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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  December 13, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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♪ okay. that time have the year again salvation army brass ensemble here at fourth and market.
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got the red kettle bell ringer out there. um-hmm. good day, everybody. it is tuesday, december the 13th, 2016. hi karen. >> good morning, guys. >> welcome to the 9:00 o'clock hour. >> don't judge, i have a very small clapper. >> i have love bell ringing. i have been out there ringing the bells. chris o'connell, shawnette raising money and ringing bells, one of my favorite time of the year. >> shawnette was out there. >> yes, lovely and talent. >> i was wondering if you were not outside. >> now i got the word that over at moorestown new jersey mall. >> yeah. >> they don't have a clapper in their bell. >> yes. >> they have a clapperless bell. >> is there always a hater, always a grinch, that thinks it makes too much noise. >> it is over there in moorestown. >> how do you know. >> i don't know. >> just see the red. >> you see the red. >> red kettle.
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>> yeah. >> that is an outrage. parents, listen to this, apparently having children does not make you happy. well, maybe not. there is a survey that says how long you will be pleased that you're a parent and it is no the very long. and, what do people scrape all of their troubles away, ladies, would you do this? look at it. how scalpels are uses to give thaw glow. >> basically just scraping your face, karen. >> i wanted to do it. we will see how it goes. it it is national hot cocoa day. we will take it to the next level. we will spruce up those chocolatey treat, a little hot totie and we will put a stick in it is there excuse me. >> hot chocolate on a stick. >> on a stick. >> yes. >> it is hot chocolate. >> wouldn't it run all over your hand. >> that is interesting. >> you know that great movie, serendipity where they have frozen hot check late, that is good. one of the oprah's favorite things, i remember 15 years
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ago. >> really. >> yes, 60th street, right outside of manhattan. tis the season of gift giving, of course, but also receiving. we all get a bad present from time to time. you open it up, you thought it was something good but it turns out it is something really crummy. it happened in this heinikin commercial that i remember, listen. >> i have a tradition have of exchanging gifts and showcase it. what could this be. >> you shouldn't have. >> i love it. >> so. >> we have all been, faced with this this, on christmas morning, or, for a birthday. you get a gift, you get all excited, you open it up and it is something you do not want or even like it, right this well, according to to this on line discount site groupon, you know groupon, it is mainly
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women who fake their reaction, but of all men and women they said that 75 percent of them, blaze antly lie, and just say, i love it. when they don't. how about that. >> and in terms of what people say when they get something that they don't want or like, oh, you shouldn't have. >> you should not have. >> or, i love it, oh, wow, that was on my list, my goods ness, that is great. or this is, unique. >> yeah. >> that is a good one. >> what will you do? i always say when people don't know what to get you, i get a lot of gloves, scarves, you cannot go wrong but do you have to get something. >> yes. >> i just gave you a gift. is there gloves inside. you just opened it up. >> look, they are wonderful and they are so soft and what i really like is the texture of it, color is great.
