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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  December 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> live from sent city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11.
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and tonight at tumbling. but that's just part of this weather story we're following for you. in addition to the coldest air we felt all season we're alse f. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney and talking about this cold is one thing but feeling it will be something else altogether. let's get straight over to meteorologist scott williams for the brutal details. scott. >> hi there dawn. get ready to crank that heat you. i mean high tepp hers today onln philadelphia since february. so 10 months look at ultimategh. a couple of light flurries in parts of berks county, northern chester county, also, moving into section of montgomery county. but the bigger story is the cold. freezing right now in philadelphia. 32 degrees. you factor in those winds how your body reacts it feels like 24 degrees. so that's how you should dress la t 30 right now in millville. 29 in wilmington. 29 in trenton. but once again, the wind chill,
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ah it feels like seven in the poconos. it feels like 17 in lancaster. it only feels like the low to mid 20s right now down the sho shore. so overnight lows we're looking at 26 in atlantic city. 28 in philadelphia. 17 in the poconos. and across the region for tomorrow, similar to today, a high tomorrow center city only 39. 40 down the shore still kind of blustery. 36 the high tomorrow in the lehigh valley. with on and off again passing what about sunday? we'll start off as some snowfall. north and west. places like reading, allentown into the afternoon. here's the clock sunday at 4:00. as we move toward 6:00 p.m.t snl chance far north and west temperatures though cold during the eagles game with mostly cloudy skies on sunday then sunday night, temperatures start to warm. so we're talking about that wintery mix north and west. but overnight into early monday, it's going to be wash away as those temperatures climb and
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winds kind of surge out of the south so that means we will see a brief coating north and west maybe a couple of inches places like reading and allentown as we roll that clock ahead but then we will see most of that washed away as those temperatures climb well above freezing across the area. so that kick off forecast, cloudy, cold, temperatures in the 30s. but feels like temperatures will be in the 20s. so cold for tailgating and cold at the linc. here's that sunday night snapshot we're talking about a late sprinkle or flurry. someig some flurries by 10:00 o'clock and then that brief wintry mix to all rain for much of the area. the seven day forecast shows we warm up to 51 on monday. another possible wintry mix wednesday much look at thursday and friday, dawn, even colder air with another arctic blast. >> i'm not ready. [ laughter ] >> if you haven't dusted off your heaviest winter coat
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probably is now the time. the air has noticeable sting in it on this coldest night of the season. the dropping mercury means advocates for the homeless are certainly staying very busy tonight. it's crucial on nights like this if he they find a warm place to stage let's get out to fox 29's brad sattin live tonight in center city with more on that. brad? >> reporter: dawn, those out reach teams actually work 24 24/7365 days a year trying to get text into shelters out of the cold. obviously with the temperatures we're seeing over the course of the n few days they are working double time but still despite the cold, some folks just won't go. getting people off the streets and into the warmth during this code blue weekend is samuel vasquez mission. he's been on the on the side. >> i was once homeless for 12 years. >> reporter: he's part of the project home out reach team trying to convince people to stay in one of the nearly 30 shelters in the city with beds added this weekend. he was called to this location on chester avenue after report of three men living in a tent. they did not want help.
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but they did accept samantha money row's act of kindsness. she got them the tent. >> i look across the industry i can't look out my window every day and see someone in need and not help them. it's not human. >> reporter: it really break your heart. >> it does. >> reporter: we found others too dropping off clothing they bought at the local dollar store to very appreciative people. but the head of the city office of homeless services says it's best to give to local charities rather than directly to those sleeping outside. >> in the heart of hearts they want to help and they think taking blankets, sleeping bags, tents, is really going to make a difference and we think it just -- it encourages people to stay out and we really want people to services. >> reporter: code blue have been declared in montgomery county and camden, dawn they run until monday. >> all right, thank you, brad. you can stay prepared for the cold and possible snow by downloading the fox 29 news app. you can look at live radar
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images and get weather alerts sent right to your phone. it's free. just download the app from the apple or google play stores. a solemn remembrance in northeast philadelphia tonight for lieutenant joyce craig. she was the city's% female firefighter kill in the line of duty. >> we know that joyce made the supreme sacrifice we want to remember how she lived and it's great to see the living legacy that we have here and are able to honorary that way. >> many coming out to engine 64 to remember and honor lieutenant craig on the two-year anniversary of her death. craig was just 36 years old when she died fighting a fire at a two-story row home in west oak lane. she's remembered as a hard worker who was devoted to her community. craig was an 11 year veteran of the fire department. happening now, temple students are double checking their windows. this after a young man peeping through a female college student's window is caught on camera. police are now releasing this video hoping you can help
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identify the north 15th street peeper. the victim told police she was in her bedroom changing when she saw a man and what appeared to be the flash of a camera through her window. it happened about 10:30 monday night. she told investigators that she had a similar experience last month. police want this peeper caught before he strikes again. developing right now an evident to safe lives in the wake of the opioid epidemic. health professionals want addicts to know that there is help out there. their plea comes after a couple dozen people in our area died from suspected overdoses in just one week's time. fox 29's dave kinchen is live in port richmond where at least one of those overdoses happened. dave? >> report roar one of them happened here in port richmond and we can tell you that we're not too far away from really the epicenter of this crisis. but we can also say that the answer part of the answer is in our area, too. >> this epidemic has really touched so many lives. >> reporter: call to act from
