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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  December 5, 2016 6:00am-6:59am EST

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for the first time this season, winter weather could slow down your morning commute, and where you could see some slick spots this morning as wintry mix moves through. plus an already dangerous drug, turns even more deadly, the deaths that ignited fears about i bad batch of heroin in our area. and new approach to getting a recount green party candidate jill stein changes her strategy what she's doing today to have votes counted in pennsylvania. bird are in trouble, man. another ugly loss, as many questioning the abilities of the players and the coaches. coach doug pederson and carson wentz way waste in on is what wrong with the birds? did you watch that game yesterday? so upsetting, seriously. good day december 5th, 2016.
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sue, you know what i don't know what to say anymore. you know it the is bad when cover of the metro, well, cover of the metro birds are not on the front page. this is a side blip. >> while that game was on i was redoing my craft project from friday which is another story, we will tell you later, i knitted and baked cookies because i could not stand to watch the game. a lot of distractions. you needed them yesterday. >> today you may look out and say seven out of ten? it looks messy out the there but things will improve. bus stop buddy is ready, it is, mostly rain, in our area but temperatures in the 30's and 40's, as the surface most temperatures air above freezing but we are seeing a little white in upstate, new york and a little bit more rain perhaps heading our way. it looks like west of the city which is where we are saw some snow accumulate very little on grass surfaces overnight, it looks like it is drying out there we are still dam in olde city, temperature is
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40 degrees, well above freezing with the bit of the breeze out of the south/southwest. 7:08 is our sunrise time. we will in the see sun initially. we have 35 in pottstown. thirty-six in reading, above freezing. we are up in the whooping 44 in wildwood, this morning. the so the rain and a bit of the mix north and west of the city continues for the next, lets say an hour or so, sunni merging by lunchtime skies will clear and get to the decent high of 52 degrees. in the seven day forecast, bob kelly, the coldest air of the season, so far. is that dramatic enough? >> good morning. depending upon where you wake up depend what you will see outside your window. this is henderson road at gulf road at off ramp for schuylkill expressway. is there the gas station exiting at henderson with the stretch here in the background blocked with an accident. here's a live look downtown just wet roads in center city as we try to begin to exit
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there at the northeast exit on to 30th street. here's a live look at 42 freeway, again, heavy rain coming from new jersey. further north you go up the extension here's a picture from the quakertown interchange where we have a light dusting of snow sticking to the grass surface. same deal in the lehigh will valley at lehigh valley interchange of the turnpike, snow sticking to the grass surfaces. but again, the slippery conditions, could be there, it mainly looks like north of the lansdale between lansdale and quakertown is where that change over occurred. out near downingtown there is some snow on the again, the grass surfaces this morning. so it is a little bit of everything he depending upon where you begin your trip rolling out of the drive waste. south on the lincoln drive an accident at city avenue in center city a new traffic pattern at ben franklin parkway in front of the franklin institute. alex and karen back to you. lets get back to what you were talking about in quakertown it is wet and slick
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this morning. >> that is where we have jenny joyce, right now we can see snow on the camera, are you seeing any snow up there, jenny with your eye balls. >> reporter: good morning, we are. unfortunately you won't be able to see it because it is so dark out here. as of of early this morning still but we have seen a coating of snow just on the grass surfaces along john frees highway which is where we are that area, north and west of philadelphia had a chance to see it here in quakertown, that is what they have seen. the as far as roads are concerned though they are wet and we are dealing with just a sprinkling of rainfall right now, it is no the very heavy but roads are wet and asly thiss morning especially in some areas where leaves are still falling we have leaves, combined with the wet surfaces , and where we did see adjusting overnight perhaps
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that wintry mix could create some slippery surfaces for people who are making their way to work this morning. so right now in quakertown it is about 39 degrees, and if you are experiencing any issues please let us know, went the word, as sue mentioned this system will be moving out shortly but unfortunately it is here right the now, while people are trying to make their way to work this morning. alex and karen. >> thanks, jenny for that update. be careful on the roadways. police are investigating six heroin related deaths around the city of philadelphia, all within the last 24 hours. >> they are all if this one neighborhood lets get out to steve keeley over in east detectives with what we know at this hour, steve, good morning. >> reporter: we don't know this but don't be advised if the number grows beyond six because police and paramedics working around 24th and 25th police districts in kensington last time one day one concentrated cell of heroin
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caused a.m. overdoses last month 50. we have learn three people ended up being found dead the day after. meaning a daze after now on monday that number of six from sunday may go up, and to make heroin stronger and to make it sell wetter, drug cooks are mixing it with the ultra powerful pain medication fentanyl, that is drug that killed prince this year. that has killed hundreds of others too in our nation and especially around kensington. with most heroin users shooting up in cars and corners the fear now is that many more then six may have been killed by this batch yesterday just haven't been found just yet. fentanyl isn't just 50 to 100 times more powerful than morphine but acts real fast overtaking someone shooting up within five minutes. here are former users and other people around here who had to deal with this kind of action every day. >> they want to make money. they don't care who it hurts. they are cutting, they are cutting the drugs with all sorts of different things. >> every year every day gets worse and worse.