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>> yes. >> are you describing it. >> okay. >> what is gift thaw get that you get all the time and like, tie or something. >> yeah, ties, socks. >> i just gave you a sock. >> give me your face. >> favorite colors. it will work well. i wear a tie every day on the air. this is perfect, thank you. >> boom. >> yeah, boom, that is it. >> boom. >> yes. >> boom, yes, yes. >> alex, your turn. >> i got you a bell. >> oh, this is great. no really, you know what, i can, i'm so great full. >> i did the smile. oh, high gosh. that is so nice of you, really , nice of to you think of me, appreciate it. >> 80 percent of people surveyed say they fake it. >> you have to. if you don't fake it, but they care about you, and not that
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you get a gift ever again so maybe next year but this year, it is so wonderful. >> i don't think there is anything wrong with it. you lie about it. >> aren't you just contributing to the problem. like if you have year say this is great, then they will never necessity what to you like and never get a gift you like because they don't know what they are doggies wrong. >> that has always been my theory on the other way people fake it, you know what i mean, like, sometimes women fake it. >> mike. >> seinfeld episode. >> we're on christmas. >> fake, fake, fake. >> how would you prefer, on one to tell you they don't like your gift because you don't want to offend people, so is what nice way then, to be i don't really like it? there is not a nice way to do it. >> i don't think you should. >> why not just say oh, and make sure there is a gift receipt. >> does it have to come with the receipt? do you have that on you. >> i like it. >> but different color. >> yes. >> same thing for both
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scenarios you don't say anything because you'll never get it anything with the faking thing, if you say something, i will never get another gift again because why bother to even bother with you >> the compromise is this, you fake it the but you fake it, and then it is like you are saying it without saying it but they know their gift didn't work. >> really. >> it is like oh, they know it is not good. do you like it? are you sure. then they will tell what you to wear. >> she's talking about that other thing. >> yeah. >> the second thing if you are faking the sex thing, that is not good because then we think it is good so we will do that again and it will be bad again and it will be bad, and bad, and bad, and all down the line , you know what i mean. >> are you sure that is what karen is talking about or what you are talking about. >> i think that is what you are talking about. >> you can't say anything in any scenario. you have to be careful because otherwise the person will not be around the next day.
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>> you have to take the gift. >> that is what i'm trying to say. not what is given, be enough and be grateful for what you get. >> oh, man. >> that is just going to be crummy. it is like kissing your sister taking a shower in the rain coat. it is just no good. >> it is life. >> we do have this, megan, in the control room, if sky fox over this accident. >> let's look at this here. apparently a car, oh, my good ness has crashed into that cleaners, almost all the way in. is that a porsche. >> that looks like a porsche. >> this is on the 7400 block of lancaster pike. i don't know if anybody is injured or not. i mean he just went clean into the cleaners. did it hit a wall. >> a window, of some type. >> maybe that is through the
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wall and they just opened it up, there is a door. >> yeah. >> maybe window but they made that window larger. >> almost similar to the windows on the right would i imagine and just barreled straight through and took out bottom layer wall. you see blix and then went clean on in. >> wide window there. >> wow. >> all right. we will keep an eye on that, for you. speaking of, we were just talking about the the faking it, our executive producer has been talking about getting cologne for her husband. now this is the producer we know as kitkat kline. >> hi there kitkat. >> hi guys. >> her actual name is jessica. >> that sound like a nice gift , cologne. >> let's bring in quincy harris too because apparently with the cat kline has a pen chant for sniffing quincy after the show is over. >> you cannot blame her for that. >> why is she sniffing you. >> i have a scent that she likes, yeah.
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>> a natural scent. >> it is a mixtures of natural scent and that is why the cologne. >> it is the cologne that she purchased for me last year. >> it is so fancy. >> it is, pretty good. it smells good. >> spray it, and let's see. >> let me smell you. >> what do you like about it. >> it is just smells so good, every time quincy gets to work he runs by my desk and i get a smell, and he smells delicious >> i smell delicious. >> it does smell good. >> yes. >> every day he hangs out, at tom loudon's office. i went into tom loudon's office and he has a little to it letry bag in there and i looked in there and i spotted cologne and i decided i wanted to buy the cologne for my husband. >> you will get it for your husband. this is the dilemma. when you are with your husband , maybe in a romantic setting, there is, dan, right
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there. >> nice guy. >> this is date night. >> getting ready for another date like this. naturally, he is with date night with his wife he will put on the cologne that his wife gave him. >> yes. >> but won't she then think of quincy when she smells her husband. >> that is perfectly fine, we all need that extra motivation they have been together for a couple years. sometimes you need that actual motivation to get revved up. >> i don't see it like that, it is a really nice scent and i want my husband to smell like that. i don't think i'll think of you with him. >> won't you think of quincy because he is reason you got cologne, he has to come up somewhere in the mine. >> until today i was than the going to tell him about this whole thing. so thousand i will just get it for holidays, nice surprise and own it and think it is his own scent. >> he will think it it is his own scent. >> it is okay, jessica, you want to use me for extra motivation in your marriage, you go right ahead.
