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tv   Chasing News  FOX  December 9, 2016 12:30am-1:00am EST

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>> just two years ago they moved to new york city from maine to start a better life for their family. on wednesday, that dream came to a tragic stop. a valve in the radiator broke off in steam exploded into the room. their daughter died tragically in the first floor better mother home. >> you can be the best parent and the entire world and something like this can still happen. that's probably the scariest part. >> wow. is he registered to vote? >> i was racial.
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>> were trying to find the silverlining. >> that was really work. >> all of my daughter's birth pictures were in that third-floor. >> thank you for your service. >> so you saw the headline in the new york post this morning, two kids killed by a radiator in their home. you are there at the scene, there very few words to even express this tragedy. >> listen to this beautiful. of the song of a wife's love for her husband. ♪ till the end. ♪ >> that is the voice of daniel ambrose, singing to her husband peter. according to facebook post just years ago they moved to new york city from me to start a better life for their family and to start their singing career right here in new york city. on wednesday that dream came to a tragic stop. their daughters, 1-year-old and
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2-year-old died tragically in the first floor bedroom of their home on seven 201's point avenue in the bronx. a valve from the radiator broke off in steam exploded into the room. the girls were napping with an accident occurred and their mother came home to find them both unresponsive in the bedroom. i spoke to maria martinez, a neighbor who lived in that exact apartment where the accident occurred just two years ago. she said that family was a family of love. [inaudible] trend [speaking in native language] >> she saw danielle and peter walking their daughters every single day. the the family has been living in that house a little over a year, the house is
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part of a cluster housing group were the city pays the rent to the people that live there until they're able to get on their feet. they came here with the dream and it is tragic that something like this happen. i spoke to another neighbor who said that she saw the parents get up every cycle day at 7:00 a.m. to care for their children. >> always at the supermarket are buying something, always with the kids. >> this evening, neighbors community members and community leaders came together in front of the apartment where the girls live. the message was clear. >> i want to let them know that were here for them. >> they started a gofundme link so they could raise money for the funeral. they also need money to fix their carson that peter and danielle can visit their family this holiday season, there are many housing problems that are going on in this community, right now at the time to mourn the competence of a this family has experienced.
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>> just a blanket statement goat don't go to florida. florida is terrifying. >> the twin babies who are conjoined at the head it just a few months ago are excelling after their surgery. their latest development, talking. their mom posted posted the video of the twin same dad that. they are born september 2015 and 7 weeks ago doctors in new york were able to separate them successfully, they're doing well. >> take a look at the surveillance video from a walmart a walmart in sarasota, florida. ucl and wandering around the aisles looks up women's skirts and dresses. this is not ralph's first time. he is he is now charged with three counts of voyeurism and the police are working to identify all of the victims he harassed. they do know there is more, they're looking to charge him with more. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> i am back at trump tower. but once again governor chris christie is not. in fact, the big news today is that we are learning that christie was not chosen to lead the republican national committee, a job that many said was only left out of new jersey, but here at trump tower the spectacle continues. >> so -- >> it is a real battleground out here among the protesters hats, max, if you want to protest year, you have to dress to impress. >> those are high heels. >> is something hillary could wear on the campaign trail. >> they're not happy about trump's cabinet picks so far. >> you are good at this so
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oklahoma's attorney general scott pruett, trump's pick to lead the environmental protection agency. >> i'm been distressed by other appointees, but to me this is the worse. i forget who i forget who said it but it's like putting an arsonist in charge of fighting fires. >> it's no secret that many feel this way, after all many on the left say he is the biggest threat of today, which is why some big names are making their way to the tower to truck talk to trump himself like al gore and most recently leonardo dicaprio. >> oh think that he was there. >> leo and i are [inaudible] a first name basis i mean, come on everybody know who he is but these protesters are making a few looks out here. >> that was a set up to make me look like i'm successful.
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>> as i said this is not for beginners, if you want to protest you have to know the rules. >> there's not many protesters right? >> i'm across the street from trump tower, not standing close because so many people are stopping and taking pictures and taking selfie. >> i think the pruitt choices consistent with trump talking about jobs and energy. i'm a little surprised that nothing has been thrown out there for governor christie. >> i'm not. i think he is damaged goods. i don't think he has anything to offer but controversy. >> i am surprised he hasn't been chosen for everything. he's been alongside him most of the campaign and even on the acceptance speech stage. >> maybe he was off or something on the side and doesn't want to take it. this is a guy who wants to protect his image going forward. >> appreciate any position of the trump administration whether rnc chair or personal butler, christie would would take it. >> it can't get worse for him. >> let's go back to my damaged goods.
