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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  December 9, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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son just 12 years old in the hospital and there is a big reward on this one. great to have you with us on this friday, it is a run to your car kind of day look at how cold, good morning everyone. >> definite the liz run to your car, run every where just to warm up. >> just keep moving. keep moving, layer it up, and have a pastry because it is national pastry day. >> it is. >> yes. >> croissant. >> yes, frozen croissant at this point because of course it is wind chills in the teens this morning, and we have a flyers win last night. >> yes. >> yes nice stocking cap with the flyers logo on it. he is all set for a cold, cold morning. it is six out of ten this your weather by the numbers today, look at precipitation, none around here but you can see lake effect snow off lake erie and ontario which means there is very cold air coming in here. how cold in 31 degrees feels like 21, in philadelphia right now, sunrise time is 7:11. we will see sunshine but with
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these wind and cold temperatures it will be deceiving. wind 13, 17, 12 miles an hour around the region and that makes it tiehl like the teens and 20's this morning. it feels like 15 degrees in lancaster and 19 in wilmington and 9-degree wind chill this mount pocono. with that sunshine we're only in the 30's by lunchtime. we will stay in the 30's, all daze, we may hit 40 degrees, but it is going to feel like the 20's all day long and get used to it, bob kelly this cold air is hanging around all weekend long. >> it is definitely that time when you want to make sure you have gloves, scarves, hat, especially little ones standing outside waiting for the bus later this morning. good morning. 5:01. no problems at all on the freeway headlights coming toward the city, light volume so tar this morning. that is usually the deal for start of our friday morning rush hour, east bound on the schuylkill nothing out of the ordinary, 14 minutes into i-95 through the construction zone, and disabled on the blue route
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476, right at media swarthmore interchange, on the northbound side, off to the shoulder, but there is a lot of police, tow truck blinking light there catching you by surprise. good news for gang in lansdale they have a new e-z pass on ramp that will open up on sunday, see blinking signs alerting to you that opening and they are picking up cones and getting ready to open up lincoln drive here that has been closed all night long with construction. getting ready to grab your coffee and keys you will be good to go and mass transit is running with no delays. karen and thomas back over to you. we have some breaking news right now we know one person that has been rush to the hospital after a early morning fire happened in philadelphia. lets take you out there to the scene, beauty salon called the unisex beauty salon and the scene is 1800 block of somerset, upstairs are some apartments. fire fighters got out there quickly and got it under control but we don't necessity
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the cause right now at this time. we are following a developing story this morning, a bizarre confession, leads police to a mother's body in bucks county. detectives say the victim's sonnies at center of the investigation. steve keeley is live in lower makefield with the chilling details, steve. >> reporter: mom and son lived alone in this house. you can see all of the lights still on, left on by investigators and in the only lights throughout the house but sadly they tell us that blood found in most of the rooms of the house as well. signs that they say of a deadly struggle. the house, all lit up for investigators here for hours, since yesterday afternoon, they left their crime scene, and out front, road still closed, and guarding still investigators returned. they left here while the 30 year-old man who lived here, with his five two-year old mother was arraigned for her murder and then taken to the bucks county prison late last night, zachary cope, had only minor dealings with police here in lower makefield
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previously no one ever suspect he would be capable of this kind of violence, but they will have a psychiatric exam and see if he was under influence of thinking but his mother rebecca bludgeoned and stabbed to death and police found her face down in the kitchen in an odd way yesterday because they got the a call that zachary coke had stopped a motorist and told them something very disturbing. >> it was around 3:00 o'clock this this afternoon our police officers received a call that there was a male up around local hill top area of our township acting suspicious walking around with shorts on and flip-flops. the officers responded to the area, and they located the male when they approached him, he said to them i just killed my mother. so, the officers tracked him back to his home which was 23 lower hill top road and entered the home and found a woman face down in the kitchen floor apparently deceased. >> it appears that the woman was identified as rebecca
