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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  December 8, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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walking down the street stopped a car and toll the driver, i just killed my mom. chilling details. you recognize this guy. famous actor from the '80s. he's arrested after an ugly scene at an airport. what he wouldn't do. your news in 302nd. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 10:00. right now at 10:00 she was all i was loan but she was no easy target. local woman refuses to go down
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without a fight when she's attacked by two robbers. >> those men were after her purse. they got away and they're still on the run tonight. good evening, i'm lucy noland. i'm iain page. thanks for joining us that woman actually apologized to one of the guys. she told our fox 29 shawnette wilson exactly what happened. shawnette. >> reporter: the suspects did get away with her purse. it had several hundred dollars in it. the victim says was for her christmas shopping. she is lucky she escaped with only pain and no major injuries. >> i started kicking him and punched the stomach and other one grabbed me. >> woman attacked and robbed in this surveillance video describes fighting back against two men who ran up to her around 7:15 last friday night. we're not identifying her for her safety. >> just give me the bag, give me the bag. give me the bag. >> reporter: that's what the suspects said as they began punching the 53-year-old victim. she just left work in the area of north 68t 68th street haverfd avenue in overbrook when it happened.
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>> i was turning to open my car up and i seen somebody running towards me, and i thought he was running for the bus so i -- he moved over i said excuse me, i'm in your way. >> video shows her struggling with one of the men. moments later you see the other suspect join in. when he realizes the victim is putting up a fight. >> you're in shock. you're not scared. your adrenaline, um, just shows up there and you just are fighting for what's yours. >> reporter: she tries to break away and run for help but eventually the suspects get her purse and take off. >> he had his face covered with scarf and hoodie. >> reporter: video shows the suspect waiting for an hour in park across the street before they struck. investigators believe she fought back out of shock but never advise doing that. >> we tell people all the time your life is more valuable than any piece of material whether it be money or anything else. just give it up and let them have what they want.
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situations like this can turn ugly. >> reporter: the suspects did not have a weapon. police only have a vague description. they tell us one of the men was wearing a blue villanova hooded sweatshirt with an orange mask around his face. they tell us the other had a black a deed today's jacket with white stripes down the sleeves. iain. >> shawnette, thank you. homicide investigation developing in bucks county. a woman is found stabbed to death in her own home. lower makefield police are trying to get to the bottom of exactly what happened. how officers were tipped off as she was dead simply chilling. someone called police to the 200 block of taylorsville road around 3:00 this afternoon and said a guy stopped a passing driver and said that he just kill his mom. >> so the officers tracked him back to his home, which was lower hilltop road, entered the home and found a woman face down on the kitchen floor apparently deceased. >> police identified the woman as rebecca cope they have not released the identity of the man
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who is now in custody but they say it is her son and he's being questioned by investigators. on your radar tonight a cold night about to get colder. arctic blast is on the way. meteorologist cot scott williams tracking temperatures we haven't felt in very long time, scott. >> temperatures as cold as prior to february. that's how cold it's going get. take look. 34 already in philadelphia center city but factor in that whipped it feels like a chilly 23 degrees. temperatures already 25 in the poconos. 29 lancaster. 30 in pottstown. 33 in wilmington. look at atlantic city. 34 degrees but those are the air temperatures, of course. it's cold. malvern 32. 32 freezing right now in doylestown. look at the actual feels like temperatures. 13 is what it feels like right now in the poconos. it feels like 25 in atlantic city. so overnight low temperatures, 29 in philadelphia. 25 in pottstown. friday we're looking at high temperatures upper 30s to only
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around 40 degrees. blustery with wind chills in the 20s. coming up we'll talk about a wintry mix for part of the weekend into early next week. back to you. >> thank you very much, scott. heavy hearts tonight in south jersey remembering the state trooper killed in a car crash. hundreds have showed up to honor 31-year-old trap peer frankie williams. brothers and sisters in blue joined friends and family to pay tribute. >> fox 29's bruce gordon was at tonight's tribute from leesburg, cumberland county. ♪ >> reporter: they gathered at the leesburg volunteer fire company to say goodbye to their protector. new jersey state trooper frankie williams had been on the job in this community for less than a month. but these folks wanted to send a message. >> we are very dependent on them. we're very appreciative of them, and we pre inspect them very highly. >> reporter: trooper williams was driving on route 55 in millville city monday night responding to reports of erratic driver when a car driven by 61-year-old lloyd ruddily
