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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  December 14, 2016 4:00am-5:00am EST

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>> two shootings in one philadelphia neighborhood in just five hours, two are dead, one fighting for his life at this hour. we will have details coming up in a live report. and, bills battle, it continues in court today watch caused shouting matches between the attorneys, plus there was a joke that was overheard being made by the comedian. >> this was a surprise meeting of the minds. president-elect donald trump sits down with kanye west, what the unlikely pair were talking about, and what this could mean for the entertainer's future in politics. pretty big shock, remembering one of tv's favorite dads, allen thick, has died. he was just 69. >> got us through the grown pains, good to have you with us, halfway through the week,
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i'm thomas drayton. >> i'm karen hepp, good morning, everybody. good morning, everybody. >> we do have an important warning for folks just waking up right now it, has to do with the weather, sue, so we will get to you in a second. but we do have code blue, out in bucks county for today. one of the first declarations of the season from them. it starts today. it is going to run all the way through saturday. >> we should know that on call churches plan to activate their emergency shelters. though churches listed on your screen coordinate transportation, temporary shelter, food, and other necessities for those in need. it is very important to remember the temperatures, they're only going to get worse over the next several days. so let's get right to sue. >> it is tonight that we take the big plunge, so during the day today, we will gave you a seven out of ten, things today will be a lot like they were yesterday, weather wise, we don't have any precipitation left to show you, we little move through overnight, few sprinkles, few flurries, 37 degrees, right now. not much of a winds. and your sunrise time is at
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the latest 7:15 now. windchill map. there it is. 36 degrees, in wilmington, feels like 19 in mount pocono, feels like 34 in atlantic city. so, maybe not as cold as it was yesterday. but the winds will pick up by the end of the day with a high of 41, you'll start to feel the falling temperatures early tomorrow morning, for sure. that's your wednesday planner. we have the weekend outlook and a breakdown of some messy weather coming saturday, bob kelly. >> good morning, certainly the day to make sure you find the gloves, finds the hat and put that seat warmer option in the car there. good morning, everybody, live look at the vine street expressway. still closed, from the overnight. you know the morning drill between the schuylkill and broad street until about 5:00. they're out here working southbound 95, in the work zone, at cottman avenue. so the normal work zones are out there. the linc con drive, closed this morning, until about 5:00. from wissahickon on down, again, that's the project that every couple of nights or so they block the southbound
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lanes until 5:00, work your way over to the boulevard, to gain access to the huntington pike or to the kelly drive. south on 95, not bad. the freeway looking good, coming in toward the city. both the market frankford and broad street subway they are using shuttle buses until 5:00. karen, thomas, back to you. >> thank you, time 4:03, we want to get to the breaking news we've been telling but two, men are dead two, separate shootings just hours apart in frankford. philadelphia police are calling one an execution-style killing. right out to steve keeley at police headquarters this morning, steve? >> that murder maybe have views stands up and take notice. that man may have been shot more than 25 times according to the detective here, at headquarters do have some witnesses here, they are talking to. two killed in one neighborhood in five hours, both as you see in our video on two of the busiest roads in the frankford
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section, the latest here on adams avenue, not too far from the first killing on frankford avenue. and real close, to homes and the man's family right on the scene within moments of one of the most savage murders police here have ever seen. >> we know that a total of 28 shots were fired from a large caliber semiautomatic weapon. we found 28 spent shell casings around the vick tell's body. many of the shell casings were just inches away from the victim's body, so it appears that this was clearly an execution-type homicide due to the fact that there were so many shots fired, the fact that the balistic evidence is so close to the victim and the fact that the victim was struck numerous times. >> that is just head shaking stuff. and that murder, before that, just blocks away brazen for its location, as you see, right under the el train tracks, right in front after
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busy 7-eleven, so lots of cameras, lots of people at 7:30, right in prime time. but obviously little fear about being seen shooting two guys, killing one at least, the second critical at last report. and if not related or retalatory, karen, thomas, both murders show the level of bold mayhem right now here in philadelphia. >> you said it, a bold move and chilling details, steve, 4:05. also breaking this time in cobbs creek, one man is killed when his car veers out of control. it slammed into a parked car. right into a tree you see right there. emergency crews racing to the scene. this is at 58th street, baltimore avenue taking place after midnight. fifty-two year old driver died at the hospital short time later. >> pretty explosive day yesterday in the pre-trial hearing, for bill cosby's sexual assault trial. cameras were not allowed in court, but the reporters were. they caught all of the action there, lauren johnson now with a recap of what happened and what we expect for this day. good morning, lauren.
