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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  December 2, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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flames filled the night sky in allentown as major fire rips through several homes. thousand half dozen families without a home for the holidays, who is stepping up to help them, this morning. plus we know the face but not name police hoping these pictures and video will help track down person who delivered an exploding package in center city. reward this morning being offered to bring them to justice. plus local teens playing championship football this weekend, temple and penn state each with the shot of winning a conference title tomorrow, why this match up, means so much for both schools. are you ready for some football, tgif, great to have you with us, good morning alex. >> good morning to you. >> in for mike, i'm thomas. you had a great night. >> i did. >> you did an event. >> i can't wait to hear about yours. we will discuss it. >> yes. >> but sue, eagles may have
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let us town but we have temple and penn state. >> i have great football weather for you, it is crisp, chilly, hot chocolatey, you know, kind that headaches it tiehl like winter. eight out of ten today. and then whatever you get to take get used to it. it is what we have in store for the weekend. buddy back in the winter coat. even the gloves this morning. if you are outdoors in the 30's and 40's and breezy, it feels chillier. flyers won last night, by the way, yah. we have cold air moving in over great lakes maybe a couple of those flurries syringeling town in the pocono mountains and if that is where you happen ton but otherwise dry, dry, dry. we had two days of rain, 40 degrees, feels like 34. sunrise time at 7:05, we still have an hour to wait. 32 degrees in mount pocono. thirty-eight in reading and 44 down in wildwood. how about a high of 50. it will feel chillier then that but all and all a beautiful, prewinter day bob
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kelly, not technically, not yet. >> not yet but it is exactly 6:02, good morning everybody. getting up, getting out, this is i-95 northbound off ramp to woodhaven road, anybody heading up to the north east with that sharp ramp coming around the curve there but everything is dried out. hope there i hotter nature moved leaves from your lawn to the neighbor's lawn last night with all that wind, no problems on the the vine expressway, we're opened for business, is there a new traffic pattern between cathedral and art museum circle as part of the construction zone in front of the franklin institute. roosevelt boulevard northbound accident at harbison avenue for gang in south jersey looking good on the new jersey turnpike in problems on 295, later on today east mt. airy they will get an early start, they will kick off at 12 noon and that will close wadsworth avenue you this will 9:00 o'clock. otherwise mass transit looking good with no delays, thomas and alex, back to you.
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coming up at 60:00 3a fears fear fire fight in lehigh rally, rehome goes up in flames and then they quickly spread. >> sky fox has a great view showing how intense this fire was, this morning, seven families are burnout of their homes. lets go to jenny joyce live from allentown, crews, working throughout the night, jenny. >> reporter: they were, they stopped a couple of hours ago and now they are just monitoring the scene. alex and thomas, i just wanted to tell you you it is one thing to take a look at this live picture and see the stretch of row homes damaged by fire but it is another to talk with one of the fire victims a short time ago we did just that. one woman showed up in tears at the thought that she lost everything in her home overnight. she was just getting back after dealing with some personal issues, she got a new job and now this happened. sky fox was over the scene in the the three alarm fire in allentown last night. it broke out on the 400 block of north fulton street around
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8:00 o'clock according to fire chiefly womack the flames spread to six homes before crews placed it under control. handfull of red cross volunteers were over on the scene last night working with seven families lost everything. fortunately fire chief is report ago this there were no injuries. everyone got out of there safely. that is something one fire victim tells us that she's very thankful for. she didn't want to share her name but she tells us she's deaf and was asleep last night when the fire broke out. fortunately her children were home. they woke her up out of bed. she said her life changed in a matter of minutes. >> i was sleeping, my kids woke me up. i didn't hear nothing. unaudible. >> it happened so fast. very fast. less than tenthe whole house was up in flames.