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crossed the median and hit him head on. both men died in the crash. the local fire chief had worked with williams at a crash scene just the night before. remembered a caring profession professional. >> generally we try to keep a lane open so traffic is not convenienced he immediately said no, let's block this off so you're safe. we're all safe. the patients are safe. >> reporter: mourns interns gathered their lit candles in hand, the millville police chaplain recounted being pulled over by williams some weeks ago. mo was the same. courteous, professional. >> i cried, i cried because he represented new jersey's finest. >> williams mother victoria held back tears as she listen to the outpouring of grief and love and support lightened her heart crushing burden. >> i just want you to know that i love you and i love the way you care and appreciate my son because i appreciate what you have done for me every time i
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went down you pick me back up. >> funeral service are set for monday at boardwalk hall in atlantic city. 8am public viewing followed by law enforcement viewing at 10: 10:00. service itself at noon. in leesburg, i'm bruce gordon, fox 29 news. the deadly building collapse on market street in center city was entirely preventible according to new expert testimony. a structural engineer nope for investigatorring the collapse of the world trade center on 9/11 testified at an expert witness in the civil trial from that june 2013 collapse. six people died and 13 others were injured when a building being demolished collapsed on to a salvation army store next door. the expert says the tragedy could have been prevented if demolition had not resumed that morning. >> lawyers for chaka fattah hoping a judge will go easy on the former congressman at sentencing. they want the judge to remember his public service. fattah could go to jail for 17 to 21 years for his racketeering
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conviction. sentencing is monday. fattah served in congress for 22 years and resigned last june after his conviction. president elect donald trump is taking thank you tour to pennsylvania. he'll be in hershey next thursday december 15th. it's pub pub look even at the giant arena. meanwhile he's announced another cabinet nominee trump says he plans to nominate fast food executive andy pose they are as secretary of state. >> the co. company that's own of owns carl injuries hardies and some other chains. union leaders complain he'll look out for millionaires but not workers. the president-elect visited ohio state university today to meet privately with first responders and victims of last week's campus attack. tonight the trump transition is raising eye brows with this scoop. america's next president will continue his reality tv career. he'll stay on as executive producer of celebrity apprenti apprentice. >> we haven't seen very much her public since the election but secretary hillary clinton was back on capitol hill.
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>> she helped pay tribute to harry reid. clinton joined vice-president joe biden senate majority leader mitch mcconnell house minority leader nancy pell slows and others for unveiling a portrait of reid. she took the podium and showed she's doing her best to stay in good spirits. >> this is not exactly the speech at the capitol i hoped to be giving after the election. [ laughter ] >> but after a few weeks of taking selfies in the woods, i thought it would be -- [ laughter ] >> , a good idea to come out. >> selfies in the woods. clinton spent most of her speech siting incident read's praises. catherine cortez mass tow will replace reid when he does reti retire. >> also at the capitol tonight flags are flying at half staff in memory of long-time senator and space pioneer john glenn. not only a member of congress and astronaut bought decorated veteran the last survivor of the mercury seven astronauts john
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glenn has died. the james cancer sent at ohio state university recently admitted the n.95-year-old. he balanced health issues after heart valve replacement surgery in 2014. >> any way you cut it, glenn was a true american hero with absolutely the right stuff. before he became the first american to orbit the earth, glenn in two wars, world war two and korea. he was a fighter pilot in world record breaking test pilot. glenn served 24 years in the us senate representing ohio and 1984 he ran for the democratic presidential nomination. didn't work out. but that long political career and career with nasa allowed him to do that. he returned to space in 1998. he added oldest perp in space to his roster of achievements on the shuttle discovery. >> i think too often people say, i'm at this age supposed to now be a couch potato. i think the thing to do is just get out and work to fulfill your dreams, your ambition at whatever age. >> as the first american to orbit the earth, president john
