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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  December 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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at 16 miles per hour. so making it feel like 34 degrees. that's how you should dress if you're stepping outdoors. area temperatures already into the 20s right now in the pocon poconos. 28 degrees. 35 in pottstown. 37 millville. 40 degrees right now in atlantic city. north and west getting cold. we're looking at 38 in phoeni phoenixville. 38 willow grove. 37 in doylestown. the arctic air moving in now as we speak. look at some of the temperatures behind that system. 22 chicago. zero right now in minot north dakota. so the bottom line if union stepping outdoors winter gear. we're looking at temperatures dropping to around 35 degrees at 9:00. 34 by 11:00. heavy jacks and sweaters so overnight low temperatures dipping to 29 philadelphia. mid 20s north and west. 30 degrees in wildwood. so get ready for some of the coldest air we've seen since february. high temperatures next several days 30 toss near 40. winds gusting up to 30 miles an hour feels like temperatures in
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the 20s and, yes, we have the possibility of a wintry mix sunday into monday. more on the timing of that plus even colder air than this with that seven day forecast. lucy? >> all right, thank you very much scott. don't get caught out in the cold without our fox 29 weather app. you can have the fox 29 weather authority in th pal. your hands. >> the first american to orbit the earth is forever among the stars. john glenn was a fighter pilot in two wars, a test pilot who work world records and the american who paved the way for our fir steps on the moon. he was the first american to orbit the earth in 1962 and then arthritic years later as the oldest person in space with the space shuttle discovery. now he served nearly a quarter century. as u.s. senator for ohio. officials say doctors admitted glenn to a hospital more than a week ago not clear why he was at the james cancer hospital at ohio state university.
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he was 95 years old and one cannot overstate his impact on america and of course mankind. a 12-year-old boy is recovering from serious injuries tonight after cops say a driver hit him and just never stopped. he is going to be okay. but he has several broken bones. police are now offering reward to help find whoever was driving the car that hit him. our dawn timmeney is in new castle, delaware. dawn, have you been speaking with that boy's mom. >> reporter: i did, lucy. she says her son's world has been turned upside down. he's going to be in the hospital until january if you can believe it. the mom says while she wants the driver caught who diss to her little boy, she is also deeply touched by the people who helped her son. >> he was lying there on the medium, he was crying and holding his head saying his head hurt, his head hurt. and he was saying i'm cold, i'm cold. can you cover me up?
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>> martina says it was early monday evening she inside her daycare center she heard a 12-year-old boy had been hit by a car right outside her front door on memorial drive in ming dale. i ran back and got a blanket and i went back up the street and i put the blanket over him and i covered his feet. >> reporter: seventh greater brian richards was with a friend from that neighborhood and was crossing the street when he was hit. he suffered multiple broken bones. a fractured skull and has blood on the brain. his mom says he has a long road ahead. >> what would you say to the driver who hit your son and did not stop? >> how could you? like, leave a baby, i mean, i know he's not a baby. he's a teenage injury but he's my baby, and just can't imagine somebody ever doing that. so i just don't think people like that have consciences. >> today police released surveillance video of the car that hit brian. it's believed to be a 242010 chrysler 300. >> it's going to be red in
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color. it's missing the side view mirror. the mirror has a yellow film on the glass and should have a chrome back. >> reporter: brian's mother says she's thankful for the people who helped her son and martina she's glad she was there and hopes that driver is caught. >> seeing him cry, i started getting teary eyed. i just said, baby, it's okay. it's okay. help is coming. help is coming. >> reporter: and help did arrive. anyone who recognizes the car in that surveillance video is asked to please call new castle county police. there is a $20,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and convict. brian's home is hoping the driver sees this does the right thing and turns himself in. lucy? >> thank you very much, dawn. police want to get these two guys off the streets. surveillance cameras caught up to them and caught them walking and violently attacking a 53-year-old woman. you can see them punching her
