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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  December 6, 2016 11:00pm-11:28pm EST

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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11.
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first at 11:00 interview you'll only see on fox. camera caught a driver dragging a woman who had just finish shopping in south philadelphia. he had just grabbed her purse and tonight that woman is telling her story. good evening, i'm lucy noland. police are also using this as really a cautious nary tail during the holiday shopping season. fox 29's dave stratt wise sr. at philadelphia police headquarters. dave? >> reporter: lucy, the victim tonight tells us she was simply putting packages in the back of her suv at a shopping center when the suspect walked up to her car and took her purse right out of the front seat. >> all money. yeah, money. >> reporter: from her home in southwest physical the victim of this robbery caught on tape spoke to fox 29 with her teenaged daughter by her side. they asked us not to identify them. >> my mom put the purse in the car and he just opened the door and grabbed the purse. >> reporter: surveillance cameras were rolling as the victim loaded packages into her car thanksgiving weekend after shopping at this market off
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oregon avenue in south philadelphia. within seconds, the thief stole her purse, containing cash, her id and cell phone. >> she hopes that that -- the guy is going to be arrested. >> reporter: cameras also caught the suspect cruising the lot before the robbery in his toyota highlander with distinctive tailpipes and side grill work. >> you can see this guy looks like he's scoping out the parking lot looking for a vict victim. >> reporter: the suspect park right next to the 46 year old victim as she started to load her packages he pulled to the end of the aisle, walked back, opened the front door and took the purchase. >> people are out there loo loog for an opportunity to strike if you can. report roar the woman tried to catch up to the they have. she grabbed hold of his car door and was dragged a short distan distance. >> she almost got ran over by the car. report roar scary, huh! >> she fell down on the floor and she got hurt. >> reporter: now the victim did get her purse back after two good samaritans found it
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apparently the they have dumped the purse after he took two hun dead dollars in cash out of the it. she did get her id and cell phone back along with that purse. lucy. >> at least that happened. all right, thank you dave. on your radar tonight tracking rain and winter weath weather. live look at blue mountain from our poconos mountain cam a that's just inviting right there. if you live near here, you may have seen those snowflake. meteorologist kathy orr is here with your first forecast at 11:00. all kinds of colors behind you, kathy. >> if you're a skier you got to love it. the snow is exactly where it's supposed to be, right? on ultimate doppler we're seeing the rain giving way to some light rain drizzle and mist. in the poconos the snow. pretty much tapering off to flurries but additional snow showers possible during the early morning hours with another wave of precipitation moving on in. we do have that winter wet advisory in effect effect for the poconos until 6am tomorrow morning. we'll keep an eye on that. local the but surely drying out. 31 in the poconos.
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36 in allentown. 43 in philadelphia. in atlantic city 4747. wildwood 48 degrees. over the next couple of days trio of fronts. one after the other moving through the delaware valley reinforcing some cold air. so it will be a gradual cool down but once it hits, on friday and saturday, it is going to feel like winter. we will have a big drove digging in the jet stream arctic blast so cold air building down and it will be here friday and then saturday. we're talking about temperatures that have been not this cold in 10 months since february. that's how far we had to go back to fine these numbers. in the city 42 overnight. in the suburbs 35. not a big change in temperature. with the rain, the drizzle and some fog. during the afternoon tomorrow lower 50s in the city. 39 in the poconos. sunshine in pottstown and wilmington and dover and wildwood. looking like a pleasant afternoon with not a lot of wi wind. we'll see that increasing sunshine with northwesterly win
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at about five to 10 miles an hour. on your forecast from the weather authority, looking at the next seven days of course 51 for your wednesday. thursday 45 then another front moves through. friday breezy 39. it bets colder and blustery for saturday. temperatures bottom out and then it starts to rise. sunday 42. a chance of a shower on your monday 48. and then tuesday looking for a temperature of 46 degrees with partly sunny skies. eagles game day going to be cold on sunday lucy a wardrobe change it is back to hats, gloves, mittens, scarves. layering up. we'll need them. >> all right, thank you very much, kathy. you can stay prepared for the weather by gown loading fox 29 news app you can look at live radar images get regular alerts. it's like having kathy or in your house much it's free download it from the apple or google play stores. flags are flying half staff in new jersey following the loss of a state trooper at a highway
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crash. people laid flowers to pay their respects to 31 year old trooper frankie william. he died last night when investigators say driver hit him head on on highway 55 in millville. you saw it here as breaking news last night. well that driver was 61-year-old lloyd ruddily who also died. police say ruddily was driving erratically and matched the description of a person the trooper was looking for the. the crash is still under investigation. the third step toward justice for 14-year-old boy murdered in mayfair. police made arrest in the case and they say the person who pull the trigger is a teen himself. nope-year-old will likely face murder charges in the death of owe want wilsey. the police shot him last week. investigators robbery was the motive but they're not naming the 19-year-old until prosecutes file formal charges. a new reward tonight for murder in cam over the summer. camden county prosecutor' office $5,000 for information that helps find and convict the killer of 28-year-old brett
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moss. new photos of person of interest now out. a bluford forward fusion may also have been near the shooting in august. now, his mother said it happened while he was at work at. he was alone when someone dragged him into an alley and shot him. temple football matt ruhle headed to texas fresh off two big seasons for the owls. rule will take his talents to baylor university and compete for national championships. baylor news a new beginning. it had its share of scandals including a sex assault investigation. as for temple he had foley will coach the owls. >> someone is lurk aig round temple university watching girls in their rooms. police are after this peeping tom before he creeps again. in at least one of the incidents he snap a photo about to change her clothe. shawnette wilson is live on the temple cal pus.