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>> reporter: hey, good morning, karen, just as you said, what a day it was yesterday. it started with bill cosby making few jokes as he walked into the courtroom yesterday with deputies. lawyers on both sides engaged in a screaming match on how the other side handling the names of the sexual assault victims who have come forward. the judge threatened to call more deputies into the courtroom if the two sides couldn't maintain some sense of decor up. even bill cosby was little different than we've seen him in the past, usually very slow, quiet with his vision and memory problems according to his laurels, the 79 year old was yelling out in the courtroom on several occasions even when the questions were not directed at him. at this pretrial hearing, prosecute remembers trying to prove cosby had history every drugging and molesting young women, all started when former temple employee andrea constand filed complaint against cosby once her friends and mentor over an encounter at his home in philadelphia. prosecutors say -- >> there was a plan, a scheme,
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a design to incapacitate victims and then because they were unable to consent or not consent, having been incapacitated, they could then be sexually assaulted because they were vulnerable. then that would be our view as relevant. that's what is important. that's why the testimony of these witnesses could be considered to be important. >> reporter: that was celebrity lawyer gloria all red who reps many of the women. prosecutors say dozens of other women who tell similar stories should be allowed to testify in the spring trial to show cosby's prior bad act. the judge ultimately ruled that cosby's lawyers could identify is one of those women by name since they've already shared their stories publicly, prosecutors clashed with the defense early on in the
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hearing about using those women's names in an effort to sort of intimidate the women ahead of the trial. now, allred has suggested cosby establish some type of settlement funds for sexual assault and defamation claims to the tune everyone hundred million dollars. we'll see haw all of this plays out when the hearing continues today, karen, thomas? >> absolutely, thank you, lauren. coming up a little later in just a number of hours we'll have the woman you just saw glare ya all head runs, she represents some of cosby's accusers live on the show with us this morning. we will talk with her. >> also another announced, the monday that i is left over from that presidential recount, they've decided they'll be dope nature that extra mine. so the make total from the $7.3 million is still being tallied. green party presidential candidate jill stein is asking donors to complete on line survey about which voting rights groups they would like that money to go to. which is con somebody completed it recount monday with trump still the winner. federal court halted
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michigan's recount after three days, and in pennsylvania, federal judge did not allow a recount at all. time now 4:08. let's talk about the transition, president-elect donald trump continues his thank you tour at a rally in wisconsin tuesday. he told the crowd he believed the polls and was planning to lose on election night. trump also touted his new secretary of state nominee exxon mobile executive rex tillerson. he calls tillerson one of the greatest and most skilled global business leaders of our time. more picks for trump cabinet, appears he will name another text and to his team, former governor rick perry for secretary of energy. perry you know has been a stonn every critic of the agency, meantime, montana representative ryan has been offered the job every interior secretary. right now, there has been no official announcement. >> we have seen a lot of activity back and forth at the trump tower. today he's going meet with big tech ceo's. >> but the most talk about moment yesterday when it happened was that one-on-one meeting that trump had with kanye west. social media going crazy ever
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since the soon to be commander in chief met at the trump tower, telling reporters they talked about life. they did not answer questions about whether west would perform at the inauguration, but the rapper took to twitter to share part of their conversation. tweeting: i wanted to meet with trump today to discuss multicultural issues, these include bullying supporting teachers, modernizing curriculums and violence in chicago. >> he goes ton say i feel it is important to have a direct line of communication with our future president if we truely want change. but it is the last post that sparks a little controversy about the rapper's political ambition. it reads: hashtag 2024. some believe that's the year that west plans to run for the white house. you may remember kanye west made headlines last year when he announced his intention to run for president in 2020, but apparently he postponed those plans since meeting with trump yesterday. we'll see. >> i think big funding boost in the fight against cancer,
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great news, president obama has signed into law what's known as the 21st century cures act. this is the moon shot act. it is an issue that hits so close to home for both the president and vice president. >> died of cancer, she was two and a half years younger than i am today when she passed away. to know that we may be able to prevent other families from feeling that same lost, that makes it a good day. >> so that was the president talking about his mother of course we know that vice president joe biden had lost his son, beau biden to cancer. >> this will give 1.8 billion federal dollars for cancer research. and of course this has bong been advocated by vice president biden, they call it the moon shot initiative to tackle cancer after his son died of cancer last year. >> this particular bill will allow people to live, live longer, and live healthier.