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the heroin around here is real bad, real bad. >> report heroin is out of control. >> out of control. >> nothing will change. this they will close one corner and open another corner and it is a shame. >> karen and alex, the deaths range from 24 to 44, mostly men but police say at least one woman in her 30's was among those six killed yesterday and if not for philadelphia fire department that number would be way higher because they had more overdose then that didn't die. >> six people in one day. >> yes. >> wow. >> thanks, steve. one is too much. >> one is too many. >> hopefully will not be more. change intact particular to get a recount in pennsylvania and that is going to federal court. they have made a federal case of it. green party changing course after they dropped one of the recount strategies. former nominee jill stein will be having a news conference today, up by trump towers to announce it. she will spearhead a least count effort in michigan, and wisconsin.
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another awful showing for the eagles, this time in cincinnati, for third straight week birds played a game in whiz they were never really competitive. the bengals got out to a 29 to nothing lead in the third quarter before the eagles finally got on the board but was in the enough eagles lose 32-14, and if you watched you know team struggled in every aspect, including our quarterback carson wentz what happened to the wentz wagon? >> strictly mechanics. if you watch some of these things just the fact we have to get him off his back foot, get him stepping into the throws and just trusting the decision down the field. >> you make mistakes, things happen and that is just bottom line. >> is it mechanics, mistakes what is issue you here. we have to delve into this. carson wentz with 36 of 60 yesterday with one touchdown, but three interceptions. >> we will talk about penn state.
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and temple. pretty exciting there. >> we have that and not completely depressed the from the weekend. >> change of heart for president-elect trump new report says he is expanding his search for secretary of state, hoe is considering now with mitt romney and rude i guiliani. we have a good store think morning, there is somebody that find a wallet. what would you do? person find wallet and then goes a really long way above and beyond to do the right thing. we have the story.
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we're taking a live look. >> beautiful christmas tree up on the steps. >> it is how wet roadways are, that is how your monday morning is starting off, but in some areas, it is a wintry mix. here in the philadelphia area it is just rain. >> we will get ready for holidays and one of the traditions here is our mummers parade, they are putting final touches on the costumes but they promise to be more sensitive at this years parade. organizers hope you to notice something different a more respectful inclusive tone from cultural training to outreach programs, and they say they have taken steps to avoid a repeat of the past years problems, this all comes after parade were marred by racial and socially offensive displays. fun and do satire you will punch up not down.
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>> do it for right reason. >> and then some of the videos they have put out there for folks to watch. this year they must all get approval from the city so there are no surprises. 6:12. list of the names new expanding for president-elect donald trump who he is now considering, for secretary of state is there the radar the system is moving out, but sue will tell you how long it will stick around and what will fall on your head and bob will have a check of the roads. black hello, peco. hi. can you help me save on my energy bill? old appliances. like a hot water heater? it's around here somewhere. nope.