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and slamming her against a parked schoolbus happened right around 7:00 friday night on north 68th street. that's in overbrook. the attackers gotta with with her purse which had about $800 in it. a crack down is coming people who park in the wrong spot in philadelphia will soon get a warning of sorts before getting their cars towed. the city is taken action to change how towing companies operate. those companies they're not happy about it at all. drivers, however, that's another story. fox 29's dave kinchen live outside city hall where the council took action today. dave? >> reporter: lucy, you know, usually it's the people who get the tickets who say or ghettoed who say the system isn't fair but tonight it's the towing operators saying that. >> ordinance section 9605 philadelphia code. >> philadelphia's parking wars go before city council. >> today the climate is such that i'm almost embarrassed to even say i own a towing company. >> owners of towing companies teamed up before city leaders aim to go either defeat or delay a measure designed to stop
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so-called pirate towers from shaking down parking violators even allegedly stealing cars. >> you have a bill being passed against everybody when they know who the bad guys are. >> lew blum had something to s say. >> i think we're all being grouped together everybody has bad apples in their barrel. what do you do with a bad apple. you take out of the barrel so the other apples don't go bad. >> counsel map jones want add delay in action to work out difference. >> to couch them with all of you guys are a bad industry is profiling. it is stereotyping. it is wrong. >> reporter: in the end -- >> majority members present voting in affirmative the bill passes. >> reporter: the city council shot down a request from the towers to police themselves opting for a stream lined syst system. >> we need regulatory protocols in place that protects consumers and allows good operators to operate. >> reporter: but council asked the administration for 30 days
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to hold off for 30 days while they iron out some of the wrinkles. there will be nine agencies that will be issuing the tickets. lucy? >> thank you very much, dave. a vigil for fallen new jersey state trooper frankie williams set for tonight. william died monday after ang a wrong way driver hit his cruise sr. head on. wreck happened along route 55 in millville. at 7:00 tonight the leesburg fire department will host the vigil outside its firehouse that's right along main street. friends and family of trooper williams emergency responders and anyone else wishing to show support can show up. north philadelphia the search is on for these two masked men accused of robbing a family dollar store. police say the guy stormed into the store in the 1900 block of west allegheny avenue tuesday night. they say one of the men pretended he had a weapon demanded money from the employee. the men got away with cash. nobody is hurt. president-elect donald trump is filling more positions in his cabinet as he transitions into the white house. tonight controversy is brewing over a couple of trauma pops
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latest picks. he chose oklahoma's attorney general scott pruett to lead the environmental protection agent see. pruett is in fact suing the epa over climate change. as the ag of oil and gas in hoy oklahoma. trump tapped general john kelly as the next department of homeland security. the third general chosen so far. some pundants say it's one military leader too many. others say no. >> i don't understand what the concern is. i mean are we militarizing the national security function? is that the concern? if the concern is that these generals somehow are going to push the country toward war more than civilians would, that is -- that's nonsense. >> president-elect trump heads to iowa to continue what he's calling his thank you tour. and it's going to be heading to our state bringing his tour to hershey next thursday that is december 15th. trump and vice president-elect mike pence announced the news on their website. the public events at giant a
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recent nan it is at 7:00 p.m. it's babe pig in the city except it's not babe and it's philadelphia. 48 hours the city shelter at philly taken in three pigs, two piglets just wandering in the streets. one in northeast philly. the other in olney and a landlord found yet another pig abandoned in a home after its owner left the country. needless to say, this is highly unusual for act philly which usually deals with dogs and ca cats. >> pigs are actually illegal to own as pets or livestock in the city of philadelphia. so it's concerning that we have these pig here right now. last year we saw two pigs come into the shelter. this year we've seen 14. >> help heard grunt hemoglobin his backyard and found one of the piglets unhis back porch. his daughter wanted to keep them but obviously could not. act philly is working with rescues to get these little piggies good homes and whatever medical care they may need. lawmakers in new jersey want to make sure gold star families are taken care of.
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what their new legislation includes to help them carry on. hey, sean bell. >> lucy defensive line for the eagles just isn't getting it done root now. brandon graham talks about finding a way to get pressure on the quarterback. that's coming up later in sports.>[a5df]www]
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new jersey residents who's families made the ultimate sacrifice for our country will soon have much more support. state lawmakers announced new legislation today that will help gold star families throughout the state. one of the five bills in this package clarifies the definition of gold star family which is any pap, spouse, sibling of child of a service member who has died. louis green walled says a friend who lost her and now advocates for veterans inspired him.
