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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  December 5, 2016 5:00am-5:58am EST

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sue serio has a look at how this wintry mix could day and bl check out the roads. plus six people died from heroin overdoses in just hours, why they all may be n we find a victim we bad w have to stop, we have to then conduct an investigation. the agonizing search for victims, and least 33 people killed in that deadly warehouse fire out there in oakland, california. and how about this making green party drops one recount effort in pennsylvania and now it is planning another, actions today on that one. so good day, on this monday,
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it is december 5th, i'm karen hepp. thomas is off today. hi bob kelly. >> we will let him sleep today. >> sleep in. >> yeah, happy monday. >> we have some messy weather out there. it is rain for most of us and the road are wet but yound wests surfaces, and s-n-o-w. i know that word, just that word alone freaks us all out. so anyway bus stop buddy is here with the umbrella if you go out maybe within the next hour, hour and a half he'll even count their precipitation falling. we're down to clouds at the airport 30's and 40's your temperatures out there and bulk of the precipitation is moving toward the shore. there is some in the center of pennsylvania that may head our way but heaviest of the rain and or wintry mix that we were going to get is already happening and it is still happening. still wet. 40 degrees.
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7:08 is your sunrise time. we will sees sunshine today at the surface most of the temperatures except in the mountains are a bit above freezing. 40 degrees in the the city, 38 in wilmington. over in atlantic city it is 41. it is rain to start. 50 degrees, and the sunni merges by lunchtime, skies should clear overnight te more rain heading our way and then a big temperature plunge, bob kelly in the seven day forecast, coming up. >> you said it right, earlier 5:02 temperature is the key this morning. here's a live look from quakertown, quakertown interchange of the northeast extension where there is an accident between quakertown and lehigh valley interchange. there is that four letter word, snow, laying on the grass surfaces, surface. the here's a look at least high valley interchange where again, bridges and those overpasses are slippery, they be the road conditions. the snow is only laying,
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sticking to the grass, not to the road surface but further north you go obviously the temperatures are lower. the here's a look at the northeast extension heading in to the lehigh valley tunnel. the it looks like we have wet roads on the northeast extension. i hope that penndot in that district are out and about putting town layer of salt for everybody leaving the trent door we have got some rain drops, cheerios i like to call . this is a live look at the plea route 476 near mid county. it looks like lansdale quakertown is at the deciding line where if you wake up north of lansdale/quakertown we will see some white stuff on the grass. everything else is just wet but again it all depend upon the temperatures. we have heavy rain heading us down the shore. ben franklin bridge wet behind the ears and no problems at least at the moment the the atlantic city expressway dealing with an accident westbound at hammington that is exit number 28, police are on the scene there. crash on the lincoln drive right at city line avenue and
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a new traffic pattern coming into center city on the ben franklin parkway right in front of the franklin institute, karen, back over to you. i'm glad you mentioned lansdale quakertown area because that is where jenny joyce is headed. you know people cannot drive when there is the water on the ground, jenny, i wanted toe what the conditions have been like as you have been driving along. what is going on. >> reporter: good morning, karen. we are seeing rain, steadily fall here. we are driving live along route 202 in the area of exton, photographer chris fox here just mentioned that there is some ponding on the roadways so that is certainly something to be careful of. we know that areas north and west of philadelphia have a better chance of seeing that wintry mix today. we are on our way to quakertown right now, current conditions, where we are hanging out are above freezing at rough liz 37 degrees. we were receiving reports of slippery road conditions overnight so if you experience
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any issues p facebook or twittee will spread the word. karen,t go watch games last night in wisconsin and chicago and to see that snow coming down. it was so heavy. we are not goinganything like tf course, but the beginning of the winter season, the unofficial winter season and we are starting to see cooler temperatures and of course when we get that wintry mix people tend to not be as careful thinking it is just a little rain but you have to be mindful that the roads may be slippery out there. karen? >> especially because we have so many leaves still down that haven't been pick up. when we have wet leaves we have seen some accidents and we know there will be more, jenny, thank you, we appreciate it. right now police are investigating six heroin-related deaths around the city of philadelphia, they have all happened within a matter of hours. five in one neighborhood kensington. let get out to steve keeley with the very latest on all of
