll tell you next.
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6:28 am
gunshot leads to police pursuit take takes tragic turn. how innocent woman ended up dead. >> pay up. why penn state is dishing out more money to the whistle blower in the jerry sandusky scandal. and, whole new role for
6:29 am
this philly-born star. why bradley cooper and his girlfriend may have something big to celebrate in the new year. >> shocker. >> oh,. >> shocker at 6:30 this morning, we'll tell in you just a moment. great to have you with us. >> good morning, tomorrow, how are you? >> doing well. weather changing, the rainout, sue, and temperatures, little bit. >> temperatures down, the winds pick up, and that's what we call the wind of change. >> limb chillier than now, we are expecting at least some sunshine. >> we had two whole days every rain after all, so still looking damp here. 56 degrees, 23 mile per hour wind gusts in philadelphia, so that's going to dry things outment then the leaves will all start blowing around
6:30 am
again, 46 in reading, trenton has 53, we had 57 in atlantic city, 45 in lancaster, 55 wildwood. and that's what it is like as you walk out the door this morning. , atlantic city, and impressive wind gusts, too, talk about that coming upment look at this, mid 50's all day long. temperatures actually going down little bit before they go back up. so we've seen the last of the showers wind rolls in, this first day of december, bob kelly it, will start to feel like december, as well. >> you know what? mother nature can certainly turn the fan on here, dry things off little bit. and with that, going to blow all of the wet leaves hopefully offer of the roadways, the problem here, good morning, everybody, 6:30 on a thursday, westbound 422, there is a casino there in the background, right here, look like either accident or disable right at the onramp at route 23. jammed up from the vine expressway, bumper to bumper, single file formation, as you head on over to 30th street. starting to see the volume pop
6:31 am
this morning, 25 minute delays, south on 995. gang from wilmington, watch for disable right near naman's road, police on the scene there trenton new jersey route 29 at route 29 watch for an accident. and also, disable on the blue route, northbound so far so good. probably see delays today on regional rails, and expect some minor delays because of the weather down at philadelphia international airport. back to you. >> breaking news out of camden county car crash send at least one person to the hospital right in front of the collingswood diner, so violent, person became trapped in the mangled wreckage, you can see it right there. emergency crews had to cut the metal to free the victim. traffic is being re-routed in the area. >> 6:31, going to developing story we're following this
6:32 am
morning, woman is dead after suspected gunmen led police on pretty wild chase through the sit. >> i officers say the in the wrong place at the wrong time, steve? >> you can take the word suspected out of that. these guys were seen on video. >> a mini machine gun with lot of ammo, intent on killing someone last night past 7:00. shooting at them with this gun they didn't kill anyone with a gun, they killed an unintended victim with a car. blacks neice and maxima, found the gun in the back seat after the crash. it ways more than 3,500 pounds grown men inside, speeding, mostly metal, going through red lights with deadly velocity and force, much more deadly in this case than 3-pound gun was, because in video number two, we see the smashed kia sole, 56 year old
6:33 am
woman was driving on locust street, last night, just past 7:00, safely waiting for the lights to change here at 52nd and locust not knowing those in the previous gun fight moments before, battling through the streets trying to get away from comes, ignoring the red light before slamming into her kia sole with such force gets thrown out. dead within the hour. moments before police on patrol heard lot of gunfire, they drove toward the sound of the gun battle car to car to see 48th and westminster, still unknown white car that got away. >> occupants of the nissan, behind me, and a white vehicle, were involved in some type of gun battle, and that's what the officer heard. once they got there, they saw auto glass in the street. and they see a male quickly get into the nissan, and that's when they start following the car, to try to stop it, it doesn't stop. they put light, sirens on, and
6:34 am
a pursuit begins. >> the nissan has strike mart, we know just from the video that the nissan, and this other white vehicle were involved in a active gunfire, gun fight. >> he talks bullet holes from the gun fight, police have surveyed video of the in the black nissan, so, they never were shot. and weren't really hurt in the crash believe it or not, just hurt slightly after being checked at the hospital. so, they avoid getting shot and killed. they avoid getting killed in the deadly car crash. one thing they won't avoid, charges in the death of this 56 year old woman just out driving and minding her own business when she gets killed. >> pretty heavy fill any charges, steve, thank you. >> developing news, police made arrest in hit and death to end the death of jayanna powell. >> great news, just eight years old, finally got, jenny joyce joining us this morning, great example how someone saw
6:35 am
something, called police. >> so we do know arrest was made yesterday, however, charges are still pending, in this case, at this point, police have not released the identity of the the suspect except to say that he's a 24 year old old male. yesterday, our fox 29 cameras, were there, as the suspects' nissan altima was impounded apparently the man brought to the police department's accident investigation division, for questioning. again, at this point, police have not announced charges. investigators say they received a tip that the suspect's car was at an auto body shop in frazier chester county, police drove 30 plus miles to the shop to take a closer look at the car and ultimately have it towed to their impound lot. police believe this was the car involved in the fatal hit-and-run of eight year old gianna powell -- jayanna powell, little girl killed two weeks ago when walking home from school and attempt topped cross lansdowne avenue at 63rd street. this week we reported that the
6:36 am
reward in the case had grown to $45,000. >> did have her family on fox 29, good day philadelphia yesterday we can imagine they're feeling little sense of relief, some justice, hearing police are making some movement in this case. we are expected to get additional details from police, later today, more about the suspect, and the types of charges that he now faces. thomas? >> waiting on that word, jenny, thank you. developing in washington state, police officer is dead after being shot several times while responding to a domestic violence call in tacoma overnight. the officer has not been identified and at this hour police have the suspect's home surrounded in the neighborhood on lock-down. they aren't sure if the suspect is barricaded in the home or fled while the officer was taken to the hospital. washington governor said he's sending prayers to the officer's family. >> philadelphia police are questioning a mother and her boyfriends in the death after two year old.
