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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  December 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> the fire that gutted a stretch of allentown row houses last week began in their home and tonight they're speaking for the first time only to fox 29. just today fire investigators revealed the cause of that fire. our bruce gordon is just back from allentown now with the story. bruce. >> reporter: investigators today rule this fire an accide accident. caused by improperly diss cared smoking materials. it's a ruling that brings no comfort to two women who work so hard to find a house and make it a home. >> fire investigators sifted through the blackened wreckage of 44 north fulton street cousins sherri botts and sharine in a shade arrived on the block for the first time since fire destroyed it. botts was overcome with emotion. >> how? why? you know, why? >> just -- how? >> flames erupted last thursday evening in a first floor back room of the row house botts and shade had just rented. with botts friend shade's boyfriend and the women's three children. botts says her friend was there
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eating pizza with her two kids when her six-year-old son noticed the flames. within minutes, a stretch of eight row homes was a blaze. no one was hurt but half a dozen families lot of most of what they owned. botts and shade lost everything. >> we can't even go back in the house. we can't see if there's anything salvageable. there's nothing left. >> reporter: almost immediately friends and strangers reached out to help collecting donations, offering a place to stay. >> it was the next day somebody was handing me something. all when he was the clothes on our backs. so knowing that there was people out there who were willing to help us and everything, it's amazing. >> reporter: but just as quickly others in the neighborhood pointed fingers of blame. some claimed botts young children were home alone at the time of the fire. untrue and unfair she says. the criticism has stunned. >> they pope fingers at us and say you did this. you're the one that started this. it's your fault we don't have anything. it's just really hurts because we don't -- we literally don't
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have anything. >> reporter: botts and shade are single mothers. botts says she works full time four to midnight and that shade work six days a week. they had just celebrated thanksgiving in a brand new house that was becoming a home. >> it's us. it's us. it's us. we work so hard for it and to see it kind of all gone up in flames a few weeks before christmas is just -- it's just really hard. >> reporter: botts by the way disputes the official finding she says no one ever smoked inside their home. still that's the ruling. an accident. one that changed lives and forced two women to see the best of human nature and the worst. lucy? >> all right, thank you very much, bruce. if you know someone who works in philadelphia and hop on 95 southbound in old city, you might want to call them up and tell them to take a different route home. because a flatbed appears to have lost its load on the on-ramp that funnels traffic from market street on to knife. crews they got their hands full. they're trying to clean all this up. we have no reports of any injuries.
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let's check in with fox 29 weather authority now. it's clear and cool out there if you're driving home tonight and the temperatures are only going to continue to fall later in the week. meteorologist kathy orr track the cold, the wind and maybe even, yorks even want to say it snow? >> don't say it. okay. >> we have to say it sooner or later. >> i like a little bit of snow. >> in due time. looking good at pennsylvania lanning. it is dry, it is cold and it's only going to get colder. you know temperatures forecast to be around 50 today. we did make it to 47. now only 45 degrees. but winds out of the west at seven. still a little damp out there putting a chill in the air. it's 33 in the poconos. good snow-making weather. 45 in the city. 42 in wilmington and 36 degrees in millville. this evening, we a partly cloudy sky, temperatures will be falling through the 40 noose the 30s by 11:00 o'clock. so add another layer if you're going out this evening. colder cold during the day tomorrow but the core of the cold air is in the plains and obviously in canada and this is going to be moving down into the great lakes and then eastward to
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the northeast in the mid atlantic as early as friday into friday night. so coming up, gusty winds will return with bitterly cold wind chills. something we haven't talked much about and a snow chance coming over the course of the weekend. scott will be back with more on that i'll have more on your temperatures as we look at that seven day forecast later in the broadcast. for now, stay warm. >> all right. good advice, kathy. thanks. well just more than a week after a 14-year-old is murdered in mayfair, prosecutors say they have charged a person responsible. 19-year-old zamir price facing a list of charges right now including robbery and murder. police say he shot iain willsly last week while trying to rob him. price turn himself in to police yesterday afternoon. delaware county us postal service trying to track down this guy they say he's arm and that he tried to rob a chester post office last month. investigators say it wasn't stamp oars envelopes he was looking for but cash. fox 29's dave kinchen is live outside that post office and dave, this incident has got
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locals taken by surprise. >> reporter: yeah, really. when they walk in and they see a sign that says that this had happened, a lot of them are asking why would you try to rob a post office? >> long time customers entering the post office on edgemont avenue in chester are surprised to see this. a wanted poster offering $25,000 for information leading to this man. carrying an umbrella and a firearm u.s. postal inspection service says he went up to a clerk and demanded cash on november theirth. head vat college to those we talk with. >> like a fortress in there, you know what i mean? i can't see why somebody would go into some place that heavy. >> i think it's despicable. why would you want to hold up a federal building? >> reporter: postal police source says the man did not get away with anything but workers inside still seemed rocked by crime. >> it's a shame. you know, go out and earn your money. i think it's sad, a little bit.