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>> i remember watchin watching h tears in my eyes this woman who i think if i was in such a position would ultimately crawl newspaper a fetal position and i watch this woman with tremendous pride and courage stand strong and tall with the spirit of her sop in her heart and mind. >> amazing. the legislation will also offer free hem health response link and establish a scholarship program for these families. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. of course a chill in the air. i don't need to tell you about that. it's. scott it will only get colder, right. >> get ready for wardrobe change lucy. looking at the coldest air since february. kind of invading the delaware and lehigh valleys over the next several days. look at ultimate doppler. a lot of lake effect snow far north and we have. some of those streamers could move toward the pocono mountains and also the lehigh valley over the next couple of days. those temperatures they have been dropping. 37 in millville. 40 right now in atlantic city. we're looking at 35 in pottsto pottstown. upper 20s right now in the pocono mountains.
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those are the offer temperatur temperatures. but how your body reacts, you factor in that win it feels like 15 right now in the poconos. feeling like 26 in lancaster and pottstown. it feels like 33 in wilmington it feels like 39 in wildwood. so what about the up coming weekend? saturday cold. 38 degrees. that will just about do it the last time we were that cold for a high temperature you have to head back to february. moving toward your sunday a high of about 40. increasing clouds and yes, we have the threat for a wintry mix to rain sunday night into your monday. so what about sunday football? we are looking at increasing clouds, temperatures by kick off will likely be right around 40 degrees. and there could be a sprinkle or a flurry tore the tail end of that game. so we'll continue to watch that forecast and keep you posted but the main timing on that wintry precipitation chance is sunday night into early monday. so as we watch how thing play out here you can see what we're watching as we move toward
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sunday night into early monday morning. this could impact that monday morning commute north and west. we're talking about allentown. the poconos mountains the best chance of seeing potential coating of snow. it could start out as some wet snow around philadelphia but mainly rain philly also into south jersey parts of delaware and the jersey shore all rain out of this system. but we have another chance of a wintry mix in that seven day so the timing as we move toward allentown once again boy sunday night rain or wet snow over in it sunday into monday. snow showers a possible coating the philadelphia area increasing clouds, a late afternoon evening sprinkle or flurry can't be ruled out but wet snow changing over to rain sunday night into monday. once again for the philadelphia area. but look at the cold temperatures for tonight. temperatures dipping into the 20s pretty much area wide. then 40 degrees for the high temperature tomorrow. it's blustery, feels like temperatures will be stuck during much of the day in the 20s. so the weekend forecast 38
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saturday. 40 on sunday. increasing clouds. that overnight wintry mix to rain and then temperatures kind of climb into the low 50s for highs on monday. tuesday mid fours. another potential system wednesday with the wintry mix. then behind that, even colder than this first arctic blast for the weekend. we're talking a high by next thursday of only 30 degrees. so get ready to break out the fall wardrobes across the region. back to you. >> all right. thank you very much, i wonder where bob kelly's suit is one of the fall wardrobe type of things that scott was talking about. because it's pretty bright and i think it must generate some type of heat bob kelly a very kelly christmas in northeast philadelphia. how you doing, bob. >> i tell you this is my christmas outfit. it's not very warm but it's very -- you like my outfit? >> yes! >> we are here in northeast philadelphia. exeter road. let's go for a tour of the front lawn here. we got santa claus giving up a little back rub to marie. now marie is the homeowner.
