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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  December 2, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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i beg to differ, i think some of the songs on the worse list should be on the best list, and i have things to back me up. >> oh, you have your worse song, too? >> dow. >> good day to you, it is friday, december 2nd, 2016. let's hit it off with a little bit of poison. >> oh, ya. bell. >> got to be careful. >> not a proposition. >> like swimming this morning. >> ricky, michael, ronnie, they're here, i just said high to them in the green room, excited, i hope they are, because i'm excited. we will talk to them about their latest albumn, what they think about the upcoming new movie, and where you can see them tonight. >> i want to know if they all
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signed off on it, peeling back the layers, pretty exposed. >> putting out there. also, ladies, if you want to learn how to think like a man, you better keep watching good day. >> oh, isn't he great? from movies, to family mayhem. >> that's drake! >> so, we're not fooling you there. but he might watch. i wouldn't be surprised. >> likes to dress up as drake. >> looks similar. no, they don't, okay. trying to make it work. >> so you go there, she goes there, we know who this is. this is her fiancee. not saying her name. so don't foes p -- post it on facebook. stop posting you friends of her. okay, but at will the 15, we will go up there. we will have some fun. meet her at will the 15, but if you know who it is because you know him don't post it on facebook until 9:15, and then post it. >> all right. we'll keep the secret, jen. i can't wait to see this surprisement talking about songs, how about the worse
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songs of the year? we have been playing like one or two for this morning. so, here's a recap. number five, you mention the bad things, machine gun kelly. then the ghost busters song, i'm not afraid. fall out boy, missy elliot, then iggy, mom, megan trainer, and you ready for this? the absolute worse song of 2016? >> is ... >> just can't stop the feeling! >> ♪ dance dance dance ♪ can't stop the feeling ♪ >> now, this was voted by time magazine, right? and a lot of people, i heard people say, that they feel like this isn't the typical justin, like a g-justin. >> this might be the runner up
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of the worse song. i went back and forth. one of those things, i guess it depends what mood you're n driving down kind of in a good mood, okay, egg dig this. not so good, okay, justin, little too happy for me. >> can be annoying, like the happy song with ferrell. when it came out everyone loved it, and then they played it, made it, played it, and oh, just make it stop. >> like my song coming up. it was a huge hit. many put that as one the best songs number 12 on some of the other, they also had seven years, i lover, with lou gram. that will was on the list as one of the worse songs. >> oh, such a great song. >> do you like the justin timberlake song. >> i think catchy and cute. not one of my do you have favors, but not the top worse of the year. >> okay. >> can we reveal them? >> we will. our ex second tiff producer, shout the, she lovers justin timberlake and so hurt, the worse song every 2016. like can he no do wrong with her kit kat kline. >> let's zoom in. >> yes, kit can kline. >> it is not you? oh, she is like no.
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>> oh, candice! >> look at that. >> i love this. >> pretty smooth there. >> not me. >> all right, oh, another one. are we trying to get to candice, sorry. that's coming. we have another whole hour left. we will do our reveals then, so for me, the number one worse song of 2016, and i don't want you to think that i don't like her, because i do like her. but this song, no. no. >> ♪ >> my name is no. my sign is no. my number is no. you need to let it go. need to let it go. ♪ my name is no. my sign is no. my number is no. you need to let it go. you need to let it go. need to let it go. >> ♪ what you gone a say? >> megan trainer? >> no. no, no. >> no, no, no, we get it, we
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get it. >> what is it about the song? >> she just keeps saying no, no, no. >> her name is no. her number is no. her sign is no. >> is that a good way to turn a guy down anyway? saying no, no, no. you just lightly put them down or whatever. but no? are you really going say my name is no. are you really -- >> you need to write it down. you need to write it down. >> this reminded me, never going to get it. never going to get it. never going to get it. >> this song reminded me of that song. >> oh, that's a good one. >> that's, i like this one, i thought it reminded me of that. >> you like all the songs on the worse list. >> really? i'm so there. i'm there. >> that's why we're saving you go for last. thomas? >> oh, please forgive me here. love her. but this is the one that really worked my nerves. >> ♪ work work work ♪ ♪ work work work ♪ ♪
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>> work work work, what is it, work work work work. see me work work work work work. ya, just -- that's how you got to google lyrics. i don't know. >> casino every whiney. >> i think that's what it is. >> just goes on and on. >> so you know, people loved it. >> i loved it. you know i love, though, and i like the other one on the list which is i don't want to go to work, work, work. you know the one? >> oh, you can work from home. >> that was also on the worse list. i loved it. so my worse song. see, i got terrible taste. so on this one. >> can you imagine being in the car for two hours? >> oh, road trip with karen. got to love it.
