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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  December 12, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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here we go, happening right now on the fox 29 morning news, frigid temperatures and slick streets across our area could affect your morning commute. we will tell you what you need to know before you head out the door. and also, we have a sad good bye on this day, we're saying good bye to the state troop shore lost his life a week ago. there will be so many hundreds gathering we have a live report from down the shore by the boardwalk. also looking ahead on this monday a federal judge is going to decide the fate of chaka fattah today, what could be in store for the u.s. congressman. good monday morning to you , we promised to bring you good news on this is what your good news from your weekend. >> good news is i did absolutely nothing, i just hung around, ate some cookies, chocolate, and watched a little bit of the game but glad i did not invest a whole entire afternoon in the game. >> that is the secret, dip in and out a bit. >> difficult get my hatchimal, and when we get out there and celebrate and dance too much
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and couple too many lievations but it is fun. >> overdosing on the hot cocoa this morning. it is bus stop buddy but red which his rain gear on for most of us, this is becoming a rain event but you really got to watch it out in the suburbs northern and western suburbs, that is where it is dicey but for us it is rain and fog with temperatures mostly in the 30 's and 40's, winter weather advisory still out there but a little bit less real estate covered there with berks, lehigh, northampton, carbon, monroe and half bucks, montgomery and chester counties included. it is all because temperature is dictating what type of precipitation you will get right at freezing in allentown , pottstown, below in mount pocono, 39 degrees, though in philadelphia where we're only seeing rain and we have for a couple of hours, 39 in wilmington. forty-seven in wildwood. is there warm air moving from the south and all of this precipitation, still moving through the area, so no matter what you're getting it is messy out there, little lighter in south jersey and
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delaware but there is still rain around there, as well, and again, dicey places are west and north of the city, just allow yourself extra time because fog, they may slow you down as well. still fog any reading, trenton , pottstown and now down in millville as well and maybe 2 inches of accumulation up toward pocono mountains for snow but you for most of us, it is just wet until lunchtime and then mostly cloudy and end up being a mild afternoon with a high of around 50 degrees but another plunge in temperatures coming up, bob kelly in that seven day forecast. >> wow, good morning, everybody. it is monday morning. i know you feel like pulling these covers back over your head and staying right there, i don't blame you because here's is what out there ahead of you. 5:02. live look at schuylkill expressway, we have heavy rain , ponding, slippery conditions, further are north you go we have got some snow and then, of course, that change over line sue was just mentioning. the here's a live look downtown on the vine street expressway, 295, everything
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will be slower then normal because of the weather conditions. the here's still shot from the poconos, where they got snow, luckily though it is landing on the grass surface not so much the major roadway. but the on and off ramps are always slippery, crews are out there putting town some salt last night. we will have domino delays at philly international, chicago got hit with big snow yesterday, so all of those flights, are all upside down as far as, the arrival and departure times go so check with your airline before you head down to the airport. turnpike, 295, slower than normal speeds expected and septa kicked in a new timetable for its regional rail line. grab a new schedule and on top of that expect weather delays, today on the buses, trains and trolleys. a final farewell to a new jersey state trooper, killed in the line of duty. troop are frankie williams will be laid to rest today in atlantic city just one week after head on crash that took
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his life. >> our jenny joyce is live where mourners will be gathering in just a few hours, jenny, what are the details. >> reporter: good morning, karen. they will be here until 8:00 until 10:00 that is friend, family who will be here for a viewing, first of two to be held at boardwalk hall prior to the funeral. thirty-one year-old trooper, frankie williams died one week ago today responding with a call with the eradic driver on route 55 in millville, new jersey. while on the highway a car that matched the description of that driver crossed over a grass median and slammed into trooper williams patrol car. the driver is 61 year-old lloyd rudly died at the scene, trooper williams died later at cooper university hospital according to those who knew trooper williams become a state trooper was coming a dream come true. he is remembered as a kind, caring person who put others first and williams graduated from the academy in january of this this year. he was newlywed who leaves behind a wife of just a few months, while the first
