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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  December 5, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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morning. i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. some of the scary moments were caught on surveillance video. bruce gordon is live outside that laundromat in upper darby tonight. bruce? >> reporter: call it an occupational hazard for anyone who odd hours, late hours, real early hours any kind of business that accepts cash. this thing could have ended tragically but it was bad enough as it was. >> the t and w laundromat was buzzing with customers midday monday. most of them blissfully unaware of the pre-dawn incident until told of it and shown video of it by reporters. >> that's her on the floor. >> yeah, i know her. >> you know her? >> yeah. that's very scary. >> here she is working hard 4:00 o'clock in the morning and these two scum bags stick her up. watch what they do to her. >> taken 3984 old employee was vacuuming out lint from drivers when a masked man and woman
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ended the business. the man through a gun and pointed it at the workers' head. >> keep quite or we'll kill you. that was a bad -- the conversation. keep quite or we'll kill you. >> security camera video shows the armed man dragging the worker into a boiler room where he rummages through her pockets as the female accomplice rivals through the office. snatching more than $200 in cash and another 400 in quarters. at one point the coin spill all over the floor and the they have tries desperate toll scoop them up. final nasty touch, the thief grabs one more item on her way out the door. >> that's the victim's coat worker got out of the boiler room and called police once the thieves were gone. how they didn't kill that lady is beyond me. she's very very lucky lady. >> victim was too 48 tend to talk to reporter owner of the laundromat did not want to talk on camera for fear of his safe team his father opened this place a dozen years ago and there had never been a violent incident of any kind till now. early morning attack has regular customers considering changing their routines.
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>> i leave my laundry, come back in the morning and it's very scary time, you know, i have to change my schedule and come in the daytime. not in the nighttime any more. >> reporter: you're not going to come here at night. >> no, i'm scared now. >> reporter: superintendent chitwood says he thinks the thieves are local who's may have cased the joint before making their move. reward of $2,500 is now being offer for information to leads to arrest and conviction. iain look for folks with pock that is jingle when they walk. >> yeah, let's hope they get them, bruce. thank you. in upper darby as well police are working to try and figure out who shot someone around 3:00 this morning near clover lane and coply road. police say the victim is now in extremely critical condition at penn presbyterian there's no word yet on motive. >> relief for families who live in the upper perk park school district. police identified a person who made a threat to harm students. that threat posted on train gram posted school officials to shut down the high school, the middle school and two elementary schools in montgomery county
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district. officials say the district no longer face as credible threat. all afternoon activities continue today and classes will resume tomorrow. happening now, the deadly danger of heroin is hitting one philly neighborhood particularly hard. nine people died over the weekend. police say a bad batch of the opie i don't do may be to blame. many of the victims died within blocks of one another. >> most of them died in kensington. a section of philly associated with the heartbreak of opioid addiction. fox 29's dave kinchen live at east detectives. dave? >> reporter: sources are telling us tonight that philadelphia police narcotics officers are out in the neighborhood undercover trying to buy whatever this batch is and get it off the streets as they investigate these latest deaths. body discovered under i-95 and richmond and cambria in philadelphia's port richmond second this morning. it's one of nine deaths linked to suspected heroin overdos oves this past weekend. >> right now, east detective
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division is look at each of those nine death investigations. >> reporter: investigators say at least five of the deaths happened within a few blocks of each other in kensington. an area synonomous with heroin purchasepurchases and lethal interactions with the drugs. >> i've been in that neighborhood. that's where i was. and i lost a lot of friends to this disease and continue to. >> reporter: steve car of media is 31 and has been in the mvp recovery center in delaware county for the past year for his heroin addiction. he says he woke up to the news of the sudden deaths. >> i'm on facebook and it's more memorial than social media platform for me, you know. each week it seems like i see somebody else passing from this disease and it's tragic. >> reporter: his recovery team is planning a trip to kensington this weekend. the same streets where we found syringes on the ground today. they will be reaching out to addicts in need of help. >> some of these individuals could have been clean for period