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6:15. it is monday morning, and made all the more, mondayer by a little bit of mess we have had, but most of fell in the ovt hours and i'm talking about rain and some cases north and west we have had a wintry mix, coating on the grass in like quakertown and north of there. we will see some rain edge nothing to lancaster county but very light, spotty so we are not quite finished. we have an hour or so left. along jersey shore toms river, barnegat, cape may, rain is very light and it is exiting a little heavier rain in ocean city, the one in maryland. now we are checking
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temperature to see what it is like, well above freezing in the 40's in philadelphia and south and then in the mid 30's to the north of us and then those inn tam us north and western suburbs we have got 38 in west chester and malvern, three 3a degree above freezing in bethlehem. this is just about it for today, sunshine actually for rest of the daze and we will get in the lower 50's and then tomorrow, late this is day, here comes a little bit more rain but for us, it should just be rain. what happens after that? we will eventually see quite the lung in temperatures, coldest air of the season rolling in friday and saturday, very blustery day with the wind on friday, and saturday's high only 30th 37 degrees. but by then, bob kelly christmas light are already up. >> that is right, i hope you use outdoor cords and you use the weather proofing, duct tape around the receptacles there. good morning. 6:16. henderson road an accident off of gulf road sitting right
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here. here is traffic lights coming off the schuylkill at henderson road. toll accounts not able to make that right past gas station because of the crash. live look downtown vine street expressway heavy over to the ramps to 30th street station, and good morning to five points out where route 309, again right here in the immediate the area depending pneumonia where you you are waking up and looking out front window will depend upon what you see mainly rain, wet roads until you hit, between lansdale and quakertown. here's quakertown interchange we can see the rain turning over to a little white snow on the grass surfaces, same deal up in the lehigh valley, and also for folks heading in the least high valley tunnel we will see snow, sticking to the grass surfaces. hopefully, penndot puts down some salt out on those upper northwestern suburbs, and things won't be as slippery as they should be for morning rush hour. nice pretty shot here we have blue lights, good morning waking up, class any
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collegeville, we are looking live there, thanks for sending pictures of your homes. keep them coming. that is what we are looking for. we are heading out to another very kelly christmas this week, snap a picture of your home and post it on twitter facebook and instagram. use the #fox 29 lights contest and show pictures on tv and maybe visit the your home later this week during the five and 6:00 o'clock newscast, alex and karen back over to you. we have breaking news has chosenrom president-elect formal campaign rival doctor ben carson to be housing secretary. >> the list of potential candidates for secretary of state are now expanding, other names being talk b lets get to doug lou saider with that breaking news and latest on all that, doug. >> reporter: good morning, yes, ben carson. this stuff is so difficult to predict, timing wise, all of a sudden 15 minutes ago bam here comes a press release from the trump team indicating ben carson will be secretary of the housing and urban
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development. we knew he was under consideration but it is a vice in that just a few weeks ago we were talking about how carson wasn't interested in the job in the administration and then he will be secretary of housing and urban development assuming he is confirmed by the senate. this is just latest announce. coming down from the trump team this morning. >> but also we got the other changes that we have learn abouttrump is saning, we thoughe narrowed down his choice for secretary of state and now trying to get more options. >> reporter: let look the at contenders. yeah, your point like a week ago we had thisn it and then all of a sudden we have potential, these are cabinet picks he has made so far but as far as potential picks for secretary of state mitt romney was seen a far way front runner and now in the background a little bit, one of names, governor john huntsman former governor of utah, former u.s. ambassador to china. he is a possible name, a
6:20 am
possible candidate now for secretary of state, rudy guiliani is still in the mix, david petraeus in the mix, john bolton as well a lot of names. trump team said as much that this search is now expanding, it is not contracting. >> it is interesting because doug, we talk about this when donald trump took mitt romney for dinner i hope this isn't a break up, and it looks like it might have been. >> reporter: maybe it was, it is not you, it is me, we don't know exactly what transpired but maybe it was just letting romney down easy. maybe just a second job interview and romney didn't do so well, we just don't know. it is so difficult to predict what this transition team will do and how this timing will work out. i have to check my e-mail to sees if there was another announcement. >> well, maybe it was his table manners maybe wrong force or something mitt romney and donald trump is right. >> thanks, doug. >> thanks, doug. we will check back with you.