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cope, c-o-p-e, was struck with some blunt object the on the head, stabbed and cut. >> reporter: when you stopped that driver not only wearing flip-flops in this cold winter, and, winter chill but covered in blood himself and, put up a fight because he had scratches and cuts on his back, arms, and his legs, and one thing that he told police, in addition to saying i just killed my mother, when they got him back at detective boro over here karen and thomas i clobbered her over the head with the frying pan and a kitchen cutting board and then pulled a kitchen knife out of the drawer and stabbed her. >> wow, really horrifying details. we will get more information on what went down inn identify that house. all right steve, thank you. we have a $20,000 reward for information that leads police to a hit and run driver who struck a 12 year-old. it happened outside of a
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delaware daze care. >> lauren johnson is at new castle county police department this morning with more on the investigation, lauren. >> reporter: hey, good morning thomas. police released new surveillance video they are hoping someone might recognize the car in that video, and it could lead to an arrest and probably a conn convictions. lets lot at kid involved, middle schooler, brian richard, recovering there pretty serious injuries after police say a driver hit him and then never stopped. he was trying to cross the street with a friend when hit. luckily the boy is expect to be okay but he is dealing with several broken bones and many more injuries. check out new video of the car involved, it is hard to tell exactly what it looks like in that video but police believe the driver was behind the wheel of the newer model chrysler 300 red in color. here's a young boys mother about her son's extensive injuries and her hopes for the driver. >> he has a broken left femur, he has got a broken, his right leg is broken. the his foot is shattered, his
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ankle, they have been trying to least pair all that. he has got a fractured skull and facial fractures. >> we are looking for model year 2004 through 2012 chrysler 300, red in color, and it is missing the side-view mirror, the mirror has a yellow film on the glass and should have a chrome back. >> reporter: what would you say to the driver who hit your son, and then did not the stop. >> how could you, like leave a baby, i mean i know he is not the a baby he is a teenager but he is my baby. i can't imagine somebody ever doing that. i just don't think people like that have a conscious and i hope karma hits him. >> if you column not make it out in the video here's what the car looks like red chrysler 300 missing a driver here, and police say passenger mirror has yellow continuity and should be chrome on the back. police are hoping someone will recognize the individual yes
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to track down the driver. boy's mother is thank pull for a day care owner nearby who saw this accident and jumped to her son's rescue. we will hear from her in the next hour, karen and thomas. >> helping her baby out, thank you. funeral services held on monday for fallen new jersey state troop are frankie williams. the last night he was remembered at a vigil in leesberg. rookie trooper had been on the job a few months when he was killed this week by a wrong way driver in millville. his mother, is thanking the community for their strong support. >> i taught him the mess important thing is to love and share and to love everybody and do your best and not just not give it a hundred percent but a thousand percent because i appreciate what you have done for me. every time i got down you pick me backup. >> our continued thoughts with the family. visitation for trooper williams begins monday from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. the atlantic city boardwalk hall.
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funeral services will follow at noon. there is going to be a hearing today in harrisburg, challenging that presidential election recount. in the state of pennsylvania, excuse me. state's lex officials would like green party backed lawsuit to be thrown out. they say jill stein, has in ground to challenge results because you any change will in the make her the winner. so lawsuit is part of the effort to recount votes in michigan, wisconsin and of course right here in pennsylvania. all states where it was very close. president-elect donald trump bringing his thank you tour to our area as well, he will be in hish i next thursday, december 15th, free to the public if interested, it will be at giant arena. today that tourist taking him to louisiana, michigan, it is all coming as he is continuing to make more picks for his cabinet. he plans to nominate a fast food executive, andy pudsor of secretary of labor. he is a ceo of karl's junior, hard ease and other chains. trump has said he will likely stay on as an executive
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producer of that reality show celebrity apprentice that he was the star of. we have not seen very much of her in public since the election but secretary hillary clinton returned to capitol hill on thursday. he was there to help honor outing senate minority leader harry reid. clinton joined joy biden and other leaders for unveiling of the portrait of reid. clinton even joke about how her return to the capitol wasn't quite how she had imagined it would be. >> this is not exactly the speech at the capitol i hoped to be giving after the election but after a few weeks of taking selfies in the woods i thought it was a good idea to come out. >> during her speech clinton condemned the spread of the fake news on line, there have been several fake headlines regarding, involving her campaign, one that even sparked violence. she called it an epidemic that congress should take action against.