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and so but most of all, mr. president, i think it gives people hope. >> it is not just cancer. >> this bill will also give a billion dollars to states to help prevent opioid and heroin abuse and to treat them. lawmakers from both political parties were therefore the signing. >> time now 4:12, it will be another touching and really emotional day. day marks four years since the sandy hook massacre. how one local community is honoring the 26 lives lost. >> bad news for drivers in pennsylvania. we're going to be paying more to fuel up, get where we need to go for the holidays. we'll break it down. >> new jersey, now pa.
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>> this is one of our fresco users, cliff orders, taking us to the lights show at macy's in center city celebrating 06 years of entertaining so many kids, grownups, as well, our jenn fred is going to be live in center city, highlighting some of our best and brightest. >> always gets you in the spirit, doesn't it? you know what else will get us in the spirit, sue? cold weather and snow. >> with the views every julie andrews, the christmas show at macy's, all gets better. ♪ when the dark bites ♪ >> okay. >> anyway, p days until winter, but boy, starting tonight, it is really going to feel like t let's talk about the temperatures, coming our
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way, we're in the 30's right now, 26 degrees in pittsburgh. >> nine in minneapolis, des moines, iowa, this is the air that's headed our way, and not yet, because we're in above freezing in many places, 37 degrees, and in the 30's, just about everywhere else. we had windchills in the 20's yesterday, we still do today, in lancaster, in reading, up in pottstown, feels like 19 in mount pocono right now, and we don't have any precipitation. that's not going to be the issue, although, when the cold air rolls in, and that's late tonight, we will start to see a lot of lake effect snow up in the places that usually get it. i don't think we'll see that head here, but we could see sprinkle or two or snow call or two when that cold air arrives. and then it is with us for two whole days as you look at the very last part of this fox future cast around midnight, friday into saturday, we start
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with some snow. that's just the beginning. 45 degrees is our average high yesterday we got to 44, today, probably, around 41. and then we talk about that snow changing over to rain with high of 47 on saturday. with a high in the 50's on sunday, and it is a rainy day on and off. but then, look at the difference between sunday, monday, 58 degrees, bob kelly, to 33 for a high on monday. >> roller coaster ride. >> fox 29 long johns alert, there you go, 4:17 on this, what's today, wednesday. live look at 95 southbound, construction at academy road here. the late running crews, out all night long, also working on the vine street expressway here, both directions between the schuylkill and broad streetment still closed until about 5:00. wrapping up the work on the lincoln drive, they've been working on the overnight, coming out every wissahickon. down toward city line. bridge inspections today, if you are headed to or from the airport, watch for some crews working between broad street
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and enterprize avenue. they'll kick that off at around 9:00. again, septa with their new schedules this week on the regional rail lines, if you haven't already done so, make sure to grab one of those new timetables, the market frankford, the broad street subway, they're using shuttle buses until 5:00. and take a look at this light show. we're all lit up here. thanks to joani for sending thus picture in. snap a picture, send it to us, actually, i want you to post it on facebook, twitter, instagram, use the #fox29lights contest, a very kelly christmas, we'll hit the road tonight. i'm heading to levittown, pennsylvania, we will broadcast live from the front lawn during the 5:00 and 6:00 newscast. i would love to come to your house, put the pictures up there. all of the details are on our website at karen, thomas, back over to you. >> always good time, bob, thank you. 4:18. a new jersey trooper faces charges he stopped female drivers to give out his number and get some dates. investigators say trooper
