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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  December 6, 2016 4:00am-5:00am EST

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breaking news right now on fox 29 morning news a new jersey state trooper and another man are killed in a wrong way crash this millville. the the touching solute this morning as fellow officers say good bye. a teenage boy fighting for his life right now after being gunned down, in germantown by a park. transit threats, los angeles police learn of the possible attack a fence the metro system. this morning why they are revealing they are going to the public. also a grocery store, no check outline, how am on has taken on something too a trip to the store and they are taking it the in to the the future. >> making it easier. great to have you with us on this tuesday, we're reunited as last. >> reunited and it feels so good. >> good morning, guys. >> how are you. >> i'm doing good, welcome back, good to see you.
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>> sue, bob, peaches, you got it. lets if the to the number of the day. it is reverse of the yesterday when the snow day will start out better then it ended up meaning there is rain later on. i promise we will get thaw number of the day, which will be a six, and that is reason why. it does look like... >> no money in the meter. >> we didn't pay the bill. darn it. what was the due dayton that bill. well, i'm walking race distance over to the control room here and we will give thaw number if it is last thing i do and it just might be. here we go, six out of ten, nothing on radar just yet, we will tell will you what is coming our way, when we catch up next time. it is 38 degrees. feels like 33. sunrise time 7:08. 24 degrees in mount pocono. twenty-nine in pottstown. 39 degrees in dover, delaware.
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these are much colder temperatures then we had yesterday at this time. plan on, cloud, through lunchtime and a rainy ride home today. we will give you timing of that rain, coming up, later on. bob kelly. >> sueby good for you. 4:00 another owe two, good morning on this tuesday as we get up, get out we're trying in the the car right there, getting ready for a closure today of the heart inn luther king drive. this will hit us like a stale doughnut working your way in to downtown philadelphia. this is our news van driving into this sit the eye along heart inn luther king drive, the wall on the left, retaining wall, collapsed, about a month and a half ago, and the project to repair it, begins today. come on lets go to the maps, around 9:00 o'clock martin luther king drive will be closed midday is here, into and out of philadelphia. so, that means all that traffic, that uses this scenic martin luther king drive will to have use the other small road through town the
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schuylkill expressway or the kelly drive. owe again we will remind you of that, all morning long and it the first couple of days of any new close another always the toughest. couple of accidents eastbound on the pennsylvania turnpike, right here near willow grove interchange there is another accident on the turnpike, eastbound, right the here near valley hill between downingtown and rally hill and they are still working on 422, down to one lane toward king of prussia this morning, live look at bennie, a much different dryer look at ben franklin then we had this time yesterday and market frankford and market subway using shuttle buses until 5:00. thomas and karen, back over to you. a crash on the new jersey highway has killed a state trooper and also another man. >> this morning we're learning driver who cause that had deadly collision was going the wrong way. steve keeley is at cooper university hospital this morning where the officer was air lifted, steve. >> reporter: well, this is third young new jersey state trooper killed in a south jersey car crash within 12
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months, two of them, 31, and one of them 30 years old. so all same age as well. frankie williams, first year rookie trooper, just 31, just married weeks ago in october was going northbound on route 55. look at the sky fox video. he is responding to a call for service at 6:59 p.m. when a man in this what is left of a toyota corolla a going southbound in the southbound lanes for still some unknown reason went across the grass median, into the northbound lanes, and then collided head on with the trooper, where route 55, goes through millville and speed limit there is 55, maybe 65 miles an hour, and when you look at this aerial video and we have looked through several times there is no hint of any skid marks in either direction, from either driver. the other driver pronounced dead on the scene of the horrific crash, trooper williams was flown here in to
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cooper and pronounced dead. no time given, state the police trooper union sent out a public condolence just past 9:00 p.m. new jersey state police confirmed the death just past 1:00 a.m., three hours ago and then just before 3:00 a.m. our second video a small, two police car slow procession, escorting this unmarked dark van slowly out of cooper and police officers who are still closed the streets around here, stood silently solute going that van. so, a lot of viewers will remember eli mckoran 30 year-old from gloucester county killed december 17th last year almost a year to the day this patrol car hit a pole on off a road in salem county and sean colin hit on 295 in west deptford, he also, like frankie williams just 31 years old. three good men. frankie williams a local guy from atlantic county assigned
