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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  December 2, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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drive around for hours up and down northeast philadelphia, up and down the streets, looking at christmas lights. live look here at headlights here on the vine street expressway is opened for business. they have just reopened it. we are good to go here downtown, live look at the benny, in problems coming into downtown philadelphia. we're off to a good start there. so quiet on all major roadway, definitely a different scenario then past couple days. we don't to have use wipers. everything is dry, all of those leaves blown off the road, so hopefully you will be easier, rough go in allentown, more on this in a moment but detours around fulton road and union, neighborhood and school buses will have detours this morning. market frankford and broad street subway, they were running shuttle buses until 5:00, trains are starting to role for beginning of the morning rush hour. watch the construction today on college avenue, bridge over the septa tracks right the there at haverford drive. karen back over to you. >> bob, thank you so much. we will get out to this breaking news because we had a terrible fire that happened overnight, in fact it lit up
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the sky in the lehigh valley. within row home caught fire and then quickly went in the wind from one to another and in the end, six homes were destroyed, seven families homeless. the lets get out to jenny joyce who is there at the scene, jenny. >> reporter: allentown fire department is still on the scene here. they are staying here, to hon for the block. several homes have stickers on the trent doors saying the structures are unsafe, sky fox was over the scene of the three alarm fire last night, and it broke out in the 400 block of north fulton street in allentown around 8:00 o'clock, according to fire chiefly wohack, the flames spread to six homes before crews, placed it under control just before 1:00 this morning. a handful of volunteers were on the scene overnight working with seven families who lost everything, this week just weeks before christmas. fortunately the fire chief is
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report nothing injuries at this point. we don't know where or how the fire started, once the sun does come up we will know the fire marshall will be out here beginning his own investigation, karen. >> jenny, thanks you. we have another fire to tell you about, this one tragically was deadly. we know a victim was killed by a late the night fire, scene is north 64th street, this is about 8:30 last night. it is really going there engulfed when fire fighters got there when flames were knocked down they made discovery of the body of 44 year-old man. officials are trying to figure out the cause. developing this morning a major lead in the case of the center city shaken the whole area police are calling on the community to help track down a person of interest in the pine street package bombing. they put out a picture of the person, they say person of interest, lets get to steve keeley to explain what we know, steve? >> reporter: karen, our viewers are so used to seeing us show surveillance video these days. that is because so many more cameras around and you look at the quality of the video, look
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at this as we run it, it is pretty crystal clear. this is daylight video but they have got so much video, they have got this by walking there society hilt from seventh and pine, around seventh and lombard as well all the way to where we are at 18th and pine that and that is all they have put out. they are not sure if it is not a woman but they think it is a hand but you they cannot be hundred percent sure because of the disguise, hat, double hat move but drops off this package, sunday morning november 20th, 9:30, right. you wouldn't think, would you say hey, private delivery, maybe somebody just paying somebody to drop it off. they don't know if it is bomb maker or hired mule that the bomb maker paid to drop it off and made sure when the person was dropping it off make sure no one would recognize this person. and jim alden gets the package two days later, puts his glasses on because when he opens it up and blows up in his face those glasses may
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have saved his eye sight. he lost part of two fingers. he has in clue who this person is. he was first person that investigators showed to it before they showed it to the media yesterday. he has no idea why anybody would want to do this to him. >> we're not eliminating any potential motive until we solve this crime. we are keeping our mind opened and that is how you conduct a good investigation. a this time we have not determined a motive, so our mind continue to be opened but as the special agent in charge and the police commissioner said, what is important is that this package was addressed to the victim, the device within that package was designed to be activated when the victim opened the package. the it is still our belief with the evidence we have in front of us today that this particular victim was targeted, it was not a random act of violence but a targeted act of violence. >> reporter: that was joe sullivan who heads home land