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marquis false philadelphia international airport documents, lied about his wireless microphone not working and the gender every people he pull over. several women came over to file improper conduct complaints. he's suspended without pay. many in philadelphia will take a moment to pause today to remember one of the nation's worse school shootings. today marks four years since the sandy hook elementary massacre. a gunman killed 20 student and six teachers. today leaders in chestnut hill will host prayer circle at the presbyterian church on germantown avenue. on display will be 26 large and small t-shirts, each bearing the victim's names and ages. meanwhile, newtown, connecticut plans moment of silence to mark the exact time the shooting began. city employees have been told not to do any work this morning between 9:30 and 9:45. the 20 year old gunman responsible for that rampage in 2012 later killed himself. 4:19. police in california have killed a 73 year old man, and now his family is demanding answers. it all happened in bakersfield, california.
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police say they got a 911 call about a man stumbling around in his neighbor's driveway. they say an officer fired seven shots at the 73 year old. his name is francisco serna, he was not taking his hands out of his pocket. his family is insisting he's harmless. >> my dad was always against it, you know, he even voted for them to get off the streets, weapons off the streets. >> police say the 911 caller toll them the retired 73 year old man had a gun, but he didn't. officers searched his body and found other crucifix in his pocket. his family says sterna was in early stages every dementia. it is all under investigation. let's take you around the worlds. major blow rebels, to evacuate from help open, restores the city to president's forces, ending months of heavy fighting and what was once syria's largest city. the un this morning is calling for the safe departure of tens of thousands of civilians and
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opposition fighters. help owe had been split between rebel and government control since 2012. it is considered biggest victory yet in the civil war. >> as you can see right here, just how traumatic this war has been. these are before and after pictures posted by cnn on twitter. you can see the city is a shell of what it used to be after nearly six years of fighting. i mentioned earlier, he got us through the growing pains, one of the five are you td dad. >> the passing of alan thick, just 69 years olds when he died. "tmz" reporting he had a heart attack, playing who can which his 19 year old son. one every his most famous roles was as jason on growing pains. he also did so much more. he was a songwriter, he wrote the theme did you know this, different strokes, wheel-of-fortune as well as growing pains with his ex-wife tv soap star gloria luring. of course he's survived by his wife tanya, and his three sons, singer robin thicke,
4:22 am
carter and brennan, this is a recent picture of the whole family posted on instagram. >> this morning tribute are pouring in on twitter. >> this one comes from actress paula pattern, who was married to his son, robin thicke, as you can see there, also he will dean jen rest tweeted: sending much love to his family. and from hip hop mogel russell simmons there is message, rest in peace to my brother alan thicke, the world has lost an icon. >> all right, as we get ready to go to break, there are so many families right now, and they are getting really nice surprise. in the wake every something bad, you get something good. >> get this. someone just shelled out tens of thousands of dollars to ease their burdens, and they don't even know the person's name. >> also, speaking about money, numbers, here are the winning lottery numbers. we hope you have them. good luck.