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>> i once went on a date, it was blaring, "kyw news radio", he's like what are you doing? >> i'm so newsy, i'm so boring. anyway. >> and i do the same thing, after all of the friends, oh! >> you make your friendlies tone "kyw news radio"? >> a.m. radio kind of guy, absolutely. >> great music guys. >> let's go for it. >> dj tommy d right here, guys. one's and two's, playing the latest. okay, and i'm ready for this. what's your song? >> i think over exposed, i think all of the top five songs of the summer drake, i go drake, i'm sick of hearing, talented, wonderful, but i can't hear it any more. >> look at alex's mouth. >> ♪ judge i love this song.
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i love it when the girl comes in. baby. i can't sing. but i love it, and the beat it, just makes you want to move. karen? >> i'm going -- i think over exposed. >> so is justin timberlake. that song is everywhere. >> that's the thing, oh, i'm tired of hearing it. listen to the hit too much. >> is it just him? >> ya, what do you know about drake anyway? >> he can't dance. cell phone cell phone ♪ >> oh, karen. >> original hotline bling video, that's when he is really doing all of the moves that everybody imitates. i tell you, karen, i will admit, i was out one night, and this song, hotline, well, not this song, hotline bling came on. everyone immediately started doing all of the drake moves, like do you have do it. so it is like at first oh, this is weird. but once everything starts doing it, now all the syd end -- sudden it is kind of cool. >> so what's the signature mover, karen? let's do it.
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>> that's the signature doing the whole -- >> well, he doesn't really move. just like -- >> flip screen. get drake up there? >> no, karen, i want to see your moves, not his. >> karen hepp moves. >> i need a little music, you know? >> should we do hotline bling for her? (laughing). >> oh, my gosh. >> here we go, karen, let's go. >> ♪ >> do you hear it? >> call me on my cell phone ♪ ♪ (laughing). >> get out of here. >> karen consideration we go to a party together? >> i'm holding you to that, we are going out. >> oh, what have i got myself into? >> wait until you see what will go on, all heck going on in philadelphia. >> you move a lot of your upper body. >> you'll move the lower body, the lower, okay? >> oh, my gosh. >> perfect. >> karen, there is your spot.
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asked for it. >> up and down. >> we need a hotline bling one. >> oh, hands back. hands back. >> karen? >> you would be surprised, alex holley. back in the day. >> listen, i know you can get it, three kids, married. >> oh, her husband is at home right now watching going -- >> i met him at a bar. >> i mean, girlfriend, did you something to bring him over? or you went over to him? >> i did go over to him. >> hotline bling is all lined up for you. >> i knew people. i knew people. >> really? >> where were you guys? >> oh, one was a director. i was on the list, honey, i was on the list. >> alex -- came up to you what? so we're re end acting this. came up to you and said what?
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>> we have a friends, a movie director, did he rush hour, billion other movies, and so he did all of the music videos for russell simmons at the time. so when all of those things came out, we would see him all the time. so this is has been a minute but -- >> what was his opening line? he came up to up. >> you know how it is, you sit at a table. chatting. talking. who knows. then you skooch on in. my friends over here. just talking, you know, who knows, the night, you know? >> she is not telling us? >> i don't remember. but i -- >> why don't you post some more? >> what really happened. >> you know? >> the head of like baby phat, i mean, imagine the possibility, karen, we could be wearing your clothing, your designer stuff. >> could we? >> thank goodness i saved from that. >> hot stuff here with the dance moves. upper half at least. >> karen, so tomorrow, to change the subject here, tomorrow's make a gift day. >> yes, who better than sue serio to really inspire us. we're pinning this?
