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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  December 9, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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it is so cold, okay, everybody. >> how cold sit. >> what is that again. >> how cold is it. >> well, i'll tell you temperatures are tumbling right now and arctic blast arriving just in time for your weekend. whoopi. sue serio will tell you how low it will go. how high did he go. >> good ride all the way. >> you god speed john glenn. >> america remembers a true pioneer, former senator and astronaut john glenn passed away we are taking a look back at a man who helped shape the american space program. >> what is his relationship with bucks county.
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>> stutter step, moves, he scores, spectacular rafl gives the flyers the lead. >> i'll have a waffle for mr. raffl, yeah, alex, they dit, flying high in south philadelphia, what a game. it was electric at wells fargo center last night. flyers extend their longest winning streak in five years. can they make it eight tomorrow? man, that will be rocking tomorrow afternoon. >> it is. >> so cool. something to cheer about. is my tie straight. >> looking off to see. >> well, it works. >> yes. >> anyway we have to get organized on this friday. >> yes. >> wake the kids. >> look at what we have. >> look what i have. >> oh, yeah. >> i thought it was a hatchimalls. so, parentally there is a big ship. of hatchihas coming into philadelphia in the delaware valley.
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>> you bet are be ready for it. >> it will happen this weekend, we will tell you where it is going to happen, okay. >> bob wants to necessity how much. >> how much do you want for that. >> how much do you want. >> what are they 65 bucks. >> hundred bucks. >> people are selling these for two or 300. >> 300. >> so we will, i don't know how this works so we will have it hatch on the set here, at some point today. it is friday, december 9th, 2016. >> today, did you know this, it is christmas card day. >> i brought in a sweater to take our family photo. >> lovely. >> i love it, the green, red, blue. >> wait until you see the front. >> share your christmas card with us. we have not taken ours. use the #fox 29 good day and we will share them throughout the morning. >> we should she really bad christmas card photo the owes. >> awkward ones. >> yeah, people looking off. >> yeah. >> that ace nice one. >> do we know those people. >> the manchester family,
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somebody might know them. >> that looks like the example christmas card like the picture you get when you buy the frame. >> where is the mother looking, it looks like she's looking up in the heavens. >> get me out of this family. >> yes. >> somebody give me a spa day i got three kid. >> we have got a six out of ten in weather by the numbers. it is colder then yesterday. the bus stop buddy has his sixers logo, the sixers won, flyers won and national pastry day. how about aes from even croissant. anything left outside today will be frozen. we are seeing lake effect snow by lake ontario, and lake erie, and for us, it is no snow but just cold, cold temperatures. how cold? 30 degrees but it feels like 21, and that is in the city. sunrise time convenience time 7:00 is 11. it is thanks to these wind that are ten, 12, 15 miles an hour that it feels colder then it is. lets get right to the wind chills. eighteen, wind chill in
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pottstown. feels like 19 in wilmington. the feels like to 22 in wildwood, new jersey. a lot of sunshine but deceiving sunshine with temperatures staying in the 30's all daze long but wind chills in the 20's all day. remember your 20's bob kelly. >> i remember 209's. good old days. good morning everybody. we are jammo on the schuykill expressway. two separate accidents here, all eastbound. first accident occurred at the girard. this is second accident within that delay at montgomery drive. if you are getting ready to head out the trent door, again eastbound on that schuylkill expressway, we are bumper to bumper, as you work your way. i got the wrong clicker in my hand. sues, can you hand me that clicker over there eastbound clicker, jammed up working your way i am bound toward downtown from city avenue all the way into girard avenue. look at that 7 miles an hour working in the city. jump off and use kelly or martin luther king drive. another accident, this is
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north, 295, right at route 30. we were off to a quiet start here but things have gone south now. look at police activity here, northbound, 295, right at route 30. it looks like we're in the construction zone here as well with only that far right lane. look at police trying to work their way up the delay here. this will have a dominoes east affect on traffic on the 42 freeway, coming in there new jersey and south on i-95 a crash at route 141. mass transit looking good but bundle up waiting for that train this morning. mike and alex, back to you. a chilling confession lead toe lease to a woman's body in bucks county. >> detectives say it is victim's son that is at center on have this investigation. steve's on the store any lower makefield bucks county. >> reporter: every day mothers give birth the to baby boys and no one ever imagined that baby will within day grow up to murder their mother. thirty years ago then 22-year old rebecca cope gave birth to zachary cope.