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the montco based recovery centers of america. meeting with drug addicts and health professionals just as the philadelphia medical examiner says 35 people in five days died from suspected heroin related overdoses. a handful of similar deaths in bucks county too. >> people have been dying all along to have it so close together and all these people in such a close radius of each other, um, it's the drug, too. the drugs aren't getting any better. targeting stronger. >> reporter: with much of the latest heroin mixed with synthetic opioid called pinky making it even deadlier. tonight the recovery centers of america announced a boost in out reach with the new heroin opioid institute. >> which is the first teac teacg hospital devoted entire toll treating heroin and opioids. we think that we need that. we have cancer institutes across the united states. we have hospitals that are devoted to heart and lung and we've yet to open up a facility devoted entirely to treating
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heroin and opioids. >> reporter: and for more information on that institute and their efforts rca call i was hundred-recovery. >> thank you, dave. police in new jersey are after a real life grinch. someone is out to ruin the holiday spirit in evesham. police say they've gotten more than a dozen reports of stolen or vandalized christmas decorations. most recent happened todayto laf the lawn of a hope on knox street during the day it happens neighbor concerned. someone stole their santa last week and it's upse upsetting upr their children g came out oned d something looks different. santa claus is gone. whole bunch of people got their stuff taken. >> police say lawn projectors have also been stolen and christmas lights cut. they have posted a warning. the police on their facebook page for neighbors to be on the look out.
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we will fine out monday if the green party's efforts to seek a recount from the presidential election will go through in pennsylvania. federal judge paul diamond had you had arguments today at the federal courthouse in old city. lawyers for green party candidate jill stein want to recount the ballots cast on november 8th in pennsylvania. they claim it's possible that computer hacking occurred. state election officials host say there's no evidence of any interference. but president obama is not convinced there hasn't been outside interference and today he ordered a review of the election season cyber attacks. the president is asking intelligence officials to look at all hacks including those e-mails leaked that made headlines. us intelligence officials accuse russia of hacking e-mails of democratic officials and the clinton campaign. the kremlin denies those allegations. the white house says foreign interference in an american election cannot be taken lightly. some republicans are pushing back claiming this is damaging the credibility of the electoral process.
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well if you have a pet it's probably hard to imagine live without them but your furry friend could be providing you with a whole lot more than just companionship. the new information about the april visible hell battles pets are helping us win. and if you are looking for a way to beat the cold this weekend, our hank flynn well he's got you cover. >> reporter: it's freezing cold many where you going to find a good auto race? the season is over. oh, i know, right here at the sun national bank center in trenton. they've got midget racing indoors tonight and saturday. >> hank takes us on the track coming up. >> online retailers are watching their sales climb this monthly day season but the west cost security scoreboard says the 48 biggest retailers have issues with domain security. that means their sites are not necessarily set up to protect your data from hackers. security score barred recommends better security training
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will go below ground to figure out what exactly is going on. the streets will be replacing the stones. safety barricades and traffic cones were put up to protect drivers and their vehicle. only however after fox 29 started taking pictures today. drive safe. it's a dangerous mess. >> yeah, yeah, every day we go passed it up and down. >> reporter: you've been through it before. >> yeah. i hope it don't sing. >> reporter: it's already singing. [ laughter ] >> we going to be in trouble. >> fox 29 will keep an eye operate on the work. it is certainly an embarrassment to the city's most popular tourist destination. well most folks will tell you that you need big tracks and warm weather for auto racing but you might be surprised to find there's car racing this weekend two weeks before christmas in a hockey arena in trenton. it's true. only fox 29's hank flynn knew about it and he went to check it out. all right.
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guys, let's go, start rolling out. >> reporter: driving race cars is an addiction. isn't come on, move it. >> reporter: when it gets cold out the real racer goss inside. it's where the action is. >> this is the cream of the crop inside here. modified drivers, dirt modified drivers. super modified drivers. every breed is in here racing. >> reporter: anthony races year round. the mat want, new jersey, native running friday and saturday nights at the sun national bank center in trenton. driving a car that belongs to liquid lou chi cone. >> got to be really on your game. got to be really like fast reflections and fast thinking and when you go indoors like anthony does is you push outside racer. >> reporter: anthony and his team are good. they've won lot of races including three out of the last four indoor battles at atlantic city boardwalk hall. they know what they're doing. but this car is new to them it's giving them some issues.
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>> always got bugs. new car, new team, new deal. all new stuff. so starting at the ground floor. you always got to work the bug out. it takes time. >> reporter: took most of the afternoon it turns out. the boys try to practice run but got shut down by what they thought was bad fuel pup and wrenches turned out they went again. just to have the same problem occur. no power. the guys suspect add loose part in the fuel tank so they pull the tank out. took it outside and gave it a shake. >> whoa! >> let me see that thing, man. >> that's the source of all your problem. >> i hope so. >> clogging the line. >> reporter: amazing how something so small can cause big issues that's racing. dozen of other teams were dealing with comparable issues all day. some worse. anthony just glad he and the guys can get back on track and get the car dialed in.