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f. can't dee was the reason we made it to the moon. john glenn was 95 years old. >> why are these big brown ups trucks using this local residence as if it were a package depot? >> reporter: have you told your neighbors 2ups trucks would be out here at night in the dusk. >> off wonderful day, sir. >> okay. >> what happened after fox 29 investigators started asking questions. at least jeff cole is having a wonderful day. he'll report ahead. and you get towed, a big hassle costs i was lot of money. could there be a solution? >> it's bill anderson. on-going battle over what to do about what some say are out of control tow truck operators here on our streets. one man has had enough and felt like it was time to take a stand for goodness sake. it's coming up. now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. get ready for a closure of the lincoln drive. the lincoln drive closed tonight
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all the way into tomorrow morning the stretch from wissahickon avenue down to the kelly drive. it's all part of that reconstruction of that stretch of the drive and then beginning this weekend, tomorrow the vine expressway ramps westbound to head east on the schuylkill expressway also going into shut down mode. we'll have all the details check the jam cams and sue has the weekend forecast. i'll see you here tomorrow starting at 4:00
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video of suspected car involved in this crime can help lead them to the person behind the wheel. >> in young man thankfully will be okay but he's got several broken bones. fox 29's dawn timmeney talked to the boy's shaken mom. >> he was lying there on the medium. he was crying and holding his head saying his head hurt, his head hurt. and he was saying, i'm cold, i'm cold. can you cover me up? >> reporter: martina says it was early monday evening. she was inside her daycare center when she heard a 12-year-old boy had been hit by a car right outside her front door op memorial drive in ming dale. >> i ran back. i got a blanket. and i went back up the street and i put the blanket over him and i covered his feet. >> reporter: seventh grader brian richards was with a friend from that neighborhood and was crossing the street when he was hit. he suffered multiple broken
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bones, a fractured skull and has blood on the brain. his mom says, he has a long road ahead. >> what would you say to the driver who hit your son and did not stop? >> how could you? like, leave a baby, i mean, i know he's not a baby, he's a teenager, but he's my baby. i just can't imagine somebody ever doing that. i just don't think people like that have consciences. >> today police released surveillance video of the car that hit brian. it's believed to be a 2004 to 2010 chrysler 300. >> it will be red in color. it's missing the side view mirror, the mirror has a yellow film on the glass and should have a chrome back. >> reporter: brian's mother says she's thankful for the people who helped her son and martina, she's glad she was there and hopes that driver is caught. >> seeing him cry i started getting teary eyed and i just said, baby, it's okay. it's okay. help is coming, help is coming.
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>> reporter: anyone who recognizes the car in the surveillance video is asked to call new castle county police immediately. there is a $20,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction. brian's mother says she is hoping that the driver does the right thing and turns themselves in. dawn timmeney, fox 29 news. usually it's the people getting towed in philadelphia who say the system is not fair but now the tow truck operators are complaining. city council pass add measure cracking down on a so-call private towing company's design to stop them from gouging customers and even allegedly stealing cars. the new rule will require that cars illegally parked in private driveways or on private property be ticked before they can be towed. but owners of towing companies say the law unfairly lumps the good and the bad operators together. >> i think we're all being grouped together, everybody has bad apples in their barrel. what do you do way bad apple? you take it out of the barrel so
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the other apples don't go bad. >> we need regulatory protocols in place that protects consumers and allows the good operators to operate. >> the council asked city administrators to wait 30 days before enforcing the new rules so they can iron out some wrinkles. nine agencies will be writing the ticks. ♪ the battle over the questionable practices of some philadelphia tow truck companies one of the darker issues in our city but in every situation we can find some light. >> and as he does each and every night bill anderson found it. tonight he introduces to us man who decided to tanned up and try to make things better for goodness sake. >> reporter: i was trying to come up with something to bare philadelphia tow truck companies to. the best i can come up with, taxes. in some circumstances you may acknowledge that they're necessary but they're still painful, annoying and most of us would rather not deal with them. >> some of them are definitely out of control.