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>> i'm sorry, my name is no. >> you better let it go. >> i just like to say that. my name is no. my number is no. it is just fun. okay, tomorrow is make a gift day. and you know this is what i whai embrace my dork inecc. i found a project on pinterest where you make a dish out of buttons. so i bought a whole lot of buttons. this is real easy. if it works out, because i haven't actually tried it yet. you could be able to make it with your kids. do you have blow up a balloon, and i put some tacky glue on the balloon, about an hour and a half ago. so we wouldn't have a not smooth surface to start our project. i've got the little spongey, sponges, that's a brush, and for later on, when we pop the balloon, i have some pins. but the key to this is mod p padge, it is also a glue, a sealant. and see that? always, nice and, look at that, oh, so you put this on. and basically, if you have
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ever done the deck hunk padge, then you definately know about modpadge. so you put a little on, then, let me put it over my napkin. then you put your button on. okay, start with a big one. and basically, and i will have the instructions, little later on, in my stain gram and facebook page. and you start putting buttons, i notice i have a spare balloon over here, by the way, just in case one of them pops. and wait until you see how this turns. the idea is, and again, i'll say this again, i have not tried this before, ever. so after we get our buttons on, and we will be doing this for the rest of the hour and checking in, we're going to have a dish, guys, and it will be one of those dishes you may can put on your dresser, thomas, you can put your cuff links on. >> see that's what we're going for, okay? so we just -- i'm not the neatest craft err in the world. but there you see we apply our
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mod-padge, then we stick our buttons right on there. see? >> i love it. looks great. i think it is a great idea. >> cute idea. >> and something to do with the kids, something -- >> they would have a great time with this, yes. so, basically, you let a layer dry. and then you smear it on top, and that's what we will be doing for the rest of the hour. check in with me later, and we will have a dish, i think. >> sue, i have to say this, i know it is the cheesey factor, but that's as cute as abut on. >> thank you. >> funny. >> thank you, sue, we'll check back in with you. time for a surprise. jen in conshohocken, getting reds toy surprise are you go there person of the week. >> ♪ >> okay? so, jen, we are ready for you, we know they're a big flyers fan. that's kind of in the theme here. >> try not to give too many hints. telling everyone to stay off social media. so here we go, jen. >> okay, so, her name is sue, nominated her because?
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>> because she is the angel of conshohocken. >> i love it. do you think she will be surprised? >> oh, ya. >> tom, you lead the way. ready? now i never met her, so point her out to me. so we're going into her work. she works at an engineering firm in conshohocken. her boss is in on it. >> okay. >> she just started working here right about six months ago? >> august. >> okay, are we going live on facebook took? hi, facebook. so okay. help me out here. okay. here we go. >> right there? sue hawk? high! >> ♪ >> good morning. >> i'm quite shocked. >> does anyone else want to say good morning to sue? >> oh! >> okay, my name is jenn frederick. >> yes, i know who you are. >> i work for fox 29. >> yes, i know. >> and fox 29 our slogan is we go there.
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>> okay? >> but we want to talk to people who go there themselves, and your friend friends say that go there. they love what you do in this community. you're making those blessing bags for people tomorrow morning. you're going to hands them out. >> yes. >> okay, so this is what you get it. me to you. you go there, baby. >> thank you. >> congratulations. now, you get these balloons. toyed give you orange because you are a super fan of the -- >> flyers. >> yes. so you recognize any of these people? >> i do. >> yes, yes, yes. so i under stands you guys were making the blessing bags last night. i said is there anyway that she knows about today? because you know, all of these people around here, see them? yes. all of these people here. they've kept the secret from you. >> oh, thank you. >> why is it important for to you help people? >> i think it should be important for everybody to help somebody. there are so many people out there who need our help. and if we can do one thing to make the worlds a little bit
9:17 am
better, a better place, then weep should be able to do that. >> so many super fans. and why did you want her to receive this? >> because she is an angel. she is awesome. always helping everybody. always a smile on her face. and see just keeps ongoing too. we know -- >> we know that you have lupus. >> yes. >> and some days are better than others? >> yes. >> and you help people no matter how you feel? >> correct, yes. >> i try. >> yes, that's great. you know what, no crying at work, no crying at work. i'm teasing. so listen, i want to look you in the ian say you go there and keep going there, okay? >> keep going. >> what you're doing, it is so big, i'm sure sometimes it feels very small. people are noticing, and they're so thankful. >> thank you. >> as long as everybody keeps doing, too. >> you're an inspiration. >> oh, thank you. >> i hear you will marry one every these people back here? >> that one right there. >> give her a hug, awesome, thank you. all right, so this was fun for you, right? >> oh, yes. >> so do you have tell people how to do this. basically go to my facebook