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>> unfortunate liz we have to 6:20 talk about the eagles and that game yesterday but we will talk about good stuff with penn state. there is a scene, good bad and ugly we will break it down.
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good morning i'm sean bell. eagles needed yesterday's game against cincinnati desperately but bengals were only ones playing like they needed it. the bengals jumped all over in the second half, down by 19, andy dalton hits brandon le fell in the back for touchdown, cincinnati scored first 29 points, of the game. defense terrible and offense just as bad. carson wentz with one of his three interceptions, on the day, eagles lose 32-14. falling to five-seven on the season. >> you don't get down, that is what we have been saying. this locker room guys will not get down. we have to, we better with our discipline and keep attacking and, you know, obviously we're in a tough spot but we have to take it one game at a time. >> apparently winning a conference in football means nothing. penn state was left out of the college foot the ball playoffs. alabama, ohio state, clemson
6:25 am
and washington will be in the playoff. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. here's good news temple beat up on navy on saturday winning decisively 34-ten. they are ten-three on the season ranked number 24 in the country they will be playing wake forest in the military bowl on december 27th. a lot of people going down to that area because that is a short drive. >> cool to cheer them on. let's do it. i'm happy for temple and penn state fans. we need great football wins in our area. this was good to see. well, flyers looking to stay hot verse predators yesterday they took the lead with the goal in the second period and they never look back. they go on to win four-two their fifth straight win, go flyers. let's call this a midair miracle, what caused a flight from philadelphia to orlando to land with an extra passenger on board. >> oh, baby. >> hey sue. >> monday's off to a messy
6:26 am
start but will we end up with marvelous by end of the daze? find out in your forecast coming up next.
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well, we are taking a live look, in the the poconos, this is. >> blue mountain. we can see some snow on the trees. that is not just snow they have made that is some of the stuff that fell from the sky. >> winter weather is an issue for the first time this season. we are seeing frozen precipitation and how long it will stick around. the magnitude of this tragedy, just keeps on growing. we have learn that the at least 33 souls were lost over that party at the a warehouse this weekend in oakland, others still missing, we will be hearing from the devastated friend and family, waiting to find out very latest on this one. new strategy for a push for recount in pennsylvania. what jill stein is doing to look at a second look the election results here. >> it is monday, december 5th, 2016. how are you. >> i'm good. a lot of people got the christmas trees. if you did, send us pictures. >> we'd like to see them. even though eagles lost yesterday and raining outside
6:30 am
i know one reason you are excited about the show today, a special guest. >> yes, harry connick junior. >> he is coming to visit. >> i like him. i like his show. it is on at 1:00 o'clock here every day. it will be fun. messy start with our fun guy bus stop buddy. if you are leaving now you might want to grab your umbrella. we have a few, look at that sticking out of there, i'm sorry. we have to fix. you can dress me up but you cannot take me out. we have a look at, out to our west, just a few more drops of rain, maybe a snow flakes or two but it is all left overs at this point. we won't see too much more. the let's check temperature philadelphia is 40 degrees. feels like 33. sunrise 7:08. other temperatures except for mountains we're generally above freezing. thirty in mount pocono. thirty-six in pottstown and reading, and 42 in millville and 40 in wilmington walking
6:31 am
