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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  December 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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to help catch the person responsible. let's get right out to fox 29's chris o'connell has got more tonight. chris? >> reporter: well, iain, police are not sure if the person who placed that package bomb on center city doorstep last week is the same person who made it. but tonight, they are working around the clock to find that person. philadelphia police and the atf say this video shows an asian man in his late teens or early 20s dropping off a package to the doorstep on the 1800 block of pine street. april side that box, an improvised package bomb. that blew up in the face of 60-year-old jim alden scene here on his you caring page raising money for his recovery. >> we were not eliminating any potential murder until we involve this crime we're keeping our minds open and that's how you conduct a good investigation. >> reporter: the man was seen sunday morning november 20th near the area of seventh and pine shortly after dropping off the package. wearing a blue coat and an
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elmore if you had style hat. the package addressed to alden sat in the doorway for nearly two days before it was opened and exploded. >> we haven't really scene this particular type of device anywhere in this entire region on the east coast. >> reporter: now along with releasing that video, police also announc announce $10,000 rr arrest and convict of the person responsible for this. they are pleading with anyone with any information could come forward and total call their tips line 215686 tips. guys, back to you. >> hopefully it will happen asap. two weeks after a hit-and-run that killed eight-year-old girl in overbrook and this man now faces charges. prosecutors have charged 24-year-old paul woodland with homicide by vehicle involuntarily manslaughter and other offenses. police say he was driving a nissan all the ma that killed jay anna powell as she walk home from school with her little brother along lansdowne avenue. new developments tonight in a police pursuit that ended in a deadly crash. police have identified the
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innocent woman who was killed when she was caught in the middle of the horrible crash. >> she was just tragically in the wrong place at the wrong time. fox 29's dawn timmeney joins us now with new details. dawn. >> reporter: so sad. that woman 55-year-old carol ice am lived right around the copy from where she was killed. her family gathering outside her home heart broken and wondering how it could have even happened. police vowing to fine out. >> this deadly wreck of 52nd at and locust in west philadelphia last night is the tragic end to a police chase. officers were pursuing two men in the black maxima around 7:00 o'clock after the car took off following a gun battle. the maxima then crashing into a kia soul killing the innocent driver throwing her from her c car. >> this is absolute horrible tragedy. regardless of what precipitated it or why. i mean and who is culpable and who is not. a woman died tragically in this report roar police identified the woman as 55-year-old carol
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iceam. she was a mother and a grandmother, lived right around the corner on 53rd. >> my heart goes out to that family. and in i can't stress anything i want to stress that's first and for most in our minds. >> employees say it all started with an exclaim of gunfire between the men in the maxima and some guys in a white car at fourth and west minster. officers actually heard the shots and saw a guy jump into the maxima which took off the driver refusing to stop for police. >> they chased it for obviously several blocks before ultimately that vehicle crashed into our victim which is absolutely horrible thing. >> reporter: police commissioner richard ross acknowledging police chases are dangerous for both the public and officers and investigators now looking at whether property protocol was followed last night. >> it's a lot of things that involve discretion in these cases though. and so these are the things we want to look at. we want to listen to police radio tapes which obviously will be pulled to see whether or not
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there was talk of conditions, speed things like that. >> reporter: police did arrest the two men in the maxima who are brothers and will be facing a shrew of charges including homicide by vehicle. a 9-millimeter handgun with extended magazine was found in the back seat of that car. they are still looking for the white car and its occupants. police say a man did show up at the hospital with a gunshot wound to the arm and they believe he was involved in that gun battle but they say he is not cooperating. iain? dawn, thank you. one of the suspects in a smash and grab rob bro at the macy's in moorestown will be back in court later this month. lead defendant mathis and three other men were court today to conspiracy charges relating to the robbery where they are accused of stealing hundreds of dollars worth of clothes. police say they're also persons of interest in other similar robberies in our area. mathis is back for his preliminary hearing on december 22nd. south jersey community is shaken up after the second murder in less than week. police are trying to find the person who gunned down a man