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a stunning fall for south korea's first me fail president, historic vote country's parliament voted to impeach park gwenn-hye. she was accused of allowing her close friend and confident to government affairs. her powers will be suspended, probably if the constitutional court considers whether to remove her there office. our nation continues to mourn a true american hero. in addition to being an astronaut john glenn is being remembered as a dedicated husband, father and u.s. military veteran. died thursday at age of 95. he was first american to orbit this planet back in 1962, and then 36 years later he return to space as the oldest person to go into orbit. glenn also serve 24 years in the u.s. senate representing ohio in 1984. he ran unsuccessfully for president. time right now 5:12. mind your manners. >> we're talking about uber. a are the of people take uber. we have reasons why riders
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could be banned from using its service. they have a new and don't do list. also we're talking about delivery right now protect yourself and your gifts. we are getting all these different e-mails. one of them may be fake and could be a major problem. we will break down what you need to know. ♪ most people who sign up for health insurance on qualify for financial help to make coverage more affordable, lowering their monthly premiums. ♪ most find low-premium plans for $50 to $100 dollars-a-month. ♪ these are quality plans that include coverage for doctor visits, no-cost preventive services and prescription drugs. ♪ enroll at by december 15 for coverage starting january 1.
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we have been waiting all day for the snow and it finally started to come. >> talking to holiday shopping, look at this blizzard conditions, we are having a winter conditions all over, this is port land,
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oregon, some people taking advantage of the rare conditions for that area. that was very dangerous for people there and a lot of power outages. >> sue says that is price of living up north. >> yes, the kid getting off of the school bus, the kids that went to school in a snowstorm. half inch around here everything is closed. those are tough kid in portland, oregon. we have the arctic blast moving in now. to show you where temperatures are worse then they are here, it is pretty cold here. we have north dakota with ten below as a actual temperature and it is zero in rapid city. does that make you feel better about these temperatures? probably not. we are in the 20's and 30's but factor in the wind and it feels like the teens and the 20's. nine in mount pocono. we have 20 degrees wind chill in atlantic city and 19-degree chill in wilmington delaware
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with wind gusts up to 25, 23, 18 miles an hour. with the wind factored in it is a blustery day to daze and same will be said for tomorrow, with the cold air moving across the great lakes, a few flurries are making it in the poconos mountains lehigh valley but just flurries. as we look at these future wind chills, i think it will feel like the 20's, all day long. we will go to 2:00 o'clock sunday during eagles game very cloudy, cold, and these are actual temperatures we are forecasting here. by monday morning though we will see precipitation rolling in, and this is where temperature will be critical if we're above freezing in philadelphia we will get rain but we will be close enough, in the 30's, that we could especially north and west see a wintry mix. so we have a seven day forecast with cold temperatures, throughout the weekend, that messy monday morning commute, potentially, and then another one is possible on wednesday. bob kelly?