out the door right the thousand. we will actually see some sunshine today. today will even much differently then they began with the messy weather. we got worse of it when we were coming this this morning in the middle of the night. >> for sure, gang outside on the roadways at 3:00 a.m. on their way to work or on their way home you saw that change over depending upon where you began, and ended your trip. lets get southbound i-95, live look at i-95 at cottman avenue, an accident in the left lane still waiting for police to come up on the scene. it is no shoulder here in the work zone so they have to work their way through delay. it looks like the rain is at this subsided a little bit as sue promised on the freeway. we have just big delays coming in toward philadelphia up and over bridge, east accident at sanatoga interchange. septa regional rails starting to see scattered delays, west trenton, paoli thorndale line, probably because of the slippery rails and then weather conditions north and west of the city, east on the
6:32 am
schuylkill, about 21 minutes, slow go coming in from route 55. here's a picture from the downingtown interchange route 100 of the turnpike you can see some snow blanketing the grass, in the on the road surface, and here's the interch, roadways you can see but glass has a nice coating of that white stuff from mother nature and will check with jenny joyce who has made the trip up to quakertown. jenny what are you seeing from the news van. >> reporter: good morning, bob. we are live on john frees highway in the area of quakertown taking a look outside unfortunately it is very dark for you guys. you cannot really see much. but we can see with our eyes some white stuff on the ground and grassy areas as you mentioned. i just checked the temperature it is 32 degrees here in quakertown now. so around the right temperature for a little bit of freezing and that wintry mix which we knew was possible in the the areas north and
6:33 am
west of the city. so, as people are heading to work this morning we are seeing more cars out there on the roadways, just be careful, and earlier this morning with the rain, heavier we saw some deeper puddles on the sides of the road. don't see too much have of that right now, again i'm sorry, i apologize because it is so dark and hard for you guys to see. you can see lights of the vehicles passing aside, but here it looks a little bit clearer, however that not an all clear certainly because with 32 degrees, knowing that we are in the ballpark for this wintry mix as we could get slippery, so of course you need to be careful with that, karen and alex, back to you. >> thanks, jenny. we have some breaking news from upper perkiomen this morning. upper perkiomen school district is closed to day. >> they have the superintendent of the schools sent home a letter to parents saying quote due to a safety
6:34 am
concern, and welfare of our students, school will be cancelled for the day. state police are investigating a situation that raises enough concern for us to take action, at this point we don't have any other details on what led to this closing but once again that is information for parents school will be closed to day. we will find out more information, hopefully real soon. 6:34. happening right now drug overdose have skyrocketed all around the delaware valley. we have a crisis that is happening in just a matter of hours, we have had six people die of heroin. >> all of this happening in the last 24 hours, lets get to steve keeley with an update on this and what police think is going on. >> reporter: police say if we had a bad batch of salad mixes sold at a grocery store that killed six people, people would stop eating salad. but we have just the opposite of heroin users. when they hear a good batch they think good high and they want to nose where that deadly batch was sold so they can get that good high because they think if it killed people it must be really good heroin. the that is the problem with
6:35 am
this drug and people that take it. and if not for philadelphia's fire department and police department and the number of dead, from this hellish heroin street sale sunday would be waste higher then six because a lot more people overdose and were saved pie those superstars with the the fire department and police departments that knew how to diagnosis this stuff real quickly. heroin and fentanyl mix together is making these quick highs a quick death toll often when they are mixed together and sold on the street and that is what happened yesterday. wonder what is fentanyl? it is a powerful painkiller being mixed with her win and fentanyl is what is responsible for death of the singer prince this summer, and now the deaths of hundreds of more around the country including many here in philadelphia. >> it is worse, every year, every day get worse and worse, heroin around here is real bad, real bad, heroin is out of control. >> out of control. >> they want to make money. they don't care who it hurts.