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visitation is family and friend, second viewing will be held for members of the williams law enforcement family that would be from 10:00 a.m. until noon and at the 12:00 p.m. trooper williams public funeral will be beginning here at boardwalk hall, karen and thomas. thank you so much. 5:05. teenager is dead this morning gunned down in cobbs creek and police are searching for one gunman wearing a ski mask. the shooting happened at market and north 60th street around 12:15 this morning. the medics once again rushing a 17 year-old to the hospital but he died a short time later >> we have eight spent shell casings of a small caliber and we found three other spent shell casings, of a larger caliber. so we know two semiautomatic guns were fired, many shell casings were in very close proximity to where victim's body collapsed. that is an indication that the
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shooter was firing from close proximity to the victim. >> once again, shooting happening at market abe north 60th street around 12:00 this morning. witnesses say shooter sped away in a light suv. 5:06. sentencing begins for former u.s. congressman chaka fattah. >> he is facing serious prison time for federal corruption. the lets get out to sabina kuriakose standing outside, where he is, due to appear in just a couple hours here. >> reporter: that is right, thomas and karen. next time former congressman walked to the doors at u.s. district court he will be leaving in handcuffs. sixty year-old fattah faces two decade in federal prison after being convicted of a long list of charges including conspiracy to commit racketeering, fraud, and money laundering. twenty-nine counts in all. prosecutors alleged that the u.s. representative set up a million-dollar illegal campaign loan, when he ran for mayor, nine years ago and then hid efforts to pay it back with federal and charity funds
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four co-defendants were convicted on related charges, and the government has signalled it plans to ask the judge to impose a hefty sentence, at least 20 years. fattah's lawyers will no doubt ask for leniency based on his record of public service, again, sentencing happening here, at u.s. district court just about 9:30. we're expecting fattah and his lawyers to arrive shortly before that. we will there been and bring it back to you. >> we will be following this one, sabina, thank you. in upper deerfield township new jersey investigators are trying to figure out why a truck plowed into a church, this happened last night, the scene is on route 77, 1500 block, this is a church, cumberland county church, and it was seriously damage. the good news however on this one is that no people were hurt. and archdiocese of philadelphia, closing the doors of four churches, for good, they say they need to make these decisions. they announced this on sunday. they will shut down saint madeline sophie church, saint teresa have the on child jesus
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church in philadelphia, also the st. augustine church, in bridgeport, montgomery county and the assumption of the blessed virgin mary church in west grove chester county. some of these have already closed or merged into other groupings, but the other buildings have been just used very infrequently and that is why they are making these decisions. big news in the trump transition, a one on one interview with the president-elect. >> he sat down with "fox news" to discuss his possible secretary of state pick and, of course, cia report that russia influenced the presidential election, helped out his candidacy. brian llen as report. >> what i'm doggies so important it is a call. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump made his first appearance on the sunday morning political show since the election sitting down with chris wallace on "fox news" sunday, one of the biggest questions is his pick for secretary have of state, exxon mobile ceo rex tillerson,.
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and, from the company. but i have, a tremendous respect for him. >> mr. trump also dismissing the cia report that russia influenced the election so he could win. >> i don't believe it. i don't know why. i think it is, they are talking about all sorts of things, every week it is another excuse. >> reporter: that is in contrast to the reaction from other republicans, members of the senate arms services commit thee including senator john mccain, calling for these claims to be fully investigated saying the parties must work together. >> we would be working in a bipartisan basis. you cannot make this issue partisan. it is too important. a fundamental of a democracy is a tree, fair election. >> this is a form of warfare, for vladamire putin who is a thug, bully, for him to be trying to impact our elections , we have, there has to be accountability.