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he walk out of his house. they lived loan together in wintertime dressed like it was summertime. shorts and flip-flops, taterd t-shirt and bloody. he walk a couple of blocks, stopped a driver going by, who figured cope needed help. cope told them i just killed my mother. the driver called police right a waste and cope told cops the same thing. they came here and found rest becca cope five two-year old face down in the kitchen, blood and signs of the struggle throughout the house you can see all lit up and last night at police station zachary cope told detectives he hit his mother over the head with the frying pan and then kitchen cutting board and then stabbed her with the kitchen knife. alex and mike. >> high god, what a way to start the day. >> 6:06. the nation continues to mourn a true american hero john glenn died yesterday in ohio. what a good, long life. he was 95 years old. in addition to being an astronaut he was being remember as a dedicated husband, father, u.s. military
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vet, flew in world war two, korean war, fighter jet pilot. john was first american to orbit the earth, in 1962. thirty-six years later he will and john glenn also served 24 years in the u.s. senate, what a life. representing his home state of ohio. funeral plans have not been announced just yet, wow. what a man. there is a $20,000 reward this morning for information leading to police to a hit and run driver who struck a 12 year-old and kept going. >> it happened outside a delaware daze care and that is where lauren johnson is. hi there, lauren. >> reporter: hi there, mike. they are offering $20,000 and they released this new surveillance video hoping that someone will recognize car in that video that hit this midst will school student. lets look at his picture. seventh grader, brian richard is his name recovering from some press i serious injuries
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after police say drive hit him and never stop. he was trying to cross the street with the friend. the boy is expect to be okay but he has a long road to least coverry. check out new video of the car involved, hard to tell exactly what it looks like in that individuals ohio, but police believe that driver was behind the wheel of the new model chrysler 300. here's young boy's mother talking about her son's extensive injuries and her hopes for that driver. >> he has got broken left femur, he has got a broken, his right leg is broken, foot shattered, his ankle, so they have been trying to least pair all that. he has got a fractured skull and facial fractures. >> suspect vehicle is a model year 2004/2012 chrysler 300, it will be red in color. it is missing the side-view mirror, the mirror has a yellow film on the glass and should have a krone back. >> what would you say to the driver who hit your son and
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then did not stop. >> how could you like leave a baby, i mean he is not a baby but teenager but he is my baby, i just can't imagine somebody ever doing that. i just don't think people like that have a conscious and i hope karma hits him. >> if you had a hard time seeing the video this is what it should look like, red chrysler 300 missing a driver's mirror. they say mirror has a yellow t int and chrome back and police hope someone will recognize that vehicle and give them some tips as to what happened that day. the mother, thankful to the little friend with hurst son and with hand who owns a nearby daze care who jumped into action to help. in the next half an her we will hear about exactly what she did to help save the little boy's life. >> let's find this person, my good this is. surprise from the trump campaign last night, the job donald trump will be keeping while he serves as commander in chief, how is that going to
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work. you don't want to be left out in the cold this winter, well, then don't do this in you been anotherrer. new list of things you shouldn't do if you don't want to be banned. >> what are you doing in your uber. >> i didn't nose you could be banned from uber. >> i didn't either.