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this, steve. >> reporter: marriage of the heroin and fentanyl is making the high incredible on the streets here in kensington and making the death toll just as high, as well, and here we go another deadly day, thanks to another deadly batch of heroin being sold sunday. and if not for philadelphia fire andposuperstars the numberd from a street sale sunday higher then just six. quick response, quick diagnosis and quick action saved so many more lives. many people overdosed on this powerful little packet they sold here on the streets of kensington and saved by heroin narcan similar to another deadly daze last month wavhe ing dale here in this area so many that battalion chief in the philadelphia fire department that the crews ran out of theer using so much in a single day. after that we spoke to those who use heroin and those who sees heroin users every day. >> they want to make money,
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they d who it hurts, and they are cutting, they are cutting the trucks with all different things. >> every year, it gets worse and worse. heroin around here is real bad. it >> heroin out of control. >> nothing going to change, they close one corner, they are off in another corner and it is a shame. >> fentanyl is is first hundred times shore powerful then morphine as it the is what is killed prince and so many here on the streets of kensington too karen. don't be surprised police and fire department people say if that number of six jumps up beyond that heroin users take the drugs in the privacy of their own car or bedroom and are not found until days later sometimes. >> we did so many store thinks year of broken hearted families lost their young people to this discord that ace affecting so many of crimine underway at scene of the dea fin
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california. thirty-three people he others. crews are continuing to search through debris, families are desperate liz waiting for word abou ones, they are asked to provide dna. >> today our district attorney nancy o'malley did activate a criminal investigation that came on the site and working in concert with our other law enforcement partners. >> reporter: mayor of oakland announcing criminal investigation team has been act sprayeded at site of the massive warehouse fire that killed dozens of people late friday night into saturday morning this is as the agonizing search and recovery just continues. >> with the debris we are going bucket it full by bucket full. when we find a victim we have to stop, we have to then conduct an investigation, it has to be thorough, it has to be documented. >> reporter: fire fight's announcing on sunday that some
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victims, four teenagers. have to tell thaw we have 17 year-old victims. no small children, but teenage children who are still children in our eyes. >> reporter: investigators say they have several days of work as family and friend desperately wait for answers. >> i am like everybody waiting to hear, he just did what he wanted, he was living his life. >> reporter: recovery effort also hitting close to home with the sheriff's department. >> one of our deputies that we work with lost his son in this fire. so we're still dealing with that as we continue to deal with the other victims. >> reporter: warehouse was home to an artist community and crews say conditions inside made it a death trap, almost impossible for people to escape, as the flames went through the building. in oakland, california, adam housely for fox 29 news. happening right now, a change intact particular in the recount of pennsylvania. green party candidate jill
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stein is changing course after saying she would drop one statewide recount and plan for another. she will go to federal court. she tweeted out saying on money will escalate #recount 2016 in pennsylvania and file to demand a statewide recount on constitutional ground. the people deserve answers. she will be holding a news conference today in front of the trump towers up in new york to announce that. she says recount could determine if the election results were manipulated by hackers. >> this is not about donald trump, thiishillary clinton, itt about my campaign or about gary johnson. this is about american vote hours deserve have to have a voting system we can trust. >> i say to her give it up as it seems like they are doing in pennsylvania for a very simple reason, even your friend in the clinton campaign have admitted that these recounts will not change any results. >> stein is also spearheading a recount effort in michigan and wisconsin states that were very close where republican donald trump won narrowly over
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democrat hillary clinton. speaking of the president-elect his short list for secretary of state has gotten big her this morning. he is widening his search of potential candidates. we have another name on the the list how about former utah governor and ambassador to china john huntsman. we have been hearing about retired general david petraeus. we know mitt romney and rude i guiliani. here's some good sports news from the weekend, penn state and temple ceiling the deal on saturday. the both their conference football championships. penn state amazing coming back from a 21-point deficit in the big ten title game. thirty-eight-31. bee were robbed miss you had out on the college football playoffs. we will go to the rose bowl january 2nd to face u.s.c. the coach, he gets a press i big bonus, 350,000 will dollars and, of course, lions third trip to the rose bowl. how about those olds.