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security division and he was asked, because jim alden had a love trump's hate rainbow colored sign this his window, is it possible that this was a hate crime in that is what he said, anything is possible at this point, because we just have no clue why anybody would do this but his name was on the envelope and his that i am also on this crowd funding page because even though he has health insurance it is limited and as i told but those injuries he has a lot more surgery is a head and he is so happy, overwhelmed he wrote with everybody showing his support, they have raised over 20 grand for him so far, the goal was 25 grand on this site, karen and he will need a lot more out of pocket senses once they reach that goal. another goal $10,000 reward that goal obviously to get somebody who is watching this right now, to recognize that person, and call in with a tip, and that is going to be the key as we saw in the hit and run arrest this week and sometimes news conferences
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like that get people to net is things and that is what happened in the hit and run case. up investigators hoping that is what happens in this case all in the same week. >> say something if you know something. thanks very much, steve. we have a really sad update, another devastating loss for the wilmington fire department, another one of the fire tighters that was injured in that horrific blaze in september that claimed lives of two others has died. there she was senior fire fighter artis hope. she's third fire fighter in the department to die from the fire. she was burn 07 percent of her body. those are one other lives we looked, lieutenant christopher leach and senior fire fighter jeffery fickes. fire was ruled arson and a suspect was charged. >> it is a real shame. the community rallied around the fire fighters, and what they had lost to protect them and to keep us safe. >> wilmington fire chief will be holding a news conference later this morning to talk about this remarkable woman. the she's what he said in the statement. as a female african-american fire tighter she had gone
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through a lot of adversity and will remain one of our best fire fighters. we want to give our condolences to the entire family. 5:07. a passenger is killed while riding in the back of the lyft car this happened in trenton. there was a woman sharing ride with two other passengers when she was shot wednesday night. we are told a man tried to rob passengers, jumped in the back seat and demanded money. driver tried speeding off as gunshot rang out. we know 27 year-old amber dudley was shot in the chest and suspects fled. we have another sad update that two year-old boy that died, it turns out he had drugs in his system according to officials. little zyair war rel tested positive. an up also revealed that zyair had serious injuries including a fractured rib and lacerated liver. police were called out to the reports of the unresponsive child and that is where they found the child's mom and boyfriend. the death has been classified as a homicide, no arrests.
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questions this morning surrounding a police chief that ended with a innocent woman being killed. did officers do the right thing in the right way by chasing the suspect? well, we have told you this story yesterday morning. that is the victim, a innocently life taken, she's 55. her name was carroll eison. she have was sitting in her car at 52nd and locust wednesday night the when another car slammed into her. police had been chase ago this car. she died in the hospital and police are investigate to go make sure that officers involved in this chase were following the proper protocols. >> it is a case, they chased them for a several blocks before that vehicle crashed into our victim which is a absolutely horrible thing. we want to listen to police radio tapes which obviously will be pulled to see whether or not there was talk of conditions, speed, and things like that. >> police say that this chase came after a gun battle. they are still looking for another car, white car, that was involved in that gun battle. and we want to show you a
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picture of the suspect in the hit and run death of the little girl. there he is, 24 year-old paul woodlyn, little jayanna powell tied two weeks ago when she was struck by a nissan altima in overbrook. person runs a auto body shop, in chester county recognized the car and called police. prosecutors have charged that suspect with homicide by vehicle and involuntary manslaughter and other offenses. thank ifness for football something we can all cheer b big weekend for college football in our area penn state getting ready to take on wisconsin in the big zero championship game and up in happy valley there is a feeling they have in the had in years. >> there i go a huge buzz right now, and you know, before i got the here i have always heard whenever penn state is laying well, well, happy valley is that much more happier and you can see it, walking around campus, you
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know, people that i have never met in my life will say hey, great game. >> of course, big ten championship game was going to be right here on fox saturday at eight. watch penn state battle wisconsin, winner will most likely find themselves in the college football playoffs, fingers crossed. also temple is playing for a conference champion ship traveling to anapolis to take on navy for american athletic conference title. navy comes into this game ranked 19th. they beat smu last week. they rushed for a lot of yards and they had a lot of touchdowns but we will defeat navy at noon tomorrow. what about tally and villanova wildcats playing this week. they are in the second round of the fcs playoffs taking on south dakota state at 3:00 o'clock tomorrow. final season for coach tally, retiring this year after his 32nd year on the sidelines for villanova. all right. how about this, very important, it is all in how we use them coming up next on the tax 29 morning news push to
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two new jersey attorneys are make to go declassify marijuana's stiff legal penalties and what this could mean for millions.