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>> reporter: president-elect made clear he is not interested in having daily intelligence briefings. >> i don't need to be told, chris the same thing, every day every morning, same words, nothing has changed, let's go over it again. i don't need that. >> reporter: trump's transition team said we could expect an announce. on who would be trump's secretary of state as early as this week n new york brian lle n as fox 29 enthusiasms. i know you feel pain, eagles fans, not happy, not the happy at all about yesterday's 27-22 loss against the redskins but people we caught up with too, some diehard fans outside the link, were taking another defeat in stride. >> this year was a rookie season for everybody. i'm not too mad. i thought it would be bet they are year. >> it was close, they tried, it is all okay. i still bleed green, i don't care. it is just a game. >> they had the fight to come back but could not make come back in the long run. we thought they had a chance
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to come back late. >> it is all right. only a game, right. we will see if they can pull off a win next week against ravens in baltimore. coming up on the fox 29 morning news here at 5:11, slick roadways for the morning commute, and it is cold outside but guess what a warm up is on the way, and not before a major chill. and sue said there might be sun today. she will break it down with the timing this movie is so good i have already seen it, fences getting a ward buzz no more fence sit to go day. we will hear from the golden globes who they think is the best. will your favorite make the list.
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welcome back, we're looking at the airport delays, chicago, big time out there, because they have a lot of snow, as much as half a foot out there. they had to ground nearly 2,000 flights, that is one of the worst areas with that o'hare airport. they think it will be days before they get everything back to normal. this right here will get your heart pounding at detroit metro slick snow and ice being blamed for frightening moments aboard a delta plane. flight was from buffalo on its way to the gate when it slid, dozens of feet off the tarmac and right in the grass. now all of the passengers made it off the plane safely but, you know, they said it is an experience they will never forget. that system making its way east not a big winter flier by the way. i always think about that too, the ice on the runway, they do a great job. >> you don't want to fly to detroit, chicago, better choice to fly through dallas, or atlanta.
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>> or just wait until summer. >> there you go. >> who needs to travel. >> stay safe. here's the deal we are only nine days from winter but almost felt like it this weekend and with that cold air many started out with snow but now, the changeover is happening with warm air coming in from the south and moving northward but we're still seeing some dicey conditions, north and west of the city, as we zoom in, it the looks like, berks and lehigh valleys, pocono mountains, we could still see that wintry mix of precipitation, because it is all about the temperature, it is very close to freezing, in those areas. so, we have been watching reading, pottstown, with some potential, icy situations, and the same thing, the snow has changed over to freezing rain, even up in the mountains, but for the future cast, we will see things starting to dry out , by seven or 8:00 o'clock in the north and west, the places where we had wintry precipitation lingering, and then by eight or 9:00 o'clock we are seeing rain start to
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clear out of the philadelphia area it lingering in the shore points and southern delaware for a few you more hours but by two or 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon, we will probably sees a little bit of sunshine and it will be milder today then it was all weekend long. one more thing you have to deal with this morning are poor visibilities with these temperatures, many of them above freezing, philadelphia and southward but it is north anders with, around doylestown , for instance where we are right at 32 degrees but there is fog, with this warmer air moving in and moisture as well. that is also going to be slowing you down. it is a messy morning. longer you can delay your commute i would say the better today because it does improve as the day goes along. 42 degrees tomorrow. forty-three on wednesday, but by thursday and friday, we're, not only back to colder air but it is colder then it was over weekend with high temperatures, bob kelly, in the the 20's. now, this friday we will be the coldest day of the season, so far. >> wow talk bay total difference from monday to
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friday. >> yes. >> 5:16 on this monday morning again here in cherry hill, new jersey the mall in the background. the roads are wet, but as sue just mentioned areas that are right on that teetering mark there the roads could be wet but maybe your sidewalk, that front step or your back deck when you walk out the front door, could have ice object this depending where you begin and end your trip. the here's 422. we have the whole picture here , we have the rain, the spray, we have got the fog. throw a few deer in there as well as you roll in out of royersford. no problems in and out of center city. they did not work last night on the vine expressway, expect delays at philly international be prepared because of the snow that came through midwest last night, flights that were supposed to come into philly yesterday may not have made it and so therefore we will have a domino delay which will start to roll role this morning. check with the airline, to play it safe, and naturally, here in philadelphia alone even if the plane is there, there is rain and fog to deal with this morning up in
