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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  December 5, 2016 4:00am-4:58am EST

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get ready for receipt wet, slippery start to the workweek. you serio says how this wintry weather could make for a slow, morning commute. and six people died from heroin overdoses, why they may all be connect to a bad batch, that is circulating in our area. when we find a victim we have to stop, we have to conduct an investigation. >> and agonizing search for victims, and answers at least 33 people lost in that deadly warehouse fire in oakland, california. green party presidential candidate jill stein is taking her bid for a presidential election recount indiction. good day everybody, it is a
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monday, it is decembe of you, 20 days until christmas. >> yes, i can't wait. >> it is coming. >> we're so excited. weekend a lot of christmas parade, i saw santa out and about all weekend long but look at this yucky mess. >> well, it is cold enough not only for making snow but for actual snow, falling in the poconos this morning. now this is a system that will be on its way out of here in a couple of hours but you have to be careful north and west of the city for possible, slippery conditions. there you go. that live? is that live somewhere? anywhere it was obviously last night because it is dry. that was in the city this rain moved in overnight. i guess we will go right to radar and show you what we're talking about. green is rain, whiteys snow, and anything in between, that is pink, is possible wintry mix but you can see, the rain, that was pretty heavy not too long ago, starting to make its way in to new jersey, but if
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you are traveling let's say chester county, upper parts of the the bucks, montgomery, up towards lehigh valley, possible slippery conditions, there you can see, not only a downpour around the area but maybe a loft and some snow flakes flying around. the surface temperatures are in the mid to upper 30's. owe in other word they are above freezing. so what is falling perhaps is snow or wintry mix is melting ground. we have 40 degrees in philadelphia anything we're eag here is only rain. so most ofperatures atlantic city in the 40's, seaside park in the 40's, and down in long neck in delaware it is t 40's. so we're looking at fe out of ha couple of hours, but there is stbit of of tricky travel in between. and as we go through the rest of the will see things drying out, pretty kelly, we hae recovery for today hours, we'llt
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tricky. >> definitely a little tricky. , in on the schuylkill expressway that heavy downpour, ponding, ts and trucks, and already a couple of dents out there we on the vine street expressway, crew did his not work last night on theened to begin our mg ry mix and some slippery conditions on ac expressway, two separate accident right ere, westbound, coming back toward philadelphia, and at exit number 28 and just a couple aidt exit number 31, and again, road conditions are going to change quickly, throughout the morning rush hour and that will set the tone here, for the morning. the turnpike, 295 slower than normal pieds this morning. we have talk about that wintry mix and that possibility of some mix out here in chester county. the turnpike between downingtown, and all the way out towards the harrisburg
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interchange, portions of the the 30 bypass between malvern and heading out to downingtown. look at how sue just showed us on the doppler we could have a possibility of seeing some sleet mixed in with some of that rainoue, all that will do is slow us down. live look at northbound they are still doing that project on the bridge over broad frankfordd subway using shuttle buses until 5:00. exactly all of that if you are heading out right now hold on tocause it is slippery, icy. we have wet leaves down. this is what it the looks like right now in center city. we know we will have problems with that commute as bob's been talking about. let's check with jenny joyce out there the on the roads going along the schuylkill. jenny, where are you and what are you seeing is. >> reporter: in chester county, leaving the city, he we can take a look at the road
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here. the it is very, very dark. i'm not sure what you will be able to see. but, what we are seeing is obviously still raining here, and it is 39 degrees, so, at this point in time we are not going to be dealing with much in the way of slippery roadways but as sue mentioned north and west of the city could really see a little bit more. so i know that shot isn't wonderful for you right the now because it is, just simply too dark right now in this hour of the morning but just typically steady rainfall right now, and, photographer chris here is driving and he said that the roads are doing okay. they are not too slippery right now. do not do that he says. but karen, i understand you had a messy commute, this morning, copping from where you live is that true. >> certainly seemed like it was a icy, wintry mix. you are heading out to west chester, that is bob kellyville in that direction. we were looking at blue mountain by allentown and it looks like they are get something real snow falling on
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their heads, see maybe our viewers can tweet us what they are seeing outside their windows and we will put that on tv and maybe head to those areas. the jenny, thanks very much. we appreciate it. time right now 4:06. right now police are investigating six heroin related death around the city of fill arc all in just the last 24 hours. five of them in one neighborhood. let get to steve keeley at east detectives, with the very latest in all this, steve, good morning. >> reporter: they think six and maybe more they have not found because people that do heroin do it in the privacy of their own cars and pass out and die there where no one can help them or hidden spots the in the abandon homes. so grow. when many people die from what they call a bad batch heroin users figure bad batch means good stuff and seek out the strong street brand that is killing people, believe itilmeaa quicker, greater high. so often authorities put out warnings but ask