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unaudible. >> when they went to the back, it was wenting to the back. i could do nothing. i'm happy, my kids are safe. but i'm numb. >> reporter: at this point fire crews on the scene tell us they don't know where or how this fire started: that is for fire marshals to determine. he is expect to be out here once the sun comes up. back to you guys. >> jenny, thank you. 6:05. what a fire. a man is found dead after vacant home burns in west philadelphia it happened on north 64th street around 8:30 last night. building was engulfed when fire fighters arrived, they discovered body of a 44 year-old man after they put the fire out. officials are trying to figure out the cause. another devastating loss for wilmington fire tenth. a third fire tighter has died after that horrific blaze, that claimed two others months ago. senior fire fighter, artis hope suffered burns over 70 percent of her body.
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she was a mother of . she was burn battling a house fire on september 24th. lieutenant christopher leach and senior fire fighter jerry fickes, also lost their lives. fire was ruled arson and suspect charged. a passenger is killed while riding in the back of the lyft car in trenton month. man was sharing a ride with two other passengers when she was shot wednesday night. we are told man trying to rob passengers jumped in the back seat and demanded money. the driver tried speeding off just as a gunshot rang out. twenty-seven year-old amber dudley was shot in the chest, and the suspects got away. developing news this morning, a major lead in the case that has left center city shaken. >> police now are calling on a community to help track down a person of interest in the pine street package bombing. our steve keeley is on the scene this morning, what are we learning, steve, about the suspect. >> reporter: i have a half face to show better than no face abe this person went to great lengths to cover half of that face. so here's the surveillance
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they will put out. note is two hats one a baseball cap pulled town with the advisor low to conceal the top part of the person's face. then over that, a winter hat with the the ear flaps pulled down to conceal any hair color, and the side of the face. so the two hat move investigators say done definitely to conceal face hair, identity since it wasn't bad frigid weather sunday morning november 20th when bomb deliverer dropped off package, the jim alden's doorstep. lets go to video number two. how is jim doing? better. definite the liz psychologically better because he has seen outpouring of love and support that he thanked everybody for on this web site, trying to raise money, to pay some of his health bills that aren't covered by his limited health insurance. they're up to $21,400 on this site with a goal of 25,000. there is another fund we want to talk about thomas and alex, ten grand reward fund if you recognize the person in that
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video. jim alden has no clue who that person is. he was first person they showed it to. that would have been good if he saw somebody but he hadness idea why anybody would want to send him a bomb and he has no idea who that person who dropped it here at his doorstep sunday morning at 9:30. >> really still so bizarre. he was intended target. it was addressed to him, right. >> yeah, his name was on the envelope. somebody that knows he lives there this this building has had six different apartment. they dropped it on the outside here and people living there, they took it into the vestibule area. you can see mailboxes there that are locked. somebody knew his living arrangement and they knew they were delivering that to distinctly to him and luckily he put his glasses on as he was going to his mail at the 4:00 a.m. or he would have lost his eye sight. >> hopefully something will happen now that we have a picture of the suspect. donald trump unleashing a mad dog on the white house why his pick for secretary of defense will need special
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clearance for that position. huge news for, wawa fans, where you'll soon be able to find a new store unlike any you have seen before. we will take you their life.
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in cincinnati last night president-elect said he will name retired general james matttoys lead the defense department. he is known as mad dog mattis. retired after serving as commander of the u.s. central
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command. he boosted about his victory in election in states like wisconsin, michigan and right here in pennsylvania. >> and that person, was saying for months, that there is no way that donald trump can break the blue wall, right? we didn't break it, we shattered that sucker. >> earlier yesterday the president-elect was at carrier's indianapolis factory, he announced a deal to keep plant from moving to mexico saving nearly a thousand jobs. company is getting millions of dollars in tax incentives so this has created quite the debate especially because mike pence is governor of indiana as well. well, 6:11. tragedy in new orleans for second time this year, ex-nfl player killed after road rage shooting, heartfelt message from his his former team. a disturbing discovery in the investigation in the death of a two-year old in
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kensington, what was found in his system.