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>> it brings up a great point. >> one time i was dating one person who was wearing what everybody was wearing at one time, that was a big 80's thing. there was another guy and they smelled exactly the same. you were kind of like, it is not my faulty might want to kiss that guy because they smell exactly the same. scent is so important. i think is there an connection >> attraction. >> i'm excited because we have our holiday party tomorrow. >> sure. >> here at fox 29. >> i will wear this scent. jesses drinking, maybe she wants to kiss me. i'm he kay with that. she's a nice looking woman. >> don't get any idea. >> now, that we have had this discussion are you still planning on buying him the cologne for christmas. >> this is still happening. i'm still getting this cologne >> do you think dan will be bothered by the fact that it was another man convince hoy made him get that gift. >> i don't think so. he will feel cool because q wears it. he doesn't need that anymore. >> wow...
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>> i want some answerty now. >> q. >> and kitkat. >> yeah. >> let me see you. >> has there ever been anything between the two of you. >> not yet. >> no. >> not yet. >> we feel it building i do, since the scent thing, it is like she has been touching me more, she has been rubbing your back. >> in your dreams, to. >> i don't walk around, and start smelling them. you must have been really close in order for for this to happen. >> one day she was like q, i need to you go down into a chat. i said why are you slinging your hair like that jessica. >> i just start hugging him every time i see him. >> this is getting weird. >> i love it. >> this is q. >> he is like, yes. >> here's the other thing, each cologne smells different on individual bodies, so, it may not work on dan because he has a different body chemistry
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>> true, i didn't think about this. >> i have been spraying the same cologne on myself for 30 years. >> what is it. >> it is ives saint laurent, anytime i change, it doesn't work but this one, oh, man, women love it. >> when do you wear cologne, i sit next to you every day and i never smell any column clean >> okay. >> okay. >> i'm not going to lie. >> i was dating this woman named dana and she loved it. >> yes. >> it was a curious, and then she went off, we broke up do you put it on and think about her every time you spray it. >> no, no. >> but after we broke up, she bought it and would spray it around the house, isn't that weird. >> because she missed you. >> yes. >> isn't that weird. >> okay. >> it is kind of like your story, two guys wearing the same cologne. >> it could be the same person
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, life goes on, who knows. >> karen, wow. >> keeps it interesting now i have kids in my life, of course are my pride and joy. and makes you happy. >> okay. your dream about having children, bye kitkat. >> bye. >> we will update you, holiday party is on wednesday, thursday morning we will let you know how that went. >> is it tomorrow. >> yes. >> after work. >> five to 8:00. >> depend what shift you have. >> 5:00 to 8:00. >> okay. >> maybe i will make that one. >> we found this survey that said parenthood is not what it is cracked up to be. that the joy of having a child , you are so euphoric when baby comes out, according to this study research has found glow wears off. they analyze data from all sorts of different countries, uk was in there, united states , germany, australia, they found the thrill is over
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after just 12 months. >> one year. >> what have we done? what have we done to our lives >> quincy. >> it becomes hard now because kid are starting to move. they are like wow, you were this little thing that wouldn't move. >> you get worn out. >> you like to them bigger. >> i definitely do. once they are babies and we got to get these pictures from >> cute. >> once they get out of baby hood and they are moving around, it is an adjustment when it is your first kid. right now five and two and my two years old acts like he is 20. once he get to go to the bathroom by himself we will be fine. >> how much fun are the holidays. >> through the roof, we have so much fun. we are in a good spot. it is still hard because they have so dependent but i wouldn't trade it for the world. >> sometime in the last two years have you gone oh, geese maybe should have just had one
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>> no, because my youngest kobe is crazy. he is crazy. he is good crazy. he is i little man. >> not to call you out, because every time, i come here and i work with you fine people, you are married, you have kid, every day, i get alex, do not get married. in the right now. do not have kid. every day i get told that. >> because it is another job. it is so much work. you have to put into it. if you are not ready and in the right person don't do it. just don't have a baby a lot of people say i will just have a baby. you can't just have a baby. you have to work hard at this. it is a business. you have to get business of it right. make sure mommies okay because if mommies not happy, in one is happy because you have to make sure she's fine, you are okay at work. balance the kids. it is just a lot. >> two full-time jobs you are exhausted. >> with that said it can lead to greater happiness when things are not good at work then you can check out. when things are not good at work and when i was a single