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to the fort norris station at other end of route 55 in maurice river close to the shore. thomas and karen, it is another rough day for new jersey tait the police. >> it is, our thought with everyone involve, steve, thank you. also breaking right now there has been a double shooting that claimed a life in philadelphia. there is a 22-year old man died at the scene. it is broad street, the second person 39 year-old hot in the ankle. police say at least 17 bullet fired but no arrests. also a teenager is now fighting for his life after a violent robbery, 17 year-old was shot twice in the park in germantown. >> it happened last night on the 300 block of appsly street, our lauren johnson at police headquarters where detectives are working to find suspect. >> reporter: police didn't know if the teen would survive these two gunshots. he was in and out of of consciousness. they are investigate to go find out who exactly did this. this started around 8:30 yesterday evening when gunshots were fired near 300 block of appsly street in
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germantown. police think it was inside fern hill park in a pavilion off morris street. the 17 year-old was hit in the shoulder and back of his head. police rush the boy to temple university hospital. he was in critical condition last night. we have not received an update on his condition in this early morning hour but police do believe the motive in all of this was robbery. >> the 17 year-old rick tim was in the fern hill park under the pavilion when approached by a male, who robbed him, point of gun, taken was the victim's wallet, and cell phone. after committing the robbery, the perpetrator entered a white van possibly a car ran, that was last seen, south on morris street. >> reporter: detective spent much of yesterday evening searching for shell casings and weapon. the suspect was described to 30 lisa a black male 5 feet 11 k
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hoodie. one teen shot twice, suspect got away with his cell phone and wallet and this morning police are searching for that shooter, karen and thomas. >> hopefully we will find that person. 4:08. this is a sketch of the suspect that police say may be responsible for sexually assaulting a would hand in bucks county. victim saw the man near baseball field at rosewood and lake drive-in amonte township on saturday. the man chased the woman and then attacked her. she hit him in the face with the rock and got away. it is as bad as we thought, story, update on what steve keeley was doing yesterday, that bad batch of drugs on the street claiming another victim in philadelphia a man dying overnight in the kensington section from a suspected overdose. police are hunting for this heroin called power ball. there is another brand with the devil on it. this recent death will bring the number to ten who have been in the city in recent days. of course, people go other places. bucks county are saying they
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have two deaths from overdoses from drugs bought in kensington. one addict says the situation is very grim. >> you know, i have been in that neighborhood, that is where i was, and i lost a lot of friends to this disease and continue to. >> so that man carr is at mvp recovery center in delaware county. center is heading to kensington this weekend to reach out to addicts in need of help. and an investigators say it could be linked with a synthetic opioid very easy to get on line. we did a story on this a special report a month as ago. it turns out classes will be back in session at upper perkiomen cool district. the montgomery county cool district was abruptly closed yesterday after a threat posted on instagram. state police troopers have identified the person who made a post and it was a simple
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misunderstanding. former neurosurgeon ben carson is facing backlash after being nominated head of the department have of housing and urban department by president-elect donald trump. former presidential candidate has no background in public housing. however, real intrigue remains who mr. trump will pick for secretary of state. number of candidates has ballooned to ten including mitt romney, rudy guiliani and new names like california congressman dana roarbacker and john huntsman. the president-elect and his daughter ivanka met with former vp al gore. >> the bulk of the time was with president-elect donald trump, i found it an extremely interesting converse says and to be continued and i will just leave it at that. thank you. >> this sit down was to discuss climate change,ing on that trump has openly disa vowed. pennsylvania election officials are on the the defense, attorneys from the green part write in old sit
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the toy file lawsuits in the federal courthouse. they are asking a judge to order a recount of the pennsylvania's november 8th votes. the lawyers who filed a lawsuit against state's lex officials say that the state barriers to a recount violate voters constitutional rights. there is lots of buzz this morning after vp joe biden suggest he might be willing to drop the p from his title. >> maybe he will next time speaking to a small group of reporters he said i will run in 2020. when reporters asked are you serious, joking? >> he said he would not commit not to run, so many days before now, but he says they have a funny way of intervening. >> certainly touching news here a cancer research bill will be named after the vice-president's late son beau. senate approved renaming a portion of the cancer moon shot initiative for former delaware attorney general. he died of brain cancer last year. dedication is specifically, to acknowledge the younger biden's efforts to help