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of time. relapse, go up there, use a bag and die like that's the reality of the this addiction. >> philadelphia police have been investigate a bad batch of heroin spotted in a city in the last month. but they are checking to see if the deadly overdoses from this past weekend are related. >> anything that we get in custody we'll definitely test scene if there's any type of relationship with that product versus some of the incidents that occurred. >> reporter: well police say they're also going to coordinate information from the medical examiner's office in terms of the bodies the people who died. back to you, lucy? >> all right, thank you very much, dave. turning to your fox 29 weather authority on this monday night. good night to be in moorestown, new jersey. >> people will be lighting that tree soon. kathy orr is joining in on the fun. hey, kathy. >> what a beautiful night. we got the rain out of the way. we got the wind out of the way and it's just a gorgeous night in burlington county in moorestown, new jersey. at the sight of community house. this is the center of the
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community here in town. where children take swimming lessons in the basement. there's weddings here in the summer and the winter and of course we light the christmas tree every year here in moorestown. take look at the temperatures around the region. it's just going to be really nice night to be outside. it's 49 in philadelphia. 42 in pottstown. arthritic in the poconos. 45 degrees in millville and this evening it's going to stay pretty pleasant. your evening planner shows 7:00 o'clock temperature parly cloudy, 43. getting a little bit chilly at 9:00 o'clock, 41. but a calm wind will keep it from being too bitter by the 11:00 o'clock hour with a temperature of 40 degrees. back here live, of course, we are focusing on the season of giving and here is a great organization here in moorestown called live civilly and kara tell us what you're doing tonight. >> thank you. we have members of our community service club that is a youth service organization that enga engages kids grades four through
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six in community service activities and these two young ladies are doing a toys for tots drive. we also have another young lady who's coming up and she'll be doing a gently used and new coat drive. >> all right. >> if you're in town coming by main street in moorestown the coats go here, right? and the toys go here. actually i see a really nice toy right here. a pink jeep. also we do senior living center giving out cocoa wegmans donated water and cookies. everyone really focusing on the spirit of the season here in moorestown this evening. so coming up we'll light that christmas tree and talk more about your weather as big changes coming guys in the forecast. it's not all sunshine and cool temperatures. monica and i will be back with that later in the broadcast. live from moorestown, we'll send it back to you. >> tis the season for changes. thanks very much, kathy. the city of wilmington tonight announced funeral rage many for senior firefighter artis hope. public viewing for the fallen hero is this saturday at the chase center on the riverfront at 10am followed by her funeral
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service and reception. hope was a 23 year veteran of the department. she passed away last thursday from injuries she suffered while fighting september 24th row home fire on lake view road. she's the third firefighter who has died from that fire. let's talk football. >> i guess we have to. >> yeah. pathetic showing from the goals in cincinnati yesterday. eagles lost 32-14 it wasn't even that close. carson wentz had three picks. they gained 53 yards rushing to the cincinnati bengals. the birds have now lost three in a row. fox 29's sean bell joins us now. sean, the team almost looked lot of sunday. >> yeah, iain, not that the team is struggling the fact they didn't even put up a fight yesterday. the eagles have now lost six straight games on the road each one worse than the last. the team is starting to look like they're either completely inadequate or just not even trying any more. the bengals scored the first 29 points of the game offense looked shell shocked and defense looked uninspire. they made andy dalton took like
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tom brady. 233 yards and near perfect quarterback rating. the problems with this team start to go be a lot more than xs and os. the coach thinks some of the guys aren't giving any evident. >> not everybody. not everybody. and that's the accountability that i talk about. and, you know, i hold coaches accountable for that. i hold myself accountable for that. it's a mentality by each individual player. and, you know, this is a business where we have to be ready to go every single weeke weekend. >> to add on to doug pederson and carson wentz are not seeing eye to eye right now. both have different opinions on what's going on with the quarterback. we'll have more on that later in sports. iain? >> all right, never good, sean, thank you. in the bill cosby trial a judge allowing prosecutors to use some damaging testimony that cosby gave at a decade old lawsuit. the defense or em balanced comedian trying to keep the deposition out of his sexual
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assault trial. his lawyers argue cosby only testified after being promised he will not be charged in the andrea constand case. montgomery county judge said today there was never a promise from prosecutors. developing to night the death toll continues to rise in oakland, california, investigators say friday night's fire inside a warehouse has killed 36 people. they believe that number will rise. they expect to find more bodies buried in the ruins of the building. >> tonight emergency crews are continuing the painful and labor intensive task of dig through the rubble. fire ripped through the building known as the ghost ship on friday. dance party was going on inside. and officials say the cluttered warehouse had been converted to artist studios and illegal living spaces making it extremely difficult for those inside to get out. the medical examiner has identified 11 of the bodies including a 17-year-old and the son of a sheriff's deputy. many loved ones are still waiting for answers.