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good morning, temple and villanova playing for the big five crown, coming in for the game, nova won 17 straight in big five play. now you can make it 18. nova turning good defense into even better offense. look at this. they get the steel. push it ahead. eric pasquale finishes with the dunk. eighteen turnovers. to the second half, nova up by 19. temple tries to put on little press, but that was broken easily, josh heart gets it right there. nova wins 78-57, four straight
4:26 am
big five title. temple may have lost that day, but yesterday they won their coaching search. defensive coordinator jeff collins, will be the owls new head coach. even though he is leaving the geathers, they still had nothing but great things to say about him. >> we're real excited about the opportunity for him and his family at temple a place that's done a great job. he will car that i on. >> that's sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. >> coming up at 4:30, i couldn't stop watching the videos this morning. very talented guy. you may not know who he is. but tell you, you soon will. >> because there is a mega superstar igniting the career. this kid, he's a violinist from philadelphia, getting get attention going to one of the biggest names in the music biz. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> two shootings within hours leaves two people dead, another fighting for his live. >> burlington county community struggling to maintain hope after a teenager is gunned down on his front porch. >> and it is a very big day for bill cosby, what could be
4:30 am
decided that could determine his fate. >> great to have you with us, everyone, i'm thomas drayton, along in karen hepp. i just noticed your flower. >> it was a gift from you. >> good morning, everyone. >> you know what, that's the same kind of flower that thomas wears. >> you know, we get tweets, emails, people wanting to know why i wear it, it is obviously colors different for the cause, altzheimer's, breast cancer, hiv awareness, so -- >> i know what you're getting for christmas. >> here is my defendant gift. >> we had a lot of problems on the way in, i'll ' let you break it all down. so many things happening. but wetter. >> this is the last reasonable daytime, until we get unreasonable with the cold. it is a eight, seven, like i said, out every ten in your weather by the numbers. and no precipitation any more to show you. little flurry activity, few sprinkles overnight, but it is dry in old city, 37 degrees, not much after breeze, sunrise not until eight -- 7:15 this
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morning, we show you the windchill map, to show you what it feels like, and our chills are in the 20's in lancaster, reading, pottstown, up in mount pocono, as well, everybody else, feels like it is above freezing, so we get to 42 degrees today. by the evening hours, the winds will start to pick up. we have cold front coming through tonight, and you will really feel the difference tomorrow. we will give you the numbers, coming up, bob kelly? >> i sent some good snuggling weather coming up. >> oh, ya. >> let's go. 4:31, live look here, as we go for a fly. new jersey turnpike, a loft work crews out there. northbound, they are working at the black horse pike, 168. also working north on 295, right at exit 16a up through exit 22, the market frankford line, using shuttle buses until 5:00 along with the broad street subway. here is a live look at the schuylkill expressway. now, they were working on the martin luther king drive. that's what karen was speaking about. that was closed on the overnight, they just opened that up. so if you are grabbing your
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coffee, you're okay to go right now. they just opened up the lincoln drive, also, overnight construction. so, we are always the trailblazers all of us that hit the roads at around 2:00, 2:30 in the morning, still dealing with that overnight construction. still dealing with it here on the vine street expressway closed between the schuylkill and broad street. this closure will stay in effect until about 5:00. and then right after the rush hour, get ready, 95, they're doing some bridge inspections between broad street and enterprize, so to or from the airport between center city and the airport actually expect delays during the midday. karen, thomas, back over to you. >> bob, thank you so much. 4:32, it has been violent night already overnight in philadelphia. we've had two separate shootings, claiming the lives of two men. >> the shootings just hours apart, and police say one of them was execution style. steve keeley at police headquarters this morning. this was beyond brutal, steve. >> reporter: i'm still shaking my head after hearing this latest one, just about three and a half hours old.
4:33 am
the homicide teams hearsay time and proximity makes them instantly wonder whether the two murders are somehow linked, but what for sure does link them is both just blocks away, and hours apart in the same section, frandford. and this latest one, the second, almost seems likely, an ultraviolet twist on the candles, on the birthday cake, one for each year thing. because this 27 year old man, the latest murder victim here in philadelphia, may have been shot 27 times at least, and i say at least, because police found most of the 28 bullet shells just inches from the man's body, they may have just rolled off him indicating the killer just stood over him blasting away over and over again here adams avenue, maybe out of anger, maybe to send a message, defer throw have even veteran homicide detectives shake their heads and wonder if somebody's trigger got stuck, or somebody wanted to make sure they were letting the world know that they
4:34 am
wanted this person dead. now, just four hours before that, and just a few blocks away in the same area, frandford, a killer here on frankford avenue cared less where he was, who might see him, or what cameras are close by, because right under the market frankford el train tracks, right outside this busy frankford avenue 7-eleven store, and right in prime time at 7:20, he fired many shots at two men, killing one, nearly killing the second, police see that second man rushing both in their patrol cars to the closest hospitals, police still were trying to identify the man killed since he had no identification on him. what a very, very violent night. you know we say that a lot. but to see somebody shot, as many as 28 times, something, i had never seen before, even homicide detectives have never seen before in long carreers. >> obviously wanted someone dead. terrible, steve, thank you. time right now coming up on 4:35, we have another shoot to go tell but.