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good morning, downtown philly, we're looking live at
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ben franklin parkway, right there by the franklin institute. you have got the cathedral and, of course, construction right there. that is the new traffic pattern, that developed over the weekend, if you come into philadelphia, and you're going to the franklin institute or coming up the parkway you no longer have to go all the way around that loopy loop there that take you straight on through. another closure a big one that begins today closure of the martin luther king drive during the midday and on the overnight. they will open it up for morning rush hour and for evening rush hour, but lets roll video of the news room we went for a drive on martin luther king drive yesterday, and here's what happened, the retaining wall right here that leads you down on to the the schuylkill river collapsed about a month and a half ago. they now have to make emergency repairs because in addition to the wall collapsing, the grass surface and this actual trail, the
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river trail that folks used to jog, ride their bike, collapses as well. so the closure of this martin luther king drive begins today. as we come back to my maps, it will happen starting at 9:00 a.m. until three. they will take a break, allow for evening rush hour to get through and then come back and work overnight. this is indefinite thely probably a month or so until they can get this complete. alternate kelly drive or, the schuykill expressway. now i don't think, obviously weekend martin luther king drive is closed to begin with for recreational activities so it will be something we will to have get used to taking out one of our three main arteries in and out of the city isn't coming easy. accident on the pennsylvania turnpike at will other grove, another accident eastbound working your way in to valley hill. did you get your lights up yet? all those lights stay lit when we got all that rain the other day, i hope so. snap a picture and post a picture of your own to our facebook page, twitter,
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instagram, is there home of jerry and joan carotto we visited them last week. we are heading to northeast philadelphia this week get ready northeast philadelphia, i am come your way. would i love to see your house and your lights. snap a picture and post to it social media, and use that #fox 29 light contest so i can show pictures on tv, and possibly visit the your house, over the next couple of weeks. sue, are your lights up? are you ready to come to my house. >> come on over. >> you better clean things up before you get there. >> yeah, we have a lot of straightening through but there are lights up, at least on the tree. just issued by national weather service for later today winter weather advisory carbon, monroe counties in the higher elevations of the pocono mountains. i'll explain why when we show you future cast. high pressure build in after the rain went away and here comes more rain from the southwest, couple of low pressure systems that will be heading our way, timing of the
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rain, here it is, we're fine, through the morning. we will see cloud, not a lot of sunshine if any at all. by 1:00 we'll rain moving in southern delaware and part of the southern new jersey. by two or three here it is in philadelphia south and east and everybody has got something going on by 7:00 o'clock and there you can see the frozen precipitation, possibility of some snow, up in the pocono mountains. for rest of us it will be warm enough it will only be rain but there will be heavy rain through the overnight hours and then moving into the morning, tomorrow. so we might have a few left over rain drops, for morning commute on wednesday. so here's your seven day forecast, today 48 degrees and the rain arriving in the afternoon as we just showed you. fifty-one tomorrow after the rain clears out. possibility of a shower on thursday. still got to nail that one down but we are certain we will get coldest air in the season just in time for the weekend, karen and thomas. >> thanks, sue. we have a developing story
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from los angeles where security has been increase add long their entire subway system metro system out thereafter learning fbi, there is a reported terrorist attack that was at least a threat that was made for the universal city subway station. this came from an anonymous phone call. fbi and local police do not nose if this threat is credible. >> we will be following that all morning. governor of south carolina is urging those to work the faith of love and under tank in the wake of the mistrial in the michael slager's case. he charged this is death of walt are scott an unarmed black man prom prosecutors say slayinger shot during a traffic stop. after more than 22 hours of deliberation the jury of all white members and one african-american announced they could not reach a decision. >> i really don't understand the outcome have of today, but given the evidence, given the overwhelming evidence, believe what your eyes see evidence.