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high pressure building in with chillier air from the north and west that is the theme of the weekend. we will have breezes, dry weather, sunshine during the
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day of the day is short as we are leading up to winter but for whatever you're doing this weekend is there so many who will take activities, it looks like it will stay dry. these are wind seeds, not as high as yesterday, but it is enough to make these temperatures, feel a little bit more chillier then they are. while we are at 40 degrees in philadelphia, and, 32 in mount pocono and 45 this wildwood, it feels like 33 in philadelphia, 23 in mount pocono, and 38 in wildwood. so generally, for yourself and for the kids it is back to the winter coat. waiting for a ride or bus you might want to grab a pair of gloves, mittens as well because that is kind of morning that it is. yesterday's high was 63. bit deceiving because that high came very early in the morning and temperatures did end up dropping during the day. now that we have settled into these chillier temperatures they will stay through the weekend. we have 50 today. forty-nine tomorrow. forty-seven on sunday. with breezes it will feel
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chillier then that but it is dry, if you are going to go outlook at christmas lights have a good time because middle of next week is when it starts to get unsettled, chance of rain on tuesday, and perhaps again, on thursday. bob kelly, so we will to have work out your next christmas light visit, in between these rain drops. >> i'm looking, and already mapping out my plan here for next week. we have trouble, rain tear have a little trouble landing on the roof when roofies slippery so we have to work on that. 5:15. we're back in business here on the vine street expressway. police activity that was around the art museum was a result of the new traffic pattern that was being put into effect up above here, with this construction project. so if you are rolling through center city be ready for that new pattern. good morning to 202 in paoli, no problems or delays at all, live look at route 73 in south jersey, we are off to a nice quiet start but fender-bender here roosevelt boulevard
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northbound outer drive at harbison avenue. watch for a crash later on to take east mt. airy holiday ceremony at wadsworth avenue. it starts at noon. noon to 9:00. watch for local detours. take a look at this shot. this is a drone picture from the home i visited last night, in west chester, pennsylvania. how cool is that? and also, all of the other homes around them, they don't even decorate. why bother when you live next door to this fellow here, carotto's in west chester is where we were last night for our very kelly christmas. what a time. kid were out in full force. they brought a new toy for the hospital. we had hot chocolate, cookies, lights, blow ups, look at everybody all tired up ready to go. oh, yeah buddy elf showed up. i had my elf outfit on last night which kept me warm and kept fun going. if you would like me to come visit your home for the holidays, snap a picture of your home decorated with the
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lights posted to twitter, facebook, instagram, use the #fox 29 lights contest to show pictures on tv and then throughout this weekend we will look at homes that shitted pictures this week and we will pick a spot so we can get out on the road next week and set up live on your front lawn, touring the five and 6:00 o'clock newscast, karen, back over to you. thanks, bob. in dover delaware police say they have arrested a mom for leaving her three young children inside a car as she went to the wal-mart to go shopping. she's 34. her named is brandi jones and she's in jail. investigators say someone called 911 a young child was wandering around the parking lot at a wal-mart. officers found that child and then two siblings, police say the mom was inside shopping. the children are okay. they are staying with the relatives. atlantic county investigators are hunting for a killer after another murder in that same area. police say someone shot and killed a man in the wood land condoness mays landing last evening. the authorities have not released name of the victim
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but we spoke with a witness. >> i pulled the curtain back and heard gun shots. the guy was looking up at me right here. >> now this murder comes just taste after a gunman killed a man and injured his brother at hamilton mall parking lot on black friday very close to where this all happen. police have not said if they are connect. unfortunately we have seen so many stories, way too much stories of lives cut short by gun violence, it happened every day in our area. but rarely to we get a chance to go deeper. the man there delaware is hoping to make it big as a rapper and among one of those victims. our own hank flynn spent time with his family who can't believe he is gone. >> some people didn't know how big his heart was or how much he loves, loves his family, his children, and his mother. >> ♪ >> reporter: this is wilmington delaware rapper bobby time, the song is his