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>> you will not love this trip. eastbound schuylkill expressway right now accident at girard avenue i'm watching it unfold. there is one of the vehicles involved. this is eastbound coming into philadelphia. i'm not sure if this is, it looks like part of another vehicle, making out a tire there. we have a couple people walking around the roadway. bottom line eastbound schuylkill expressway, only far left lane opened at girard avenue. leaving the house right now i would get red toy jump off at city line and use kelly drive or martin luther king drive to come into center city philadelphia hello to delco, live look at 95 looking north and southbound no problems on i-95 itself. somebody sent me this picture of their elf, fish are price airplane. elf getting out of town before that wintry mix comes their way sunday. blue route looking good southbound heading down to the airport maybe to catch a flight out of philly
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international. by the waste there are no delays at philly international at least this morning. north on the free waste looking good but this weekend they are working on the ramps from the vine expressway to go east on the schuykill. so any one getting down to the stadium area, trying to get to earth 30th or airport you have to go west on the schuykill, flip at montgomery drive and come on back into center city. i have have a brand new christmas outfit i wore last night. check it out, lights kept me warm. i think i was brighter then the front lawn last night, exiter road at academy gardens. take a lot a the light show, huge story, a -- the kid sent me pictures of the house because mom deck raid it every year all by herself. she does it for the kids, and the grand kids and they wanted to vice her. so that we did when we showed up last night in northeast philadelphia i'd love to come to your house. all you have to does snap a picture of your home and post to it facebook, twitter, or
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instagram and make sure you use that #fox 29 lights contest to she pictures on tv and then we will pick another house and we will go somewhere else, next week, so get those pictures in and they are coming to visit you, and i got to come up with a different outfit next week. >> where do you buy these. >> i got that on line. >> well, i believe it. >> always fashion forward, bob, thank you. time is five credit 19. the fatal shooting of two georgia police officers has taken his own life. that guy right there three two-year old miguel lambrick, shot himself thursday during a standoff with police. lambrick shot and killed police officer nicholas smart another southwestern state university officer who was wound in the incident died. both officers were responding to a report of domestic violence. jurors in the death penalty trial of dylann roof have heard really graphic, detailed accounts of what
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happened in that south carolina massacre. they have video that was shown in the jury. it is just too horrible to put on television, in fact, it was so horrible what happened in court that the attorney for roof said suspect's mother collapsed and had a heart attack during the testimony. he is facing 33 counts in connection with that massacre, of nine people at that church. >> time is 5:20. lawyers for former congressman chaka fautors are hoping the judge will go easy on him during his sentencing monday. they want judge to remember fattah's public service abe his 22 years in congress. fattah could go to jail for 17 to 21 years for racketeering. he resigned last june after his convictions. the deadly building collapse in center city was entirely preventable, structural engineer testified as an expert witness in the civil trial from the june 2013 collapse. he said that the tragedy could have been prevented, if demolition had not resumed that morning. six people died and three
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others were injured when the building collapsed on a store. we have good news if you you park in philadelphia, it will be harder for tow truck companies to take your vehicle. city council did pass a measure to crackdown on illegal towing. customers complained that tow companies were judge and jury and they would take your car out. new rules require cars park illegally to be ticketed, before they can be towed. but the owners of the tow companies say this it is not fair it lumps good and bad operators together. >> i think we're all being ground together, everybody has a bad april else in their barrel what do you do with the bad apple? you take it out so other apples don't go bad. >> we need regulatory protocols in place that protect consumers, and allow the good operators to operate. >> the city will wait 30 days until enforcing these new rules, to iron out wrinkles. if you take uber you better be nice and not naughty and company is laying town rules for passengers. here's the list, riders must
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be on time, be at their designated pick up location and buckle up. don't leave trash in the car. you break those rules, you will receive a low rating. uber's also outlining the behavior that its says, well, could get you banned. they include damaging the car, boosting the driver, using foul language and breaking the law. the ride sharing service wants to make sure that all riders and drivers have an enjoyable experience. here's good news salary history on job applications in the city of philadelphia will be a thing of the past. mayor jim kenney will be signing new law to ban employers for asking people their salary history. supporters say you nose what that does it causes pays discrimination specifically against women and minorities. councilman bill greenly sponsored this and said employers should base their salary offer on what the job is worth and what your experience is. similar bills have been introduced in several state legislators in pennsylvania and also in new jersey. >> great move. time is 5:22. coming up on fox 29 morning
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news. we will talk about smiles on kid faces. oh, goodness. i got emily who said she wraps gifts all night long she got kid dressed and say good morning to the sanchez family. good morning to you. thank you. look at those kid. good morning to those kids, having some special moments with santa.
