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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  December 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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rain or even some snow. as we look live at reading right now. where you'll feel the chilly temperatures. snow will be falling not far from there at philadelphia international airport right now we've got drenching rain. good tuesday evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. we have made it this long without saying that wintry s word. looks like that time has come and gone. we're going to say it it. fox 29 meteorologist kathy orr is here. kathy, we're not just talking about dusting in some places. notice how i still didn't say it. >> you didn't say it yet. snow, snow, snow. we have waves of rain moving through philadelphia. see that yellow and/or ranch really on either side of the i-95 corridor. pennsylvania, new jersey, and delaware impacted with heavy rain that's going to slow down the evening commute or if you're going out this evening, this is going to keep going for at least the next couple of hours. you're seeing the white through the poconos and also edging into the northern lehigh valley and the northern part of berks county but that is more of a wintry mix. main threat of snow will be in the poconos where we do have a winter weather advisory for two
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to 4-inches of snow especially in that higher terrain and this goes right through tomorrow morning. so of course mount pocono, even into the chestnut hill area of the poconos right through the northeast extension heading towards scran ton. if you have any travels that way within the next 12 to 24 hours, please be aware it will be slick and snow covered. wet outside in old city philadelphia. slow go with a temperature of 42. 30 with that snow falling in the poconos. 36 in allentown and reading a wintry mix at 37 degrees. our future cast shows the heavy rain right through the evening. by about 10, 11:00 o'clock at night the rain begins to lessen up somewhat and we'll just see some spotty showers and that will take us into the overnight. overnight areas of drizzle into the morning. so coming up in the seven day we'll talk about when that sun backs. a wintry blast in the seven day. and it will be turning blustery. i think this cold weather will be here to stay. we'll talk about that when i join you later in the broadcast.
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all right, kathy, thanks. and tonight new jersey state police are coming to grips with a devastating loss. a nasty car wreck in cumberland county last night took two lives. one of them a state new jersey stratt trooper. trooper frankie williams had just aunt year on the force. >> fox 29's dave kinchen has been at that barracks today joins us now from millville, new jersey. close to the crash sight. dave? >> reporter: this is absolutely devastating. of course, for the law enforcement community in new jersey straight state police but we discovered it's also tragic for resident who's rely on this police department. it's a scene all too familiar when tragedy strikes law enforcement. pro segment carries the body of fallen new jersey state trooper frankie williams from cooper university hospital in camden as his colleagues salute. at the port norris barrack where trooper williams was based, flags fly at half staff. the mood somber as mourners who did not know their hero pay
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respects to his brothers in blue. >> it's terrible. it's tragic. >> it's kind of hitting the community a little hard. these guys do a lot. >> reporter: trooper williams was driving his mark cruiser northbound on state highway 55 in millville when investigators say a southbound toyota corolla driven by 61-year-old lloyd ruddily crossed the median and hit the trooper head on last night. officials say witnesses reported a car matching rudd l's driving erratically. trooper williams was en route to that call when the crash happened. >> they're out there they try and help us and protect us, and something like this happens. >> reporter: kathy did not know william but gave this angel light to the station as a tribute. >> when i was younger, and my mother had died, they said light a candle to see where home is. this is a light that will continuously glow at night. >> reporter: state police say 31-year-old trooper williams was in his first year of service and was quick on his feet.
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even saving a dog from a hot locked car this past summer. >> it's a shame because they're the ones that, you know, usually something horrible happens to. the good ones, the ones that, you know, do right. >> reporter: adding to the heartbreak friends say trooper williams just got married in september. >> just want them to know that, you know, we are thinking of them, and praying and hope that support they'll be able to get through this. >> reporter: meantime, we are told the cause of the crash continues to be investigated. back to you, lucy and iain. >> all right, thank you very much, dave. as we learn more about the tragic crash, we'll have the information 24/7 on fox you'll also find a slide show of trooper williams. developing sports news tonight that took a lot of temple fans by surprise. temple's head football coach matt ruhle is leaving town. he share this morning he'll step down from coaching the owls to take the job at baylor university in waco, text t.
