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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  December 13, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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zeros. the bandit struck again but there's a twist. what was left behind this time. growing pains fans reeling with the death of tv dad alan thick. news starts in 30 seconds. ♪ live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 10. developing to night, this was new jersey teenager killed over a fight about snap chat and sneakers.
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evan perry was killed last night 24 hours later those who knew him are trying to figure out how to say goodbye. good evening, i'm yann pa page. >> i'm lucy noland. perry's community is struggling to find a way forward. let's get straight to fox 29's dave schratwieser in willingbo willingboro. dave. >> reporter: lucy, emotional night at a rally here in willingboro tonight. it was a candlelight vigil for family and friends who wanted to remember 16-year-old perry tonight they want some answers in the name of his killer. >> i cried for god. please, please, help us! help us! >> the pain was deep as more than 100 family members and friends came to mill creek park tuesday night to remember 16-year-old ibon perry 24 hours after he was gunned down on his own front porch in willingboro. >> they weren't thinking about his mother, his father. they weren't thinking about any of the actions that they caused
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for his mother still to remain in that house when your child died on the porch. >> i'm sick and tired of being tired of seeing young people dying for no reason. >> reporter: family members said the willingboro high school student loved clothes, sneakers and baseball they came to this vigil with candles and balloons. many offered prayers and condolences for the family this was immeasurable loss. >> he was all around. he was just a greatest joy that you can ever know. >> reporter: police say perry and two other teens were on the front porch here around 8:00 monday night when shots rang out from across the street. perry was fatally wound the. a second teen was also struck. the third teenager was not harmed. police have not released a motive. it was over a snap chat argument and sneakers but it was still no reason to take his li life. >> if you know something please share that information. do not take any matter noose your own hands. >> reporter: there have been several shootings and murders in burlington county in the past
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four days. mourners called for an end to the violence including this father who lost a daughter to gunfire several years ago. >> it's time for change. it's time to lay guns to rest and not our children. >> let's support the family with prayer and let's support them with our love and let's support them with the proper information. >> reporter: now, again, no motive from the police tonight and they have not announced any suspects or arrests at this hour. lucy? >> all right, thank you very much, dave. one man is dead. another critically injured. gunfire struck down both just hours ago in frankford. this was the scene on the 5,000 block of frankford avenue right around 7:30. police say they rushed the men both in their 30s to the hospital. one of them died at frankford torresdale. the other is in critical condition at temple. no arrests and no word on motive. but police say witnesses say they heard an argument before the gunfire rang out. on your radar tonight serious
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cold about to set in. kathy has been warning us about the polar very hex. will we feel the bite. >> tomorrow night. it will get colder around here. the wind and cold and even potential for snow. beautiful night out with partly cloudy sky and temperatures decent for this time of year and this time of hour. right now philadelphia 40. 37 in millville. 29 in the poconos. and alan town sitting at 34 degrees. tomorrow morning waking up to temperatures in the 20s and 30s. mount pocono 23. 32 in trenton. and waking up to 34 degrees in wildwood. the cold air, that polar air is going to be singing down just to the north of new england, and we will be feeling the chill big time by thursday. with gusty winds temperatures falling 20 degrees below normal toward the end of the week. so coming up, we'll look at that seven day forecast where we have advice on how to prepare for this cold. also, temperatures will fall into the teens with bitter chills move in and specifics on
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the next chance for snow for some of us the first snow. we'll send it back to you. >> thanks much, kathy. just friends, those are president-elect trump's words about his relationship with kanye west. today the rapper sporting new blond hair met with the soon to be commander in chief at trump tower. doctors released the rapper from the hospital less than month ago. tmz reported he had a mental break down. trump told reporter today's they talk about life. the two did not answer questions about west would perform at the inauguration. meanwhile, political fallout continues over an intelligence report pointing the finger at russia for campaign season hacking. >> tonight a new push for more information. democratic and republican lawmakers want to take a deeper look into the findings by the intelligence community that russia tried to interfere with the presidential election. not all lawmakers think russians interfered to help donald trump win but nearly everyone but the president-elect believes the russians were involved.