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sure feels different out there this morning. it feels positively wintry but it is not winter yet. we are counting down 19 days until winter solstice actually happens on wednesday december 21st at 5:44 a.m. in the the morning. that is shortest day of the year. after that days will start getting longer, again. in the meantime it is chill which these northwesterly winds, high pressure building in today and keeping us chilly throughout the entire weekend but at least rain is gone. we have had two days of rain, we sure did need it but you with a very busy weekend ahead it the is good to information cast dry weather. wind speeds are excessive but they are making it feel chillier. it is 40 degrees in philadelphia. 32 in mount pocono. wilmington has 38. it feels like 24 in the mountains. feels lick four in wilmington. it feels like 13 in 34 in philadelphia 33 in wilmington. you get the idea. feels colder then it is. average temperature is 49. that is normal high. we were well above that for a
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couple of days. but yesterday's high temperature is deceiving paw that 63 degrees came just after midnight. now today high of 50. feeling a little bit chillier. highs in the 40's, and, both days, of the weekend, but then sunshine, for the most part, both days, mix of sun and clouds. and then the next chance of rain and it looks like it will be only rain is on tuesday, and, of next week. so bob kelly will have to have work around that for your next, kelly's christmas. >> santa is making it difficult but i will get there. 6:16. good morning on a friday. we have an accident here for you, eastbound, schuylkill expressway. right at the belmont avenue on ramp. and this is a dreaded on ramp to begin with. it is right before manayunk railroad bridge there. you are coming inbound into the city are trying to get on at belmont avenue. we have definitely some injuries there. northbound i-95 an accident, off ramp to woodhaven road, the right lane is block, accident on the the boulevard, northbound at harbison avenue. that is centered in the outer
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drive. downtown we will go starting to see volume poppas headlights coming in on the vine street expressway. they have a new traffic pattern right there in front of the franklin institute. be careful for that. later tonight honor to be grand marshall at maple shade christmas parade. i will be out there on main street six to 9:00. santa with me. live reindeer. tomorrow we will be in cape may with the big christmas parade that kicks off at 5:00. we have carriage rides and all of the fun there, right in cape may. but last night, i took my decorated news van and went to west chester, pennsylvania. that is where we set up on the front lawn of joan and jerry carotto, they have been doing this for 18 years, it is highlight of the neighborhood. look at all of the kids that came out. buddy elf was there. there is my special outfit i was teasing you about yesterday. it kept me warm too out trent with all of the christmas lights. we had hot chocolate, cookies, good time had by all but now where do i go next week? oh, come on, send me your
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pictures. make sure you post them to facebook, twitter, or instagram and use the #fox 29 lights contend so we can show pictures on the air and through the weekend we will look and pick best of the the best and pick a night next week to head back on the road and broadcast live, from somebody's front lawn, thomas and alex back to you. >> everybody is asking is there anything people can do to give them the edge, bob? >> little marshmallows in the hot chocolate would really help. >> sweeten the deal to get bob out there. >> bob, you know, it was not buddy elf, that was bobby elf. >> what is your favorite color. >> is what your favorite color. >> sanity, i know him. >> yes. >> there we go. i love it. >> santa. >> he does that in every house he goes to. >> thank you. good elf. >> he did. he is always so cheerful. it just makes sense.