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report the street brand, stamped on the little baggy sold here on the street. we have recently spoken to addicts and recovering addicts about the heroin epidemic and how hard it is to stop using and how hard it is for law enforcement to sto>>p they want, they do not care who it the hurts. the they are cutting the drugs with all sorts of different things. >> every year, every day gets worse and worse. real bad, real bad. >> reporter: heroin is out of control. >> out of control. >> nothing will change because they close one corner they will open up another corner and it is a shame. >> reporter: last month fire department commander stopped me to tell me that one deadly botched caused so many accidental od's that par medicine knicks this section of the city ran out of the heroin anecdote narcan. what is causing this? fentanyl is being used by a growing number of heroin sellers, they are mixing that and it is a stronger
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painkiller, 100 times stronger then morphine and it is what likely what is going to kill these people over the weekend. >> all right. such a you. that is awful news there. now we have another story that is hard to hr, that aftermath of that horrific warehouse fire out there in california, where we know 33 people have lost their lives, on some of them teenagers, but they do wise as crews continue to get this this there and sift through debris. adam housely says it it coulde days. >> today our district attorney nancy omali did activate a criminalteam is on the site andy are working in concert with our other law enforcement partners. >> reporter: mayor of oakland announcing investigation team has been
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act sprayed at the site of the massive warehouse fire as agonizing search and recovery continues. >> with the deprice, we are literally going, bucket full by bucket full. when we find a victim we have to stop, we have to then conduct an investigation, and we have to do it thoroughly and it has to be documented. >> reporter: fire fighting announcing on sunday that some victims four teenager. >> very unfortunate that we have to tell you we have a seven year-old victims. no small children but teenage children who are still children in our eyes. >> reporter: investigators say they have several days of work ahead as family and friend desperate thely wait for answers. >> like everyone waiting to hear, he did what he wanted, he was living his life. >> reporter: recovery effort also hitting close to home with the sheriff's >> one of our deputies that we work with, loss his son in this fire and so we're that, ase continue to deal with the other victims. >> reporter: warehouse was
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home to an artist community and crews say that the condition inside made it a death trap. almost impossible for people to escape, as the flames, went through the building. in oakland, california, adam housely for "fox news". well, we have now a change intact particular to get a recount in fat. bow to federal court. jill stein is changing course have after saying she would drop one of the the statewide recounts n a tweet the she said it all on money will escalate least count 2016 in pennsylvania and file a demand to a statewide recount on constitutial answers. she will be having a news conference today in front of the trump towers to announce that. she said recount could determine whether the election resultser hackers. and she's also spearheading recount effort in michigan and wisconsin states where republican donald trump won narrowly over democrat hillary clinton. >> this is not about donald
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campaign orllary clinton, it gary johnson's. this is about the american vote hours desire to have a votingrust. >> i say to her give it up. as you are doing for pennsylvania for a reason. even your friend in the clinton campaign have admitted that, these recounts will not change any results. >> so anyway that will be going forward today. she will have have that news conference. we will continue up to date you on all of those changing developments. 4:11. president-elect trump's short list for secretary of state has gotten big they are morning. he reportedly is widening his search now of potential candidates, two contenders on the list former utah governor and ambassador to china john huntsman and retired general david petraeus already in consideration, of course, mitt romney and rudy guiliani. well, we did have a lot to cheer about this weekend when it came to college saturday but both penn state and temple won their conference football
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championships, so exciting, who you about penn state, a 21-point deficit in the big ten title game to beat wisconsin 38-31. the team was robbed on the college football playoffs but we will go to the rose bowl to face off against head coach jams franklin also, gets $350,000 as a bonus, this is lions third trip to the rose bowl. temple is ac championship win over navy. owls taking a decisive 34 -ten victory saturday, in the first conference championship since 1967. and, they will be heading back to anapolis to face off against wake forest december 27th in the military bowl. we will have a whole lot more, that eagles game, we will break down sports in just a moment. how about a christmas village filled with christmas spirit? there is a good samaritan, fulfilling a good deed, after making a pretty surprising find, and then what she did
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next. also president obama soluting the annual kennedy center honors and he gets a honor of his own.