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person you obsess, they say that and if you have, you can put that to bed and be like that is work and i can go home and have have these kid and other life and i'm so busy, i don't have time to say he said , she said and combater am ized. >> we are all really young. everyone saying you like it when puberty comes, that is when it gets real. you guys don't know about that yet. >> you'll have three teenage boys. >> i hope i'm still around to see that. >> quincy, we will see you, around noon. >> for the q. >> who is on. >> we have a nine year-old fashion designer, coming up. the kids from the local area. >> you have a ban. >> we have the sherman brothers coming on as well. >> nice. >> maybe. i am like karen hepp i get crazy. >> we will see you at noon. >> it seems more and more couples are more serious,
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during the holidays, have you noticed people have a tendency to argue as it gets closer and closer to christmas and there is research to back it up alex holley. >> researchers say the average couple has four fights a day in the december. four. >> my goodness. >> and december is big in for divorce lawyers. researchers blame that on the stress on the holidays, gift buying, couples tend to forget what is positive about the relationship and then communication is a key and is key to avoid a break up. you just got to talk to each other. >> talk it out. >> talk about what is going on >> biggest break up day i to think was on the 11th, two days ago on monday because people don't want to go introduce a person tour parents if you haven't done it huge to do it. then you have to buy them race then looking forward to valentines day. you are not looking forward to it. you break up now to avoid having to buy all those gifts. >> the key is you have to break up just before thanksgiving and get back
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together right after valentines day, saves a ton of money i wondered about married couple how do you decide which home to you go to, do you go to your parents or in-laws. >> it is simple, womanes. it is happy mother happy wife. >> what if he wants to see your parents. >> that is why there is christmas eve. >> my daughter jill is married to a guy who is just a big baby. >> mike. >> yeah. >> it is very important you are here, unfortunately she doesn't have her mom. if her mom was alive she would be with her mom. >> it is probably true. >> he is a big baby, didn't she say she married him because he reminded her of you if he is a big baby. >> no, that is the other one, jessica's husband. >> are you sure don't try to switch it up. >> i was visited them in california when everybody thought i quit, she was still
9:21 am
calling her husband dad, and not in that way, daddy. >> not daddy. >> it is important, drop that d-y. >> she would say dad, i mean r us and she will call me rus, i mean dad. >> okay. >> it is kind of weird. >> but he is a big babe tie. >> we're all big babies women are all babies. >> i would definitely agree with that. >> i truly believe i have not matured since six, five to six years of age. i'm not kidding some people would agree with you. >> is what your name, lady. >> mary ellen. >> i met the you before. >> yes, you have it is national hot cocoa day, but this isn't your regular cocoa. maybe you have a holiday party coming up. is there any alcohol. >> you got it. >> yes. >> i knew it, mary ellen. >> okay. manolo!
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you're so cold, come in! what's wrong? it's dry... your scalp? mine gets dry in the winter too. try head and shoulders' dry scalp care it nourishes the scalp and... ...keeps you up to 100% flake free head and shoulders' dry scalp care ♪ >> you know, put some money in
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that bucket, salvation army, it is national cocoa day, across america, and around the world, mary ellen dur is a chocolate cakes and candice by mary he will men west chester in the great state of pennsylvania. >> you got it we're celebrating hot cocoa day. >> yes. >> have you ever seen anything like this, a cocoa margarita. >> you know i love them. >> lay it on me what is in that in our chocolate margarita something nice and cold, there is, don julio, i'm making a mess but that is okay , we're doing cocoa powder , and ice, it is actually rum with margarita gela so when you drink you get flavors of the margarita and hot cocoa inside and that is nice and cool. >> do you want to give it a shot. >> yes, i love margarita, yes, please. >> what did you say was green. >> sugar margarita owe jello. >> i like it.