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lets talk about college football because it is a big weekend in our area penn state getting ready to take on wisconsin in the big ten championship game and up in happy valley is that what they call it. >> yes good there were fans feeling something they have not felt in years. >> there is a huge buzz going around right now, you know, before i got here i always heard whenever i heard penn state is playing well, happy valley is that much happier and you can see it, walking around campus. people that i have have never met in my life will say hey, great game. >> happy place. according to the big ten championship game will be right here on fox, saturday at 8:00 penn state battles wisconsin. winner find themselves in the the college football playoffs. penn state ranked number seven, wisconsin ranked number six. >> how about temple, they are playing for a conference championship. they travel to anapolis to take on american athletic conference title. navy is ranked number 19th in
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the country. they beat smu last week 75-31. >> um-hmm. >> rushing for 496 yards as a team and nine touchdowns. that game is at noon, tomorrow. so we will certainly be watching both of those games. >> yes. >> if that is not enough andy tally and villanova wildcats are also playing this week in the second round of the scf playoffs taking on south dakota state at 3:00 tomorrow. this is the final season for coach tally. he is retiring this year. thirty-second year on the sidelines for nova. so, if they do win temple or penn state, will we have another parade. any excuse to have a parade. >> yes. >> villanova, when they won. >> we will see, we will see. >> yes. >> penn state turned it around this season right after ohio, do you remember that game. >> i sure did. >> we will talk about that in a bit. 6:20. talk about an awkward situation developing at wells fargo center and it has nothing to to with the wet court? how the coach plans to deal with an excess of big men on
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♪ ♪ lend him a helping hand. ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪ take a good look around... ♪ ...and if you're lookin' down, ♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart. (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these. good morning i'm sean bell. flyers traveled, up north to ottawa to take on the
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senators, they are looking, for their second three game winning streak of the season. we will go to overtime, jay voracek goes one on one with the tea fender, and nice spin and find claude giroux, for the second of the night. the flyers win three-two in overtime. their third straight win. nerlens noel was back at practice, running and doing some work, but coach brett brown still says he is a couple weeks from returning. full season, nerlens says big man situation can't work, something brown still complete thely, understands. everybody understands that it is a little bit awkward. everybody understands that there is, there is some level of a log jam at a position. we all get it. we talk freely about it. so there is no elephant in the room. >> tonight the sixers take on the magic. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. sixers they have scheduled to play at wells fargo center tonight despite no answers
6:25 am
about why the court was unplayable on wednesday night. >> still don't know. wells fargo center and sixers they have not said credit it was so slippery. they tried to get the court clean but nothing was working during warm ups. tans will be able to use their tickets when game is rescheduled. sixers lay magic tonight at 7:00. minnesota vikings had a chance to slow down dallas cowboys last night in thursday night football. we will go to the fourth quarter where vikings down eight with 30 seconds left, sam bradford finds the short touchdown pass. vikings need a two-point conversion but bradford's pass fell out of the end zone. he got hit in the helmet but wanted a flag but officials don't call it, so dallas win, moving to 11-one. my gosh, can anyone stop the cowboys, please. >> it hurts, doesn't it. >> eagles, eagles, eagles, next year, next year, next year. >> disturbing discovery in the investigation of the death of the two-year old in kensington, what was found in his system.
6:26 am
but first jenny joyce on the scene of a wild fire, overnight, hi jenny. >> reporter: good morning, thomas. we know fire department is still out here on the scene, keeping an eye on this scene here, six homes, key steroid overnight, two more, has smoke and water damage we have talk with one victim you'll hear from coming up.>[]
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third fire fighter is dead, and this mother is being remembered. and we know, the face but not the name, police hoping these pictures and video will track down person who delivered an exploding package in center city. the reward being offered to bring them to justice. >> for one last time president obama lights, national christmas tree, what he had to say that he flips that switch. >> eva longer a was there. >> i was wondering what that was. >> wow, there he is. >> and, i do, i put it upright after thanksgiving, usually a tradition. >> we did see that.w, sturdy, sue, yo this.
6:30 am
>> yes. >> your tree toppled last year. >> last year, yeah. obviously in the wrong stand. we had a lot of drama and guess what my tree for this year is still this is box. i will take it out this weekend. >> you have to pull that picture. we have to show it here. >> we will. >> okay, excuse me. you saw bus stop buddy in his winter coat because you need your winter coat. cold air coming in across the great lakes. some of that flurry activity could make it to the poconos but for most of us it is a dry day. chilly. you cannot see that but see our neighborhood is quiet still. 40 degrees. but feels like 34. keep that in mine. we have a wind chill this this morning. sunrise time coming up in half an hour at 7:05. thirty-two mount pocono. forty here. thirty-seven lancaster. forty-four wildwood. we will get to a high of 50 degrees, suburbs. but we are used to forecast comg right up, bob kelly. >> good morning, everybody.