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>> you have the argument that's put forward by the president-elect and you have the statement that was put forward bite intelligence community two months ago revealing their unanimous conclusion that russia was engaged in cyber activity in attempt to destabilize our political system. >> chairman of the house intelligent committee demanding a classified briefing from the cia and fbi by no later than friday this morning. new york man charged in connection to anti donald trump graffiti that was spray painted on a chestnut hill grocery store last month. evan brown has been charged with criminal mischief and related offenses and assistant city sis tour cleared in that case. police saw him in this surveillance video taking pictures of the graffiti. he's now on leave from the city for two weeks without pay. has to perform some community service. a new jersey trooper faces charges he stopped female drivers to give out his number
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and get dates. investigators say trooper marquise prater falsified documents to cover up the stories and they say that includes lying about his wireless microphone malfunctioning and lying about the gender of the drivers he pulled over in his reports. now several women came forward to file complaints about the trooper. prater is suspended without pay while that case moves forward. tomorrow a pre-trial hearing will continue in montgomery county tee for bill cosby ahead of his sexual assault trial. today in court, things got rather heated between lawyers about what evidence should be allowed into that trial. prosecutors want more than a dozen other cosby accuser's to testify in the trial. >> judge's decision on that request could have huge impact. our bruce gordon witnessed what went down in court today. >> reporter: bill cosby waived to supporters shouting encourage many as he entered court tuesday morning. cosby may need more than just the help of fans. prosecutors want to bring to the witness stand at his trial 13 women who claim cosby drugged
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and sexually assaulted them in a manner similar to claims in this the only criminal case brought against the legendary entertainer. cosby's accused of drugging then groping andrea constand at his cheltenham mansion back in 2004. there were no witnesses and constand did not immediately tell her story to authorities. cosby has claimed the sexual contact with constand was consensual. if the 13 others are allowed to testify, it could refute any defense claim that cosby was simply mistaken in thinking constand was a willing partner. civil attorney gloria allred represents them of those other accusers. >> if in fact it's true that someone had the pattern of drugging women, then -- then engaging in some sexual contact that person who drugs whomever that is is not mistaken about whether a victim is consenting because he knows they can't consent and that is in fact why
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he's drugging them. >> reporter: in court, cosby's defense team argued none of the 13 should be allowed to testify suggesting some of their claims are not credible and that many stories are so old and vague they cannot be disproved. lead defender brian mcmonagle is holding his tongue for now. >> brian, what can you tell us about your view these 13 other. >> we'll have a lot to say tomorrow. report roar this hearing is set to wrap up on wednesday a ruling from the judge is expected soon. though we do not know whether it will come immediately. again, he could decide that none, some or all 13 of these witnesses will be allowed to testify against cosby at trial. a huge ruling when it does come. in norristown, i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. >> happening now a fight over bike lanes in the city. cyclists they don't feel safe. >> understandable. >> they want protect. drivers and business owners have had it with the hassle of driving to navigate around those lanes. >> dozens every people to turned out to sound off and sound off they did. brad sattin is live in center city. you were at that public meeting. i'm guessing you heard an
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earful. brad? >> reporter: we did hear an earful we're on spruce street this is the place one of the bike lanes much this is what they call an unprotected bike lane because there's no barrier between the cars and the bikes. in fact, across the city, there are only 2 miles of protected bike lanes but the mayor wants 30 miles in the next five years. think there are a lot of close calls between bikes and cars in philadelphia? >> i was hit by a car because there was not a protected bike lane. >> reporter: in fact when bicyclists were asked to raise their hands if they had something similar happen to them. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: most of the hands went up. more than 100 people turned out to hear the city's proposal to add protected bike lanes that would physically separate bikes from cars. unlike most of them today, where it's easy to find delivery trucks and cars bike in the bike lanes forcing cyclists to go around them or squeeze between vehicles. right now there's no plan or locations for protected lanes. in fact state funding isn't even guaranteed, but the topic struck