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he'll be introduced there on the campus tomorrow. we're still learning all the details about the deal that happened pretty fast. sean bell will dish it all out coming up later in sports. >> tonight police they know who murdered teenager from northeast philadelphia ton night a 19 year old is in jail. police are not yet releasing his name but they say he shot and killed 14-year-old iain wesley last week. that 19-year-old turned himself in to police around noon. investigators say robbery was the motive. police are hoping someone might recognize this man. police say he robbed a woman at an in cherry hill last night. a woman was approached from behind she tried to fight him off but she was able -- he was able to snatch some of her cash and take off. developing to night in the city's frankford section the search for what started a fire at an apartment complex is on. it forced nearly two dozen people out of their homes noon the cold early morning air. several people are on the mend after being hurt not seriously thank goodness. thankfully and for some the fire destroyed everything they had.
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our bruce gordon joins us live in frankford tonight after speaking with some of those victims. plows? >> reporter: iain, this is a classic bad news, good news scenario. the bad news all those people losing just about everything they owned and at the holidays no less? the good news, a burning building think about this arc burning building full of sleeping men, women and children and no one died. we found tyrone kohl's shivering under red cross blanket nursing burns to his head and hands. he lost most of what he owns. >> but he's thankful. >> we all alive. so that's the most important thing. >> reporter: cole and 19 others were inside this frankford apartment building when it went up in flames around 4:00 o'clock tuesday morning. the frightening scene captured on neighbor's smart phone. cole says he was asleep in a third floor apartment and was awakened by screams. unable to escape down the stairs, he race to do a window to await rescue by firefighters. they arrived within minutes. though it felt like hours. >> what is going through your
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hyped at that point as you're getting out there going down that ladder from three stories. >> just hurry up and get me down, because i'm trying to get away from the fire. >> and this place as fast as i can. >> reporter: he was among nearly a dozen people rescued. this woman asked we not show her face. she says the fire began in her second floor apartment. where she was sleeping with her boyfriend and three young sons. they were awakened by a fire alarm to fine the place a blaze. >> the whole living room is glowing, upping, orange. >> they would escape down the stairs unhurt. >> i was worried about everybody else inside. i wanted to go back in to try to help but i couldn't. because i had my son in my arms. so the only thing i was able to do was scream from outside there's a fire. >> reporter: despite damage to nine apartments, no one was seriously injured. good news to sue lebanese pizza shop owner whose restaurant anchored this building for 50 years. >> do you know some of the people. >> we know everybody. thank god everybody make it safe.
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nobody got injured, nobody got hurt. thank god. only thing more important. >> reporter: the owner of this building is listed as frankford holdings, llc out of lakewood, new jersey. we could not reach them for comment. we can tell you that the city's depth of licenses and inspections has cited this building for fire code violati violations on numerous occasions over the past several years. though in each case appears the violations were picked and those cases were closed. iain. >> bruce, thank you. motive of a germantown shooting that critically injured a teenager may have related to drug deal. police say it appears marijuana is month promoted a gunman to shoot the 17-year-old boy. the teenager was shot in the head but he was still able to talk to police after the incident last night on the 4500 block of morris street. he was also robbed of his phone and wallet. police are looking for two men driving a white mini van. a burglar is out there prowling nine philadelphia businesses know this as fact. police say all nine of last month's incidents the man got in by breaking the front door
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glass. majority of the breaks were on the 2400 and 2600 blocks of aramingo avenue in port richmo richmond. one you're looking at right here from november 19th the man broke into an accent on animal store. police say he also burglarized a nail salon, a hair salon and a furniture store. it's a trip to the corner store that one man will not soon forget. a violent robbery in olney all caught on camera. police say this guy walked into opinion knee mark on the 100 block of east al ban in a street back on november 21 and grabbed a customer, held a gun to his head then demanded money from the cash register. up front. he got money from the clerk and then ran. thankfully no one was hurt. man accused of illegally turning a warehouse into living space says he's sorry after deadly fire ripped through the warehouse on friday in oakland, california. derek al mean in a who founded the artist collector called ghost ship was at the site today he profusely apologized in the interview, he says he's not responsible for what happened.