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>> slager has pulled scott over for having a broken taillight in april 2015. witness cell phone video shows slager shooting scott in the back as scott fled the traffic stop. prosecutors say they will retry this case. a setback for attorneys in the bill cosby trial, montgomery county judge is allowing prosecutors to use damaging testimony that cosby gave during a lawsuit ten years ago. that deposition was given as part of the civil suit filed by his accuser andrea constand. in it, cosby admitted giving drugs and alcohol to women before sex and in the hosting conn stan in his home and fondling her. murder charges are being considered this is deadly warehouse fire in oakland, california. it broke out friday night during a dance party, 36 people were killed, and emergency responders don't believe at this time that they will find anymore bodies, the warehouse is very cluttered, it has been coverted to artist studios and illegal living spaces making it very difficult for those inside to
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get out. cause of the fire is still unknown and not clear who prosecutors are trying to charge with murder in the case. also a man charged in the new shooting in the nation's capitol will be back in court thursday. fake news article involving hillary clinton that prompted a guy from north carolina to shoot up a pizza place in washington d.c. on sunday. the gun man went to the restaurant to investigate a conspiracy theory allegedly, a witness says that he was completely silent during the ordeal. >> gentlemen did not say a word, not a single word which once again was so odd. i'm happy that no one is hurt, i don't have any eye dewhy someone would do this. >> prosecutors have charged welch with assault and with a dangerous weapon but no one else was hurt. we have a big honor for real life hero in philadelphia >> they presented boxing
4:22 am
celebrate bernard hopkins with an award yesterday on the north 26th street. hopkins, a philadelphia native, is getting ready for his last fight december 17th. hopkins and mayor also talked about the rebuild philadelphia program which supports boxing gyms for cities youth. hopkins had a very special message for young women that are watching. >> to the young ladies here you must understand that just because it is boxing, we are not excluding you out of your dreams in fulfilling anything that you want to do. recreation center, and anybody can tell you, it is for everyone, everyone. >> oscar de la hoya join hopkins they are partners behind the golden boys promotions which is first hispanic owned national boxing promotional company in this country. >> very exciting. >> the chase for the prize heisman trophy is on, we will introduce you to the top five players hoping to be named the best in college football. >> but first your winning
4:23 am
lottery numbers. you know, someone hit a million-dollar. >> yeah, in northeast philadelphia. >> we will be right back.
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good morning i'm sean bell, carson wentz starting to go through a lot of rookie growing pains have after bengals game, carson said it wasn't mechanics. doug pederson seems to disagree. >> looking at the film there is times when there is pressure in his face and ball will sail high. there are times when he is still back on his back foot and ball sales high. it is a combination of both, and just something we have to continue to work on. to the sixth are and nuggets, late in the game, sixers only down by four until nuggets will barton nails a triple. that put denver backup by seven. sixers lose 106-98, their seventh straight loss of the season. flyers matt read will be on it four weeks with a upper body your said to be a separation suffered on sunday before the win over predator. read had six goals, and 16 points. that is sports in a minute.
4:27 am
i'm sean bell. here we are, five finalist for heisman trophy have been a thensed. the award given every year for college football's best players. quarterback desean watson of clemson and lemar jackson of louisville are joined by michigan jabrail peppers. deedee westbrook round out the five. the ceremony is this saturday in new york city. breaking news is coming in right now we know that there is a two alarm fire in the frankford section. we know there are full flames. one person has gone to the hospital. we will have details in a live report. >> still a very active scene. drivers beware, a major red crossing this morning, bob. >> martin luther king drive as well as lincoln drive get something make overs, a live look here at i-95 where crews are still out here at the route 413 we will have the latest on the the fire in the neighborhood and check forecast when we come back. oh, that's lovely...