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a nerve. >> there's also a traffic flow when bikers have to weave around the doors get in the street from homeowners and business owners worried about losing parking and loading zones -- >> there's so much business going on, that barricades of any kind are going to be problem. >> people have a right to load and unload because they have stores and they pay taxes. it's a disaster. >> reporter: to the bikers who say they need a seive place to ride. >> i felt safe when i'm on my little bike by myself but i commute with my children on the back, and stopping and starting -- [ applause ] >> stopping and starting is dangerous. >> reporter: the city bicycle coordinator promising to do a lot of listen brag any decisions are made. >> it is impossible to a peace everyone but it's possible to work with the stake holder, the business owners, the residents and the employees and also folks
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who commute through a neighborhood to come up way solution. >> reporter: right now more than 50 cities have network of protected bike lanes. philadelphia wanting to be one of them and they hope, iain, to have a plan in place at some point by next summer. >> all right, brad, thank you. sad news about an iconic ' '80' tvassed away. what we know about his final moments. >> fox 29 viewer lost his daughter to a rare type of cancer and noticed, you know whatnot much is happening to keep on the children from enjoying the same thing. now he's turning his heartbreak into a powerful mission. >> i felt like i had a job to do. something to accomplish now that could help someone else out. >> what he's doing to change that and we're guessing he'll find incredibly inspirational. always surprising update on story fox 291st brought you late this summer. >> lucy, stranger than fiction. someone for some reason has been
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swiping address numbers zeros and ones right off of homes here in fishtown and east kensington. but that's not the weird part. i'll explain coming up. >> all right. chris. just when you thought you'd seen everything on a plane, there's this. a woman dragged off a flight she didn't do something really important before getting on that plane. ♪ ♪ come on, wake up!!! come on, why ya sleepin'? come on!
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what time is it? it's go time. come on. let's go, let's go, let's go. woooo hoooo!! yeah!! i feel like i went to bed an hour ago. i'll make the cocoa. get a great offer on the car of your grown-up dreams at the mercedes-benz winter event. it's the look on their faces that make it all worthwhile. thank you santa!!! now lease the 2017 c300 for $389 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. ♪ sad news out of hollywood. actor alan thicke has died. tmz reports at the actor had a heart attack while playing hockey with his 19-year-old son. he was 69 years old. one of his most famous roles of course was as jason sever on
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growing pains. he tweeted just hours before his death about the series fuller house which appears on netflix. he was also a song writer who wrote the theme for different strokes. wheel of fortune as well as growing pains with ex-wife tv soap star gloria loring. he's sewer advised by robin thick, carter and brennan and his third wife tanya. possible break in the binary bandit case mysterious man shows up on front porch with a bag and drops it off. inside a bunch of house numbers just ones and zeros. could they be the numbers ripped off homes in kensington and fish to be. >> it is a curious update to a curious story. our chris o'connell is on the case tonight live in east kensington. what's going on, chris? >> reporter: that's a good question, lucy. philadelphia police say this is one of the strangest crime sprees they've ever seen. someone for some reason has been stealing numbers, address numbers right off of homes here
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in fishtown and east kensington. not just any numbers, mind you. just the ones and the zeros. you think that's strange? it's about to get even weirder. >> shock. disbelief. >> sean monday dee and meghan haley were dumb founded. not once but twice. >> i couldn't believe it. i thought he was playing a joke on me. >> reporter: first september when surveillance video showed a woman stealing their address number zero right off their amber street home. and they weren't alone. dozens of neighbors had their digits lifted. again, just ones and zeros. now, here's where it gets really strange. this morning, two months later, on video, that sean leaving for work and you see that bag his dogs are sniffing. >> i just stared up in the air and look at meghan it's all the ones and zeros. >> he said it's the ones and zeros. >> reporter: the binary bandit struck again. this time returning the stolen numbers to their front door. meghan put on gloves and spread them out right on the dining