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for a post office, you know what i mean? kind of dumb. >> reporter: official say the suspect is about 58 and what wearing an olive green sweatshirt with blue jeans and black work boots. >> it's in the city, it's in town. any city you have to be a little careful. >> i think it was out of the ordinary. i don't think it was a normal thing. and hopefully they'll catch him soon. investigators say do not approach this person if you see him, call police. we can tell -- well if you no injuries were reported in this case. iain? >> all right, dave, thank you. how to put an end to the financial abuse of senior citizens. that was the topic today at philadelphia city hall. councilman derek green and al taub ben burger held hearings to tackle this issue. they talked about putting an end to social security fraud and telemarketing schemes that target seniors after the hearings today council members held a tele town event to try to
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educate seniors about potential risks and exams. our nation of course remembering pearl harbor tonight honoring those who lost their lives. >> the attack on american soil happened 75 years ago today. and today veterans gather on a local war ship to pay trick. 73 years ago on the second anniversary of pearl harbor the uss new jersey launched. today veterans and the community joined together at the camden waterfront to highlight the battleship's mission and reflect on pearl harbor. the group remembered an honored those who lost their lives in the attack and one veteran has a message for the president-elect on this somber anniversary. >> we need to be prepared. we need to be vigilant. we need to be engaged. and we need to be very very mindful of the fact that we have to as ronald reagan used to say trust but verify. you know keep an eye out and always be ready in the event something unforeseeable happens. >> more than 2400 people lost their lives in the attack on
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pearl harbor. editors of time magazine name president-elect trump person of the year. the cover of the magazine reads donald trump president of the divided states of america. editors say becoming next president of the united states is not the only reason behind mr. trump's selection. >> it's also the manner in which he did it. which is essentially exploding virtually every traditional path to the presidency up ending american norm civility and discourse and reordering entire political process. >> time lists hillary clinton as its number two finalist. president-elect trump beat out hackers turkey's president and beyonce' for the title. big day for vice-president joe biden alma mater. the veep dropped by the university of delaware he spoke at the inauguration ceremony for the school's new president. the vice-president reminisced about his parents during his speech. >> the most unique nation in the history of the world.
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that notion wore end forked by parents who taught me that what americans value most is equali equality, justice, fairness. >> the vice-president also shared his thoughts on the white working class voter who's helped elect trump. he said they shouldn't be portrayed as racist and bigots because at one time they voted for him and president obama. hunted in new jersey have killed -- record number of bears during the second day of this year's hunt. yesterday the total reached 607. the firearms only hunt started on monday it comes after an october 6 day hunt killed 562 bears. state officials will suspect spent the hunt with the harvest rate of tagged bears reaches 30% animals rights groups are arguing the hunt is inhumane. >> drexel university is blowing out 125 candles oh tonight. the whole campus celebrated to night in university city and the school is doing something very interesting to commemorate the big 125. it's making a time capsule full
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of materials that showcase the university. that includes a regatta medal and a piece of the basketball court and mayor kenney has big compliments for drexel. >> this university has been great partner and all right credit to the city. real are. students that you turn out, the product you turn out, you're involvement with our community, your commit many, your generosity is unmatched. it really is unmatched. and i just want to thank you for your support for us as a city. >> by the way if you go to boat house row any time before friday you'll find it lit in blue and gold for drexel. woman just trying to buy some gifts for the holidays had her christmas spirit stolen. what employees say was taken from her after she check out. and these brave men and women helped safe lives every sip gel day. but even they need help sometimes. tonight the story of how a rescuer ended up needing rescuing himself. >> sean? >> lucy on monday doug pederson questioned the players efforts over the last couple of games and today a few guys responded
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and it's not quiet them being on the same page. that's coming up later in sports. z