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2013 hit, out delaware, bobby was regarded as a rising star in rap until monday night when he was shot to death near jefferson street in wilmington. his mother trudy says gelosis to blame. >> they are haters on the street, that is what they was haters on my son because he did exactly what he said he was going to do. he told them when i come out of here i will put delaware on the map, and he wrote out of delaware and put delaware on the map and he did it in less than a year after serving three years in gander hill. >> reporter: trudy admits her son was no saint, the rapper, whose real name was robert pete, had done time and out on what i will facing weapons charges when he died. now, near bobby at jefferson street memorial. how are you all. >> i work so hard. >> reporter: sean bell sent us this pictures, she's mother of
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one of bob i's seven children he them all and was doing right. for them she's outraged. >> they meant the world to him. this was so hard on this family. it is hard for you to take him there his kids like this. this has to stop. violence has to stop. >> reporter: according to the wilmington shootings delaware on line date base there has been 122 shooting incidents in wilmington so far this year. twenty-one fatalities, including bobby's and something like 140 victims overall, it is a smidge down from last year's five-year high but still we have to get through, and those who lost recently departed try to remember the good. >> i just want everybody to pray for his family, for his kids, number one, for his mom. >> ♪ >> reporter: for bobby, that was family and talent, as a
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wrapper and witness to the world. >> all that stuff he saw out on the street and that is what he talk about. >> maybe you knew him as rapper bobby dimes but there was more there, there usually is. no arrest has been made. if you know anything contact the wilmington police. hank flynn, fox 29 news. this is a up usual one. man is dead after he fell into the wissohickon creek but he fell from very high up, this is about 11:00 o'clock yesterday morning on the 4300 block of henry avenue in roxborough. police tell thrust was a 20 year-old man sitting on the wall of the bridge when all of a sudden he fell backward and went in the water, died at the scene. police have arrested a man they say is responsible for racist gra feet any south philadelphia. william tucker from lawnside new jersey is charged with vandalism and other offences. police say he spray painted swastikas in reference to trump in several cars and home. it was a anonymous tip that led detectives to tucker.
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we have good news for chocolate lovers, coming up on fox 29 morning news there is a pennsylvania candy company that says it can cut sugar in its sweets, without cutting the taste. um-hmm.>[a5df]
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stepping up the fight by putting high school nurses on the front lines of this battle. nurses are thousand egypt with narcan drug used to keep people from overdosing on heroin and other opiates. ocean county has been hard hit, 180 people have died from overdosees just this year there, compared to 118 in the county last year, that is more than double. taking a look at your honey enthusiasms hundreds of families in philadelphia, will soon become first time home buyers thanks to a partnership between wells fargo center and the bank, wells fargo and the city. city officials gathered in south philadelphia to announce
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a $100,000 grant to help revitalize neighborhoods. this honey comes there wells fargo's lyft program, this grant will also help, work force development and youth programs. pay raises are coming to the hundreds of new jersey military base. increases will go to 600 military workers. the raises will take effect next year. lawmakers say pay raise toys reflect higher cost of living, joint basis new jersey's second largest, employer. and looking for a new forever friend for your family? brandywine valley spca is holding a mega adoption event this weekend. more than a thousand dogs, cats, kittens, puppies will be available to find their forever home. the adoption fee is only $20 this will be held in philadelphia at the first troop calvary armory on south 23rd street. it starts to take and will run through sunday. if you are in center city you hey want to headache your way to market street because
5:27 am
thinks huge news, we will be live, the biggest wawa yet will be opening its doors right there at 7,000 square feet, it has a indoor bar seating, led lighting, digital monitors, you can watch a game there best part they will be giving away free coffee all day long. how about chocolate with less sugar but all of the aim good taste? nestle claims they have found a way to do it, global check late maker by hallowing out sugar particles, it cannery tuesday the check late sugar content by 40 percent? nestle is applying for a patent and plans to roll roll out products containing this new sugar in 018, swiss company wouldn't say exactly which product will contain new sugar only it was looking at confectionery first. all right. when we come back we are following breaking news lots of developments, we know seven families without a home after a massive fire destroyed several row homes, we are live from the scene.