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>> this is it george gilmore, subject of a federal investigation led by the u.s. attorney's office is ongoing. gilmore has been a close l of governor chris christie for years. is one of the top fundraisers for president-elect, donald trump during this presidential campaign. i've learned exclusively that at least one subpoena has been issued. in that federal investigators are looking into documents and maybe probing what the chairman has taken out. the attorney confirmed there is an investigation but said it's a tax probe and that his client will be fully exonerated. if you ever heard of gilmore you really should he is one of new jersey's top powerbrokers. in addition to be in the top gop chairman he's the head of the board of elections. he founded the the firm gilman and monahan in the 80s.
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that firm did over $2.5 million in municipal contract work last year. take a look at the list. he has 12 minutes of all jobs ranging from attorney to town council, the litigation counsel. it's not just ocean county. he works as for as way as east brunswick township and is the labor litigation township for failing county freeholder board. i wanted to hear about what was happening so i went to talk to him at his house. >> is a chairman in? >> i am alex, and reporter with the tv show, chasing news. we met before, he knows who a.m. >> he did not want to talk to me and do not want to go on camera for an interview. >> early thursday i was at the federal courthouse where i spoke
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to one of the people who has been subpoenaed in this probe contractor who said he loaned gilmore more than 20,000 dollars two years ago gilmore did pay him back but instead of the 30 day. they agreed on he took one year. the the u.s. attorney's office s this individual for a check that documents that loan. the contractor said he thought it would be a good idea to lend to the county boss but never received anything in exchange for the loan other than his money back. that house i saw where where i went to try to talk to go, he's slapped with federal tax liens and he currently owns nearly $1 million to the irs, everyone is innocent until proven guilty, but we want to know more about the federal investigation and about how he runs the gop, we'll keep investigating it if you have any information corruption in ocean county or anything that you think i should look into, tweet me and chasing news and we'll have more about this for you tomorrow.
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>> new jersey street state trooper was killed on route 55. we wanted to find out more about the other person involved in the crash, doctor lloyd, he was a gentle soul and what he did for a living, he help
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>> three days after new jersey state trooper frankie williams was killed on a head-on crash his death triggered an outpouring of group creep and support from the state new jersey. we want to find out more about the other person involved in the crash. a psychiatrist named doctor lloyd. he was the driver of the car that hit trooper williams car on oncoming traffic after passing through the median, ending both of their lives. trooper williams was searching for an erratic vehicle that have been phoned in. we wanted to find out more about the doctor. we've heard of them a lot about trooper williams, the life and who he was. i started digging. i knew he knew he was a 61-year-old philadelphia resident and his psychiatrist practicing in
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elmer, new jersey. when i found out was that he had no social media presence, no family to talk to, no family even speaking out on his behalf. that's on his behalf. that's because i found out that he does not have any family left. i met his best friend who he considered family in new jersey today and her name is kristi, they've known each other since they were four years old. >> i'd known him all my life and all he ever wanted to be from ten years old was a psychiatrist. >> she said that he must've been drunk or on drugs or suicidal and she was upset. there's always always someone to blame when an officer blames dies in the line of duty but she said maybe -- they don't know what they're talking about or have the facts. when there's an accident of her speed thing people think is alcohol or something, he never touched alcohol a day in his life, or drugs. >> i asked who he was to her and her family. >> we were his only family. he had a mom and dad, they, they died 20 some years ago it was always us.
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>> she told me that he was diagnosed with diabetes when he is eight years old, she would watch him inject insulin into himself. he had met medical episode three years ago and she got worried when he went answer the phone. he was unconscious on the floor of the kitchen from a diabetes related seizure he had. since then he had reduced his workload and only working on weekends trying to regain his health back. from what i learned he seemed like a loner. he didn't have many friends, and in a people he hung out with a people he hung out with laura's coworkers. i asked if he was depressed or if he was suicidal possibly? >> he never had a thought of suicide or anything like that. he was a gentle soul. and what he did for a living, he helped people. so i just wish they would not speak until they knew what they were speaking about. >> as i left the residence she left me with the interesting theory. she had been reading the
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testimony about how amazing trooper williams was a what a great officer he was. >> i believe the trooper was a real hero. i believe he seen him coming and blocked so other callers cannot get hit. >> that's my theory. >> she doesn't blame anyone, it's a tragic accident. but i'm glad were getting to learn about who the other man was. >> i just think it's such an important lesson for anyone that gets behind their keyboard to just wait till you know. no matter what this was another person that lost their life and of course we don't know a lot yet, but just wait. maybe he does not family but he has friends who are looking at what people are saying and that's are full especially when he don't know the details. >> can you believe it? i still can't believe it. it hasn't really hit. like i said, i took for granted that he would always be here.