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how much money heather saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. breaking news a new jersey state trooper and another hand has been killed in the wrong way crash that happened in, millville, there was a lot of solute by fellow officers as they said good bye. >> tragedy. plus a 17 year-old is fighting for his life this morning have being shot for a robbery in
4:31 am
the philadelphia park. >> and also, there is a little girl and she's been battling a very big disease but instead of receiving right now she's smiling. she's giving back. what she is doing right now that jolly little elf to make season merion for other kids. good day it is a tuesday, already december 6th. and i'm karen hepp thanks so much for joining us. >> i'm thomas drayton. smile alone is the make of the morning. good morning, bob. >> it seemed like yesterday was the first and now it is sixth. >> good morning to you. >> yes. >> good morning. >> drive by. >> you won't be able to drive on the martin luther king drive later today. let's roll video of the brand new projects which begins today. this will hit you like a stale bagel, they will shut down the martin luther king drive during middays and overnight. retaining wall that was damage or fell into the river needs to be repaired and need to be done right now because, it is
4:32 am
already swallowed up, some of the dirt and that walking trail that you see on the far left. this was our news van yesterday using the martin luther king drive coming into the city. the trail right there do you see lady there running in that bright orange, that trail, that retaining wall has collapsed and fallen into the the schuylkill river. they need to make repairs immediately here and that is what will happen, starting to day, and that repair is going to begin around 9:00 o'clock. the lets go to the maps. martin luther king drive close another will begin at 9:00 a.m. from 9:00 to 3:00 they will open it up for evening rush hour and then close it again during the evening through seven to 5:00. alternate kelly drive or schuylkill expressway, easier said then down, using the two, again we have three majors coming in the city. we have schuylkill and two drives that will take out one of those drives, again, indefinitely here for next couple months. be prepared for delays coming into the city and even leaving, that will throw
4:33 am
everybody, for a loop here. we have got an accident on the eastbound turnpike at fort washington, there is another accident eastbound right here near the valley hill overpass near downingtown interchange and a fire in the neighborhood we will give you more details on that in a second in frankford and sellers, and i'm waiting to hear from septa as to whether or not it will impact the operation of the market frankford line, for the morning rush hour. karen and thomas back over to you. >> all right, bob, thank you. lets get a check of the forecast with sue, hi there, sue. >> we will just quickly let you know that it is kind of the opposite of yesterday where we started out with rain and then we ended up with clearing today, we start off dry and end up with rain. six out of ten. we will see rain coming from the south and west. it is down in virginia right now. it will take a few hearst to get here. it is a dry morning commute with 38 degrees right now that feels like 33. temperatures in the 20's to the north of us. much colder then yesterday. skies cleared out overnight.