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celebrating an a ac champion ship win over navy. temple taking a decisive 34-ten victory saturday in the first conference championship since 1967. what a long way they have come. team goes back to anapolis foret december 27th, in the the military bowl. and we will have more in sports coming up in just one minute and what do you want to talk about? let us know on twit error 29 and we will talk coming up next on our news, no more feeling guilty, your favorite foods, peanut butter bread, wine, beer, go ahead those so-called some of them actually good for you. lets take a live look outside and sees is what falling from your window, that is radar right now over our area. we can see they are getting white up there, in allentown area, if you have any wintry mix, sleet, snow tweet us some pictures of that. we would love to show that
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in my opinion the most beautiful street in philadelphia, benjamin franklin parkway even when it is wet. that is all it is in the city right now. we're around 40 degrees here. northwest in the overnight hours we did see a little bit of white stuff coming down. we still see a little bit more
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as we head into northern pennsylvania, and upstate new york around allentown there may be a few light rain falling around philadelphia, it is all about temperature and what is happening where that temperature is at or below treeing at the surface, so, there we are up around edison, new jersey that part of the turnpike, you may see snow but for south jersey it is all rain and at jersey shore the heaviest rain still falling in cape may, i, moving through pretty quickly. it is 36 degrees in lancaster above freezing. thirty-four in reading. down south in woodbine it the is 40 degrees. we have wrightstown at 37. again, above freezing. we're still stuck in freezing at perkasie. valley forge 37. thirty-four in allentown. it may not be a slick road on the surface but may see snow on the grass, this morning. everything is out of here by 7:00 it looks like and then we have sunshine for rest of the the day.
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but don't rest on your laurels because we have more rain moving through in the afternoon probably three o'cloce will get rain and that lasts through the night time hours but it is gone for the morning rush hour on wednesday. th plunging temperatures. as we head in th we're talking about 48 degrees as our average temperature, we were right supposed to be with that high of 48. we saw some sunshine with the rainy start today, and 53 later. then reasonable temperatures, through tuesday, and that late take rain, wednesday, thursday and blustery and much saturday,s really going to feel like wintertime >> you got it, 5:17. good morning. call this a dry run, ar what ise with that white stuff depending upon wintry mix and where you're beginning your here's a live look at henderson road at gulf road at
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ramps forpressway. here's the traffic light for that henderson road interchange, as we look real close right here, we have got heavy rain. right at gulph mills interchange of the schuylkill and we have an accident there in the back road. little further are north, all temperature and your location. here's the quakertown interchange where snow is sticking to the grass surface on road surface but we have an accident northbound on the extension between quakertown and lehigh valley sticking to the grass surface and then up near lehigh valley right before the tunnel again, snow, on the grass. even in downingtown, at the downingtown interchange, so north and west of the city, is where the temperatures at the same time that precipitation came through leaving us with white stuff on the grass. again, sue mentioned this will be out of here by 7:00 i just hope that the pen to the crews
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north and west of the city and even township crews were outputting town that layer of salt where you need it. you don't need any salt in the city. ben franklin bridge is just wet but expect slower than normal speed this morning because of the rain or that wintry mix. an accident west on the expressway near hammington, whatever you did over the weekend i hope you used the waterproof extension cord to plug in your christmas lights because that is what we're looking for. we are looking for best decorated houses in the area. get ready for another trip of the v here's what it looked like on the front line of the carotto's in west chester. they had all of the animate even had big old santa claus that was blowing. remember bobble seven out there on the front lawn, kid had a great time with hot hme al decorated, post them to your facebook, twitter on instagram page and #fox 29
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lights contest so i can pull them up, show them on tv and one night this week we will hit the road and broadcast live from somebody's front lawn during the five andast, ka, back over to you. 5:20. in tennessee the death toll has wrist tone 14 after those fires in gatlinburg. last monday high wind brought embers down from a fire in the great smokey mountains andng mon 17,000 acres. 134 people were injured and almost 2,000 buildings damaged, a pastor and two daughters were among those killed. church leade mother heart broken. >> i want my daughter and grandchildren back. i want to wake up night mayor. i thought we would find them alive. >> folks didn't get a warning, it turnsennessee emergency management agency said they had planned a mass text message to tell people to east vac wait but it was of pows