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welcome back to the good day lounge. are you ready to help me out here. it will be so cold this weekend, so cold. >> how cold is it is this. >> it is so cold this weekend
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i saw lil wayne pull up his pants. it is going to be so cold. >> how cold is it. >> i saw a politician with his hand in his own pocket. >> thank you. >> yes, yes, very nice. >> can we see more of that. >> throughout the show. >> yes. >> good news for drivers in philadelphia, it will be harder for tow companies to take your ride. city council passed to design to stop towing companies from gouging customers and allegedly stealing cars. new rules will require cars illegally parked in private drive ways or on private property to get ticketed before they can get towed but owners of tow companies say it unfairly lumps the good and bad operators together. >> we are all being ground together, everybody has bad april else in their barrel what do you do with the bad apple. you take it out so others don't go bad. >> we need regulatory protocols in place that protect the consumers and allow the good operators to
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operate. >> well, council members and city administrators to wait 30 days to enforce new rules to iron out some of the kinks. mayor kenney will be here to talk about it. if you have questions about this towing bill. >> let us know and we will ask him. >> okay. >> president-elect donald trump bringing his thank you tour to the keystone state, the stop he is making next week to thank pennsylvania voters. >> okay. plus one question your post tension new boss will not aloud to ask you during a job interview. oh, boy.
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6:16 with a look including is what happening right now. coldest air of the season is here, we have been warning you all week, daytime highs only this is 30's, to maybe 40 degrees, but it will feel like it is in the 20's all day long. then we will look ahead with the cold air in place to monday morning, when we could have a wintry mix, that eventually changes over to rain. won't that be fun. so it is only 30 degrees in philadelphia, this is actual temperature, 22 mount pocono. thirty-two in wildwood. these are wind chills and what it feels like and what you dress for, layers, layers, layers, 19 what it feels like in wilmington and atlantic city.
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twenty-one is wind chill in philadelphia. that is what it is like with these wind gusts in the 20, 25 . that is how it will stay most of the day. so 39 to daze, same story for tomorrow with the high of only 38, and that will be even colder, then today, sunday, for eagles game it is still cold and then we will get ready for perhaps a mess in the morning but eventually some rain and then we will repeat that on wednesday morning, bob kelly, but we have a mess of your own, right now. >> what a mess here we have a pile up at 6:17. good morning, everybody. live look at 295 northbound, look at this vehicle here, the rear ended, we have a koran top of another one. this is 295 northbound right at route 30 in the construction zone. i counted about four or five vehicles, there was a truck involved here as well, bottom line only that far left shoulder, moving on through, again northbound 295 at route 30, which is the white horse pike and that is going to have
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not only come minute nest effect on the 295 coming up from the south but also folks coming towards the city on the freeway. even if you don't use 295 this backup is quickly building back into that bellmawr interchange. we have had two separate accidents on the schuylkill eastbound where we're jammo from city line in towards girard avenue and down in wilmington, south on i-95 a crash at route 141. i told you, i had a new outfit last night for christmas lights. >> my goodness. >> look at that. >> i got lit last night in the northeast. >> you got it. >> it came with the big, the big d batteries i had. >> oh, yeah. >> front lawn of the home in the academy gardens, cool story here, kid sent me pictures wanting to surprise mom who decorate the house, and been doing it for 18 years for kid and grand kids. we had a great time. some ornament that she had, like that 130 years old going back to the 80's there. if you'd like me to come to
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your house to celebrate a very kelly christmas i ill wear my suit, my out tit just post a picture to facebook, twitter, instagram and use the #fox 29 lights, and show pictures on tv and we will pick another home this weekend to go out next week. >> where do you plug your lights in? >> recharged by next week. it is also christmas card day. >> wow. >> so share your card with us, use the #fox 29 good day. good one. >> j oann sent this one of the jillian father. heather redturn says fury and bright and she says the cats are always star. >> where does heather work. >> septa. >> thanks, heather. >> and then this is from the tipsy gypsy. dear santa exactly how good are we talking. rocking around christmas tree. this is their 2015 christmas card. she said their 2016 hasn't been mailed yet. keeping it under wraps. >> she's tipsy. president-elect donald