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outside an apartment complex in atlantic county hamilton township. >> fox 29's dave kinchen speaks to some neighbors who knew the victim. >> reporter: investigators here in atlantic county are not saying much about this case just yet. but we spoke to a man who says it all happened right outside of his window. >> i pulled the curtain back and i heard the gunshot. it was as if the guy was looking up at me at the window right here. >> reporter: coleman shows us the spot where a man's body collapsed last night after four gunshots rang out. one of the rounds even piercing coleman's window as he was watching tv at the woodlands condos in mays landing atlantic county. >> i mean it was creepy. it was scary but you know what, i sat there and another young live snuffed out. >> it's devastating especially because he lived upstairs from me. >> reporter: travis thompson walked over to the crime scene only to see his friend and neighbor marcus on the ground. >> didn't know it was him until, you know, we walked up and i was like, oh, no, i know he had a
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little girl and i know his girlfriend is probably devastated, too my heart goes out to their family. >> reporter: marcus had another baby on the way. the two had known each other ever since playing youth football 11 years ago. but this tra tragedy on ivy bush court reminds him of another. >> it was like six years ago my best friend was killed in the wood lands that was the last time a shooting was here. six years ago. so definitely brought back, upping, bad memories. >> reporter: this homicide comes days after 21-year-old demon cottman was killed and his brother wounded in a black friday shooting at the hamilton mall very close to the wood lands. >> any given night you can hear pops in the background. and i know they're not firecrackers. >> reporter: investigators have not yet said whether the two murders are related but many neighbors feel like they are living in a war zone. robert coleman wants to find another home for his mother. >> stuff like this going to happen over and over again. over at the mall, whether here, you just hope it doesn't come knocking at your door. >> reporter: atlantic county prosecutor's office has not yet
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released a full name of the victim. the search for the shooter continues. in hamilton township, dave kinchen, fox 29 news. ♪ >> your fox 29 weather authority now. it's a festive weather authori authority. >> it is. north philadelphia. kathy? >> oh, my gosh, what a fun time. one of my favorite tree lightings here the rise of the ridge six annual tree lighting we're on ridge avenue. you can hear the music and this is my little friend. tell everybody your name. >> precious. >> precious. properly named because she's so precious and here this tree lighting is very special. because tell everyone at home what the kids get to do? >> play. >> play and pick out -- >> coat. >> coat. so we are going to pick out coat with precious. come on, precious. come on over here. and you get to pick and you are going to pick -- >> oh, and why are you picking this coat, precious. >> my favorite color. >> here let me help you. >> okay. so talk about the perfect event for the season of giving.
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there's music, you want to try it on? there's food. and the kids even get to pick out coats. are you happy? >> yes. >> shall we do little weather. >> yes. >> you put on your coat we'll do a little weather. let's tack about the temperatures around the region. we have temperatures mainly in the 40s and the 50s and they're going to be falling fast tonight this evening temperatures falling through the 40s and it will be sweater weather for su sure. maybe by this weekend, precious, it will be winter coat weather. what do you think about that? >> yes. >> yes. let's see if it fits. you hold the mike. do i wish everyone a merry christmas at home. >> mer row christmas, daddy! >> you're so sweet. let's see if it fits, precious. hold on. >> okay. >> let me see if i can do this on life tv. it might be tough. okay. let me see if i can do it. can i do it? precious i'm going to have to practice. it will take the whole show. we'll send it back to you guys. the forecast later in the
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broadcast. i'll keep trying. >> all right, kathy, thanks. sad development tonight in a story that broke the hearts of the wilmington delaware community and the entire area. wilmington senior firefighter has died. she was crit clear burned in september row home fire in wilmington. two firefighters died in the fire. captain christopher leach and lieutenant jerry fickes. prosecutors have charged a woman who was staying at the home with arson in the murder of those two firefighters. it's not clear yet if those charges will change with hope's death. penndot and trip pep a employees first responders and local hospital workers are standing side by side in paoli way clear message do not get behind the wheel drunk this holiday season. this year's big crack down called operation safe holiday. it will include sobriety checkpoints, set up across the state. now officials say impaired drivers were behind more than 500 crashes last year. >> please don't be dead for christmas. when we think about that, what