6:36 am
they are cutting the drugs with all sorts of different things. >> nothing will change because they closed one corner, they will open up another corner and it is just a shame. >> reporter: nothing changes even after a day like this because we had a another similar day here in the same section of the city kensington that is quickly becoming heroin capitol around here more so then camden almost. fifty overdoseness three deaths on another day last month. so many so, that karen and alex, that the fire department paramedics teams ran out of narcan and that is hurst win anecdote they used to save so many lives. that is how bad it got last month and close to how bad it got yesterday. >> this is such a sad situation, steve, thank you. 6:36. we have this developing news coming in we have learn an off duty i new york corrections officer has been killed. she was simply sitting in her car when this happened last evening in brooklyn. we know she's 25. her named is 56789lice bryant. another vehicle comes up,
6:37 am
tires shots right into her vehicle. she was struck in the head and died instantly. detectives say her death does appear to have been planned and she was targeted. also we know, that there is a criminal probe underway at scene of the deadly warehouse fire in california, 33 people have been confirmed dead and unfortunate liz that number is expected to rise. fire fighters have been working around the clock to go through the debris, bucket by bucket, they say it is very large portions of the building to get the through. meanwhile families are desperate waiting on word for their loved ones. >> like everyone waiting to hear, you know, any day now. >> unaudible. >> that warehouse is called the go ship, it was an illegal home housing a dozen or more people and a lot of artists, art spaces. they are looking into whether there were codes violations and there were no fire spring hers. protests turned to celebrationness north day coat, plans to build the controversial dakota pipeline
6:38 am
will have to be changed, that is because army core of engineers is turning down the government's request for a permit. the decision comes in the wake of month long protests that opponent say gas pipeline endangers the environment and cuts across sacred native american land. house speaker paul ryan is slamming the army's decision he tweets this is big government decision making at its worst. i look forward to putting this anti energy presidency behind us. 6:38. a change intact tics to get the a recount in pennsylvania, it will now go to federal court. green party candidate jill stein is changing course after saying she would drop one statewide recount, she tweets, on monday, today i will escalate, least count 2016 in pennsylvania and file will to key manned a statewide recount on constitutional ground. the people deserve answers. stein will have a news conference today in front of the trump to you turra announce her plans. she said her recount could determine if the east lex results were manipulated by hackers. >> this is not about donald
6:39 am
trump or hillary clinton, it is not about my campaign or gary johnson. this is about the american voters, who deserve to have a voting system we can trust. >> i say to give it up as it seems like they are doing in pennsylvania for a very simple reason, even your friend in the clinton campaign have admit that had these recounts will not change any results. >> stein also spearheaded recount effort in michigan, wisconsin states where republican donald trump won narrowly over democrat hillary clinton. it has been a struggle but we have found some good news on a monday when it is raining we have a flight bound from orlando from philadelphia, and there was an extra passenger on board. >> southwest flight 556 was diverted to charleston, south carolina after a woman went into labor. lucky for that mom and baby medical personnel had to be on the plane and helped out. mom and baby as they say, they are doing just fine, and they are at the hospital and the flight continued on to orlando. we are trying to figure out who mother is to see if
6:40 am
she's from philadelphia to talk w story. >> i can't wait for more details, i love babies. that mother will be recount ago this story and that baby for rest of their lives. >> yes. >> so, that means that baby will be a traveler, right out of the womb, right. 6:40. forget what happened to the eagles. lets talk about what happened that was great. how about penn state nittany lions clinching a championship and so did temple our temple owls doing well they are heading to some bowl games we are so excited and penn state, they were robbed. snl mocks donald trump's twitter hand it and donald trump responds with the tweet of course. what he had to say about the latest skit and what alex baldwin said it will take for him to stop doing impressions of the president-elect.