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room table. took pictures and called police. there it was, evidence from dozens of crimes, 83 in all. >> i just want to find out what's happening to them and hold something accountable for it. they vandalized 83 homes in the neighborhood. it's not just one person doing it. >> the couple went back to the video and saw this guy wake up to their home about midnight gently place the bag on the doorstep and walk away. tonight it's just not just about who did this but -- >> why? why would someone do that? >> i kind of thought it was art students perhaps it was, um, like an art project that got weird social commentary or something. >> reporter: couple now with a fresh new zero on their home still have some questions of their own. >> i wonder if they had some remorse or it's a christmas miracle. we don't know why they were stolen to begin with so we don't know why they're returned. we have more questions than answers at this point. >> reporter: police are also scratching their heads but now they do have some evidence to
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work with. detectives say this is most likely the work of a group of people rather than a single person. iain? >> all right, chris, thank you. update tonight on story you saw first on fox. our viewers as usual are stepping up donating more coats, hats and gloves to a woman who had been stockpiling hoe donations for local kids only to have them stolen. >> but she tells fox 29 she's extraordinarily happy. a surveillance camera rah outside danielle's house in northern liberties shows the thief checking the place out a few times and snatches the packages with donations for kids. so far no arrests but danielle tells us she judd received an enormous response on social media since we aired her story. she's hoping to give more than 50 coats to children this frid friday. developing to night in north philadelphia, the search for a robber and a shooter. this disturbing video shows a man not only holding up a corner store employee and demanding money but also shooting him and police say it happened a second
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time. now investigators are trying to see if the same person is responsible for the two eerily similar crimes. >> fox 29's dave kinchen wept looking for answers in north philadelphia. >> reporter: chaos unleashed along with silver gun inside the d. double r deli in philadelphia's feltonville section this past week em. the masked suspect holding up a 63-year-old clerk known as eric according to neighbors. he's even shot in the hip during the heist. >> terrible, man. >> my kids go to that store every day. they normally go by they selves and that day something told me not to send her. 10 or 15 minutes before that happened. >> reporterhappenedreport behine counter you see waving the gun over the victim while appearing to reach cash. he grabs lottery tickets before making a break for it. a key clue the shooter's royal blue sneakers. eric the victim hospitalized in stable condition. >> i think it's terrible thing because he's like a family man been around here for year. he care about everybody. he knows everybody on name bas
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basis. >> it's bad, man. i just heard the other store was robbed around the corner. >> reporter: guns blazing a man enters the san raphael market a few blocks away the next night. on december 11th wearing a mask he orders employees to the floor. one shot is fired and a 56-year-old man hitting him in the leg. >> they feel like they can do whatever they want to do around here. >> reporter: suspect demands money from the register and runs off. the big clue police have here, a shiny silver colored hoodie, similar gun, too. meantime neighbors say they need more protection. >> we never see police around here. every once in awhile you see a cop go by, but never patrol this area. >> reporter: second victim shot in the leg was treated at a hospital and released. call philadelphia police if you have any information on these cases. at east detectives dave kinchen, fox 29 news. >> this guy carrying apease sam he's no deliveryman. that box is part of a scheme to steel. how he's doing it and what you
10:21 pm
might want to look out for in your neighborhood. we know all too well the challenges many kids face trying to get a good education but one local organization is bringing light to dark helping kids all the way to college. >> of child deserves an equal chance at the future that they want. >> but it doesn't end there. how this group is touching lives far beyond the young people they serve. now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. >> good evening, everybody. construction continues here on the martin luther king drive during the day. they'll be working 9:00 to 3:00 take break during that evening rush hour. come back again at night. kelly drive or schuylkill always your two best bets there. also, new schedule in play for septa's regional rail lines. if you don't know it by now grab that new timetable for the morning rush hour and then through the day tomorrow, if you are using 95, maybe to the airport or from the airport into the city, bridge inspections
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both directions between broad street and enterprise avenue. we'll check the jam cams. sue has the forecast. see you bright and early starting at 4:00.