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newtown route 332, which is newtown richboro road at rocky waste watch for a crash, and then here's an example of the poconos this morning, so again , rain, the further north and west you go, we have got snow on the grass surfaces, but it is not sticking to the road surface. that is good thanks to the road crews out there on the overnight. and then putting down that salt, and ant tony in northeast philadelphia got everything all decorated with the manger scene, santa blowing what do you have on your front lawn. snap a picture and post it to facebook, twitter, instagram and use that #fox 29 lights contest, so that we can show the pictures, all day, every day here on tv and then, pick a house to go visit, one night this week and go broadcast live and have a good old kelly christmas party on your trent lawn. we will do it one night this week. all of the details are on our web site at fox karen, back over to you. it is guilty verdict foreman accused of fatally
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shooting a retired new orleans saints player, his name is cardel heyes and he learn his fate in the shooting of will smith. he faces 40 years behind bars. he claims that he shot the football player because he was drunk, violent and had grabbed a gun following a traffic crash back in april. 5:19. lets go around the world, dozens are dead and more are injured after a terror attack in egypt and turkey over the weekend. bomb tore right through saint marks cathedral in egypt sunday morning killing 25 people and wounding 49, while on saturday night, kurdish separatist attacked a soccer stadium in downtown is-tanbul, 30 people died, 150 were hurt. it is latest in the string of violence that has targeted police forces in the past 18 months. sunday church horror overseas, 160 people were killed when that church collapsed right there. there is a search still for survivors right now, and that
5:20 am
is the latest on that church collapse. they say it was recently built but it was built hastily. time right now 5:20. i was out there were many of you at the target, for the storen opened, difficult not get one. maybe you did. where some people have been able to get the hottest toy of the season. >> they sell for what 50 bucks >> yes. fifty bucks and you can find them in the store, it is not, you can buy them for several thousand on line and probably will need to hit numbers here so good luck. hatch malls.
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that is must have toy on the season. on friday we hatched within right here on if day in the 9:00 o'clock hour. so many of us are scrambling to get them. the egg had people lining up for hours at toys-r-us and targets to get them. >> all of these talk about these holidays creeping closer and closer some folks in new jersey lined up yesterday to do just that and lining up to day. our sabina kuriakose has that story. >> reporter: thrill of the victory. >> i got two hatchimals. >> yes. >> reporter: agony of defeat. >> i'm very heart broken at this home. >> reporter: it was the greatest drama playing out in the target department store line. as dozens of parents waited through saturday night, and bitter cold, to have a chance to buy a hatchimals. the toy topping many of the child's christmas wish list. >> she wants it from santa i said uncle darren will do it. >> reporter: uncle darren did
5:24 am
it camping out first in line. he got here at 11:30 saturday night, nine hours during the coldest weather we have seen all season. target employees, handing out tickets to the early bird just before doors opened, sunday morning. >> and, to get one hatchimals found seemed like an impossible feat. >> it is number one in the toy for christmas. >> reporter: three, nine years old little girls she cannot disappoint come christmas morning. moms, buzzer beating play, well, it worked. uncle darren, he got one too. >> it was worth it. definitely worth it. just now i can feel my toes. >> reporter: hatchimals are bus fuzzy toy, the latest crazies produce by a canadian company, spin master, but these are more than the toy they tell us it is about the memory they hope to give their kid come christmas morning. >> i intend looking at her
5:25 am
christmas morning as she opens this up, so i know, it is definitely worth it. keeping christmas magic. >> reporter: target here in cherry hill is now all sold out, and hatchimals with just two weeks left until christmas and they are not sure when they will get restocked. so race is on for any parents who are still, on the hunt for this hot toy. in cherry hill, sabina kuriakose fox 29 news. >> it is a cool toy. basically an egg and you have to rub it, keep it warm and hatches. >> it was so cute on friday hatching it. it makes noises and the light and pecking. it is pretty exciting. i can see why it is so in demand. >> you have to build up to a hatching, you have to wonder after it hatches, do they still want to play with it. >> yeah, whatever. >> your two little will ones want it. how did they learn bit. >> i'm trying not to say too much about it. my little baby wants to hatch out, he pretend he hatches out , i put the a towel over him, anyway, too much story,
5:26 am
so hopefully, we will get one for your tamly. >> is there one for 18.99. another one for 2500. and if you act now there is one for 2600. >> i wouldn't even pay 250. >> i wouldn't even pay two or $300. that is crazy. we will see what happens. coming up, a federal judge set to decide fate of the former congressman chaka fattah today. how much time behind bars could he be facing ? we will let you know straight ahead. >> lets look live outside your window and see what is there, parkway, it is rainy, wet, cool but not cold enough for snow in most of our area. it is a rainy day on a monday. we will get through it together.