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it is 5:26. on this friday, we have made it the through another week, who will take parties, are starting, for this weekend. so let us know you what are up to, on this day. accepting to some invites. >> i'll come. so we know santa claus, he goes all around planet and world, on his sleigh so he can speak every single language. >> no matter what they speak including sign language. let's take you out to column rod other, sign language santa making a special visit wednesday to cherry creek mall in denver. they do a lot for the community. annual event held at hall, and hundreds of hearing impaired children a chance to personally tell saint nick what is on their list this year. >> it is just a heart warming day to watch these kid get to
5:27 am
sit on sanity a's lap and tell them what they want in their language. >> nearly 300 kids there different schools in the east denver area were brought into meet and sign with santa. event was also opened to the public. i love that. so neat. happy hour play set, i thought this was great, i thought this was a joke. this cannot be for real. >> that is reaction, some parents, upset, over this advertisement. more on that coming up.
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well, get your hats and gloves, and arctic blast, sweeping across our area this this morning. and there is a mother who need your help, someone hit her son that 12 year-old boy outside a day care, and there is a big reward in connection with this case. bizarre story, mother dead her son accused of killing her chilling word the man shared with the stranger just before being taken in. good day, everybody, on this friday, how about those flyers. >> seven in a roast. >> sixers won too. >> yes. >> sixers and flyers, breaking news. >> you see eagles, i saw your tweets out there. >> maybe they can get on the win train. >> it is positive friday here. >> yes. >> well, the energy is good, and you need a lot of energy
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just to shiver in the cold, outside, and look at bus stop buddy we have to get another logo for him because we have flyers logo for their win last night, and, of course, we have to celebrate the sixers whenever they win as well. also we are celebrating national pastry day doing all this to distract you from how cold it is outside. many wind chills are in the teens, we don't have any precipitation in the area, it is all up by great lakes this morning, 31 degrees, but it feels like 21 with your could be convenience time sunrise at 7:11. so these are your wind speeds mostly in the teens at 13 miles an hour in philadelphia, so that makes it feel like it is 21 in the city. nineteen in wilmington. nineteen in allentown. see how many are in the teens this morning. so dress appropriately, layer it up, and even though we will sees sunshine today, it will be deceiving sunshine with those temperatures in the 30's, chills in the the 20's, all day long. we will tell you about how long these temperatures stick around coming up in the seven
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day forecast, bob kelly. >> thankful you paid extra two grand for that seat warmer on the the new car this mornings. 5:32. accident schuylkill eastbound at girard avenue, what a hot mess, it is right at girard after knew off ramp for the zoo, so coming into the city, look at this, everybody pushed off to that left lane and we are stacking up like pancakes here, jammo from city avenue all the way into girard. getting ready to leave the house right now grabbing your coffee and keys, jump off at city avenue and use kelly drive, or the martin luther king drive to work your way, into center city. again, right now there is only one lane opened, eastbound on that schuylkill expressway. otherwise, quiet, 95 coming up from delaware county looking good. no problems on the blue route, heading town to the airport. we're this good shape coming from south jersey and mass transit so far so good with no delays. karen and thomas, back to you. time is 5:32.