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6:31 on a friday, tgif as we look live at schuylkill expressway, eastbound on the schuylkill accidents at belmont avenue on ramp right before manayunk railroad bridge comes into play. everybody is off in the shoulder. watch this guy he has to cut in quicker then normal here and everybody else hits the brakes. it is eastbound schuylkill at belmont avenue. north on i-95 off ramp to woodhaven road accident disabled in what would be that right lane on the off ramp there, northeast philadelphia, roosevelt boulevard northbound at adams avenue watch for a crash, downtown we will faux, starting to see a backup here, heading over to 30th street station, travel times in new jersey, starting to pick up volume for beginning of our morning rush hour and then there is a new traffic pattern coming into center city today or through weekend that whole parkway between cathedral and art museum steps there right in front of the franklin institute. they set up new patterns. moved those barriers around. be aware of that as you work
6:32 am
your way in to downtown, for any of the events through the weekend. alex and thomas back to you. raging flames they light up the sky in allentown. a desperate fight to put them out when a row home catches fire. >> fast moving fire. you can see from skies fox there that quickly spread to the neighbors leaving seven families homeless. jenny joyce is on the scene. i know you spoke to one of the victims. >> reporter: yes, thomas, one laid any particular, she told us that she is actually deaf. she did not and could not hear the smoke alarms go off last night while she was sleeping. the fortunately her two children were home, they woke her up out of bed and she was able to get out safely. sky fox was over the scene of the three alarm fire in allentown last night and it broke out on the 400 block of north fulton street around 8:00 o'clock, according to fire chiefly womack, the flames spread to six homes, were cruises placed it under control. handful of red cross volunteers were on the scene overnight working with seven
6:33 am
families, who lost everything. fortunately the fire chief is reporting that there were no injuries. everyone got out safely, and that is something that one fire victim tells us that she is very thankful for, again she said her children woke her up out of bed, this woman said her life changed in a matter of minutes. >> my kids woke me up, and i didn't hear nothing. the house was full of smoke. it happened so fast. very fast. in ten minutes the whole house was in flames. unaudible. when they went to the back, it was spreading to the back. i can hear nothing. i'm happy that my kids are safe. i'm numb. >> at this point we don't know where or how the fire started. that is for fire marshals to determine.
6:34 am
members of the allentown fire department are still on the scene just monitoring the situation right now. several of the trent doors along the stretch of the row homes behind me here. you will see they are marked unsafe. thomas? >> jenny, that is certainly a great way to describe it here, you are simply numb this morning. great effort by fire fighters out there so many people without homes this morning. >> seven families. >> more than 20 people. 6:34. a man is found dead after a vacant home burns in west philadelphia it happened north 64th street at 8:30. building was engulfed when fire fighters arrived. they discovered body of a 44 year-old man after they put the fire out. officials are trying to figure out the cause. another devastating loss for wilmington fire department. >> one of the worst fires in wilmington's history that happened in september, has claim another life, karen hepp is in the news room and i'll tell you she was a hero. >> reporter: such a sad update. you feel it in your heart, this woman was so brave in so
6:35 am
many ways, a 23 year veteran of the department, a single mother of three. we are talking about senior fire fighter artis hope. she had been in the hospital for months. she's third fire fight tore died after that horrific blaze that happened on september 24th in cam bye park neighborhood. she was burned over 70 percent of her body. there is two others who lost their lives, lieutenant christopher leach and senior fire fighters jerry fickes. fire was ruled arson. there had been a suspect charged. >> especially considering how community rallied around the fire tighters, what they had lost, to protect us and keep us safe. >> wilmington's fire chief is broken hearted, he released a statement that reads as a female african hearn fire fighter he has gone through adversity and will remain one of our best fire fighters. we want to give our condolences to the entire family. he is also planning to remember her and honor her and news conference, this sad, sad update here, and, later.
