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tv   Chasing News  FOX  December 6, 2016 12:30am-1:00am EST

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>> there's no words for this before thanksgiving your 20-year-old daughter said she was going out, it, it was the last time they ever saw the girl. >> right now i want to get my baby i'm angry. >> wow. >> is he registered to vote? >> is time to find a silver lining here. >> thank you for your service.
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can you tell me what's going through your mind right now is it shocked him to anger, what is it? >> everything. you name it, there's no words for this, every parents worst nightmare. two nights before thanksgiving their 20-year-old daughter had a meal and said she was going out. that that was the last time i saw her live. sarah's body found last thursday just nearby her hometown of montclair, and now police and her family are searching for answers? there is no training manual with this it's not like we had a chance to correct it if we don't do it right, it's story is
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mainly marked she is driving my mother's care about and police believe she was killed elsewhere. apart from that we don't do how long her body sat there, so right now we just know for a fact that the holiday season is not going to be the same. this is part of it dance troupe, she was a gifted dancer people said that maybe someday she would have a future there. and for the father who took the daughter to all the stands lessons and all the dance recitals, now he is just trying to hold his family together.
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>> i feel angry and vengeful. but right now i have to be strong for my wife and daughters. it any information you should contact the prosecutor's office. reach out if you know something. for the latest on this follow me on chasing news. >> is more of a waiting game but it's the hardest thing i've ever had to go through my life. >> he fears that any second hurt nephew was one of the many killed in a massive fire that ripped through a warehouse in oakland california over the weekend. in entertainment industry party was taken place and alec was there with her
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fiancé. they said they have not heard from since then but here's the video he posted on the instagram account of what his family fears may have been his final moment. as a monday morning, about three dozen bodies have been recovered in the search was actually put on a temporary halt due to safety concern. weird, fragile, but not broken. were trying to stay strong for everyone. my sister is a rock and i commend her for that because that was her only child. that is a mother's' worst nightmare is to have your only child parish in such an awful way. >> alex was born and raised here and he was the only child. his aunt says he was a great guy doing well is not tripping or. he was 35 and the five and the father 4-year-old twin girls. his family and children have no clue what is going on. they they don't want to share their pictures. >> he had fun, he loved his daughters, his life was basically for his daughters.
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they were his everything. >> she says that her sister's remaining as strong as possible. she she did go to work today but is on edge just waiting for that phone call that she is expecting to get. she shared with me the last text message she received from her nephew. it was it was on thanksgiving wishing her a happy holiday. >> says hey just wanted to say happy holidays. >> certainly our prayers and thoughts go out to his family right now and the many others who are in a holding pattern just waiting. >> her different reports, they talked about concerts that were not legal, what was going on? >> the way his family described it to me was he was supporting other friends in the film industry. it was an entertainment party. >> these concerts aren't exclusive to oakland or westbrook they happen all over the place. in new jerseey, jersey, new york city, philadelphia, these empty
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warehouses, untouched buildings left to decay are often times death traps. >> facebook has created anything we can check in to tell people you are safe. i've been seen so many of the popping up on my feet a people who are around the area who are checking and safe. i really hope they get good news. ♪ ♪ mocha. >> there's a great event to tell you about. first let me me introduce the joe we all know. he is our guest chaser in the studio today. >> can i say something question you do the introduction again? let's do an applause, get the energy going. >> i have to introduce jersey joe,. [applause]
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>> how spontaneous was that. i love you guys. >> we all note joe from saturday night live. watch them here with eddie murphy. >> let me ask you something, do you do your own hair? >> no i don't. >> the need have no excuse. >> he's doing a benefit for the boys and girls club of new jersey. live onstage on tuesday night at the stress factory comedy club. goat's dress >> if you see the kids of the boys and girls club of new jersey, glad to be there humble spokesperson. tomorrow night with jay black, my buddy, and i and i promise you if your kind enough to come support the boys and girls club bill spady it will not do his muffin joke. >> while there are two muffin sitting in an oven. >> now. >> i built my house at around that. >> some assessment yesterday, what is the bills muffin joke? they say to me in church. i
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haven't really, really heard it and i said you don't want to hear it. and i said it's a long story, and then she said he so great on the radio. and i said you know i'm on the radio too. they know idea. >> all jokes aside. i you really running for governor? >> i'm considering it very seriously. everybody's been really supportive of it. they want to see a change into we go in, i will know by january. >> that's a big jump, from comedy, acting, politics. >> i have made every mistake a guy mistake a guy can make. i know the pitfalls. but i've been blessed on this journey to meet some of the brightest minds that the state has to offer. i'm taking them with me. i. i can't do it. not one person can do it. but the people around me that i have surround myself with, i feeling very confident that i can do it. >> are you going to race taxes? >> the gas tax goes first. with the estate tax.