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well, take a look at the first snowfall, out in chicago, not here. they are under a winter weather advisory, certainly beginning to look a whole lot like christmas there. this is first snow fall for the windy city. they had a 52 year record that
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was broken at weather service. o'hare airport saw six-point -- 6 inches of snow as sue just said? weather just shattered previous daily snowfall record for december setback in 1964. lets take a look at our neck of the woods. we are taking a live look over our city, ben franklin parkway which is certainly wet at this hour but it is a little ice to the mix, as we head on over to sue serio, so, some areas today may be getting a little bit of snow our first snow. >> that is right, the situation is that you'll see these flakes falling, possibly,mes when it hits the gd because most of our temperatures, even north and west of the city, are above freezing. so this is a whole mess that is coming to our area right now. you can see north and west is there white, pinkou lebanon, ald then chester county we're in a dry slot right now but back, so, upper dublin, could be a little mix but you what you are seeing here is what is
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aloft. what is at the surface is what will affect the roadways and again, temperatures are mostly above freezing. now in the poconos it is a different story. we showed you camera from up there where there is actual snow falling, 28 degrees there. we will go down to dover delaware at 39. we have, 39 in mays landing. thirty-eight in medford lakes. you see how these temperatures air above freezing. the it is right at 32 in perkasie. maybe a little slippery there. thirty-four in pottstown. thirty-four in reading. so this is pretty much out of here by six or 7:00 o'clock and then we have decent weather, for the rest of the day. and then tomorrow, a little bit more comes back and we will see timing of that right there. that is afternoon rain for tomorrow, so, lets put it all together in the seven day forecast, a little bit of the roller coaster ride 50's today. forty-dr on thursday. wind start to pick up, much colder, high temperatures,
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bob, on friday and saturday. highs in the 30's. >> wow. >> burr. >> wow, good morning, everybody. that will wake you up, put a little skip in your step. 4:18. we don't have have temperatures that low but we have rain to deal with. we have a live look at i-95. this is ayuky starts to the morning rush hour if you are grabbing your coffee, keys and heading out the front door. look out, in the work zones you know it is always tough because those drainage grates are all moved around, they are not where they should be. ben franklin bridge looking good, again, slippery and expect slower than normal speeds rolling out of the driveway this morning. the here's an example of the 42 free waste where over the weekend they have shuffle some barriers around as part of that construction on 42 and 295. now on the atlantic city expressway, two separate accidents. one is westbound at the hammington interchange, and is there another accident further west at route 73, and that is exit number 31, so they are out there investigating. so we have blinking lights and
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again, road conditions are wet. the it will knock speeds down naturally with mother nature out there. this is where we're concern as sue showed us pockets of that maybe potential wintry mix. again, depending upon the temperatures, coatsville, downingtown, portions of this 30 bypass, just be a the subway using shuttle buses, until 5:00. we will roll video. we hadut in west chester the the other night a very kelly christmas. hopefully you took an opportunity to put your christmas lights up over this past weekend. can you imagine this guy? joan and jerry carotto chester a fantastic job. we were set up on their front lawn. at the schedule and when we can go out this week. i will check sue's find tuned forecast. look the at kid, they are all excited. snap a picture of your home and post to it facebook, twitter, instagram and use that #fox 29 lights contest so we can pick a home and show up at your house this coming week