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police have video of the car that struck a 12 year-old delaware boy, and just kept on going. >> they are offering a big reward in connection with this $120,000, lets get out to lauren johnson at police department with that lead that they have, lauren. >> reporter: hey, karen lead is new video but you know what when you see video and hear about the long list of injuries, that the seventh grader suffered, head trauma, broken bones you are amazed that you he survived. he is a seventh grade student brian richards is his name trying to cross memorial drive-in new castle county delaware with a friend. police believe the car seen in the newly released surveillance video was involved in that hit and run, they describe it as a newer model chrysler 300, woman who rush to the boy's side moment after the accident tells us what she saw. >> he was laying there on the median, he was crying, holding his head saying that his head hurt, his head hurt and he was saying i'm cold, i'm cold, can
5:34 am
you cover me up so i ran back, got the a blanket and i went backup the street and i put the blanket over him. >> the worst scenario is he is there until the end of january if not longer. he will have to be there for christmas. no, he is not happy. every day owe is going mom, am i going home but he hads to stay there. >> i can't imagine anybody hitting a child and don't have any remorse. you don't stop to get out to see, you know. so, it was really heart breaking. >> well, this is what the car should look like red in color, years 2004 through 2010 model and distinctive features missing driver side mirror and passenger mirror with yellow t int and chrome back. police are offering a $20,000 reward for any information that leads to an arrest, and a later conviction in this hit
5:35 am
and run case, karen and thomas. >> report, lauren, thank you. 5:34. disturbing advertise coverry inside a bucks county home. >> police find body of the woman. they think her sonnies person that killed her. lets get out to steve keeley to explain, steve? >> reporter: well, her son told police, and other people that he did kill his mother, that is how they found him or out about this case. who knows how long she would have been in there. these two lived alone. nobody saw anything or heard anything so they saw this guy, wandering around a main street nearby in flip-flops, shorts and covered in blood. >> it was around 3:00 o'clock, this afternoon our police officers received a call that there was a male up around hill top area of our township acting suspicious walking around with shorts on and flip-flops. the officers responded to the area and they located a male. when this approached him, he said to them, i just killed my mother. so the officers tracked him back to his home, which was,
5:36 am
23 lower hill top road, entered the home and they found a woman face down in the kitchen floor apparently deceased. >> reporter: deceased because, her son, zachary, told police that he had a violent fight with her. he used a kitchen frying pan to hit her over the head and then grabbed cutting board off kitchen counter hit her over the head with that as well. that wasn't enough. he then took a knife out of the kitchen drawer and then stabbed his hotter he told police. he himself as has his own injuries. his mother put up a struggle. not only is there blood throughout the house and signs of a struggle, the chief tells us but this guy had cuts on his back, his arms, and legs. so, his mother did try to survive and did all that she could. five two-year old rest becca cope, a mother, and you can bet as soon as zachary cope gets a lawyer he will order a psychiatric evaluation immediately. karen and thomas.
5:37 am
>> i would expect so. >> thanks, steve on that one. an important warning, we're getting a lot of e-mails and a lot of shopping but do not click on a specific e-mail package delivery notice. it says we could not deliver your parcel make you think you should but do not because this is ransom wear. it is a scam. it will lock up your computer. you have to pay a big chunk to unlock it. investigators say this holiday ffishing is a $445 billion business. >> best to check on the original web site to check on your package delivery. insurance experts say some people get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and they put home security on back burner. those experts say stay safe by using common sense. it is good time of the the year to change batteries and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. also make sure that you have a fire extinguisher, you saw the reason why that tree on fire and if you light that christmas tree make sure you don't overlook a socket with too many light cords.
5:38 am
also if you are heading out of town give your home a lived in look. >> people like to sees family and friend or get to the fun destination? it is fun to get on social media and let everybody know you what are doing. buzz you are also letting people nose you are not home and when people know you are not home it is an invitation for someone to come in and help themselves to your valuable things in your home or apartment. >> put some lights on a timer. >> this is interesting one poll found first time home buyers are more sonsible then those hoff been in the home for several years. >> that is a hot mess, spaghetti cords, that is dangerous. i cannot wait to sees highlights on this. we're talking about taraji, all of the stars that she brought out. it was white hot. we will show you highlights.
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good morning i'm sean bell. sixers on their longest losing streak of the season, eight in a row, they tried to put that to a stop, against the pelicans. sixers dominated in this game especially in the second half, here's illsova he had 23 points, eight board. they snapped their eight game losing streak by losing 99-88. flyers/oilers this game was a shoot-out, five-five in the third, michael rafl, look at this great individual effort, for the goal, the flyers win six-five. their seventh straight victory. eagles getting ready for redskins on sunday, jordan and rice an matthews both rag, both will play on sunday.