9:26 am
>> yes. >> um-hmm. >> nicely done. >> yes. >> you would not think they would mix. >> what is that. >> this is a cocoa pepper mint hot chocolate. what we have here is pepper mint vodka and then cocoa, lot of million income there and sprinkled with some pepper mint crunch on top. so you more than welcomed to try it. >> that is a big mug. >> big momma. >> that is fantastic. i'm a big fan of mint. >> right up your alley then. >> up my alley and down my throat. >> what is that. >> this is our red hot chile hot chocolate. so, yeah, you can use chile powder or use chile liquid flavoring, you will do cocoa powder, whipped topping on top , syringeled with cocoa powder but that spices and smooth the of the chocolate, it is delicious and warm. >> some heat. >> it has a little bit of heat to it. >> yes, even though i'm not good with the spices and stuff
9:27 am
but here we go. >> wow. >> it has a nice kick. it works. it is sweet. then has the kick in the end. >> then we said can you do cocoa on a stick. >> yes. >> difficult that today. >> what is it. >> what we did is we have made a hot chocolate on a stick, more like a fudge, yeah, you have to pull it there. >> there we go. >> pick it up. >> dip it in the hot milk and stir it. that is what is making your hot cocoa. you have car hell and stir it around and marshmallow involved and it will make it chocolate, white chocolate, dark check late, whoever however you prefer. >> do you keep stirring it. >> yes, keep stirring. >> what will happies the smoothness from the carmel and sea at this there you can decorate it however you wish but it takes a couple minutes. we don't have have that much time but eventually it melts, hotter it is, better it will be and you will have have your
9:28 am
instant hot chocolate. >> should i let all three chunks, car hell, chocolate and marshmallow all melt into there. >> if we have the time absolutely, you want to let it completely melt and darker check late darker your cocoa will be and you can add liquor or thon in liquors to it but that is what makes it sweet and delicious. >> yes, it is turning. >> you have until ten, you will be up there the at the desk spinning this for a while >> thanks, mary ellen. >> thank you. >> they are all great. >> she's in west chester. go look her up. >> we're right on west chester pike next to bob wagner flooring of america. full service bakery and get breakfast pastries and cows tomorrow cakes. >> these are so cute. >> i have a question, would you like to get your face scraped with a scalpel. >> not the today but maybe in a month after the holiday season to take off the extra cream. >> maybe go to this place jen is at to get her face scraped. >> is jen going to do it.
9:29 am
>> why not. >> no. >> i should have done it but ange will do it this treatment that one local news anchor says, it is better than botox. is it better than botox is this are they really using scalpel. you are looking so beautiful.
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>> jen is going to make us look good, yes, scraping your face. one local news anchor said she stopped using botox one treatment of the scraping g stuff is so good, she doesn't need it. >> that anchor told me, that i spilled her beans out to everybody else. all of the women jen that i see that get this done, they look phenominal. their skin really glows and looks amazing, so explain how it works again?
9:33 am
>> okay, so, it is called determine a plane. this is nurse kim. good morning. >> good morning. >> okay, so, a lot of people that you see that do this, they come in first because they're trying to get rid. peach fuzz hair? >> right, they are. then they also need really good exfoliation, and also the determine a plane gets rid of the dark, the hairs, and the dead skin cells. >> okay. >> so they get real nice glow. >> so let's see do you it little bit. >> okay. >> thank you for being our victim this morning. so you really are using a scapel? >> i am. it is a scapel. so it has to be done by a professional. >> yep. >> so i put this magnifying light down. we're going to just go.