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>> don't get me started but you have to create revenue. is a commission still there, i don't even know. i want to make atlantic city the film capital of the northeast. but you have to bring manufacturing them. >> i thought two years ago you were a democrat. >> i was until about 18 months ago. i'm an independent and i was run as a republican because the other side is already taken care of. >> any thoughts on a running mate? >> bill you for lieutenant governor. >> you are chase and the governor. tell me what happened. >> this morning i was landing at the atlantic city training facility for my very first go. and that was that chasing the guv.
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he was nice to me. >> hello it's my first around,. >> how are you doing? >> i'm doing well. >> after that i was mildly body check by his security got was not thrilled i was chasing him that closely but he did not answer my one question. i wanted to know how he felt about possibly be an rnc chair. not that anyone asked him or anything. but christie was there at the atlantic city facility regarding the merger with exelon. >> was it original christie mina, was there any grounds? >> he didn't call you stupid? >> no he cap smiling at me. >> did you say you are from chasing news. >> i did not. >> okay. and what did the security guy do? >> he was just like, pop. >> they that you were an enduring fan.
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>> christie has been the subject of satire and all media. there's a new yorker headlines and christie arrested for keen trumps limo. governor christie has to not be angry at everybody. >> you said that you made eye contact and he shook your hand. did he know that you are chasing? >> i thought he would because i was sitting there with my go pro and cell phone. >> was he making eye contact with you during the event? >> he definitely was, consistently. >> you know why? >> your eyebrows your eyebrows are on fleet. >> thank you. >> why park -- were frustrated with the time it takes to find a spot so we developed this concept. ♪
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[vo] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models. sales event ends january 3rd.
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z tes[vo] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models. sales event ends january 3rd. >> nicole,. >> look at this beautiful baby boy smiling for a pitcher with two teddy bears. those bears are keeping his father's memory alive. officer blake snyder from st. louis was killed in the line of duty october 6. his mother and widow posted these facebook photos earlier this week that gone viral. the bears are made from the officer's uniform for his son. they're still collecting money because they have a lot of
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expenses. go to back and the. >> olive oil, the magic in the kitchen. >> we go through 12 leaders. >> a little drizzle here, and you have your got yourself a tasty little dish which is why some chefs say it is their best-kept secret. >> and i went to go specifically into what we actually use. >> be careful of what you say of this treasured oil because the wrong word could lead to a lawsuit, just ask doctor are. >> domestically us-made olive oil, high-quality is meeting california. >> 99% of all of oil made in the u.s. is made in california. >> doctor s has come under fire under it section in may which is
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called under your olive oil face. >> there spreading malicious, false claims noting his olive oil experts worked for a olive oil seller in california. >> as a result the north american olive oil association said its credibility was damaged [inaudible] >> now the doctor oz show says it progressively plans to defend it segment and pointed to numerous other news organizations that reported on this. they told me that it's been recorded in 60 minutes, the new york times, and time mixing. we will keep you we'll keep you updated on what happens next. i needed to learn more. what is this talk of olive oil fraud? does it exist? so i went to our favorite chef, tony dinapoli. has he just said, i heard he had he had simply good meatball. >> i've always been you get we pay for.
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advise been an advocate of extra-virgin olive oil. i think there is a heightened awareness that there could be some issues out there. >> what do they mean by -- that it's just not top grade olives? >> it's not coming from the origin of the seller. >> so they could say that they're getting 100% first press bridge and olive oil. but is that nursing is coming from italy but it could be coming from spain. it could be coming from grace. >> olive oil is great on a salad, but while the snobbery? why not throw some ranches off and call it a day. >> stop it. olive olive oil is arguably the most critical ingredient in the kitchen. >> were not in italy, were in america. >> that is why you need to have -- >> wait a minute. so even my pulled pork that i make, cover and olive oil. that's how cook olive oil is the base of olmsted think. >> did you try ranch? >> i want to dip some bread.