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and a loss of cell phone reception. mounting tension after plans for dakota denied, army core of engineers turned down government's request for a permit. so that all means that last leg is going to be rerouted at least for now. the house speaker paul ryan is slamming that tweeting, this is wig government decision making at its worse. i look forward to putting this anti energy presidency behind us. now hundreds of veterans, also joined so many of those demonstrators out there in the cold and standing rock, they have been protesting this construction for months and they say they are still going to stay there they claim that the gas pipeline is endangering the environment and cuts across sacred native american land. decision on sunday will make many of these people out here happy because there have been protests all around this country this was one in olde city. people standing in solidarity with those protesters in north dakota, police shut down traffic as the group made its
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way down market street. how about this lots of things are happening all around this world especially with our world leaders, another possible blow to europe's economy, italy's prime minister is, stepping down. the matteo renz i will announce that after losing a key referendum on constitutional reform. there are fears his departure will plunge italy into political uncertainty and economic turmoil. president sergio mart rel a will replace him. we have seen the euro start to tall. fidel castro is laid to rest after a week of mourning and nationwide tour of his ashes in his country. they were placed inside a tomb at the cemetery in santiago. sunday's ceremonies came on the ninth day of official mourning, dictator ruled that communist nation for decade before stepping aside in 2008 and let his brother rule. the just last year president obama moved to normal ice relationship with cuba after
5:23 am
decade of severed ties. our own joyce evans is in cuba with a look at how growing business of tourism is giving that economy a boost. >> lots of americans taking their pictures in front of the huge cuban flag hanging outside the santa isabel hotel, the center of the property in old havaninth and fl day of mourning for the death of fidel castro. >> i'm standing in the center te because it is really old and this is where you can really sees where the tourist dollars paid off. you see how all these buildings have been renovated, behind, except that one over in the corner there do you see that. that is how they say all of these buildings looked until just a few years ago. >> of course, many things in cuba appear froze men time. look at the freight cars, so classic, amazing because they had them before we had the big embargo when they had
5:24 am
revolution. classic cars, convertibles, they are so cool and a symbol for what has become for western hours have been able to visit. expect to see more sensitive mummers, possibly in just under a month right now. how the mummers will be taking steps to avoid a repeat of last years controversial performance. but first here's your winning lottery numbers.
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welcome back. in your health news, this is an apparently upside to quote eating unhealthy. at least accord together daily mail, breaking down food that are considered bad by many of us that could actually have good effects as well. the let's run through a couple bread and potatoes high this carbs but also whole grain bread are full of vitamins and fiber rich brand. beer and wine are packed with sugar vitamins and minerals. eggs are high this cholesterol but packed with protein. bananas high in sugar but great potassium while peanut the butter contains mono saturated fat that can lower the risk on have heart disease. we knew about almost all of those for quite sometime. harry connick junior is on good day, later today, we're so excited, because we have seen h have seen him on his music shows as well, now he will be here joining us n
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satellite but live and in person for our 9:00 o'clock hour and then on the q, later today, that will be a lucky audience, noon. ♪
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good morning to you as we take a live look outside. there is a lot of wet stuff falling from the sky,
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depending on where you live may depend what is falling on top of your head. sue will explain who is getting what and bob will take a look the a the commute because it is always effected when there is water on the roads. they made a federal case of it where green party presidential candidate jill stein is now taking her bid for that recount, in pennsylvania, and the change that she just made. also an absolute tragedy in our city overnight in just a matter of hours we have been watching as six people tied from heroin overdoses. it is all connect to one bad batch, that is out there, on our streets. good day, everybody. it is a monday. it is december 5th. lots of us in the holiday mood. maybe getting christmas trees this weekend. yours is up, it looks fabulous. >> i bought mine on sale and it came in a box. >> bam. >> trees up, house is decorated. i had trouble with the outlet yesterday, half of the loan ups were asleep, other half were wide awake. we have to work on that.