4:35 am
this one was from new jersey and it was a teenager who was shot and killed on his front porch in burlington county. his family says they think they know what may have sparked this senseless violence. our dave schratwieser in willingboro with the story. >> evan was all around, he was just the greatest joy that you could ever know. >> that's the way family members and friends remembered 16 year old evan perry as more than 100 gathered in mill creek park tuesday night, just 24 hours after he was gunned down on his own front porch in willingboro. >> it is just not fair. my sister never is going to be the same. what can we say to comfort her? >> i don't know how this can happen. >> family members same the willingboro high school student loved clothes, sneakers, and baseball. family and friends came to his plum tree lane home all day offering their condolances. >> i am sick and tired of
4:36 am
being tired of your people dying for no reason. >> police say perry and two other teens were on the front porch here around 8:00 monday night when shots rang out from across the street. perry was fatally wounded, a second teen was also shot. the third teenager was unharmed. police do not have a motive. >> it was over a snap chat argument, and in sneakers, but still no reason to take his life. >> it is time for a change. it is time to let god rest and not our children. >> dave schratwieser, "fox 29 news". >> something has to give. second day in court for bill cosby. he is fight to go keep testimony from some of his accusers from ever being heard at trial. yesterday the proceedings were filled with fiery exchanges by the attorneys. our lauren johnson in norristown this morning, just outside the courthouse as we wait for day two. the judge actually had to step in several times yesterday. >> yep, did he, thomas, instead of boys behave badly it was lawyers yelling loudly
4:37 am
here, at the courthouse yesterday during the hearing. and why the called their behavior uncivil. all of the bickering was over publicizing the names of the dozens of women accusing cosby of sexual assault. cosby's lawyers don't want the women to be allowed to testify at his spring trial. the high steaks hearing was eventful from the very beginning. lawyers from both sides got heated over accusations from the other side about the women's names, cosby's defense team says many of the women have gone public with their accusations, and so their names are already out there. his lead lawyer saying they're witnesses in a trial, they're not children. all of back and forth is over whether they should testify against cosby, which started over a decade ago then temple employee andrea constand file a complaint against her friends and mentor over an encounter at his home. authorities reopened the case late last year, a lot more women came forward, many represented by celebrity attorney gloria allred. >> whether these alleged prior
4:38 am
witnesses are going to be permit today testify at the trial, that's very important. if they can't, then miss constand's testimony against mr. cosby, one-on-one, with no corroboration from other witnesses. so it is important that there be corroboration as to a lack of consent if, in fact, that's what the accusers will testify to by other witnesses. >> well the judge ultimately ruled that cosby's lawyers could identify 11 of those women by name since they had already shared their stories publicly, prosecutors clashed with the defense lawyers about using those women's names, because they believe it is an effort to intimidate the women, well, all red has suggested cosby establish a 100 million settlement funds for these accusations, and for the victims. we'll see what a judge decides in this second day of the hearing later this morning. karen, thomas?
4:39 am
>> we'll see what today holds. we should also mention gloria allred will be on good day this morning, as well, lauren, thank you. time now 4:39 almost. let's warm things up a little bit. dozen every pennsylvania families are getting a surprise. they won't soon forget. >> this is the best. you paid for the whole darn thing, how one every santa's elves swooped in to bring them some early holiday cheer. we'll tell you where this all happened.
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just fifteen minutes and a little imagination are all you need to make holiday magic. chex party mix. it's what the holidays are made of.