9:34 am
>> what? >> am i allowed to talk to you while you're doing? >> yes. >> identify deally every four, six weeks? >> ideally, when the hair cycles, about the normal cycle after hair. >> okay. >> and with the -- do you a hydroxy peel? >> alpha hydroxy peel. >> look at it coming off right now. >> right. >> with the peel, this treatment is less than $200? >> it is. >> look at that. we're not -- okay, this is pretty ridiculous. it is amazing, right? we've heard about this with like hollywood celebrities, will do this even couple days before awards show. why is that? >> because they want their make up to go on smoother and their skin to be really clear. >> okay? >> and there is literally no down time. as we can see, she is not getting red. dogs the average person get little pink? >> little glowy, but definitely no down time. the products will get absorbed better and deep near the skin. >> yes? >> is there anyone who isn't a candidate for this? >> i would say acne-prone
9:35 am
people, and also people that use retin-a have to be careful, they should stop it couple of days before they come in. >> i have to say we saw her without make up. i would have never known that all of this, not that there is a lot, because i don't want team bars her, hi, right there, you never know there is that much peach fuzz on person's face, right? >> right. most women have peach fuzz, and it is not anything to be ashamed of. everyone has it. >> do you think that's why women are saying they see such a benefit because all of this is coming off that they never could see with their bare eye? >> yes, skin is so smooth when we do it, they return every four to six weeks. >> okay. and so the other thing, your make up will set really nicely on fresh, fresh, almost like a baby bottom. >> that's right. >> your skin. then you said all of the treatments that you use for the next couple every weeks really sing in, as well? >> they do. that's the benefit of this, your products usual ' spending
9:36 am
money on will get into the skin a lot deeper. >> when you hear the claim people say it is better than botox, you philadelphia international airport. >> it can be used in conjunction with botox, but his won't replace botox. >> okay. thank you, thank you. guys, i don't know if you can see this. closure eyes, you don't want to see it. seriously? , from just just one time doing it. none of this keeps going over and over? >> we do her entire face, yes. >> oh, fuzz coming off. >> i think it is so cool. i'm going to do it. >> i had an appointment yesterday but i canceled because i needed a nap more than i did that. sleep helps. >> yes. >> as well. >> looks pretty cool. >> yes. >> you still stirring over there? >> getting more chocolatey. >> by the way we just heard, we could call this breaking news, i guess. according to the associated press, president-elect donald trump selected that guy. former tech governor rick per toy lead the energy
9:37 am
department. look for updates on, and on the "fox 29 news at 5:00", 6:00 and 10:00 and 11:00 and 12:00 and 1:00. >> and 4:00 a.m. the next morning. >> and then at 6:00 a.m. when good day starts again, able i'm sure we'll update you. >> interesting choice. i remember during one of the debates when 600 people up there, remember, i think he wanted to get rid of the department of energy, now he heads it, or he might if he gets confirmed. >> do you think he is the head of it just to get rid of it? >> maybe. my first order of business, do away with my job. okay, so, is this tuesday? that means it is kelly as classroom? >> that's right. >> i think he went all the way to the state of delaware. here's bob. >> reporter: you got it, gang, i'm in the first state here at saint john the beloved with the band. hit it, gang. >> ♪ >> singing some christmas carols, we got the band, we have the choir. and hello to saint john the beloved. they just won the national blue ribbon oh, wilmington,
9:38 am
delaware proud. (cheers). >> when we come right back, stay there. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> good morning, from kelly's classroom, from wilmington, delaware, good morning. look at the gang. oh, boy. are they fired up. and i would be, too. because they were just awarded the national blue ribbon of 2016 and these kids are fired up. >> first grade, second grade,
9:42 am