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ oakland fire depth says it didn't know about safety concerns. the warehouse where so many people died earlier this month. the fire chief says there were no city records showing the
10:25 pm
property got any complaints but neighbors and residents say that they made numerous calls to 911 about the property that had been illegally converted into living spaces. 36 people died in that fire. neighbors in indianapolis are kind of keeping a close eye on their front porches tonight. >> man posing as a pizza delivery guy swiping packages left and right. surveillance video has caught him more than once and you can see this man pretends to be a pizza delivery driver ear even carries a box as he walk up on the front porch. after a few looks around an knock on the door he strikes taking off with more than what he came with. leon nieto has a surveillance video app ennuis phone that sends a signal as soon as somebody steps on his porch. >> when i got the application up and running, um, i can see a guy getting into his car in our driveway and he had something in his hands. >> he says the thief may have been pretty disappointed with the swipe. box contained a pair of
10:26 pm
slippers, a christmas present for a family friend. a fox 29 viewer turns heartbreak into a powerful mig. he lost his daughter to a rare type of cancer and noticed not much was happening to keep other kids from enduring the same thing. now he's taking on the fight. >> our kathy orr is tracking one big forecast. >> few flurries or sprinkles may pass by during the overnight but that arctic front that will bring in this polar blast that will will wait until tomorrow night. temperatures plunge by the weekend a chance of snow. we'll talk more about that with the seven day coming up. >> coming up at hedge we've all been there waiting in line at the grocery check out. one guy just couldn't take it any more. he snapped. what sent him into a violent rage is pretty disgusting.
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♪ traffic headaches on martin luther king drive just got worse. the city says the inbound lane of mlk drive along the schuylkill river is going to be between sweet briar and eakins oval will be closed taught. bob kelly referenced it being
10:30 pm
open just a few minutes ago. so this is a change from his tomorrow's traffic report. he file a little earlier today. a falling wall has got to be fixed so the road will be closed until at least january 20th. tonight, the inspirational story of a fox 29 viewer whose turning heartbreak into a new life mission. he lost his daughter to rare form of cancer and out of his devastation he realized very little research goes into this particular disease. >> so now the father is doing amazing things to change that and save other young lives. fox 29's joyce evans has his story. ♪ >> a couple of hours up and back. >> reporter: the drive from peter bill lot tee's marble and granite company in the heart of south philadelphia. >> every week at least one time a lot of times an extra day during the week. >> reporter: this trip -- >> some decorations for christmas. >> reporter: decorating at the resting place of his beloved
10:31 pm
only daughter alexandra. >> a lot of decorating around our house all the time. we used to call her al for alec. >> reporter: she passed away a year ago during the holiday season. she was only 21. >> when your child dies you learn how to live in that level that it puts you down. it puts knew a level of life that something has been taken from you. >> reporter: a big hole blown into their world over a decade's time. >> you don't ever get -- it doesn't he have go away. >> reporter: the nightmare watching helplessly as your baby girl spends half her young life suffering until a rare form of adolescent cancer called ewing sarcoma slowly strips her life away. >> she had two bone marrow transplants. she had a major surgery.
10:32 pm
they took ribs out of her. >> reporter: she was in remission for few years. peter credited their strong faith. >> i was going to have a miracle from all of this. and time went on and just kept getting worse and worse. >> reporter: the loss is toughest on alex's mom. >> when we know she's not here no more, you know, and to talk about it it will just make that moment even worse. >> reporter: peter struggles every day around his shop. >> it's name for his daughter. it's where many of her favorite things remain today. >> oh, this is her little table. >> yeah. >> reporter: she played here. the family home right upstairs. >> she was a surfer, too. >> reporter: peter says he can feel her spirit all around here. >> she loves how much we loved her. she really does.
