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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  December 9, 2016 3:30am-4:00am EST

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live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. happening now at 11:00, fighting back. she may have seemed vulnerable alt first but the robbers who target add local woman just found out this would not be an easy fight. she fought back as they were going after her purse. the men got away and now that woman is talking to fox 29. good evening to you. i'm lucy noland. the attack was fast and furious. fox 29's shawnette wilson live in west philadelphia with the story. shawnette. >> reporter: lucy, it was fast and furious. the suspects in fact did get away with the woman's purse. she says had her christmas money in it. the good news tonight is that sh she escape without being hurt. woman attacked and robbed in this surveillance video describes fighting back against two men who ran up to her around 7:15 last friday night. we're not identifying her for
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her safety. >> just give me the bag, give mow the bag. give me the bag. >> reporter: that's what the suspects said as they began punching the 53-year-old victim. she just left work in the area of north 68t 68th street haverfd avenue in overbrook when it happened. >> i was turning to open my car up and i see somebody running towards me, and i thought he was running for the bus so i -- he moved over and i said excuse me, i'm in your way. >> reporter: video shows her struggling with one of the men. moments later you see the other suspect join in when he realizes the victim is putting up a fig fight. >> you're in shock you're not scared. your adrenaline just shows up there, and you just are fighting for what's yours. >> reporter: she tries to break away and runs for help but eventually the suspects get her purse and take off. >> tell me all the time your life is more valuable than any piece of material whether it be money or anything else. just give it up and let them
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have what they want situations like this can turn ugly. >> reporter: and police also tell us that the surveillance video actually shows the two suspects waiting for an hour in a park across the street from where it happened before they actually struck. lucy? >> all right. thank you very much, shawnette. he said i just killed my mother. that's what lower makefield police say a man who pacing around taylorsville road told someone driving by this afternoon. someone called cops to report that and when officers arrived, they say the guy who police have not identified told them just that. he had just kill his mom. >> so while the officers track him back his home which was lower hilltop road entered the home and found a woman face down on the kitchen floor apparently deceased. >> police identified that woman as rebecca cope. no word yet on any charges for her son. tonight castle county police are searching for the hit-and-run driver who hit this
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12-year-old boy and kept going. investigators say someone in chrysler 300 slammed into that boy monday along memorial drive in ming dale. the car hit 12-year-old brian richards while he was crossing the street with a friend. a woman who works at a nearby daycare ran to help and she called 911. she stayed with that boy until paramedic arrived. he has a whole bunch of broken bones, a fractured skull and has blood on his brain. a veteran, a former senator and the first american to orbit around the globe. the world is remembering american hero john glenn tonig tonight. the knife-year-old died today he had been battling health issues for couple of years now. he was the first american to orbit the earth. glenn fought in would wars, world war ii and the korean war as fighter pilot. as a test pilot he set a world record. glenn served 24 years in the us senate representing ohio and 1984 he ran for democratic presidential nomination.