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here's what happened. her daughter theresa sent me an e-mail and said we'd love to show you mom's lights. she does it all by herself each and every year. climbs up on the roof for 18 years and we just want to show mom how much we love the lights, how the neighbors love the lights. how the kids, the grandkids all love the lights. marie, you didn't even know we were coming. what was your reaction when you found out? >> very upset. >> listen, the real reaction now theresa thank you so much for sending all the pictures. you guys love all the lights mom and grandmom puts up every year? >> yes. >> listen, here's the deal. if mom gets mad about you telling us coming we'll come back and i'm going to take the camera in the front door up the steps and show everybody your bedroom and all the closets. how does that sound? >> my bedroom is not on the second floor. >> whoo!? >> steady stream of cars coming
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by. definitely the christmas spirit. i got my christmas suit on. from all of us here in northeast philadelphia, to all of you at home -- merry christmas! >> back to you guys. >> i love that. >> we could only take that energy and harness it somehow into sunday. >> we need gifts. that's what we need from saintism we need gifts. we need the players to be healthy and get within somehow they're struggling right now especially with their injury situation. defensive line they they are not playing very well right now. the guys talk about how they can get pressure on the quarterback next in sports. ♪when you've got...♪
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♪ at this point in the season, no one is healthy the eagles are feeling that. darrell green-beckham did not practice. doubtful for sunday's game. jordan and ryan matthews were a full go. they shall suit up versus the redskins much the question for the rest of the season whether or not the guys have quit on doug pederson. zach ertz was one of the guys questioned when they were playing the bengals he said he's 100% with doug pederson. >> i know i completely bought in a hundred% coach pederson. i respect the type of coach and person that he is. i love playing for him.
6:24 pm
i know a lot of guys love playing for coach pederson. we know he has our back in each and every situation. >> on the defensive side of the ball the guys are not getting it done. they've had zero will he sack in the last two games and they're barely getting to the quarterback. they can't win if they don't get to kirk cousins. brandon graham knows they need to step up. >> it gets frustrating because, you know, we got to hear all the backlash from when it didn't show up on sun day. one day out of the week we got to show up and that's on sunday. we all get paid to do a job and we just got to make sure we do it well. >> of course, howard eskin, gary could be could be, dave spadaro and myself break it down sunday at 10:00 a.m. eagles and redskins at 1:00 followed by the packers and the see hawk at 4:25. and in baseball the winter meetings ended in maryland this morning. the phillies quiet for the most par. they did lose a aaa pitcher hobby bee millner to the cleveland indians in the rule five draft.
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chapman won the world series and he gets paid. yankees gave him 86 mill over five years. he was in new york for half a season but not grade traded to the cubs. wins a world series comes back to where he really wants to be and then gets all that money. must be nice. >> right? wouldn't we all like that. >> half a season with the -- half the season with the yanks. leaves. wins a world series. comes right back. >> there you go. >> well, you know. >> it's just that easy. >> it's all about -- that's cold hard cash. we got cold hard weather coming up this way. >> we don't want that though. >> take a look at these numbers much the normal for this time of year should top out around 47. we're only going for about 40 tomorrow g can we go for more than that. >> we shall always aim higher, right? down the shore we're looking at 40 degrees. but winds will gust up to 35 miles an hour. the lehigh valley stuck in the 30s. even the threat for some flurries. the weekend forecast saturday the defendant yet. 38 for the high.
6:26 pm
>> right. >> sunday only 40. and there could be some rain, wet snow, maybe a little bit of a sleet especially far north and west sunday night into monday. that can make the commute a little messy far north and west and then you can see we rebound on monday to 51 degrees. but then by next thursday only 30. so it gets even colder. >> we got a little game coming up on sunday. >> got a little game. i don't know if that little game will go well. >> i think the timing will hold off. >> okay. you think so? all right. >> kirk cousins won't have a problem with that weather. i'll tell you right now. >> isn't that the truth. join us tonight at 10:00. something you may not think about much this time of year. you shall. new information suggests more people are going to hospitals with sunburn. why the problem could be even worse than we know. that does it for us here at 6:00. back here at 10:00. have yourself a great night. inside edition is coming up ne next. i'll get my thermals on. >> good idea. >> it's time.
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>> the knife wielding high school kid. was he bullied? >> back up. back up. >> what the boy's father is saying today. >> and then boos for megyn kelly in hollywood. >> stop that. >> for saying trump might be good for the country. >> boo. >> wait until you see who is booing. and the jeopardy contestant who knew she was dying when she went on the show. >> who is elvis presley. what is the peach state. >> it was her dying wish. then the reviews are in for "hairspray live." and 90 bucks for a cup of coffee? all that money for this? >> this is $90. and the


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