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would happen if you're dead for christmas? they'll be a pile of presents underneath the tree that will never be opened. your family and friends will be in mourning and the holidays will never be the same for them again. >> really is simple. have a designated driver or use some other means of transportation. we're celebrating a very kelly christmas. >> yes, we are. fox 29's bob kelly check it out from holiday lights in west chester hanging out with the k kurado family. there he is buddy the elf. >> i'm so excited. you excited, kids? >> yes! >> oh, come on take look at this front long. the familiar until west chester doing it for i wasn't witness years. growing up in the city, that was a tradition my dad would put us all in the car and we would just drive around the neighborhoods looking at the christmas lights in each of the different neighborhoods. this family here they also have a toy collection everybody brings a toy and the toys are donated to the chester county
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hospital. 18 years in the making, and mike swing around because take a look at the house across the street. why even bother? right when you live -- this guy is on your block. they don't even decorate elsewhere near here year on nobody hill lane in west chest chester. joan and jerry, they start putting their lights up right after i guess october 1st you said and they're ready to go come thanksgiving. kids, i saw somebody land on the roof! >> oh, my god. >> really? >> santa claus. >> santa is coming. is a tan is coming. >> here he is. stan clause is here. everybody give a way to santa. >> hi santa. >> santa, how are you. >> i'm doing great. >> i'm doing great. >> thank you sir. >> how are you bob. >> thank you very much for inviting out here. thanks for coming and landing on the roof here to visit the kids i know we'll talk to all the kids. how is everybody been at home this year? >> pretty good. >> good. >> we can't complain. how about that lucy noland what
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do you think on her? >> eh. >> what? >> eh. >> what? >> lucy you have to time to work on this. >> i've been very good. >> you have time to work on it. >> yes, yes. >> if you like me to come to your house to check out the holiday lights all you have to do is snap a picture and post it to facebook, twitter, instagram. use the hash tag fox 29 lights contest. i can be coming to your house maybe i'll bring the big guy himself as well. ho, ho, ho. >> we're coming right back. merry christmas everybody. >> 24 days to be on the good list. >> turn it around let the big guy know. >> police are looking for this guy. surveillance video catches him torching a garage in north philadelphia. the clue that police say might help catch him. and call it an early christmas gift. today wells fargo announce add major grant. how it's going help people in and around philadelphia. sean bell. >> lucy ton of news for the zig sers today, good, bad and head scratching plus a couple of eagles going back home but not
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getting hometown discounts much that's coming up later in sports. always wins.
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in north philadelphia police are looking for someone who lit a garage on fire. investigators just released this video. they say the guy on the bike is the one who set the whole thing off wednesday night. police say he lit a garage on fire along the 6100 block of north fourth street. then road off on a bmx style bike. hundreds of families in philadelphia will soon become first time home buyers. >> all thanks to partnership between wells fargo and the city. city officials gathered in south philadelphia today to announce a $100,000 grant that will help revitalize neighborhoods. the money comes from wells far fargo's lift program. the grant will also help to work force development and youth programs. program launched back in 2012. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. take a look at this. do you think fox 29 kathy orr is having fun out there at that tree lighting in north filly?
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that is kathy and our quincy harris from "the q" show doing the cupid shuffle. they're having a blast out there. right, kathy? and quincy. >> q is there. >> my gosh look at my buddy. >> listen, you kathy dance better than me. >> no. >> kathy is playing. she knows how to dance. >> i have to tell you this has been so much fun. i'll do this on local televisi television. >> oh wow! this is great. >> that better be there tomorrow on "the q" show. [ laughter ] >> we are here on ridge avenue for the tree lighting and of course we have food. we have paparazzi behind us but he been eating now and quincy, a little bit later on, they're going to be lighting the tree. we have adorable little tree behind us. >> i can't wait. >> danielle is doing face painting right here. watch out. and we'll light the tree at 6:30. we had performances, really positive performer out here the john grace productions on the stage right now. this is fun. >> it's been great. a whole block party. look at these cute faces.