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that did not pan out. but he later returned to space on the shuttle discovery. in 1988, he became the oldest person to head into the final frontier. nasa administrator charles bolden released a statement tonight that reads in part "glenn's extraordinary courage intellect patriotism and humanity were the hallmarks of a life of greatness. his missions have helped make possible everything our space program has since achieved and the human missions to an asteroid and mars that we are striving toward now ". truly an american hero. on your radar tonight a cold night colder nights ahead. meteorologist scott williams is here with your first forecast at 11. >> hi there, lucy. get ready to break out those longjohns and crank the heat. temperatures some of the coldest we've seen across the delaware valley since february. that arctic air it is just tak taking over the area right now. temperatures have been dropping. foles like temperatures are pretty brutal already and take a
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look. off to the north and west, we're looking at some lake effect snow. so that will be on going for several days. tomorrow we could see some flurries in the poconos the lehigh valley. maybe open as far south toward the physical area. so let's talk a little bit about the temperatures right now. considerable drop from this afternoon. 31 in wilmington right now. freezing. 32 trenton. take look at pottstown. 29. 24 in the pocono mountains and look at those winds out of the west northwest. sustained now at 22 miles per hour in philadelphia. with gusts up to 30 miles per hour. so what does it actually feel like? it feels already like 10 degrees in the poconos. it feels like 21 in philadelph philadelphia. 23 is what it feels like right now in millville. so by tomorrow morning, feels like temperatures in the teens. feels like temperatures during the afternoon generally in the 20s with high temperatures center city only around 40. down the shore 40 degrees and 37
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that's it in the lehigh valley with a couple of flurries around during the day. by 7am this is what it will feel like. this is how you should dress tomorrow morning. 17 in wilmington. 20 in trenton. feeling like the teens north and west. and then by the afternoon, we keep those feels like temperatures during the afternoon only in the 20s for much of the area then we'll repeat it again as we head toward saturday morning. so cold conditions over the next several days. we're looking at highs upper 30 toss near 40. winds gusting up to 30 miles per hour those wind chills in the 20s. we have that threat still sunday night into monday for that wintry mix. what about the kick off forecast at the linc on sunday increasing clouds right around 4 degrees. there could be a sprinkle or a flurry late in the avenue noon. advance the clock ahead sunday. we're looking at some of that snow north and west during the day. in the poconos mountains. great for skiing there this weekend and take a look. by 5:00 p.m. we're watching some
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of that snow move toward places like allentown, bethlehem moving into reading. then overnight sunday into monday, as far south as the north and western suburbs likely looking at a little bit of a wintry mix but changing over to rain around philadelphia south jersey and all of delaware but monday morning's commute could be impacted due to that. take look at the timing. sunday we're looking at cold conditions in allentown by 10:00 o'clock rain or wet snow. overnight sunday into monday, a possible coating out of that system. for the philadelphia area, just blustery and cold increasing clouds. then look at what happens by 10:00 o'clock a late sprinkle or flurry. wet snow going over to rain by monday morning for philadelphia. the weather authority seven day forecast showing the coldest yet for the upcoming weekend. and then that wintry mix to rain temperatures warm on monday to 51. but look, another wintry mick on wednesday and then another arctic blast, lucy, we're talking a high temperature next
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thursday only 30 degrees. >> that's not a high. that's a low temperature. >> it is. >> i'm just saying. thank you very much, scott. new jersey's finest that's how colleagues, friends and family are remembering 31-year-old trooper frankie williams tonight. hundreds of people showed up to honor the state trooper killed in a car crash and fox 29's bruce gordon was at the vigil in leesburg, cumberland county. >> reporter: first responders joined regular folks at the leesburg volunteer fire company to let the family of frankie williams know he not be forgotten. >> just to pay my respects and show appreciation to law enforcement. >> reporter: trooper william was driving on route 55 in millville city monday night responding to reports of erratic driver when car driven by 61-year-old lloyd ruddily crossed the median and hit him head on. both men died in the crash. >> absolute him with my heart. >> reporter: williams mother wiped away tears as she listened to stories of her son's service and professionalism. >> i taught him the most important thing is to love and