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>> they're a little overbearing at times. >> they need to be towed in so to speak themselves. >> majority members present rourke roar hearings in city council, under could have stink videos an vote on new legislation. all trying to address what many see as an on-going problem of aggressive tow truck operators. >> most people either don't know how or just don't have the time or row sources to fight. person who work at community legal services did and decided he wasn't going to let it go. >> here are the pictures of my car legally parked. here are the pictures they took of my car an hour and a half later. someone i'm not sure who but it seems like there was a financial incentive for the towing company to set up temporary no parking signs. >> reporter: the pick showing the bait and switch would have been com any cal if they didn't have significant financial impact. but because of his background working for community legal services dave felt like he had to take a stand. so he sued. he won.
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>> $230 for me i'm lucky enough to be able to afford that. i know a lot of philadelphians who this is a significant part of their income. if you're making a thousand dollars a month, that's a quarter of your income. >> reporter: he file the case to fight back. but he spoke to us about it because it's an opportunity to stand up and show people that they have options. other than just take the abuse that some companies give them. >> i get to work at a great organization that fights for low income people. i feel like it's partly my role to step in in situations where i've been wronged and i know others are being wronged in the same way, and try to demand some accountability. >> reporter: listen, david is clear that his lawsuit isn't going to change the world, but his work with low income families also makes it clear to him that not everybody has the ability to stand up. so when you have the ability to make a statement even if it's symbolic one, for goodness sake it's your responsibility. i'm bill anderson. you know someone has got to
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stand up for them. >> right. >> the problem if you don't pay the money you got to have the time like that to go to court. >> that's the whole thing. >> and show up. >> you end up forking it over if you've got it. >> exactly. >> what about the people who don't have it. >> exactly. just pay the money. tough thing. this is an interesting thi thing. babe pig in the city except it's not babe and it's physical. in 48 hours the city shelter acct millie taken in three pig. you know what, two piglets just wandering in the streets one in northeast philly. other in roll feature war the odds of this? landlord found yet another pig abandoned in a home after its owner left the country. needless to say this is highly unusual for acct philly which usually deals with dogs and cat. >> pigs are actually illegal to own either as pets or livestock in the city he have philadelph philadelphia. so it's concerning that we have these pigs here right now. last year we saw two pigs come into the shelter. this year we've seen 14. >> and three in fate 48 hours which is amazing they're super duper smart a man heard grunting in his backyard found a pig let
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underneath his porch. his daughter wanted to keep them but they cannot. acct is working with rescues to get these little piggies good homes and whatever medical care they may have need. it may have seemed like another day on the job for deliveryman when he picked up a package from a doorstep but on that package he found a written message. how it led to a woman's dramatic rescue. talk about tense moments on the road. you're watching nevada state trooper pointing a gun at a driver. seems wrong but his bosses say he did the right thing. what's really going on in this picture.
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ nightmare on snowy road in central michigan. three people are dead after dozens of cars and trucks and suv's collided enormous pileup. 11 people are hurt in the chain reaction crash. which shut down lanes on i-96 for hours. about 40 vehicles are involved in that pileup in lancing to the south winter weather is behind several other big crashes on detroit area free ways. just an utter mess. we have an mazing story out of missouri tonight. imagine someone holding you against your will for 18 hours. >> a woman had no clue how her nightmare would end, but now she's safe thanks to her own quick thinking. so police say the man this woman lives with wouldn't let her leave or use the phone but she stayed cool and savvy and she left a note on a package for the
10:25 pm
deliveryman that read, contact 911. well he called police. the man surrendered release the woman as well as three-year-old child who was also in the home. >> it's total al mazing that the package deliver regie saw the message, contacted 911 on the package and actually did something about them. >> 33-year-old james jordan is facing a long list of charges including assault, fell knee restraint and sodomy. >> police in st. louis are hoping surveillance video will help them track down the people who tried to take out frosty the snowman. in the video you can clearly see a car pull up and a man with a knife walk up and establish a giant frosty lawn decoration. the men drove off as frosty slumped to the ground. snowman's owner plan to patch up frosty and you know how that little tale goes, bring him back to life. ups trucks being loaded from the garage of a local home at dusk? what's up? fox 29 investigates and jeff cole reports ahead.