6:36 am
certainly, just such a sad development, in this case. >> she went into save her collogues and karen, thank you. >> developing news this morning, major league in the the case, and center city. >> police calling on the community now to help track down, a person of interest in the pine street package bombing. you can see image right here. steve keeley in rittenhouse, what more do you know, steve. >> reporter: initially called a mail bomb now we know it did not come through mail but was delivered by a person seriously on a sunday morning at 9:30. look at the surveillance, you can tell this person knew you there was cameras around, and he did everything possible to conceal their identity. down to the running shoes. you cannot the see the brand. you know running shoes. they have tread up the toes but pants are pulled over the brand of the shoe and look at two hats, first of all, baseball cap you cannote any kind of insignia on the hat, nothing on the jacket, and
6:37 am
winter fur hats. you cannot tell color of the hair and you cannot even tell the identity whether it is a man or a woman, authorities think it is a man, they think it is possibly an asian man but again, you cannot be sure because that baseball visor is so low. the apartment neighbors take it this is vestibule, put it underneath mailboxes and two mornings laters jim alden puts his glasses on, opens his mail at 4:00 in the morning on tuesday, november 22nd and it blows up in his face. speaking of his face? how does he look? not so good in this picture but good enough to pose for a picture. this was when he was in the hospital. he is out of the hospital. this was a crowd funding site set up to raise money for him by a friend. they are close to the initial goal of 25 grand. he will need more money then that to pay his out of pocket, not covered by health insurance medical bills even though he is out of hospital, he still has further
6:38 am
surgeries. he would have lost his eye sight and he lost parts of two fingers and he has those shrapnel wound you can see all in this picture here. so where we are with investigation, we do in the know. they are looking for a tip. they have a $10,000 reward offer and anybody somehow recognizes that person which we know is not too easy to do with the limited, vision thaw can see despite how good cameras are. they have got the video, alex and thomas, walking near 18th and pine all the way from 11th and lombard where the last video that they could find, shows him, walking. or her walking. that is almost a mile and a half away, i lived down at sixth and spruce, walk this way that is a long 20 minute walk. so they walked through several blocks and streets to get here. they were hoping that video would lead to to a car or another building to show where they lived but that person certainly knew that this was going to happen and become a story at the this point where they may be looked at on
6:39 am
surveillance video and they did a good job concealing their identity. they don't know if that is a bomb maker or a mule hired to tropical that bomb off here. >> you never know, you said it, steve, apparently that person knew the area well but never know looking at that surveillance camera. that is why we release those footage, the way the person walks, perhaps you might recognize the hat, pair of jeans, you never know. two-year old kensington toddler who died had drugs in his system. little zyair worrell tested positive for the active ingredient in marijuana he also had serious injuries including fractured ribs. fail police were called for reports of the unresponsive child earlier this week and found the child's mother and her boyfriend helding the toddler. police are calling his death a homicide but no arrests have been made just yet. well, for second time this year a former nfl player was shot and killed in new
6:40 am
orleans. >> former nfl player joe mcknight was shot following an argument at a intersection with another motorist. >> according to police joe mcknight was shot earlier yesterday in a jefferson parish intersection. witnesses say mcknight and another man got in a verbal altercation and then moments later shots were fired. the suspect, 54 year-old ronald casper stayed at the scene after the shooting. he is in custody and being questioned. mcknight plays for new york jets and kansas city chiefs. senseless and tragic, many reacting to the story on social media including new york jets. team tweeted rest in peace joe mcknight, our thoughts and condolences with his loved ones. new york jets reporter eric allen reported in 2011 we asked joe mcknight who his best friend on the jets was and he said, everybody is my best friend, that was joe. and kansas city chiefs also tweeting our thoughts and prayers are with joe mcknight and his family. this is a heart breaking loss. you will remember last april former saints player
6:41 am
will smith was fatally shot during a confrontation during a traffic accident. smith's widow was wounded. a 28 year-old was charged with his murder. 6:41. disaster averted after a student fires a shotgun inside of a high school, how his parents, stepped into prevent things there getting worse.