4:34 am
we will get to a high of 48 degrees, sunset at 4:36 and it looks like it will be a messy ride home, guys later on to day. >> thanks, sue. we have breaking news, one person is in the hospital after there was a fire, pretty bad one that tore through a home, it happened in lansdowne. >> fire fighters on the scene right now working to clean up the debris after dousing those flames, condition of the person transported to the hospital, not yet known at this hour, more details coming in of course we will pass them to you. time right now 4:34. new jersey state trooper is one of two men dead after a head on collision. >> this was a rookie trooper that was a person that was driving apparently the wrong way, investigators say he caused this crash. lets get out to steve keeley right at cooper university hospital, steve. >> reporter: our every day viewers will remember me standing here this time of the day for the same thing, last march 8th, because that was the last time a new jersey state trooper was killed in
4:35 am
the line of duty. the last one a south jersey highway car accident same way, killing sean cullen nine months ago. frankie williams, both 31 years old and both south jersey native. trooper cullen from cinnaminson, williams from atlantic county. cullen graduated two trooper class necessary front williams whose trooper class just graduated last january 29th. he just passed his tenth month as a trooper on duty. he was responding to a call for service. here's sky fox video. he is heading up route 55 where seed limit is 65. owe may have been going faster because he was going to help somebody at 6:59 p.m. for still some unknown reason a man no age given out yet by state police, yet driving this maroon colored toyota corolla was going southbound on route 55 originally before crossing over the grass median and into
4:36 am
the northbound lanes, colliding head on essentially with the trooper's patrol car. the man was pronounced dead right on the scene. trooper cullen not pronounced dead after being flown here to trooper. state police troopers union first publicly offered condolences just past nine and just past 1:00 a.m. this morning a written statement from the new jersey state police confirming that the trooper was killed on duty. and it was two hearst later just before 3:00 a.m. when we saw an unmark van with slow unmark police cars front and back with lights flashing leave cooper and standing and silently alongside still shut down streets of camden near the hospital, police officers, who all share that same sense of service, sense of brotherhood and a huge sense of loss knowing it comes with the oath but that doesn't make it any easier to handle. trooper williams was stationed d in port norris down at other end of route 55 close to the shore not far from the accident scene in millville.
4:37 am
we are giving his collogues plenty of space here to grief in private while still having to serve the people of the new jersey and still dot job they were sworn to do just like trooper williams. thomas and karen. >> that brotherhood being shown this morning, steve, thank you. we are following more developing news, a double shooting leaves a man in philadelphia dead, second one in the hospital. police say at least 17 bullets were fired, it happened at broad and winghawking streets just after midnight. >> we know a 22-year old died at the scene. there was another man 39 years old shot in the ankle taken over to the hospital, so far no arrests. the time right now 4:37. we were just telling but this fire, we know that one person was injured enough that they had to go to the hospital. >> it happened monday night in lansdowne, lauren johnson is joining us with more, lauren? >> reporter: hi, good morning karen and thomas. this is breaking news happening right now in frankford. we can tell you it is a very active scene here. fire fighters continuing to fight a fire that started burning in the back of the three story apartment building
4:38 am
right here at intersection of the frankford and oxford street. medics are on the scene. we have not seen anyone transported just yet but we do understand that fire fighters are inside the building what i can tell you what we can hear out here on the streets nearby is screaming, yelling back and forth. at this point they are trying to make sure everybody has evacuate that had building because when we were on the way to the scene here we heard there were evacuations taking place. fire fighters are fighting a fire from both side, we understand fire started through rear of the building but we can see flashing lights and fire fighters sending water in from this angle and water coming out of the windows meaning they are fighting it from the back as well. very active seen here. i'm in the sure if everyone is out of the building. we can still see smoke coming from the building. you can probably here what sound like heavy pieces of equipment. i don't know if they are trying to rescue someone from inside this building. we will stay here on the the scene and bring you latest as
4:39 am
soon as we get an update. karen and thomas. >> thanks, we will check back with you shortly. time right now you 4:38. we also know in other news a teenager is fighting for his life after being shot twice. this one happened 8:30 on monday near 300 block of appsly street in germantown a 17 year-old was hit in the hipps, back and head. police rush him to temple university hospital where he is listed in critical condition. police say this was a robbery, they are trying to find whoever did it. all right. switching gears we have all waited for shopping. we have so many things to do we have waited in lock lines whenever we go to the supermarket. >> holiday season can be frustrating. now amazon has something planned that could make that a thing of the past, we will tell you about it straight ahead. manolo!
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picture this, grocery shopping without the check outline. >> i have figured it out and it looks so cool. amazon always comes up, now testing a new service to make shopping so much easier. lets take a look. >> what would shopping look like if you could walk in the store, grab what you want, and then just go. what if we could leave the most advanced-learning computer vision and ai, very fabric of the store so you never to have wait in line. no lines, no check outs, no registers. welcome to amazon go. >> some people do that now. but that is different. so, it lets you avoid check outline, customers tap their cell phones on turn style as they enter the store
4:43 am
and that connects them the two store's network and their amazon prime account and then they leave, all of the stuff in their bags they get charged for. they are testing this service a the a grocery store in seattle. it will open to the public, early next year. if you know what you want, go in, put it in the bag and head out. >> what about my coupons. >> yes. >> you are out the door. remarkable story this little girl, she's so inspiring. she has a tough battle of her own. but she's not giving up. she's headaching the season so much brighter for other children.