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you've been speaking with that student. >> reporter: i have lucy and she gave a surveillance video that showed a man outside her window. now, police have not confirmed that that is the person they're looking for but the victim says it is him based on what she saw from the inside looking out. >> i see a flash in my window, and i like screamed and freaked out report roar this temple university student doesn't want to show her face after what she says happened to her. the victim says she had just gotten out of the shower around 10:30 last night. she was in the bedroom of her off campus apartment on north 15th street when she noticed a camera flash through her blinds. >> i had my shades down but there's a little space in between my, um, the bars, the window and the blinds, so i guess he saw right in between. >> reporter: she says her boyfriend was there at the time and ran out to catch the the guy but let him go because he wasn't sure it was the suspect until they got surveillance video from the apartment building which shows the guy at her window.
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it captures what appears to be a camera flash like the victim described. he then hops the fence crossing over on to different property and takes off. >> she's now worried what the suspect saw and what he may do with whatever he captured on camera. >> he know have easily taken pictures of me with the lights on like without his flash. like he can have easily scene inside my apartment. >> reporter: now the victim says the same thing happened last month. she says she and her roommate were home that time and they both saw the suspect. police are investigating whether it's the same person. lucy? >> all right, shawnette. thank you. cherry hill hard of heart pounding moment for one woman just trying to get some cash. police want you to take a very good look at this man who robbed a woman outside a navy federal credit union on route 38 last night. somebody got to recognize this guy. employees say he walk up to the woman from behind as she was using an atm. she bough fought back not before
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stealing some of the her cash. people in the area say it's scary buttis the season sad guilty if you have packages in the back of your car they'll watch and break in. >> with shopping, i don't carry a purse. i keep never my pock. >> you watch everything you do all the time. be aware of all your surroundings always. >> isn't it sad that's what we've got to do now? yet it is. investigators say the robber ran off. if you have any information about this guy right here, call cherry hill police. know anyone who actually like going to the dentist? i used to. dr. purchased dee was my dentist used to give my toys. new study suggest many of us get our teeth check altogether. it it has nothing to do with being scared. >> it's happening and i got mow a hatchimal the holy grail of 2016 toy treasures. and there's a q show hook up. see how it all advertise together in just a minute. and google crossing a milestone in its request to cut
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nearly two dozen people are homeless tonight after a pre-dawn fire raced through a frankford apartment building. a neighbor smart phone video shows flames just leaping you saw it from the windows of the nine unit building on frankford and sellers. tyrone cole was sleeping in third floor apartment when he -- screams basically woke him up. as he waited at the window for firefighters to rescue him, all kinds of questions flashe flashd through his hyped. >> if i was going to die or not. if they was going to get there fast enough to help me. >> firefighters. >> yeah. you didn't think you were going to get out of there. >> no, i thought i was going to jump out the window. >> he had a few burns. that's why he had gauze on the face. firefighters rescued cole and dozen. five adult adults and four chiln are hard. investigators are trying to figure out what started that fire. our fresco users are helping us show what is going on in your neighborhood. iain, what's up? >> lucy the holidays are in full swing in ridley township delaware county. emma takes to us a free lighting
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ceremony there. residents gather at the town's municipal building for the holiday tradition. you can see the crowd packed inside the building on this rainy night. elementary school students performed christmas favorites before santa got there. more holiday spirit tonight in darby. fresco user emma again takes to us live nativity scene at the mercy fitzgerald hospital. hospital staff got dressed up for the event guests also enjoyed a tree lighting ceremony outside and your kids of course got to meet santa. santa was busy tonight too. college courses are more fun than others check out the latest adventure for honor students at rowan university university. they're learning to fly like a squirrel. fresco user joshua was there for all the scheme. the class sounds like fun but a mouthful call the pursuit of happiness engaging adventure psychologically. when you see news happening be sure to take out your phone and shoot it and mack sure to use the fresco app to send it to our newsroom. lucy. >> emma cleaned up tonight. tell was. every year it's something teddy ruxpin or tick key me elmo,
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remember the cabbage kids. today it's the hatchimal. it's the doll in the eggshell that all the kiddos want but none of the parents can find. fox 29's hank flynn went outlooking for one as it turns out he didn't have to go too far. ♪ >> oh, my god you got it. >> got me a hatchimal today toy so in demand this year i had to sit down and stare at it awhile. ♪ >> reporter: i started out at target. fat chance. >> six in a case. >> get one case maybe. >> that's insane. [ inaudible ] so i tried tree house on arch street. >> header, enough with the nonsense. where are the hatch malls yes. [ laughter ]
11:17 pm
>> owner header says mow mow s deals in toys than in hysteria. >> i can't tell you how many phone calls i got ever day about hatchimal. >> i feel like we shall answer the phone mow mow's tree house, this is header we don't have hatch malls but we have scoote scooters. >> reporter: i didn't know where to turn. it's bet to be lucky than good. go into this store human resources meghan had two hatch malls. it was thanksgiving meghan and her boyfriend caught lightning in bottle. >> we were there at the right time to get in line. >> did they make an announceme announcement. >> the managers were very organize. i was very professional. >> they didn't want to have ri riot. >> there was no riot. heavy police. (on the scene. >> go gosh. >> we were glad. we were nervous about walking out to the parking lot with our hatchimal there. one goes to tom's daughter. meghan is willing to listen to offer.