10:33 pm
just let her know, you know, how much i miss her. it's a great deal that we miss her. >> reporter: the light of their lives. >> it's gone and there's nothing you can do about it. ♪ >> reporter: not quiet. peter was angry at the treatment alex was getting. not that the doctors weren't doing all they could but at how little they had to offer to treat ewing sarcoma. >> we were like upset. we were upset. my daughter was dying at this point there literally. >> reporter: more upsetting the reason. limited research dollars at one of the best pediatric cancer centers in the world committed to discovering better treatments for ewing. it's rarer than others. chop's oncology division chief dr. steve hunger understands peter's anger. >> we need new and different approaches to cure the patient s like alexandra who were not able to be cured using the best
10:34 pm
available drugs we have today. >> i said to myself, should i be embarrassed to be carrying her? >> i said no. she's here to be saved and it was tough. that's particularly challenging because everybody is figuring they're going to be ones to be cured. our job really is to keep working until we can cure every patient. >> how much money do you need to do this? >> reporter: about a million dollars to set up a research endowment at children's hospital of philadelphia devoted solely for ewing sarcoma. peter has accepted the challen challenge. >> well, i felt i had like a job to do. something to accomplish now that could help someone else out. >> i can thank the family enough and, you know, i also hope this gives peter and his family some piece to be doing this.
10:35 pm
>> we have website up through chop, and i'm on a seven-year program with them to raise a million dollars. >> reporter: peter is already working a scholarship fund at alex's school setting up another fund to help family financially devastated by pediatric cancer treatment. he's surprised by donors generosity but he needs much more. >> i learned something through all of this, that you got to find something good to grab on to that gives you some joy. it could be the smallest little thing, but it gives you that energy to go to another step and keep moving in life. report roar joyce evans fox 29 news. >> that's so hard. that really is the key to be able to take something from that devastation and build on it and try and help other. >> exactly. good for him. wish him the best. there's some bad behavior on flight and then there's this.
10:36 pm
a woman dragged down the aisle of a plane by police. she didn't do something kind of really important before getting on the plane. what she forgot. >> and dozens of pennsylvania families are getting holiday surprise they will never forget. love this. someone just she would out tepps of thousands of dollars to ease their burden and they don't even know the person's name. don and i met because i'm a volunteer for meals on wheels. we had an instant connection. what was that?
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i said, "delivering to you is always a special treat." oh. company, companionship, food... we all need those things. when we get in that spot in life, it's kind of nice to have 'em there. (avo) through the subaru share the love event, we've helped deliver over one point four million meals to those in need. get a new subaru, and we'll donate two hundred and fifty dollars more. ♪put a little love in your heart.♪
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♪ just enormous surprise for dozens of familiar unless harrisburg. someone with big heart she would out more than $74,000 to pay the lay away bill for some unsuspecting shoppers. it is second straight year a lay away angel has come out to this harrisburg wal*mart. for some shoppers this will mean one incredible holiday. >> it was all for my kids. everything that was on my list and i want to say thank to whoever did it because it really is amazing. >> wal*mart says same person also helped pay off $166,000 in balancbalances at the lebanon s. >> incredible stuff. >> are in i don't money tonight some i phone seven owners have been waiting to hear this news. you can buy the wireless ear
10:40 pm
buds. apple had delayed releasing the buds months ago. >> did they say why. >> not really i don't think. >> you can buy them on apple website a little more than 150 bucks. kind of steep. >> not cheap. >> probably good. all right. >> hope so. attention empire fans. your next obsession is about to debut right here on fox 29. empire co creator lee daniels new show star starts tomorrow. features three talen talented ss desperate for a new start with ambitions of stardom like empire star will bring music legends into your living rooms including queen latifah and gladys knight it all starts tomorrow with the fall finale of empire at 8:00 the premier of star at 9:00 and then of course we got the fox 29 news at 10:00 and 11:00. the excitement filled. >> we know all too well the challenges so many children face trying to get simply a good education. but one local organization is bringing light to darkness helping kids get all the way to
10:41 pm
college. >> every child deserves an equal chance at a, um, at the future that they want. >> how this group is touching lives far beyond the young people they serve. >> and kathy tracking your forecast. >> that's right. we are looking at temperatures that will be plunging 10, 20 degrees below average haven't seen this kind of cold since last winter a little bit early in the season and set up the chance for snow. the seven day is coming up.