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sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside. crave those crazy squares.
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>> honoring the man who invented dollars the ice bucket challenge, inspiration awards in his home state of massachusetts, for starting the challenge that raised millions of dollars for als research. he was diagnosed with the disease in 2012. and as you know, the challenge has raised more than $115 million for the als foundation. >> that's amazing when you take a look at that kind of money, $115 million, i mean, you probably did it, we saw everybody, police didn't, of course we even did it right here on "good day", oh, there we go. he got challenged. it was spread all around. doing it on our show, probably did in in your life, all right, so everyone getting in on the act. >> oh! >> we already talking more about that challenge coming up on good day. talking about the mega
4:43 am
superstar sparking the career of this talented you're about to see, violinist from philadelphia. >> let's take a little listen in. >> can you figure out who is song he is playing? because it is a pretty big clue. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back, we have
4:46 am
little sneaky lawmakers do, enact a law years ago, all the sudden ten rolls into effect, you forgot all about it, time to pay the piper, we will all be paying more for gas in pennsylvania, the gas tax is going up 8 cents per gallon, in january. part of state law that went into effect in 2013, which is supposed to raise billions of dollars to improve our bridges and highways. >> i know, get ready here. the hike means drivers will be paying about 76 cents per gallon in state and federal taxes, pennsylvania has the nation's highest gas tax, and the longer we sit in traffic, bob, the more gas we waste. so hopefully smooth commute this morning. >> so far, that is smooth commute. tell you, we've had couple of issues on the overnight, i know, karen got stuck on couple of the detours, i got stuck yesterday, again, everybody trying to wrap up some of the construction projects. it gets so cold, you will start to get that way tomorrow, and then basically have to put everything on the back shelf, 476 no problems or delays at all from ridge up in
4:47 am
conshohocken all the way down to 95. we are we are still shut down here on the vine expressway between broad street and the schuylkill. shuttle bussing we go. on the market frankford line, and the broad street subway, until 5:00 this morning. 611 northbound, bypass right at easton road, so look out this morning. bridge inspections coming our way, both directions between broad street and enterprize avenue. if you are coming from the airport, headed into the city or vice versa, watch for delays during the midday. new jersey turnpike, 202, looking good at the moment. oh, look at this house. man the electric meter spinning like crazy, they got all of the lawn ornaments out here, the reindeer, even got the blue light on the top of the roof. snap a pick of your home, keep them coming, we love it, very kelly christmas, snap your picture, post it to facebook, twitter, instagram. you got to use the #fox29lights contest. so that i can snag those
4:48 am
pictures, continue to so them to you on the air, all day every day, and one house per week we go pay a visit. tonight i'm going out in the decorated news van headed to levittown pennsylvania where their house has their own radio station and the lights bounce to the beat of the music, wait until you see it tonight up in levittown. what's the forecast like tonight in levittown? well, sue has it in 15 seconds. >> talking numbers, rather low numbers. these are current temperatures, 37 degrees in philly. it is 26 pittsburgh. eight in detroit. four in chicago. see how much lower they're getting the further north and west you go. well, this is part of the arctic air that we are going
4:49 am
to get over the next couple every days. it is not here yet. we have three it in trenton, 29 mount pocono, and the windchills are really not that different from the actual temperatures, not much after breeze today, 42 degrees today. then blustery, bitter and blustery tomorrow. then it is frigid friday, you know how much i love owe literation. so then the cold air in place, we start off with snow saturday. changes over to rain. we get pretty mild sunday, actually, so we go up the roller coaster, then temperatures plunge again monday. by then, now looks like we are going to dry out. may see flurry or two early monday morning, and then it stays pretty chilly, by tuesday, as well. brace surround evers, belt in, it will be a roller coaster ride. >> watch it. >> v, tonight we got good one for you, double-header, fall
4:50 am
finale of empire, bringing the drama, especially when it comes to jesse's character, he said true empire fashion there is some plot twists we will not see coming. >> what we don't see coming is that the great felicia richard, who place angelo, is actually about to join forces with lucious. >> would not be empire if the plot didn't thicken. >> looking for something to fill the void, look no further, we have phenominal show coming out tonight, creator lee daniels previewing his new must call series star on fox tonight, follows three talented but troubled young singers running away to atlanta to become stars.