third grade in the house, we got the band, we got the choir. usual ' the best listers, you have a five star listener up here. george will roam the crowd so we can get everybody on camera. rivered around, what's this mean for the school? >> it is recognizing all of the hard work that the children, faculty and staff have done here at saint john the beloved. wonderful support of our parents, couldn't deal without them and without the leadership of our administration. >> now, mary lou, the assistant principal. >> this isn't just an award they just hand out? >> certainly not. but they only, out of 370,000, private schools, in the whole united states of america, only 50 are selected for blue ribbon standing. based on their national test scores, every year, very high test scores, are teachers, calling our teachers. >> so how many grades do you have altogether? >> we have two sections of
9:43 am
each grade, three year old, four year old, kindergarten, first, all the way up to eighth. >> first to eighth. what's the high school that they will gay to from here? >> several different cat looks, patua. , earth, arch mere academy, saint elizabeth ... >> wow, now, hold on, there is a nun with a box, i got to come over. hello, sister, how are you? what do you have here? >> i have some jelly donuts for you. >> oh,. >> because i heard you love them. >> sister -- >> so they are from the school. >> oh, my gosh. from oh, jelly donuts for everybody, father, thank you so much for insiting us out here today. congratulations to saint john the beloved, the 2016 blue ribbon school here in wilmington. back to you guys in the studio! >> how fun is that? exactly, congratulations, what an honor. >> and excited, out of 370,000 schools, they get the award. >> nicely done. >> pretty -- pretty cool.
9:44 am
>> roberta, are you ready to go? >> i am. >> because i'm throwing a christmas party. i want something different this time, okay? and i need the colors of red and green. >> i got you. >> christmas trees. >> oh, and that's healthy. that's a healthy tree.
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>> checking orr forecast, things are calm down a lot from yesterday. we have temperatures, that are in the 30's, windchills, mostly in the lower 30's, and 20's out there, this morning, but it is generally a tranquil morning, with no precipitation to show you. on ultimate doppler raider, average high is 45 degrees. we finally went above average yesterday with the high of 50. but pretty seasonable for the next two days, we're down in the 20's for high temperatures thursday, friday, and all-in-all it looks like, well, we just call it messy weekend ahead. sue? >> yes? >> as we listen to the salvation army out there, this next segment is up your alley. >> yes, it is. >> i can't wait to try it. >> we like going up your alley, because you're very creative. roberto papito is here. >> how are you? >> making christmas trees out of food. starting with strawberries from. >> starting with strawberries.
9:48 am
everybody lovers strawberries. >> so cute. >> isn't that a door be? and super super easy. all you do is take a stirofoam cone, that you get at your craft store. use favorite fruits, don't just use strawberries, use apples, games, just start sticking them with a tooth pick throughout. >> so we the star? >> used an apple, took cookie cutter, just used that way. >> i like. >> you know you could all actually use star fruit. >> you could, we were just talking about that. >> yes? >> and the green is just the green of the stem? >> yep. you can use mint, as women, if you want to put mint throughout, could you do that. >> i love mozarella. >> pretty great, right? so you actually marinate your little balls first with a little bit of basil, olive oil, all of that, then you stick them in. i can't. go on in. >> okay. anyway, then you keep going, and then you take the star cutter again use it to cut your little mozarella star up
9:49 am
top. >> i love it. >> serve with some sal some i can glaze. >> how long would i marinade the balls? >> you can do like -- >> overnight? >> few hours to overnight if you want, yes, could you do that. >> full flavor, yes. here is a healthy treat. >> yes, you can serve your veggies this way, instead of just the traditional way of laying them out. you can put them on this. you can start with the side of favorite dip like onion dip or whatever. >> so your guest woz just come up and take broccoli -- >> just pull it out. yep. >> now, you have got another stirofoam cone. >> this is how i want to show you guys, leave you wipe it down. >> where did you get the cone from? >> craft storm you can get ones huge. >> for more fruit. >> more fruit or whatever you're doing. so what you will do, i will show you guys so you can take a little stick. >> called a tooth pick in the business. >> yes. >> and you're going to either -- depending on how soft the donut is, but either
9:50 am