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>> i want to go over there. i want to see if my brother is in there. i want to find him. >> i just want to find my brother. i don't know where he is. >> they're amazing. i'm sorry for everyone's loss. the people i didn't know. it's just -- i can't -- it's mind blowing. >> family members have been asked to save dna samples of those who attend the party. in the event it's needed to identify victims and they still don't know the cause of that fire. straight ahead, did fake news story lead to gunfire in the nation's capitol. police are saying about the accused gunman and his motive. music great and talk show host harry connick, jr., stops by our fox 29 studios. the local spot or spots that he stopped for lunch afterwards. >> a christmas village filled with christmas spirit. we're talking with good samaritan behind a good deed stemming from one surprising sign. at 6:00 it used to be a bank vault but there's not any money
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in there any more. why some local college students are hanging out in there. ♪
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♪ septa bus driver is out of the hospital tonight after police say she was attacked early this morning. it happened around 6:30 on rising sun avenue in lawn crest. septa officials say at least two suspects through unknown liquid on a route k driver and ran off. right now police are reviewing surveillance video from inside that bus. fake news is behind a shooting in our nation's capitol that is the word from police. north carolina man is in custody
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and tonight after bursting into a popular pizza shop with a rifle. as customers ran he fired a sh shot. police say 28-year-old edgar madison welch went there to investigate a conspiracy theory. fake news said hillary clinton was running a child sex ring from the d.c. restaurant. a witness says welch was completely silent during the whole ordeal. >> the gentleman did not say a word. did he not say a single word. which once again what was so odd. >> i'm happy no one was hurt. don't like the idea of anyplace you spend so much time being a crime scene. >> prosecutors have charged welch with assault with a dangerous weapon. police found several weapons on him including a rifle and handgun knowledge one is hurt. president-elect trump's new administration continues to take shape as another new cabinet nominee announced and the list of candidates for secretary of state grows. >> meanwhile on capitol hill republican lawmakers are plotting their first moves under a gop led congress and president.
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fox's joel waldman in d.c. >> reporter: president-elect trump's inauguration is still well over a month away. but republicans in congress are already planning the repeal of president obama's signature piece of legislation. fax fact. house majority leader ted mccarthy again indicating congress will make gettering rid of obama care their first order of business despite critics who say changing the health care law could take years to implement. >> we got to get this done very quickly because obama care is failing. premiums are sky rocketing. insurance are pulling out of the network. >> reporter: as congress plots its policy positions, president-elect trump officially announced dr. ben carson as his nominee forehead of housing and urban development better known as hud. >> but the real intrigue remains over her trump's pick for secretary of state with a number of candidates ballooning to 10. including mitt romney and rudy guiliani and newer names like california congressman dana roar
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backer and former us ambassador to china john huntsman. dealing with china undoubtedly be a big part of the job with mr. trump calling out the country on twitter for its carson manipulation days after irking the communist nation by speaking with taiwan's leader. >> our policies just haven't been doing it. we need to impose some costs online nan obviously better relations with taiwan. it's an important cost in the eyes of beijing much this is good foreign policy on the part of donald trump. >> reporter: and president-elect trump is not the only one hard at work. so is his daughter ivanka who met with former vice-president al gore today to discuss climate change. in washington, joel waldman, fox news. pennsylvania is in the national spotlight tonight. the toast recount votes from the presidential election. lawyers from the green party in old city today at the federal courthouse. they're asking a judge to order a recount of pennsylvania's november 8th votes. the lawyers who filed the lawsuit against state election officials say that our state's barriers through a recount violate voter's constitutional
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rights. >> we want to make sure every single vote in pennsylvania is counted season counseled accurately. this is a state where the majority of voters are forced to vote with ere machines. they are easier to hack than iphone. >> state election officials say there's no evidence of a cyber attack or any other irregularities in this election but president-elect trump won the vote here in pennsylvania by less than 1%. overseas tonight at least 11 people are dead after a fire ripped through a hotel in pakistan. investigators are working to figure out what started it. flames swept through the four star hotel in the city of today ray chi overnight. people used bed sheets as ropes to climb out of the hotel room windows to escape the smoke and the flames. more than 50 people are hurt. doctors say many of them are burn. officials say the fire started in the kitchen but that's about all they know a as of now. the own are in of the pulse nightclub the steen of deadliest mat shooting in modern u.s.