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broadcasting live during the five and 6:00 o'clock news, karen, back over to you. thanks, bob. coming up at 4:20n tennessee the death toll has wrist tone 14 after the gatlinburg fires, last month, high wind brought embers down from the fire in the great smokey mountain burning 17,000 acres. 134 people have been injured and almost 2,000 buildings damage. tennessee emergency management agency says a mass text message telling people to evacuate was never sent due to power outages and loss of cell phone reception. mounting tension after plans for dakota pipeline were denied. army corp of engineers turned down request for a permit which means that last route wilt have to be rerouted. paul ryan tweets this is big government decision making at its worse. i look forward to putting this anti energy presidency behind us. this comes as hundreds of veterans have now joined demonstrators up there in
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standing rock, they have been protesting the construction for months, claiming that the the gas pipeline endangers the environment and cuts across sacred native american land. people have been protesting all over this country including in our area. this was one of the scenes yesterday, this was a lot of protesters marching through old city to show solidarity with those protesters in north dakota philadelphia police shut down traffic as the the group made its way down market street. and cuba bids farewell to fidel castro after a week of mourning and nationwide tour with his ashes. the his ashes have been placed inside the tomb at the cemetery, in santiago. sunday's ceremony came on the ninth day of official mourning. dictate offer ruled the communist nation for decades before stepping aside in 2008. last year president obama moved to normalized relations with cuba after decade of severed ties. the here's a pretty interesting look, our own bruce evans happens to be in cuba and she says it the is giving the country a pretty
4:22 am
big boost. >> lots of americans taking their pictures in front of these huge cuban flag hanging outside this hotel the -- unaudible. >> i'm standing in the center of what they called old square, because it is really old. and this is where you can really see where the tourist dollars paid off. you see how all of these buildings have been renovated behind, except that one over in the corner there. you see that? that is how they say all of these buildings looked until just a few years ago. of course, many things in cuba appear frozen in time. the classic cars are just so amaze to go see before the castro revolution and big embargo by america. so, joyce saw those classic convertibles and colorful cars that had been a symbol for cuba for westerners who have been able to visit.
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you hear about this one over the weekend? offer frommal he can baldwin to donald trump coming up, actor agrees to stop impersonating the president-elect but you you know it comes with a major catch. also let look at your winning lottery numbers
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good morning i'm sean bell. the eagles need to get this game against cincinnati desperately but bengals were the only ones playing like theye bengals jumped all over eagles in the second half down by 19, andy dalton hits le fell in the back of the end zone for the touchdown. the cincinnati, scored 29 points of the game, the defense was tri just as bad. carson wentz with one of his three interceptions, on the day,e 32-14. falling to five-seven on the season. >> you don't get down. that is what we have been saying. in this locker room guys will not get down. we have to be better with our discipline and keep attacking and, you know, obviously we're in a tough on the but we have to take it one game at a time. >> apparently winning a conference in football means nothing. penn state was left out of the college playoffs,al
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bam, ohio state, clemson and washington in it. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. all right. the flyers have been hot, hot, r predators yesterday. they take a lead with the goal in the second period, never looked back. they win four-two their fifth straight win. how about that. early delivery from would be of the santa's helpers, coming up how a woman went out of her way to make holidays bright for one family. also, we will take a look the at the weather, what is going on, sue. we will have a minute.
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and wintry mix kicking off our workweek. we may have a little bit of snow on your head this morning, and most of us will have some rain. plus, where green party presidential candidate jill stein is taking her bid for presidential elections recounts in pennsylvania. making a federal case of it. also, six people died from heroin overdoseness just 24 hours, why they all may be that is circulate nothing our area, with deadly results. good day everybody.