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breaking news overnight six row homes destroyed by fire, families living this them without the a place to stay this morning. we are live in allentown with the latest on this breaking story. two-year old little boy ted what officials thousand say was in his system that is
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raising more suspicions this morning. and we're counting, today philadelphia joins other cities across this country in the the recount of our presidential election. good day, everybody, made it through another week it the is a friday, december 2nd, it is first friday today. >> boom, how about that. >> first weekend of september. so many communities having their tree lightings or their festive festivities. >> that is right. >> celebration is flip the calendar and it is december, it is coming. christmas, santa. >> all of the decorations are up. >> yes. >> it is so much fun. >> wait until you see. >> you have good weather. >> we have dry weather for the entire weekend. we have our rain out of the way on tuesday and wednesday. so that is done. now it is chillier this morning then it was yesterday at this time. cold air is settled in with the clear sky overnight and buddy, not only back to the winter coat, but some gloves on as well. and the flyers cap, they won last night.
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temperatures in the 30's and 40's. wind chills colder than that, no precipitation to show you so lets see what it feels like in philadelphia, 40 degrees, feels like 33, and that is what we have to factor this when you are selecting your outer wear this morning. we have 32 this mount pocono. thirty-nine in atlantic city and wilmington. forty-two dover. and the wind are not, necessarily as high as they were yesterday but it feels colder, still, plenty of sunshine, for as long as sunnies up, 4:36, 50 degrees, weekend forecast just ahead, bob kelly. >> good morning, everybody. 5:32. people send me pictures of the elfs they have at their house. we have championship trophy and hershey kisses. good morning to the gang up there in west chester. keep in mind parents, elf moves overnight make sure we're with that program. north bound on the tree way heading in toward philadelphia, roads are try, much different scenario then
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we had last couple days. we don't have any rain, leaves have been blown back out of your neighbor's yard after that wind from last night. no problems here on 202 with the mall in the background and a accident on the roosevelt boulevard northbound outer drive at harbison avenue in northeast philadelphia and phoenixville holiday parade will kick off tonight 7:00 o'clock at bridge street. we will have detours there. and then in haverford villanova area college avenue bridge over the septa tracks getting a project underway at haverford. they did not work last couple days because of the rain, they will be back in full force later on today. the mass transit looking good. karen, back to you. lets get to the breaking enthusiasms because we have had a massive fire in the lehigh valley, we had a whole row of row houses go up in flames and spread so quickly. we know seven families are out of their homes during this holiday season. the lets get up to allentown where jenny joyce is following this breaking story, jenny.