5:19 pm
history says he's not going to sell the property to the city of orlando. 49 people were killed when a gunman opened fire inside last june. in a statement the own are in says in part "i intend to create a space for everyone, a sanctuary of hope and a welcoming area to remember all of those affected by the trage tragedy. i plan to do that directly with the involvement of community's impacted by this tragedy, the families of the victims and any private or public sector individuals or organizations who win to assist ". >> did you perhaps buy a powerball ticket in northeast philly this weekend. if so check it it. >> i wish i did. >> so do i. pa lottery officials say sunoco plus on the 5800 block of cottman avenue sold a ticket worth a million dollars. how would bob kelly say cottman. cottman. >> it matched all five white balls. 08, 10, 26, 27 and 33. good luck to you. coming up we've all waited in long lines at the supermarket
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now amazon has something planned that will make that a thing of the past. what? >> the man accused of killing people in a charleston church has another request for the judge. what he's doing now after choosing to rep himself in court. >> this house in delaware county was attraction for people for miles away. the lights went dark 10 years ago. why the homeowner plug thing back in this year. fios is not cable. we're wired differently.
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♪ really doesn't get much lower than this. police say a former new jersey state family services worker used his authority to sexually assault two women scared of losing custody of their childr children. guy smiling right there is 40-year-old lamont king. he would transport those women to see their children during court ordered visits. he now face as number of charges including sexual assault and bribery. thousands of celebrating to night in north dakota after the army cor corps of engineers refd to grant a permit for an oil pipeline to cross under the missouri river. the standing rock zoo tribe has been at the center these protests pushing the reroute the pipeline away from tribal water source. tribe argues the pipeline compromises its water supply and inn fridging on the rights of native americans. >> we have to band together and
5:24 pm
keep these in the ground and live sustainablely much this the tip of iceberg of all the issues affecting our globe, our lives, our future here and everyone's water. so this is a statement here that we can do it that should spread out. >> the $3.8 billion project is almost complete except for the now blocked piece of land the company restructuring the pipeline slammed the decision as politically motivate. >> a georgia man will spend much of the rest of his life behind bars for leaving his son in his suv on a hot summer day. a judge sentenced ross harris to life in prison. harris 22 month old child cooper died inside the car in 2014. a jury found harris guilty on all eight charges including mal las murder and felony murder. a rah addition that started decades ago but shut down for a bit now back in full force this year. >> it's a holiday lights display and one family is doing to hahn are in the memory of one of their loved ones.
5:25 pm
fox 29's photojournalist bill rohrer takes us there. >> after a tweak here and a tweak there, eighty four-year-old bill has his light display just about under contr control. so many lights to count. so much they need their own outdoor electrical box. >> this all started 35 years ago after bill's wife nora put him to work. it was her thing. you're an electrician. can't you light the place up. that's how we got started. >> year after year the lights grew and grew until one day it all stopped. >> it's real tough but i did it for her. >> bill and nora's health put the christmas lights on hold. >> she was sick and she asked me several times and when she passed i told the group that's what i'm going to do. >> for the first time in 10 years, bill put up all their
5:26 pm
christmas lights. >> sad in one way because i didn't do it when she could see it. coats on, coats on. >> with the help of his whole family. >> jason, you ready? >> whoo! >> the lights are back on. >> it does look pretty good, doesn't it? >> yeah. >> bringing joy to a new generation of family. >> isn't it beautiful? >> for nana. >> bill rohrer, fox 29 news. >> ♪ we wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year ♪ >> bring on the lights as well. post a picture of your holiday light display to facebook, twitter or instagram use the hash tag fox 29 lights contest. bob kell confidential come out your house. we'll show the pictures on fox 29 morning news and good day. use the hash tag fox 29 lights contest. coming up, dr. oz looks at research in a baby boomers and strokes.