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trump his bringing his thank you tour to pennsylvania. you want to meet him? he will be in hershey on thursday, december the 15th and it is a public event at the giant arena. i think it is more than just a big arena, it is called the giant arena. meanwhile he has pick more people to fill his cabinet and staff. last night's thank you rally this iowa trum april announced his plan to nominate terry brandstat to be ambassador of china. >> wow. >> earlier yesterday he named andy podseras the labor secretary and ceo of the company that own's karl's junior and hard ease and other chains. you go to some of these stops on the thank you tour he is always saying thank you but giving you fresh information that he has been bringing them out the to talk to everybody. >> he announced this as a surprise yesterday afternoon, donald trump campaign says he will continue his reality tv career, while as president of the united states. he will stay on as executive
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producer on celebrity apprentice. when will he have have time tow that? >> well, what do you think we should do about the second segment of celebrity apprentice. >> hold on i'm talking to vladamire putin. >> who is new host. >> arnold schwartsenager. >> that is interesting. >> i guess mark brunette is still with the show. >> yeah. >> okay, the flyers are hot, seven straight wins but this game was unbelievable. they scored three goals in the third, three in the second. orange and black are on fire what a game against the oilers. we have highlights coming up and another game tomorrow afternoon at wells fargo center.
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good morning i'm sean bell. the flyers are on their longest winning streak of the season six in a row they tried to continue it, against edmond ton. this game was a shoot-out, five-five in the third, michael raffl play is here owe. look the at this great individual effort, and that is a goal. flyers win six-five. their seventh straight victory. to the 76ers and pelicans.
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sixers dominate this game, and then in the second half illsova took over, 23 points, eight board, they snapped their eight game losing streak by winning 99-88. eagles getting ready for redskins on sunday, jordan and rice an matthews both practiced and both will play on sunday. big v and dario green beckham will likely not. in the class 4a championship game in hershey, imhotep had an 11-point lead in this one but it evacuated quickly capped off by that touchdown by cathedral prep. cathedral wins 27-20. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. sean bell, see you here in the good day lounge this weekend. so cold out there, this weekend will be really, really cold. >> how cold is it? >> what do you you say. >> how cold is it? >> it is is he cold outside richard simmons started to wear pants. >> for this next i will need
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jaws music from back in the 70's. >> it is so cold outside. >> how cold is it. >> you will need a need a bigger coat. >> thanks, alex. >> i like that. >> i like that. >> i love mike when he is in the lounge. >> sure. >> do you want d jack back. >> who doesn't want him back. >> they are saying he is too old to come back. >> i think he can still play. we need help. we have played redskins on sun take and those are reports about a possible least union with key shawn jackson this off season. he and tim mcmanus say source close says he is intrigued by a possible return to the eagles. he is intrigued mike. >> i'm intrigued about joining the eagles. >> it will not happen but... y think it could happen. >> he is free agent at the end of the season. sunday espn reported that eagles are likely to pursue
6:27 am
signing jackson after the season. there is confirmation there. >> do you think he is too old. >> he turned 30 last month or this month. >> yes. >> this month. >> he has three more years in him. >> yeah. >> it is fine with me. we need somebody to catch the ball. >> yes. >> money, money, money. >> it is always boils down to that, money. the air that we predict is here? what air? arctic air. we will tell you how cold it really is, coming up.
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a mother is murdered and her sonnies the accused killer, chilling word he shared with the stranger, just before being taken in custody. woman is able to fight off, two robbers, but then makes a stunning revelation, why she actually apologized to one of them right before they jumped her. and the big chillies in the air, temperatures plumetting just in time for the weekend. talk about timing. how long will they stick around. good day, it is december the ninth, hey kids, look at what i got. >> a hatchimal. >> we have information of the big ship. of hatchimals is coming this is delaware valley, where you can get them sunday. that is what one stories promising. i don't know how this works. we will figure out instructions and try to make this hatch later today. >> on the air.