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it is a mob, monday can be hard, eagles didn't win but it is december 5th. we will try to be, you nose, having a good attitude. thomas drayton is off. how was your weekend. >> good, really good. we have the fake tree up. >> it looks fabulous. >> off the charts. >> i i had a coupe on. my life is so pathetic. >> a lot of people got yesterday. they were cheaper. everyone i saw was getting lots of trees. >> hole in the bottom that was the crux of my problem. you get what you paid for. >> it cost me $35. >> if you have stand you are all at rad. here's the thing. this was, i think this was a system that just had much moremg in here today then it will for most people because it the is now having said that temperatures are chilly enough that you could encounter some slick roadways, and in chester
4:32 am
county right there around uwchlan township but there somen aloft. just wet here in the city. we're at 40 degrees with 7-mile an hour wind. the it feels like 35 wear winter coat, waterproof one if you are leaving now but 28 degrees in mount pocono. thirty-four in pottstown. forty in millville. forty-three in wildwood. forty-nine and and we do like high of 52 degrees. skies will be clearing out, it looks like for the rest of the day. so we will talk about what is happening for tomorrow, and a big temperature plunge by the end of the week coming up in the seven day forecast, bob kelly. >> hey, sueby, good morning. 4:32. as you just showed us further north up the northeast extension toward the poconos, the lower the temperatures. the thus we have that snow, the white stuff, kind of sticking to the grass surface and that is causing for some
4:33 am
lipry conditions, this is a live look at the turnpike, northeast extension, near the quakertown, actually right at quakertown interchange. this picture taken at 4:21 from the turnpike cameras. new there is an accident between quakertown, and allentown and here's a live look at the allentown interchange. now i want to point out this is one of those days that the signs, that say, bridge freezes before the road surface are going to be worth their weight in gold because that is exactly what we will see here, bridge where wind has that chance to whip around and whip undies going to cause slippery conditions on the overpasses. the and the bridges. the white stuff, the snow, the wintry mix, whatever you want to call it, it is not sticking to the road surface but this is an example of the slippery conditions, again rolling up that northeast extension, again, temperatures have gone down to just below freezing. now on the atlantic city expressway, two separate accidents, in wintry mix, just rain, and just wet road westbound at hammington
4:34 am
another accident westbound at route 73, with some delays. the here's a live look chester county route 100 and route 113, further west out towards downingtown and coatsville there is a report about an hour ago we had sell giving us a wintry mix but that impacted the early commuters, us in midnight to 3:00 but here on out it is either going to be wet or dry as we move in the morning rush hour, karen, back over to you. >> bob, thank you very much. we are starting at 4:34 with a change intact particular to get a recount in pennsylvania. it is now going to federal court. green party candidate jill stein is changing course after saying she would drop one statewide recount. she's now holding a news conference in front of the trump towers to announce her plans. she says a recount could determine if thee results were manipulated by hackers. >> this is not about donald trump, no the about hillary clinton, it is not about my
4:35 am
campaign or gary johnson. this is about the american vote hours deserve to have a voting system we can trust. >> i say to her give it up as they are doing tonight pennsylvania for a very simple reason. even your friend in the clinton cthat had these recountl not change any results. >> stein is also spearheading a recount effort in michigan and wisconsin states where republican donald trump won narrowly over democrat hillary clinton. today a federal appeals court is set to decide if immigrant students in the lancaster school district can allow older students to attend main stream high schools. lawyers complained that the advertise trick is instead sending 17 to 21 year-old students to alternative schools with fewer academic opportunities n recent years lancaster has seen a increase in refugees and immigrants due to resettlement programs. 4:35. right now police are investigating six heroin-related deaths in philadelphia that we know about all within a matter of
4:36 am
hours. five of them happened in one neighborhood. lets get out to steve keeley at east detectives, steve. >> reporter: yeah, this is neighborhood and to make heroin stronger and make it sell faster here on the street drug cooks are mixing it with the very powerful pain medication fentanyl and if you are thinking you heard that word before, that is the drug that killed the singer prince this year. it has killed hundreds of others, around our viewing area and across the nation, with most heroin users shooting up alone in cars and hidden corners the fear in philadelphia is that more than six have been killed and just haven't been found just yet. the fentanyl isn't just 50 to 100 times more powerful then morphine but it acts fast overtaking somebody in five minutes. after 50 overdose cases in another deadly day just last month here in kensington the philadelphia fire department emergency medical crews ran out of the heroin anecdote narcan, me. afterward we spoke to those recovering from using at local
4:37 am
deadly epidemico deal wit firsthand every day. >> every year every day gets worse and worse. heroin around here is real bad. it is real bad. heroin is out of control. >> they want to make money, they don't care who it hurts. they are cutting the drugs with all sorts of different things. >> nothing will change because they close one corner they will open up another corner and it is just a shame. >> reporter: police here tell us this morning that the deaths ranged from 24 to 44, mostly men but at least one woman dead in her 30's and if not the for the philadelphia fire department narcan and local hospital emergency staff, karen that number six dead would be way higher because many others who overdosed, on this same street stuff sold to the dead people were seen by the street and then saved by the fire department. the question now is, will this near death experience somehow, jolt them to just try to find
4:38 am
some way to stop. >> we can certainly hope so, we hope and pray for that one, steve, thanks very much. drug overdoseness pennsylvania they have continued to sky rocket, according to a study that came out of the university of pittsburgh between 1979, all the waste up to 204 overdoses have increased four times the original amount. people most likely to be victims now women, and caucasians. age 35 to 44. police are investigating those deaths that have been happening recently that steve was just talking about. time right now 4:38. they had a party at the white house. receipt i fun and pretty fancy. president obama soluting art world's elite at kennedy center honors but in turn he gets a nice honor of his own. you wanna see something intense?