go in like this, then put your donut in there, right there. >> donut holes? >> that's it. >> you will need a lot of holes. >> it is time comsuming but at the same time take this to guest, like going to someone's house for dinner, and then what you can use, are these little cranberries with mint go throughout, make it like little holly throughout. >> you know i love hole. >> i right? isn't that cute? >> don't poke yourself. >> just like. that will you are just decorating. >> this will be time sensitive. >> but this is great for kids, kids love doing. >> this they think it is great. >> i might get that done by christmas! >> get smaller cone. >> you can have a tyne, this is the smallest, actually, they have like really tiny cones. >> they do. >> yes. >> well, can you work on this? >> i can. >> see how high up you can get it before wendy williams comes on. >> that's like ten minutes. >> it is not too bad. >> she is a pro, she has got
9:51 am
it. >> thank you. >> website? >> homemade delish. com. >> how is your marriage going? >> great, fantastic, thank you. >> all right. the reason i bring that up, there is some more, hi, divorce drama for brad and angelina. >> oh, no. >> why brad pitt is upset about the things that angie is saying about him to the press. ♪
9:52 am
most people who sign up for health insurance on qualify for financial help to make coverage more affordable, lowering their monthly premiums. ♪ most find low-premium plans for $50 to $100 dollars-a-month. ♪ these are quality plans that include coverage for doctor visits, no-cost preventive services and prescription drugs. ♪ enroll at by december 15 for coverage starting january 1.
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9:54 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> you know that film, jerry mcguire, was released 20 years ago today. >> wow. >> i love that.
9:55 am
>> i like when he's about to leave, who is with me? and everybody's like -- >> and that wasn't the other line you had me at hello? >> yes. >> ya. my god. >> well, the drama continues for angelina jolie and brad pitt in their ugly divorce battle. get ahold of this. according to the daily mail, brad accusing his ex-wife, now, and her legal team releasing confidential information about their children, and their custody greet. he says that information also revealed that brad is being drug tested four times a month, just to get an access to the kids, brad is asking that all documents dealing with the couple's children and their custody arrangement be sealed, not released to the public, he and angelina will appear in court next month to discuss this custody. can you imagine the media thrown around that courthouse? >> because of the kids and stuff, you know, being put in all of this. >> that's what he is saying, putting out my medical
9:56 am
business and everything, because you are trying to make everyone hate me. >> stop it, stop it. >> kanye west, just walked into trump tower to visit with the president-elect. what do you think that's about? >> that will be an interesting conversation. >> sure will. >> some people are saying maybe he'll rap at his inauguration. >> oh, ya? maybe he'll be named to the cabinet? what is his position? secretary of -- >> secretary of music? >> of rap? >> of the arts? >> yes. you know, hurry up, roberta. chris pratt and jennifer laurence trade insults for laughs. what is this? >> pretty funny, bit they did on the show, we should do this sometime. so they had the two of them, new movie coming out, looks phenominal, both superstars. >> okay? >> but bbc radio one. let's play little clip. supposed to insult each other, not crack up. >> okay. >> you are so bad at acting. that the cast of saved by the bell feels sorry for you.
9:57 am
>> i recently told you that you act like adel sings. i hate adele. >> where do you keep your author? >> where do you keep your oscar? >> does not have an oscar, and she does. >> roberta, come around here. you got the donut hole christmas tree basically done, now, you want to add some holly to that? >> add more, yes. sue helped me. >> i like it. >> sue? >> looks good. >> and with white cone, yes, nod bat. >> looks good. >> happy holidays. >> should we just dip in our hot cocoa? >> with all of the carmel in it. >> it is very interesting it, also has salt in it from the
9:58 am
salted carmel. >> yes? >> it is really good. >> enjoy your day.
9:59 am
10:00 am
live from new york city, it's the "wendy williams show." >> wendy: it's going to be juicy. >> now you here's wendy. [ screaming ] ♪ ♪ ♪ >> wendy: i'm glad that you're watching. my co-host


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