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>> yes, on the air. >> yes. >> i read something here where it takes 30 or 40 minutes. but you have to rub it, talk to it. >> yes. >> it always works to me. >> that is right, okay. >> good day everybody, it is friday december 9th, 2016. >> it is national christmas card day. karen hepp's christmas card. >> she sent hers in. >> she did. >> look at that one, very nice. >> with her three boys. >> looking good. >> and #fox 29 good day we will share this throughout the morning. >> is this something you do with your family, sueby. >> well, i just ordered mine yesterday, so i will get a copy of it and take a look. it is us. there is visual evidence of how cold it is, air is so cold when it comes across the great lakes? it causes lake effect snow. that is why places like erie and buffalo get so many snow. syracuse new york, albany, it is bitter cold but we don't have snow. chills in the teens, bus stop
6:32 am
buddy is bundled up with pastry day, celebrating that and wins for both flyers and sixers last night, yeah, so there is something to keep you warm, hopefully you have layers on. 30 degrees. feels like 21. sunrise time 7:11. these wind speeds are anywhere from 17, 12, 14 miles an hour and it feels so much colder then it is. many wind chills like in lancaster, wilmington, dover, millville are in the teens this morning. it hasn't been this cold since february this year and it takes some getting used to. hopefully we have warned you enough about it that you will be prepared and don't forget your shade today here bob kelly because it will be sunny but it will be deceiving because it is not warm. >> wow. >> 6:32. a lot going on there and on 295 as we look live at multi vehicle accident, one of those seven cars pile up where one car goes under the other. we had a tractor trailer
6:33 am
involve northbound lanes have of 295. is there one of the cars up on the flatbed but everybody push off to that tar left shoulder and this is causing a backup from at least the freeway all the waste up into route 30 whiz is white horse pike. your best alternate instead of the 295 use the new jersey turnpike. you'll sail right past it and avoid the whole mess but expect delays on the 42 freeway, that is already backed up, folks trying to get into philadelphia here's an example, which one would you take? sixty minutes on 295 or 17 on the new jersey turnpike. >> seventeen. >> that is way to go. >> turnpike is your alternate. do you think it is cold? how about a water main break. pennsauken route 130 northbound water all over route 47. so that will be an icy mess throughout the morning. mike and alex, back to you. disturbing, discovery inside have a bucks county home, blood and then a woman's body. >> it looks like, some guy has killed his hotter, steve's on
6:34 am
the story lower makefield. >> reporter: you can see in the dark lights on in all of the rooms and blood where we're told in most of the rooms signs of a deadly struggle throughout this house all lit up for investigators that were here all night last night for hours and then left the crime scene command truck here parked out front still guarding, you can see by a patrol car and yellow police crime scene tape, flapping in the win as the street is still shut down. investigators plan to be back, reason they left here, it was to take 30 year-old zachary cope, in for arraignment late last night. he lives here with his five two-year old mother rest becca and it looks like he has killed her according to police. zachary has been taken to the bucks county prison. he had only minor dealings with police up until yesterday afternoon up around 3:00. no one suspect he would be capable of any kind of violence like this, his mother rest becca bludgeoned and stabbed death and police found
6:35 am
her in the kitchen, face down, and found out about the murder in a odd way yesterday from zachary cope himself. >> it was around 3:00 this afternoon our police officers received a call that there was a heal around the hill top area of our township acting suspicious liz walking around with shorts own and flip-flops. officers responded and they located a male. when they approached him he said i just killed my mother, so, the officers tracked him back to his home which was 23 lower hill top road, entered the home and found a woman face down in the kitchen floor apparently deceased. >> they're only two that live in that location. >> later zachary told the police that he hit his hotter over the head with a frying pan and then a very heavy, kitchen cutting board and then took a kitchen knife out of the drawer and then stabbed her. there were signs that his
6:36 am