10:26 pm
>> scott williams tracking that forecast. bone-chilling, scott. >> absolutely, lucy. it's not officially winter yet but it is going to feel like it. winds of change some of the coldest air so far this season. how long will it last and could we see snow next. >> here's a look what's coming up at 11:00. it's hank i'm just getting back from burlington county where one township's committee has one seat open and the votes are tied and they've been recounted, tied up. deadlocked. what do you do when the vote comes to standstill. find out in just a minute. did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet
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that's 10 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 150 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business.
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♪ fox 29 investigates starts asking questions about some big ups trucks loading up at a quiet residential neighborhood and gets results fast. >> local officials stepped in once jeff cole showed her what fox 29 captured on tape. here's our investigation. >> reporter: united parcel service known as ups. it's the world's largest package delivery company. ups workers and signature brown uniforms driving their big brown trucks seemed to be everywhere.
10:30 pm
including backed up to the garage of this two-story home in a quiet residential neighborhood in chester county, pennsylvania. >> looks like they pulled a switcheroo on the trucks. >> the fellow who owns the homes doesn't want to answer our questions about why we saw not one, but 2ups trucks moving about his property at dusk like it were some kind of transport depot. >> here's a question i have for you. do you have an occupational permit that the town says you would require, and if is this community zoned commercial in any way that would allow this to happen? >> district communications person. >> what's going on? fox 29 investigates decided to find out after we were tipped by a source upset by the ups trucks consta constantly idling or pull up in this new london township neighborhood of family homes. trish fagan is the surprised zoning officer of this community of 5600 people. >> never got any heads up that
10:31 pm
this was going on on that street? >> no. >> reporter: no one he have called you to tell you hey we're going to do this? >> no. usually -- >> reporter: this is a complete surprise. >> yes. >> reporter: that's a problem. here's why. december 6th about 11:30 in the morning and we're tracking this u-haul truck that's just pulled into wheat land farms development. it winds its way along streets lined with new homes and backs up to this house. out jumps a ups driver. punches in a code, opening the garage door and for the next 15 minutes loads package after package into the garage of the private home. two hours later, and the homeowner squeezes his truck into the garage where all those packages can be seen piled up. we wait, watched and just as night falls, one big brown ups delivery truck lumbers up to the home and then comes a second. the packages are moved to the front while one truck is pulled
10:32 pm
up to the garage and loaded. the other i dells on the street. the truck pulls out and waits while the other is backed up and loaded. 20 minutes later, they pull aw away. >> they're off. >> reporter: remember, this is a private home in a residential neighborhood. not an office or industrial park. >> i have to say i've never run into something like that so it's new to me. >> 10:55, december 7th. >> reporter: we return the next morning to ask the ups driver a few questions if he shows. he does in the u-haul at 11:00. we watch him off load some packages. >> my name is jeff cole. i'm a reporter with fox 29 in philadelphia. >> and make our move. >> why would ups be loading boxes into this private garage? >> we're feeders. because the load gets so great in the busy season.