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6:43 am
good morning, everybody. pennsylvania turnpike is looking good.
6:44 am
no problems at the moment. here's somebody sent me a picture of their elf in charge of the tv remote. they have good choice in the tv stations. fox 29. elf waking up and we have an accident northbound i-95 ramp to woodhaven road, one lane blocked there, also boulevard northbound at adams watch for an accident, here's an accident, westbound on the schuylkill, right at boulevard, it looks like, car pulled away, police officers still on the scene there but roads are dry. we have no heavy rain like yesterday, that is good news, car fire on the northeast extension, it the is northbound just south of that allentown interchange, later on tonight i will be grand marshall at maple shade christmas parade for shaders on main street from six to 9:00. here's a drone shot of the house i was at last night, in west chester. check out what it looks like from the the sky in west chester, pennsylvania. lets go to the ground, our news van we were there last night look at all of the christmas lights set up at
6:45 am
home of the joan and jerry carotto on knob hill lane there in west chester. they have been doing it for 18 years. look who showed up bobby elf, look at the how excited kids are because i just saw something land on the roof. and sure enough, right after that, santa claus showed up inside the house. we had a lot of fun last night. would you like me to come to your house. just snap a picture of your home all decorated for the holidays and post it on my facebook, twit error instagram and use that #fox 29 lights contest so i can show homes on television and through the weekend we will pick a house to go to next week so make sure you are in the running for, i don't know but i have got to work on another outfit too for next week. >> bobby elf i have one problem. >> yes, go ahead. >> your tights were a little loose, aren't they supposed to be form fitting.
6:46 am
>> i had some cookies and hot chocolate. >> they should be tighter. >> yes. >> he is anticipating them getting tight. >> exactly. >> you know what, where willie go next week? it depend upon what night and that depend upon the weather, sueby has the forecast in 15 seconds. time to shop is now. first one of december and at least we have dry weather, for it, mix of sun and clouds tomorrow, kind of windy, 49 degrees, still breezy on sunday but again for first weekend of december, not bad, this is the reason why. high pressure is building in with the northwesterly wind keeping us chilly. cold front is well off shore and it came through very early yesterday morning and now we're left with a west to
6:47 am
northwesterly wind. nine, seven, 10 miles an hour. that makes these already chillier temperatures like 40 in philadelphia, 37 in lancaster. thirty-two mount pocono. forty-four this wildwood. feel colder then they are. this is what you dress for. basically, right around freezing, below, up in the pocono mountains, chilly one, weekend stays chilly, 50 degrees on monday, and then some precipitation in the form of rain and it looks like it will only be rain tuesday and then possibly thursday, of next of december, it feels wintry out there. guys? >> it will get chilly, sue, thank you. >> believe it or not we're talking championship football this morning. nothing to do with the the eagles. two teams with local interest competing for conference titles tomorrow. first it is temple taking on navy for american athletic conference championship. and then it is number seven ranked penn state, college football, cinderella story
6:48 am
taking on number six wisconsin for big ten championship right here on fox 29. >> dave uram is here to preview the action. we will start with penn state. >> i think they are very capable of winning this game. they are on a roll. eight in a row. playing some of the best college football in the country. that is their big win that propels them into superstar come. >> yes state. >> i think they are very capable of winning this game and winning big ten championship, big question is will it be enough to get in the college football playoffs. in the end that is what these teams play for. >> offense, it is explosive. we are averaging 36, 39-point a game. >> yes, mcsorely is playing great. him and mcorly are a perfect combination. they are doing very well. >> we are hoping they will get a win. we are looking at temple and hoping they get a win. >> that is tougher. navy's a really good team. they ever under rated. that is tough. they are going in to navy. penn state is playing at a
6:49 am
neutral site this indianapolis. temple is playing at navy, that is how the championship game works. it will be harder to win. it would be an upset if temple beats navy. >> going back to penn state you mentioned mcsorely do you think he is best quarterback in the conference. >> no, i think desean watson is. >> how does temple stop running game, they can really run that ball. >> you have to, you nose, pressure the line and get the gaps, that is key to stopping the run. >> okay. >> let's talk villanova verse south dakota. >> yeah, that will be tougher for villanova. they are going across the country, south dakota. they just, moved in the playoffs. andy tally's last year. it would be an upset as well to beat south dakota state. we will see if that happens. >> how great if they do this for him. >> at this point, it would be great for any tally.