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share. to love everybody and do your best but give it not a hundred%, author's zappers. >> he was just 31 years old when he died this was live well lived. his mother made clear she will not forget the outpouring of love on this evening of mourni mourning. >> because i appreciate what you have done for me every time i slumped down you pick me back up. >> reporter: funerals for trooper williams are set for monday boardwalk hall in atlantic city. 8:00 a.m. public viewing followed by law enforcement viewing at 10:00. the service itself at noon. in leesburg, i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. lawyers for chaka fattah hope a judge will go easy on the former congressman at his sentencing. geek to jail for 17 to 21 years for racketeering convict. sentencing is monday. fattah served in congress for 22 years. he resigned last june after his
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convict. good news for drivers in philadelphia tonight. it will be harder for tow truck companies to take your ride. city council passed a measure cracking down. customers complained tow companies have gouged them. the new rules will require cars illegally parked in private driveways around private property get ticketed before they can get towed. but owners of tow companies say the or nance unfairly lumps the good and bad operators together. >> i think we're all being grouped together. everybody has bad apples in their barrel. what do you do with a bad apple you take it out of the barrel so the other apples don't go bad. >> we need regulatory protocols in place that protects consumers and allows good operators to operate. >> council members asked city administrators to wait 30 days before enforcing the new rules to iron out some wrinkle. now it's something you may not think about much this time of year. well you shall. new information suggests more people are going to hospitals with sunburn. why the problem could be even
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worse than we know. and -- it's hank i'm just getting back to burlington where one township's committee has one seat open and the votes are ti tied. and they've been recounted, tied up. deadlocked watch do you do when the vote comes to a standstill? find out in just a minute. >> and rolling so mick jagger is daddy once again. the legendary front manuel come a baby boy into the world today. this his first child with his current girl friend but the 73 year old has at kids altogether. and they range in age from 17 to 46. jagger also has five grandchildren and one great grandchild. ♪
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president-elect donald trump is coming back to pennsylvania soon. he's taking his thank you tour to hershey next thursday. trump and vice president-elect mike pence announced the news on their website. public event at giant arena. busy day in the trump transition. the president-elect has announceannounced another cabint nominee. he plans to nominate fast food giant andy puzder as secretary of labor. he's ceo of the company that owns carl jr. hardies and other chains much union leaders are concerned about puzder. the businessman regularl regulay advocates against raising the minimum wage. he visited ohio state university to meet privately with first responders and victims of last week's campus attack. we also found out president-elect will continue to serve as an executive producer on celebrity prentice. you know what, if you are like a lot of people you are so glad to have 2016 elections behind us. but if you're in burlington county, more specifically in
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chesterfield, you can't shake the local race especially when it ends in a tie. fox 29's hank flynn has the story. >> i want to say the 16th of december, um, from that date statute dictates i think it's between 45 and 50 days special election has to take place. >> reporter: look what you bought yourself chesterfield you voted november 8th you split down the middle on two county candidates. it's a tie. dead even. when the do over. clerk is waiting to hear from chesterfield. >> look special election will happen. between the municipality and the board of elections they would decide what that date is. tell the student how many they need. take to us make ballots for that and we would have an election. >> reporter: deadlocked candidates are incumbent republican ron cull chin ski and democrat challenger rita, tied
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around theen hundred votes. >> i love the life out here in this part of new jersey. chesterfield is farm country. beautiful in late afternoon. but when the town center is really just the chesterfield general store who do you talk politics with? ray lou bic. he says a dye that's local politics. >> ease easier enough for one candidate to, you know, swing half the votes and the other candidate to swing the other half of the votes. it's not that unusual. i mean, a lot times the votes are, you know, 49 to 51%. so you're not talking that. votes. >> reporter: it's easy to know the candidates in a town of about 7700 says ray a farmer who was born and raised in chesterfield. he's a republican but he says he votes for people he knows and trusts regardless of affiliati affiliation. his neighbors do, too if i can tell you it's a nice friendly town and politics doesn't seem to get like real dirty around here. leak it can be on the larger level. >> sure.