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a trooper as we remember him, he lost his life a week ago, so many will be gathering , to remember the trooper killed in the line of duty. also ahead this monday morning a federal judge is going to decide the fate of chaka fattah, what could be in store for the former u.s. congressman. it is yucky out there. >> a little about. >> cold, we have icy stuff in terms of the freezing rain, it could be slick, foggy, it is a whole host of things. we don't know if it is coming down on your head. sue will explain. hopefully we know is what coming down on our head. we could have have a problem
5:30 am
there. >> i will help you figure it out. >> good morning everyone. >> good morning. >> it is like a buffet, little bit of everything, buffet the line there. >> popo platter you make it sound so delightful. >> it is monday, messy, i don't care you what are getting, it is very messy even fit is only rain. the bus stop buddy, a little comfort drink on national cocoa day, marshmallows on hot cocoa, rain and fog out there temperatures in the 30's and 40's and winter weather advisory continuing through the pocono mountains, lehigh valley, and points south of there, it is now up to 33 degrees in allentown. thirty-four in reading. we have zoomed up to 36 in lancaster. so that change over continues north of us, from snow and freezing rain to all rain and it is 45 degrees, in wildwood. very mild down there. fog is an issue in some places like allentown, trenton, pottstown has been foggy all morning, we have reduced visibility in atlantic city,
5:31 am
wildwood and at philly international. different types of precipitation showing up here on radar and as we keep an eye on the north and western area there is still possibility of some dies i conditions around, reading, say allentown, mount pocono as that change over continues, we have very cold temperatures over the weekend but mild air moving in along with this rain and eventually we will get up to 50 and we will dry out. we could see a little sunshine before the day is through, but a bit of the roller coaster ride coming up bob kill any that seven day forecast. >> you know, location, timing is the two big word today depending upon where you begin and end your trip and what time you step out that front door. here's a live look at the 30 bypass, coming from coastville , downingtown, further north and west you go, where you begin your trip i should say, you could have some snow, on the grass surfaces. we are dealing with heavy rain this morning, ponding on a lot of the roadways. the here's a shot from the poconos, poconos interchange of the pennsy turnpike where there is snow on the the grass surfaces, and that hasn't
5:32 am
stuck to the road surface because they did put down a good layer of salt and those guys are used to the situation up there in the pocono mountains but again, if you are traveling north and you are not used to those slippery conditions, again, just be careful today. accident on the atlantic city expressway near pleasantville interchange. expect delays at philly international. we had snow coming into think yesterday that cancelled flights, so your plane may not be here this morning, to get you out of town if it was coming through chicago yesterday. just check with philly international, in newtown route 332 at rocky way, watch for a crash, septa, they kicked in a new timetable over weekend for all regional rail lines. adjustments, couple minutes one way or the other, so expect weather delays across the board on all of the trains be careful those platforms and steps even boarding and exiting the buses could be a lit little slippery this morning. karen and thomas back to you. that is the truth about that. here's something happening today, funeral services, this morning to say good bye to new
5:33 am
jersey trooper who lost his life frankie williams. >> he was killed in the head on collision in millville. our jenny joyce outside boardwalk hall. in two and a half hours, mourn ers will be gathering to say good bye. >> are. >> reporter: good morning, thomas and karen. friend and family will begin arriving around 8:00 o'clock this morning and family includes his wife of just three months, he was a newlywed and apparently becoming a state trooper was always a life long dream of frankie williams. the 31 year-old trooper died one week ago today while responding to a call of an eradic driver on route 55 in millville. while on the highway a car that matched the description of that driver crossed over a grass median and then slammed into trooper williams patrol car. the driver, 61 year-old lloyd rudly died at the scene, trooper williams died later at cooper university hospital. trooper williams is remembered as a kind, caring person who put others first, apparently, he graduated from the police
5:34 am