mother did try to fight for her own life because zachary himself not just covered in her blood but his own, he had scratches, scrapes, cuts on his back, arms and his legs. extremely sad story for neighbors here who knew nothing like this could ever happen and police tell us minor incidents with zachary in the past and now this. >> unreal. >> all right. >> horrible. >> 6:36 on this friday. well, this morning, the nation mourns the loss of former astronaut and u.s. senator john glenn. what a life he led. john served this world war two and korean war and was a respected test pilot as well. then he joined the space program. he became fame news 1926 when he became first american to orbit the planet earth. after leaving nasa john served as u.s. senator from ohio for 24 years and then he got back in a spacecraft and return to space at age of 77, in 1998,
6:37 am
on the space shuttle discovery president-elect donald trump calls john glenn a truly great american hero. >> our nation mourns the passing of one of our great heroes. he was a giant among men and a true american legend who inspired generations of explorers and dreamers and we will honor his legacy by continuing to push new frontiers in science, technology and space. >> senator john glenn, a friend to many of us and a between win american hero passed away today. i know tributes will be flowing. >> as you drive around the delaware valley you will notice flags all across the country are flying at half staff. john glenn was 95 years old, good, long life. i understand there is a connection to bucks count
6:38 am
which john glenn, apparently train at some point up this bucks county, to know what it would be like to be weightless in space. >> i remember as a kid laying down early in the morning watching my black and white tv in witches to kansas when he lift off. he circled the earth maybe three times and then splashed in the atlantic ocean. >> my gosh. >> man, wow. >> everybody saying a true american hero. >> need climb into this friendship seven was the name of his capsule, this little capsule. >> before he went off, god speed. >> now he is with god. >> let me think back, first guy ever to go up in to space, allen shepherd and then who was second. gus griscom. sue, okay. >> and then john glenn, he will not only go up, but you
6:39 am
will circle the earth. >> he wanted to go to the moon but kennedy was like no, you you are too valuable to us right here on earth, but he still got to go backup at 77. >> we made it to the moon in 1969, for sure. >> if you live in bucks county you remember anything like this did he train in that weightless capsule up in bucks county let us know. 6:39. police have video of the car that struck a 12 year-old delaware boy and just kept on going. >> this was what back on monday, right? so now the reward is up to $20,000 for any information, are they getting any closer to this, lauren. >> they have released new surveillance video. when you hear about the long list of injuries that this young boy suffered, bleeding on the brain, fractured skull and he had broken bones, you are amazed that he survived this. lets look at his picture. this is seventh grade student brian richard just trying to cross memorial drive-in new
6:40 am
castle county delaware with a friend when this happened. police believe that the car seen in the newly released video is car that was involved in the hit and run. they describe it as a newer model chrysler 300. woman who rushed to the young boy's side just moments after the accident tells us what happened. >> he was lying there on the median, he was crying, and holding his head saying his head hurt, his head hurt and he was saying i'm cold, i'm cold can you cover me up. so i ran back, i got a blanket and i went backup to the street and i put the blanket the over him. >> he will be there until the end of january if not longer. so he will have to be there for christmas. no, he is not happy and every day he is asking if he is going home but tough to stay there. >> i can't imagine anybody hitting a child and don't have any remorse, you don't stop to
6:41 am
get out to see. so it was really heart breaking. >> we're glad he survived this but here is the car, this is what it should look like actually red in color, year 2004 through 2010, distinctive feature missing driver's side, side mirror and passenger side mirror should have yellow t int and be chrome on the back. police have that reward at $20,000 for any information that leads to both an arrest and a conviction, mike and alex. >> lets get this done, and soon. thanks, lauren. lets get to some good news, flyers did it last night. >> they sure did. >> what a game, they scored six goals. they win six-five. their winning streak is up to seven. can they push it to eight. we have highlights of the impressive win over the oilers.