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good morning. welcome back everyone. good news, fire under control at 441, according to fire fighters. we're looking live at our news van on the scene of the fire at 4500 block of frankford avenue. this is right at frankford and sellers, there you go, the 44, the 4500 block of frankford avenue, that commercial strip there in the neighborhoods in frankford which is right underneath market frankford elevated line about a block from the margaret and orthodox a big hub. what you are seeing here is fire fighters continuing to pour water on the structure, the smoke is coming in. this is a neighborhood i grew up in not far from here. we have row homes all packed in there. fire fighters are in that one building, shooting water
4:47 am
coming out of that second floor bedroom, but again, the 44 to 4500 block of frankford avenue, the scene of this fire that was just placed under control. lets get to the maps because this will cause not only delays for mote the wrist in the neighborhood, again, it is frankford between sellers and orthodox, frankford and orthodox is that big margaret and orthodox stop for market frankford line. right now septa's using shuttle buses until trains kick in at 5:00. so my guess is if there are fire fighters that are able to knock fire down, put it under control, hopefully that will allow for the trains, market frankford trains, to roll rel through that area. our other story something that happened right after rush hour but get ready martin luther king drive goes into shut down mode from 9:00 to 3:00 and then from 7:00 to 5:00 and that is a long term project because the retaining wall that holds the martin luther king drive up, fell into the
4:48 am
schuylkill river. not only did it the take some of the landscaping but it also took that river trail with it, so the delays, into and out of the city during midday, are going to start today and we will use kelly drive or schuylkill expressway as your alternate. still dealing with two accidents here eastbound on the pennsylvania turnpike at valley hill. eastbound working your way toward willow grove interchange, again, construction crews have been still out there. here's a live look at ben franklin bridge, what a nice, pretty shot, different from this time yesterday, but how pretty, how long will it stay press i sueby has the answer in 15 seconds. in the pocono mountains it smells like thought meg and snow. there is a winter weather
4:49 am
advisory there 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m., for carbon and monroe counties. now what is happening is high pressure still in control for this morning but here comes some rain that will roll in later this afternoon and this evening, the timing of the rain, looks like, anytime after 3:00 or 4:00 o'clock there is 10:00 a.m. still just cloudy, 1:00 o'clock you see rain this delaware and then by 3:00 o'clock it is edging into philadelphia and suburbs coming from the southwest, and if you are north you'll get it last but temperatures cold enough in the mountains to get accumulating know today. for rest of us, it is rain, heavy at times 8:00 o'clock tonight the through about 11:00 o'clock and a few left over in the morning tomorrow. that is the deal, it is opposite of the yesterday where we started with rain and ended up with clearing. the that is a look at your timing of the rain, as far as what happens after that, we will get ready for a big chill starting on the first take of the week went high temperature on at day only 39 degrees.