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>> "the q" quincy harris and i know a guy willing to make one. >> okay. here he is. >> tom. >> tom. >> look at that. >> no you look at that. >> how much? >> hey, hey. >> step back. >> how much is that. >> it's hot all right. >> which alley did you buy that from? >> q show executive producer tom loudoun his surge for the hatchimal border borders on the biblical and he's come so close. >> so close but so far away. >> i was out there watchin watcn the phone with lauren johnson i missed out on my tick. >> i took a victory lap i never expected to see hatchimal for this story i suspect tom will make a deal to have that thing hatch under his tree this year one way or the other. >> i see your hatchimal and i'll top you two american girl dolls. >> but aren't like like a thus
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san cool toys. what do we do getting nuts over this ever single christmas. tweet me if you refuse to play the game or if you're really good at it at hank fox 29 or the house at fox 29. have fun out there you bunch of crazies. fantastic. you can catch "the q" every weekday at noon right here on fox 29. you know i had to get a tickle me elmo once. took forever. in your health now, americans more likely to skip needed dental care than any on the type of care because can't afford it. researchers look into why people avoid dental care and other health services. one in four lower income adults did not get dental care because of cost. read all about it in tonight a local organization making christmas whole lot brighter for families who have critically ill children. once again this year the kellyanne dolan foundation coming through in a big way. the group in ambler today collectincollecting gifts to deo kiddos in the hospital.
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peggy dolan founded the foundation in the '70's after her own daughter six-year-old died of leukemia. >> the kids that we serve, of course, want to be home for christmas. you know, they want to be well. they want to be able to play like everybody else. >> so true it's in the too late to help either. if you'd like to make donation drop it off at the kellyanne dolan memorial office in fort washington. you can find all the information on you know what, santa made a special pre christmas visit at university city tonight. physical pal held the party for children on the campus of the university of pennsylvania. it invited 150 children to the party then got to pick out any gift they wanted from under the tree. how cool is that? the party also gave them a chance to learn about college from penn students also super cool. temple fans do not think what's going on is super cool right now. >> they don't. they need santa. they need a present many they're not sealing so well. students and the players feeling really emotional about matt
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ruhle leaving for baylor and i understand why. did he a lot for temple but i'll tell you why matt ruhle had no choice but to leave in my sports commentary. ♪>[a5df]www.evert]
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my cookie exchange is super competitive. mine too!>[a5df]www.evert] everything for the holidays. that's my giant.
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sean bell says matt ruhle is right to pack up and head out. his commentary in 15 seconds. ♪ matt ruhle really had no choice. he had to leave. i know temple fans are hurt. i know some of the players may feel be trade but really this was the only decision coach rule to make. he macke macked out out here a temple. he took the owls to back to one championships and wouldn't it all this year and that's thewouu get at this school. the team from the american
11:25 pm
athletic conference will never be considered for the college if the ball playoffs and that's what it's all about. he'll get paid more money but this isn't about cashing in. any competitor coach or player wants the opportunity to compete at the highest level and at baylor he can do that. being at a big five school will give you that opportunity. so while yes this is a bet business and financial move it's also about wanting to be the best and you can't fault him for that. just be thankful he left this program in better position than it was before. lucy. lady gaga suffers from struggles wit had more grammy rihanna andst streamin. >> why wouldn' rihanna, i love d maybe something happens what i'.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- >> this is a totally l.a. moment. dave chappppelle does a show at barbershop, and you get two oscar nominees showing up. >> jonah hill and bradley cooper both went to see him. p>> that was an amazing show. >> he's working out material and chooses a really small, intimate spot. you know these celebrities are going to show up. >> yeah, they're going to laugh at you, of course. >> that's true. is he nt getting a true read? >> you think jonah hill's going to go up, dude, like you didn't hit that third joke? no! >> the story is starting to come out saying angelina jolie had a
11:28 pm
more malicious end game of accusing brad pitt of abusing her children and it was to get all of the six kids, to have full custody and move to london to follow her dreams of being a top official for the united nations. >> that's an elaborate scheme. [laughter] that is very elaborate. >> flavia lucini, she's a brazilian victoria's secret model.
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