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[ inaudible ] >> reporter: so you missed friday but they'll run saturday. tickets run between 20 and 30 bucks, kids to 211 get for five buck. hard to beat that. tweet me if you love racing at fox 29 or the house at fox 29 philly. you see it, you shoot it our fresco users are helping us show what's happening in your neighbor. so chris what is going on tonight? >> well, dawn, our fresco user arlene lee in center city today. for a justice rally it brought together a long list of local organizations and advocacy groups they say they are gathering for justice in the face of a donald trump presidency. among the reasons they're coming together, clean water, hepatitis c treatment for prisoners and other issues. the group says many people experienced racism under former mayor frank rizzo and they talked about parallels they see with donald trump. >> ♪
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and lots of fun today in north philadelphia. the spanish american law enforcement association coming together to sing spanish christmas caroling for senior citizens in norris square. it is beginning to look a lot like christmas in the 1700s. fresco user nicole johnson takes us to one of camden county's oldest homes in pennsauken. the bureau dover house lit up with classic old-fashioned lou any mary's instead of the holiday lights we all know today. the 306-year-old home was open to the public tonight. even santa claus stopped by to greet visitors. well when you see news happening, make sure you take out your phone and shoot it make sure to use the fresco app and send it to our newsroom. dawn? >> all right, pretty picture there. thanks, chris. turning to your health now, and some of our best friends pets can play a big role in helping people with mental disorders manage their illness. british researchers asked 50 adults with long term medical
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conditions about the role their pets play in their social networks and 60% placed their pets in their most important circle above family, friends and hobbies. another 20% placed pets second. researchers say their results suggest pets should be considered for long-term management of mental health problems. and sean brace here now with a look at what's ahead in spor sports. hi, dawn. >> hello. >> you know over the last few weeks i've heard a lot of criticism toward eagles rookie quarterback carson wentz. i'm hear to tell you why you need to direct your anger elsewhere. my commentary neck. what do doctors from leading cancer centers
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in the country have in common? many of them now call cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia home. expert medicine works here. find out why at cancer treatment centers of america.
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♪ sean brace says people need to calm down with the criticism of carson wentz much his commentary in 15 seconds.
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♪ little exercise for all eagles fans tonight. instead of looking at dak who has weapons and is winning down in dallas i want all eagles fans to look at troy aikman's rookie season. zero-11. nine touchdowns 18 picks. peyton manning three and 13 as start his rookie year. folk it's hard to win football games at the professional level. so for the vocal carson wentz detractors realize it's not going to be pretty these final four games. right now carson wentz has not won but two undrafted free agent at the receiver position. the run game is not existent. due to injuries and lane johnson being suspended for 10 games. let's not forget about that. let's not lose focus on the fact that everybody now has tape on wentz and more importantly doug pederson offense. the truth is that over the next four games the attention and criticism fair or unfair needs to be on head coach doug pederson and his staff. the struggles for wentz are
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expected. but throwing the football 60 times having a defense that struggles to get off the field and having your start tight end missed blocks on purpose yeah those things are not wentz. that's squarely on the coaches. and with four games to go this season, a message to all coaches and fans. the lights are shining bright and the eye in the sky don't l lie. how about helping the kid out instead of tearing him down? dawn. >> all right. sean, thank you. actor judge reinhold has apologized to police saying he's embarrassed about an exchange that landed him in handcuffs. police arrested the 59-year-old actor yesterday after he refused to tsa screening at the dallas airport. he apologized after he got out of jail today. blaming an adverse reaction to medication for a respiratory infection. you probably know him from fast times at rich montgomery high and beverly hills cop. legendary actor kirk douglas is officially a sent nanny. he turned 100 years old today. look pretty good.
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he's best known for playing the title role in the stanley 1960s film spartacus. he celebrated the big day with afternoon tea party. happy birthday kirk douglas. that will do it for us tonight at 11:00. i love that game more entertainment news straight ahead with tmz and dish nation and chasing news followed by the simpsons. we're back here at 7:00 a.m. for fox 29 newsweek end. >> scott you'll be back. >> sean will be back too. >> i'll be asleep, guys. i'm sorry. have a great night and thanks for joining us. ♪
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- >> all right, we finally did it. we found a black guy who wants to play at the inauguration. >> we got ne-yo at l.a.x. he was asked, if you're called up for the inauguration, would you sing? >> yeah, get the check, have a good time. and still -- >> and then he gave him the middle finger. >> you think donald trump will hear this interview and say who the hell is ne-yo? somebody look him up. >> no, he said he would play. tremendous talent. amazing singer. the greatest. >> kanye west resurfaced sporting a new haircut. his hair is blonde now. >> it's the same reason people change your hair after a breakup. you're trying to change who you see yourself as. >> you have a nervous breakdown, you completely lose it and the man haircut. >> sarah jessica parker opened up her first shoe store and she's actually working as a shoe salesperson. >> she's one of the most


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