10:33 pm
so our drivers do their pick ups here rather than drive all the way back and waste money to go back to west chester. >> reporter: remember, we saw the big ups truck moving around this neighborhood at night like it were a depot. >> so this is a private residence and this would be a commercial activity. who provides approval for this? any idea? >> no. our supervisors, upping, this is how we save money is to be able to do this. >> reporter: he stopped working and got on his phone in the truck leaving the garage door open with the packages inside. >> are you mr. smith? are you jeff? >> before long, homeowner jeff smith a ups employee drove up. >> i'm jeff cole. >> you can actually -- if you have any questions. >> i'm with fox 29. >> that's great. >> do you have any questions. >> you can reach out to our district communications department. >> i will do that. i will do that. >> i'll give you a phone number. >> jeff, are you zoned for any
10:34 pm
kind of commercial activity here. >> i'll let you talk to the diss trek communications officer. >> it's your home. >> here's the phone number. >> do you have occupational permit. >> 267 -- >> township tells me there needs to be an occupational facial permit. do you have that. >> smith lowers the garage door. we called ups for answers and worked the neighborhood while we wait. >> we knock on doors in this neighborhood to see what residents thought about all of this. now, none of them wanted to appear on camera and while one woman said she had noticed another residence said he sure had scene trucks. he call it odd. he said it was weird. he said he wondered about security at the house and said that he was very surprised that a big company like ups wouldn't have a facility somewhere to store its packages. at town hall where we showed zoning officials trish fagan our video, we found the ups driver sitting in his u-haul. he drove off. >> do they have licensure to do
10:35 pm
this? >> not that i'm aware of new york city. >> reporter: if there's no license kit happen? >> it's not supposed to. >> reporter: fagan says for this type of activity to be allowed in a residential neighborhood, there must be a hearing with a five member zon zoning board made up of residents and advertisement must be placed in the newspaper alerting neighbors to the meeting for comment. she says the entire process can take two months but it never happened here. >> this is important. >> definitely. >> reporter: this is about public safety. do you this because you want residents to know and you don't want a business operating that could jeopardize the safety of residents. >> right. also quality of live issue. >> reporter: again, we tried to ask homeowner and ups worker jeff smith what is going on. >> have you told your neighbors that 2ups trucks would be at out here at night at dusk. >> you have a wonderful day, sir. >> reporter: okay. >> at this point, they'll be told to cease and desist. they can't continue. >> reporter: you'll stop this?
10:36 pm
>> um-hmm. >> reporter: this isn't going to continue to happen? >> correct. >> reporter: did it stop immediately. trish fagan says she told homeowner and ups worker jeff smith to cease and desist in phone call. it told her it happens for 15 days during the holiday and he notified the homeowners associate. she receipt peteed there were no zoning approval and says smith and ups wouldn't get it now. we are waiting for a response from ups in atlanta. jeff cole, fox 29 news. >> we now have that response from ups. it writes "in some areas of the country ups employees living in residential neighborhoods make available secure garage space as temporary package transfer location for the ups deliveryperson nel covering the neighborhood". the company adds "ups is law abidinabiding and respectful toe communities we serve. the residential location in lincoln university pa in question is a home of ups manager. ups has discontinued use of the location while local ups
10:37 pm
operations works with the new london township zoning office ". the entire statement you can fine it on talk about tense moment on the road you're watching nevada state trooper pointing a gun at a driver. the reason he did it and why the department says the trooper did the right thing. www.evertz.]
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tonight some people in florida are more furious than festive. they are upset about a certain pole in del ray beach for the past three years del ray beach has let two men put up a fests have pole next to the christmas tree. it's from the tv sitcom seinfeld it's a joke. but this year the men decorated the pole with a make america great again hat and upside down american flag. they're saying donald trump's election put the country in distress but some people in del ray beach say, hey, leave politics out it. >> fests have aspect of it is quite acceptable. the political aspect of it i think has no place with a traditional holiday. >> this case the men call it a distress tiv u.s. pole. the pole and whole concept is from the tv comedy sign fell. in your money tonight, some
10:41 pm
good news if you go back and forth across the delaware river on bridges between new jersey and pennsylvania. the delaware river port authority says no toll hikes right now. that includes the penn franklin, walt wilt man, commodore barry and betsy ross bridges. drpa passed a $297 million budget for 2017. that's up $6 million from last year. so who are the most overpaid actors in hollywood? forbes just released it's list of the actor who's get paid a lot even though they're films don't fair so well at the box office. johnny depp, will smith and george clooney topped the list. dppp led the list for the second straight year after alice through the looking glass was dead on arrival. >> post offices are busier than ever right now. a lot of letters to saintism he's getting help for the holidays. how you can pitch in. >> scott williams is tracking the forecast. >> those temperatures dropping rapidly. feels like temperatures already in the 20s. arctic air is moving in but will
10:42 pm
we see a wintry mix? the timing of that threat next.