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6:44. good morning. welcome back. we are looking live from sky fox over the scene of this multi vehicle accident that has caused a hot mess on 295. this is 295, northbound, right at route 30. look at this, the front of a lot of these vehicles, about seven cars all together on one of those classic fender-bender pile ups where one car wound up going on top of another one. it looks like they stop short in the left lane and then just like a dominoes, an a card yan effect there, everybody got piled up. there was a tractor trailer
6:45 am
involved. only the far what would be the right shoulder there, is opened, as we look live from skies fox. lets go to our ground shot again northbound lanes of 295, a mess from the 42 freeway, all the way into route 30. which again it is white horse pike. your best bet to avoid the mess would be to use the new jersey turnpike, look at the difference in towns. forty-nine minutes on the 295 traffic jam or 17 on the new jersey turnpike, pay the toll on the turnpike, and save yourself sometime, double accidents in wilmington, delaware, south on 295, right at 95 interchange. then 495 northbound right at 12th street and water main break something, we can certainly use this on a different day, route the 130 northbound we are all iced up there at route 47. how cold will it get? sueby has the answer in 15 seconds.
6:46 am
cranking up the heat inner that automobile this morning because arctic air is moving in now and it is moving in and feeling a lot different out there. if you want to feel better, here's where it is colder, wrapped city south day coat, one below and miknotter dakota one below. colder in canada. now lets look at our numbers. it is 30 in philadelphia most of the actual temperatures 20's and 30's, below freezing for the actual temperature and even colder for the wind chills. the wind chillies 21 in the city, 20 in redsing and it is in the teens just about every where else, so just on the safe side dress for wind chills in the teens, be prepared for that cold, westerly wind that will be moving through making it feel and we are not expecting anything more than a few you flurries, and in the lehigh valley, in the poconos, just flurries flying around nothing
6:47 am
that will stick. we're concern about sun take night into monday though, blowing past the weekend. the it is critical what the temperature will be when this precipitation moves in. for a lot of us, it may just be rain but it will be close enough of a call that maybe we will start off with a wintry mix and then switch over to rain, gannon monday morning. 39 degrees, 38 tomorrow and 39 sunday. cold stays with us all day licensing including for eagles game sunday a potential mess on monday morning, and another one guys, on wednesday, won't that be fun. raffl stutter step move, he comes in and he scores. spectacular. raffl gives the flyers the lead. >> how about that era macing finish, wells fargo center last night michael raffl
6:48 am
scores with less than two minutes left in the third period, giving flyers a six-five lead extending their flyers winning streak to seven. seven. etan sander is here from 97.5 the fanatic. >> it didn't look good at the start from the first period flyers got down two to nothing. >> last two wins have not looked good but this team is on to something this winning streak is legitimate because they are gritting it out. >> what are they doing in the second period they scored three straight and in the third three straight. >> they had to do it again twice. they like to make things difficult as they extend the streak. why have it boring, easy and put a team away in the first period. make it difficult. >> how about raffl scoring that one, game winning one. >> amazing pass set up by voracek and to have vision to put the puck in the certain area where only raffl can get it and move that he makes to solidify that win. it shows you how you well this team is playing on all levels right now.
6:49 am
mason doesn't have a good night, offense picks him up. >> claude giroux the captain, he scored too. >> he started the come back initially first three goals. that has been huge for him to get on the board and to score not only to be in the sixth man but to score, that is huge. >> why do you think they have turn it around. >> these seven games it has been steve mason. if you want to look at the win streak as a whole last night was different but as a whole it the is steve mason. when you have one goaltender and toss than the have someone breathing down your neck like michael neuvirth, mason has been able to breathe and he is, right now the runner of the ship and it is great feeling to have a good goaltender. >> it is also good to be able to root for a team to go well. eagles started off three and zero and now they have a conference rival redskins. i have a feeling though some flyers fans, home season ticket holders have sold tickets.