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♪ yes, it did overnight. we are looking live at blue mountain, good morning to you. lets go skiing. i will meet you at the lodge at bottom of the ramp. 6:43. a live look there. they don't need to make any snow at the blue mountain. we have had a gift from mother nature overnight too. here's lehigh valley interchange of the pennsylvania turnpike. again, that wintry mix, putting a little layer of snow
6:44 am
on the grass surfaces in the lehigh valley. the here's a new look at an accident southbound blue route conshohocken, depending upon where you wake up you'll see some white stuff on the grass or some wet roads, and that system pretty much on out the of here but it the has impacted us for last couple of hours with some heavy rains. so everything is wet, could be slushy and mushy depending upon if you are coming north and west of the city. all wet and slow here on the freeways from south jersey heading in toward walt whitman bridge. two separate accidents on 422, eastbound at sanatoga, another one right at arm and hammer on ramp from pottstown and then that is right at that fine divider line where we went from rain to that wintry mix. so if you're leaving the house north and west of the city just be careful things could be slippery. slippery on the rails, and scattered delays on septa's regional rail line, south jersey running with delays on 295, and take a look at this shot for the gang from allentown send thus picture
6:45 am
there over weekend. they have christmas lights all up, plugged up, looking good and i'd like to see your house decorated for just snap a picture, and post it on facebook, twitter, and instagram, and use that #fox 29 lights contest, so we can show your pictures on tv and afterward we will pick best house of the week and show up and broadcast live from somebody's front lawn later on this week. how long will this rain hang around this week is this we have got the answer in 152nd. we had a little bit of the mess overnight wet roadways around this morning, a couple of reports, of, north and west of the city and now we are watching this area of really
6:46 am
light rain, moving into lancaster county, and we will see if it holds together and we will get another round in the the city but won't be much if we do, a beach there, and along cape may county and atlantic county even around ocean city maryland. it is pretty much gone. and we are lift with chilly temperatures and 36 in reading, 34 in allentown, most t temperatures are above freezing. you can see up in bethlehem it is 33. phoenixville 38. newtownd d delco is 41 degrees. so thinks just about out of here. then we this afternoon with sunshine, and it end up being a decent day for today. clouding up tomorrow though. we will be fine in the morning but for drive home it looks like more rain moving in and for most of our area it the is just rain with the afternoon temperatures being well above freezing. maybe lingering in to a little bit of wednesday morning's rush hour a few left over
6:47 am
sprinkles on wednesday and then we're dry wednesday night. that is the deal with the precipitation but the big news is after before we look ahead normal high is 48, above average today but well below, on friday and saturday, here's where the temperatures will plunge ladies to well below average. coldest air of the season so far. >> all right, it. because we got on this talk, we will make it quick, it was very, very disappointing loss, you could not get anything going on either side of the ball. it was lugly. thirty-two-14 against bengals. it was watch. >> it was, so dave uram you actually didn't predict this. >> i know these games well, i predict these things soaccurate. this game came down to one thing yesterday, no effort. no effort at all. they never showed up to cincinnati. hate saying this about eagles game because they are a important part of the community, yesterday was a giant waste of time.
6:48 am
it was a waste of time watching, listening, following that eagles gameesterday. i say it directly to the layers, head coaches and howie roseman no accountability for yesterday. that was embarrassing. >> with that said because that was a waste of time. whaty least warding all about the opposite of heart been state how aboutome b. >> they should be in the college football playoff. they should. it proves that winning your conference in college football apparently means nothing. temple with a great, great dominating performance of navy as well. college team laid well. >> but let's stick with penn state. why didn't they get those vets. >> committee thought washington was better team number four team was a better team. >> are they? >> it should come down to if you beat ohio state and you win conference you should be in and yes state should be out. >> washington that had a weak schedule. pack 12. i don't put much into that
6:49 am
football. big ten football goodies football. i loved james franklin's comment right after the game where he said it is on you now, the committee that was great. they didn't put them in. >> commit thee let us down. >> lets talk about temple then. they will play in the military bowl. >> yes, against wake forest, i predict a win. they are playing great. that means you talk about being wrong for games, i was completely wrong about this navy game. i thought navy was way better team. the complete opposite. it was so much fun to watch. i tweeted out something on saturday night and i got flap for it. i said, this all the time when college teams and minor pro teams win championship, win games that the pro teams should take some notes. >> they should. >> i got some major flack on twitter but it is truth, all of the college teams from villanova with basketball, penn state football, i'll go even the soul, all these teams but pro teams, even they flyers are on a five game
6:50 am
winning streak, pro teams and specifically you you, philadelphia eagles that was an embarrassment. you should apologize for your fans for wasting three hours and grabbing three division home games at the end of the season that mean nothing, absolutely throwing. >> what do you say to people that say we have a rookie quarterback. we have a rookie coach. that is what happens when we have rookies. >> look at dallas cowboys and they have a rookie quarterback and running back and they will win rookie of the year mvp respectively. i look at. that doug pederson, fine. rookie coach. i didn't really want doug pederson the in the first place. that is on howie roseman and jeffery laurie for hiring that guy. >> let's just cheer on our temple first championship since 1967. i'm focusing. >> karen trying to change the subject. >> it is exciting to watch. that is journey. that is why i like college teams because you cab cheer for them and it business pride, heart and just that whole everything that is good. >> i wish eagles would build a
6:51 am
ram. >> we all do. >> and 6:51. another president obama art world kennedy center honors but he hits a honor of his own.