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>> you're not in the christmas spirit, how could you be with buildings like this? sorry. now this is what i'm talking about. -- heights brooklyn. >> are you crazy. >> this year about my mom to show her the bid for lights area and no need to be afraid of the dark here, light server. this is one of the best christmas displays in the whole state. >> there twinkling, shining dancing that might be considered odd by myself. >> used to decorate everybody in the neighborhood and then all of
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a sudden buses started coming in, a saw bunch of people like where you from and they said the hamptons, manhattan, she says it takes three days to put up relates. >> i do it myself. some people pay but i don't. >> what you think? some believable the amount of lights is crazy it's incredible not all families are as angelic is that one. in fact fact some might be getting some : their future. and i'm not just talking about a battle. >> some people go up the driveway and sometimes they go to the bathroom whether just climb on the property and still the decorations.
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>> to let that scare you away, these lights are truly spectacular and if you don't feel like walking, you can do a drive-by. >> this is insanity, the lights will stay on display for the first week of january. check it out let us know what you think. tweet me for the show at chasing news. >> sometimes you have to stare at it to figure out what it is. >> readings from the north pole. i'm at the rooftop of 236 avenue in manhattan. this is the newest group we light up. >> it looks like the ball that we give to the hamster that you run around ♪
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>> what just happened? nothing, you have to igno.
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>> frosty the snowman. [laughter] bill, the only highlights during the monday night blowout loss to
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the colts was to idiot fans running on the field. now all television broadcasts are generally not going to put them on the air so it's not copycats radio announcers were actually spectacular at making the call. >> did you see the? oh and the other guy snuck down. >> there actually hitting harder than the defense. >> frosty the snowman there is a video crew from the toy and now they want the grinch to pay. check out this video of a real life grinch room missouri shrinking the happiest snowman on earth. loving owners started a gofundme page any money raised
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will be going to a local charity. in other news this guy still out there, so beware. >> your jason a story from an igloo, sorta. >> a greetings from the north pole, just kidding. i'm at at the rooftop of 235th avenue in manhattan, it has become one of the hottest work coldest places to get a drink in manhattan. it is cloudy but the view is absolutely amazing. check it out, you can get one of these igloos. before customers come inside to grab a seat in the 12 seat igloo they get one of these fancy dicks, cozy red warm robe to wear case have to step outside to grab one of these. that looks so delicious. >> a nice little cinnamon rimmed there as well now, if you are on santa's nice listen happened to get one of these you are in luck because they come with their burial heater. >> it comes with a fireplace and
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as well he did i'm in here and actually getting a little bit warm which is crazy because it's 30 degrees outside. >> it's fogging up. see see told you it is well heated in here. these are the new approved igloo. >> a few years ago we had inflatable igloos, they were little harder to maintain. these are the new improved igloos that we light up, they're easy to get in and out of. people literally sprint to get inside of these igloos and you don't have your own server so you have to put the rope to use when he got put get a drink because i've they're not back is a taste pretty good. >> it looks like the ball that we give to the hamster site can run around and. >> i gotta say eskimos in the north pole are was siskins we we can even handle 30 degrees under plastic three. >> i love to 30 fifth, they have
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some incredible views of new york city. it's a fun place, they have a great crowd and great drinks and then an igloo, then the empire state building is right behind it doesn't get better. >> a witness a tug-of-war over millions of dollars from both the new york and new jersey side executive director explained that both governor christie and governor cuomo had agreed on the draft capital plan is said to be voted on a thursday. when it came came time to vote no dice. they wanted to vote to be postponed so there was no vote. instead there is a finger-pointing. chairman john had this to say. >> i'm trying to figure it out based on my view of the world
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but i'm acting on the basis of what i think is practical. >> it was estimated the cost of a new bus would be 10,000,000,000 dollars, but the amount in the draft capital plan is only $3.5 billion. that's not even enough to build a new bus terminal. i asked when communities could expect a new bus terminal. >> you said the new bus terminal is a high priority for you but if today you cannot even get a vote to on what both agreed on what you say to commuters when to expect a noose bus terminal? >> this capital plan includes 3,500,000,000 dollars for a bus terminal on the west side of manhattan which is the number that i believe is fair in the capital plan that each governor has endorsed and. >> for more information follow the show at chasing news. >> another great day of chasing
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