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president obama bringing the crowd to its feet on sunday evening, mr. obama mark the eighth and final kennedy presidency and among those honoraries we have so many big names, al pacino, gospel a staples, james taylor, surviving it was the president who received the longest, standing ovation. also president east electric donald trump not too happy this past weekend, saturday night live. he tweeted about what he saw before the show was even over and ironically it was about how he uses twitter, take a look. >> i'm sorry, i think someone
4:42 am
retweeted me. >> sad because you are just some random kid in high school, who would retweet you. >> kelly ann i just retweeted the best tweets, i mean what a great, smart tweet. we're in the security briefing. >> but this could not wait, a young man named seth, 16, he is in high school and i really did to retweet him,tcaired the president-elect tweeted just tried watching saturday night live, unwatchable,otbiased, notn impersonation just can't get any sad. well,al he can baldwin tweeting release your tax returns and i'll stop, ha. all right. >> one of the fun things thathe, classic show time at apollo talent show back with hip-hop
4:43 am
and r and b's favorite duos? kind of fabulous, see who it is when we come right back. mystery beauty treatment.
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little music to get you up and going, 4:45. good morning, hello
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quakertown. this is what happens when temperatures drop and we will get precipitation, we see first sign have of flakes but only sticking to the grass surface but there is an accident north on the northeast extension between quakertown and the lehigh valley interchange. what we're seeing here is an example further north you go the temperatures are dropping and, of course, road conditions are going to change and that bridge freezes before the road surface. you see signs all the time. that is what we have to look out for here to take. here's what it looks like in the least high tunnel working further are north you go, so again, crews hopefully are out popping down some salt again north. we're talking north of the poconos north of the least high valley where we are seeing that white stuff. in our area, it is just wet. now wet road can certainly be just as slippery, we have seen conditions, kind of, warrant that all morning long, we have had accidents on the schuylkill, on the freeway and also on the atlantic city expressway. here's a live look at the roosevelt boulevard.