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>> reporter: good morning, just minutes ago one of the fire victims arrived here on the scene in tears to see that her home has been destroyed and her story is personally heart breaking. woman was just getting back on her feet after dealing with some personal issues. she got a new job and then now this happened. sky fox was over the scene of the three alarm fire in allentown last night. it broke out in the 400 block of north fulton street around 8:00 o'clock. according to fire chiefly womack the flames spread to six homes before crews placed it under control before what happened this morning a handful of red cross volunteers before on the scene overnight working with seven families lost everything. fortunately fire chief is report ago this there were no injuries, everyone got out safely, that is something one victim tell us that she's very thankful for. this woman didn't want to share her that i am but tells us that she's deaf and was asleep last night when fire
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broke out. fortunately her children were home as they woke her up out of bed. this woman said her life changed in a matter of minutes. >> i was sleeping, my kids woke me up. >> unaudible. >> it happened so fast, very fast. less than ten minutes the whole house was up in flames. when they went to the back, it was spread to the back. i i could see nothing. i'm happen that i my kids are safe. but i'm nu mb. >> reporter: at this point we don't know where or how fire started. on the scene this morning they tell me... >> all right. we are having a problem with that live shot but good news is no one was injured but so
5:36 am
many did lose their homes. we have another fire to tell you about this one has tragic results, it was deadly. there was a victim killed by a late night fire in north 64th street. it happened around the same time as another 18:30 building engulfed in flames when fire fighters got there. they knock them down fairly quickly. when they did did they made that sad discovery body of 44 year-old man. officials are trying to figure out a cause. developing right the now, we have got a major lead in the case that left so many on edge right the now police are calling on the community to help track down a person of interest in that package bombing that happened that was so startling, steve keeley is out there right now by the scene to explain what we know, steve. >> reporter: jim alden is out of hospital but still has a lot of surgeries to go through and you have to wonder if he is back in his apartment here or just too scared to come back here, can you imagine someone sending you a bomb and blowing you up in the face. what would you be thinking? why would anybody want to kill me and why would anybody want
5:37 am
to do this? should i stay here where somebody knows i live and put this package on my doorstep. lets go to the video. they have put out surveillance of the person dropping off the bomb, walking for 12 blocks here to where we are at 18th and pine. they kept finding it all the way back to seventh and lombard hoping that they would see this person getting out or into a car or a house, they still don't know a motive. they don't know if this was a man or a woman. they don't know if it is bomb maker or mule paid by bomb maker to carry and deliver the letter bomb. >> you see on multiple surveillance video in the area, beginning at seventh and pine and disappearing in the same area of seventh and lomb barred. we have a route of travel for him. he goes to the person's house, drops the the package off on the step, and it is then delivered inside to the
5:38 am
victim. the individual then leaves the area and walks down a couple different things to point out. on the hat here it is a lumber jack type of hat with the ear traps down. when you you see it flapping in the wings as it walks it is bouncing up and down in the video as you can see. underneath that is a baseball hat. it is our opinion he is trying to disguise his appearance. >> the the appearance of jim alden's first floor apartment looks different too. here's a picture that i took november between the second the morning bomb blew up. he had a love trumps hate rainbow colored flag in the front window. come back live thousand, the sign's now gone, maybe, part of evidence now since when asked yesterday in the news conference if the sign, possibly part of a possible motive, for a possible hate crime, and investigators say until they solved this crime, karen, anything is possible,
5:39 am
but that jump out to me this morning seeing that sign gone. >> absolutely. >> 5:39. thanks, steve. we have another sad update. two-year old little boy, toddler who died, it turns out he had drugs in his system. zyair worrell tested positive for thc. a active ingredient in marijuana he had serious injuries including fractured rib. philadelphia police were called about reports of the unresponsive child this week. they found child's mother and boyfriend hold ago this little boy. police are calling the death a homicide. no arrests in the case. atlantic county investigators are looking for a killer after another murder in that area. police say someone shot and killed a man in the wood land condos in mays landing last night. authorities have not released victim's name but you we spoke with the witness. >> i pulled the curtain back and heard the gun shots abe it was this the guy that was looking up at me, at the window. >> this murder, comes just
5:40 am
days after gunman killed a man and injured his brother right outside in the parking lot of the hamilton mall, that was very close to the scene of this crime, police have not yet said if the two are connect. all right. our sixers hit the court tonight, but it is talk about one of their big men making headlines this morning. will they get that hardwood fixed up? what this head coach has to say about one of the stars and shout out, michael, i saw you, happy birth daze to you. it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. at progresso, we are now using 100% atibiotic and hormone-free white breast meat chicken in all our chicken soups! behold our greatest opus!