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the district attorney says murder charges can come if investigators link any crimes to the fire. authorities say the building was virtually impossible to escape. they have confirmed 36 people died. trump transition the president-elect still has a lot of hires to make he met today with a shrew of potential cabinet members. >> including exxon mobil ceo rex teller son whose name is being floated as a possible pick for secretary of state. meantime, trump himself made a stop at the lobby of trump tow tower. led pregnant taking issue with boeing criticizing the american's companies plan to charge way says was $4 billion for new air force one. boeing responded saying in part "we are currently under contract for $170 million. meanwhile trump is continuing his thank you tour heading to north carolina tonight to greet voters. president obama is touting security record tonight in his last national security speech as commander in chief. the president spoke mcdill air force base in tampa, florida. u.s. military made tremendous
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progress in the fight against terrorists even praising his administration's controversial use of drones. we have taken action under my command including with drones to remove terrorists from the battlefield which protects our troops and has prevented real threats to the american people. >> president obama says america's anti terror efforts have been successful because of the network of partners that we have built to fight them. next, police say this is video of a man inside a philadelphia gas works company vehicle but investigators say he's not a pgw worker. the expensive stuff cops say this guy made off with. sean? iain matt ruhle leaving really wasn't a surprise but the players might say a little differently. hear what the guys had to say about matt going to baylor. that's coming up later in sports.
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♪ tonight police hope this clear video will bring them to this guy. police say he jumped into a philadelphia gas works vehicle on november 25th. it was park on the 1800 block of south second street. police say he grabbed a gps and two gas leak detectors they're worth more than $3,000. if you haven't already you may be picking out your fresh christmas tree this weekend and bringing it inside. but city fire officials want you to make sure your tree is safe this holiday season. fire leaders gathering today in northern liberties they're hasn'ting out these tags to christmas tree lots around the city. the tags have important information about tree safety and property maintenance fire officials are recommending getting a fresh cut off the bottom of your tree so it can soak up water they say hey this
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should be obvious but check if there's enough water in your tree base. >> i want folks to know out there, you know, be vigilant about when you start to see those needles falling on top of the gifts still under treat or on top of the decorations. that means it's time to put that tree out. >> good advice. fire officials add the streets department will happily take dry tree away for you once you put it outside at the curb. turn night mulch and stuff. fox 29 weather authority right now way out to our west, look at that. blizzard like conditions. this is actually the site where protesters are camden out against the dakota access pipeline. a day after the army corps of engineers denied a permit needed for construction to continue, the snow moved on in. high winds are making things feel bitterly cold. >> here a little closer to home not a blizzard we're tracking but some rain is here looking live at chilly wilmington, delaware right now. things will get even colder. >> fox 29 meteorologist kathy orr is here now to tell us all about it. you got to lot to talk about. go to it.
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>> once you get home, stay home, right? that's the best place to be and the warmest place to be. it's raw out there. even though temperatures are in the 40s around philadelphia, it's just damp and uncomfortable hard to get warm even when you come inside we're looking heaviest rain moving through philadelphia right now where you see the reds and oranges this is pretty much the last of it downstream to the south and west some smaller pockets of heavy rain now in berks county and also into allentown area and lehigh county, we're talking about sleet mixing in with rain take it slow if you're in this area along 78, 80 the northeast extension and in the poconos where we have snow and that snow will accumulate during the late night and overnight hours about two to 4-inches in the poconos and that's exactly where we want it. rain so far about half an inch in the pottstown area. quarter of an inch in atlantic city. so that was our forecast range in philadelphia about a third of an inch of rain. a little more to come this evening before it begins to taper off. 42 in the city. 43 in wilmington rather. 41 in trenton milder to the
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south and east. colder to the north and west with the poconos our cold spot at 30 degrees. so not a wet snow but certainly not a packed powder in the poconos. we have a series of cold front that is will be moving across the region. you saw that snow in the dakotas that's part of a system that will be moving in later this week. but the snow stays to the north. we just continue to get the cold and we get the wind. so a triple shot of cold this week each day pretty much after tomorrow it will be getting colder. so we see this huge trough building and arctic blast with a coldest area that will be in the delaware valley in 10 months. that's a long time. we had to go back to february to find a day that would be colder. in the city overnight 42. in the suburbs 35. the rain begins to taper off. the snow will continue in the poconos. afternoon highs tomorrow will be in the 50s in philadelphia and in wilmington and to the south and east. to the north and west sunshine earlier in the day with temperatures in the 40s. still a few spotty sprinkles possible in the poconos but warm
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enough for some rain. tomorrow's high 51. officially at the city with skies becoming partly sunny. on your seven day forecast for the weather authority, check it out. after wednesday, it gets cooler thursday the high only 45. another front moves through friday. 39. 38 and blustery on saturday. sunday 42. a chance of a shower monday. next tuesday we'll be talking about partly sunny skies. but notice those highs no longer in the 50's and 60s gang. the trend is down. in the 30s and in the 40s. get ready. get rid of those light jackets iain we're talking about the winter coats. >> i think iain broke out his winter coat last month. [ laughter ] >> i see lows in the 20s. i don't like that. >> oh my goodness. >> we can't get good football news around who are. >> temple was so good. >> something good happenings. >> got to go. >> taken away, okay? >> oh, buddy. matt ruhle is out of here.