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new study shows a new trend. hello, kathy. >> well, hello, lucy. we are live in burlington county, moorestown, new jersey, for the fourth annual tree lighting here at the beautiful community house. are you guys ready for the tree lighting? >> yes. >> and look page came up with something new. what are you doing with your candy cane. >> i'm dipping it in my hock chocolate. >> of course. candy canes and hot chocolate. you're brilliant. listening to the moorestown high school madrigals as we take you into break, we'll let you take a listen. we'll be back with your seven day forecast right after this. big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! everything for the holidays. that's my giant. from now until the end of the year, shopping at small businesses could be even more rewarding. because, when you shop small with your eligible american express card, you could get two times the rewards.
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so support the businesses that make your town a community. the people who make your community, home those insiders, with the inside knowledge, those friends with a welcome smile. and you could get twice the rewards. learn more and enroll online today at get out... get together and shop small.
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my cmine too!hange is super competitive. everything for the holidays. that's my giant.
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♪ nine people died of heroin overdoses in philadelphia this weekend. now, police are trying to decide if those deaths are because of a bad batch of heroin. investigators say at least five of the deaths happened within a few blocks of each other in kensington. that's an area of course known for heroin purchases and lethal interactions witness drug. >> the search on for a pair of violent robbers wanted for an incident at upper darby laundromat. surveillance camera caught the terrifying crime. police say at about four this morning the masked man and woman burst into laundromat the armed man threatened the employee basically with her life. pulled here in a boiler room. they got away with hundreds of dollars in cash and coins. still a lot of questions tonight about what prompted a shooter to gun down a new york city corrections officer. police say someone shot and killed 25-year-old brian last
5:31 pm
night while sitting in a car outside a home in brooklyn. brian was off duty at the time. police found her with gunshot wounds to her head and torso. she was pronounced dead at the scene. one person near the scene heard gunfire but says he didn't see anyone. >> about 9:00 o'clock i heard five gunshots, you know, back to back to back and, you know, just -- it was a quiet, you know, night, you know, typical for this neighborhood, and just pop pop pop pop, that was it. >> no arrests have been made as of now. and police do not have a motive as of yet. fox 29 weather authority n now. live look at trenton from clouds and rain to sun on this monday with big changes. ahead. for i don't care 29 weather authority just 15 seconds away.
5:32 pm
>> what did kathy orr call it -- >> welcome back everyone. >> there she is. she has friends with her. >> hi. >> hello, kathy. >> i was just starting to talk. [ laughter ] >> hey, how are you guys? we're here at the moorestown tree lighting in burlington county. are you guys ready to light our tree? >> yes. >> it's hard to see behind me but this is 34-foot norway spruce. i do believe. i asked the kids earlier how many lights do you think are on that tree. >> 1,000. >> 1,000. >> a hundred. >> a hundred. >> any more guesses. >> a million. >> a million. i'm going with a million. what do you think? >> 6:15 we'll light the tree. listen they've been eating candy canes and drinking hot chocolate so moms and dads good luck later tonight. we'll light the tree in just a little bit but first -- i'll get you some hot chocolate. i'll take care of you. we'll light the tree in a little bit. first we have to talk a little bit about the wet. take look at the high temperatures for the day across
5:33 pm
the delaware valley. very comfortable temperatures indeed after the rain and some snow to the north. wilmington 52. philadelphia 51. reading 49. allentown 48. trenton 49. atlantic city pretty nice afternoon sun and 51. high pressure will build over western pa and that's going to give us a nice day tomorrow but it will give way to some clouds and some rain as an area of low pressure in the deep south moves toward us and brings a good deal of rain with us. so we'll keep an eye on that as we go through the day tomorrow. but overnight tonight, in the city 35 degrees. in the suburbs 31. it will be partly cloudy and cool. back here live, we are going to get the festivities underway but first we have to send it inside to monica for the rest of the weather. can you guys say hi to monica? >> hi, monica. >> hi, guys. it's great to see you. >> hi, monica. [ laughter ] >> you're right about all sugar. let's take look when we can
5:34 pm
expect to see the rain move in. it's going to stay dry through tonight and into early tomorrow morning. here's your commute to work. you can see that cloud cover is increasing and then those showers move in as we head into the afternoon. continuing through the evening at times we can see patches of heavier rainfall anywhere from a quarter to half an inch possible when all is said and done. it looks like this is all going to be kind of moving out and become, much more isolated as we head into wednesday morning. by wednesday afternoon some nice peeks of sunshine to look forward to. so this is going to be mainly a tuesday afternoon event. here we are looking at the end of the week. a big cool down. a push of cold air moving through. isn't going to arrive until we arrive in thursday 49 day. tomorrow we're at 47 degrees as your high. but here's how temperatures are going to pan out. 51 degrees on wednesday. 45 as we head into thursday. but this is what i'm talking about. 39 degrees by friday. sure there will be a lot of sunshine around but we've got
5:35 pm
cold temperatures and blustery winds. so making it feel even colder, guys. >> all right. thank you very much monica. comincoming up a christmas villn center city filled with christmas spirit. we're talking with the good samaritan behind a good deed after one surprising find. are you tired of that long line at the super market. if so amazon has something planned you'll probably love. >> and coming up at 6:00, he's a world champion boxer a nave of philadelphia. how the city of brotherly love is honoring bernard hopkins.