9:18 am
page. >> go to jen's facebook page. sends me an e-mail. >> send her an e-mail all about your special person or someone that's helping, community, everything. >> you guys got to feel happy? >> i'm so excited. >> get in there and lug her. you can hug her. thank you so much. sorry that we interrupted the work day. >> thank you, very, very much. high five. >> thank you very much. >> all right. you go there. >> thank you. >> and you get the fancy thing. andy a little -- and i did a little extra. >> what a surprise. did you see her face? >> she is like what? >> that was great. she deserves recognition. that's wonderful. if you guys have any recommendations for someone else who goes there, once why not sends them to jenn fred. you can e-mail her. she is looking for people every week. we want to recognize you. well, i've been called out on twitter guys. >> oh, what? >> talking about some of the
9:19 am
worse songs and this time. some of the worse songs of 2016. and i mentioned megan trainer's song, and one says: you say no to megan trainer. what about this song? i know it is old, but they say no a lot. here it is. >> ♪ come and get my love ♪ ♪ i'm here for you ♪ >> that's her dance mover right there. >> singing the high notes out. that's true, maybe yes, more of r&b feel, so i like it. and, you know, slowly, like no. >> i love. >> this one of the classics. i do like that. >> you don't like drake. we've learned that.
9:20 am
>> over played. >> okay. >> can we get drake on the phone please. >> i know. >> bring him in. >> i want to know what gary his worse song of the year is? >> i see him right now, i love gary owen. >> you say we go there, gar is he going to go there coming up. he's hilarious. >> we love that show. so we will talk to him in just a little bit. and i'm excited to talk with him. and then we also have this. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> oh, love this song. now the michael, ronnie, the latest albumn they want to talk b i want to know what do they really think about the upcoming new edition movie? secrets, we want some dirt. >> ♪
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. in the 3.7 seconds it takes ry watson to beat the local ed jump record, fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just $79.99 per month online for the first year. cable can't offer that. only fios can.
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>> bob kelly having breakfast this morning, with a few retirees, apparently happy hour is just as important as breakfast. >> hey, everybody, welcome back, i'm coming to you from the water mark here. good morning from the water mark. oh, we got a jammo in the cafeteria here. ralphy just turned 101 back in november. and this crew starts their morning with us, probably, not at 4:00 a.m. who is up at 4:00 a.m.? >> nobody, they're going to bed at 4:00 a.m. they have the continental breakfast going on, we're on the thirds floor right here off the parkway, the water mark. we got the continental breakfast, we got the milk, the orange juice, the coffee, hello, honey, come through the buffet line here. we have the danish.
9:25 am
what kind of muffin are you going to pick for breakfast? >> all five or six of them. >> i know, decisions, decisions, then we have the crazy table over here, when i first walked in here there is was fire cracker table over here. what's your name? >> my name is de levin. >> d, what do you think of the joint here? >> i love this place. the best place to live. i work. when i go out to work, i come back. my apartment is clean. my bed is made. all i have to do is get dressed and come to dinner. >> sounds like my kinds of joint, right, dave? you don't get up until about 10:00. what happens after 10:00 a.m.? when does this joint get jumping? >> as soon as you get up, you're in business. >> what time is happy hour? >> every hour. >> 4:00 on wednesdays. >> where we have the wine and cheese? >> absolutely. >> there go, i'll mark it. they're laughing behind me over here. you like the wine and cheese parties? 4:00. >> we drink here all the time. >> oh? >> yes, happy hour is every
9:26 am
hour. >> oh, i got to love it. where do i get an application? i'm moving in. >> thanks so much for insiting us out for breakfast, if you would like me to come to your favorite breakfast spot, all do you have do is hit me up on facebook, twitter, who knows, i could be coming to your spot next week not only for the morning but also for happy hour, right? everybody give a wave. back to you guys in the studio. >> we're waiving back. thanks, guys. love breakfast with bob, let's check in with sue, working on abut on dish. sue? >> well, still attaching it, my initial button. so the dish will be of an irregular shape, as you can see. as soon as this layer dries, i'm going to put more glue on, most exciting part will be watching the glue dry. (laughing). >> you're right. >> like watching paint dry, i guess? thanks, sue. >> well she's here, she's here and ready to go. gary owen, is on the show. so excited. what's up, gare? >> hey.