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>> that is like most of us, right now. >> so, whatever you are getting out there we can promise you a messy monday morning. what we have been saying driving home there is wet roadways out there you may have noticed i have avoided the number of the day, still headaching a decision. we have assigned a number of the day, blah, blah, blah. i will go with the seven but it is improving. it the is in the so great right now with the wet, cold, rain and temperatures in the 30's and 40's and your pal bus stop buddy says be prepared for wet weather as you leave this morning and it is more than starting to move in our area from the west, most of the heavier rain and or snow, which was north and west of the city is out of here but roads are still wet, still drippy, 40 degrees with sunrise at 7:08 but sun won't be here initially. look the at these surface temperatures, except in the mountains everybody is above freezing at the surface but could run into slippery spots
5:33 am
this morning which is why it is good idea to leave early, after lunchtime though sunni merges and skies will clear and we will get to a high of 52. that is why number isn't too low bob kelly even though it is yucky right now. the bottom line is you don't want to say the word snow because if you wake up you don't see it. what you see when you wake up and look out front door depend where you are waking up north and west you'll see snow on the grass surfaces, none of it is sticking to the road surfaces, but still nonetheless everything is wet ape it will be ayuky start to our monday morning. live look outside king of prussia, henderson road at gulf road right at the exit at gas station for henderson road off ramp for schuylkill expressway. we have got heavy rain down the shore causing delays on the 41 freeway coming toward philadelphia, wet road, slippery, we have got ponding conditions. here's picture from the pennsylvania turnpike this is
5:34 am
quakertown interchange where we have grass, snow on the grass surfaces, we had an earlier accident northbound between quakertown and lehigh valley interchange. here's a picture from the lehigh valley interchange of the turnpike where we have snow on the grass surfaces. the here's downingtown, downingtown interchange route 100 of the turnpike. although road are passable the white stuff, i hope that penndot and the turnpike officials have been out especially on your secondary roads, like through chester county here. if you have snow on the grass surfaces of route 100 your certainly going to have a dusting and slippery conditions on the secondary roads an inside streets through chesteraren, back to you. how about this major change intact particular at a recount in pennsylvania. green party can tait jill stein is changing course after dropping one statewide recount trying to get for another. she's going to f holding a news
5:35 am
conference today in front of the trump towers to announce all that. she said this recount could term if the election results were manipulated by hackers. >> this is in the the about donald trump. thilry clinton? it is not about my campaign or gary johnson. this is about the american voters who deserve to have a voting system we can trust. >> i say to her give it up as they are doing in pennsylvania for a very simple reason. even your friend in the clinton campaign have admitted that these recounts will this is change any results. >> she's spearheading a recount effort in michigan and wisconsin states where republican donald trump won narrowly over democrat hillary clinton. also speaking of federal cases a federal appeals court will be decide if you go immigrant students in the lancaster school district can allow older students to go to main stream high schools. lawyers complained instead the district is sending theses 17 to alternative schools with fewer academic opportunities. in recent years they have seen
5:36 am
an increase this refugees and immigrants due you to resettlement programs. and we have this developing story, right now that we know an off-duty officer was shot in their vehicle. it happened last evening in brooklyn, new york. this is a woman, 25 year-old alice brian in her car when a honda rolled up and there was someone inside that fired shots. she was struck in the head. she died instantly. detectives say her death appears to have been planned. also this morning investigax heroin-related deaths in philadelphia all within the last 24 hours, five of them happened in one neighborhood. lets get right out to steve keeley, steve? >> reporter: this is the neighborhood right where this 24th and 25th police district and east division detectives are and it has been a busy 24 hours for them. fentanyl's growing use as a recreational drug has upped the number of overdoses and deaths and it is what has
5:37 am
killed prince and maybe what killed at least six people here in this area yesterday. sadly though when people die from what authorities called a bad batch heroin users figure bad batch means good stuff and then they seek out the strong street brand that is killing people thinking if it is strong enough to kill, it will mean a quicker, greater high. here are some users we talk to who have to tiehl with this stuff every day. >> it get worse every year, every day gets worse and worse. heroin around here is real bad. it is real bad. >> heroin is out of control. >> out of control. >> they want to to make money, they don't care who it hurts. they are cutting the drugs with all sorts of different things. >> nothing will change because they have closed one corner and they ever off in another corner and it is a shame. >> reporter: just last who fire department command inner this neighborhood told me another deadly batch caused so many over toeses, 50, that paramedics in this section of
5:38 am
the town ran their heroin anecdote narcan and if not the for narcan and philadelphia police and fire department that necessary how to use it real quick and diagnosis a heroin addict's over toes real quick that number six would be in double digits easily because they took a lot of people to the livesal for other overdosesy and do great work, thank you. we will save so many more. we are getting closer to christmas, holidays and then new years and then hummers parade this year should be more respectful and inclusive that is land and what we are hoping thaw will notice according to t tradition this new years day. many members are taking sensitivity training. so that means training, outreach programs, the mummers say that they are taking steps to avoid a repeat of years past when they have had some stuff that maybe a few people were very uncomfortable. we have had previous parade, marred by racially and socially offensive displays, so, the new idea is they have videos and training and
5:39 am
talking about cultural sensitivity but whole thing, it is to bring everybody together and not offend peoplei. we will do it. also a christmas village filled with christmas spirit, so, you're out there shopping, all of a sudden you drop your wallet. you will never see it again. no one will give it back to you. well, we have a nice wonderful heart warming holiday twist, for this.