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>> sneaky thief caught on camera. police are looking for this woman who they say grabbed someone's cell phone at a k mart. this happened back on november 1st on the 3300 block of aramingo avenue. police say someone left their gallon lack see seven on the counter for just a minute but in just some short time this lady police say grabbed it. the phone is worth $760. wrapping up a crash scene when firefighters and paramedics found themselves responding to another emergency. it happened right in front of them. this time to one of their own. they jump into action when one of their fellow firefighters collapsed. fox 29's dawn timmeney is here and dawn, thanks to their quick actions that firefighter is alive tonight. >> reporter: absolutely. iain, had he been at home watching tv or somewhere else it could have been much different out come. timing is everything they say. the fact that this veteran firefighter was surrounded by
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first responders definitely saved his life. it was saturday morning about 8:30. firefighters with the midway volunteer fire company in lahaska and paramedic with central bucks ems respond to a car crash. the woman trapped april side safely rescued. and then suddenly one of their own was down. >> we just had put her in the ambulance and then i hear some firefighters calling, you know, firefighter down. we need medic. we need medic. >> he was talking to one of my other members, and just fell to the ground mid sentence. >> reporter: ron was in full blown cardiac arrest. no pulse, not breathing. 25-year-old lieutenant mike, now working alongside other first responders to save the life of his mentor. >> we view everybody here as brothers and sifts it's like your own family you're working on it's like come on, you got it. >> these men and women train for his every day but this was personal. and fortunately for ronnie the best of the best were right there at the accident scene to
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bring him back. >> he's fine. >> third generation firefighter elizabeth was first to perform cpr she's known ronnie since she was a baby. >> we got him back. which was just amazing in itself. most people don't get that lucky to have everything that they need within an arm's reach of them. >> reporter: ron has been part of the fabric of this volunteer fire company for 52 years. >> eight years in the company now, and he was the first person i rode around with and every other call he's sitting right next to me driving. >> in this day and age volunteerism many areas is a dying thing. but not with ronnie. when the fire whistle belows he's here. >> reporter: courageous selfless man who loves what he does but is alive thanks to his fellow heroes. >> such a huge relief when they open their eyes and they're actually talking to you by the time they get to the hospital which never happens. it's definitely a miracle. >> reporter: even the cardiologist at the hospital is calling it a christmas miracle.
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ron was released from doylestown hospital late this afternoon. so he will be home for the holidays. i'm told he's doing well and promising to be back at the volunteer fire company as soon as his doctors give him the okay. iain. >> great story. all right, dawn, thank you. back to the fox 29 weather authority now. meteorologist kathy orr tracking what looks to be kathy the start of a pattern. >> oh, yeah. it's a cold pattern, iain. we have successive cold fronts moving through and the core of that cold air is in the northern plains and in canada only bog to take it 24 to 48 hours to get into the delaware valley. right now in philadelphia, we're at 45 degrees. through the midwest we have some 20s in chicago. some 30s in detroit and also cincinnati but take it to the west. international falls the temperature 22. prince albert only three. calgary 4 degrees below zero. so this is the cold that is going to be shifting eastward and heading tour the northeast in the mid land. one front moving through right now. we get a bit gusty wind felt
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friday into friday night and even into the day on saturday. so we're talking about the coldest air since last february. when we look at the wind chills combine the cold temperatures and blustery winds for friday morning it had feel like it's in the teens for most of the delaware valley from philadelphia north and west. south and east it will feel like it's in the 20s. but that cold takes that warmth right away from your skin and makes you feel even colder. so the wind will be a big weather factor this weekend. saturday morning wind chills the same thing. mainly in the teens along that i-95 corridor north and west. into the south and east it will feel like it's in the 20s. when we're talking about the cold saturday morning, the high temperature will be i should say the low temperature will be in the 20s. the high temperature 38. the last time it was this cold was february 18th. you have to go back 10 months to see that cold. when you have the cold, off little moisture there's potential for snow and scott has been looking at the probability of that. what do you think, scott? >> kathy, with that cold air kind of diving southward from canada, we will tap into some