9:27 am
>> he's like afraid of us. >> no, no, be little afraid. >> we know. >> don't pop it, gary, don't pop it! >> he's smiling.
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well, in 2011 ebony magazine dub our next guess black america's favorite white come you can and yes, gary owen has crossed colon line with his brand of comedy. we love him. >> he made a that i am for himself starring this several films thinking this one think like a hand. >> look at the this, guys. >> steve harvey is a trader. momma's boy. >> i'm not a momma's boy. you don't think so do you. >> to. >> men respect santa get some.
9:31 am
>> it is brain washing, i'm telling you. >> she's trying to push me towards my dreams and accomplish my goals why would she do this. >> that is not a probation, that is a death sentence. >> how oldies your whom. >> what is this. >> no, not the like that. it is like that. >> stop hitting on high mom. i don't even want to be here. >> can we say, gary owen. >> yes, movie is so good. >> yes. >> i know. >> we will just keep going here. >> welcome back to philly. >> thanks, guys. >> it has been a while. >> it will be a tough week for me because i'm from is that the i, diehard bengals fans, eagles lay bengals on this sunday. >> who are you rooting for. >> come on thousand. >> best quarterback in the nfl going to battle this weekend. >> now, you said you love coming to philly. why is that. >> crowd are always good. they laugh at stuff that ain't
9:32 am
funny. it is like what is up, wow. >> you just to have say hello. i just said hello good we're just happy to be out. >> maybe a sympathy laugh. >> come on thousand you are trying to dig on me. >> to, listen, listen. >> between a sympathy laugh. >> not then. that istive rent between white and black crowd. you though white crowd, they will not boo the comic. they will blame the person that brought them. why did you bring me here. that is terrible. black crowd you get 302nd, time limit, boo. boo. >> have you ever been heckled. >> boo, boo. >> have you ever been heck will. >> i mean people know better now. i heene in the beginning they used to but then they won't now. >> i my whole house is black i'm a white guy. a lot of my fans are black. i am not scared of strange black people i'm scared of the black people i know, you know, i am not going to let some
9:33 am
strange black people punk he. >> you open up your home, gar your owen show. we get all up in your family business. >> it is what it is. high wife didn't want to do it. i didn't want to get in an argument on camera. >> do you argue about that. >> she's very good on the show. she's really good on the show. >> she says she's only sane person in the house is that true. >> i believe it. >> she said it is her world, i just pay for it. >> yes. >> i don't to nothing, i just come home, i say you tell me what to do and i do. >> happy wife, happy life. >> sure thing. >> does she keep in you line with your comedy. >> no, it pays the bills, you know what i mean. the minute checks bounce then you can tell me how we do my jokes but right now we're good. >> you started on bet. you were that i am the funniest black comedian. >> yes. >> yes. >> it is what it is. >> yes. >> yes. >> it is what it is.
9:34 am
>> how did all this evolve and start. >> i just wanted to get on stage, you know, tell jokes and bet gave me my break. if i knew spanish i would have went telemundo. bet gave me a shot. i took it, you know what i mean. just like you guys. why are you on fox? because they hired you. >> is that right. >> yes. >> i wanted to show this because, you know, on the show we see so much of your family but i love before the soul train award they tweeted out this video have you doing the soul train line. i love it. lets take a look here. >> i'm the only one. >> you were getting down but no one else.
9:35 am
>> i thought it was cute though. >> why do you have to dis my family. >> no, it would have been better with music. maybe a drd or something. i just plug your next guest. >> they are coming up. >> yes. >> you were dancing to some bbt. >> back in the day, sixth grade talent show i did mr. telephone man, in the sixth grade talent show. they didn't know that. >> can you do a little. >> not think more. >> i got the in trouble because this is before cell phones. i took the home phone and i took the cord out and i took to it school and then i got home and my mom was like yo, i can't make any tone calls. i had the phone at the school. i put tonight my pocket. i put the cord back in my pocket. i was like the first cell phone. i was way a head of the time. >> did we have video to. >> no. >> let's play it. >> ♪ >> wow, is that me. >> i got a corner pocket.