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good morning i'm sean bell. eagles have lost their last six games on the road, and yesterday's game in cincinnati, it was by far the worst. eagles got destroyed. bengals jumped all over eagles early in the second half down by 19, andy dalton hits brandon le fell in the back of the end zone for touchdown. cincinnati scored first 29 points of the game. defense was terrible, and the offense well, was just as bad. carson wentz with one of his three interceptions on the day. eagles lose 32-14 falling to five-seven on the season. >> we have to demand excellence and is it going to be perfect all the time, no, it is not but you have to go in with enough pride and enough, you know, want to that you want that perfection. >> apparently winning best conference in football means nothing? penn state was left out of the college football playoff, alabama ohio state, clemson and washington get in.
5:43 am
that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, "thank you for serving our country" and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast.
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good morning everyone. this is your captain speaking. we have a low cloud cover as we get ready to leave philadelphia. good morning everybody. 5:45 looking live there at philly interest that the. no reported delays, at philly, so that is good news but come on here's a cool picture sent over weekend where we're
5:46 am
checking planes, trains and the sled. we have all of the cars lined up, to pull buddy the, elf after kitchen table. he shows up in the different spot every morning. reported to sanity clause on the overnight. the here's a live look at i-95 s boulevard, luckily we have an officer here this guy has been sitting dead in the center lane with his blinkers on right at columbus avenue. pounde atlantic city expressway and 42 freeway. you sees spray here coming up off the cars and trucks in front of you. further are north you you go that rain will leave a blanket of snow on the grass surfaces. here's a live look at the turnpike near downingtown. the here's a live look at least high valley interchange, the grassy surface is what is taking that snow precipitation. even in downingtown here, just snow on the grass. now the key is whether or not your driveway, your secondary road have been treated, penndot, new jerseev the pennsya
5:47 am
turnpike, even the major roadway we have seen are wet, it is thatry road in the neighborhood where you have to be careful. road conditions are changing within a half mile to a mile along that dividing line. we have an accident lincoln drive at city avenue and we are ready for some christmas lights. check oumount laurel, new jerse. we are decorated looking good, looking good. that is what we're talking about when we say send me your pictures. snap a picture and post it to facebook, twitter, instagram and use #fox 29 lights where i can ten to show lights here on tv and least share them on our social media networks and of course every week we pick a different home to broadcast live from somebody's front lawn one night this week. we will fine tune the forecast with suesby and she will tell you what night is the best but she will have the all important forecast in 15 seconds.