4:51 am
>> i toll her a trip, love alike a lot of people think. >> on the show, leanly kravitz, looks so hot, queen latifa, benjamin brat on our show today on good day there is will run regularly beginning january 4th, right here. >> should be called stars, so many stars guest appearances, another big hit. >> i can't wait. >> next wednesday, right? >> as in tonight. >> oh, premiers tonight? >> tonight. right after empire. >> all right, i'm paying attention. get ready for some tow tapping talent here there is guy is amazing. >> so kid from philadelphia, he plays the violin, he got the attention of beyonce. >> emanuel, a central high school grad, now freshman at penn state. but it was a video you're
4:52 am
about to see he posted on line about two years ago that became life changing. so take a listen. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> do you recognize the song, that's beyonce drunk in love. his video was shared by beyonce, just blue up after that. pop star had one word to describe his rendition. she just said it was amazing. by the way you can see more of emanuel's story on line, just google his name. but 20,000 subscribers after that, 98,000 likes. >> i just can't imagine getting the attention of beyonce, that's so cool. >> after that he said a lot of music executives contacted him, he wants to focus on his education, then worry about the music career later on, good for him.
4:53 am
>> speaking every education we know it can be a big challenge for so many kids, they're trying to face just, you know, getting the knowledge they need. >> coming up in the next hour, how one local organization bringing light to darkness, helping kids get all the way to college. stay with us.
4:54 am
we asked woman to smell two body washes and pick their favorite. i prefer b. b. what was a... bath and bodyworks. and their favorite... suave. really? i am impressed. three fragrances preferred over bath and body works.
4:55 am
>> we are in the holiday mood and season, and so many of you
4:56 am
are, as well. huge surprise, for so many families, a little west in the harrisburg area. >> going to be big voice here, someone with a big heart shelled out more than $74,000 to pay the lay away bill for some unsuspecting shoppers. this is the second year that a lay away angel has come out to this harrisburg wal-mart. and for some shoppers, women, it will be a great holiday. >> i do just want to say thank to you whoever did it, it really is amazing. >> so can you imagine, you go, to pay off your bill, and they're like no, taken care of. wal-mart says the same person also helped pay offer $166,000 in balances at their lebanon store. >> we love those ainge that's pay our lay aways. >> and pay for it, holiday season, more coming up on the fox 29 morning news. >> big day in court, we will all be watching this one around the count troy see what happens in that bill cosby case, lauren.
4:57 am
>> it will continue today, we will hear what happens in court yesterday that had bill cosby talking and lawyers on both sides fighting. but first, steve keeley. >> identification today hearing in murders in philadelphia, the latest one will have you say what? that's right. twenty-eight shots fired, point blank, at one man, as the killer just stood over him, bracing away. whenever i try to grow out my hair, strands always break off. but pantene is making my hair practically unbreakable. the pro-v formula makes every inch stronger.
4:58 am
so i can love my hair longer. strong is beautiful. pantene.
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5:00 am
good morning to you, breaking right now on fox 29 morning news, two shootings and one philadelphia neighborhood, in just five hours. two people are dead this morning, one fighting for their life. the details coming up in a live report with steve. >> and bill's battle big day in court today, there were shouting matches yesterday, what we expect on this day. meeting of the mind, president-elect donald trump sitting down with kanye west, what on earth did they talk about? could it be a west for president? he is talking about it this morning. >> also, we have some sad news from overnight, you may just be learning about this right now, one every our favorite tv dads has died, entertainer alan alan thicke. >> very talented guy. good to have you with us, i'm thomas drayton. >> i'm karen help. it is cold now, will be getting a lot colder. programming note so you know. bucks county they have their first code blue weather declaration of the season. >> early jump on that, where


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