9:36 am
>> that is sixth grade. >> look at those moves. >> look at you. >> what is that. >> i don't know what that was. >> you have a little thing going. >> yes. >> that is all i got the. >> we were talking about dancing, earlier in the show. i don't know if you saw but our anchor karen hepp over there. >> yes. >> she has some moves. >> to you remember one year you walk in with the the black church lean,. >> no good what are you to go, you have all of my old clips. >> yes. >> say it new because we will just come out witt. >> pull it out, let me see it. lets get karen up here. >> i need some music. >> i need some music. >> are you ready. >> she wants to challenge you to a tans off, gary. >> yes. >> no, no. >> are you ready.
9:37 am
>> we need room. >> so, karen is going first. >> my goodness. >> wow. >> you go, now. >> you work on it. >> drop it, drop it. tropical it. >> oh, my gosh. >> we need the same song here, here we go. >> don't hurt something thousand. you have a show to to here. >> old school. >> the worst white tans off ever. >> i love it. >> that was great. >> thank you, that was pretty
9:38 am
good. so gary, when can we see you. >> where can we see you. >> helium this weekend. >> all weekend. >> helium all weekend. >> what time is your show. >> i don't know. >> do you perform at midnight. >> i don't know, man. >> and, thank you so much, we appreciate it. >> thank you, appreciate you guys. >> you're tired. >> i'm tired. >> p90x, day two. >> it is a work out, i love it. >> next up, we've owe they got moves and they are opening up about their latest album and of course we have to talk about the upcoming new addition movie. blank.
9:39 am
>> look, i decided to do a christmas one with red and green, buttons. >> yes. >> we will try another layer of glue help we come bank.
9:40 am
fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. in the 3.7 seconds it takes ry watson to beat the local ed jump record, fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just $79.99 per month online for the first year. cable can't offer that. only fios can.
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sure, you could sit around all night iting for a pizza to be livered. but wouldn't making it yourself be a lot more fun? it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard.
9:42 am
but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. well, say good bye, a lot of people have, it is december f people do or don't shave november. well, now that it is over, annual tradition started 13 years ago with the goal, growing mustache toes raise awareness for mens health. it claims its effort to retuesday number of men dying prematurely by 25 percent by the year 2030. >> so 30 the atlantic city
9:43 am
police officers grew facial hair for no shave november and four of them are joining us live this morning for the big shave reveal. let's start by talking to the owner of the barber shop, his name is steve fitzgerald. good to see you, steve. >> good morning, how are you to go there. >> good. you got the a good one going on, is that coming off. >> well, no, mine's staying on but i didn't do the no shave november. we are here at smithville barber shop and we are taking care of the atlantic city police department who not only protect and serve but gone out of their way to raise over $10,000 for no shave november which has to to with man cancer, and also gave the other half to guild a's club which is a local organization, lauren was in charge offsetting this whole thing up. she called me and said we need to do a good thing for these cops because they went out of their way once again for the community to raise a ton of money to grow awareness, welcome, and mike came out to
9:44 am
help us out and to organize and to keep these guys in line because they are getting rowdy here. >> yes. >> this is mike camp. >> how are you to go. >> good, so why is it so important to get involved, mike. >> well, community gives to us and they help us out so it is just our way to give back a little bit to the community. >> so will you miss it? you grew it the whole month of november. time to come off. >> yes, i will miss it. my girl friend will miss it. i was hoping we could extend it an extra month. >> you can tell that is a really old school barber shop, they wrap towels around their face, when you get it all off. >> yes, it is a great thing to to. every guy should get a stray edge shave. >> what was your favorite time of the season to get inspired maybe next year i want to grow out my beard and raise awareness. >> i tell them to to it. it is a great call with mens
9:45 am
cancer and guild a's club a local charity that helps anybody with any cancer that is absolutely free and lauren can tell you shore about that. >> okay. >> wonderful. >> well, good luck, we are so glad you guys did this. it sound like a big morning. lots to clean up. >> thanks. >> sorry, we had to go, we have to get ready for bell, b iv devoe. >> are you ready. >> yes. >> i wonder if we have to dance. >> yes. >> yes. >> i see a little something there.