6:50 am
>> you mean eagles fans. >> you said flyers. >> yes. >> that would be a dirty trick to play on the rest of us, wouldn't it. >> yes? to sell season tickets to the enemy. >> tickets to the fans of the enemy. >> you know it happens. >> well, this better happen because they better come to play, or doug pederson will get booed. >> i think he willard less. the at some point it will happen. this was brutal. rod niece mccloud play and zach ertz play, on either side of the football. i don't think they will win this game, reality that is washington beat them up the first time. it was only close because of the scoreboard. that game was out of reach. defense had a chance to win in the end and they didn't. i don't know what changes. i don't know how doug pederson and this offense has found something they can counter what washington did last time. >> it will be cold too. >> bundle up. >> you mentioned yesterday but we formal liz announced here on "good day philadelphia"
6:51 am
that we, we are taking a break from the wentz wagon and we are happening on the wayne train. >> what do you think of that. >> can't they be simultaneous or do we only to have do one or the other. >> listen we have a hard time focus to go begin with. >> true. >> what i want to ask you etan i hear you can free style. >> is that right. >> who told you that. >> who told you that line. >> is that not right. >> not the on the spot. >> you are coming back in the next hour, can you do something about the wayne train. >> about the wayne train. >> now i have no choice, i cannot say no on live tv or i won't aloud back. >> do you want d jack back, desean jackson. >> no, there are about 40 other options, young are options, faster options. >> a wide receiver will come out if you rub this hard enough. >> a better one. >> and, you will know, you need someone intense. >> it is in the shape of the
6:52 am
football. >> see you next hour. >> the wayne train. >> okay. >> we will see if both matthews play on sunday. they rag yesterday so we will see. 6:52. >> don't want to be left out in the cold? don't do this in your uber. new list of things you shouldn't do if you don't want to be kick out. >> have you ever been kick out. >> i have not. >> i nose you have. >> twice.
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
marry says happy holidays from jose and mary. they are elves. is that one elf dabbing. >> you did it right. >> joann kelly says here's this years car, charlotte, marie and sophie. >> okay. >> so, i take uber all the time. so do you, alex. >> yes. >> if you take uber the company is laying down rules for its passengers. i had no idea there were rules. >> i could not nose you could get banned, outlining behavior that will get you banned. they include damaging the car. >> okay. >> abuse the driver. >> yes. >> using foul language and breaking the law. >> what the... >> they say they want to make
6:56 am
sure all riders and drivers have an enjoyable experience. i have noticed past couple times, they will have a video camera facing back and see you're being recorded. i said what is this? in case anybody says anything, you don't have to do my word verse your word. i have video evidence of what happened in the car. >> lawyers out there do i need to be informed that i'm being videotaped? >> i mean, it is right on the dashboard in the center, it the is obvious. you can wave, see yourself. >> do you ever wave. >> i hade behind the seat. >> here's the deal, i'll behave in the back of the uber car if you shut up. notice uber drivers, lot of them, and i love them, they love to talk more than cabdrivers. >> yes. i think there is a little bit that i nose they want to make extra money these drivers. some of them are kind of lonely. >> ahh. >> they just love to chat.
6:57 am
>> when you want to be paid to chat. >> i love to chat the with people. there is no question about it. but sometimes, you know. >> one time i was out of town. i took uber. i got a tour of the city. they were talking. giving me the whole tour. >> i don't know if i need to hear about your broken vacuum cleaner, it is fine. i had to be cranky. >> maybe in your ear phones. >> i tried that. >> it doesn't work. >> i have tried that. >> get on the phone. >> i have done that too. >> they still talk to you. >> yes. >> i love to chat. >> she's back, patients carter do you remember this name. powerful word from the survivor of the pulse nightclub shooting, six months an on monday, six months, patients one of our interns is back, you should see how her life has turned around since being shot in the nightclub, she's with us live today.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
a mother is found dead, her sonnies the accused killer. his chilling word to a stranger, moments before his arrest. plus, the strong voice of a survivor. >> i remember trying to stand, thinking i just can't, the pain it


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