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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  December 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. a violent afternoon in one philadelphia neighborhood causes an elementary school to go on lock down. more than 10 shots were fired in franklinville. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. i'm chris o'connell. at least one person was shot as well as several vehicles. let's get right tout fox 29's dave kinchen live at the 24th police district in hunting park for us tonight. dave? >> reporter: it was a quiet, beautiful friday until gunshots rang out in the franklinville second of north philadelphia. we'll show you video now and we can tell i was 31-year-old man was wounded after being shot. not once, not twice, but three times. shot at sixth and butler streets. once in the cheek shot in the left -- in the neck and also in the left shoulder. he was taken to temple university hospital. meantime investigators say mcclure elementary school was placed on lock down for five minutes. this was just before school was
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about to get out there. around the same time neighbors at nearby dare yen and luzerne reported hearing several gunshots. 11 show she will casings found. the back window of a mini van shot out an suv also hit. police say there were no injuries at that scene. which is a short distance away from the other one. whether they're related we're not sure. police haven't said but neighbors have been rattled on this friday. back to you. all right, dave. we'll have more on that tonight at 10:00 o'clock. well torque night a young mother is waiting to be arraigned she's facing charges in the death of her two-year-old son. prosecutors charged 23-year-old andrea worrell with end daming the welfare of children and obstructing justice. police say they responded to the six hun hundred block of east clementine street on tuesday. they found two-year-old zyair worrell who was lethargic. they took him to saint christopher's hospital where he died a few hours later. police say he had a laceration to his liver, chest, bruising and thc in his system.
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police say the motive in the toddler's death was child abuse. sad news out of trenton. south jersey woman has died after a gunman tried robbing her and two other passengers who were sharing a lyft ride. police say the gunman shot and killed 27-year-old amber dudley of collingswood after he just hop flood the back seat of the car wednesday night. he demanded the passenger's money and fired one shot and took off. that killer remains on the loose tonight. time now to check in with core fox 29 weather authority. it was not a bad day out there, but i think things are going get little bit more cold through the weekend. >> yeah, they are. those temperatures already dropping right now, chris. after a high temperature in philadelphia of 51 degrees, the normal for this time of year is now into the upper 40s. already down to 45 degrees currently in philadelphia. but look at the wind. if you're stepping outdoors, we have a sustained westerly wind there at 21 miles an hour with higher gusts. so as we head into the upcoming weekend it will stay pretty seasonal.
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but the wind will make it feel even colder. a cold blast is ahead in that seven day forecast with a pattern change that could hold for quite sometime but look at the current winds gusting close to 30 miles an hour in philadelphia. gusting to 25 miles an hour in trenton. we have 44 in millville. 45 in atlantic city. low to mid 40s north and west but the cold spot the pocono mountains right now at 36 degrees. those are the air temperatures. take a look how your body reacts. what it actually feels like right now. feels like 37 in philadelphia. so the bottom line, we're looking at fairer skies but it will be cold so bundle up if you're stepping outdoors. coming up that entire forecast with that colder pattern change. back to you. >> all right, scott, thank you. it's been exactly 23 years since the body of 18-year-old julie barn yack was found at the septa conrail 48-yard in lansdale her killer is still out there. on the anniversary police are hoping that someone finally comes forward and helps them solve this 1993 murder.