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>> sometimes it's more popularity contest than anything else only because who you know and what's going on. >> reporter: ray is right about close votes. salem county freeholder elect won this year by one vote and they're another tie in new jersey in middlesex county for the office of monroe township council. hank flynn, fox 29 news. you see it, you shoot it, our fresco users are helping us show what is happening in your neighbor. iain, what you got tonight? >> lucy people packed into one trenton mcdonald's tonight not only did they grab bite but they help out the mercer county sheriff's office. colleen sent us this video of dozen of people pack into the restaurant along chambers street part of the police unity tour part of the money raised tonight will go directly toward the campaign and help raise awareness for law enforcement officers who died in the line of duty. heading south to somers point, new jersey, with family fund night at the jordan road middle school thanks to fresco user jean, jack 19 who zen us this video for somers point police school parents group put
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together to put on the annual event. students and their parents and siblings can have some fun ton night volunteers handed out winter coats to those in need. one community member donated more than 500 coats this year. makers mark brought holiday spirit to philadelphia today. fresco user clifford takes us to the company's mobile bake sale right by pat's and geno's. whiskey maker hitting the road for second annual charitable holiday tour. residents can enjoy a bake sale item in exchange for donation to help those in need and tomorrow the truck will be at the christmas village. when you see news happening be sure to takeout your phone and shoot it and make sure to to use the fresco app teosinte to our newsroom. one more thing, lucy, a full house at the dave and buster's to night for special screening of the new show star on fox. new drama from philly own lee daniels create of empire. i actually hosted the screening. made a few remarks. quincy harris of "the q" show was there as well. we were hanging out having some fun. you can watch the special preview of star next wednesday right after the empire season three fall finale then stick
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with us for the news at 10:00. lucy. >> what did you think of it? >> it was good. >> all right. >> awesome. cannot wait. thanks so much iain. turning to your health now a danger you may not think much about this time of year. sunburns are response al for thus sands of visits to emergency rooms in the us every year. that is according to a report in the american medical association's journal dermatology. but the true costs could be even higher many sun burns go unreported. major of the these cases are among people under 30. experts say this may be because many young people don't know about how dangerous sunburns are the care they need after getting one or they just don't care. yoga may help reduce blood pressure in people who are high risk for developing hypertension. researchers in india look at people who had slightly elevated blood pressure. those who did yoga had noticeable decreases. obviously these researchers think people at risk for high blood pressure should possibly give yoga a try. a guy who i'm guessing is not a big fan of yoga would be this
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one right here. sean bell. >> i never tried it. >> yeah. >> but i will some day. i mean i'm getting old. i need to learn how to get flexible a little bit. >> i love celebrations, lucy. i love when players dance, yell or do anything to show out. i'm here for all of it. lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers went too far last
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♪ sean bell takes on athletes and their celebrations. this is a guy who likes celebrations. when do they go too far. he's got his commentary coming up in 15 seconds. ♪ listen, if you know me, you know i love celebrations. i love it. i've been on record saying football isn't as fun any more
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because they're taking the celebrations out of the game. every sport should dance, salute and do every type of shell will he bra tower thing they can dodge yesterday lebron james and the cavs took it too far at the end of the game a blow out game with the knicks lebron, tyre and couple other players playing the water bottle challenge at the end of the bench. this is tollly different from celebrating after hitting a big shot. you're not going to make a mockery of me. you're not going to embarrass me. if i was a nick nick the next time i played the cavs, someone is getting a flagrant foul. a message needs to be sent that you don't do that. i'm all for if you don't like it, stop them but the celebration has to be in the boundaries of the game. i don't care that lebron has beef with phil jackson. what that was was disrespect full to the knicks ton his boy carmelo. if i'm mellow i'm not letting that slide one bit. gunshot wounds.
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fourth of july will never be the same. firecrackers -- >> that is the voice of 20-year-old patient patience carter the philadelphia woman and fox 29 intern shot and injured in last summer's pulse nightclub shooting in orlando. she teamed up with some orlando musicians to create a song called lost seoul souls her friend akyra murray died in the shooting. patience will be on "good day philadelphia" tomorrow morning to talk about the new song. she is a strong and courageous young woman. just great person all around, too. >> incredible voice and it's going use what happened in that dark moment to try and shine light out into the world. so you watch for her. we're back here at 4am for fox 29 morning news. "good day philadelphia" of course. sue serio and bob kelly, scott said they got lot to tal
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it is all messed up. if it is this cold i expect it to snow. if it is 20 degrees it is pretty bad. >> how things change, temperatures and arctic blast is here, what this bone chilling weather will mean for our weekend. also developing story this morning a mother is murdered her son, accused of killing her, the chilling words that the man shared with a stranger just before being taken into custody. how could you, like leave a baby, i just don't think people like that have a conscious. >> a mother is desperate to find driver who hit that child, took her son and took off. large reward police are hoping will bring justice. plus major retailers accused of making you think you are getting a better deal then what you're. whatou


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