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and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. ♪ federal judge allowed dylan roof to rehire his attorneys roof asked the judge yesterday to bring his defense team back p for the guilt phase of his trial. today the judge agreed. just last week the same judge granted roof's request to be his own lawyer saying he thought roof was being unwise. prosecutors say roof killed nine
5:39 pm
people in a church in charleston south carolina. opening statements begin this week n your money good news if you're not into long lines at the old grocery store and who is? amazon's testing a grocery store in seattle completely line pre. >> grab your groceries gone. check it out. shoppers can scan their amazon app when they go into the store and the sensors register the stuff you pick up. automatically charge them to your amazon app. if you put something back because you don't get charg cha. >> i was wondering. >> the store is in testing now as we talked about in seat al at tell. open to amazon employees expected to open to the public in early 2017. >> what if you put it in the wrong spots. >> they're working out the kin kinks. >> food craze got a chick-fil-a twist. you might just see a chick-fil-a food truck rolling through your hood. this month the fast food chain is opening its first truck with limited menu of waffle fries and
5:40 pm
sweet tea, lemonade, some good entrees and the chain's original chicken sandwich and spicy chick coy ken sandwich. two of the nation's biggest chick-fil-a are right there in the bayou city. >> under armor starting in 2020 the couple will become major league baseball' official uniform provider. the league made the announce many today. it's a 10-year deal. under armor will replace majestic athletic as the league's official uniform provider. it's a company's biggest pro league deal to date. coming up dr. oz looks at research in the baby boomers and strokes. new study shows a new trend. >> music great and talk show host harry connick, jr., stopped by our fox 29 studios much the local spot or spots he stopped for lunch afterwards.
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. so in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record, fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just 79.99 per month online for the first year. cable can't offer that. only fios can.
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♪ check out this incredible video from spain tonight. a dog and its owner airlift to do safety by the spanish civil guard during a flash flood in mal lag good in the southern part of the countrily weekend of torrential rain across the southern part of the area caused spain's worst flooding in 30 years killing two people. provinces in southern and eastern spain on alert for heavy rains for a second day. in your health tonight baby boomers and strokes. dr. mehmet oz has some new findings in the news is good. ♪
5:45 pm
as we age our risk for diseases like cancer and alzheimer's go up but there's good news for baby boomers about one dangerous hell problem. it turns out this group's risk of stroke has been dropping and it's even lower than the generation x errs. new study looked at stroke risk in five different age group and found that the highest risk was in people born in the 20 years before 1945. 20 years after 1955. sweet spot for people born between 45 and 54 actually had lower risk of ischemic stroke that's the most common type. researchers suggest that this generation advantage may be due to advances in preventive medicine. the most shocking part of the study was the rise in stroke risk in younger generations. this is most likely due to higher rate of obesity and diabetes. while this study brings good news for baby boomers it doesn't mean they're in the clear. everyone should be mindful of stroke risk facts which include smoking, high blood pressure obesity and diabetes. you can lower your risk by exercising regularly, eating
5:46 pm
right and quitting smoking if you do. >> new renovation at kate saint cliff% hospital for children finally finish. organizers hope the new space will bring a smile to the faces of families and staff. the renovation at the pediatric oncology department has a new play area for kids. a teen lounge an waiting room. it's also got some additions for the staff including new reception desk and infusion clinic. this was all put together by n non-profit go for the gold. the executive director says families deserve a positive and comfortable setting to make their journey less stressful. >> i think this space is reflective of both what the children are going to like, what the parents are going to like and certainly i think it's going to put smiles on the staff's faces as well. >> the total cost of the renovation, $350,000. it all came from donations. music great and talk hoe show harry connick, jr. stopped by our fox 29 studios today.