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a month before her body was found she called her parents for ride home from the station they never found her, never heard from her again. police are offering a $10,000 reward for any information. in wilmington, a community is heart broken and in mourning as we learn more about a firefighter who died in the line of duty. 23-year-old artis hope passed away yesterday more than month after being injured in a september 24th fire. that fire on lake view road also took the lives of lieutenant jerry fickes and captain christopher leach. hope was the first woman in delaware's wilmington's fire department history to die in the line of duty. the single mother of three is remembered by all who knew her as a true hero. >> arty met with me in september. prior to the lake view road fire to plan for her retirement this january. she was leaving the department to become a nurse as she was in the final stages of completing
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her nursing degree. now to move on from this job and career to start another job and career as a nurse helping others in a different fashion. we love arty hope. >> so heartbreaking. prosecutors have already charged beatrice ruiz with the arson deaths of fickes and leach. today the fire captain says he's been in communication with prosecutors about arty hope's passing. well, these are not the type of lights anyone wants to see around the holiday season the red flashes of fire trucks. tonight nearly two dozen allentown residents have lost everything in a quick-moving fire and investigators still looking for cause. >> but a mid the devastation, some goodness of the people is shining through. fox 29's bruce gordon is in allentown tonight with that story. >> reporter: a distraught fire victim she asked we not show her face. returned to the 400 block of north fulton street late friday afternoon to retrieve the few
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personal belongings not consumed by the blaze. >> trying to grab some thing from the first floor. some things of my kids from the second floor. my third floor is gone. >> fire was reported at 4040 mid block thursday night quickly spread in both directions along the third floor and roof areas. keeping firefighters from all over allentown busy for more than four hours. >> these homes were built around the turn of the century they're -- the wood dry for 100 years. once fire gets up into it it will start going left and right. >> reporter: only apparent casualty a pet dog. jason mellow returned on this day after to find his new pet python was alive and well. his home was the only one on this side of the block to be spared major damage. but mellow has no plans to return here to live. >> after all this we don't want to come back. >> reporter: you don't want to come back. >> we don't want to come back. >> reporter: your house survived but you got no interest coming back. >> a bad vibe. all these houses on fire many. >> reporter: the other fire victims two dozen in all spread
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out across allentown in hotels courtesy of a local red cross. they have the sympathy of curious neighbors. >> feel sorry for people that don't have anything to go to for the holidays. >> reporter: jessica rivera did more than feel sorry she pack her young children in the car and joined her best friend stephanie so tow to scower the city for donations. >> clothes and coats and sneakers, toiletries, soap, shampoo. >> reporter: on behalf of fire victims they had never met until today. >> how they doing? you talked a few of them today. >> yeah. not good. little devastated, heart broken kind of like where do we go from here. they have lost everything. they have absolutely nothing. and that's what this season is about. giving back. i fell like you get more from christmas giving something than receiving something. >> reporter: the two hope to fill a u-haul full of larger donations furniture, television sets that kind of thing over the weekend for distribution to the fire victims on monday. the season of giving has never felt so important. in allentown, i'm bruce gordon, fox 29 news. our fresco user jim heck
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today on the scene of a three car accident in ardmore. this is at the intersection of haverford and ardmore avenues. montgomery county fire officials say two or three victims were taken by medic to local hospitals. their conditions are not known. that crash still remains under investigation. >> in the bridge gate scandal new jersey judge will not allow a special prosecutor to handle a complaint against governor chris christie. the criminal complaint comes from retired firefighter william brennan. he claims christie failed to order subordinates to reopen lanes on the george washington bridge back in 2013. the judge says brennan lacked standing. christie of course was never charged in the federal case and denies any wrongdoing in that traffic scheme. well, facial grooming took on whole new meaning today. >> well it's december and a local police department put an official end to don't shave november. members of the atlantic city police department said goodbye to those beautiful beards today in smithville, new jersey. more than two dozen officers
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shaved to raise funds for gill today's club south jersey which provides programs for families lives of loving with cancer. more than $5,000 was raised for the organization. isn't pretty darn good. >> um-hmm. terrifying moment for a woman walking down the street in northern liberties. a man walks up behind her, pulls out gun and points it at her head. we'll show you what happened next. and it's one of the biggest adoption events in the tri-state area. find out how you can bring home a new four legged friend just in time for the holidays. sean? and of course, we have the big 10 championship game happening tomorrow night on our air waves. make sure you join us later to hear what head coach james franklin had to say about tomorrow night's big game. ♪ >> and fox 29...