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
taking a live look at cammal back mountain there is snow make going on over there and also some other parts of the area where we will see how long we have to deal with this. not dealing with the snow we are dealing with rain. happy monday, folks. but you no he what we have a surprise for you you. well, i don't want to keep it a surprise anymore harry connick junior is on good day later today. you know harry connick junior. this is throw back. the singer, song writer, anchor live at 9:00 a.m. hour. catch it on the q later in the day. so excited to be hosting with us. we have lots to talk b how should we welcome him to philly. what should we do to let him know we are excited that he is here and thinking of some things, um, i'm working on it. >> good feud, new orleans cooking. >> we will figure it out. fox 29 is proudly partnered with the kelly ann dolan memorial fund to help as
6:55 am
many families as possible and help by adopting a tamly. dolan fund is looking for unwrapped toys for children up to 18 years old or target or wal-mart gift card. drop them off december 5th and 6th, our jen fred will be like there december 6th there 7:00 to 10:00 a.m. for more forgo to fox or call (215)643-0736. >> that is today and tomorrow. that will be fun. this is a great story because how many times have you lost your wallet and can't find it, cancelled your card and so frustrating. one family has a happy ending. >> woman named colleen dropped her wallet at philadelphia's christmas village. how she got it back, well, it is heart warming. it turns out kathy beck found the what will wet will colleen's credit card and identification, but beck first went to police who told her to mail it. she thought would it take weeks since it was so close she thought it was important to return it. kathy and her sister decided to drive an her to the address, on the id to make that special delivery.
6:56 am
by theho timme well, wallet wasg for perfect. >> i was like 25 miles out of her way and an hour and that is no the in traffic i thought that was so nice. thank you for going out of your way instnger. >> merry credit is mass, colleen. >> they are sending messages to each other becau person. she did this for a complete stranger. can you imagine driving in an hour to make sure they have >> yes, wonderful. never imagine goodness of people but it happens, all the time. >> wish they could have met. i'm sure they will meet at some point because i want to give her a hug and thank her in person. pretty cool. >> cyber bullying turns deadly after a teen takes her own life why police weren't able to help her when she cam bullyid what you can do to fear your child is in a similar situation. also lets get out to steve keeley on a breaking store it right now. >> reporter: cops in kensington may not classify these people asthmas murderers
6:57 am
or serial killers but that is what these drug dealers who selling deadly watches of heroin. six more dead in one day yesterday at least. as two and as when used at the first sign. without it the virus spreads from cell to cell. only abreva penetrates deep and starts to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells. you could heal your cold sore, fast, as fast as two and a half days when used at the first sign. learn how abreva starts to work immediately at don't tough it out, knock it out, fast. with abreva.
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6:59 am
season winter weather could slow down your morning commute. where you could see some slick spots this morning as a wintry mix moves through.
7:00 am
already a deadly epidemic takes a scary turn. six people die of heroin overdoseness just one day, several others are rush to the hospital. how police are working to get this deadly batch off of the itr life. free fall, another ugly loss, has many questions the ability of the players and coaches. the has this team hit rock bottom. or could it get worse? it is not all bad for pennsylvania's foot football penn state and temple take home a title and now they are looking to continue their history headaching seasonsl gam. >> ♪ big star making an appearance on good day this morning, harry connick junior is live in our studio to talk about his new show that airs right


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