6:37 am
that toddler's death has been ruled a homicide. police responded to the home in the 600 block every east clementine just before midnight tuesday when they arrived. sigh air's, police took the boy to st. christopher hospital where he later died. autopsy showed he had a fractured rib and a lacerated liver. neighbors are shocked by his death. >> he always danced and all. >> he was just happy. he was a happy little baby. >> i'm going to miss him. because he always called me aunty and everything, and every time he saw me he was happy, he enjoyed life and everything. >> investigators spent wednesday afternoon collecting evidence at the house. the investigation is ongoing. >> mike mcqueary getting more money in the judgement for his whistle blower case against penn state. a judge awarded an additional $5 million for the former assistant football coach. it it is for legal fees and harms his reputation, that's on top of last month's jury
6:38 am
verdict. awarding mcqueary more than $7 million. mcqueary says the university put him on leave and he couldn't find a job after reporting he saw jerry sandusky abuse a boy in a team shower. >> 6:38. getting new clues this morning, about the final moments before this week's deadly plane crash in columbia, a disturbing reporting leaked. >> final exchange between the pilot and air traffic controllers. so, karen, you have the latest on how this will affect the investigation? >> little chilling. snow this recording the pilot reportedly requests permission to land, because he had an emergency. the emergency, he would run out every fuel, hand no power. that information matches an account of radio traffic heard by a pilot in a nearby plane. colombian news outlets also reporting the recording captures the pilot requesting landing but instead he is kept circling by those air traffic controllers.
6:39 am
>> it was flying at maximum range, crash killed 71 people on board, brazilian division one soccer team head today their championship game. in the meantime, soccer fans, all around this world, are continuing to mourn. last night, they had a big vigil in the team stadium in brazil. and despite the circumstances, many, many people that were there, and they were praying, and they had candles there, at the vatican, pope francis also paid tribute asking the fateful to pray for the victims. the foreign minister every brazil says they'll not be speculating about what may have caused the crash but many other people certainly are talking about it. thomas, al next. >> yes, that's the question. why didn't they have extra 45 minute every fuel on board? so a lot of answers, or a loft questions remain. >> you would think they would prepare for that. >> this casino every plane, about the distance that it could make it, already had one stop, then it went there. then the end of the range. so they were cutting it sort of close with the craft. >> thank you, karen. >> well, coming up on 6:40, this morning, we are remembering the big cheese
6:40 am
behind the big mac. >> yes, he's the genius behind that jingle. remember, known by generations? take a listen. >> ♪ two all beef pap is, lettuce ♪ >> promotion, remember, sing the whole tune, you get free big mac? well, delegate i served up the icon i two tear sandwich at his mcdonald's franchise in union town pennsylvania in 1967. he believed the menu needed something jazz year than burgers and fries, but would take another year before mcdonald's dollars dollars the burger to it menus everywhere, since then, more than 47 million big max sold, despite its popularity, delegate i never received a penny of royalties for creating that sandwich. he was 98. he never received a penny? >> never received a penny. >> well the mcdonald's did tweet this out. they said today we celebrate the 98 inspirational years of the big mac and jim delegate
6:41 am
i. jill, so proud of you. >> back in the day, 1967, motorcycle doing 'd's had the smaller burgers, he wanted something more hearty for his customers, so he came up with the big mac. >> with the special sauce. >> mcdonald's was resistant for awhile, no, we don't want to car at this, as mentioned a year ago they did and here we go. >> at least help with the funeral arrangement rogueing? >> after all he's done. >> is being an eagles fan little too much of a borden one famous birds fan believes so. why ryan philip retried to convince his son to find a new team. >> plus, new kicks forecaster on. the special cleets the quarterback will be wearing this sunday, all for a good cause.