4:50 am
burr. burr. >> big chill, all right. >> thanks. >> four year-old from lehigh county is very important message this morning that we all should pay attention to. as little jillian page fights brain cancer she's determined to help others. >> she's headaching holiday season sweeter for so many people. our sabina kuriakose has this heart warming store friday coopersberg. >> reporter: just try to keep up with jillian massey she has places to go and people to see. she will wear you out. behind this big blue eyed girl, there is a fighting spirit. jillian is on a mission to give back to people, who got her through the toughest time of her little life. >> seven whose ago jillian was diagnosis with brain cancer. >> reporter: for most of this past year four year-old with the zazi spirit has underwent chemo at children's hospital of philadelphia. she beat odds and shocked her doctors, gaining strength, fast enough to be back home,
4:51 am
under her own tree for the holidays. but that wasn't enough for jillian, with the help of the mom and mom's co-workers she is starting a toy drive to bring christmas to the trees that won't be able to wait for santa by their own chimney. >> originally her goal was 50 toys and within two days that was more than filled. now we will have more than enough this year with all of the kids. >> reporter: 1500 toys, raised through the jillian page you got this girl facebook page. >> i'm overwhelmed. so our initial goal was just to give back to chop and everything they have done to us, and jillian and this is unbelievable. >> because of jillian's treatments we are all careful about germs. now all of these toys will get hand delivered by jillian and her friend and family to the kid at chop on december 19th. she says that she cannot wait for her friend still at chop to open up all of her race. >> i'm sure am thankful that all these people are helping
4:52 am
all these kids that are at the hospital. it is a real here california that she gets to be home during the who will days. she's so happy. she's loving, caring. i would like her to get back to her normal self now. >> reporter: sometimes life is delighting. >> merry christmas. >> reporter: in coopersberg lehigh county, sabina kuriakose fox 29 news. >> merry christmas. she will get a very special gift. >> so cute, how about that brother. we're partnering with another special group that helps so many kid kelly ann dolan memorial fund this year to help families. help us as well. they are looking for new unwrapped toys or gift card, drop them off today from 7:00 to to 10:00 during good day. jen fred will be there. we will be live, this morning during a whole stretch of the show, the info is right there on our facebook page at fox 29
4:53 am
to the come.
4:54 am
4:55 am
all right. here's good news story this morning thousands of children in philadelphia will now have more race under their christmas tree, thanks to
4:56 am
generous donations from some of santa's helpers from the that the toy drive. >> district superintendent william hite was there picking up gifts at pratt early childhood center in north philadelphia parents say that it is an overwhelming feeling. >> just being a mother, for children that don't have their family, to see something put on this tree for someone else, they will be so proud, so touched to think that somebody else cared. >> a lot of people care, about 3900 gifts were donated to the philadelphia school district. time right now 4:56. we are following several breaking news stories this morning. >> lets head out to steve keeley with the very latest on a state trooper from new jersey who was killed with another man, steve. >> yeah, nine months almost to the day a 31 year-old state trooper from south jersey was killed on the highways of south jersey on 295 we have another 31 year-old this time rookie trooper killed on another south jersey highway,
4:57 am
route 55. lauren in. >> reporter: good morning, steve. philadelphia fire fighters busy here in frankford trying to knock down a fire, it looks like the smoke is still coming out of the windows there but they turned off hoses we will update you after the break. we asked woman to smell two body washes and pick their favorite.
4:58 am
i prefer b. b. what was a... bath and bodyworks. and their favorite... suave. really? i am impressed. three fragrances preferred over bath and body works.
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i really did save hundreds on my car insurance with geico. i should take a closer look at geico... geico has a long history of great savings and great service. over seventy-five years. wait. seventy-five years? that is great. speaking of great, check out these hot riffs. you like smash mouth? uh, yeah i have an early day tomorrow so... wait. almost there. goodnight, bruce. gotta tune the "a." (humming) take a closer look at geico. great savings. and a whole lot more. breaking news right now we have a two alarm fire that is in frankford. we know that one person has
5:00 am
been sent to the hospital, and there are new developments on this one. the fire fighters have been doing great work there. lauren johnson on the scene with a live report in just a moment. plus a new jersey state trooper and another man are killed in the wrong way crash this all taking place in millville. touching solute as fellow officers say their good bye. there is a boy teenager tighting for his life, they think it was an attempted robbery gun down shot in the park in germantown. there is a transit threat, los angeles police learned of a possible attack against metro system there. why they are rereeling they are going the with the public, going public with this this morning. great to have you with us i'm thomas drayton. i'm karen hepp. good morning. >> wake it up, let's go. everybody should be up. >> slowly, slowly they are getting up. >> we will tell you what will happen later today so bring your umbrella now even though you won't need it the now you'll need it later on. which is why we are givin


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