9:46 am
9:47 am
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wow, this time of the it is colder today then when we had that rain in the middle of the week but basically if you like today you'll love weekend as well. first weekend of december with 50 degrees to take, we will highs in the 40's, both saturday and sunday, and winds making it feel chilly. we don't have any rain in the forecast until tuesday of next week. so, thomas and alex, looking good for the weekend. >> yes. >> she has a big smile. >> i love it. >> look at that go back. >> they love our cameras here. >> we are here, i'm so excited. i'm glad you guys are here.
9:49 am
>> glad to be here. >> welcome back to philly. >> you know, you had that mitchell and ness hat. >> absolutely. >> so you have your first single out, what 15 years, right. >> yes. >> fifteen years, it is call run, to go very well. >> why don't we listen to it a little bit. >> let's do it. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> okay. >> you guys haven't change a bit. >> thank you. >> how does it feel to get back in the studio. >> it is a little nervous feeling, exciting. most of our life, our careers
9:50 am
we have lived on the road. so to be back in the studio with eric doing this record it was a good time good so it is called three strikes why is that. >> three strikes. >> one, two, three, we went from the city of boston, it is all about adidas and we have been in the music industry for 25 plus years asbell, b iv, devoe and we feel like we have earned our strikes. >> can we, expect the same feeling or did you change it up a little bit. >> no, we evolve just right. it feels just right. it has got up tempo, dimension, and we have a few vices. we did a record with philly's own boys two men. beautiful ballet, due it, with them. >> and, last week, saturday in vegas man, they have a heck of a room at the mirage and they
9:51 am
sang every record, they sing years ago and they really representing the city. they have p philly sweat shirts. they really did you guys road. >> pretty cool. >> about the new addition movie. we are all excited about it. it is finally coming up. >> did you have to sign off on it. >> yes, absolutely. >> it actually took eight years to finally sign off on the hoff i and then took last two years for everybody to put it together but it is amazing good who was the last one to sign. >> bobby. >> yes. >> what i love when we see these movies, some of the things we wanted to know, inside stuff. you revealed some things. >> yes, you will be very advised who you thought was most crazy one and it turns out to be someone else but we pull back the curtain. >> i'm not saying anything. >> but, it is a little close to emotions. there is happy homes, sad
9:52 am
moments where you tiehl, you get angry but we start way back, even before we started with new addition how we met as trend, how we became a group from boston, and all the way up to present take. >> are there some things we are watching like wow, everybody will know that now. >> yes. >> the first 15 seconds in the movie. >> yes. >> that is what you will do. >> just that. >> there you go. >> the good thing is because we are here it lead up to it, right now presently we got a top ten single run on the charts. our album is done, january january 21st, january 25th, tan subsequent their, to third night. >> and then at hid night on the 27th you can buy the three stripes album. >> you have it all plan out. >> yes. >> somewhere in that week we will get a star on the hollywood walk of fame.
9:53 am
>> congratulations. >> yeah. >> yes. >> wow. >> so, so many people, to have a star on the walk of fame. >> yes it is exciting, it is surreal. you just can't plan for this. we started off we just wanted to get the world to scream, make a little money. our dreams went. here we are. >> you have to get down. >> let's see it. >> i like it. i like it. >> that is the pose. >> i like it. >> it can get emotional too, it all comes town to that moment, you know. >> it is a lot of history, blood, sweat and tears in this industry. we always wanted to be part of this thing call the tribe, you know, and our just due in paying our dues really took a lot longer then maybe the average group but we like to
9:54 am
say better late then never, you know, we have within in this industry for 33 plus years as new addition. >> real quickly, alex wanted to know can you ever trust a smile. >> never. >> never. >> never. >> we don't listen. >> well, you can see them perform tonight at half time at sixers game. >> yes. >> we will take a break and we will be right back.
9:55 am
9:56 am
9:57 am
time for the reveal, sue. >> well, we did not allow you to close enough time for the glue to dry, but we have some honorary balloon poppers with us, yes. >> i have the magic pin right here good lets see if our christmas lights. >> one, two, three. >> awesome.
9:58 am
>> yes. >> pretty cool. >> yes, that is karen dancing. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. in the 3.7 seconds it takes ry watson to beat the local ed jump record, fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just $79.99 per month online for the first year. cable can't offer that. only fios can.
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it's the "wendy williams show." >> wendy: we won't judge, but we're judging. [ cheers and applause ] >> announcer: now, here's wendy! ♪ >> wendy: hi! thank you so much for watching my show.


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