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kisses deluxe chocolates. with a whole roasted hazelnut, delicate crisps and layers of rich, creamy chocolate, they're twice the size of the kisses chocolates you love. say more with kisses deluxe. >> live look at 95, south of wilmington, you see all of the white lights in the background here, that's an accident involving two tractor-trailers. it is southbound lanes of 95, just south of wilmington, right at exit number five, which is 141. two tractor-trailers, couple of vehicles involved. sounds like it will be with us here for the rest of the rush hour, so if you are watching just wilmington, and we're headed south of wilmington on 95, be aware, n ready for the detours, live look at 422, you got the casino there in the background, folks starting to make their way in toward king of prussia. don't be fooled by mother nature, even though it is not
6:45 am
raining, everything is still wet. >> jammed for the vine street expressway into 30th street. forty-two, coming into the city, slower than normal. south on 95, almost a half hour out of the northeast. and we got delays again today on the regional rails. because of the slippery rales. and remember, it is december 1st, so before you go buy your new monthly transpass, i was going to say e-zpass, make sure to get your strike credit from last month, and as we go for a ride on 295, hello to louise, in drexel hill. thanks for sending us this picture of her house all decorated for the holidays. we got the manger scene, hey, at least they're all still standing up from the wind last night. come on, let's roll t it is a very kelly christmas, we hit the road tonight. we will head to west chester, pennsylvania, the caroto family decorated their house, and snap a pick, post it to facebook, instagram, twitter.
6:46 am
best of the best, we pay visit. tonight i go live during the 5:00 and 6:00 news from the front lawn of the family in west chest they are err. -- west chester. wait until you see the forecast tonight. sue has the answer in 15 seconds. >> yesterday, november 30th, marked the end of the 2016 atlantic hurricane season. so as we look back over our list every names, we went as far as otto, most active season since 2012. but the worse storm of all, undoubtedly, was hurricane matthew, which at one point was a category five storm. and caused a lot of destruction from florida all the way up through the carolinas. so, that's it for the hurricane season for 2016.
6:47 am
we've been talking about that for awhile, cold front exiting, and the mile air along with it, chillier air moving in along with high pressure, which means, we will see sunshine today. but since we're right inbetween those two systems, the front and the high, we are going to see winds, pick up, as the day goes along, so there goes all of the rain, and that's not going to trouble us any more. still on the mild side now, though, we've seen temperatures drop out to the west, into the mid 40's, lancaster, reading, lower four's up in mount pocono, still pretty mild at the jersey shore, but you see, winds picking up 13 miles an hour atlantic city and philadelphia. 15 miles an hour mount pocono. and some wind gusts even higher, of 23 miles an hour, here in the city. so that's what it is like right nowment probably see temperatures kind of drop throughout the day, through the 50's, and then, bottom out in the 30's tonight. so it will be another cold night. just like december supposed to be. 52 degrees is our high tomorrow. then, over the weekend, daytime highs in the 40's, both days, and by tuesday, we
6:48 am
have another chance of rain. that's a look at your first seven days of december. >> oh, what a difference a day makes. sue, thank you. >> ryan philipy grew up in delaware as eagles fan, tried to tell his son he didn't have to be a fan of the eagles. >> what? >> can you believe he sat him down, full on conversation, son, i grew up an eagles fan, you don't have to, trying to save him the bushed end of tal your. >> he believes eagles fan deserve the bad reputation they have. at the same time, he said, philadelphians have a chip on their shoulder because they're always in the shadow of new york and boston. >> whatever. >> i mean, i think that does mean passion, he said, the whole city and the eagles fans in the area, they're really wear they're motions to the game. i remember growing up, even though i wanted eagles to win personally, i wanted them to win more. i knew my dad would be in a bad into for the next few days. really? >> i grew up an eagles fan, i grew up here in the area, traveled around the world, but you always have that hope. you stay an eagles fan. >> yes?