5:42 am
big v and dario green beckham will likely not play. in the class 4a championship game in hershey, imhotep had a 11-point lead but that east van rated quickly capped off by this long touchdown pass by cathedral prep, cathedral came back to win 27-20. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. how do you feel about this one a happy hour play set for little ones. >> bottoms up, it is 5:00 o'clock somewhere for three-year olds, another justly.
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good news if you go back and forth between new jersey and pennsylvania, the delaware river port authority says that there won't be any toll hikes, right now. that includes the benny, walt whitman, commodore barry and betsy ross bridge. we are celebrating. drpa passed a 297 million-dollar budget for 2017, and that is up 6 million from last year. that is good news, bob. but didn't we have a big hike a year or two ago, it slammed us not too long ago but now, all right. >> yes, 2012/2013 it was, right. >> 2013, they got you big, wait until next year, enjoy it this year while you can. >> lets all go for a ride over the bridge, what do you say to celebrate both no toll increase, 5:45, good morning. live look at the accident scene on the schuykill express waste, it is eastbound right
5:46 am
before the girard after knew off ramp, down to only one lane here. here's the jammo that begins at city line avenue and takes you all the waste into downtown here at the accident scene. getting ready to leave the house right now grabbing your cough east and keys we will get for a bob kill i detour, jump off at city avenue reallies i and go for scenic, kelly drive tour into town or martin luther king drive but right now schuylkill is a parking lot town to one lane, at girard avenue, so if you give an alternate a try, today is the daze to do it. i'll boost you cough east when you get here. live look at 95 south we have an accident at 141 right down by christiana mall, ben franklin looking good as you work your way in to downtown. remember where we were growing up mom would take to us sears and get our christmas outfits? i got my christmas outfit yesterday, take a look, boom. what do you think. came complete with the batteries and lights kept me warm alternate long as we were out front in northeast
5:47 am
philadelphia on the front lawn up at academy gardens where the kids sent me pictures to honor their mom who decorated the home for 18 years. mom does decorating because dad works a lot of extra hours. eighteen years she decorates. she has stuff that was 30 years old. right there nut cracker boys, she said they are back from the 80's. we had a great time last night in northeast philadelphia if you want me to come tour home i would love to join you, you nose what you have to do, snap a picture and post to it facebook, twitter and instagram so we can have a very kelly christmas at your house buzz use that #fox 29 lights contest, so i can show pictures here on tv, and then pick another house to visit, next week. what is the forecast going to be like for weekend? cold, outside. sueby has got tonight 152nd.
5:48 am
the guy with the hot chocolate will need a few more layers today because cold air has arrived, coldest air for this season, so far, highs will be in the 30's to near 40 today but with the win it will feel like it is in the 20's, all day long. layer it up, appropriate liz, and then we're talking about an interesting situation, make sure you watch fox 29 and stay with us on our web site and weather app all weekend long because potential situation for monday morning where we could start with the the wintry mix north and west of the city and then change over to rain. here we are right now you with very cold temperatures, these are actual temperatures 20,'s and 30's, wind chills, teens and 20's. it feels like 21 in the city, but only 19 in pottstown, wilmington 20, degree wind chill in atlantic city think morning because of these wind gusting as high as 25 miles an hour, or more. no precipitation.