4:47 am
roads are wet this morning. watch out for hydroplaning watch that those leaves are math the mathed down. accident at lincoln drive at city avenue causing delays. shuttle busing on the market frankford and broad street subway until 5:00. a new traffic pattern on the ben franklin parkway debuted last week keep that in mind coming in the city right around the franklin institute, plenty of brake lights and christmas lights we have them up over the delaware will valley. we were out on thursday night, sue, in west chester, home of juniorhe other where win was blowing, santa was tipsy and look the a the lights looking good, hot air balloon, kid had a grand dur holiday lights, you have got your lights up yet? snap a picture and send it to us using facebook, twitter, instagram account just use that #fox 29 lights contest to show the picture on tv and put you in the running for a live broadcast one night this week we will hit the road and go to somebody's home. we just have to fine tune what
4:48 am
night we will do that, all that depends upon the weather and for that we will go to sueby in 15 seconds. a few extra moments, this because we have messy weather around. you coon he see it on radar in our air contract see what is going on. here in philadelphia,wers and iy rain, and, flurries to the, and, atlpatch of what appears to be snow, light snow, just north of hatfield and then you go down to upper dublin and it is rain, heavier rain around mount laurel is there some see with the dark green and the yellow around cape may, that is where rain is heavier,
4:49 am
but temperature is key got a tee this at the surface it seems most of our temperatures except for the mountains air above freezing. we will go down to woodbine, where it is 40 degrees, ozwego perkasie right at 31. it could be trick which travel there. bob said with the bridges and cold air under the bridge that is where it could get dicey at times. so just watch your speed and leave a little bit early. mostly out of here by seven offer 8:00 at the latest we are seeing a dry slot moving through as well. sunshine rest of the day. we will get in the lower 50's which will end upeiwarmest day e on that to come. the here's some more rain, it looks like tuesday afternoon at four or 5:00 o'clock, way to the the north it could be a little bit of snow situation but that is gone before we have the rush hour, on wednesday. so here's what happens with the temperatures, 50's today, 47 tomorrow, and then not too bad, on wednesday, or
4:50 am
thursday, and then a big plunge for friday and at day, the 30' daytime highs, >> it is about time, thanks sue we will take it. a local act of kindness has a restored one woman's faith in humanity. woman dropped her wallet at philadelphia christmas village, how she got that back, it is a great story. our sabina kuriakose has the full story full of holiday cheer. >> reporter: it was sunday after thanksgiving and all through christmas village in center city, moms and dads were checking off the names on their naughty and nice list. they were gathering presents that will soon surround their family's tree when she made a surprise discovery. >> she looked around for an owner but crowds was by peeking at skies, kathy realized she was holding keys to some of the life, nicole heller's life in fact. >> i have my driver's license in there, i have, i don't
4:51 am
know, credit card, atm card, now what. >> reporter: she recounted headaches that were brewing in her head, trips to the dmv, cancelled credit cards just before christmas. kathy was finding returning the wallet to its rightful owner was easier said then done. >> i took it over and they said they could not take it. >> reporter: officers promised that the post office would be able to return the wallet as kathy put it in the mailbox but she knew that could take weeks and compassion for her fellow man kicked in. >> yeah, if you can help someone you do. >> reporter: kathy and her sister marry ann drove to the home on the id, they left their wallet at colleen's door thinking little of their good deed. it turns out it was a tiny who will take miracle. by the time colleen got home the wallet was waiting for her
4:52 am
she was stunned. >> i have someone driving 25 miles out of their way and an hour if not the in traffic. i could cry. that was so nice. >> reporter: two women have yet to meet have a message for each other. >> thank you for going out of your way for a complete stranger. >> merry christmas colleen. >> sabina kuriakose fox 29 enthusiasms. >> you can help with other stories of other families, because we have partnered with the kelly ann dolan memorial fund to help as many families as possible. the here's what you need to do, doll and fund is looking for new unwrapped toys for children up to 18. buy a gift card, drop them off to daze and tomorrow at wissohickon fire company and our jen fredrick will be there tomorrow from 7:00 to 10:00. for more information check it out right there on our web site at fox would you like to hang out with one of the stars of the hamilton? how a ten-dollar donation could win you a once in a lifetime celebrity experience.
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i will be watching that. coming up, unhealthy food and drink that are actually maybe good for you. and also don't get caught off guard by mother nature get the latest on your forecast, you can see it in our airport right now, but you can down load it and it is fabulous, show you where the storm is over your head on either apple or google play, at there steve. >> well, mean street of philadelphia would have been more meaner and more deadly yesterday, if not for philadelphia fire department saving lives, but could not save at least six people, dead . un-stop right there!
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i'm about to pop a cap of "mmm fresh" in that washer because this scent lasts up to 12 weeks, which is longer than any relationship i've ever been in. freshness for weeks!
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sue serio has a look at how this wintry mix could day and bl check out the roads. plus six people died from heroin overdoses in just hours, why they all may be n we find a victim we bad w have to stop, we have to then conduct an investigation. the agonizing search for victims, and least 33 people killed in that deadly warehouse fire out there in oakland, california. and how about this making green party drops one recount effort in pennsylvania and now it is planning another, actions today on that one.
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