academy in january of this year. so while the first vice tallet this morning is for family and friend, a second viewing will be held for members, of williams law enforcement family from 10:00 a.m. until noon today with the funeral services beginning at 12:00 p.m. car ebb and thomas. >> it will be another difficult morning. >> all right, thank you. 5:34. major fall from grace, man that we, so many knew for decade held public office for such a long time former congressman chaka fattah will be learning his punishment for federal corruption. >> today is the day. sabina kuriakose standing by outside the courthouse. fattah due to appear in just a few hours here, sabina. >> reporter: right around 9:30 thomas and karen. this appears to be end of the road for veteran former u.s. congressman, chaka fattah after fighting prosecutors every step of the way during his corruption trial, thousand the 60 year-old taste -- facing sentencing after being quick of 29 federal crimes
5:35 am
including conspiracy to commit racketeering, wire fraud, bank fraud, and money laundering. many of the charges stem from a loan fattah received during his failed bid for mayor nine years ago. government says he tried to pay it back with federal fund intended for his constituents. prosecutors appear likely to ask the judge for at least two decades in federal prison, fattah's lawyers have signalled that they will likely ask for a maximum of 14 to 15 years. in a statement fattah says the outcome has been difficult, but he highlighted his achievement as a u.s. representative, a move appearing to shift his focus to preserving his legacy as a long serving public servant. now, back here live, again, sentencing happening at u.s. district court at 9:30 this morning. we expect fattah to arrive here with his attorneys shortly before that. we will be here and bring you details, guys, back to you. throughout the morning and afternoon as well, sabina, thank you. we want to get to breaking news we are following this
5:36 am
morning. a teenager is dead, gunned down in cobbs creek. now police are searching for at least one gunman who they did say was wearing a ski mask shooting happening at market and north 60th street around 12:15 this morning. medics rushed that 17 year-old to the hospital but he died a short time later. the teen had been shot in the chest, and faith, witnesses say the shooter sped away in a white suv. atlantic city two men are facing felony charges after a shooting outside the tropicana hotel casino. prosecutors this morning say you you gene storm and george walker were spotted on surveillance footage at the crime scene. this all taking place sunday morning. detectives used k-9's to track them down. the man who had been shot, is in serious but stable condition this morning. there is a hunt for three rob hours broke in the home in the castor neighborhood of philadelphia, police say that they used an ax, of all unusual things to get in the the house in the 6700 block of ruth land street.
5:37 am
robbers stole 3500 doll to ars and also three phones. they say they sped off in a white car. there are no reports of any physical injuries. we love to hear this after eagles fell short the fly guys , how about them, the flyers scoring a big win. >> yes, we knew it all along we predict this from the beginning of the season? nine in a row. pretty exciting. he gets it in. eagles lose. the flyers win. >> 2349 a row for the flyers.
5:38 am
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good morning i'm sean bell eagles fans had any small hope that the eagles would somehow make the playoffs, that was dashed and heart breaking fashion against washington. in the fourth quarter eagles down 21-13, leodis mckelvin makes a big play jumps his route and takes it back to the house, pick six. eag would also miss two-point conversion but would later make a field goal and then washington would strike right back, chrisment company ton on the sweep gets to the sidelines and find some daylight for the 25-yard touchdown, washington takes back lead 27-22. with just second left eagles with one last shot but ryan kerrigan, strips sacks carson wentz and washington recovers. eagles lose their fourth straight 27-22. >> guys hung together, they battled today, all the way down to the end to the last play of the game. it is great to be the head coach and to lead these guys and to see how far they have come. >> that is sports in a minute.
5:41 am
i'm sean bell. behind, everybody... >> if you have given up on the eagles we have flyers to talk about. because they are, phenomenal, how about that brayden schenn, coming up, oh, man, just so big in the clutch. flyers win this 11 to nothing giving them their ninth straight win. this is their first nine game winning streak since 1995. >> how about this, in basketball sixers and pastors. nick stauskus, to nerlens noel he had a reverse dunk in the first bucket of the season and wow later twist his ankle there. he was just fine but didn't return to the game. sixers getting the win 97-79. from warming things up to those cold temperatures continuing to blast our area this morning but guess what, another warm up is on the the way. >> right now it is raining on our heads but don't worry, sue serio says all of this stuff falling outside, will be gone by this afternoon and there
5:42 am
hey even be a spot of sun. >> we will wait until thursday /friday. up and down. stay with us.