5:49 am
we can see a flurry or two perhaps in the least high valley, up in the poconos mountains but our wind chills will stay in the 20's all day long. these are highs today 39, tomorrow 38, sunday 39 degrees, cloudy skies for the eagles game and whatever else you want to be doing outside and then that mix, changing over to rain, we will be all the waste up to 49 degrees in the afternoon on monday and then 45 on tuesday. then with this lose temperature of 33 degrees on wednesday, we could start out again with the wintry mix changing over to rain on wednesday. so, very decemberish wet ther kind of forecast for next several days, thomas and karen. >> thanks, so much sue. ♪
5:50 am
hey rodolph, we have just about everybody there, because taraji p henson called, stars show up. they had misty he will the yot, run dmc, we had snoop dog, neo, tlc, tyreese gibson and it was a who's who right there and it was white hot. also full house and dave and busters for a special screening of the new show starring here on fox, new drama from the creator of empire and philly's own lee daniels. our own iain page hosted the event with quincy harris of the q show. launched premiere of star next wednesday right after empire season three fall finally, and have of course, stay with us for fox 29 news at ten. >> taking pictures. the looks like fun. who are most over paid anchors in hollywood. well, forbes just released the list of the actors that get paid a lot whose movies do not do well at the box office. number one. >> johnny dep stopping list for spending straight year because of alice through the
5:51 am
looking glass, he was followed up by will smith this year and george clooney but also in many a year they could be the biggest box office stars as well pulling it in. sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. we want to show you a picture of a toy, i saw this on my twitter feed and some people are saying what is that? that can't be what it the is, can it. >> shocking right when you first saw it? it is not real. it is a joke. take a look the alleged place that features a bar, stools fake beer bottles. some parents weren't too happy with this even contacting fischer price even though the company had nothing to do witt. picture right here is a meme created by adam padilla who owns a new york branding agency. he says for the most part people understood it was a joke. other parents actually ordered it. >> it is kind of funny, it is clever, no, it is not for real obviously. you see it, shoot it, our
5:52 am
fresco users helping to show is what happening in your neighborhood. >> lets go out to somers point right now, fabulous night at jordan road middle school in somers point. one of the fresco users down there jeanine she sent this video of the kid out there in the jumping houses and slides. they do it every year. it is a chance for everybody there, parents, kid, teachers, volunteers to have a lot of fun and they were handing out winter coats just in time for these frigid temperatures. more than 500 coats were donated. and there was a member of our family who was proving that nothing can break her spirit. she's amazing. watch this. >> fourth of july, will never be the same. firecrackers, the shots blast, orlando. >> orlando do you remember what happened in orlando? that is voice of the 20 year-old patients carter, she is from our area, one of our interns and she was shot and injured during last summer's pulse nightclub shooting in
5:53 am
orlando, she teamed up with the musician there is to create a song called lost souls. you may remember her really good fringe ak ira murray died in that shooting. she will becoming here about an hour or so, and to talk about this new song and what this is all been like on her journey. so it is 5:53. >> is she going to the show today or tomorrow. today. >> i read earlier she will be on tomorrow but i can't wait to see her. so bake -- fake sales, sit really just a made up deal? some of the big stores who are, putting out prices that have at least one big hard to see, is that ain't right. www.ev]
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
>> ♪ >> welcome back. would you look at that, they are making snow, certainly cold enough to stick around and some of those resorts will be opening up as soon as next week. the temperatures, as you you step outside right now, sue's will tell us how cold it will be getting. let's talk about shopping and fake sales. we know that sometimes we see those discounts that are so deep? are they for real. los angeles city attorney says in the really. at some stores. in fact they are filing a lawsuit against several major retailers where you probably
5:57 am
shop for false advertisement, like jc penny, sears, kohl's, macy's all accused of using deceptive scale or list of what the regular rise is. never ever that regular price is what he is contending. so it makes us all think we are getting better deals and discount then what we are. basically all of those major retailers did not comment on this case and this pending litigation because they say they don't comment on lawsuits. we are all remembering a true pioneer, we saw this news, so sad, former senator astronaut john glenn has passed away. we will look back at the man who helped shape the american space program and his legacy. 5:57. "good day philadelphia" coming up next.
5:58 am
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it is so cold, okay, everybody. >> how cold sit. >> what is that again. >> how cold is it. >> well, i'll tell you temperatures are tumbling right now and arctic blast arriving just in time for your weekend. whoopi. sue serio will tell you how low it will go. how high did he go. >> good ride all the way. >> you god speed john glenn. >> america remembers a true pioneer, former senator and astronaut john glenn passed away we are taking a look back at a man who helped shape the american space program. >> what is his relationship with bucks


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