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>> delta officials are now saying why officers dragged a woman off a flight. this viral video shows the moments yesterday morning detroit airport. authorities say this woman did not properly check for the night. but still got on the plane. literally dragging her off the plane. when she according to delta statement would not get off the airline call local law enforcement. that happened and right afterwards they prompt and a reffed her. ♪ >> even among the darkness the under funded and performing schools a local organization is doing its best to bring light to kids lives.
10:45 pm
we're talking about chester county futures. >> the organization students have 100% graduation rate, and it says it's dedicated to keeping it that way. our bill anderson has program that is changing lives for goodness sake. >> reporter: 100% graduation rate for 16 straight years. unfortunately, that's not a statistic we're used to hearing associated with many of our local public schools, but an organization in chester county, if they have their way, that could all change. >> we're a college access program here in chester county. we work primarily with first generation college students. we pro void them with academic support, mentoring and ultimately scholarship support. >> reporter: for 20 years chester county futures taken on the challenge of encouraging students often with difficult backgrounds usually hoping to be the first in their family to go to college to believe that a future of success and achievement is something they should expect regardless of where they come from.
10:46 pm
>> every child deserves an equal chance at at the future that they want. >> reporter: they're not improving a life they're empowering a family. 85% of the students in their program would be the first ever in their family to attend college. >> you let them know that this is something that they can be. they can be the first if their familiar actual will make their families proud report roar program is privately funded no non-profit that serves districts throughout chest county. honestly it's all about the students. >> like i guess family behind a family. they're definitely always there and always in touch. >> i can like text miss kim or like the administrator and they'll just help me right from home. >> lot of my family, like, values education really highly but they just couldn't afford to do college. really hoping that chester county futures gets me to be a graduate. >> reporter: some of the students today at coatesville senior high didn't know it but their believe in the program, their trust that they could be more than they ever expected was about to pay off.
10:47 pm
>> officially accepted, congratulations. >> thank you. >> congratulations. [ applause ] >> they stuck it out. they put in the hard work and all three were septembered to mansfield university. wis scholarship money in the future all three will be the first in their families to go to college. >> i finally did it. and i get to go to college. >> i underestimated myself when i was younger, and i can do whatever i put my mind to. >> you guys -- >> chester county futures is changing lives. they recognize that young people who have been underestimated and written off still deserve a chance and they're committed to providing it for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. ♪ just amazing program. like bill said so many of these kids come from, upping, families who have never gone to college. so this is just extraordinary. >> impressive stuff. kathy orr is here to talk about what's on our radar tonight. >> a lot on our radar.
10:48 pm
we're looking at a few flurries passing by most of this not making it to the ground but a little bit of a front squeezing through and tomorrow we'll be seeing the sun again. right now in philadelphia, 40. albany, new york, 32. in pittsburgh it's 31. the cold air to the west chicago four. minneapolis only eight. international falls one. rapid city at 14. so that cold air is going to be moving our way. so the worst of it will be coming over the next 48 to 60 hours. when you look at the worst win it will be definitely thursday with gusts to 45 miles an hour. the worst of the cold without doubt friday morning when wind chills range from zero to 10 below the 10 below in the poconos. and the snow would be accumulating late friday night into early saturday morning. right now if we do see it it will be a light accumulation for many of us it will be the first flakes of the season. this is what's going to be happening on thursday. as the wind gusts increase, those feel like readings will be decreasing. so thursday morning at 7:00 o'clock, it will feel like 15. that's cold enough. by noon 12.
10:49 pm
by 7:00 p.m. it will only feel like nine. so if you haven't put out those holiday christmas decorations yet, wait because this wind is going to create some problems. monica has been looking at that and monica, that wind is going to be pretty serious. we're talking about a tropical storm force. >> exactly. but we're also dealing with that cold which is why that wind chill is a big problem, and that wind kicking up on thursday to 45 miles per hour. so here's a few tips before you leave the house with what to do to deal with some of these win winds. i know some of us have already put up our christmas decorations make sure they are secure so that they don't get blown away also take in the recycling and trash cans. they can get blown around very very he's whole we aren't talking about winds at 45 miles an hour. then heading to and from work, make sure you're 10 and two in high profile vehicles. the reason for that they really can be affected by that wind. so you may want to take it a bit slower for the commute.