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5:44 am
good morning, wilmington, delaware, live look there at the shopping place, we have a nice shot of the wilmington sky line in the background there but we're waking up, wet behind the ears and depending
5:45 am
upon how far north and west you are waking up there could be some snow out front on the grass. so just one of those yucky starts to a monday morning, 5:45. here's a live look at 202. look at this we have heavy rain, we have ponding. we haven't had a lot of accidents. that is good part here but just naturally weather will slow us down here this morning the here's a live look cherry hill mall in the background route 70, haddonfield road, ben franklin bridge looking good, but again, no problems, coming into the city but we are dealing with the fog out there as well. septa kicked in a new timetable over weekend so make sure you have a new schedule, slippery, an all of the rails so expect weather delays this morning. here's what it looks like at poconos, pennsy turnpike pocono interchange we have got some snow on the grass, these guys are used to dealing with a little bit of snow out there but if you are traveling in philadelphia heading north, further are north you go you will see scenery change a bit here. the crews did put down some salt so that is good news. the atlantic city vest waste
5:46 am
leaving ac coming back towards philadelphia, watch for an accident right here near pleasantville. watch for domino delays at the airport. i'm not talking about pizza either, chicago had snow, their flights were cancelled yesterday. your airline, your airplane may not even being here this morning to take you out of town. do check with the air lane before you head out down there northeast philadelphia check out this house mcgreevey street, they have the whole block involved in their christmas party. snap a picture of your home, your block, the whole 9-yard and post to it facebook, twit ter, instagram, we are putting together another very kelly christmas program for this week, all you have to do is snap a picture, put it up to your social media there and use that #fox 29 lights contest, and so i can get you in the festive spirit all week long by showing pictures and then this week, one night i'm not sure what night but we will visit and surprise somebody and broadcast live from their front lawn during 59 and 6:00 o'clock newscast. sueby's all important, kelly christmas forecast is coming up in 15 seconds.
5:47 am
it is a warm front first, before the cold front clears out the precipitation, so temperatures have been rising all morning long, eventually, some polar air, north pole air , coming in here later this week but one thing at a time, lets talk about here as we watch northern and western suburbs still dicey in spots there because temperature so close to freezing as we zoom in some parts of the chester county, berks, lehigh valley, allentown it could still be slippery where we see that change over from the snow, and then freezing rain and then eventually to rain and as we look at the future cast we will see things clearing out from northwest to south east, through about 7:00 o'clock this morning, the northwestern
5:48 am
suburbs are cleared, we are clear by maybe eight or nine and then after that, the rain lingering at the shore, and it will be with us, my goodness, what else is going to happen this morning. anyway, it is all out of here by lunchtime. eventually we will see sunshine. lets get to the seven day forecast before i collapse completely. 50 degrees today. two decent days, for december, on tuesday and wednesday. then look at thursday and friday. wednesday night the a cold trent comes through, we have a high of 26 on thursday, friday 's high 24, and which means when we start with precipitation on saturday it starts as snow and changes over to rain. doesn't that look like fun. >> oh, joy, thank you. >> awesome? yeah. >> thank you, sue. so from that, to this, man , did it stink. we hope you didn't waste your sunday watching this game. eagles, of course, fall to washington 27-22. it was a heart breaker, second
5:49 am
loss to them this season. >> what if we did waste our whole sunday? what do we get back, big daddy >> first of all, it is never a waste to sit around on the couch and eat all day and watch football. never. what else are you supposed to do if you are an american? you lay around on the couch and watch football. >> with that said what did you think of the game. >> not that i'm running for an election. first of all, we found out how valuable the long snapper yesterday. am i only one that when i first was told dorenbos got hurt, i thought of his magic career. >> i know. >> i swear to god, i said my god, this guy has a million-dollar career on his way but we found out celek, will do it and then tightened, burton came in later, thank god for donnie jones who snagged it out of the air for them to get this field goal. i'm concerned concerned and starting to get concerned with wentz too, just a little bit.