5:48 am
it is all about the temperature that determines what type of precipitation moving through, most of it is happening overnight hours but do you see is there more to go. we will zoom in and she you to the west of us we have a little bit more rain around harrisburg, we will sees if that holds together and moves eastward, in the meantime across the river in new jersey around middletown and edison the snow has changed over to rain. we have most of the surface temperatures above freezing, rain has eased up at the jersey shore and down in delaware as well. so is there still, messy weather out there, but i think the worst of it is over. it is 40 degrees in the city, so we will only see wet roadways here three, in allentown. twenty-nine mount pocono. checking those infamous northern and western suburbs will malvern 38, phoenixville
5:49 am
36, it is even a degree above freezing in bethlehem. so could be some tricky travel for you, maybe for the next hour, hour and a half and then that is it for this america, sun actually comes out and end up being a decent day which is why we went for a seven in your weather number today. most of the daze tomorrow is dry, until late afternoon and evening and there comes more rain that doesn't last too long gone by wednesday morning and then that is mess of what we will see, for wednesday it looks like we will probably be mostly dry. lets get to that one day forecast because it is confusing, so much going on, we have 53 degrees today, we're in the the 40's tomorrow but then late daze rain back to 50 on wednesday, and then blustery and much colder by time we get to the weekend friday and saturday daytime highs may not even get out of the 40's. we will wake up to lows in the 20's, not quite winter officially yet karen but it will feel like it. >> i will take it. thanks so much. best thing to do when it is cold out is to curl inside
5:50 am
and watch football. thank goodness we had college football to cheer on this weekend. how you about penn state amazing come back we have big daddy graham here. i have to talk about what is good. that game saturday was off the charts one of the most exciting. >> absolutely one about the best college football games i have seen the entire year but lets get the to this part why they are not in. >> we got robbed. >> we were robbed. >> we was robbed and the reason why we was robbed is because of these stupid preseason rankings which there has been discussion about, no rankings at all, if you played two or three games what happens when you are highly ranked you are a step ahead of everybody else just being ranked, down 28-seven. i was at the a wedding. have been was bummed out checking the score on the phones. and then a ripple going on wait a minute this is not overs. it was a great college football game.
5:51 am
prediction, within five yearsres the winner of the rose bowl, sugar, fiesta and orange they will then play the winr the four that got picked. it will be a eight team playoff which if that was in play now penn state would be thn three or four years. >> it was washington beat us out and their schedule wasn't as good. >> ohio state played a part in it temple, moving on to the military bowl which is going to be played in anapolis which is where they were over the weekend. so they are going up against wake just go right back to the place that they just had success with over the weekend. congratulations to temple. they started off slowly like penn state did also. >> this is first time they have had a championship since 1967. amazing journal that i they have come how far this team progressed and a lot of temple owls will be going out to
5:52 am
anapolis. >> i'm finding out what karen hepp is college football. i never knew this about you. >> the professional team is so frustrating. >> must we talk about the eagles? your producers want to know what sound by the we're going to and what clips. i said just give me a endloop of paul turner catching the ball because that is only thing worth talking about yesterday was paul turner. this kid who should have been up all year finally gets an opportunity and makes catch after catch after catch but the coaching staff had the worst day. nobody is improving. since that bye week which was stupid when they took that bye week not that they had any choice in it, they are two-seven since the bye week. nobody is improving. nice to see this kid turner get a shot. carson wentz, and get a camera in on me. everybody knows what i'm about
5:53 am
to say. you you cannot, that camera there, we cannot throw 60 passes. sixty as in six-zero. not one-six, six-zero. >> what do you have coming up this wednesday parx casino with joe conklin and jay black. sees you at parx casino. >> great place to get i. we also have some more good news, good samaritan doing a right thing what do you to if you find a ballet. >> i return it of course. >> that is what happened in prey happy ending.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
a local act of kindness has restored one family's faith the in humanity. is there a woman whose name is colleen who dropped a christmasn philadelphia. because she got it back that is the good part of the story. it turns out there a a good samaritan kathy beck who find wallet with the credit cards and identification, but first she goes to the police and say just drop it in the mail and mail it back. that could takee worried they ho cancel their card, really close to christmas. they decided to drive an hour to the address on the id to make that special delivery. by the time colleen got home her wallet had already beaten her there and was there waiting for her. >> it is like 25 miles out of her way, and about an hour and that is not in traffic. i could literally cry.
5:57 am
that was so nice. thank you for going out of your way for a complete stranger. merry christmas, colleen. >> they never got the to meet in person only by the magic of television right there, nicely done get ready for a wet, slippery tart for your day, probably falling your now, you r latest on the commute and we have breaking store friday overnight and that is a tragedy withom heroin deaths, they may all be connect to a bad batch steve keeley live with that good day.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
for the first time this season, winter weather could slow down your morning commute, and where you could see some slick spots this morning as wintry mix moves through. plus an already dangerous drug, turns even more deadly, the deaths that ignited fears about i bad batch of heroin in our area. and new approach to getting a recount green party candidate jill stein changes her strategy what she's doing today to have votes counted in pennsylvania. bird are in trouble, man. another ugly loss, as many questioning the abilities of the players and the coaches. coach doug pederson and carson wentz way waste in on is what wrong with the birds? did you watch that game yesterday? so upsetting, seriously.


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