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the search is on for armed man attempted to rob a grocery store in spring garden. police just releasing this video. it happened on the night of november 11th. police say the masked man burst into the grocery store on the 1600 block of mount vernon street and demanded money from the employee. well the employee refused and the guy ran away without taking anything. no one was injured. if you recognize that person give police a call. tonight police are hoping this chilling video will help lead them to robber. take look. police say this guy walked up to two women on north third street
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in philadelphia's northern liberties neighborhood. pull out a gun, wrapped his arms around one of those neck and then pointed gun at them. it happened tuesday just before 6:00 in the evening. he got away with victim's purse. if you recognize him, please call police. well dozens of dogs and cats in desperate need of a home now have a permanent place to stay tonight. >> yeah it's all thanks to an adoption event that's going on in south philadelphia. a huge adoption event. more than a thousand pets can adopted at the first tropical garey armory today was the first day of that three-day event. you can see all those puppies in immediate of a home. various shelters rescues and volunteers gathering what organizers are calling one of the largest adoption events ever in the northeast. organizers say lines were around the corner. i love it. of people hoping to take home a furry friend just in time for the holidays. >> a lot of people are looking for companion it can be for emotional support.
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it can be therapy dogs. can it just be a new best friend. so events like this really give people a better opportunity to find a new companion. >> just be sure you're ready. adopt don't shop. the event was organized by the brandywine valley spca. the adoptions only cost $20. you didn't bring home another dog, did you? >> no. >> okay. never know with you. >> i'd be in the doghouse. back to to your fox 29 weather authority now. wasn't bad for a december day. >> no. nice day to head out for walk. nice evening too, scott. >> it really is you will need those jackets and sweater i mean it is december the first. december friday of the year in philadelphia. we're talking about folks out and about in old city. kind of bundled up here. it's still pretty breezy as well as those winds have been gusting at times 20 to 30 miles per hour. let's talk about that weekend forecast. if you're stepping outdoors, a lot of holiday events taking place. a decorating the yard per its putting up that tree. talking about saturday conditions.
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windy still, a his temperature right around 50 moving toward sunday. still breezy. but not as gusty as tomorrow. high temperatures once again seasonal in the upper 40s and that's average for this time of year. let's talk about the water vapor imagery this really tells the story about what's happening in the atmosphere with the moistu moisture. dry pretty quiet across parts of the northeast new england all the moisture right now toward parts of texas also along the gulf coast. that's where the rain is right now. and will stay forepart much of the weekend. so as we take a look at ultimate doppler pretty dry and quiet parts of the southeast mid atlantic but new orleans looking at clouds and showers moving in. houston, dallas also toward amarillo. we have some lake effect snow far to the north and west of us. williamsport towards state college pittsburgh, erie, buffalo, syracuse and binghamton all looking at some of those flakes. now take look at those current sustained wind speeds out of the west right now at 21 miles per hour in philadelphia. out of the west 17 miles per
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hour in trenton. 16 miles per hour winds right now in the pocono mountains. so as we talk a little bit about the current air temperatures, pretty uniform. low to mid 40s right now. 44 wilmington along with millville 44 degrees. 45 now philadelphia after that high this afternoon of 51. but take look at the cold spot. 36 degrees currently in the pocono mountains. as we expand the view, you can see it's pretty cold north and west of us. upper 30s in pittsburgh along with buffalo over to syracuse so for tonight it's going to stay pretty chilly we're looking at those winds out of the west at 10 miles per hour. 34 in the burbs. 37 in the city. across the area for tomorrow, kind of similar to today. temperatures topping out in the upper 40 toss near 50. 49 wilmington. only in the 30s if you're headed to the pocono mountains for tomorrow. upper 40s in lancaster. upper 40s in wildwood and atlantic city. let's talk about that pattern change as we move toward the latter part of next week. some cold arctic air will head
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in our direction. we're talking thursday night into friday. the coldest yet of the season with high temperatures by next weekend struggling to make it to 40 degrees. so upper 40s to right around 50 for tomorrow. also into sunday. maybe an overnight sprinkle or flurry north and west sunday night into monday. next best organized rainfall chance is tuesday of next week. high temperatures top out in the upper 40s and then again as we move toward thursday with that front that will drop those temperatures look at next friday's high temperature only 41 degrees as opposed to today's high temperature that was right around 51. let's talk beaufort ball as we look at the kickoff forecast in cincinnati. cloud cover maybe a shower temperatures a little chilly at kick off. 1:00 o'clock the birds taking on the bengals. we're looking at that kick off temperature right around 40 degrees. guys, back over to you. >> all right. thank you so much, scott. >> sean brace here with a look at some weekend sports and i
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understand i read somewhere there's a small college if the ball contest going on. >> just a little one. >> actually happen on our air waves on fox 29. >> i didn't hear about that. >> tomorrow night it's all about penn state and the big 10 championship game. hear from head coach james franklin on the eve of his biggest game as a head coach and whether or not penn state star running back bar clairol ready to play. all that and more coming up next in sports. i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! everything for the holidays. that's my giant.