6:49 am
>> but you have the conversation with your kid and say, hey, maybe it is time to move on. >> when i moved here, i remember people told me, okay, all basically megadelphians. you end up being disappointed continually, that's why we feel this way, we keep wanting good thing, we keep thinking maybe there is a chance, you know it, doesn't happen. >> so you're saying quick to dismiss. if things don't go our way -- >> think about it, okay, carson wentz came, everybody's on the wednesday wagon, then the sees zero just went oh, wait we have ben simmons, number one draft pick. like we can't win. >> ryan had great things to say about wentz, said he was very intriguing young player, to watch. >> yes. >> so, we're all hoping and waiting that wentz will develop into something. but you know he needs that support on the feel. will he get it? i don't know, remains to be seen, not the season, not the season. always next season. >> true. >> we will be here in a year, holding out hope for another season but we'll see what will happen. >> you feel that way. >> and another, and another. >> always smiling.
6:50 am
>> it is okay, you don't have tonight let's talk more about carson wentz, showing off some custom kicks this week, all for good cause. >> so take a look here, it is wentz posted picture every his revamp cleets with a bible verse on them. joining other nfl players for the nfl's my cause my cleat campaign. >> encouraging players to wear personalized shoes. wentz hasn't said yet what charity he's supporting, we're seen some players obviously supporting breast cancer research, altzheimer areas, he has ao1, which means audience of one. >> looks like there, looks like resurrection sunday, where the tomb has been removed. you know wentz is very devout christian. something probably to do with that, maybe more explaining. i'm sure romans 5.8. i have to look it up, see what that says specifically. >> you should have paid
6:51 am
attention in churr. >> i know, bible school, alex, common. >> going around the lockerroom, said he only plays for one person that's jesus because it allows him to shut out the outside noise and pressure. >> i'm glad the nfl is doing there is see what a lot of the different players stand for what they want you to stand for and i'll be checking at the game. checking the cleets. instead of looking what's going on with the ball. >> what did you think of the game. >> i don't know, but -- >> need to focus on the ball, please shall catch it, please. 6:51. a philly born actor soon taking on a new role. the big news from bradley cooper and his girlfriends. hum. >> but first, fox 29 has proudly partnered with the kelly ann dolan memorial fund this year to help as many families as possible and you can help out as well by adopt ago family. the dolan funds looking for unwrapped toys for children up to 18 years old. remember always bring gift card, target, wal-mart, drop it off at the wissahickon firehouse on december 5th and 6th. over jenn fred, she will be
6:52 am
there live on december 6th and from seven to 10:00 a.m. for more information we have the information there or give us a call (215)643-0763. coming right back.]
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6:54 am
6:55 am
>> top 20-foot hauls. >> so the market first began in 1680. it bridges in more than 6 million visitors annually says reading terminal made the cuts because of its historical importance. >> amazing all of the things in there. >> they have one in san francisco, the marketplace, out there on the peer. great place, but nothing compares to reading. i remember the first time i went in there, like a little kid like wow everything you can imagine, all of the food. >> great when my family comes to advice the like we all decide on one thing what we want to eat, no all go to reading terminal, go here, we all meet in the middle and sit down and eat. >> because your mama can throw down in the kitchen. >> they love coming to restaurant here, amazing all of the food here. >> wrap stuff, take it back to dallas. >> of course, do you have bring it back. and in new york, have you been to eatly?
6:56 am
it is so cool, all basically italian theme. it is very authentic feeling, and it is huge, and they have all times of you can buy utensils, ingredient, have pizzeria there. it is amazing. >> you're a foody, aren't you? >> i don't know if i'm foody, but i like to eat. >> i posted something on stain gram, when getting down, we had what was it the tostada? >> you got me, ya. >> 6:56. ankle nerve charlotte right now. after a district attorney's decision, not to charge the officer who killed keith lamont scott. see the key piece of evidence that led to the decision. >> gun battle leads to police pursuit and ends with a innocent woman dead this morning. many unanswered questions surrounding the scene in west philadelphia. we'll have up a date from commissioner ross straight ahead.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> this is good day philadelphia. >> gunshots then a chase. a police pursuit takes a tragic turn, in west philadelphia. >> how an innocent woman ended up dead. one step closer to justice for jay ann a the major break in the case of the deadly hit-and-run involving a eight year old little girl, who police have in custody right now. >> building his cabinet. president-elect donald trump reportedly talking to sarah palin. the position she could be considered for, plus, where
7:00 am
trump will be today as he makes his first public appearance since the election. up. >> and i think we'll need a bigger mop. >> due to issue with the surface of the court court. >> because every wet floor the game is cans snelled what's to blame or who is to blame? how players are reacting this morning. >> this philly born star? why bradley cooper and his victorial secret model girlfriends may have something huge to celebrate in the new year. >> well, good day everyone, december 1st, 2016. can you believe what happened with the sixers? >> slippery floor. >> yes. >> and i was just down there yesterday, you know, we did that campout for hunger, and the guys from mmr actually playing on the hard wood. >> anybody slip and small.


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