6:50 am
they made it to the playoffs. they beat delaware in the last regular season game. anything more than that is icing on the cake. >> we have to talk about the eagles. our dreams are dashed. now they are saying we should start clearinghouse. >> i'm one of those people. >> you want doug pederson out. >> no, not out but i think expecting playoffs at this point is a licensing shot, they have to win out and get help from other teams. that being said, that being said, i think that this weekend, is going to be a double digit difference in terms of the the score. it will be 27-17. >> not eagles because knowing you predict to us lose every week. >> i think eagles will win. >> oh, look at that. >> i think eagles will win. >> now that the eagles season is over. >> i have a negative way of looking at everything way. they will win this week. they will come out like barn storm are and play like the team a lot of people expected them to lay like.
6:51 am
fletcher cock will show up. defensive line will get sacks. the key fence will make lays and receivers might actually catch the ball. but they will win 27-17, right. then they will break everybody hearts next week against washington. it will be a giant loss. >> all for not. >> there is that negativity. >> we were waiting for it. >> wait to go see penn state game tomorrow right here on fox at 8:00. dave, always good to see you. >> we will see you in the next hour. >> sound good. >> 6:51. well, ladies, some bad news, out there. >> flyers fans favorite makes a big announcement on line, which star is planning his wedding.
6:52 am
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five, four, three, two, one. >> wow. >> merry christmas, everybody. >> well, national christmas tree all lit up this years tree lighting marks a milestone for the obama
6:55 am
family. >> look at how big those presents are, high goodness. >> yes, they are probably fake, but huge celebration. >> running for christmas tree looking for biggest present. >> can we put them up so we can see them. >> my ifness. >> eva longer a is short. >> you don't like wrapping gifts but can you imagine wrapping those. >> i know right. >> this is last time that the obama's will host the event for christmas, eva longer a was there in all white. she was hosting the even. >> really. >> they have someone hosting, she was out there. >> she stood out, beautiful coat. everybody else was wearing black she had that white. >> she had to wear the white to stand out. >> she is gorgeous. fox 29 has, look at that. >> seeking of gorgeous. >> that is sweet of you. >> eva longer a. >> yes. >> take the compliment. >> fox 29 is proudly partnered with the kelly ann dolan memorial fund this year to help as many families as possible. you can help by adopting a
6:56 am
family. dolan fund is looking for unwrapped toys for children up to 18, target or wal-mart gift cards. drop them off at wissohickon firehouse at december 5th and 6th. our jen fred will be their life from seven to 10:00 a.m. for more forgo to fox disaster averted, after a student fires a shotgun inside of a local high school how his parents stepped into prevent things from getting worse. search continues for this person you are about to see they are the ones who delivered an explosive package in center city we will tell you about the reward being offered for information leading to an arrest.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
maim or crew into a exploding package this center city. this is a face of the person who left a homemade would many on the doorstep. big reward money for information leading to an arrest. flames ape smoke filled the night skies in allentown, several row homes burn, and hoist stepping this to help right now. disaster averted inside a high school. >> it is that much more real. if there was a gun in my kids school. >> reporter: student brings a gun to school and fires a shot, the two people who acted on a hunch, stepping into save the day before anyone else got
7:00 am
hurt. and plus, donald trump spills a major secret. >> we are going to appoint mad dog mattis as our secretary of defence. but we're not announcing it until monday so don't tell anybody. >> and, secretary of defense, penn state is raring for their battle.


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