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to say that the penn state fan hasn't had a lot to cheer for over the years is an under statement. in fact the last time penn state football wouldn't big 10 title out right was all the way back in 1994. all that could change tomorrow night when penn state takes on wisconsin for the big 10 championship happening on our air waves 8:00 p.m. penn state has been impress suv this season winners of eight straight but head coach james franklin knows there's nothing quite like wiping a championsh championship. >> ♪ >> big 10 championships are hu huge. we talk to our players they put they understand it -- in our stadium did he put the years on the stadium wall of the big 10 championship seasons. big 10 championships are hard to get. championships in general are hard to get. ♪
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>> penn state fans are talking national championship but without a win tomorrow night all of that talk is for nothing. challenge for both coaches keeping the focus on the big 10 prize. >> obviously our flares and our fans are aware the coaches are aware of it, but for us not re really. we're really excited about being here. we're really excited about having the opportunity to play for big 10 championship. >> this is a big deal that we're here. and i think one quality of this team that i've appreciated a ton this year is the ability to make the most of the moment. >> one player hoping to get more than moment is the big 10 offensive player of the year penn state running back say quon barclay. barricade injured his ankle last week versus michigan state is ready to go according to franklin. >> he's been drinking lot of milk all week and/or ranch juice and vitamin c and, um, we flew in mr. miagi hit him on the ankle with the hands. >> barclay is a heck of a
6:25 pm
football player. really talented and can make things happen and then i think when you add the fact of what they're doing, you know, and the receivers and him running the ball or pushing down the field, our defense will be tested. >> ♪ >> be sure to join us tomorrow night for the big 10 championship game it happening right here on fox 29 8:00 p.m. wisconsin and penn state and what should be an amazing game. looking forward to it, guys. can't wait. penn state rolling, killing it these past few weeks much big one tomorrow night. >> you never thought in the beginning of the year they'd be in the position to play for big 10 championship. >> if they win, who notice. >> penn state! >> scott here to tell us what the weekend outlook will be like. >> it will be a cold one for tonight. temperatures dipping into the 30s across the area upper 30s philadelphia. mid 30s in pottstown. low by saturday morning 36 degrees in atlantic city. and what about 36 also in wilmington. so today's high temperature in philadelphia made it up to
6:26 pm
51 degrees. for the upcoming weekend dry and seasonal. it's going stay kind of blustery for tomorrow. high temperature right it around 50. upper 40s for sunday. not quite as breezy on sunday as it will be for tomorrow. tomorrow still looking at some of those gusts up to 20 perhaps even 30 miles per hour during the afternoon. keep that in mind if you're putting up those holiday decorations across the region. the weather authority seven day forecast showing that seasonal weekend and temperatures for the seven day forecast stay in the upper fours to right around 51st part of next week but then the latter part of next week included in that by next friday looking at highs around 41. by next weekend high temperatures could struggle to hit 40 degrees with that cold blast of air. we'll update that tonight of course after the game. >> all right. that will do it for us tonight here at 6:00 o'clock. >> we'll see you back here after the game. have a great night. inside edition is up next. ♪
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>> the kidnapped jogger. and mystery of hundreds of women who have been reported missing from the same area. are they victims of sex trafficking in america? >> sex traffickers are targeting people. and a cnn producer's shocking sick joke about the president-elect. >> his plane crashed. >> and then the serial killer mountain lion. >> the ruthless predator who slaughters because he likes to kill. >> so horrific. >> and what was he thinking? the knuckle head teen hanging off the side of a cruise ship. then the new surgery sweeping america. can you really throw away your reading


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