5:47 pm
>> he did. why didn't i get the memo? because i would have woke up early he told alec holley and karen hepp he loves stopping by philly because it remind him of home. >> the food is great here. you know, i don't know how strange this will sound to your viewers, but philly reminds me a lot of new orleans. >> um-hmm. >> maybe in size or the love of good food and the sports. >> and music. >> and music. >> yup. >> and older city. got some bones, got in skeletons. >> it's great. i love it. >> we have fresh philly soft pretzels for harry to snack on as well. did he not stop there. he paid quincy harris visit today on "the q" and helped congratulate a local college team who's coming off a big win. >> guess what? over the weekend the temple owls won their first conference championship since 1967. [ applause ] >> took care of notify 34-10aac championship and joining us right now football player hassan rhetoric, avery williams, dion
5:48 pm
dawkins from the champion temple owls. [ applause ] >> how ya'll doing? >> congrats, man. >> that's awesome. not a bad couple of days for the temple owls. building win and they get to meet harry connick, jr. super cool. >> once harry left our old city studios it was on to south philadelphia. he made a stop at geno's. >> of course. >> and pat's. >> i don't know if he had a with or without. he must like whiz. stopping at both you don't want to upset any cheesesteak lovers. he chatted with south philly locals while chowing down on cheesesteaks. you can watch harry every day at 2:00 right here on fox 29. >> sports events see weather delays not terribly unusual but a weather related issue inside the wells fargo center. >> as our bruce gordon explains that's something that could happen only in philly. >> reporter: there's saying in sports, when older players start to lose their skills that father time is undefeated. well, if that's true, then mother nature must be second in the standings. when ice and temperatures
5:49 pm
combine in just the right way, chaos ensues every time. long-time flyers fans no doubt remember game three of the 1975 stanley cup finals at buffalo. warm air in an unair-conditioned building met the ice on the ring and created a thick blanket of fog. yup, somewhere in that cloud is a puck and a bunch of players. this week we got brand new chance to see the science of ice and warm air in action. once again, the result was not pretty. >> yes, i know you expected to see basketball. >> 76ers basketball game against sacramento at the wells fargo center was postponed due to moisture. moisture that seeped upwards from the flyers ice ring below through the sixers floor boards and on to the basketball court. apparently the temperature in the building got too warm for the ice to stay, you know, icy and the result was a court too slippery to play on. it should go without saying that this bizarre postponement took
5:50 pm
place on night when the sixers had big plans. namely, major playing time for their two big stars, jahlil oh okafor and joel embiid together on the core tame. sixers fans have for sometime been frustrated with the team's ultra cautious approach to playing time for their tra jill young stars you might even say they've been turning up the heat on management. well then someone turned up the heat in the building and the whole game went kaput. the sixers credit they quickly offered a refund for the kinks game plus money back for parking that night and tickets to yet another game later in december. all well and good but it will still be hard to mop away the embarrass many of this moist mess. look basketball fans have been saying for the past several years the laughing stock sixers are all wet. this week's events would appear to prove them right. if they can't beat anyone in the nba, what chance have they against mother nature? only in philly. ♪ a christmas village filled
5:51 pm
with christmas spirit much got samaritans fulfilling good deed after making a surprising find. >> coming up at 6:00 he's a world champion bock err seran native of physical. how the city of brotherly love is honoring bernard hopkins. >> hanging out inside a back vault sound? that's what some local students are doing but it's okay. they're allowed to be there. >> fox 29 is proudly partnered with the kellyanne dolan memorial fund this year to help with many families as possible and you can help by a topping a family. dolan fund is looking for unwrapped toys for children up 18 years old or target or wal*mart gift cards. you can drop them off the wissahickon firehouse tonight and tomorrow. our jenn fred is live there tomorrow from seven to 10:00 a.m. more information just head to
5:52 pm
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after nine days of mourning and a nationwide tour of his ashes cuba bidding farewell to fidel cass tomorrow late dictator's ashes arrived at final resting place yesterday. officials placed them inside of a large boulder serves a tomb in exacting a go. he rule the communist nation for decades before stepping aside in 2008. he was 90 years old. fox 29's joyce evans is in cuba where she reports a lot of americans are now and says that while some cubans she's encountered are upset about castro's passing others are not so happy about the nine days of mourning because they haven't been able to work. joyce says everywhere you look you see signs of a growing business of tourism.