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10:44 pm
>> in nevada tense moments during a police pursuit. phone video shows two troopers staning next to the driver who
10:45 pm
led them on to chase after he did not pull over for a traffic stop. now you can see one trooper drew his weapon while the other one tried to break the driver's side window with his elbow. the man escaped but not for long. police eventually arrest the him. highway patrol says that car could be considered a deadly weapon. police say actor judge reinhold put on quite the performance at a dallas airport today. he was in those beverly hills cops movie and now he's facing disorderly conduct charge. police say reinhold made a big fuss when tsa agents asked to pat him down. lawyer for the 59-year-old act says that reinhold was all upset because he had passed through the tsa scanner without a problem. >> this time of year post offices are busier than ever delivering packages to letters to santa. this year santa is getting help making holiday dreams come true you can be one every those helpers. >> make a trip to the post office. fox 29 photojournalist bill rower err has the story. >> if you have the time come to
10:46 pm
the post office at 30th and chestnut and read. >> it's eye opening for sure. >> reporter: that is what kathy mcallister did. she read about this mother of three in need. >> i don't know how to tell them santa might not visit them this year. when i'm alone i sit and cry because i feel like i'm failing as mother. >> reporter: this is part of the operation santa program at us postal service the public is invited to adopt letters to santa. >> clothing, hats, gloves, things like that that parents are asking for for their children. >> you take for granted those kinds of things but you see that people don't have them. >> reporter: the second year jenny coating is helping. >> instead of getting gifts for each other we just picked letters and give to other people. really rewarding. it's very nice. >> you can read it and feel what some of these people are going through. it's sad because these people
10:47 pm
don't have any hope. and they just asking for just a little bit. >> they're all tough. >> reporter: 300 letters in all. some too hard to read. >> people need help and it's not -- there's no shame in that. if we come together as a community we can help take care of people. >> reporter: in philadelphia, bill rohrer fox 29 news. >> isn't that the truth? absolutely. all right. well tomorrow is the last day you can read letters at the post office at 30th and chestnut location. >> do something about it, too. dozens of children and families had an off the hook night tonight. amazing christmas party. house paws the teamed up with the rebirth of camden. 60 children, 25 families from the cam school district were matched up with employees who gave them gifts and clothes and family gift baskets. santa and therapy dogs spread
10:48 pm
the joy. doctors taught the children how to make teddy bears who were feeling under the weather all better. what a great event. i heard it was fantastic. speaking of weather, you're not under the weather. we might be under the weather after this cold streak. i'm not sure. >> absolute, lucy. a lot of temperature changes tomorrow. feels like temperatures tomorrow morning in the teens. we have the threat of little bit of snow for some. look at ultimate doppler right now a lot of lake effect snow. some streamers well off to the north and west. some flurries could move into the poconos or parts of the lehigh valley come tomorrow. but look at the temperatures already 30 in pottstown. 34 in philadelphia. millville and atlantic city and it's windy. take a look at the sustained winds right now anywhere from about 15 to even 22 miles an hour in wilmington. 20 miles an hour winds out of the west northwest in millville. so you factor in those winds, and take look at the actual feels like temperatures. 13 mount pocono what it feels
10:49 pm
like. feels like 23 in millville. so by tomorrow morning, 7am, this is how you should dress. dress for feels like temperature of 18 in philadelphia. feeling like 15 degrees in reading tomorrow morning. by the afternoon, not much recovery by 3:00. it will feel like 27 degrees right along that i-95 corridor then if you're stepping out friday evening plans, feels like temperatures are going to be dropping then saturday morning most of the area in the teens again. the bottom line the coldest air so far this season temperatures next self days upper 30 toss near 40. gusts up to 30 miles an hour so wind chills much of the day in the 20s. that wintry mix is a possibility sunday night into monday. what about the game at the linc on sunday increasing clouds, temperatures by kick off right around 40 degrees. there could be late afternoon flurry or a sprinkle. let's look at future cast snow because take a look at the clo clock. sunday we're watching points far north and west during afternoon.