10:50 pm
once that's all said and done we're talking the wind then the snow. there's a possibility friday night into saturday morning the system moves in inter acts with that cold air and starts off as snow. here in the delaware valley. then as we head into northwest suburbs that's where we have the best chance for snow accumulations. as for the forecast snowfall amounts well it's kind of hard to say right now it's still very far out. we are talking through the weekend and then saturday afternoon it does change to freezing rain and then lead into rain a lot could change with this forecast. kathy. >> yes, we are looking at first the winds, then the cold then the potential for snow. it's am like the hat trick the winter hat trick. as far as the forecast is concerned for the overnight temperatures, falling to seasonal levels. 30s in the city, 20s in the suburbs. highs tomorrow in the 40s but the wind had make it feel colder. on your seven day forecast, that polar air moves in thursday, pro day. there's your mix on saturday. some rain sunday. and then more moderate for our monday and tuesday with highs in the 40s lows in the 20s but that
10:51 pm
is still below normal for this time of year. that's a look at your seven day forecast. sean we'll send it over to you. >> kathy, temple finds the coach they hope will take them at the next level and they're interim coach talks about how the kids are dealing with all the chang changes. the owls basketball squad trying to take the big five crown. they go for the upset over the number one ranked wildcats. that's coming up next in sports. he gets a lot of compliments.
10:52 pm
he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, "thank you for serving our country" and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home.
10:53 pm
that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast.
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♪ villanova and temple fighting over the big five crown tonight and the wildcats looking to continue their dom nation in this series. they won 17 consecutive big five games in three straight city titles. they've owned everyone in philly and nothing has changed. first half villanova turning good dough fence into even better offense. they get the steal, push it up. look at this great pass. no dribble. that's how do you it. eric pasquale finishes with the dunk. temple had 18 turnovers. nova up by 19. temple tries to push on the press doesn't work. josh hart finishing with and one. hart he may be the early player of the year right now. nova wins 78-57 their fourth straight big five title. temple may have lost the city title, but they won big with their coaching. football team got their man florida defensive coordinator jeff cole lince.
10:55 pm
collins has been a head coach -- assistant coach for 22 years. he's finally getting his shot at being a head coach. he has -- with florida he had two years there and both years they were top 10 defenses. this move was made so quickly because the next month so important when it comes to signing big recruits and a guy like that has a direct pipeline to getting guys from florida up to temple. even though he's leaving the gators head coach still had great things to say about them. >> we're really excited about the opportunity for him and his family at temple, um, it's a place that's really dawn great job, and he'll carry that on. >> the guy who is behind the wheel right now is ed foley. he's been through three head coaches and i'm sure he has seen it all when it comes to people coming in and out. foley a temple guy through and through and today he talk about the players energy despite all the changes. >> if you can see it day to day
10:56 pm
like i'm seeing it now it's gotten little better today. the kids were out there at practice today cheering like literally on the side line knowing something is going out and doing cheer right because they're just trying to get each other through it. >> i've always said thursday night games are ridiculous. this week the seahawks turn and the rams richard cher hasn't had something say about all these thursday games. >> poop fest. terrible. you know, you play -- we played, frigging got home like 1:00 o'clock in the morning something like that on monday. and then you got to play again. i mean, congratulations, nfl. you did it again. what they've been doing it all season i guess we're the last ones to get the middle finger. >> ooh. >> yeah. >> no one likes these games, okay. no one. >> i guess not. >> except the nfl because they make the money. >> what's coming up a at 11. >> kathy a question for you. the guys don't get a talk on this one. does the man in your life seems to complain a lot when he gets sick.
10:57 pm
>> maybe. >> he might have a good reason. why scientists think germs are harder on men iain and sean than on women. what? >> i don't know. wake up weather and seven day forecast in the first five minutes. your mega millions lottery drawing is next. so good luck to you.
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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at


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