5:50 am
he is still my quarterback for next year, no question, not even up for debate, he is my quarterback for next year but just gotten two hours of arguments with people don't want to hear anything other than he is heading to the haul off fame and i'm not sure about that yet. >> little bit too early. >> he did move the ball down the field. >> yes, he did but he will get blind sided a lot more in his career, all quarterbacks get blind sided. you are right there. you have to hang on to the ball. should eagles have given him more help, tobin is a fourth or fifth string guy and should not even be in the league according to some people but at that crunch time you have to hang on to that ball. it is all i'm saying. >> we're talking about the big hit on sproles, what did you think about that. >> the guy should have been thrown out of the game. it is the second, the hit on
5:51 am
sproles is not the shady, it is a horrible hit, he should have been thrown out just for this hit here. but this same player whacked brent celek on a lay earlier on a special teams play. how he did not get thrown out of the game, he should have been he should have been thrown out of philadelphia. >> how about the country. >> you know. >> donald trump is building the wall to keep this guy out, whatever. i'm going on and on and on. >> i'm going back and forth i'm getting the headache. >> let's talk about the flyers >> first time since 1995 they have won, nine in a row, interesting thing happened yesterday, very difficult for this to happen, flyers and sixers played at the same time , in the same city, in different arenas, that most towns are like us where the flyers and the sixers play in the wells fargo. that is not the case in
5:52 am
detroit. they have separate buildings. what happened yesterday is really rare. i just wish eagles. >> flyers or fact that sixers won. >> they have won a third of their games without embiid, that is two, granted, but a third. >> new years eve, sea isle sit my entire street goes down every new years to sea isle, lobster loft 8:00 o'clock, gives you time to do other stuff after ward go to big daddy to get your tickets. >> always a fun time. >> thanks, so much. >> any big movies you are watching this season. >> hell or high the water best move of the the year jeff bridges if he wins another lobster i will applaud it. if you have not seen that movie hell or high water. >> we will check that out maybe that is on the list, because they are doing golden globes. >> i guarantee you it is nominated for movie of the year. >> we will find out, seventh fourth annual golden globe award, this is one of the
5:53 am
films expected to take a nod, this is fences. >> we will break down some of the others hopefully when we come back.>[a5df]]
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
good morning, allentown, 5:55, a without start to your monday morning commute, give yourself extra time, bob kelly and sue serio will fill you in on traffic and weather in just a moment. it that is time of the year, award season nominations will be announced this morning for seventh fourth annual golden globes. one spending to take in a number of nods is musical lala land featuring ryan gosling and emma stone. august wilson adoption fences also expected to be recognized directed by and stars denzel washington, by the way, the award will be handed out in january. >> there it is right there, fences. critics have spoken and la la wins big in the critics choice awards in santa monica sunday night. romantic comedy musical nabbed eight awards including best picture and best director. best actor and film goes todays i affleck foreman chester by the sea. also best actress natalie port man for jackie, on the tv
5:57 am
side, people verse o.j. simpson takes home four troph ies. a great morning to watch movies, isn't it. still ahead do you suffer from hangovers what experts say you should be drinking before you have some wine, we will fill you in. also ahead former congressman chaka fattah will learn his fate today, we will have a live report coming up in a moment. good day right after this. my family really needs to be wowed this year. standing rib roast! wow.
5:58 am
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okay. here we go, a system that has dumped inches of snow across the midwest is slowly, creeping this way. really. really. plows are prepping the streets in our area, but will the weather be as bad as we think? i don't think so. and, after a disappointing loss for the eagles the sliver of hope philly fans can hold on to this morning. is there still a chance? >> no. >> the sentencing phase begins today for chaka fattah, what could be in store for the former u.s. congressman. a day, to to say, good bye , mourners gathering to honor new jersey trooper frankie williams killed in the line of duty. >> good day, it is monday, december 12th, 2016. it is my friend steve grant's birthday. >> are you sending him a note.


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