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10 games in back to back and wins a conference champions and the schools will come calling. who has decided to leave plus we talk to a coach that has been through this before coming up next in sports.>[]
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thanks. hmm... the award-winning geico app. download it today. ♪ that's matt ruhle, smiling all the way to the bank. a fat paycheck and a chance to go to a big five school is
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always too good of an offer to pass up. coach matt ruhle has agreed to go to baylor and coach the baylor bears and baylor is a mess right now. academic violations, sexual assault scandal but still all matt ruhle has to do to clean up the program he'll have shot at national championship. four years brought the owls from the basement to conference champions. that's as good as it gets when it comes to temple. he told his players this morning about his decision and toll the kids to only worry about what they can control. we caught up with a couple of those players earlier to get their thoughts. >> as long as we win games, then the coaches get better like opportunities in their life for their families. we knew that since he won 10 games last year and now we are doing even more like this year, something was bound to happen. so i'm just truly happy for him and his family. >> i'm not disappointed. the man is going on to better his career, and i won't fault any man for doing that. >> that's a lot of maturity for
6:25 pm
those two players all the guys didn't react that way. et cetera especially some of the underclassmen those guys thought matt ruhle would stay their entire college careers. temple basketball coach fran dunphy he's seen this before and had a message for the players. >> the message would be it's going to be okay. i'm sure that's the message that matt gave them today. that he appreciated everything they did for him and for temple and all will be okay. they'll get a very good football coach here shortly. >> and a lot of people crying for a coaching change for the eagles. way too soon for that defense has been again it will up late allot of it has to do with losing their swagger. >> it has a lot to do with confidence and we need to, um, we need to get back to that and they need to know that, um, you know, first nine weeks, you know, they were respected as for what they put on tape, and the last three, we've been in a slump and we need to -- we need to get back to those first nine weeks. >> back to temple. i know everyone is probably upset over there.
6:26 pm
but if someone said i'll double your paycheck -- >> yeah. >> and you'll get a chance to be a national champion one day, what are you going to do. >> you're going. >> i'm out of here g baylor is athletic facilities are off the hook. >> in texas. >> he's going to win down there when it comes to football glass warm. it's not going snow probably. >> that's right. >> depends what part. we got this. >> we of winter wet advisory in effect for the poconos and we have rounds of heavy rain that will be coming through for at least the next couple of hours. step out about 10, 11, just be some spotty showers. >> all right, kathy. join us tonight at 10:00. are you ready for oh a complete economic collapse, how about a zombie apocalypse. >> definitely not. >> people near you are preparing for the real thing. who they're getting ready for for worse case scenario. >> the real thing a zombie apocalypse. preparing for the real zombie apocalypse. >> not the fake one. >> join us at 10:00 and find out. inside edition is next.
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live tv freak out. >> i'm incredibly sorry. what do you want me to say. >> the artist at the center of the disaster loses it on air. >> i would rather be on the floor trampled by the parents. >> then, lebron james versus the president-elect. >> the nba superstar says he is boycotting the hotel with trump's name on it. >> the story you haven't heard about the kangaroo smack down seen around the world. is the guy about to lose his job for the right hook? >> the hottest toy this christmas. >> hatchimals. >> good luck finding them. they are sold out everywhere. >> then, how a family hike to this waterfall ended in manslaughter charges.


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