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we have to talk about the weather. so now i want to you say, let's turn it inside to scott. >> let's turn it inside to sco scott? >> there's your queue, scott. >> all right, thanks so much, kathy. very festive out there. great weather for that christmas tree lighting ceremony there in north philadelphia. as we look at ultimate doppler, we're dry, we're quiet. not dealing with the rainfall. we still have clouds out there but the cloud cover will be diminishing along with those winds and those temperatures will be dropping. right now it's 50 in philadelphia. 46 already in millville. upper 40s wilmington. look at the pocono mountains chilly already at 36 degrees. now look at those winds. sustained right now out of the west northwest at 10 in philadelphia. 14 miles an hour wind in wilmington. earlier in the day those winds were gusting over 30 miles per hour giving definitely a wind chill. so for tonight with those diminishing winds and clearing skies, we're looking at upper 30s philadelphia. mid 30s millville. 34 degrees for the low in pottstown and look at the pocono
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mountains bottoming out in the upper 20s. so for tomorrow, we're still looking at a breeze but the high temperature in philadelphia around 50. that's actually average for this time of year. so as we move toward next week, cold air from canada will spill toward the delaware valley. we're looking at high temperatures next thursday stuck in the mid fours. so as we look at that seven day forecast 50 tomorrow. 50 on saturday. dry for the upcoming weekend. next rain chance tuesday and also thursday of next week. guys, back over to you. >> all right, thank you very much, scott. were he we got a little bit of eagles today. getting ready for the cincinnati bengals and veterans doing something to show the rookies how to get it done and it's something that is actually outside of football. plus the sixers back at practice but there's more problems than just a slippery court. one of their mares came back and still thinks this ain't going to one of their mares came back and still thinks this ain't going to work coming up next in sports.
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♪ the eagles headed out to cincinnati to play the bengals and there's a few players either from since see or went to school there which usually means they'll be a whole lot of ticket requests and begging but apparently when you're a vet people know better. >> they know not to ask me for tickets. or they just forget you still play. [ laughter ] >> are you still in the league, man. >> they knew from the last time don't ask me.
6:24 pm
but you know even when we get away tickets they're up in the corners any way. they all got their own tickets. i didn't get one ticket. it was nice. >> rookies take note that's how you weed out the leeches. joel embiid didn't play his last game in november but still won the rookie of the month. even though embiid only played 18 minutes game. 18 points, eight boards and 2.5 blocks a game. sixers back at practice today. no word on why the court was slippery yesterday but they were assured everything would be fine for friday's game against orlando. nel lince knoll back on the core. he said the log jam with the bigs wouldn't work and he didn't back off that statement one bit. >> you can't work in the log jam position. >> i don't think the roster changed. >> everybody understands a little bit awkward. everybody understands that there
6:25 pm
is -- there is some level of a log jam at a position. we all get it. we talk freely about it. and so there's no elephant in the room. >> in college football penn state getting ready to take on wisconsin in the big 10 championship game and happy valley there's a feeling they haven't felt in years. >> there's a huge buzz going around right now. um, you know before i got here i always heard whenever penn state is playing well, you know happy valley is that much happier. and you see it walking around campus. people that i have never met in my life will say hey, great ga game. >> big 10 champion shim game roy will be right here on fox saturday at 8:00. the winner should be in the college playoffs. >> we're excited about that game on fox. >> big game. got the pac12 game you need to keep an eye on if they lose the winner of the big 10 is definitely in. >> probably in. >> big 10 game. i got my dvr set if some reason
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i have to stray from the tv set. >> i can't dvr games. >> i'll watch it live. but just in case i have to stray from the tv set for a minute. like a big deal. >> hey, scott. >> hey, how is it going. >> good. >> all right. let's talk about this weather because it's going get cold for tonight. temperatures in the 30s and seasonal friday. high temperature right around 50. upcoming weekend dry, temperatures upper 40s. nearing 50 as we move toward tuesday, thursday of next week our next chance for rain. >> okay. all right. sounds good. >> join us tonight at 10:00. you might drive by it every day without noticing construction debris, splice, heavy equipment all over a city street. neighbors call it dangerous and disgusting. we found the contractor who put it there in an undercover investigation you don't want to miss. >> that does it for us here at 6:00. >> see you back here at 10:00v a great night. inside edition is up next. ♪
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♪[ music ] the kidnapped jogger. was she the victim of a sex trafficking ring? this woman knows what it's like to be branded. >> i would absolutely say she was a victim of sex trafficking. >> and victoria's secret pregnancy. look how they're trying to cover up her baby bump. then, kanye west 911. >> the call for help after kanye's psychiatric emergency. >> and lessons learned. >> what this latest airline disaster is teaching us about how to get out alive. >> you want to make sure you're wearing comfortable clothes if you have to


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