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>> you are a food snob. >> may be. thank you diana. >> christmas is almost here and for those of us who hate going to the mall because of a lack of parking, savior, my park app turns out you can be at home, use this app, get your space reserved at the mall so by the time you get there you can park near the entrance to the mall. i headed to the westfield garden state plaza mall. i pulled out my phone, pulled over to the side, and started using the app. it was easy to find on the app store, called my part. i'm in and i see the mall option pop up at the top. there's actually promo codes of the first time use it is free. so there's 27 spaces. that i tell i tell me what parking, what that, what level,. >> parking deck be, level two, park now.
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then i headed inside and just as i was pulling into the spot i ran into the ceo of my park. >> hello. i'm a reporter with chasing news. how are you? i'm doing a story about your new app. i'm trying it out. >> basically once you are there with the app you say let me in. then he goes down and you can move your car in. i was speaking and i so why did you create the app? >> we are frustrated with a takes to find a spot at the mall, especially during the holiday season. so we developed this concept. and i said can you bring it my hometown, how about fifth avenue so we can get a parking up there. >> absolutely. we're deftly talking to interested parties in the city in california, texas and other places. were a miami-based company. >> i asked shoppers if they knew about the app. >> i never heard of it. i would probably use it during the holidays when it's really
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busy. >> how does he work it out for them all? due by the are they making money? >> it's a business arrangement. they have 33 spots. the great parties handicap spaces where you feel envious because disabled spots are right near the door, now they are next to the disabled spaces. >> on the app to have to put and how long you are staying at the mall so they know when to reassign your space? i go to the mall to shop around, hang out, grab coffee, have fun. i don't think i would keep in tune with that. >> it doesn't work for you. it's $10 for four hours and then $5 for every additional hour. you just hit the app and it tells you how much time you have left. >> how about the traffic them round the mall? is an open up and navigate around that? >> no. >> if your cat lover this is going to be hard to watch.
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this 19-year-old teenager through a cat in a blanket off a third-floor building. absently shocking. you can see the cat slam onto the sidewalk, the cat is unable to move immediately but is able to lift its head. the teenager was charged with animal cruelty. >> was a better way to celebrate the holiday season then seen the story of the nutcracker using 7. >> i said wow that looks like a good gargoyle only to find out that as he kept going it was a reindeer.
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>> if you want great olive oil hold on. were labeling. your labeling the olive oil, the official olive oil
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>> check out the mug shot released by an oregon police department. fred buckner and his. named. name bird. he bought his bird to court when he went to wasn't allowed to bring the bird inside so he left it in a tree. he didn't realize when he was seen the judge that he was going to be arrested so i started freaking out that his bird was can stay in the tree and with no luck they let him keep the bird take come pick it up in the bird made it into -- >> his mug shot. >> was a better way to celebrate the holiday season than seen the nutcracker? ed and company partnered with ice king in to re-create the story of the nutcracker using 7. >> that chandelier is pure ice.
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they're so talented. so an expert guide you through the tail of the not cracker. it's not only the ultimate photo opportunity, it's also the up ultimate dance opportunity because the whole time you're walking through the nutcracker soundtrack is on. >> just remember you need to dress very warm if you going to go see the story because you are walking through freezer that stays at 15 degrees fahrenheit. >> they did think of everything and midway through the tour they have a warm-up section. you can sit by heat lamp a warm-up. before i left i left ed let me come into his workshop and watch him and his two colleagues who
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created the whole thing to see how they sculpt. all of that is you can see all the stuff that you saw on the tour was handcrafted with ice picks, chainsaws, and sanders. the exhibit is open almost every day until january 1 and tickets range from 5 - $10. if you want more information visit ice king it's a version of the nutcracker i know you haven't seen it. >> how long did it take you to about the gargoyle? >> see have to remember that when there's a block of ice that takes a little bit for to take shape. so when so when i was in there watching the guy sculpt in the beginning i said wow that looks like a good gargoyle, only to find out as he kept going that it's a reindeer. it actually started looking like
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a reindeer and i jumped to conclusion. he laughed at me. >> it was a reindeer. >> it became a reindeer. i jump to conclusions. >> it went through the gargoyle stage and became a reindeer. >> another day chasing news, thanks for watching. still time to get your tickets for your event of a stress factory. i'll be on stage with joe piscopo. stress, benefit for the boys and girls club of new jersey. see you tomorrow night. >> that's mother's worst nightmare. >> a massive fireworks through the the warehouse. alex was was there with their fiancé. they haven't heard from him. >> it's the hardest waiting game. >> these kind of cars it's an empty warehouses are often times at death and traps. >> are fragile but not broken.z1
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