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western moisture over the next several days. especially the second half of the weekend into monday. let's talk a little bit about those temperatures for the weekend. who are pressed to really make it out of the 30s. wind chills for much of the day on saturday and sunday stuck in the 20s. so grab those heavier jackets and coats. take look at future snowfall as we start the clock tonight continue into tomorrow, friday, the first part of the weekend, most of the snow off to the great lakes also as you move toward parts of pocono how tense cold air that moisture great for making snow. but watch the clock as we move toward sunday in particular as we move toward sunday night into monday. we see some of the precipitation in the form of some snow, some sleet, across parts of the delaware valley. some of that could move toward philadelphia but primarily we're talking allentown also into the pocono mountains. see here's the timing sunday night. we're talking about blustery and cold conditions. by 10:00 p.m. maybe a late
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sprinkle or a flurry. and then overnight sun day into monday, some rain or some wet snow for philadelphia. farther north and west by 5:00 p.m. it's cloudy and cold in the lehigh valley. rain or wet snow by 10:00 o'clock and then take a look at sunday night into monday morning. snow showers and a possible coating. so we'll continue to watch the track, the timing and those temperatures and also kathy, the amount of moisture available. >> it's going to be very key. the 3t's thanks so much, scott. in trenton tonight partly cloudy skies expected and low temperatures in the 30s. overnight it will be a cool one but not as cold as it's going to get 29 in the suburb. 35 in the city. frick during the day tomorrow. but the wind will kick in. nothing like your friday and saturday though. blustery with that arctic blast moving in. cold for the birds on sunday. then a chance of rain or a mix late sunday into monday. tuesday and wednesday, looking cool, but dry. then wednesday partly sunny, 38 degrees. the trend is down hopefully for
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the birds the trend will be up. >> thank you very much, kathy. hopefully the trend is not up for temple right now. they saw something they didn't want to see today. coach matt ruhle he talk for the phytate aft leaving temple because, well, he's a baylor bear now. doug pederson questions the players effort and malcolm jenkins doesn't really like the position that that puts the team in. hear what he had to say about that next in sports.
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♪ the eagles getting reinforcements for the red skins jordan and ryan matthews back at
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practice both should be full go for sunday's game and they're really going to need it. it feels like the eagles have no shot in making the playoffs mantle mat klee they're still in it. two games back of the final wild card spot but they've lost seven out of nine and losing is start to go really weigh on the team. carson wentz in isn't used to this. he only lost three games as a starter at north dakota state. he's holding this whole thing like a pro. >> i was a part of two teams, upping, in cleveland we were three and 13 and in philadelphia my first year being five and 11 and just kind of leaning back on those experiences and how we fought through adversity. eileen back on those experiences kind of just relay to carson how we went about our business. >> doug pederson said part of the reason they lost on sunday was the evident. some of the guys weren't going all out. malcolm jenkins didn't really agree and didn't like the position that put him in.
6:26 pm
>> i think it puts us in a tough position as players because now everybody wants to know who are you talking about? that's not something that we're worried about. >> to temple football a big win was followed by big loss yesterday coach matt ruhle decided to leave the owls for the baylor bears and today he was introduced by the school before talking about what he's going to do for baylor he had a message for his former players. >> it was one of the hardest things i did yesterday to say goodbye but i knew that our job was done there. our time was over. those kids went from two and 10 to six and six to the winning yesterday two year stretch at temple i say that because i know they're watching and i want them to know how proud i am of them. >> he took out this full page ad to thank everyone from temple and the city and in the inquir inquirer. >> that does it for us here at 6:00. we'll see you back here at 10:00. have a good night. inside edition is up next.
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airport security nightmare. >> you cannot touch me. >> what this cancer patient said this tsa agent did to her. >> it was horrific. plus, is this donald trump's new white house dog? >> i love him. i love him. i love him. then, outrage over the statue of liberty. giving the nazi salute? >> i don't know why they would do that. plus, make me an angel. plus-size model ashley graham says she wants to be on this runway next year. and shoot them up at the comedy club. then, would you pay $1,000 for a christmas tree? >> these trees are not cheap. >> why this year's christmas trees are so expensive. plus, prince harry's american princess.


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