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flyers travel up north to take on the senators, they are looking for their second, three game winning streak of the season. we will go to overtime, jay voracek, he goes one on one with the defender, and makes a nice spin and find claude giroux for the goal, his second of the the night, flyers win three-two in overtime their third straight win. nerlens noel was back at ra, running and doing some work but coach brett brown still says he is a couple weeks away from returning. before the season nerlens said big man situation just can't work. something brown still completely understands. everybody understands that it is a little bit awkward, everybody under stance that there is some level of a log jam at a position, we all get it. we talk freely about it. there is no elephant in the room. >> tonight the sixers take on the magic. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell.
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kick those covers off let's getting. live look at vine street expressway into or out of the city. all that rain we had yesterday taken care of, out of here, road dry, leaves blowing on your neighbor's trent lawn. here's a live look at 202 near allendale road, this is north of the king of prussia hall. i'm not sure if this is
5:47 am
disabled or somebody getting a personal invitation to travel court. the roosevelt boulevard northbound outer drive at harbison avenue, watch for an accident, coming from south jersey again nothing out of the ordinary, 55 and 42, looking good as you head in toward the walt whitman. busy night tonight, grand marshall in the maple shade christmas parade, live reindeer and santa claus with myself out there on main street there 6:00 to 9:00. heading down to cape may to be part of the big christmas parade tomorrow in cape may which is beautiful kicks off at 5:00 and then in phoenixville they have a big holiday parade later tonight at 7:00. last night i made a visit to the carotto tamly in west chester, pennsylvania for our first addition of very kelly christmas this year. look at this receipt i shot. they have been doing it for 18 years. it is highlight of the block for all of the kid, even buddy elf showed up there. we went live last night touring our 5:00 and 6:00 o'clock newscast.
5:48 am
they had over i don't know how many thousand lights but he has been doing it for 18 years and definitely kid and family got a big kick. we had fun as well. do you want me to wrist it your house? where shall we go next week. take a picture post it to facebook, twitter, instagram and use that #fox 29 lights contest, this weekend we will figure out what home we will visit next week for our road trip and what that it we will to it, that all tea pend on weather forecast and for that sueby has got tonight 15 seconds. >> you are festive, this time of the year there is plenty to be festive about. do you want to know what the weekend will be like? well, here it is, saturday, a little more windy then sunday but breezy both days, not excessively so but just enough to make it feel very wintry out there.