10:50 pm
mount pocono moving toward parts of the lehigh valley then overnight sunday into early monday some of that snow could move into north and western suburbs. pottstown, perkasie maybe even toward doylestown. moving toward perhaps places as you move around lancaster coun county. even northern chester county could see some snow. it look primarily like a quick wintry mix i-95 changing over to rain as we move toward monday. temperatures for tonight, mid to upper 20s. blustery and cold. 40 degrees for the high tomorrow but once again feels like temperatures much of the day in the 20s and that am mix to rain monday as we warm up to 51 degrees. then another possible wintry mix on wednesday. but look at thursday. another arctic blast. the high temperature by that time only 30. by next weekend, high temperatures, sean corks top out only around freezing. >> scott the difference in the eagles game on sunday won't be the weather. it will be the defense.
10:51 pm
brandon graham talk about applying pressure and the flyers they shoot out with edmonton. both teams lighting up the scoreboard. find out who gets the last laugh next in sports. i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni is proven to cure up to 99% of patients...
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10:53 pm
that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast. ♪ the flyers are red hot. they've been inconsistent all season but they are finally starting to get it done. the flyers, well, listen, six in
10:54 pm
row now they're looking to make it seven against add mon ton. in the second peer the flyers get red hot look at this jake vorachek making moves. claude giroux right there with the diving goal. that was a good one. they scored three goals in 72 sessions seconds. now in the third period flyers down again on the power play. oscar with the goal. edmonton goes up by two. but here comes the flyers once again. claude giroux coming through in front of the net right there. the game tied at five. then later third period michael all by himself gets the goal. six-five win. they're seventh straight. >> get a lot of scoring chances during the game and stuck with it and came up big minute level. it's a positive sign. >> to the sixers jahlil okafor missing his third straight game with the stomach flew he could be back on saturday with nerlins knoll. the sixers on a losing streak right now. eight in a row looking to avoid number nine against the pelica
10:55 pm
pelicans. joel embiid struggle the last couple of games but you can't struggle when you're getting alley oops. five for 15, 14 points, seven boards. in the second half totally dominated gets a bucket. 23 points. eight boards. the pelicans only had 31 points in the second half. great defense. the sixers break eight game losing streak. winning 99-88. to the eagles the struggles continue in a lot of that falls on the defense. the front seven has not been very good lately. zero sacks in the last two games. they have to get pressure on kirk cousins on sunday if they want to win and the guys know it. >> it gets frustrating because, you know, we to hear all the backlash from when it don't show up on sunday. one day out of the week we got to show up and that's on sunday, and we alleged paid to do a job and we just got to make sure we do it well. >> of course howard eskin, gary cobb, dave spadaro and myself break it down sunday at 10am. we have great double header.
10:56 pm
eagles/red skins at 1:00 followed by the packers and the seahawks. in the class 4a championship game in hershey, charlotte had 11-point lead that evaporated. capped off by this big touchdown by cathedral prep. cathedral came back to win 27 27-20. so everyone winning, okay? flyers extenting a winning streak. >> they're rolling. >> eagles finally cutting off their losing one. >> the sixers got a lot of hope. embiid is early. easily the rook coast year. >> easily. >> am i right. >> absolutely. >> he's been with the sixers for two years. i don't really like how they grade that. okay? >> i know. >> sixers training for so long. >> really unfair to the rooks. >> too bad. life is tough here. >> i get it. >> lucy, what's up. >> lesson for the triplets, isn't it, iain. >> that's right. something you might not think about much this time of year. but you should. new information suggests more people are going to the hospitals with sunburn.
10:57 pm
why the prob hem could be even worse than we know. your wake up weather and seven day forecast, man, it's going to be cold. it's in the first five minutes. don't you go away. a lot to talk about.
10:58 pm
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live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. happening now at 11:00, fighting back. she may have seemed vulnerable alt first but the robbers who target add local woman just found out this would not be an easy fight. she fought back as they were going after her purse. the men got away and now that woman is talking to fox 29. good evening to you. i'm lucy noland. the attack was fast and furious. fox 29's shawnette wilson live in west philadelphia with the story. shawnette. >> reporter: lucy, it was fast and furious. the suspects in fact did get away with the woman's purse. she says had her christmas money in it. the good news tonight is that sh she escape without being hurt. woman attacked and robbed in this surveillance video describes fighting back against two men who ran up to her around 7:15 last friday night. we're not identifying her for her safety.


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