5:56 pm
>> lots of americans taking their pictures in front of this huge cuban flag hanging on the hotel in the center of province in old havana. this is ninth and final day of mourning the death of fidel castro. >> i'm standing in the center of what they call old square because it's really old. and this is where you can really see where the tourist dollars have paid off you see how all of these buildings have been renovated behind except that one over in the corner there. you see that? that is how they say all of these buildings loo looked until just a few years ago. >> of course many things in cuba appear to be frozen in time. before the castro revolution and american trade embargo joyce saw plenty of classic convertibles though colorful colors have become a symbol of cuba for westerners able to visit. an act of kindsness has restored one local woman's faith in humanity. the woman dropped her wallet while at the christmas village
5:57 pm
in center city. >> fox 29' is that so bean in a kuriakose tells you how that woman got her wallet back is heart warming. >> reporter: it was the sunday after thanksgiving and all through christmas village in center city moms and dads were checking off the names on their naughty and nice lists. kathy was gathering the presents that would soon surround her family's tree. that's when she made a surprise discovery. >> i saw a wallet. >> she looked around for an owner but the crowd bustled by peeking inside the small case kathy realized she was holding the keys to someone's life. colleen heller's live in fact. >> i have my driver's license in there. i don't even know what credit card. atm card. now what? >> colleen counted all the headaches that were brewing in her head. the trips to the dmv, the canceled credit cards just before christmas. meanwhile kathy was finding returning the wallet to its rightful owner was easier said than done. >> i took it over and tried to
5:58 pm
give it to the police. they said they couldn't take. >> reporter: officers promised the post office would be able to return the wallet if kathy put it in mailbox. but she knew that would take weeks and her compassion for her fellow man kicked in. >> that would take days. >> maybe longer than that. by that time somebody is out spending all your money. >> if you can help someone do you. >> reporter: kathy and her sister maryann drove to the home on the id they left the wallet at colleen's door thinking little of their good deed. it turns out, it was a tiny holiday miracle. by the time a worried colleen got home the wallet was waiting for her. she was stunned. >> it's like 25 miles out of her way and about an hour and that's not in traffic. i could cry. that was so nice. >> reporter: two women who yet to meet have a message for each other. >> thank you for going out of your way for a complete strang stranger. >> merry christmas, colleen. >> aw that's awesome. >> it is. merry christmas a little bit
5:59 pm
early and fox 29 news at 6:00 starts now. right now at 6:00 o'clock, an overdose epidemic. police say a deadly batch of heroin has killed several people happened over the weekend. what investigators are doing to try to prevent yet another dea death. plus he's a boxing legend from the city of brotherly love. >> you had to come here or the final stamp that you was the real deal. >> reporter: the honor the great bernard hopkins received today. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. we begin tonight with alarming story that still developing. philadelphia police are saying what could be a bad batch of heroin making its way around some city neighborhoods. investigators say it has caused a dozens of overdose deaths in the last month and now cops say as many as nine people died just over the weekend. good evening, i'm iain page.
6:00 pm
>> i'm lucy noland. police are on the hunt for where these drugs are coming from. fox 29's dave kinchen has been speaking with investigators live now at east detectives. dave? >> reporter: philadelphia narcotics investigators tell us they are making progress in their investigation trying to determine exactly what type of mix we're dealing with in terms of the heroin that's been spotted in these cases. these officers also working to get this drug off the streets. >> stark reminder of the eventual will the that the consequences of what a decision to pick up means for me. >> reporter: steve car is in recovery for heroin addiction. the 31-year-old media native started his day learning about the nine sudden deaths linked to suspected heroin overdoses over the past weekend including this one a body found under i-95 this morning. investigators say most of the deaths happened within a few blocks of each other in philadelphia's kensington


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