5:49 am
the good news is we will have sunshine, high of 49 degrees on saturday, and 47 degrees on sunday, as we check out our surface map it shows weather patterns that are at work today, high pressure is in control, not only today but for the entire weekend, we have got the that chilly northwesterly wind blowing in today, and get used to it, but you know, it feels decemberish, right. we have got the wind speeds, 10 miles an hour in philadelphia, 12 miles an hour in mount pocono, 15 miles an hour in wilmington. that makes these temperatures feel chillier then they are. the for instance, 40 degrees in philadelphia but feels like 33. so, basically, 20's and 30's depending where you live is what it feels like outside. make sure kid have enough on waiting for school bus this morning. so here we are, december 2nd, and now our average high temperature is down to 49 degrees. we are getting close to winter but past couple of days, we have been fooled into thinking it is in the so wintry. so yesterday's high very early
5:50 am
in the morning was at 63 degrees. not enclose today but a high of 50. forty's as we showed you over weekend. next chance of precipitation is only for rain, and it is on tuesday, and possibly, thursday, of next week. karen. that is my buddy bill anderson for goodness sake let's bring you good news when we have tough stuff. the christmas spirit is alive. more than just one month a year, bill anderson is on it. >> reporter: unfortunately kensington isn't often in the news for a lot of positive reasons like this most neighborhoods there are people who are to go if things, their stories just never get told. beth sends is one of those people. >> i have a friend who was living here, and i was living in philadelphia. there was nobody else to go the work of the house. >> reporter: work of the house
5:51 am
was to feed those in need and for 20 years beth and small group of volunteers made sure that work continues. >> we have been here 55 or 70, because people run out of money, food stamps and they are hungry. >> reporter: machine through thursday they do this, winter, spring, summer, fall, i was there as they prepared today. as they got meals ready i asked about the effort it takes to to this nearly every day. i was advised by the answer as they seemed by the question. >> it is a lot of work, a lot of effort, why? why are you to go this every day. >> to provide food, clothe to go people that need it. >> is that it. >> yes, if you need help and i can provide it, you got it. >> okay. >> people started lining up at 11:30. there are no signs or any indication that food will be served but the neighborhood
5:52 am
around fifth and jefferson knows, that beth opens up her kitchen window and lunch begins. it is a neighborhood that has had its fair share of problems but at lunchtime it is a welcoming group of people happy to take a moment to lava monk trend and strangers. >> out here with sanity a clause. >> grateful for a meal and 20 years of self less service. >> anything that you need. >> coats, sweaters. >> what would happen if she wasn't here. >> i don't know. >> reporter: none in of the purchased the house so beth toss not have that expense but she seeks donations of food or honey so this daily meal, only heel for some, can continue. beth and her team are unusual but they are not unique, there are hundreds of people throughout our area doing all sorts of the positive things and i want to tell their
5:53 am
stories, so tweet me at bill a fox 29 and you can message me on facebook, e-mail me, tell me about the people that you know of to go good things, just for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson fox 29 news. >> great, great story. what a neat thing. it is friday. we have friday night lights for high school and we have a big weekend when it comes to college football. also our eagles are playing, cab we win, heading out to play bengals? some teams layers of course are from cincinnati. others went to college there so that means there will be a lot of ticket requests and all of their family and friend say can you get me a seat. here's a good way to say it. >> they know not the to ask me for tickets or they just forget that you are still playing. are you still in the league? >> they knew from the last time don't ask me, but you know, even when we get away tickets they are up in the corners anyway, so they all got their own ticket. i didn't get one ticket. it feels nice.
5:54 am
>> what? >> of course, big ten championship game, speaking of other football things penn state will be right here on fox saturday night at 8:00. watch penn state battle wisconsin. we hope fingers crossed will land themselves in the college football playoffs. claude giroux got engaged last night.
5:55 am
5:56 am
5:57 am
he will be live in our good day studios, on monday, he will be helping out on our 9:00 o'clock hour and watch him later on the q show at noon later this is day. that is coming up on monday, but he will be here, live and in person. and, also in the news, of course, we have six row homes that went up in flames and fire in allentown, we have a live report in good day up next.>[a5df]www.e]
5:58 am
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6:00 am
flames filled the night sky in allentown as major fire rips through several homes. thousand half dozen families without a home for the holidays, who is stepping up to help them, this morning. plus we know the face but not name police hoping these pictures and video will help track down person who delivered an exploding package in center city. reward this morning being offered to bring them to justice. plus local teens playing championship football this weekend, temple and penn state each with the shot of winning a conference title tomorrow, why this match up, means so much for both schools. are you ready for some football, tgif, great to have you with us, good morning alex. >> good morning to you. >> in for mike, i'm thomas. you had a great night. >> i did. >> you did an event. >> i can't wait to hear about yours. we will discuss it. >> yes. >> but sue, eagles ma


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